Bigg Boss 8 12th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Bigg Boss 8 12th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 81 (continued)
Praneet says to Pritham that Ali wont leave the sit, he would die but wont leave chair, he is mentally strong, he will do loose motion on chair but wont leave, he would bear Dimpy’s emotional blackmail too.
Karishma says to Ali that cant you do this for friend, leave chair, Ali says Dimpy you said to me that I am of no one so I am now my own, he farts, Karishma says chee, please get up.
Diandra says to Pritham that he will not leave seat.
Puneet says to Ali that don’t leave seat rightfully, if you wann leave then only give chair to Dimpy, don’t leave for Karishma, they are selfish, if you wanna go to washroom then me and Dimpy are here, I will sit on chair and will leave when you comeback from washroom.

Prittham and Praneet makes Ali’s soft sit on roof of bigg boss house to instigate Ali to leave his chair, Ali smiles, Pritham says chussu Ali is not your now, he left you. Gautam says to Puneet that if you get chance to sit on chair then silently sit and don’t leave, Puneet says I want you to become captain, Gautam says atleast you take fair decision, Puneet says Ali can give chair to Dimpy only. sonali says to Ali that I made you national hero. Gautam says to Puneet that we take positive decisions in house so you will become captain, Puneet says if I get chance I will sit on chair then I will call you and you sit on chair, Gautam agrees.

Karishma says to Upen that Gautam was going behind me and said that if you want nutella then you have to eat with my fingers, I said I gave you this nutella in charity, I don’t want it now, Upen says just ignore him, he doesn’t have content, all focus is on Ali so he is trying to get content, just don’t give him chance.
Praneet ask Gautam did you give Nutella to Karishma? Gautam says I will eat this nutella infront of her, I will make her jealous of it, bigg boss has sent this fro me.

Ali ask Dimpy if she wanna be captain? should i get up?Dimpy holds his hand, Dimpy says dont do charity for me, Ali says let me sit here till i can, if i wanna make other captain then i will chair to Dimpy only, i just want to see patience in me, dimpy says dont leave chair for me, for you i will sleep n garden, if you go to washroom then i will protect this chair for you, i dont want to be captain, Ali says you are my friend, i dont want to loose you.

Ali stands on chair, he does pee in garden, Gautam and Puneet see it, they laugh, Ali says Puneet sir.. they laugh, Puneet says your susu was shining.

Day 82
Song starts playing, inmates wake up and dances.

Diandra comes to Pritham and takes batteries of Ali’s equipment, Pritham teases Ali.

Ali is sleeping, Pritham ask to make him get up, throw water on him, Sonali ask Ali to get up, Ali ask do you wanna sit? Diandra says let her sit, she will leave the seat in one hour as she will get bored, Ali says to Sonali that what will you do by becoming captain, you cant even get immunity, what will you do then, Sonali throws water on Ali’s face. Ali says you threw on mike too, Puneet says all are sitting here to get chair for captaincy, they are dogs wanting the bone.
Dimpy makes red chili liquid, she comes in garden and says this is chili time, Dimpy brings red chilli powder to apply on ali’s face, Ali throws it with pillow, Ali stands on Chair to protect himself so Dimpy sit on chair, Ali tries to push her off Chair, Dimpy says you cant touch me., Ali and Dimpy fight, Ali ask Dimpy to get up, you have forcefully sat on my chair, Karishma says this is not allowed, Ali and Dimpy both sit on chair, Kkarishma says you cant do this Dimpy, Pritham says that ali was wrong when he was pushing Dimpy, he cant be physical. Dimpy says to Ali that you are behaving wrong now. Ali says you keep sitting now.

Upen says to Praneet that now its showing their real friendship that is nothing, Diandra says I wanna who get the seat. Gautam says to Puneet that we showed Ali that we are better than his friends, Puneet says they are dogs, Gautam says we are fair in game, we didn’t do back biting.

buzzer plays, showing that 30minutes are remaining for captaincy task, Pritham cheers for Ali, he says I am supporting you Ali, Sonali ask do you want anything, he says no thanks.

second buzzer plays, bigg boss says that captaincy task is finished, and Ali and Dimpy are sitting together on chair, so now we want inmates to tell who is right and who is wrong by mutual discussion, that person will become captain, Pritham says technically Dimpy is winner, Upen nods for Dimpy, Ali says my vote for Dimpy too, Gautam says we all chose Dimpy, bigg boss says as you all think that Dimpy is right in this situation so DIMPY is NEW CAPTAIN, all congrats her. she is happy.

