Bigg Boss 8 16th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Bigg Boss 8 16th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 85 (continued)
Sonali shouts and says ****, my everything is stealing, Pritham says her cigarettes are stolen, Praneet is gone now, Sonali comes to Praneet and ask did you take my candies (cigarettes)? Praneet says I didn’t take it, Ali you have taken it? give it back, Ali says I have not taken it, don’t take my name, he says I don’t eat or puff candies so why will I take it

sonali says to Praneet who touch my drawers, Praneet says my cigarettes are stealing too, he is dog who is doing it, my 20 cigarettes are stolen too, Praneet says he son of dog, Ali says he is cross of dog and pig, Gautam ask Ali to give it back, Sonali says Ali I thini t is you who is stealing it, Ali throws knife at her and gets angry, he approaches her and throws glass bottle at her again, he says don’t say it again, he pushes Gautam, Puneet ask Ali to stop it, Ali says I am swearing on my mother but still they thnk that I am lying, he get hyper, Puneet calms him down.
Ali comes in garden, Dimpy says what happened to you, Ali says I swore on my mother that I didn’t take it but she is mad. Sonali says I want answer from bigg boss, why did he throw knife at me.

Sonali says to dimpy I don’t why strong reactions are coming rom everyone, I am dragged in everything, in Upen’s matter, what was my fault? he said many things to me, now Ali’s reaction, she starts crying, Dimpy hugs her, sonali says its ok I am fine, Dimpy ask her to take rest, I know you are fine, I will do your work, Puneet ask Sonali to not cry.
Pritham ask Ali what was that, you have to say sorry, Ali says I will say sorry but I am her target, sometime she allege me that I touch her, sometime she slap me and now this, I was swearing on my mother, I will be on my point, Pritham says what is this way to clear your point, if you had given statement that you didn’t take it but why reacted like this, you could have just said a slang and left from there, Ali says I lost my cool.

Day 86
Song Jadu teri Nanzar… tu han kar ya na kar plays, all inmates wake up and dances. Ali an dDimoy hug and dance.

Dimpy says to Upen that if I ask to clean carpets will you do that? Upen says no, I will wash utensils, Upen says bedroom is Ali’s work so why should I clean carpets, Dimpy says just be like that, I am trying to cooperate, Upen says i will be like what i am, i will stick out for myself, Dimpy says i am finding work for yoy but you say no to everything, as a captain i am asking you everything that will you work or not but you say no to everything, you are not willing to work, Upen says i said that i will work, i said that i will wash utensils but now i will not even do that, Dimpy leaves, Upen says that ask Sonali to clean carpets.
Dimpy says to Pritham that Upen has gone full mad, he is saying no to every work, Pritham says he is being sadi from starting that he doesn’t speak much so he is trying too much hard now, let him leave on his own, Pritham says he is trying to talk on things which is not related to him.
Upen says to camera that Dimpy is weird captain, i said i will do work but she is nt giving me right work and now she will give me punishment, i will take that too. he finds Gautam coming there and says one more is coming, Gautam comes there and ask did you saying anything to me? Upen says yes, what is your problem, Gautam says i thought you called me, Upen says no i didn’t call you, go from here, Gautam ask why so much angry in morning, Upen says because i saw your face, Gautam stares, Upen ask do you think i am scared of you, i will see after house, Gautam says you are fighting with yourself, Upen says meet me out of house, Gautam says you are threatening me? hit me in house only, Gautam ask Upen to not say a word, he comes to him and says you didn’t got a Punjabi slap, Upen says you didn’t taste London slap, Upen says you push me once and i will knock your teeth, you love you face, I will smack it, they get closer to fight but other inmates hold them back, Puneet tries to control Upen, Ali ask Upen to calm down. Gautam says to Ali that he is trying to fight with me deliberately, i am kid but i am not when it come to fight, Gautm says bigg boss i am telling you, one punch to me and i will bring this house down. Upen says you all think i am weak, you all cant corner me, Puneet ask him to calm down, Upen says he think he is hero.
Karishma says Upen is very angry that’s why he is doing it, Dimpy says but he is doing it with everyone, no one said anything, or b*t*hed about him anyone.
Gautam says its enough, yesterday too he was behaving aggressive and now too, till how much i have to bear his slangs, i am human too.
Upen says to Pritham that i have had enough, they try to corner me, they try to bully and b*t*h about me and my friends. Gautam says to Dimpu that this is entertaining show and you have to take the torture, Dimpy says he pokes but he cant take other poke.
Praneet says to Upen that Gautam doesn’t deserve your anger, Pritham says i am telling you if you go to him then he will have to be taken to hospital, just relax. Gautam says he is poking me, Dimpy says he said that you poked him, Gautam says he was staring at me, so i wwent to him, he said that he will smack my face, we are doing struggle too, if he did struggle then why it is not shown? i don’t want to say anything, did anyone supported me in seven years? who is he to break my face, Dimpy hugs him to calm him down.
Gautam says I am alone fighting, how can he finish my face. Gautam says i wanna go home, i don’t wanna fight, he wipes his tears, Gautam says i am strong, he comes to me and i will show him real Punjabi, i will break his furniture. Praneet says Gautam is irritating man, ignore him, Pritham says he have some mental problem, he is ill. Ali says to Upen that Gautam is coward. Gautam says to Dimpy that i am not coward in this thing, he puts his head in pool to calm him down. Upen says to Praneet that Gautam is Puneet’s puppy.

