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Bigg Boss 8 12th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 112(continued)
Ali says to Sambhavna that I feel pain in neck when Ajaz strangled it, Sambhavna says what you said to me, I cant forget it, you humiliated and I didn’t, ali says I am saying sorry, I hurt me when you say I was doing acting, I am not in right mental condition, I speak in anger, I said sorry to mahek, sorry to you to, Sambhavna says that you cant do this that you say slangs at one point and become friend at other point, Ali says I think we should give a chance to each other.

Rahul says to Dimpy that I always think good about you, what I said to you was for your good only, Dimpy says I don’t think that you think good about me, you are humiliating me, Karishma ask Dimpy why you are feeling humiliated, Dimpy says but I cant humiliate Rahul, Karishma should I speak, Rahul says to Dimpy that you are thinking wrong, Dimpy says if you think I am wrong then I am happiest person on planet, Rahul says we have many other problems too, Dimpy says I am thinking about this house only, Rahul says we are separate players in this house, Dimpy says but think what you are doing here? Rahul ask are you angry over my closeness with Karishma? Dimpy says no, I am worried that you are doing all this infront of me, Karishma says to Rahul that’s why I stop you many times as atleat respect your wife, Rahul says we are not together, we have separate lives, Dimpy says if you think I am wrong then take law help, Rahul says if I sleep next to you in bed then that’s wrong by law, Dimpy says you are not understanding my point, Karishma says she is saying that what she is saying is that you used to say same lines to her before but now you both are not together so it doesn’t look good, Rahul says I don’t agree to her point, Dimpy says you are not looking nice doing all this, Rahul says I don’t agree, I cant speak more now, I don’t want to speak things which will not go in your favor, Dimpy says I can speak many things too, Rahul says that’s why I am telling you to stop it here, Dimpy ask to not threaten me, Karishma points to Ali to send Rahul, Ali says to Rahul that Pritham is calling you, Rahul leaves.

Rahul says to Mahek that I listened to Dimpy clamly and said that I don’t agree with you. otherside Dimpy says to Ali that Rahul’s entering house was unexpected for me then his on my face flirting is not good at all, I will rise above all this.

Mahek says to Sambhavna that you said to me that we are one, I really liked it, in five of us you were one with me, It ws big thing for me that you said either I go or you would have gone today, it was same for you, Gautam and Sana didn’t say it once, in whole nomination show they didn’t support me, not said that I should stop, it hurt me, Sana comes there, Sambhavna says Sana didn’t say it to me too that she wanted me to stay, Sana says we had to give one name, Mahak says I take you as sister, if you get nominated, I will say once that you will not go, you are staying here, or I want you to stay, you could have said this atleast once to boost my moral, Sana says but he had idea that there will be no nominations so I thought there is no need to say it, Mahek says I am happy we discussed, now its not in my mind.

Day 113
song ak main upar aasman neeche starts playing. inmates wake up and dance.

bigg boss says to inmates that there is no restrictions for any team to go in any area of house.

Gautam ask Rahul what happened? Rahul says I was planning to write Kaito with my blood but blood is not coming out, Gautam laughs and ask are you in love? Gautam says see Rahul is writing Karishma’s name with his blood, he ask Rahul to bring out more blood, he ask do you love Karishma? Rahul says I love everyone, Rahul says leave it, I will have to explain it to many people, Gautam says your love is not true, if I had to show my love then I would have written it in seconds.

Dimpy says to Ali that Rahul is behaving weird, I had to inform him as friend that it doesn’t look good, counselor told us that we have time till divorce that we can back out, he can atleast respect our relation, his insult to me hurt me, Karishma is not even saying a word to Rahul.

bigg boss says that nominations time has come, one champion will cut balloon three challengers to nominate them.
Dimpy: Dimpy says Rahul is my weakness and I don’t want to become, she cut his name’s balloon and Nominate him, second is Sambhavna, she doesn’t like me and I don’t like her, third Sana as I think Gautam is champion and will always be, Gautam says so sweet.
Mahek: she says first Gautam, she says you are strong, you are not going anywhere, second she nominate Sambhavna, third she nominate Sana.
Ali: Ali says Gautam is champion so I will not nominate him, he nominates Sambhavana, Sana and Rahul.
Pritham: she nominates Sambhavna, second he nominates Sana and says I don’t have any reason but Gautam is good friend of mine than you, third is Rahul as I have listened that Rahul has come for fun, he has no concern with 50lacs, all laughs.
Karishma: she nominates Rahul and agree with Pritham that we have more right to this and I think Rahul has come to chill, all laughs. second she nominates Sana as you are strong contender, third she says that Gautam is my enemy and friend both but my loyalties are with champion so third is Sambhavna as she is aggressive.

bigg boss says nominated people are SAMBHAVNA, SANA, RAHUL. all laughs, Rahul says I am not going anywhere.

