Bigg Boss 8 20th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 8 20th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 121
song of Pritham’s radio show plays. all inmates dance.
Rj malishka calls in house, she wishes happy bday to Pritham and says you forgot? Pritham says yes, Malishka says that you are trending with hashtag, you have fans, one fan forced me so much that she want to talk to you, Malishka says call is connected, her fan says that I am your big fan, I cant even think of anything else, I send cards for you, I see your show daily, Pritham says what you do beside it? she says that I just watch you, Malishka says that she have one kid in hands and one in womb, waiting for you, Pritham says oh she is Aman, my wife, they both say love you to each other, Aman says that I thought you will recognize in 1 sec but took 10 sec, she says to Gautam that Pritham thinks you as friend, and I like you as audience, Gautam says we are good friends, she then says to Upen that it was nice that you got second chance to come in house, she says to Pritham that I miss you, call ends. Malishka sasy now I will ask questions from inmates, she ask Karishma is she couple with Upen? she says its very earlier stage to say it, but yes we feel for each other and we are at initial stage, Rj malishka says you said you have bf outside, what about him? were you lying or cheating on him, Karishma says it ws not complete ever, Upen gives me happiness, when I think of problem, then Upen comes infront as solution, I have to talk to bf when I go out so then I will decide. mahlishka sings pyaar hua iqrar hua, she then ask Rahul do he still have crush on Karishma? he says no, she ask what you like about Karishma, he sys her style of cleaning, rj ask Pritham to give message to fans, he says keep loving, she ask who girl you want to get close in last days of bigg boss, he says all are friends for lifetime, I choose Upen in that matter, all laughs, she ask Pritham to bring thing from store room, he brings it and its lollipop, rj says Pritham gives lollipops to everyone on his bday and sing that today is my bday, all will lick lollipop, Pritham gives lollipop to all inmates and sings the same lines, all laughs.
inmates comes in garden and finds cage, they find buttons, names of inmates written on positions, they say that its a task, Pritham says don’t understand what it is, Dimpy says I think we have to press buttons.

Upen says to Karishma that I am in tension as you are in my life, Karishma ask why? Upen says you don’t understand, say Rahul, Rahul says what to say, Upen says you are friend so talk my case, I get worried seeing her in morning, Rahul says you should get peace, Upen says I get worried that when she will understand my love, God make her realize my love, Karishma says your acting started again, Rahul says you didn’t give your heart to anyone else? Upen says I thought ihave given to someone else but when I met Karishma I realized that my heart is hers only, Karishma says Uppi, Rahul’s says Karishma’s choice is good, Upen says I am her choice, Rahul says that’s why saying thanks, Upen says thank you.
Sambhavna says to Karishma and Upen that Rahul used to be so nice to me but in house, what he says, he acts so much in house, I forgive him everytime seeing his puppy face, bhut he emotionally hurts me, he just want to look cute on tv, he says that forget past and move on, but says things according to his convenience.

Ali talks to Dimpy about Karishma’s bf, he says I know many things about them, his bf gave her scents, gifts, t-shirts, he is my friend, so I will speak his case, Upen is my friend too but her bf is my friend too so I take stand for him that how can she ditch him withot even talking to him. Gautam says its very big thing to ditch on national Tv, Ali says first she made people know that she have bf then she insulted him like this on Tv, Dimpy says how can she end relationship of 2 years for 3 months in house, Ali says I and you are together too 24*7 but we know our limits.

there will be task “torture cage”, there will be task in which inmates have to live in cage, there are buttons placed in it, every inmate have to stand on his position and keep pressing button to be in race of getting bag of 25lacs, the one who will leave button will be out of race, upen will not take part in it, nobody can get out of cage in any case, if they do they will be eliminated, till they are pressing button, green light is shown, if they leave button then it will turn red, they can convince others to leave the button, but without touching them, But the main catch is, if the person won from challengers team for example, the entire team would be called the winner of the task but during the finale if the contestant was from challengers then he or she could take the prize amount Rs.50 lacs added with those 25 lacs that his team won for the current task. Same thing applied for team champions. But, if one of the teams won the current task, but there was final winner of the show from other team then the highest votes getter from losing team will get money, Upen is referee of task.

Rahul says that I will leave the task, I will leave Dimpy to torture you all, Dimpy says that I have to stand under sun, Rahul says I will give you shade by holding umbrella, Ali says I leaving task for champions, Rahul ask why? Ali says to Pritham that you stay there, I stand or you is same, Karishma is challenger.
Dimpy says we have to stand under sun now. Upen says to karishma that this is the time to show you are real champion, don’t leave the button. Sambhavna says Karishma is strong.

alarm plays, all inmates take their positions and press the button under their name. Rahul says to Ali that we will leave button together, 1 2 3.. they both don’t leave it, all laughs, Sambhavna says both are cheaters, Rahul says as if you are saint, you speak so nicely, disgusting, Ali says to Pritham that Rahul is that student who fail 12 times and still in school, Rahul says my health is not fine so I am leaving button, Rahul leaves the button.

