Bigg Boss 8 19th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Bigg Boss 8 19th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 88 (continued)
bigg boss says that today is judgment day, he ask Dimpy to choose one contestant who can get reward, reward will be that inmate can go to confession room and can see the clip of what other inmates say behind his back, bigg boss says Gautam and Karishma are busy in task so they are put of this, Dimpy says I will choose Puneet, because he cooperated in my captaincy a lot, he did most of the work, bigg boss call Puneet in confession room, Puneet goes in confession room. Punet is shown clips, in which Karishma says that Puneet always get saved from nominations, then how Pritham said that Puneet emotionally blackmails others. Ali says to KArishma that I am first one to stand infront of Puneet, how commented that Puneet cannot act nicely that’s why didn’t get work in films.

bigg boss says that now Dimpy’s time to decide whom to punish except Gautam, Karishma and Puneet. Dimpy says I wanna punish Punish Upen as he made all things difficult for me, Upen nods, bigg boss says punishment is that Upen have to color coals placed in punishment room, Upen goes in and starts the punishment, Sonali says its not much difficult but the problem is that coal suck paints. Upen starts the task and says I will do it, I didn’t eat, its fine, I didn’t slept, its ok, they tried to provoke me buts its ok, Dimpy teases him.

Day 89
song jaga le tu jagale jazba starts playing, inmates wake up. Gautam and Karishma are still on seats.
Pritham says Gautam gave tough time to Karishma, all thought that Gautam will leave seat in 7 8 hours so they thought that I am tough ask and made me get up from seat, I got up from seat by becoming emotional.

Pritham says whats up gamer, Dimpy ask whom you are saying? me or Gautam? Pritham says you only, PRECAP. Upen says to Karishma that all our friends who got eliminated are with us. Gautam starts singing we love we love Gauti, Ali and Pritham sing with him, Pritham says all india is with Gautam, all are doing candle march for Gautam baba, Gautam smiles.

Upen says to Karishma that you wont get this chance, don’t leave the chair, if you want to loo that use dustbin bag, Karishma says no, Karishma leaves the seat, she says to Dimpy that that its ladies problem so I have to leave, Dimpy hugs her, she then hugs Gautam, Pritham says congrats babdy boy is born, he hugs Puneet. Bigg boss says Gautam got immunity. Pritham, Puneet, Praneet and Ali sing we love we love Gauti, Praneet and Ali make Gautam stand up from seat, Gautam says Puneet didn’t sleep for me, they all hug. they all cheer for boys. in washroom, Upen says I supported Karishma, she did her best, her losing is her winning too.

Dimpy says to Upen that suddenly they have become P3G again for their convenience, she says Pritham told me that it was our plan to make him leave his seat, why he didn’t think about it before leaving his seat? after getting eliminated, suddenly he start calling us gamer, Upen says I don’t care, Dimpy says how can he change so much, suddenly he is dying for P3G, Upen says Puneet is not a fool, Dimpy says but he is emotional and he is partial toward boys more.

bigg boss says that Gautam has won the task after sitting on chair for more than 36 hours, he has got immunity, one more persona can get immunity, he ask who is unhappy with Dimpys captaincy and want to change her. Upen, KArishma, Praneet, Pritham, Ali and Gautam raise their hands, Dimpy herself raises her hand, bigg boss ask to choose two people who will be contender alongwith Dimpy in captaincy task. Upen says for me its KArishma and Puneet, Puneet says for me Sonali and Praneet, Ali, Pritham, Gautam, and Dimpy also vote for Praneet and Sonali. Karishma says my vote is for Puneet and Upen, Sonali and Praneet are chosen. Upen says I don’t agree.

Gautam says to Pritham that Upen has gone to different level, cant even talk to him, Pritham says I make distance with him, now he acts then he will see reaction too.
Sonali says to Ali that what is Karishma’s and Upen’s problem, Pritham says he is your friend but doesn’t support you, he supported Karishma then why you? Sonali says I even told him that I don’t want him to go this week, he is so mean, he always say that he will support mebut.. Ali says all say like this, Sonali sys but he is doing wrong with wrong gilr, the girl who is always nice to him.
Pritham says to Praneet that you have to win this task, otherwise you wont be given food, you have to do task with full concentration, Praneet says I always do seriously.

