Bigg Boss 8 17th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 8 17th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 118
Weekend Ka Halla Bol
Farah Khan comes on stage, she welcomes all in bigg boss Weekend Ka halla Bol, she says what a week it was, there was romance and bromance both, there was two exchange, SAMBHAVNA, SANA RAHUL are nominated. Farah says my favorite song is aj kal tere mare pyar ke charche, now famous couple is UPMA( Upen and karishma), lets see them.
clip plays, Upen sings for Karishma that i wont go without you, Mahek says you will have to fight for her, there are many behind her, Upen sys i will wait for her, Mahek ask will you change after marriage? Upen says i will 10 times more romantic after marriage, Karishma everything changes after marriage, Upen says my heart will not change, he says if she says yes to me then my life will become happy, he says lets see what happens, Mahek ask are you in love? Upen says i love, Mahek ask to say seeign Karishma, he says yes i love, Mahek says to Karishma that its not your fault, if he loves you then not your fault.
Sambhavna says when in love, gilr changws, Pritham agrees, Sambhvan says Karishma will not find guy like Upen, if she doesnt want him then leave him so we can get chance, Karishma is washing Upen’s clothes, Upen says its not love then what? Sambhavna says she loves you, Pritham talks to himself and says does Karishma loves Upen? will people accept Karishma after all this, keep watching bb8 to see love story. clip ends.
Farah says we will tease Upma, Call is connected to house, she shows two flowers to inmates and acts like flower is kissing, she sings aj kal tere mere pyar.. she ask what is happening in house, wish i was as lucky, nobody is there to love me as i dont have mule on lips like Gautam, all laughs, she says Gullu+Ali= Gali, she ask Ali did you smooch Gautam? Ali comes to Gautam to smooch him, all laughs, Farah ask Ali did you think Ajaz will come out of coffin? ali says i was ready to kill person in coffin, Farah says Ajaz is seeign show and you will come out someday, Farah says t Rahul you were going to write name with blood, now how you are feeling, Rahul says blood has become water now, all laughs, Farah ask Rahul if you win whom will yoi give money? Rahul says to Pritham as he needs money more as he is family person, Farah says Pritham nominated you, Pritham says i take my words back, Farah says Sana was stubborn like kids to go in champions, all laughs, she ask Gautam whom he think will be eliminated? he says Sana.
Farah says if i ask to elimiante one person directly then whom who will select, she ask Ali first, Ali says Dimpy, Mahek says Upen, Pritham says Dimpy, Sana says Dimpy, Sambhavna says Mahek, Upen says Dimpy, Rahul says Karishma, Gautam says Karishma, Dimpy says Karishma. Farah says Karishma says so much popular, she ask Karishma to stand in witness box, Farah ask question that why suddenly you liked Gautam as champion in nominations as he is your rival, Karishma says i didnt have reason to nominate him, Farah ask Gautam on what you were more shocked on ali’s smooch attack or Karishma not nomiantiong you, Gautam says it was shocking that they all didnt nomianted me, Dimpy says it was shock to me to ask Karishma earlier said to me that Gautam gave her more reason to nominate, Karishma says my loyalty was with champion, Dimpy says who is about loyalty, Rahul says Gautam and karishma doesnt even talk nicely to each other so was it just show off to public that you are nice and all, that these champions were doing, they just wanted to show that they are champions and all, Ali says I loved Gautam whole week, Dimpy says it was Ali only who asked us to nominate Gautam, Ali acts like Dimpy and says I said this to play my game, Farah says time to start class, she ask Karishma that you were hurting Dimpy’s image just to show you are great, Karishma says I was silent on Rahul’s flirt as Dimpy was my friend, I thought I should not humiliate her boyfriend but then she cried on my face so I thought to take stand, Farah says why you took stand after Upen’s entrance only, first tell me who told you about Dimpy’s personal life? Karishma says Rahul also told me that we have moved on, Farah ask where this talk that Dimpy have boyfriend come from? Karishma says Dimpy told me, Farah says you broke her trust? Karishma says Dimpy also told things to others which I personally shared with you, Farah says so you will take revenge, Ali says that Karishma told us about Dimpy’s boyfriend then we said that why she is acting as suffering wife then? so we thought that Rahul and dimpy are emotionally exploiting us, Farah says so you are kids to get exploited, Farah says to Dimpy that its your weakness that you cry and then people say things about you and Rahul, you are giving them chance to speak against you, Dimpy says yes I accept my fault, Karishma sys to Dimpy that I was silent cause of you as it doesn’t t a minute for me to put someone in his place, Farah says you have already done that. KArishma says I took stand for Dimpy, I told her that I will take stand for her, Dimpy says then why you took stand in task only? you were enjoying attention, after Upen came you got attention from him so snapped Rahul.
