Bigg Boss 8 15th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Bigg Boss 8 15th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 24
Gautam ask where is karishma, he says to upen that minissha tried to check my bag and tried to steal red shirt, this is not done, she should not touch personal things, diandra comes there and says you also destroy others things like perfume and all, gautam says we are villains, we can do it, praneet says karishma and minissha were scrolling things.
Diandra comes to pritham and says they are saying about personal things, all are using perfumes of each other, they are taking our things to use against us so why such hue and cry.
Gautam talks to karishma, karishma says sonali also played badly yesterday, gautam says she had animosity against you in earlier task so she threw water at you, when you apply chilies to others then they will also take revenge, karishma ask to not repeat thing again and again, you said slang, I can repeat many things too, gautam says you broke lock of my nag, karishma denies.

Gautam talks to puneet, gautam says karishma is lair. they talk about inmates, gautm says arya and upen are not energetic, I was asking upen to come in our team, puneet says we will take on karishma, we will answer them well.
puneet comes in kitchen, karishma says we are super heroes, we are not cats but loins so we can do what we can, she says I can also say, you came in my team, did huge emotional drama but went to other team then.

Karishma read announcement, it says that first day, karishma’s super heroes team has won, now no one can change the team, karishma’s team flag is placed in garden, villain team have to remove and put their flag in place of it to win the task, they have few hours for it.

All are in garden area, Karishma’s team ties flag so that villain doesn’t snatch it, pritham says this is wrong, you cant tie it, minissha says if this is wrong then bigg boss will announce. Gautam comes there with scissor and tries to cut the flag, bigg boss announces that you cant use cloth on flag, expose the flag.

Upen ask arya to hide chilies and soaps which can be used against us by villain team, he says to diandra that sonali is afraid of you so when she comes here, you handle her, diandra agrees.
villain team is doing something in kitchen.

Pritham brings bucket which has fire in it, it has material which chokes eyes and nose, all ties cloth around their mouth to be saved from it, arya tries to throw it away by kicking it, praneet says you cant kick the bucket, it can put fire in house, they put chili powder in fire bucket. minissha and diandra brings water to put in fire bucket, they say upen and Arya are suffering from it, all are feeling suffocated as smoke is all around, Arya kicks the bucket, praneet shouts you cant kick it, diandra puts water on it, fire blows, Sonali comes to attack diandra, diandra defends herself, sonali throws water on diandra, diandra pushes her, Sonali and Didnadra enter in physical scuffle, Sonali says you cant touch me, diandra shows her fist to sonali, gautam and praneet shouts that she has hurt sonali All super heroes are standing around flag to protect it, praneet throws water on arya, praneet shouts how can diandra pushes her, she turned her all around, she has got physical with her, this is not right, what if something had happened to sonali, Gautam says to sonali that she is laughing, she has no emotions. all red team mates jokes that aww sonali is a kid.

bigg boss calls Pritham and karishma in confession room, he ask them to not damage house property, karishma says we are not doing it but pritham’s team, bigg boss says you all are one, pritham says diandra has got physical with sonali, she attacked sonali, bigg boss says tell everything in low tone, don’t shout, he says to karishma that you know no one can get physical with other, if diandra did wrong with sonali then action will be taken against her on right time, pritham says they are girls so they ask us to not touch them but they can do anything, they can get physical, bigg boss says yu can fight outside, we just wanted to tell you that don’t destroy property.
puneet gives idea to pritham that attack them and go inbetween them, they all are hugging flag, go inside from gap between their legs and remove flag. praneet, pritham, gautam, sonali comes and tries to break their hug, arya shouts on praneet that you are hurting me, flag is being removed from its place slightly, they are pushing flag to their side, gautam and pritham are trying to remove it from place while arya, upen holds flag tightly. all inmates get physical, arya and praneet gets in scuffle, gautam starts shouting on arya, he ask arya to hit him, arya ask him to not shout. inbetween all this scuffle, the flag is broken, flag is removed from its place but its broken.

red team comes in house, karishma says let it be, we have to live in one house, diandra says I wish we would not have to.
in garden area, sonali says I am being hurt from every side, I think I should go out from this house, this game is getting dirty, my parents must be worried for me, I was wrong to come in this house, she cries, praneet says you don’t have to cry, I am with you, don’t say this, I will see them.

in house, diandra says to arya that you get aggressive for me particularly, don’t says anything to them, listen whatever they say against me.

villain team comes in house too, praneet says now I will see women power, why girls are not standing for sonali, why they are not saying that wrong happened with sonali. sonali says I want to be out of show, this is dirty, pritham says then we all will go out, gautam says if they can take stand against slang then why not physical abuse, pritham says they have no limits, we will go out if this is the way to live here, he ask bigg boss to take measure against diandra. Gautam comes in kitchen where diandra is present, he says you are laughing, you have no manners, you want to hit then hit me, hit me, diandra says I don’t want to hit, you came to hit, hit me if you have guts in your pant, pritham comes there and takes gautam from there.

bigg boss calls sonali in confession room, she says I was about to fall when diandra hit me, my face is important for my field but they are attacking me, my parents must be worried for me, I want to go out, I was taking all this in high stride bigg boss says you are doing good, you are facing problems with smile, you play like that only, face problems with guts, your parents must be proud of you, we will take action against diandra if we feel so, Sonali in confession room ask bigg boss to take action against diandra.

Karishma ask villain team to eat, they say we will eat after decision comes against diandra.

bigg boss says to everyone that second part of task that of flag could not complete because of fights in house but as karishma’s team won the first part of task so they are announced winners of task, karishma says congrats to all, bigg boss says to Diandra that you pushed sonali durng task which is not acceptable so punishment will be given to you, you are nominated for eviction directly.

Praneet says to upen that if sonali had fallen on floor then her head would have got injury, we all would be embarrassed then, gautam, pritham and sonali are sitting, they say now Salman can only take class of inmates.

Praneet says your team had put water on us, soni says your team had put so much water on us that I was feeling cold, praneet enter in verbal spat, he says you should be in limit, minissha says you don’t talk about limits, you brought a bucket full of fire. pritham says to gautam that they are uselessly fighting, upen is a girl too.

Gautam says to pritham that this girl(sonali) is not bad, she is good, I have started liking her, she has opened up now, pritham says I couldn’t understand her earlier but now I am understanding her and she is not bad, she was not free but now she has opened up and is good.

some dancers come in house with mop, inamtes are confused to see them, they take inmates to garden area, they starts dancing infront of inmates with mop, jessu gruce(Ali)- channel producer, comes in house, he applauds for all, bigg boss announces that he is your captain, all are stunned.

PRECAP- Arya brings Ali in bedroom and shows him bed of captain which was not used till now, Ai says great its was not used.
in lounge, puneet says to pritham that nobody knows till when he will be captain, monopoly must have started against him. bigg boss says that he want to know the name of person who will be nominated directly. Ali says some contestants are not giving their 100%.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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