Karishma reads luxury budget task, this task is mixture of many small tasks, the one who wins this task will get immunity next week and will be saved from nominations, now time for first sub task, this is task “sometime yes, sometime no”, there will be two teams,
Team 1: Praneet, Sonali, Puneet, UPen.
Team 2: Gautam, Ali, Pritham, Dimpy.
in this task, one team will rule over other team, if the ruling team gives order to other team and other team follows it then they will get one point, but if they don’t follow the order then ruling team will get a point, this way the team which gets more points will win this task, there are things in garden which can be used, as Karishma has given immunity in task by diandra so she will not be part in task and will go to second task directly, she will be judge in this task, sonali is already to nominated for season but if she wins the task then she will be saved for next week too.
both teams discuss their strategy. Puneet’s team is ruling team. Puneet calls Pritham, Ali and Gautam, they have to move ring around their belly, they try but cannot do it so team 1 get 1 point.

team 1 calls Gautam, Sonali ask Gautam to get bald, he have to shave from centre, Sonali gives him machine, Gautam takes it and says i am not doing this task, team 1 get 1 more point, Praneet says to Gautam that we have mixed salt in egg, you have to drink it in one gulp, Gautam drinks it, team 2 get 1 point..

Dimpy is given chili soup to drink, Dimpy says i accept the challenge, she drinks it, Upen says i cant see it, Dimpy drink the whole bowl, all claps for her. team 2 get one more point.

Upen gives Ali task to do push ups, Ali starts doing push ups, Ali completes the task, Upen says he didn’t do it rightly, Karishma says he has done it, Praneet says this is cheating, he didn’t do it rightly, Ali says i swear on my mother i did it rightly, Praneet says you always swear on your mother and do mistakes again, they start shouting on each other, Praneet says you open mouth like dog, ALi says you are pig, Karishma says he has done it, Upen says he was wrong, Karishma gives point to team 1, Pritham says you cant change point when you gave to Ali first, Ali says how did you change point, he goes to give point to himself, Praneet come to him, they both shout on each and about to hit each other but Upen stops Praneet, Praneet and Ali say slangs for each other, Gautam laughs on them and enjoys the fight.

ALi is given task to jump in pool in torso only for 50 seconds, he have to keep himself under water for 50seconds, Ali comes out in 20seconds only. bigg boss says that team 1′ rule is finished now.

Praneet and Upen hides Trimmer from things of team 2, Pritham comes there and ask Praneet to show what is in his face. karishma says to Gautam that i am not in team, you must be sad that you are not able to give tasks, Gautam i would have given tasks to you but not to worry there are others too. Pranet hides chili too.

