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Day 113 (continued)
pritham ask Karishma why you didnt shove Rahul off before? it felt like that you became snappy after Upen’s enterance, Karishma says he just flirt with me too much, before Upen’s enterance, he asked to eat food, i snapped there too saying i will eat when i want, he just go behind me all the time, i am irritated, Dimpy is not less too, she say that i am snappy and all, Ali says Dimpy said to me that karishma took favors from Rahul, she took gifts from Rahul and all, Karishma says Dimpy try to show herself as innocent wife crying all the time for her flirty husband, i know her secret that she is living in with her boyfriend in Dubai and she also told me that he is possesive, it was her secret so iw as silent but now i am irritated, she is doing all this innocent wife drama to gain syphathy from audience, sorry but wake up audeience.

Dimpy ask Karishma did you tell pritham and Ali that i have boyfriend, Karishma says Rahul told me this that you are living in with your boyfriend. Dimoy comes to Rahul and ask did you tell Karishma that i have boyfriend? Rahul says no i didnt say anything like this.
Dimpy comes to Karishma, – Dimpy ask karishma that you are telling people that I have boyfriend outside, Karishma says yes you do have, , Karishma ask Dimpy that you told Ali that i took gifts from Rahul and you have pictures and all, whats all this? Dimpy says i told this way back, Rahul comes there, Karishma says to Rahul that you told me that you and Dimpy have moved on and have someone else in their life, Rahul says i was saying generally, Upen ask to not discuss personal things in game, Karishma says Ali told me Dimpy is crying like innocent, suffering wife, Rahul says leave all this, Karishma says to Rahul that i told you many times that i am not interested in you but you didnt understand and kept flirting, i am soory if i was rude but i didnt mean to hurt you.
Dimpy comes to Ali and Pritham and says to Ali that you told Karishma that i am doing acting of suffering wife? Ali says what? ali ask Pritham to speak.
Rahul says to Upen that i will talk to Ali, Upen says dont react to Ali, you know how he is.
Ali says to dimpy that she said to us that you have boyfriend, Pritham says she said that you have possesive boyfriend like her, lets get into this, then ali said that why she cry for Rahul if she has bf, Dimpy says i dont know whats wrong with her, she is lying that i told her about my boyfriend.
Dimpy comes to Karishma, she says that Ali and Pritham told me that you said to them that i have bf, you are lying, i know many things about you too, i will not agree to this, Upen and Rahul ask them to finish it, Dimpy says to karishma that congrats for your dirty game, you want me to talk about you? Rahul takes Dimpy from there.
Rahul ask Dimpy to not speak now. Dimpy says she is playing a dirty game, Rahul says no word now. Pritham says to Ali that dont say word directly when you get to know a different thing, first obseve thing.

Dimpy says to Rahul that if i speak about Karishma then she wont be able to show her face, Upen have proposed her too, Rahul says all know name of choksi, Upen wanted to say to Karishma that he likes her, he said this to me on dance rehersal, karishma was discussing that she is unhappy with her Bf and Upen have propsed her so she was discussing all this not about me, today she was saying that Upen have comeback for me only.

Karishma and Upen are on one bed. Upen says to Karishma that i want to make you wear ring after you get out of house, Karishma says one second, i am not getting anything, Upen says why cant i make you wear ring, she says okay, wait for a while, its all happening so fast, i dont know what to answer. they smile.

Day 114
song Hello Hello starts playing. inmates dance. Upen dance with Karishma.

Dimpy says to Rahul that even if you get married, i will still respect you, even if i get married again, i have kids even then if anyone say anything about you then i will feel bad, Upen said to me that you are looking good on Tv but i dont want to look good at the cost of you, you should beware of people who are something else on your face and other on your back, Rahul says Ali is one of them too, Dimpy says ofcourse, Karishma was also enjoying the attention then she snapped at you and i felt bad about it, Rahul says i dont feel bad.

Dimpy says to karishma that i am fond of you and i dont want to go against you, Karishma says exactly, Karishma says ali made me look bad, Upen told me to be away from Pritham and Ali, Upen told me that i am looking negative on Tv for smiling on Rahul’s flirting, i was not snapping before at Rahul because when i was teased with Pritham and i didnt take it so they all said that it was part of fun and you cant take jokes and all, so i was taking his flirt in stride but i kept him in limits, have i lead him on? Dimpy says no but earlier you had so strong reactio against Pritham’s teasing, Karishma sys but all calld me immature plus i dont want to be rude to man who is your husband, you know i have no feelings for him, why you are gaining sympathy from Ali, Dimpy says Ali are stretching things, Rahul comes there and ask you guys fighting? Karishma says we dont fight, dimpy ask to give 5 mins, he leaves, Karishma says it was like he flirt with me and you cry on this, it all make me look like a vamp, Dimpy says why cant i be upset for Rahul? i will be upset oever him, Karishma says but dont talk with ali about all this, you said to Ali that you cant face me, Dimpy says yes because i am ashamed, Karishma ask wny? Dimpy says you cant understand this as you are not in my place, Karishma says its looking like triangle.