Farah ask from where did this dimpy’s bf existence came from? Dimpy says that I didn’t tell her about my bf, she is becoming to much creative that creating stories too, Karishma says you told me about your bf without mike, Dimpy says then there must be clip of it but its not there, Karishma says Dimpy pass loose comments that she cant see in my eyes, Farah ask Karishma that when Dimpy came to you to ask about her bf thing then you said that Rahul told you, why you didn’t say to her that Dimpy herself told you, then to Rahul you said that Ali told you about Dimpy’s bf, Farah says the only person who is right in this is Rahul, he listened everything of Karishma and didn’t say below the belt comment, he didn’t answer back Karishma, Karishma says he had nothing to answer back, Ali says Rahul threatened me, don’t know what I have suffered in this house, slps and all. Farah ask Upen waskarishma right to dig so much? Upen says no I asked her to stop personal things, Dimpy says to Karishma that if yoy don’t stop speaking about me then I will speak about you too, Karishma ask her to not threaten her. Farah says to dimpy that because of your crying, Rahul has become victim for others. Farah says to Karishma that after insulting Rahul on call, you said that you feel so good, why so? you lost the task as Rahul didn’t end the call and silently listened to you, I don’t know if you were playing a task or taking out your personal grudges, Karishma says I showed his character, I thought he will end call but the good part was I clarified my point, Farah says so you thought about you but not about task? Dimpy was telling you to let her speak and she will let rahul end call but you wanted to clarify your image, because of it Rahul won the task, was it your personal agenda? karishma says I clarified Pritham and Ali too, Farah says they can clarify themselves, Karishma says I clarifying and provoking him too so that he end call, farah says if it was me in your place I would say that I lost task shit, Karishm says if I said that then It would look like I said wrong things, Farah says to Karisham that it feels like you were enjoying attention but when Upen came you suddenly became touchy and wanted to clarify yourself. Karishma says I wanted to clarify before only but I stopped because of Dimpy, I didn’t respond to Rahul so he should think that I am not interested, Farah says but you were responding by smiling to him, even Pritham joked with you, you were not offended then but suddenly you snapped at Rahul, it feels like after Upen’s enterance you started clarifying your image, she ask who other think like that? Pritham, Rahul, Sana, Dimpy, Gautam raise their hands. Karishma says he was passing loose comments that he is behind me since 6 years, Farah says this is not loose comment at all, she ask Mahek? Mahek says no this is not loose comment at all, its sweet, Sana says I would say that its cute of a guy, Sambhavna says if it was me then I would says to guy that I will be with my husband and you also come, all laughs, Gautam says I don’t know whats going on but I was there when Rahul said this comment and he said in very fun way, it was joke, Farah says to Pritham that you said to Rahul that you will take stand for him but then you clapped for Karoshma fter call why? because he won the task? Frah says the only person who came out as winner is Rahul, I don’t know him personally, Karishma the insult which you did to Rahul and the way he maintained your dignity by not answering you back, by not saying anything to you, he became winner, Sambhavana, Sana, me in my house was crying for Rahul as he was so much insulted but didn’t say a word, hats off to him, Dimpy consoles Rahul, Rahul becomes emotional, Dimpy says that in years we used to meet at court meetings but in house I saw a different side of Rahul, I also say that Rahul was most faithful husband, it was only Rahul too said that Pritham was wrong in that provoking thing, he is always with me, I felt bad for him, I am responsible for Rahul’s insult somewhere too, I just want to say to Karishma that it was not about her but about Rahul that iw as feeling that how can he flirt infront of me, I just want to say to Karishma that your image, your character is not set by anyone else, its you that create your image not someone else that you have to clarify later, example is Rahul that he set his image by himself, Farah ask Karishma what about angle? Karishma says Rahul came to house with angle that he will flirt with me, he used to say he will vote for me when he will leave, Farah says Rahul you are not leaving, sit in house all laughs, Farah says to AKrisham that Rahul offered you to go with him to Paris, you smiled, then Upen offered you same then you smiled, then what is real smiles? Karishma says with Rahul it was smile to shut him up but with Upen I genuinely like him, and ask friends we will go, Farah says oh friends? Upen says I will take her wherever she want, she ask Gautam, Gautam says her smile with Upen was more genuine, Sambhavna says they are so much good friends they are always hugging, kissing, Farah