Pritham ask question from Upen, who is dhanraj pille? Upen says hockey player, Pritham says give 1 point to him. Praneet and Punet are in lounge, Karishma ask then to come for task, Puneet says i have migraine attack, i will come after sometime, Praneet shouts that in our turn, we were calling them one by one, now why they are calling us all together.

Ali ask Sonali currency of Iran, Karishma says this is not task, i am allowing it for last time, Sonali says that this is not entertainment, Praneet says these are not tasks, Karishma says Sonali doesnt know question and she gives point to Pritham’s team, Praneet ask how can you give point to them, this is wrong, give all point to them only, Karishma asys there no such thing in rule book that they cant ask questions, Upen comes and tears rule book. Dimpy ask Upen what do you think, UOen says i am great, Dimpy says that in your head only, Upen says i can think a lot, i can go to your level, they shout on each other to show who can shout more (my ears blasted), Dimpy says you are spitting on me, you are pushing me, Upen says you pushed me first.

Dimpy is making chili soup, Karishma says use less, they gave you less chili soup. Praneet says to Upen that she is mixing red chili, if it was green chili i would have done it, Pritham says she drank chili soup too, she got potties after drinking it, Sonali says we didn’t force her, Pritham says so i am also saying do it if you want otherwise not, Praneet says to karishma that she mixed red chili, Karishma says if you cant do it then say no, Dimpy gives bowl to Praneet to drink, Upen ask him to not drink, Praneet says this will create ulceration problem so i am not doing this task, then Pritham ask Upen to do it, Upen takes the bowl and drinks it, Pritham says he is throwing it on ground too, Ali says we will not accept it, Karishma says he has done it.

team 2’s rule is finished. Team 2 has won the task so now next sub task will be played by team 2 and Karishma only, all claps. Upen says i will not clap for Karishma, she was partial. Karishma says the one who loses will say it only. Praneet says this is not like that, if you are partial we will say, you were fighting with us for them, Karishma says i fought with them too, UPen says you were defending them, Pritham says Praneet you are right, Praneet says your team deserve 0, Ali ask Praneet to not speak now else i will take off my shalwar.

Sonali says to Karishma that you were bias, you will be alleged for this now too, Pritham says she is thinking like Gautam now, Sonali jokes who is Gautam? Karishma says why didn’t you say in confession room? you would have nominated him, Sonali says Pritham agreed to nominate you rapidly, Pritham says i didn’t rapidly agreed to nominate Karishma, don’t play game, i know why you didn’t nominate Gautam as Diandra is gone now and you think there is your chance now, she will be friend of Gautam now, Sonali says this is nonsense.

Ali ask Upen why you are losing it your cool now? when you were calm all the time, you don’t have to angry, Karishma was stressed too, she couldn’t handle stress, she was sandwiched by both the teams, did you see her face, Upen says i am answerable to my family, Ali ask him to listen, Ali says your problem is that you listen half of talk and start fighting, Ali says if you wanna show right wrong too then its your game and i wont stop you but the problem with you is about your hindi.

PRECAP- team 2 and Karishma will be super heros, there will be one villain too. Upen says now friendship is enough, i have done a lot for Karishma, i have done friendship with you and i will follow it, Karishma says i follow my friendship too, i don’t need your help, i don’t want immunity because i know i am right. later house is again changed into hotel. later Karishma is butler so Upen ask her to clean pool, Upen puts heavy stones in pool, Karishma go in pool and takes them out, later Upen messes up washroom and ask Dimpy to clean it, she cleans it.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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    shouting at mouths closer!!
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  12. Upen is such a pain! He thinks this is “content to get noticed”-WIERDO! And DIMPY…OMG …She drank that whole chili soup…good to see d grl’s fighting spirit! She is acting like a nautanki but this girl has some serious brains! No1 in d house really hates her ( and have to admit shez entertaining among d lot and kinda cute too (saying that inspite of being a girl)!!!:)

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