Bigg Boss 8 12th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Bigg Boss 8 12th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

day 21
Weekend Ka Vaar Special

salman Khan welcomes all in bigg boss. He is not on stage but is in video editing room of bigg boss, Salman says today inamtes will imitate each other.
Natasa as Upen
Diandra as Arya
Gautam as Sonali
Karishma as Puneet
Pritham as Diandra
Praneet as Gautam
Minissha as Karishma
Puneet as Sushant

All inmates does get up of each other, Praneet starts shouting like Gautam that she is bad girl, Minissha shouts like karishma that I wont forgive him, Karishma comes there and acts as puneet making peace, Minissha reads bigg boss that all inmates will choose two people who will go to finals directly after one task that will be soon given to them.
all starts imitating each other, Natasa acts like upen, Puneet starts acting like sushant al girly girly, praneet comes and act like gautam, he says I love you all, I am sorry, pritham says to camera that all have gone mad here.

Salman Khan comes on stage, he says today either sonali, deepshikha or Gautam will go out of house (Arya is safe). He says the most beautiful, the diva, the most gorgeous Rekha ji is coming. Rekha comes on stage and dances on song tune mera dil le liya. Salman khan comes on stage and meets rekha, he says today show is dedicated to rekha’s beauty, rekha says thank you, Salman says all love rekha ji a lot, Rekha says you know I love you much more than you, Salman says I know rekha ji from many years, when I was child, I got the news that rekha goes to jogging in bandra so I used to watch rekha ji at 5:30am from far, rekha ji used to go to mandir and teach yoga, he shows young rekha’s picture of 1970, he then shows recent picture in which rekha is looking more s*xy, Salman ask her diet, Rekha says its all love, love and love. salman talks about her movie Super Nani, Salman says if you were my heroine in Dabangg then, he says what if daghaabaaz song was shot on you, song starts playing, rekha starts dancing on it, Salman applauds for her. Salman dances on song alongwith Rekha, audience cheer for them, Salman says tell me who can stand infront of her, Rekha says you Salman, Salman says I have request, can we say one line of Dabangg movie, Rekha agrees, Salman says one line of Dabangg movie, “take money or else I will slap you, rekha says I am not afraid of slap, I am not afraid of love even but I am afraid of bigg boss (originally line is I am not afraid of slap but of love)”, Salman laughs.

Rekha says Salman is my favorite child, Rekha ask Salman do remember where we met first, Salman says when I was young I met you, Rekha says no, Rekha says he was child and used to run behind me on his bicycle, he didn’t know that he is in love with me, she jokes that I didn’t marry because of that, salman says I get irritated with questions when people ask me when I will marry, Rekha jokes, I would say that I couldn’t approach Salman and his silence said it all, Salman blushes. Salman says you are still 18 year old girl for me, they dances on old song, Salman ask her opinion about bigg boss, rekha shows her fist and says you know my opinion, Salman laughs, He ask who is your bigg boss, Rekha jokes you. video call is connected to house, all inmates greet Salman khan, Salman says now I would show you most beautiful face, rekha comes infront of them, all inmates screams seeing her, they say we all love you, Sushant shows her “happy birthday diva” written with lipstick, Rekha says thank you, rekha says I cannot stay at one place for more than a second but heads off to you that you are staying in house for more than three months, Salman says there is dance competition “I am Rekha” imates will dance for you on your songs, Karishma and Sonali dances like Rekha on song Pyaar do, next comes Sushant and Natasa, They dances on song Salam e Ishq, Rekha says well-done, Salman says sushant is very big fan of rekha, rekha says I know sushant’s grandmother, I cant believe he is same guy, who used to be so small, well done that you have come here, sushant cries seeing rekha, rekha ask him to not cry, Salman ask upen to say poetry now for rekha, Upen gets nervous seeing rekha, he says
phool le kar phool aya,
meina kaha phool tou tum khud ho
phool le kar kyun aya

Rekha ask Salman can I sit? Salman and Rekha sit, Salman ask Arya if you have to impress rekha then how would you, Arya dances with soni with full energy on song pardesiya, Salman ask puneet to get up, he ask did you make something for rekha? puneet says yes, Puneet says seeing rekha, I have fallen for her, Salman says our power pack in house is Gautam, Gautam gets up and sings for rekha, Rekha applauds for him, Salman ask rekha who was best in them, Rekha says I don’t want to hurt anyone, its difficult, rekha ask sushant if you were given chance to design saree, who would you gift it, Sushant says I would gift it to my mother, rekha says I would come in house and will hug you all after some time, video call ends.