Puneet sonali never became captain, all others have been once, Karishma sys but she is not interested, Praneet says she wants now, Sonali says I want to be captain, Upen says Puneet is fair. Ali says I am fair too so give my name, Upen says ok for me Puneet and Ali, Puneet ask about Praneet, all says we are fine with Praneet, Upen says I don’t agree to his name too, Praneet says when Sonali is saying she want to be captain so why not give her chance, Karishma says she never showed interest, Praneet says so she is not becoming prime minister, just making her captain, Praneet says I supported Upen too, UPen says don’t agree to my view, you are ganging up against me, he starts leaving, Praneet says we voted for you, Sonali says I gave vote to Upen to make him captian, Praneet says I always supported all, I am not dying to be captain, leave me, Sonali says even I don’t care. Puneet ask Karishma to tell two names. Karishma and Upen talk in garden, Karishma say that Praneet and Sonali are week, we should make them captain, then they will be eliminated later. Sonali says to Puneet that why we have to listen to them everytime, Praneet says I don’t want to be captain but I don’t want them to give their names now, Upen and Karishma will not say their names now.
Upen and Karishma come and says we are okay with Praneet and Sonali. Puneet says to bigg boss that we have decided Praneet and Sonali’s name.

Puneet says to Praneet that what ego these guys have. Praneet says they are dying for immunity, Puneet says we should live with love, it will be memory that everyone was given chance. Puneet says I have got love of you people, that’s all for me, Praneet hugs him.

in activity area, there is wreaking ball placed, Praneet, Dimpy and Sonali stand on stand, inmates will throw ball at them, the one who keep standing on stand till end will win the task and will be captain. task start, Pritham and Ali throws ball at Dimpy but she manages to stand, then Upen throws ball at Sonali, she falls from stand, then Ali throws ball at Dimpy, she falls too, PRaneet is standing till end so he is new captain now. bigg boss congrats him.

Puneet says I didn’t push ball with full force at girls. Dimpy says to Upen that when you threw ball at Sonali, Praneet jumped, Puneet said that he wont hit a girl but then he made Praneet win, Dimpy says its of no use.

karishma read the task “be happy”, in this task, they are given chance to but things for orphans from snapdeal on Christmas, they have to do 3 tasks, the one who win the task will be able to buy things. Karishma and Sonali will do the first task. they have to burst the balloons by sitting on them and get ticket of snapdeal from it, Sonali breaks the balloon with pin while Karishma try to do it by sitting on them, Sonali get chit, Praneet says you have to use bum not hand, they get tickets, Praneet says Karishma is fair so I announce Karishma winner. Karishma things from snapdeal for kids. next is between Pritham and Gautam, they have to unroll tissue rolls with by rapping them around their hands and rotating it, they unroll many rolls, Praneet says Pritham unrolled more rolls so he is winner, Pritham buy things for orphans. now task is between Ali and Upen, they have to throw ball in glass from distance, the one who put more balls will be winner, Pritham support Ali, Sonali chant for Upen. Upen and Ali do the task, Praneet says this match is tie but Upen was throwing from behind but Ali stepped out of line so Upen is winner, Upen buy things. Praneet says merry Christmas from all of us.

