Bigg Boss 8 21st December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Bigg Boss 8 21st December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

day 90
Weekend Ka Vaar
kids come on stage, their master come on stage and song of bigg boss, they then sing for Christmas, there are disable kids too, Salman come and dances with them, Salman welcomes them and santa comes there, Salam gifts them too. they leaves, Salman welcomes all in bigg boss, he says yesterday PRANEET GOT ELIMINATED, he will come here today. Salman says bigg boss is ending so excitement level is high, he says we have prepared press conference for inmates.
clip plays, inmates come in activity area and they find many press people waiting for them, one journalist says to Pritham that you were calling Gautam ill then you supported him,, are you afraid that finale is coming closer and you have to be nice with everyone, Pritham says view changes in house, when Upen and Gautam fought, I knew their mentality, I wanted them to not fight, I just wanted to end fight, he is not ill but sometime act weird, Ali is ill too like he bark sometime like dog, all laughs. one journa ask Dimpy that you always supported Puneet and Gautam but you didn’t get same support, you are being house breaker in house, how you feel about that? Dimpy says I feel very bad, maybe there is fun for them to give names to others but its not fun, on face, you are saying sorry and behnd you are calling me man eater, about Gautam and Puneet, as viewer I liked them so supported them when came in house but didn’t get the same support, but I give them benefit of doubt as I have seen them closely, its unfair to always except same from them, journa ask were you good captain, Dimpy says I raised my bad that I was not good captain as week was tough and also this week, a captain was in task too, this was the first time. one journa ask Gautam that you are silent these days, are you missing Diandra? Gautam says I will clear things with her after show, I miss her, she is my friend but I am not silent, I talk a lot, one journalist ask Gautam what happened in washroom, gautam says Diandra kissed me and I kissed her back,, but we controlled in time, we maintained distance but its straight forward that I kissed her, one journa says to Puneet that you are Karishma were like daughter and son but now you both hate each other, are you insecure of her? Puneet says no, all girls are like child to me btu we are in game so we disagree on points, Karishma says initially I saw my dad in Puneet but when game started, we had difference of opinion, this is part of game, one journa says to Dimpy that when Rahul was leaving house, you had tears in your eyes, are you going to gve your marriage a second chance because it seem from your eyes that you love him, Dimpy says except me, all inmates called their close friends but my family member came in, so it was weird for me that I have to act like stranger with him, about marriage, I am too much involved in game right now that I am not thinking about it, one journa ask Karishma that you fought with Puneet when you both had to nominate one person, then Puneet said things about Upen but when he came out he denied it and as inmates listen to Puneet a lot so they all believed him and Sonali fought with Karishma, Puneet says I clearly said that I said thinga about Upen that he hide behind girls, I accepted that, Karishma says you made it look like that I said that all, Sonali says thing is that you said all this to Upen at wrong time, journa says you said same thing to inamtes but were changing lines, Puneet says no. one journa says to Gautam that now you are accepting that you kissed Diandra but that time you said she is just your friend, are you man enough to accept things, Gautam says that things between us didn’t reach to next level so what to admit? we will talk after show, one journa says that boys have made group and they are supporting each other other but girls are playing solo and doesn’t support each other, Dimpy says we girls are solo player, we don’t need group to move forward in game, Ali says yes they keep changing side, they put fire in groups, journa says you boys are not behind in putting fire and bac b*t*hing, Ali says but Dimpy is number in it, Ali says Karishma doesn’t even know who is president of India and came in bigg boss, he barks, all laughs, Karishma says we support each other, when dimpy need it, I am there for her, or vice versa, Ali says self centered person is talking about supporting other girl, one journa says to Sonali that you are lazy and that is working in your favor too, Sonali says what? do you think that I have gained weight that you are calling me lazy, Sonali says most of the time Ali eat my food, Ali says yes I eat her food and if Sonali doesn’t work then who do her work? Sonali says exactly my question. one journa says when Rahul was kissed by girl, you felt jealous, so is there still a something for him? you even talked to him about that, Dimpy says come on he is Rahul, I don’t even know who kissed him, dimpy says it can be anything but jealousy, one journa says to Ali that you are making faces and interrupting in between other inmates answers, why? and don’t you get anything that you always swear on your mother, Ali says I love my mother a lot, your necklace is nice, this is my nature to make faces, this is my style, ask some nice question, like your style is you are chewing gum, he imitates her, all laughs, Dimpy says he s giving content here too, one journa says to Karishma that you wanted all to support you in things but when Dimpy wanted your support in Pritham and her fight, you were not fully supportive, Karishma says I was in full support of her, Pritham says then why you didn’t leave the chair for her? you should have left your chair but you thought that I can take stand while sitting on chair only, all laughs, bigg boss says that time is to end this conference, thanks press for coming here. he ask all inmates to leave from there. inmates greet press and leaves.