ask who thinks they are more than friends, Sambhavna, Mahek, Sana raise their hands, Farah says Karisham you are blushing, you were not even interested in captaincy, like I don’t care what inmates are doing man, Gautam says there was no captaincy, Sambhavna says that after Upen’s entry she was changed a lot, I was jealous that what I was seeing, I jumped inbetween them to stop them but Upen and Karishma didn’t, Farah says romance is always good for house, she says we have given you name UPMA, all laughs. Farah says to Karishma that why you thought Dimpy was weak in task, I would say that Dimpy could pull Rahul’s string much more than you in task, technically Sambhavna provoked mahek so she was weak, Ali says I agree Mahek was weak, Farah says then why you didn’t say before? she ask Pritham, he says I also say that Dimpy was not weak, Farah says strange three people in team thinks that dimpy was not weak but then she was announced as weak. call ends.
Farah promotes code red show.
call is connected to house, Farah says Rahul was winner in task, all claps. Farah ask dimpy how did you reach in challengers team, Dimpy says because Karishma took decision, Karishma says I feel my decision was right. Dimpy says she is always right according to her, Dimpy says i was not even asked as i was in team, Karishma says i came to you to discuss but you said you don’t have time. Farah says to Karishma that you had Pritham and MAhek’s name for weak then from where Dimpy came? Karishma says i wanted to clarify things with Dimpy as she was feeling bad for me first but then she was feeling bad for Rahul, Farah ask KArishma why you took Pritham’s name out of list? AKrisham says because ehe contributed in task, Mahek says i listened things in task so i contributed but Dimpy didn’t. Farah says but Dimpy was crying to let her do the task, let her talk to Rahul but she was not given chance. Farah says it feels like you all took out your personal grudges instead of doing task. she ask Sana was karishma influenced by someone for weak contestant, Sana says i listened Pritham taking Dimpy’s name, Farah says Upen asked Karishma why you are sending Dimpy, Upen says i asked her to send Ali as he didn’t do anything but Dimpy was not given chance, Farah says Upen said to Karishma to keep enemies close to you, now you know Karishma why Upen was saying this about Dimpy. arishma says I thought dimpy broke rule by saying personal things so as punishment i took her name as weak, Farah says you also said personal things in task. Farah says i will go mad, you had to point out who was worst in task and it was not Dimpy, Sambhavna says it was not fair with dimpy, she took out personal grudge, Karishma says i don’t think that it was personal grudge of mine, Farah says i think that you didn’t want Dimpy to be in your team, you were irritated by Dimpy as she didn’t support you against Rahul. she says now your case is over, Karishma says thank god, she comes out of witness box and sit on sofa.
Farah says Sambhavna, Rahul, Sana are in danger, one will leave the house. call ends.
Farah says to audience that a betrayal is going on in hosue, lets see.
clip plays, Gautam throws thing at ali, Ali says bigg boss i am attacked, he acts like chuld, Gautam laughs and says what kind of guy he is, Gautam ask Pritham how you live with Ali? Pritham says no i don’t, Gautam says i was your friend but not now, Pritham says i am still your friend, Gautam says you said many things about me that i like to listen only good about me, Pritham says its for game only not about friendship, Gautam leaves. Pritham says to ali that Gautma doesn’t see goodness of person but always pick out bad things, i took stand for him everytime but he doesnt take stand for anyone, Ali says he is selfish. clip ends.
Call is connected again, Farah says Rahul brought a suitcase with him, we will reveal secret behind it soon and that suitcase can break relations, friendships, everything, i will tell later about it.
call is connected to snapdeal cutomer, she have ordered scissor for Dimpy, she says Dimpy was strong before but now she is weak, some people say that they are her friends but they are not, i want her to cut strings which are making her weak, Karishma says to her that she will take stand for her but on her back she says that Dimpy do drama to gain sympathy, we want strong Dimpy, Dimpy says i will definatly cut strings, Farah ask all to keep their hairs safe now Dimpy have scissors, Ali says i am safe as i am bald, Farah says be careful she can cut your other assets too, all laughs. Farah ask Sana whom she think is safe this week, Sana says Rahul, Farah says you are right for first time, RAHUL IS SAFE. Rahul says i wanna thank Karishma for this, if she didn’t target me so much then i wouldn’t have got so much love, she made Gautam star too, Farah says i used to think i am star maker but Karishma is bigger star maker than me, all laughs. Farha says now we want to see Rahul’s victory dance, Dimpy jokes will you be able to see him dance, pande ji seeti plays, Rahul shakes his belly and do funny dance, all laughs. Farah says before light of house breaks we should end it here. episode ends.