Karishma ask Upen why you are not eating? Upen says i am excited, Karishma says bigg boss make Upen your son in law, Upen ask is bigg boss your father? Karishma laughs, he says if he is your father then i am fine to be bigg boss’s son in law, Karishma says you are too much excited that cant even eat, he says like to sing ruk ja oo Dimpy.. Larki hai ya Kameeni.. she says this Kameeni(jerk) is for me, why giving slang to her, Upen says if i sing song for Dimpy then what happens to you karishma? why you are so jealous, Karishma says i give you reason to use slang for me, she doesnt give you any reason, Upen then sing ruk ja oo Karishma. Karishma smiles.

Karishma reads luxury budget task. luxury budget task is bigg boss call center., champions will be call center empolys while challengers will call them and can ask any question which they want, it can personal or related to house too, challengers can say anything to champions but champions have to sweetly answer them, challengers will try to break patience of champions, challengers will try to provoke to champions that they end call before 10mins or answer challengers back which will not go in their favor. Upen will be in challenger’s team. Karishma will be part of champions, as captain she will be head of call center and will judge task too.

Gautam calls in call center, Karisham takes the call, gautam says hello make up queen? he says i want to talk to Ali, call is connected to Ali, Gautam ask Ali why did you make Ajaz get evicted from house? Ali says i am not getting your voice? Gautam says you cant ignore my question, Ali says i didnt do anything, i am no one to throw anyone out of house, Gautam says what secrets Ajaz knew about you that you got so afraid, he also said that you got beaten up by 40 people in bandra, did you steal mobile? , Gautam says whole nation know your moutht to mouth acting, Ali says i was not getting breath so asked for breath, Gautam says you are not answering me, ali says you are not allowing me to answer, Gautam ask who has given you job in call center you cant even asnwer, are you provoked? Ali says it seems liek you are provoked, 10min passes so call ends. Karishma claps for Ali.
all inmates come in living area, Upen says its written in rule book that you have to answer all questions asked by customer, Ali says he was thrwoing so many question at one time, i tried to answer all.

Sana calls Mahek, she says Mahek you did cheating and got saved by going in champion’s team, Mahek says its not like that, it was coincidence, Sana says you said you were with me then you cheated me and Sambhavna, are you jealous of me? that i will go ahead in game, Mahek says how can i be jealous of you as you are so much beautiful, Sana says you cheated me and Sambhavna both, you dont follow any friendship, Mahek says i have to nominate 3 people so i had to nomiante you, Sana says when you call someone sister then you cant nomiante them in defaming way, dont you respect all these relation, call ends as 10mins are done.
Sana says to Upen that she didnt answer me anything. Mahek says to Pritham that she was taking out venom from her heart.
Sana says to Sambhavna that i and Upen have made plan to poke them in house only, we have to taunt them so that get angry on phone call.
Mahek says to Upen that when i went to champions then they got burned, Upen ask Sana what problem you have? Sana says to Upen that she played game and got herself saved for next week, Mahek says she is making me and Sambhavna fight, Sana says you ignored me like anything when we had to choose one person as best performer, you ignore people around you, Maheks says we didnt know that we will get benefit of nominations, Sana says you are playing from day 1, Mahek says to Sambhavna that you burned in fire when I wore champion’s mike, I alone enough for you 4, Sambahvan says we will say that come Mahek and win bigg boss. , Sambhvana says and you got burned when we choose Karishma over you for captaincy, Mahek says i didnt get burned, you pointed us to nomiante you for captaincy, Mahek says lalala, Sambhavna says lalalalalalalal, they all laugh, Upen hugs Sambhavna.

