Bigg Boss 8 18th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 8 18th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 119
Eviction Special
Sana and Sambhavna are nomianted
Farah comes on stage, she welcomes all in halla bol, she says that in halla bol are fair, dimpy cries so much, a second Farah comes on stage and says I am Parah Khan, she says Dimpy sow seeds of crying, all inmates are straight like gun bullet, Farah says Gautam has good six packs. she says if Ganna beat you then you will have U-pain, she ask Parah khan to go else she will call Ali to sing.
clip plays, Pritham and discuss about weekend Ka Vaar. Upen says to Karishma that all are playing behind your back.
Dimpy ask Gautam about Karishma, Gautam says Karishma doesn’t realize her mistake, she defend her mistakes, Dimpy says she doesn’t accept her mistakes, wha she said in witness box that she can insult anyone, Sambhavna says if I was charged on such reason like Karishma in witness box then I would have died out of shame, Gautam says she agreed that she took out personal grudge that was her grave, Dimpy says Karishma invited Rahul on her bday, then he sent her gift after bday, then she was telling Rahul that she doesn’t want channel but Gucci, but Rahul didn’t speak about it ever that she is like this.
call is connected to house, Farah says there is surprise for you all, go in garden, inmates come in garden and find suitcase, they are about to open the bag but Farah calls them inside, she says it was visual surprise only, she says on right time I will tell secret about bag, she ask whats your guesses, Rahul says its money, Dimpy says there must finale ticket in it, Pritham says the one who will open bag will be elimianted, all laughs, Farah says now I wanna who was best and who was worst, she ask Mahek, she says best was Rahul, worst was Sambhavna, Gautam, dimpy, Rahul says pass was Rahul and fail was Karishma, Upen says Sambhavna passed, Mahek failed, Karishma says sambhavna passed, Dimpy failed, Sambhavna says I passed, Mahek failed, Sana says Sambhavna passed, Mahke failed, Pritham says passed Rahul, failed Dimpy, Ali says I passed, Karishma failed, Farah asys Karishma got majority so she will sit on punishment chair, she makes Dimpy sit on other chair and says you will have to sing for your favorite contestant, Dimpy says I wanna sing for Rahul, all say aww, she sings jahan pyar bhare, Farah says now I wll give task to you all, task name is “yes boss no boss”, I will say statement about person, one person sitting on chair will agree to statement or not then you will show green if you agree to him, red if you don’t agree to him, first Pritham sit on chair. Farah ask did Pritham give up game? Pritham says no, dimpy doesn’t agree and says that Pritham doesn’t speak up these days, Pritham says what to say between women, all laughs, Farah ask next question that Pritham cant be good friend? Pritham say no, I can, Gautam doesn’t agree and says that Ihad good bonding with him but now love is scattered for him, Farah ask next question that Pritham holds grudges? pritham says no, KArishma doesn’t agree, and says that he hold things in heart and take it out after much time. Pritham’s task is finished. then Ali is called to sit on chair. Farah ask that Ali irritate by his entertainement? Ali says yes, all agrees, all laughs, Farah ask Ali that on getting caught you say that yoi were joking? Ali says yes, all agrees and laughs, Farah says Ali want to smooch Gautam in real? Ali says no, All doesn’t agree with him. Farah then calls Dimpy, she ask Dimpy that you try to gain sympathy by crying fake? Dimpy says no, Upen doesn’t agree and says that first she was crying for Rahul’s flirting but when KArishma took stand for her then she cried on that too. Farah ask Dimpy that you are most intelligent in girls in house? Dimpy says no I don’t think so, all doesn’t agree with her and says she is intelligent, Dimpy says I feel Karishma is intelligent, she maybe wrong for others but she knows whats best for her and choose right for herself which wwe don’t understand. Farah calls Gautam and ask that does Gautam always need a guide with him? Gautam says no. only Rahul, Mahek, Sambhavna agrees with him. Farah ask Gautam that you still think Pritham as friend? Gautam says yes but Pritham doesn’t agree with him. Farah then calls Karishma and ask her that your best friend is Dimpy? Karishma says yes, Dimpy doenst agree, Farah ask that Karishma has no relation with others problems, Karishma says no, only Upen agrees with her, Farah says love is blind and deaf too, all laughs, Karishma says aww Uppi. Farah ask Karishma that you are playing game with Upen? Karishma says no I cant play game with him. Sana doesn’t agree with her.
Farah says now its time to tell who is going to tell who will get eliminated but will tell after sometime. call ends.
Dimpy ask Upen that why you think my tears are fake? he says its not like that, you didn’t take Karishma support that’s why, Dimpy says KArishma started supporting me only after your entrance, she could take stand for me before two days too, Upen says I felt bad that we were taking stand fro you and you went agsint us only, Dimpy says did I ask you for stand? she didn’t speak up for me a weak back but now after seeing you she took stand for me, I cried because I had nervous breakdown but that doesn’t mean you will play game in it, you both didn’t even come to console me and is asking about support, you don’t have to choose inbetween me and Karishma.
Farah calls Mahesh bhatt, Gurmeet choudary, Ali fazal on stage the cast of upcoming movie Khamoshiyan, Mahesh dance with Farah. Farah says Mahesh you are looking handsome as always, Farah says bhatt you can praise me too, bhatt says the girl who used to be afraid on sets is now hosting show, what a great move, Farah says movie’s songs are already blockbuster, what about movie, Bhatt says you are what you doesn’t show to world, our movie is like that, Farah ask do anyone in house have star quality like Rahul Mahajan? all laughs, bhatt says I saw his acting and I was shocked that he can be made character actor. Farah says lets see the clip.