Puneet says to Gautam that did you see Karishma’s face when Dimpy became captain, Karishma says to Ali that you made us lose, Ali says I sat there till end, he leaves, Upen says we supported him but he is stupid, Karishma says he sat on chair for whole night but then why did he get up, Upen says because he is stupid.

Diandra says to Dimpy that I want to go out of kitchen, Dimpy ask what you wanna do, clean washroom? Diandra says I very well do washroom, there are many people who cook well. Gautam says to Puneet that Dimpy is strong than all these Diandra and Karishma.
Diandra says to Karishma that I wanted Ali to win captaincy task but he was idiot, Diandra says I don’t have issues with Dimpy but my point is that she said that Karishma is bad captain and all, now why she is confused? its like everyone say that they can be better captain but when they become then they know the real issues, Karishma says who is she to tell that I am not good captain.
Dimpy says to Gautam that I wanted Diandra, Puneet and Karishma to be kitchen head bu Diandra doesn’t want to be in kitchen. Gautam ask Dimpy to make him vice captain, Puneet says make him, he will set everyone, Dimpy nods.

Karishma sys to Upen that Dimpy is just running on Puneet’s mind, she is not using her brain, was saying me that I am not good captain.
Praneet says to Sonali that Ali and Dimpy are not of anyone but atleast Dimoy say it openly, soanli says no I like Dimpy, she is a nice girl.
Upen says if there was voting scene then I would have voted for Ali but Ali destroyed his task but he stood up.
Pranet says to Pritham that now Ali will become real doggy, Pritham says he doesn’t have spine. Sonali says yesterday too Ali did some weird thing with me and then said that my girlfriend will beat you, I was like what, Praneet says his gf will beat him, Sonali says exactly, Praneet says now Ali will do all work of Dimpy, Dimpy comes out of washroom, Ali is waiting for her, Dimpy says to Praneet that he came behind till washroom too, Praneet says now he will do every work of you, now he will bark, Sonali says what will his Gf do if doesn’t beat him.
Ali makes noodles for Dimpy, she likes it, Gautam asys to Dimpy that Ali is clever man, he got immunity from me by just impressing me, Puneet says Dimpy is sensible girl.

Dimpy tell inmates that Gautam is vice captain, if I talk in English then point it out too but you will be punished if you talk in English, or doesn’t wear mike or sleep, Gautam ask can I give punishment? Dimpy says you have to tell me first then, Gautam says okay, Diandra says whom you are making vice captain, he himself sleeps so much, Karishma says I will listen to Captain only, Upen says I will not listen to him too, Dimpy says ok just talk to me then, don’t talk to him, she says to Puneet that if anyone is find sleeping in daytime then its your responsibility that you wull throw them in pool, Puneet says I am already tagged as aggressive, Karishma says nobody should touch me, not possible, Gautam says Dimpy wanna say that in last captaincy our rule breaking video was made and she doesn’t want to it to be made again, Upen says so let captain speak that, all laughs, Gautam says I am vice captain, Upen ask who is captain then, all laughs, Dimpy says first I talk then you joke, why you are not listening, why you are joking, Upen says I will joke, Dimpy ask to get up, I want to punish you, Upen says I will not get up, I didn’t do anything, Dimpy says you are not listening, Sonali says why punishment for him? what did he do, Puneet, Ali, Gautam, Pritham starts dancing. Upen says this is wrong, Dimpy says if captain is punishing then you have to listen, Upen says I wont listen, Karishma says first of all, we will not do three works together, we are not here to do work only, Dimpy says then for what you are here? Gautam starts dancing, Dimpy ask Gautam to shut up, all claps and says now you are real captain, Upen get up to get punishment, Upen do ups and down as punishment, he hugs dimpy.

