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Bigg Boss 8 19th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 119 (continued)
Gautam says to Sambhavna that what you said to me now? that what kind of real friend is me? Gautam ask Sambhavna that swear that we make friends but I take my decisions? Samnbhavna says why you are becoming sensitive, Gauta says why did you say that? that I am not good friend, Sambhavna says my everything pinch you, she leaves from there.

Sambhavna says to Karishma that Gautam takes omsething in joke and something not, if he is in good mood then fine otherwise he will snap at you, I will not go near him now, Karishma says I have already bear it, we have not come from mental hospital, Sambhavna sys he thinks in mind that he has already won the game, Upen says he Is in character. Upen says you both have mutual respect then leave it, Sambhavna says its enough, I cant be silent always, Gautam comes there, Karishma an Upen leaves, Gautam says to Sambhavna that I am sorry, I was angry and said things, Sambhavna says leave me, I will say things, she starts crying, Gautam says am I not your brother? he makes her sit, Sambhavna says why always me to snap at, Gautam says why you are thinking that you are alone? if you go wrong then I speak up, Gautam says you said to me that I am fake friends, so you have in mind that I speak against you, I am sorry that I didn’t understand your joke, I am sorry, he says be like you are, Sambhavna says its okay, they hug.

Rahul says to Dimpy that in this house no one is you own, and the who is yours hurts more, Dimpy says true, she sleeps on same bed with him.

Day 120
Nomination Special
song dekha na haaye na socha na starts playing, inmates wake up and dance.

Upen ask Rahul will you not wear cuffs? Rahul says no, Mahek says you are doing emotional blackmailing, are you jealous? Upen says I am sad that I am not wearing cuffs with Karishma, Upen says to Rahul that I will be inbetween you and her, I will come in war of love, love wins, Ali comes and makes Karishma and Rahul wear cuffs.
Upen says to Karishma that what I will do whole day now? Rahul says you are weak, Upen says I am weak, Upen says I loved and Rahul is enemy of love, Rahul says he speak one words thousand times, Upen says what to do now, Rahul says please talk to Karishma only, Upen says you cant tell me whom to talk, I will talk with whom I want.

Sambhavna says to Upen that karishma said to me that she want to clear things outside but I told her that sort things in house first, she is not openly speaking about love, she is with you but cant speak up so its looking wrong, so it looks like she is doing game with you, she can open up that I like you Upen and I have bf outside with whom my relation is not strong, but her silence on everything is looking more odd that you arr open about your love, she roams around with you but don’t accept things, it all looks so fake then.

Gautam says to Sambhavna that Karishma is great, whole season she said she have bf and now with Upen, and even if she has fling for him then say it openly, Sambahvana says exactly its looking fake on her part.
Upen says to Pritham that slowly we got close to each other, I have realized that I love her, she will realize too, Pritham says slowly everything will move forward, Upen says when I went outside, I said shit yar, there is something missing, pritham says that’s why got another chance to comeback in house, so when I re-entered then I said I will now say talk of my heart.
Rahul si sitting with karishma on bed because of cuffs, Karishma and Upen hugs, Rahul feels embarrassed.
Rahul si sitting with karishma on bed because of cuffs, Karishma makes Upen eat kheer and Upen hugs, Rahul feels embarrassed, Pritham and Sambhavna are laughing le hell, Rahul says I will give you kiss, he gives kiss to Rahul, Upen and Karishma re sweetly talking, Sam and Pritham are laughing like hell, Rahul, KArishma and Upen sit on bed, Upen says I missed you a lot today, Sam laughs.