bigg boss freeze housemates, Mahesh bhatt enters house, he says you are the one who you show, but what you hide, you silence is speaking a lot, he comes to upen and then comes to Karishma and says that we complete stories, take a step ahead maybe you will reach to your destination, bigg boss says release, Upen comes and hugs Mahesh, then all inmates meet him, Mahesh says to Ali that behind your smile is barn land which didn’t have love on it, all laughs, Mahesh says we will do acting session, eh says situation is Upen and Karishma is hiding from world, they come in party, Karishma is married so she is having extra marital affair with Upen and her husband is Rahul, Rahul was drunk and came in same party. he says action.
Upen and karishma come in party, all inmates act as their friends, then Rahul enters, Karishma ask what you are doing here, Rahul says did you listen to song hum bewafa hargiz na the, he then holds Upen and acts drunk, Gautam tries to handle Rahul. Rahul says where to taking, he says to KArishma that what you are doing, he throws juice on Upen’s face, all are shocked, Sambhavna says its going overbroad, Rahul shouts and says talk with respect, I am Rahul Mahajan, then acting ends, Karishma wipes Upen’s face. Mahesh says it was good acting, he ask Upen did you listen to Karishma’s silence? he says yes, he then ask Rahul didn’t you listen Dimpy’s silence? Rahul say I have always felt her silence, Dimoy says his silence shows that he is always with me.
Farah ask Mahesh who girls have acting skills? he says Sambhavna have wild streak. Gurmeet says my wife Debina is fan of Gautam, she said that Gautam have good body then so I want to show my body on bigg boss only, he first throws his jacket and shakes his bicep on song khamoshiyan, he then dance with shaking his abs only, Farah is stunned to see him shaking his abs so perfectly, she greets them and they leave.
Farah says let me call my school’s moniter and maniter (devil and his fairy), they come in school uniform, she takes out oil from their bag and says let me show clip.
clip plays where Ali is massaging Rahul all his face, ears, Rahul closes his eyes, Ali acts like kissing him, pritham laughs. clip ends.
Farah says now time to meet students again, call is connected to house. she says one more task for you guys, task is “code red”, she says you have to tell if you were threatened by anyone, then you have to press code red, Rahul press button and says I am threatened by Dimpy and says she can make me mental, then dimpy press button and says I am threatened by Karishma as what she is playing with me, its even out of my mind. Farah says code red is show coming soon, she says one will go out to see new show, Sambhavna says if I leave then I can meet my boyfriend, Farah says your bf r someone else bf? all laughs. Farah says even your bf doesn’t know that you are his gf, Farah says Karishma will be given punishment, she will have to wear cuffs and the other part of cuff will be worn by Rahul, all laughs, Farah says Rahul you have chance now, Rahul says I rather die, all laughs.
Farah says to inmates that now time to open secret, this bag will bring a new twist, everything will change, she says there is 25lacs in bag, all hoots, she says its different money from winning prize she says any inmate can win this money, who will get money we will open secret soon, Ali says thanks ma’am we love you, Farah says this is not my money, she says to Ali that as captain you have to guard bag, she says this is first time in bigg boss that a lot money is offered. Farah says one from Sana and Sambhavna will leave so one cant get this money. she says SANA YOU ARE WLIMINATED, Sana starts hugging everyone, Farah ask her to come fast, Sambhavna comes and hugs Sana, Upen ask Sana to say bye to Pritham, Sana hugs Pritham and says bye to him, Sana ask Sambhavna to be like this, Sambhavna says I will miss you, Pritham hugs her last time, Sana leaves the house. Pritham gets glad that she hugged me, all smile.
Sana comes on stage and hugs Farah, Farah ask your holiday package, 2 days, 3 nights stay, how was it? Sana says there is too much seriousness in house, stories are going on from 3 months, I was soft in them, Farah ask who should be in your place today? Sana says I think Mahek should be here but she made us fool and went to champions team then I also thought that I can drink coffee in house, I went for exchange too, call is connected to house again, all cheers for Sana, Faraha says after eviction all looks nice to you people, Ali says to Sana says thanks to you I got to eat more roties, Sana says to Sambhavna that I got very nice friend in you and will be always with me, Sambhavna gives her flying kiss, Farah ask who you think will win? she says I want Sambhavna to win but if Gataum or Pritham wins then I will be happy, Farah says not time for big bomb, whom Sana will give bomb will be eliminated for next week directly, Sana gives bomb to Mahek. MAHEK IS NOMINATED FOR NEXT WEEK.

PRECAP- there will be open nominations. inmates will throw darts on pics of two inmates to nominate them. in nominations, Gautam says to karishma that you are full of yourself you think you are always right, then Karishma says to Gautam that you are kiddish and its you who is full of himself, then Dimpy says to Karishma that you are the most selfish person. Rahul says to pritham that you were clapping when Karishma was insulting me, Ali says to Rahul that I see aggression in your eyes which fears me. later Sambhavna says that Upen is serious in love but I think Karishma is doing game with him too. Gautam says to Pritham that when you are in relationship, you enters the house and get attracted to someone, then isn’t it backstabbing your relation? Pritham says leave it. later Mahek says to Gautam that its girl who is in relationsip from before so if other guy really loves her then give her time to sort things first with her current boyfriend, this shows if he respects her or not.

Update Credit to: Atiba


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