Bigg Boss 8 19th October 2014 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 8 19th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on
Day 28
Weekend Ka Vaar
Salman Khan’s gym is shown, he gets ready for the show in dressing room. Salman comes on stage in black Shalwar Kameez, he welcomes all in bigg boss and wishes Diwali. He says a new inmate has come in house, Ali, he is new captain and has disturbed other inmates, Salman says someone has dreamt that instead of Ali, I had gone in house as wild card entry and became captain. A video is shown in which instead of Ali, Salman khan goes in house, its actually editing of Ali’s welcome video. Puneet says to pritham that this new captain will no more be captain for much time, Salman says if puneet spend so much time in kitchen then he will cook things, Ali’s video is edited and he is replaced by Salman.

On stage, Salman says we saved five from nine nominated people, now four are still nominated, they are minissha, Karishma, natasa and Arya. he says we changed bigg boss for one day, she controlled house for one day only, look what she had done with inmates.

Gauhar, new bigg boss says to inmates that now I will control your life in house, I am your new boss. she says to Ali that something is in store room, go and bring it. Ali goes and brings hand cuffs, gauhar says these are hand cuffs, names are written on each, all inmates wear these, two people will wear one pair hand cuffs. Gautam-diandra, puneet-pritham, praneet-minissha, sonali-arya, upen-karishma, sushant-ali, natasa-soni will wear it in pairs, all wear hand cuffs in pair. Gauhar ask gautam to sing to Ali that you can be captain of house but I am the real king, Gautam says this in rhythm making it a song, all claps for him, Gauhar says to Sonali that you have to sing for upen and arya’s betrayal, Sonali sings dost dost na raha, gauhar ask Arya and Upen to answer back sonali, Arya gets up to say but Gauhar ask him to sit down and says you both are always silent so remain silent even now, Gauhar smirks for teasing inmates. Gauhar says to Ali that you are good captain, you made house clean, now go and check the pool if there is insect inside it but you have to go on one feet with your partner sushant, sushant says I am wearing heels, he takes off heels, they both go to pool on one feet, Ali says I will cast this heroine in my films, Gauhar laughs, they come to poolside, Ali says there are butterflies in it, Gauhar ask them to go back in lounge, they come in lounge, Gauhar ask them to go in bedroom, they are about to go there but gauhar ask them to bring broom first from kitchen, they bring it, gauhar ask them to clean bedroom, they go one feet and celan the bedroom, they are hell tired, Guahar laughs on them, they come in lounge and sit, now Gauhar ask Gautam and diandra to says one good and one bad thing about each other, Gautam says to diandra that you are very creative, you are nice girl, you cook good food but you don’t say things in right way, you lie on things, diandra says to gautam that you are a very nice singer and bad thing about you is that you become violent and starts shouting like psycho, Gauhar says good, now you all can go and do your work but you cant open your hand cuffs, karishma jokes that if one person have to go to washroom then? all laughs. all leaves the lounge area, all are busy in doing their work, Gauhar says to inmates that wherever you are, you all to have to be statue, all inmates stand straight on their positions, cargo boy(jallad/devil) comes in house, all sees him and are statue, cargo boy opens his box and puts one bottle and red pillow heart there, he leaves from there, gautam flirts with sonali that cargo boy has shown heart, now you give me your heart too because your heart is clean, after cargo boy leaves, gauhar says to all that you are released, Gauhar says I enjoyed meeting you all, we will meet again.