Pritham says Dimpy will die but will not leave button, her deadbody will will go out with Button, all laughs, Ali imitates Dimpy, Ali says she have eaten me, she have eaten Rahul too, Karishma says ali joke initially but then insult other, Dimpy says he does loo everywhere. Rahul says Ali is not a man. Dimpy says to Ali that’s why you hide in washroom when I speak. Ali says that’s why Dimpy got separated from you, Rahul comes Ali, they act like kissing, Rahul touches Ali, Upen says you cant touch him. Rahul says Ali you cant make me afraid, I am not Gautam.

Mahek says to Dimpy that see a girl standing, she is like going in race, PRECAP, come on karishma, fighting for money, no man, Ali says to Karishma that I can leave button for you, Karishma says you say that you will win show, he says but if you win then what I will get, she says 3 lacs, Ali says to Karishma that its deal then, Upen says ot Karishma that you will have to give him as you said on national Tv, Karishma says no deal, I will not give it. Ali says no I am leaving button now, Karishma says no, I said no to deal.

Ali says to camera that we cant do this torture, give strength india, he sits and acts as if he is too tired, he says to Upen that get me 2 lacs then I will leave task. Upen talks to Karishma. Rahul ask Sambhavna to leave, Karishma says if I win task then.. Ali says then you will give money to me? Karishma says 1.5lacs, Ali says no 2lacs, she agrees, Ali says I am leaving task as Karishma have promised me to give 2 lacs if she wins, he leaves the button. Upen says I will make you get 2.5 lacs.

Upen ask Pritham to deal with Karishma too, Karishma says if I give money to all then what I will get, Upen says to Mahek that she is offering you 1.5 lacs, Karishma says no I didn’t say anything, she ask Upen why you are doing this? Mahek says me and Sambhavna are not going to get anything and I wanna go to washroom so she leaves the button too and says bye.

Upen says to Karishma that don’t support me as they will say you are biased, he sys I am supporting like I made Ali leave the task, Upen says to Karishma that I am missing you, we didn’t spend time today, Karishma says hmm, didn’t even cooked food.

Bigg boss have given chance to inmates that they can leave the task so they will get to nominate one person directly next week, then they will not get money, they have to decide in half an hour, only one person can get this chance. after half hour, alarm will hinting that time is over, Mahek says to Sambhavna that if you don’t take this opportunity then they will take it then they will nominate you, karishma says I wanna take it, Upen discusses with her, Ali says Karishma announced it first so she will get chance, Dimpy says but Rahul was still reading the letter and Karishma started discussing with Upen then she announced that she will take chance before even letter was read out fully, Upen says bigg boss Karishma will get this chance, Dimpy says Upen is biased, he didn’t give full chance to all, we were listening the letter and he discussed with Karishma and announced it, Upen says don’t be crying loser, you are lying, why you are saying that I am biased, I don’t get partial in task Dimpy says ofcourse you are biased, it can be seen, Upen says she announced it first, Pritham, Mahek Ali all listened it, you are alleging me that I am biased without any reason, Mahek says to Ali that Karishma announced it first, Upen and Dimoy argue then Dimpy says you are loser and leaves.

Dimpy says to Mahek that I was listening the letter then I called Upen to take that chance but he went to Karishma and asked her only, she announced it as they were talking when letter was read out, she get in tears, Mahek ask did you want to take it? she says no, Mahek says then why you are carrying for it, you are strong why you are crying over small thing, Upen comes there and says we can fight, don’t cry, Dimpy ask why Karishma is all against me, Upen says but we are friends, don’t cry, he hugs her, and ask her to not cry.

PRECAP- now only Dimpy, Pritham and Gautam are left in torture task. bigg boss offers them one more briefcase which is in confession, they have half hour to choose if they want to take that bag, one will get it. later there will be surprise eviction. later Gautam cries and says to Sambhavna that nobody is friend here, Rahul comes there, eh says see this kind of people call them friends, he cries and says all are selfish, Mahek wipes his tears, he says to Rahul that there is humanity and friendship but you people don’t understand it, he pushes Rahul away. all ask him to calm down.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Upen is irritating. Karishma sucha idiot . feeding him al d time as if he is a baby. Looking awkward.

  2. all jus want to corner gauti bt u all loosers ,,,, gauti is hero koi kuch naho karsakta wo akela hi sab keliye bhari hai…. n i wont get preetam still confused abt him

  3. i hope karishma gets evicted

  4. Guys who have cried the most in the show.. gautam or dimpy?

  5. U Pain why did you come in? Dimply was correct that before the procedure of reading was over U Pain consulted only Karishma. Why? What about Dimpy, Pritham, Sambhavna, Gautam why they were not asked or discussed. Dimpy you are a SUPERWOMAN. I remember you drinking chilly paste. You are awesome. Among Guatam and Prtam you stand strong the ONLY lady.
    Love you Gautam. Win

  6. today there will b surprise eviction hope kt goes so tht she can get screwed up by her bf

  7. When upen is evicted karishma will be alone the rest of the housemates should tell her to get lost now

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