Salman says lets see whats happening in house now. clip plays, Karishma says to Upen that Gautam didn’t even clear now things between him and Diandra. Puneet says to Gautam that press people were confusing about Diandra, you should have said like a man that thing was there, I will clear things later. Puneet says to Sonali that I agreed that I said things about Upen not you, Sonali says but still Karishma is trying to make it look like that I said it.
Dimpy says to Karishma that when I said that we girls don’t need group to play so a female journa clapped infront of me, but then Ali started cheap things, why should we make group, Karishma says with whom to make a group? Sonali? Dimpy says Pritham called me game planner.
Sonali says to Puneet that girls cant bond.

Salman says lets talk to them, call is connected to house. Salman says how you found last episode? Karisham says not good because your mood was not good, Salman says my mood was first class, he says to AKrishma that you have done movie, grand masti, it was adult comedy, Puneet says there were double meaning jokes in it, Salman says the joke which I did, you cried on it so how did you comedy in movie while crying? all laughs, Karisham says I take jokes in high stride but that day I was exhausted, I was emotionally charged, my mood was not good, Salman says then why you transferred that mood on me, Karishma says It was not for you and I still say sorry for that, Salman says these are old tricks, that when a boy links a girl to married man so it doesn’t look very cool and then you will have to face industry, press about it but if you cant bear them than this is wrong industry for you, Karishma says I can bear press, Salman says I know that but that expression of crying showed like that look what Salman is doing with me, it was damn good performance from you but then I come here to solve your problems, Karisham says I said to Upen too that you have supported me in everything, Salman says I even grilled Puneet who is with me when I was 12 years old, Karishma says I know that and today is my birthday so I wanna ask gift from you that is your smile, Salman says how to smile now, no smile, ask anything else, Karishma says no just smile, Salman says happy birthday to you and wish you best in life, there is one surprise for you in confession room.
Karishma comes in confession and brings out gift which her mother has sent for her, its is sweets, Karishma thanks bigg boss and mother, Salman ask Sonali what feedback did you get from media? Sonali says they said that I am becoming fat, Salman makes weird face, Salman says media would have thought that you will answer in one liner only, Sonali ask how I am looking? Salman says you are looking very nice and you are going nice too, you have unique character in history of whole bigg boss as you have no planning because you lack capability to plan, all laughs, Salman says this is nice thing, to scheme you need mind and you have to work hard but Sonali is not interested in it, you are simple girl with twist, Salman ask Ali what feedback did you get? Ali says they said that I am entertaining, Salman says I got to know that you didn’t get this feedback, all laughs, Ali they were asking more questions to those who are not doing much in house, so I was silent, I said ok ask questions to them only, Salman says you are entertaining. Salman says to Upen that just shouting is not entertaining, you just shout without reason, take stand when other is wrong but shouting without point is not good, Upen says I am trying to be civilized and goo with others from weeks but I know I am being cornered, I am on saturation point, Salman says this comes in every season but in 7th 8th week but in this season it has come late which means you all were going good, you have to think that what people in industry will think when you come out, Salman says to Pritham that you are small town person who have moved to big city, you are Rj, you are intelligent, Pritham says I made mistake, Salman says but dimpy didn’t make issue of it, Salman says be careful this is crucial time and people go mad at this point, Pritham sys I will be careful.