Salman says on stage that now lets meet the inmates. call is connected to inmates, Salman ask them that can anybody guess who was the lady bigg boss, all says that she was Bipasha Basu, Salman says who said that, Gautam says I told it first, Salman says ok lets welcome our Bipasha Basu, he brings one common girl on stage, he says this was lady bigg boss, he then says I was joking only, she will come here but let me tell you, she is very upset with you all, he ask inmates that did you like that lady bigg boss or that our main bigg boss, all says that main/original bigg boss is more good, Salman ask who liked that lady bigg boss, Sushant raises his hand and says I loved her voice and she was cute, Salman says yes, her voice was husky, Salman says I find her cute but she is more hot, Salman says when she asked Ali to do the work, why you all liked it, all claps. Salman says this season has become unpredictable, we cant even guess about voters, he says I don’t know who will go out today, he says to karishma that you were missing you mother so your mother has listened you, Salman jokes that you should not pray like that, you were missing her and now see you are thrown out of house, he ask Karishma to come out, all inmates cant believe it, Diandra says OMG, I cant believe this, Salman ask her to come out, Karishma hugs everyone, Salman says you touched her a lot but now let her come out, Diandra says what is this happening, Karishma says this is called TRP, Karishma cries, Salman sings song and says Karishma you are safe, all laughs, he says why are you crying, Karishma says you don’t like me to be in house, Salman says no I like you to be in house so we will make you stay in house after season ends also, all laughs, Salman ask Karishma what is this TRP? karishma says you said that this season is unpredictable so I thought its about TRP, Salman says so we are not doing voting, what you thought that if you go out then TRP will raise? Karishma laughs, Salman says now I will tell you who is going out.. all listens being tensed, he says…. I will be right back, Arya says no, video ends.

Salman says now we will call up on stage, the girl who burst lot of bombs in house last year, Gauhar Khan, winner of last season and lady bigg boss for one day, Gauhar comes on stage and dances on song ‘Kamli’, after dance, Salman Khan welcomes her. Gauhar says its great to be back on bigg boss, Salman says one girl is thinking herself to be gauhar Khan, Gauhar says let her think, Gauhar Kahn is only one, Salman says someone was saying that Karishma is gauhar Khan of this season, Gauhar says yes I listened some ex-participants(kamya and andy) came here and called her Gauhar, I don’t know why they said that, its their thinking, Salman says lets talk to inmates, Call is connected, Salman says see your Bipasha Basu, Gauhar is shown to inmates, All are shocked to see her and greets her, Diandra says OMG, gauhar says to diandra that you didn’t recognize me, you say OMG so much and I used to say it last season, Salman says Gauhar’s voice is different and you people didn’t recognize it, Salman jokes that karishma is gauhar’s fan, karishma says no, All boys say that they are Gauhar’s fan, Gauhar ask upen how are you, he says I am good darling, Salman jokes every girl is darling for you, Gauhar says it was fun to be the boss for one day. I am sorry to make you guys do all that. Salman asks who is playing it right by far? She says many people are playing games. she says according to me Pritham, Praneet, Sushant are playing without agenda and I really like them, Salman ask who are with agenda, Gauhar says agenda is not there as such, its good to have friends in house but you should speak up against the wrong even if its with people you are not friends with. She says I know upen, she says to upen and arya that you should speak up, She says to diandra that need to be aggressive, you pushed Sonali and it was violent, you should not do that, she says to upen that you have charm but its not coming on TV, Salman says I tried to explain him, why people will watch a silent person, Gauhar says to upen that Salman is true, we watch show for 1 hour but if there is not your voice, if you don’t speak then what camera will show about you, girls want to see you, they say you are hot but you don’t speak, Upen says I don’t know who I am being portrayed, Salman gets irritated and says what you will portray, we will show only that, Gauhar says everything is shown on TV so speak, Gauhar says to Minishha that i heard you saying in a group chat that we, the contestants of this season are more classy than the contestants of last season, I wanna know what classy you people have? Minissha says we are different bunch of people, Minishha says we didn’t know each other at all and we spent 11 days in plane, you people spent time in hell but I think it was heaven compared to our plane, Gauhar says you are right, everybody goes through problem but being classy is in your nature, a common man can be classy, its just that how you portray yourself, so comparison was wrong, Minissha says I am sorry if I hurt anyone but we were hurt too when issues were made out of small things by guests, Gauhar says guests come here to tell you what people think outside, Minissha says we didn’t like that, we felt offended, Gauhar says you are not letting me speak, Minissha angrily says that you speak now, I will be silent, Gauhar says its about thinking also, this is in your mind, I just wanna say that be careful of what you say, that’s all, Salman says important thing is that minissha is very classy, this people should say about you not you yourself, only I can praise myself, all laughs. Gauhar says to Sonali that you did a fabulous job in villains task, you were in boys team but you supported them, Gauhar says you all are doing great, I wish all of you luck, call ends, Salman says thanks Gauhar for coming, he hugs her, Gauhar goes from there.