bigg boss says now its time for nominations. as Upen is guest so he cant nominate anyone and cant be nominated, Ali s captain so he cant be nominated, Mahek is already nominated. there will be open nominations. inmates will throw darts on pics of two inmates to nominate them.
MAHEK: she says first Sambhavna, because I told her why nominated her last week, she said its ok that time but started fighting next day with me, sorry. then she says when she called Rahul, she said that she is in relationship so don’t like flirting then she should not like flirting of any other guy so I am confused about her, she nominates karishma.
GAUTAM: he nominates Karishma, Gautam says to karishma that you are full of yourself you think you are always right, you always think that I come to you to fight with you, we also felt bad that you took personal grudge on Rahul, he was jut joking with you, try and understand jokes. then he nominates Dimpy, he says I have no grudge, you are strong contender.
KARISHMA; she nominates Dimpy and says I used to like her as friend and I sued to take stand for her but she didn’t understand me, she then nominates Gautam, Karishma says to Gautam that you are kiddish and its you who is full of himself, , he tries to poke on earlier things, I still think about you, Gautam ask do you love me? she says you were enemy and still enemy.
RAHUL; he nominates Karishma and says your decision about dimpy’s exchange was personal, Rahul says to pritham that you were clapping when Karishma was insulting me, he nominates Pritham and says no hard feelings.
DIMPY: Dimpy says to Karishma that you are the most selfish person., her roles nature is to change wit time, she nominates Karishma, she then nominates Pritham and says that we feel some ego clash.
SAMBHAVNA: she nominates Karishma and says I like you but you went over broad in task with Rahul, really sorry. she then nominates Pritham and says that you enjoyed Rahul’s insult in task which we didn’t.
PRITHAM: he nominates Karishma and says you said that I hold grudges but I never talk to you about old things, he then nominates Dimpy and says you said that I don’t take stand now, don’t say on face, I have grown in house, I have always taken stand.
ALI: he nominates Rahul, he should go home and take rest, Ali says to Rahul that I see aggression in your eyes which fears me., he then nominates Dimpy and says she is my favorite, she is strong contender.

bigg boss says nominations are done, nominated people are KARISHMA, DIMPY, PRITHAM, MAHEK. bigg boss says now Rahul and Karishma can open cuffs, Upen hugs Karishma, then he hugs Rahul too.

Gautam says to Pritham that when you are in relationship, you enters the house and get attracted to someone, then isn’t it backstabbing your relation? he says when you have even promised a guy that you will marry him after show, then isn’t it cheating on him? Pritham says we don’t know her equation with her outside bf, Gautam says its weird man, Pritham says you are saying that its weird that she have bf and now making another bf here. he ask Pritham can you ditch your wife? Pritham says are you mad, I cant, Gautam says I am single, young, there are young girls here too so attraction happens but its different with Karishma. Ali comes there and says that I said to her indirectly that you have bf outside, Gautam says you know him too? ali says yes, he is powerful person, he is returant manager, has banglow in juhu, Pritham says so she is taking him lightly, Pritham says It can be that Upen and Karishma are doing all this for show only, Ali says maybe that bf is also involved in all this, Gautam says then Karishma is doing wrong with her.
Dimpy ask Sambhavna was I bitter with Karishma in nominations? Sambhavna says you had reason so you had to nominate her, Dimoy says exactly, I talk to Pritham but we don’t gel along in whole show so how can I nominate others. Rahul comes there, Rahul says Upen and Karishma were talking cheap and was close like kissing each other, dimpy says Mahek took the most right point in nominations, Sambhavna says I personally said to Karishma and Upen that its not looking fine that she is in relationship but flirting here, I really like Upen but what I said to him personally, I cant say it in nomiantions.
Karishma says to Mahek that you said wrost words for me in nominations, you cant attack my personal life, Mahek says I am sorry but I judged you when you said it yourself that you don’t like flirting but now going alongwith it when Upen does it, so it doesn’t look nice, Karisham says I don’t wanna talk and leaves.