Salman says to inmates that there is one task “your name”, I will tell some line and you have to guess who have said it about you, Salman ask Dimpy who said that you have no religion, you are that kind of women, Dimpy says Ali, all laughs, Salman ask who called you female snack, Dimpy says Pritham, Salman says wrong answer, Salman ask Pritham who said about you that you don’t know how to talk to girls, because you are from slum and have no class, Prithma says dimpy. Salman says wrong answer. Salman ask Gautam who said about you that when Puneet leave from here, you will become dog of house, gautam says Karishma, Salman says wrong answer, Salman ask who said about that you are fake person, no reality, Gautam says Ali, Salman says wrong answer, it was said by Puneet, Puneet gets shocked and says no, Salman laughs. Salman says to Ali that someone said that you are mad behind Dimpy. Ali says Karishma, Salman says wrong, Pritham show some reaction, Pritham sys not reacting deliberately, all laughs, Salman ask who said that Dimpy iws making you move like a puppet, Ali says Karishma, Salman says wrong, it was dimpy, all laughs. Salman says today is Karishma’s birthday so I wont say that this was said by Karishma, all laughs. Salman says to Karishma that it was said about you that you starts fighting in morning only, arguing with you is like hitting your hrad on wall, Karishma says Gautam, Salman says you were said that you are happy till all are in pain but you should be happy, Karishma sas puneet said this, Salman says not this one, he said many things but not this one, all laughs. Salman says you said this about yourself only, Karisham says what? Salman says welcome panelist Shilpa Saklani, ex- bigg boss contestant she comes there. Shipa says you are doing good job, she says that all panelist said that Upen why don’t you speak up, why you are not seen in tv, I am first one to say that you are best Upen, you spoke finally, she says I really want to know what triggered you? Upen says I got lonely, I felt that I am being cornered, this is crazy weeks of my life, I got attached to people and they left, Salman says this is your fault, Shilpa says you are boggled, don’t be that, this is right that one lash out at moment, don’t think that you are wrong. Shilpa says to Pritham that I love you, people like you very much, Salman sys look his face at I love you, all laughs, Shilpa says I like you but didn’t like when you reacted badly on thing that Dimpy just touched you, people do many things in tasks, Pritham says it was poking, it went to another level, Shilpa says thing is that, you all were doing task comfortably but Dimpy was only one was excited that she will do the task, Pritham says it ws decided that we will see our strength of sitting only, Dmpy says it was decided by some people only, Shilpa says you all made a point that Dimpy did a very big thing just by touching you, like Puneet, Gautam, Ali made it such a big issue, Pritham says I have decided that I will not lose my cool and will not go to level that I will be ashamed of myself. Shilpa sys to Dmpy that I have been in house, I know that people target one person but don’t give up even if you are wrong, what you did was right except that slang part, don’t give up, Dimpy says this is game show, I have come late so I try to come to their level but people get angry on that, Sonali also say that patience level have gone down. Shilpa ask Gautam why yu seem low? Gautam says people have become less, Salman sys don’t worry wild card entry is coming, a very dangerous one, Dimpy says Sonali wont let her enter, Salman says a handsome man is coming too, Shilpa says to Sonali that you are very sweet, nice and entertaining but you seem dull too from two weeks and your fans want to see you on camera, you are not seen on Tv, Sonali says but how is that possible, all laughs, Salman ask were you listening to her even? what was the thought in your mind that what rubbish is taking talking, why she is boring me, all laughs, Sonali sys I was thinking how is this possible, Shilpa says your small things like flipping hairs was your fote, people like that but now its not there now, Sonali says but I used to flip my hairs as they short and used to come on my forehead but now they grown, all laughs, Shilpa says you don’t participate in tasks too, Salman says no slaps too, Shilpa greets everyone, Salman says you will get to know inmates views on you tomorrow, Shilpa says I wont see tomorrow’s episode, she leaves. call ends.