Sana says to Ali that you are double dholki, you said to me that you will not nominate me ever but you went back on your words, Ali says I had no other choice, I had to nominate three, you said many things to me, Sana ask to talk in low tone, what I am saying is that we don’t discuss nominations with anyone but you came to me and said that I wont nominate you ever, you gave me promise, I have no issues with Pritham and Karishma nominating me as they never promised me, it seems like you are liar.
Gautam says to Sambhavna that they didn’t nominate me? I am in shock.
Sana says to karishma that it shows how double faced Ali is, I trusted you, Ali says what about trust, we are here to play game, Sana says yes now I am remembered it, now I will play my game. she leaves.
Sambhavna says to mahek that I was fulfilling friendship but you are playing, Mahek says you are not going anywhere, Sambhavna says but I am loyal to your friendship but you are all about game, anyways it wont affect our friendship. Sambhavna says to Mahek that when you are playing then say it openly, why this drama of being friend, Mahek says I can also say you are playing game, you chose Karishma for captaincy instead of your friend, is this not a game?
Pritham says to Ali that anyone can take things seriously, Ali says that I said that in joking way, ali says we will not nominate champion Gautam. Karishma says if Gautam give me reason then I will nominate him but he is nice to me, Pritham says exactly I will not nominate him on past things.
Sana says to Gautam that Ali calls you sister but then he back stab you, Sambahvna says this is my nature, I don’t back stab my friends.
Rahul acts and hugs Sambhavna saying I am going house, she ask him to not cry.
Sana says to Gautam that Mahek is playing a ugly game, she saved herself from nominations by doing drama and now nominating us.

Rahul says to karishma that can you give me an orange, she gives him, he sys I wish you win show and go to Paris with me, Pritham says you have art of cooking up things, but don’t give lusty offers of money and all, Rahul says she is doing expense not me, Karishma says should I not take mummy with me instead of you, Rahul says ok I will come on my expense, Karishma says my bf will vbe with me, Rahul says I am your challenger everywhere, you social life, professional life and personal life, pritham asys but she have bf, Rahul says its her problem, Pritham says to Karishma that write trust pass is prohibited in Rahul’s area, she laughs, Dimpy witnesses all this.

a coffin is in garden, Ali ask all to come, Rahul says elimination time, Karishma ask to open, they open the coffin and are shocked to find UPEN PATEL inside it, Karishma screams out of excitement, Upen comes out of it, Pritham hugs Upen, Upen hugs karishma, Upen handshake Gautam, Upen hugs Ali, Upen hugs Dimpy and says Ondia is loving you, I am big actor but got eliminated before so think how much india love you, Dimpy says I love you, bigg boss says that in this house living 14 weeks is very much but sometime you feel that you should have got more time, Upen got eliminated but he thought that there are something which needed to be finished, Bigg boss says we are giving chance to Upen to complete things which he couldn’t before, we welcome Upen again and hope that he finish his mission, Karishma hugs Upen tightly, Upen says I got eliminated in coffin and brought back in coffin only, they go in living area. Ali says thank you bigg boss for sending back Upen, if there was Ajaz in it then I woundnt leave you.
Ali brings a flower for Upen, Upen takes flower and gives to karishma, Upen says to Gautam that you are going very smooth, Gautam says I am same like before, Gautam says we had problems is that fine with you now? Upen says ofcourse, I met your mother too, she is very simple lady and I said sorry to her for things I sais to you but she said don’t be, its game and you played your game. Upen says to Mahek I like you, you are my favorite, all laughs.

