Bigg Boss 8 18th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Bigg Boss 8 18th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 27
Weekend Ka Vaar
Salman Khan comes on stage and dances on song “ek garam chai ki piyali ho”, he welcomes all in bigg boss weekend ka vaar, he says praneet, upen, sonali and sushant are not nominated this week and alongwith with them captain Ali is also not nominated while all other nine housemates are nominated this week, Salman says one of them will go out this weekend, he wishes Diwali, he says there were sweet talks in house, let me show you, video clip plays in which Karishma acts like calling pritham, pritham says I cant hear you, please say softly, karishma sweetly talks to pritham, pritham says I will tell you how to make carrot sweet dish(gajjar ka halwa), he says buy carrots, wash them, don’t buy mixer, karishma says tell me how to make it, pritham says chop carrots then.. he says oh gas is finished so leave it now, all laughs, video ends. Salman says people are confused these days that they do quiz n themselves on internet, he says I saw a quiz on internet which was “which Khan are you” he shows picture of Bollywood khans and says I am one of them, I am the best, I have hottest body, I am dabang, he plays the quiz, first question is if a beautiful girl passes by you, will you stare her openly or secretly? Salman says if she gives me some vibes then I will talk to her, he says in real nothing like this happen, girl comes and goes without even stopping for minute, next question is that if you are in girlfriend’s house and her father comes what will you do, will you come infront of him or will run or will hide in bathroom, Salman says I have experienced running and hiding, next question is if you fall in love with someone then what will you do? will to tell her, will wait for right time or will say that leave it, she will also go so why to tell her, Salman chooses last option of why to tell her when she will go, last question is which couple you like a lot, one is Raj-simran, other is chulbul-rajjo, 3rd is bhuwan-radha, Salman chooses Chulbul-rajjo and jokes who are these other two couple.

after quiz is done, software shows the result that he is like Shahrukh Khan, audience laughs. Salman says it is decided that I am not Salman. Video call is connected to house, Salman talks to them, he says in bigg boss house, there is one biologist, she discovered that when insects are thirsty they swim in water, he is talking about minissha, minissha says yes sir, I saw a insect in water, he was swimming in water as he was thirsty and then he died because of water, Salman says you didn’t save him so you are killer, all laughs, Salman talks to arya, Arya says when you are left alone and all gossip about you then it feels bad, Salman says the person who sit on danger chair, it means that he is unwanted, he is rejected by housemates, Salman talks to natasa, he says you are beautiful so we don’t show you much on tv, Salman ask inmates to select nominated inmate to sit on danger sit, Sushant says I feel like there are chances of natasa going out, praneet, sonali and Ali also take name of natasa, as she cant speak hindi and cant eat spicy food, natasa sit on danger seat, Salman says she is safe, he ask natasa to select one person she want to be seated on danger, she take pritham’s name, pritham sit on danger seat. video call ends, Salman says lets see whats going on in house.

Diandra talks to Sonali, she says I am sorry if I hurt you in task, I pushed you but not deliberately, sonali says you pushed me so hard that I was going to fall on floor but I handled myself, diandra says I feel like when you don’t think that you did wrong then you should not say sorry, I was not going to say you sorry, I don’t believe in fake sorrys but I was given punishment by bigg boss so I am saying you sorry.

Karishma and diandra are in kitchen, Sonali comes there, karishma says to sonali that you didn’t also said sorry to me when you had out water on my face, when I misbehaved with in task, I sadi sorry to you but you didn’t, diandra says nothing happened to you when I pushed you but you cried 3 hours later after the task, you taunted me, you were fighting with me in task and then cried after task to gain sympathy, sonali says you were laughing after pushing me, diandra says it was our strategy.