Salman says now time for big cargo, cargo devil comes there, Salman finds fruits from devil’s pocket and says like he steal from airport, inmates steal too, clip plays, Ali steal a banana, then Gautam drinks milk hiding. Karishma comes there, Gautam hides behind slab, Karishma says I can see you Gautam, come out. they laugh. then Praneet, Sonali hide milk packets, also Gautam hides milk packets, Gautam says to Puneet that they are stealers, I didn’t get milk in this house so I have stolen it, if you want milk then tell me.
call is connected to house, devil is still there, Pritham and Ali dance for devil, ali says this devil will go in hell, he will not laugh, Devil points Ali to meet me out of house, Salman says these housemates not do task for themselves only, they did task for orphanage, video plays in which snapdeal staff goes to orphanage to deliver things which inmates won in task, then santa gifts it to kids there, they thank bigg boss and snapdeal, Ali get tears seeing this, Salman says well-done guys. devil leaves. call ends.
Salman sys Praneet bhatt is coming here to meet for last time in this season, Praneet comes there in white three piece suit, Salman says how you are feeling, Praneet says feeling good, now P3G is P2G, let them do whatever they want to do, Salman ask who is most good in house, Praneet says Pritham, Salman ask Sonali, he says she is my friend, she is straight forward and simple girl and if she feel house is becoming fish market then she goes in corner to sleep. call is connected to house, Pritham and Ali scream seeing Praneet so much dressed up, Pritham whistle for him in funny manner, Salman and all laugh, Praneet says to Puneet that I loved spending time with you, you are a nice person, as younger brother I wanna advise that control your vocab, Puneet says I have warning from Salman too so you will see my behavior, Praneet says to Sonali that like this only, be happy always, Sonali says I miss you. Praneet is given bomb, Salman says you have to decide a contender for captaincy, Praneet says Sonali is nominated for whole season, its her birthday this week so I wanna give bomb to her, Sonali thanks him, P3G with Ali and Salman do boys chant. Praneet greets everyone and leaves. Salman says Praneet left, next week a entry will happen in house alongwith his family.

PRECAP- there will be open nominations tomorrow. later inmates have to decide one more name for contender of house. Puneet ask to make Gautam captain, Karishma and Upen disagree.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Hehhey sonali mala paijhe wala dialogue was really funny she is so cute 😉
    Hmmm it was an interesting episode
    HAPPY B’DAY tanna 🙂 🙂
    GAUTI you really are a HERO man!!

    1. Yeh lol sik epi salman was upset because of what happend in pakistan in think. Omg da media was asking real personal questions but i think gataum you did wrong with diandra but you are my fav contestent so please sart entrrtaing again no1 likes you quiet. Also i think punz jee should have supported dimpy because she has always been in his support you did weing there and since you have got p3g back you have left her out that is extremly sad! But moreover you rock gauti

    2. Priya I lyk ur (.)(.)

  2. missing gauti’s old attitude… again found sonali progressing..really… #! pritam is d solid player…good going.. #

  3. update fast plzzzzz…

  4. It’s unfair PRANEET should not suppose to leave. It was upen deserve that Eviction really.

  5. @Cool get the shit out of here
    I did not even wanted to react but you are crossing your limits

  6. @Cool, what the hell are you saying. Grow up man.”Respect women”

  7. @cool have some respect she is like your sister

    1. f**k d sister

  8. world is becoming hell jst bcoz… of such “chutiyas” @cool @coolguy.
    dey vl nt change evn if u r talking to dem in gud manner…@priya so leave it…

  9. Priya let him go & don’t react on this type foolish people don’t give them that much importance & other guys don’t say anything to him. He don’t diserve any feedback. Let him go to hell.

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