Salman says your movie family has come too, call them in, sharman joshi and shewta comes there, Salman ask how was your experience working with rekha, Sharman says working with rekha ji was dream come true, Shweta says it was awesome working with rekha. Rekha says to Salman that marry now, I am saying from heart, Salman says I will do it, Rekha ask audience to watch their movie, Rekha, sharman and shweta leaves the stage after meeting Salman.

Rekha alongwith Shweta comes in bigg boss house, all greet her, she compliment Karishma, deepshikha gifts flowers to rekha, she hugs rekha, rekha gifts saree to sushant as he is winner, Rekha ask them all to be happy and remember I am with you, all thanks rekha, Rekha leaves with shweta from house.

Sushant talks to diandra and says in camera that what you did rekha ji, I wont even eat for two days now, you are the “the Diva”.

Upen talks to Sonali and says I don’t want you to go, we are good friends now, sonali says I know I am going, Upen says I don’t want you to go, he holds her hand, Soni comes and hugs Sonali, upen hugs them both, Upen talks to Sonali, they enjoys each others company.

On stage, Cargo boy come with new airhostess, Salman says he used change fairies earlier and now he is changing airhostesses, video is shown in which puneet shouts that they cannot stop our food, this is not done, this doesn’t even happen in jail, I will create such hue and cry that bigg boss will end, I will make sure that bigg boss closes, I wont let them stop food and if they have some guts then show my this clip without editing, bigg boss calls puneet in confession room, pritham taunts that puneet himself called his punishment, in confession room, bigg boss says to puneet that we gave to ration to finish in given time limit, you don’t have to say all these, ignore saying such things, puneet says I am sorry, I wont say any such thing from now on, puneet comes out of confession room all embarrassed, inmates ask him what happened, what did bigg boss say to you, puneet says nothing nothing, it was just small tak, nothing important, he ignores the matter as he was shut by bigg boss, Salman laughs seeing puneet dumbfound.

Call is connected to house, Salman ask sonali are you confident that you wont go out today, Sonali says I don’t wanna go from here, all are friend here now, Salman ask deepshikha to get up as you are evicted, deepshikha says I knew I was going, diandra says no you are not going, deepshikha says thank you bigg boss for everything, Salman is not joking, I am going, deepshikha meets everyone and says I had great time with you all, diandra cries, deepshikha gives her bangle to upen as memory, she is in tears, all are sad, all comes on gate to see off deepshikha, all hug her last time, diandra hugs her tightly, karishma says I love you deepshi, deepshikha leaves the house.

Salman on stage calls deepshikha, she comes and says I am shocked how you got evicted, deepshikha says it was most beautiful 20 days of my life, salman khan shows her clip in which puneet is saying to inmates that deepshikha is most clever one, she came in house to break it, deepshikha says there was this thing that I came in house to break it, call is connected to house, Sushant says deepshikha you are looking good on tv, deepshikha says I listened what all you said behind me but I don’t have grudge for anyone, Salman ask deepshikha to give nomination bomb to one contestant, deepshikha says I didn’t expect from puneet that he will say to inmates that I came in house to break it, I cant believe, arya used to say against you but I said to all inmates that you are here to give love but why you gossiped about me, she gives nomination bomb to puneet. call ends, Salman greets deepshikha and sends her out. Salman ends episode.

PRECAP- Bigg boss says to inmates that nomination time has come, all have to nominate.
Diandra says to inmates that deepshikha was send out as they want to become head of house (praneet, puneet, pritham, gautam), she says blo*dy praneet eats more than anyone.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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