Call is connected to house again, Salman says lets talk about the task heroes vs villains in which diandra pushed and had hit Sonali. he ask upen that you said to diandra in task that sonali is afraid of her, upen says yes because I feel diandra is strong personality, we made strategy that guys will not touch girls so I asked diandra to handle sonali. Sonali says I couldnt expect from arya and upen that they didn’t take stand for me, I have become friends with arya too, Salman says nobody from your team took stand for sonali, Salman says to Arya that you were crying during task like girls, you were fighting with praneet that he is strangling you by neck, Arya says I didn’t leave the flag even then, salman says what kind of man are you, Sonali says diandra hurt me and then she were laughing on me, diandra says it was our strategy to irritate them with our smile, praneet says I thinks all should have taken the stand for sonali like they did for Karishma, it was wrong that nobody took stand for sonali, Salman says it should not be like this that if you don’t like the person then you wont take stand for her even if wrong happened with her but if your favorite person is subjected to wrong then you make hue and cry about it, he says Arya said that its between girls so we wont say anything in this matter, praneet says I ws saying this only that they talk about women power so if women do wrong with other women so we will not talk about women power, diandra says we were doing our task, they attacked us to take the flag they were hitting us so I had to stop sonali and sonali didn’t cry there when I pushed her, she cried after 3 hours, it was fake, salman says you are right, karishma’s issue was all genuine, sonali took stand for karishma but nobody stood with sonali, minissha says wrong is happening in house but we didn’t say anything as no boy touched sonali, Salman says if a girl hit someone then it is not wrong? minissha says even sonali hit me in one task, she held me by my waist and turned me whole around, I didn’t create drama about it, Salman ask karisham her point, Karishma says I don’t think it was such a huge thing, if we felt like something wrong happened with sonali then we would have taken stand for sonali, we would have left our task, if she was hit then why she didn’t leave the task, why she didn’t sit in corner, we will always take stand against physical violence, I even announced before task that physical violence is not allowed, karishma says after incident, sonali was playing the task, she was not hurt so there was no point to take stand, she started crying after task was done and puneet from their team also agreed that she cried after task, Salman says if you are somewhere out from your house then you will cry in corner not infront of anyone and also if you hurt sonali again and again, she bear your pushing during task and didn’t cry but then you all didn’t take stand for her so she was hurt and you all kept hurting her, it build pressure in her so she burst in tears after three hours only, he says to karishma that you didn’t cry when gautam used slang against you, infact he cried not you. Pritham says women have immunity, they can do anything but if man touch any women then it becomes such a huge problem that man dies like dog, all laughs. Salman says pritham your team lost the task but public has made your team hero, he says pritham is saved from nominations, pritham gets up from danger seat, he makes diandra sit on danger seat, pritham can save one person, he says I think puneet and gautam are safe.

Salman ask to call snapdeal customer of the week, call is connected to some Saif Ali, from Bihar. customer says that I wanna say to karishma that she doesn’t use her brain, whether it is in task, she does everything on others saying, like she didn’t say thankyou to soni and sukirti when they took stand for her, it was puneet who asked her to say thankyou to them then she said thank you, karishma says no, I was about to say it but we had to move in luxury house quickly so I forgot, call with customer ends.

Salman talks to inmates, he says to natasa please say something, say something, say something, natasa shouts, all laughs. Salman says to soni that you are saved from eviction, he says Diandra you are saved too, she gets up from danger seat, salman ask her to make one nominated person sit on seat, she ask Arya to sit on danger seat, he sits, Salman says to Arya that I will tell you tomorrow if you are saved or not, he says I will tell you tomorrow who is evicted this week.

call ends, Salman says I have one breaking news, bigg boss will no more be boss of house, he will not order inmates from now on, there is new boss of house. Gauhar Khan (ex-contestant, winner of BB7) is shown, she is the new boss of house and will order inmates. She talks to inmates via mike and says I am your new boss, she says there are hand cuffs in house, Ali brings it, she says on each hand cuff, name of inmates is written, all of you have to wear these hand cuffs.

PRECAP-Gauhar says to Sonali that you have to sing for upen and arya’s betrayal, Sonali sings dost dost na raha.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. I think puneet would be evicted.

  2. Diandra should have been evicted.She is egoistic person who is spreading negativity in the house.

  3. why was salman khan always baised..usne sonali or gautam ko galat cheezo pe favor karne ka theka liya hai kya?

  4. total bakwas epi…big zero,sumtyms salman really bore us..i prefer watching life ok’s diwali hereos..dat was more interesting

  5. Salman ur too good, , upen was once saying to sonali, i dont want u to leave the house n all. N wen diandra hurted her, he kept quiet, , kutte upen u dont deserve sweet girl… ur a looser,,, all hero team people u won d task but u people r zero for me. .


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