PRECAP- a suitcase comes in garden, inmates grabs to open it. Mahesh bahtt comes in house, he meets everyone and kisses Karishma’s cheek. later he will take acting classes of inamtes where inamtes have to enact a scene. Rahul becomes too serious in acting and starts msibehaving.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. ğud job by farah …she olmost squeezd kt but tht brainless girl didnt accept her mistake…rahul u r realy ntertaing hehe… sana might get evicted

  2. Wow Farah! Kya class li hai! Brought out d reality and truth in a subtle yet logically powerful way. Time to start watching big boss again on tv. I wl also see this epi on site as want to see d reactns. Karishma is really a duffer and a bigtime liar, bt above all she is v.v.stupid! “Mera bf h, bf h” pura season and now kissing a guy on national television. Heights of stupidity! And dimpy is right- khud ka character apke hath mein hi hai!

  3. Why did farah not mention gautam said personal things to Ali in the task like she did with krishma? Also why did she say upen said keep enemies closer but not expose that dimpy said to Raul, sambhavna and sana that upen proposed to krishma, when that was ment to be a secret?
    Farah supports her favorites ‘gulu’ and dimpy. Also why was the whole show negative about krishma, when actually it should more about the love going on in the house as that’s what was on tv for most the week. The show should be fun.

  4. karishma’s was more personal than gautiz….a big salute to rahul coz he kept silent throughout without provoking

    1. Yes it was more personal, but to be fair both should be mentioned



  7. gud she got evicted coz she is not tht strong

  8. Farah ne full episode me karishma ko hi target kia tha…jus coz he likes d overacting husband wife jodi i.e dimpy n rahul both dumb n fake…hate u 4 dis farah

  9. nope farah was genuine…..she felt the same as most of the veiwers felt for kt..farah is straightforward

  10. So glad that Farah stood up for Dimpy & Rahul. Now i see why Karishma is labeled selfish. She is very selfish because she chose personal grudge in task and didnt think about team. She just wanted to clear HER name so that’s selfish, and not care if task will be won by chapioms or not is again selfish. No one takes stand 1 week later and especially jab Rahul ne koi flirt or joke kiya nahi upen ke aane ke baad. Lagta tha Karishma ka ek old record player baar baar baj raha tha. Dimpy ne koi complaint nahi ki aur woh bol rahi hai woh matter task me mat karo toh kaise yeh stand apni dost ke liye kar rahi thi?? Karishma was wrong and it takes a REAL human to accept fault and apologize which Rahul did very well.

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