Upen calls Karishma, he ask how good friend of mine you are? she says i am very good friend of yours, Upen says you said a thing yesterday, Karishma says what? he says you got something and you said yes to it, she says what? he says on what thing you said yes? Karishma says what you want, do you want me to end call? he says yes fulfill your friendship, karishma says friendship is not about ending call and winning, Upen says you always win tasks so let me win one task too, Karishma says my team mates are seeing you and giving you flyinf kiss, he ask and you? she me too give you flying kiss, Upen says will you give me kiss in real? Karishma says no, he says but you yesterday said you will me, she says shut up, Karishma says should i end call, Upen ask did you get letter? Karishma says what letter, he says it was written that we will meet in 30 days, Karishma ask which story you are cooking, Upen says this is teaser, will talk later too in details, why you are stammering, she says i am not, Upen says things wiill become big, Upen says people will listen things outside, karishma says you are playing very smartly, do you want to talk to other guys? Upen says no message for you only that our secrets will be relived soon, call ends, Sana says it was so cute, Gautam says but she didnt end call for you, Karishma says he was boring me, i will beat him.
Sambhavna hugs Upen, Karishma comes there and beats Upen, Ali says what husky voice Upen, i would have fallen for you, Upen then hugs karishma and kiss her, Karishma says you sounded very hot, Karishma says loser, Upen says this was just teaser, karishma i hate you, Upen says i love you, she says i hate you.
Sambhavna says to Pritham that when Upen was speaking, we were like Upen keep speaking, he looks hot, Sana says to Gautam that she could have end the call.
Mahek comes to Upen and says that it was bad one, you did emotional blackmail. Sambhavna says if it was me then phone would have fallen from my hand with such sweet words, Upen says i was talking from heart only but she didnt end call, Karishma says should i end the call? Upen says you should see bigger picture, Karishma says i had to think about team, Upen think above game for sometime, Dimpy ask Upen you thought she will end call for you? he says yes, dimpy says aww i feel bad for you, Karishma says you are so horrible, she goes in blanket, Upen says you got angry? he ask her to not get upset, she says i dont want to talk for sometime.

Karishma sys to Upen that you were emotionally blackmailing me that end call for friendship, all other team mates were staring me that i should not put phone to end but for you friendship is just to end call? why you are bringing friendship in task, i am looking like vamp, dont you trust my friendship, Upen says i dont doubt your friendship, Karishma says you have put me in tight spot, she starts crying, Upen says please, you were smiling, Karishma says you said that i disappointed you that what hurt me, you always judge me, you always say that you have done alot for me, you should have said that i tried to blackmail you but you didnt give in, you played well but instead you blamed me, Upen says i taled fairly, do what you want to think.

Rahul calls Pritham, he says ia m your brother and Dimpy is wife of your brother whom you called the house broker, you said slangs to her, Pritham says i respect your wife but this game is played on individual level, Rahul says you said slangs just because she touched you? is her fingers of steel that she created holes in your body by touching you? Pritham says she said nasty words thats why i said things in anger, respect girls, Pritham says i am feeling ashamed that a person who flirt with other women infront of his wife is asking me respect women, Rahul ask to respect women, Pritham says yes I am writing your complaint, he plays music on desk, Rahul says I am trustee of school in which you study, respect women, Pritham says you should respect women too, Rahul says you are bickering with customer, this is taught by your owner (karishma). Pritham says you are behind owner with all attention, Rahul says you cheap man, you want to become like tanna that cant leave task at any cost, Pritham says she is our idol, Rahul says she is idol for you in everything, Pritham says that i think after karishma tighten your screw, you have lost mental balance, rahul says but you should be on right path, Pritham says how can i be when my big brother have lost mind, any other slang you wanna say? Rahul says I will throw shoe at you, call ends, champions claps for Pritham, challengers clap for Rahul.

Gautam says to Mahek that never come in fight of husband and wife, when a third person speak inbetween then problems happen, they have personal problems. Karishma says to Pritham that Dimpy is saying I used to take gifts from Rahul, if I take gifts from him then why would I block him on whatsapp, then it is clear that I am not interested.
Rahul ask Dimpy whats her equation with Ali? she sys he is talkative and I am too that’s why we bond, Rahul says I didn’t like what he say here and there, he used to say things about me to you, he hit below the belt. Pritham says to Karishma that dimpy said she came here to fight for herself so person thinks to be with her in game as we feel for her, Karishma says she played smartly, Pritham says then she played game and exploited people who was with her.
Dimpy says to Rahul that i have always fought with Pritham because we both are egoistic,
Rahul says he was affected after phone call. Dimpy says others will take advantage of it now.

PRECAP- Karishma ask how much you like me, Upen points to sky, she ask how much you missed me? he points to sea, she laughs, Karishma says you made me cry in 24 hours only. later they do french kiss. Rahul says to Ali that if you dont maintain distance from me ali then you are gone, i am threatening you. now champions will call challengers and challengers will be call center guys. Karishma calls Rahul and says that you said that you are behind KArishma tanna from 6 years then why you married Dimpy? you have made fun of me on Tv, you tried to allege my character, youa re son of politician what example you are setting? you try to show off your money thinking that you will buy me but let me tell it wont work on me. Dimpy listens all the harsh words, she comes to Rahul, hugs him and cries, he ask why you are crying?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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