Salman says there was one girl who came here on launch day and she was portrayed that she will go in bigg boss house but she didn’t, we will welcome her, its Sargun Mehta, she comes on stage and says I am big fan of this show, Salman ask who is entertaining, Sargun says Gautam is most entertaining, he fought with me also on launch day, all are involved in fights without any reason, like karishma said that he used slang against women so all started supporting her because she used word women, she made hue and cry about it so people said yes in her yes but Sonali didn’t create a drama when she was hit by women so nobody supported her, nobody thinks, they are just going behind person who is shouting more, Salman says very good point, Salman says lets meet inmates, call is connected, Salman says she was going in house but Gautam dumped her and chose sukirti so she was left outside, Sargun says hi to gautam, he says hi, Sargun says you are looking good in house, Gautam says you are looking good too, Sargun says why you didn’t take me then, he says you were not talking to me in good tone, you were insulting so I selected sukirti, Sargun says you don’t know many things, Salman says she is right, you don’t know that she was not selected to go in house ever, it was all drama only, Sargun says to gautam that you are entertaining but you are low from when Ali has come, Gautam says I am observing him, Sargun says to Ali that you are very different Captain, you have made all contestants work, Sargun says to Pritham that you are looking good, he says I took bath today only, all laughs, Sargun says I really like you, she says to minissha that you fight with men but when other fight then you ask them to not fight against women, Salman says you should not use this women thing in wrong way, if it is justified at some point then use it, all will support women but you sue it wrongly to save yourself then it will not work, I think the women who use this women power for their motive are not women in actual, Sargun says to minissha you said that you will sleep on floor being women too, you know who many women sleep on floor in india, its not a bigg deal, she says to Gautam that why did you take the bed and make innocent minissha sleep on floor, minissha says no I am not innocent, don’t call me, Sargun says it was a joke, Salman says it was way of talk, Sargun says to soni that I didn’t like one thing what you said, you said that if my fast is true that gautam will bear consequences, I think we pray to god for good of everyone, not for doing bad to anyone, Salman jokes that you wasted your whole fast on gautam, soni says I don’t go in his area so why comes in my area, Salman says thanks to sargun for coming, Sargun leaves from there.

Salman says to inmates that the guests who are coming here are big fans of bigg boss and are telling you what people thinsk outside. Salman says cargo boy came in hosue and showed you somethings, I will tell viewers why he showed things to you, call ends. cargo devil comes on stage, Salman takes out bottle and its for digestion powder, a video is shown in which pritham says my tummy is ill, please bigg boss send something, I cant play, let me clean my tummy then see my game, video ends.

Salman says this is Diwali weekend so I have prepared a surprise for inmates.

in house, some magician come in house, he says its Diwali so we should have some fun, he does some trick and Salman comes from behind curtain, all are shocked to see Salman Khan and hugs him, Magician shows some magic.

Salman comes in lounge area, he sits on floor, he ask pritham to bring things from store, pritham brings, its things for truth and dare game, all play it, puneet is on target, he chooses truth, question is after season end, who will not see you, puneet says minissha, she is cold, karishma is next, she chooses truth, she is asked who should not be captain, karishma says I think Ali should nto become captain again. Dancers come there, all go in garden area and dances with them, Salman dances on song Jumme ki raat hai, after dance, Salman hugs everyone and leaves from there with dancers, all see that Natasa is missing from house, Salman secretly took her out of house, all become sad.

Salman is with Natasa, he says she is the one who is evicted this week.

PRECAP- Nominations will be open this week, you have to put foam on person whom you want to nominate, Bigg boss says this week all secret will be open, all will know who want to evict them.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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