Karishma is crying, Upen consoles her and sys people will say ill words, you have to be strong, she lies her head on his shoulder, Upen hugs her and kisses her forehead, he says I am with you, people will forget things soon, Mahek comes there, Upen says somethings are private and you shouldn’t say it, care about privacy of others, Mahek leaves, Upen makes Karishma eat food.
Upen ask Dimpy that when will you start talking with karishma, in next season, Dimpy says what you are doing? upen says spreading positive vibes, Dimpy says till I don’t talk about last week in details it wont be cleared.
Ali says to Gautam that Karishma thinks that she is most intelligent, see now Dimpy and Karishma trying to clear their point. they smirk.
Dimpy says to Karishma that we are having ego clash like with Pritham, karishma says no you are friend, Dimpy says that you were smiling at Rahul’s flirting, Karishma says its just because to avoid him, Dimpy says then why you like flirting of Upen? KArishma says because I seriously like him and frankly I don’t like Rahul’s attention at all, I wanted to cleat things so I did in task, you know Upen listened Rahul saying that we were in relationship earlier and he spent so much money on me which is totally wrong, I have strong reasons against Rahul, Dimpy says what you did on bed, snapped at Rahul that was not needed, karishma sys I had to say it infront of you and inmates, Dimoy says I never asked you to do this for me, karishma says I was told by Sambhavna too that Dimpy and Rahul are in relationship respectively, Dimpy says then you didn’t talk about my bf thing? Karishma says no I was with Upen only, Upen makes them hug each other.

Sambhavna says to Karishma that I didn’t like one thing that Mahek went personal with you in nominations, I discussed with Upen about that but personally, you are always nice with her, Karishma says I am nice and I know that, Sambhavna says Upen really loves you, he cares for you a lot, when he say something to you then listen to it, Karishma says to Sambhavna that I cant fake love for show, that I will jump over someone to gt camera attention, now whatever I will choose will be final partner of mine and nobody can be more perfect for me then Upen, with him I feel really special, I just want to take time as it looks fake that i say yes soon after he proposed me also, its my life time decision so i want to clear all doubts then say yes..

Upen says to Karishma that I have left my career and everything for you and have come here, Karishma says I am in grave problem, I have boyfriend outside with whom I have to talk first, Upen says I understand, Karishma says I have to talk to my mother too, I will talk with y bf even without meeting him because now I have no relation with him, Upen says I only wanna know that are you serious about us? Karishma says I didn’t say a single word about us in whole season so if I am saying it now then I must have thought something, you must have got your answer, you don’t have to worry, Upen says worry is that outside is your bf and mother, Karishma says after going outside I will finish that relation with him, I know its going to be ugly but I will handle, Upen says I am with you. Karishma says I know you are with me, they look in each others eyes.

Mahek says to Gautam that Karishma is women card, she has boyfriend outside, she said this whole season, so she shouldn’t like flirting with anyone, she should think about it, Gautam says it was clear that she has bf but she started here only.

Karishma ask Upen what mahek and Gautam talking, Upen says to Karishma that Gautam is affected by pour story, he is saying things about me, he wants track so he is observing us to make his game. Gautam says to Mahek that to win game, she will lose her relations and respect everything.

PRECAP- Pritham gets call by his fans. Rj malishka call him and wishes him bday, all inmates wishes him bday, then other caller says to Pritham that I watch bigg boss for you only, Pritham says sorry aman (his wife). later caller ask Karishma what are you and Upen couple? she says yes definitely. there will be task in which inmates have to live in cage, there are buttons placed in it, every inmate have to stand on his position and keep pressing button to be in race of getting bag of 25lacs, the one who will leave button will be out of race. Mahek taunts Karishma that oh strong women, Ali says here all are very hard skinned, how much you taunt, nobody will move a inch, Mahek laughs.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Upen jal gaya hai gauti se, use harane ke liye andar nautanki kar rha hi. Gautam should win. No doubt at all.

  2. all jus want to corner gauti bt u all loosers ,,,, gauti is hero koi kuch naho karsakta wo akela hi sab keliye bhari hai…. n i wont get preetam still confused abt him

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