Sambhavna says to Rahul that Upen and Karishma are very close, Rahul says like what? she says as friends they are very close.
Rahul says to Sambhavna that karishma have boyfriend but you are saying they were close? Sambhavna says I think it was from Upen’s side not from Karishma’s side as I feel so.
Karishma ask Upen how you felt when entering in house again? Upen says when I say coffin, iw as like.. Karishma and all laughs, Dimpy says dead man walking
Karishma hugs Upen. Rahul and Sambhavna see this. Sambhavna comes to Upen, he hugs her too. Dimpy comes to Rahul asking what happened?

Upen ask Sana where is her bed, she tells him, Rahul ask Upen to loosen up himself, Sana says chee, Rahul says I am not talking about toilet, Upen asys Rahul behave women is sitting infront of you. Upen ask Rahul to talk with respect, , Karishma says to Rahul that you are weird person, he doesn’t talk with respect, Rahul ask what happened suddenly to you? Karishma says all he knows is flirting and flirting only, Dimpy downs her head, Karishma says that I have told him many times that I don’t like it but he doesn’t understand, I am irritated, I don’t want to humiliate you, Rahul says I am not talking to you.

Pritham says to Rahul that what karishma did was fine now but why she didn’t stop you before? she was fine with your flirting, was ok with anything you say but after Upen’s entry she has become all snappy, her behavior is changed, if she didn’t like your flirting then why not said it two days back, she could simply say to you that I don’t like it, Rahul please don’t do this, I didn’t like her changed behavior after seeing Upen.
Rahul says that will she threaten me? Pritham says I am standing with you on this point.

Dimpy says to Sana that I am upset at how karishma snapped at Rahul, Sana says to Dimpy that this is not looking nice, I mean one person is humiliating you but Rahul keep going behind her, Dimpy says I don’t know what.. Sana says I know, you are worried that you are sandwiched in all this, you have witness all this, Sana says Rahul is doing drama but if its insulting then he should stop it, Dimpy says I tried to make Rahul understand that this is not season 2, I knew what Karishma thinks of Rahul but why this reaction of Karishma suddenly? Sana says exactly Karishma is off from one hour, her behavior is changed.

PRECAP- Dimpy ask karishma that you are telling people that I have boyfriend outside, Karishma says yes you do have, Dimpy says you are lying, Karishma says no, Ali said to me that you try to show yourself as innocent wife but have bf, Dimpy says you are playing dirty game, you want me to talk about you? Rahul stop Dimpy. Dimpy says to Rahul that Upen propsed Karishma earlier in season, otherside karishma and Upen spend time. later Mahek says to Sambhavna that you burned in fire when I wore champion’s mike, I alone enough for you 4, Sambahvan says we will say that come Mahek and win bigg boss. later luxury budget task is bigg boss call center. ali is call center guy, Gautam calls him and says what secrets Ajaz knew about you that you got so afraid, he also said that you got beaten up by 40 people in bandra, did you steal mobile? ali is speechless.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Yar ye u pain ko wapis bhejo wapis. avhi gauti nd karishma achhe dikh rahe hain

  2. Dimpy plz cut this abla nari shit……no body likes it….it is done in 80’s ….this is future dont do this….

  3. i didnt like karishma’s changed behaviour aftr seeing upen…she cud hv stopd rahul b4 itself instead of insulting him infrnt of upen…she always keeps saying she has got bf ..does she really hv?????

  4. ohhhhh upen is back

  5. upen is back to fulfill smthng letz c wot is he upto

  6. Upen’s return….crap and boring!! Big B should have thought of somethign better….UPEN was the most boring!! Pritham you are ugly from inside…instigating a strategy to make Gautam stand out as a weak performer again…that too after cheating in the soap task judgement….ChchchcH! You have lost your total respect day by day just because for osme reason you keep bringing Gautam down…and good on Gauti that he is the most consistent personality in this house so he keeps becoming a hero by default! All challengers are boring except Rahul….but then Dimpy is the excess baggage who just loves to yak yak in loud sharp voice or cry for sympathy….whats wrong with her….is this her real personality and before she was just being smart? Now when she is under stress and confused and worn down, she is showing how irritating and weak and boring she can be! Must say Karishma had begun to look good but now that Upen is back, even Karishma will lose her composure yet again! So far only and only Gauti likable and then i think Rahul is very entertaining and intelligent…Ali is a side-kick barking dog for just some tamaasha every now n then from big b. What a shame Bigg B could not bring in a better character than Upen….looks like its bad days for Bigg B….i dun expect it to come back next season!

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