Gautam says to Ali that now me and you are Dimpy’s right hand, you will not break any rule, Ali says I don’t break rules, Gautam says I promise I wont do mistakes, Gautam says to Ali that don’t think he or she is your friend, just point out who is speaking English or sleeping, Ali says don’t worry, I will do my work, Dimpy says I want everyone to work.

Karishma is in confession room, bigg boss says that Karishma how well inmates perform in luxury budget task in your captaincy, you have to rate all inmates on their performance from 1 to 100 scale, Karishma sees list of names of inmates and gives numbers.

Praneet reads that Karishma had to give points to inamtes on their performance in task, Puneet have got 60, Gautam 40, Diandra 95, Ali 60, Pritham 80, Praneet 50, Sonali 30, Upen 95, dimpy 85, Karishma 85, in total it is 680, with these points you will shop for luxury budget items, Ali says with 680 points? bigg boss want Karishma to tell who who four inmates will shop luxury items and only these 4 inmates will get chance to use luxury budget items, Karishma says first is Pritham, second Diandra, third Upen, fourth Karishma, list of items is shown on tv, 4 inmates decide things and prepare list of things they want to buy with points.

Ali says to karishma that you gave me 60 points, Karishma says I gave more points to those who cooked food, Pritham says you gave 80 points to Dimpy, Karishma says she was handling both the parties.
Sonali says to Puneet that I brought everything which Karishma asked when I went out for luxury budget shopping, Puneet says she ate our budget before too for her make up.
Karishma says now Puneet will be alleging me.
Puneet in washroom area says that your ex-captain, aka duffer, if she had enough brains then we would have got something too. Sonali laughs.

Ali says to Sonali that you got 30 points, sonali laughs. Puneet says to Praneet that she didn’t give my name in luxury shopping saying I used English, then Upen talks in English too, now she had to punish from Pritham, Praneet and Upen, English was used by Upen, but she gave punishment to Praneet, saying Upen did a lot of work, so she ignored that worked a lot too just cause I use English but she ignored English in case of Upen and gave reward for his work.
Ali says that Puneet did a lot of work but Karishma ignored him, Gautam says dimpy you got 85 points from Karishma wow. Puneet says I don’t know on which basis she give points, Praneet says she gave punishment, I took it sportingly but today also she was partial with me, Pritham says P3G will always be there Puneet says P3G was strongest in this house, Pritham says you are right, its now all clear, Puneet says this task was successful because Karishma didn’t participate in it, Pritham says we will in next tasks.

Pritham ask Karishma on which basis you gave points, why did you give 80 points to me, Karishma says I gave 15 points extra to Upen as he removed decoration after party, Pritham says I washed utensils too after party, Karishma says it was Dimpy’s work, Pritham says I asked Dimpy to do but she denied and you gave her 85 points, Karishma says she was doing work in both the parties, Puneet said something to you and now you came here to fight with me, Pritham says its not about Puneet, you said to me that you gave me 95 points, Karishma says I said that I gave you less than 100, Upen says this happens in captaincy, Pritham says you gave 95 points to diandra, she slept in party too, Karishma says Diandra decorated furniture and all, Pritham says why 85 to Dimpy, Karishma says its not easy to handle both the parties and she did that, Pritham says its wrong.

Karishma says to Upen that I am upset, all judge me in everything, Upen says this happens, don’t be upset jaan, you have to take decisions in captaincy, Karishma says why don’t people understand, I don’t like Puneet’s vibe, Upen says leave it, this will happen every week, just ignore.

Ali says to camera that I did task in funny manner, I did comedy, I hope audience like it.
Gautam says to Puneet that Ali did all the comedy, what kind of man he is and on top of that he lost the task. he ask should we call Pritham and Praneet to our side or let them l=play the game alone? Puneet says just be silent, they will come by own, Gautam says yes we will do fun, they went out of group by own so should comeback on own,

PRECAP- its weekend Ka Vaar with Salman Khan, sonam Kapoor and Arbaaz Khan,

Update Credit to: Atiba

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