Dimpy says what I found bad from Pritham that night was he was saying that he will slap me and I will fall far away so I irritated him, Puneet says no, he was on his stand, today too I talked to him.
Ali says female snake (dimpy) spit venom but she tried to attack mangos, and mango split her in 7 pieces. Dimpy says to Puneet that its disturbing that you are supporting him, you are saying that I am wrong, Gautam says don’t in others matters, Puneet says no I am not but I am just saying that Dimpy should not have gone to him. Karishma comes there and says it was Dimpy’s work to provoke him but when Pritham got angry then she should have stopped it, Pritham says she even used slangs for it, she called me not a man, Dimpy says even you said slangs to me, Pritham says you made Ali and Upen to have huge fight, Upen says she is not responsible for it, Ali says only she is responsible for it, remember you were going to apply chili on Karishma’s face. Dimpy says to Puneet that Ali said to me that Puneet is very negative person, he said that you abused Karishma for an hour, i said that Puneet didn’t talk to me like this, then Pritham also said that Puneet is talking rubbish. Puneet sys i just said that i don’t find feminine touch in walk so i said about it only, Dimpy says don’t talk infront of Ali, he is dangerous person.

Dimpy says to Pritham that you listened my conversion with Puneet sometime, i was giving my point on that Puneet that i was wrong, Pritham says fine, Dimpy says i was not crying for you said slang to me, i said too but i was crying on thing that you said you will hit me, Pritham says leave it.
Puneet says to Karisham that let bygones be bygones, we should finish our fight, Karishma says i would love to do that, if anybody say anything about me to you then clear with me, when Salman pointed out to me that i say things about you which is not right from then i am very careful and now i will be more careful so finish it, as a gentleman i extending hand, Karishma says perfect and hugs him.
Gautam says to dimpy that suppose you said abusive words behind my back week before but now things are sorted between us so i wont give attention to those words now, likewise if Ali is nice with Puneet now, giving respect and even if he is backbiting then God will punish him, why you are telling all this Puneet, Dimpy says i care for Puneet so i thought he should know what Ali said about him, Gautam says sometime talk out of game too, you are always in game, you didn’t have to tell Puneet about Ali, Dimpy says don’t taunt me that i am in game always, Gautam says it seems like you are provoking Puneet against Ali which is wrong, Puneet comes there, Dimpy asys to Puneet that what i said about Ali, i was provoking you against him, if i was doing it so i am sorry, Puneet ask who said this to you, Gautam says i just that she didn’t have to talk about Ali’s word when he is nice now with him, Puneet says to Gautam that you don’t know full thing, what i was shown in confession roo. Dimpy leaves from there. Gautam says to Puneet that Dimpy provoke others, she is having fight with Ali so provoking others now. we don’t want to fight with anyone, Puneet says why she didn’t tell me all this sameday when Ali said.
Dimpy says to Upen that Gautam and Puneet are thunking that i am now your and Karishma’s friend, all are taunting me on this, Karishma says so we cant talk even?

PRECAP- inmates will be shown articles and what people are saying about them on weekend ka Vaar.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Just say…
    We love we love GAUTI. 🙂 😉 😛
    You deserved immunity
    Even if you were nominated we were there to save you
    Lots of love :* :*

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  2. Love you gutam gulati ….u r the best…
    love you … rock.

  3. Gautam is d best…..karishma …upen the worst
    …….hate karishma nd upen

  4. Hate karishma tanna

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  6. Salman wl not host?! Farah khan in place of Salman!!! Can’t be a worse choice by BB Team! Nt gonna watch!

  7. Akshay kumar would hv been a still better choice as saw him in “Koffee with Karan” taking class of Mr Johar 😀 bt wl miss Salman 🙁 Farah Khan?! WHO MADE THAT CHOICE!!! Arrghh!

  8. I love Gutam, Puneet sir & dimpy…..i wish them to become a finalist…..gutam u r great going…..puneet sir we all love u…..& dimpy I love u so much….dont cry go a head & try to good with everyone….

  9. And Salman sir I love u so much….sir everyone love you because of ur acting & style bt beyond this I love ur nature……ur humanity & care for the people…..i love you so much…..its my dream to meet you once in my life. … .love you so much…..

  10. Salmanji i love u so muchhh!!!!we need u

  11. Gautam.. keep it up man …..only deserves to win

  12. Gauti gud…don’t ignore simply…

  13. Hiii friends whom do u think will get evicted this week? More chance is for upen i feel..

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