Bigg Boss 6th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Eijaz and Jaan abuse each other in the task

Bigg Boss 6th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 35
8 AM
The inmates wake up to the song shaitan ka sala. They all dance.

10:45 AM
Jasmin tells Pavitra that Eijaz doesn’t look 45 years old, he looks in his thirties. Pavitra says don’t show him to me. Jasmin sings ishq ka dard payara. She tells Eijaz that Pavitra is saying you are very well maintained. You both should reconcile. Pavitra says he had the chance but he lost it, I want to focus on my game. I am not here to throw my heart at someone.

12:45 PM
Rahul calls Nikki and hugs her. She says thank you. Rahul looks away. Nikki says don’t be sad. Rahul says I am not sad, I just took time and called you here. Nikki says I feel happy to talk to you. Rahul says to me too. Rahul says what you did was not right but I still want to talk to you. I don’t want to remain angry with you. I don’t want to put you down. You cried for the first time yesterday, I saw it live and it affected me. Nikki smiles at him.

2:30 PM
Naina shouts at Shardul that you die when I ask you to help me cook. Shardul says you don’t help me when I am cleaning the place. Naina says you want eggs, parathas and everything but you can’t work. You both don’t work. Rahul says I am doing my work. Naina says you both have your issues and think it’s so easy to make food. Rahul says you are wrong, we didn’t say it’s easier to make food. Naina says I made breakfast too but nobody came to help me. It’s not easy to work alone. Jaan says she is not wrong. Shardul says I cleaned the hall. Rahul says you should have helped her. Shardul says you could have helped her too, I was getting ready. Pavitra says you could have waited for Shardul to get ready.
Jasmin tells Aly that Naina got angry. Aly says she must have the stress of the nominations. Jasmin says she can nicely ask for help, everyone helps here.

3:30 PM
Naina tells Pavitra that I don’t tell anything to anyone. Rubina was fasting yesterday so Shardul could have helped me. I even wash the dishes. Shardul says dishes are still there, you are not helping us in washing the dishes. Naina says I am cooking too. Pavitra asks them to work together and help each other. Shardul says she wants help in cooking but she doesn’t help in washing the dishes, she didn’t even wash her dishes. Naina shouts that your dishes are still there, you didn’t wash your teacups. Shardul says I didn’t ask you to make tea for me. Naina asks him to shut up, get lost. Shardul says I will make my own food and eat it. Pavitra tells Shardul that you will have to do it. Shardul says I will clean her dishes and I love you, bye. Pavitra smiles.

5:45 PM
Jasmin reads the instructions about rewarding the inmates. She reads that there will be a task that will decide who will get a luxury budget. There will be two teams and have to follow some rules. There will be angels who always have to do good. Other inmates will be devils and will try to get reactions from angels. Team devil Aly, Nikki, Eijaz. Team Angels will have Abhi, Pavitra, Jaan, Rubina. Team devils will have rules like destroying patience, talk in loud language. Team angels will have rules like not cursing, not getting angry, always keeping patience, eating simple meals. Jasmin reads that both teams will follow the rules and try to make the other teams break their rules. Jasmin will be the referee of the task. She will keep a track of rules breaking. When you are trying to make the other team break the rule, Jasmin has to be there. At the end of the task, Jasmin will decide who broke more rules and who won the task. Aly will be part of the devil team and talk to his team on call. Red-zone inmates will not be part of this task.

6 PM
Eijaz talks Aly on call. Aly tells Nikki that doesn’t do anything without asking us. You keep going to Pavitra and make her angry. He asks her to find Rubina’s doll and destroy it. He asks Eijaz to use chutney and throw it at them. He asks Nikki to take Rubina’s teddy and say I will tear it. We don’t have to break our rules. Don’t talk with respect, curse them.

Abhi tells Jaan and Rubina that the devil team will try for us to break the rules. We have to follow three things, don’t say no. Always smile and be patient. Pavitra nods. Rubina says there has to be no distraction. Abhi asks Rubina to not cut him off. Abhi tells Pavitra that if they ask us to eat spices then we have to do it.

Aly asks Nikki to give tasks to Jaan which he doesn’t like. Nikki says yes. Aly says do everything in front of me so I can call Jasmin. Nikki says I will bring them here only for everything. Eijaz says yes. Aly says I will call referee Jasmin also.

The buzzer plays so Aly asks Nikki to bring Jaan here. Nikki shouts at the angels. She asks them to come inside. Rubina smiles and says yes. Eijaz shouts at Jaan. Nikki asks them to come inside the bedroom. Eijaz asks Abhi to hear his order.

6:30 PM
Eijaz calls Jaan in the bedroom. Pavitra says he can shout now. Eijaz asks Jaan to take off his shirt, he says no. Jasmin says rule broke, Eijaz asks him to take off his pants. He says no. Eijaz asks him to trim his beard. He does it. Eijaz asks him to take off his shirt again, he says no. Jasmin counts the rules broken.
Abhi tells Jasmin that if Jaan can’t take off his shirt then he doesn’t know how to. Jasmin says he said no so that’s a rule broken.
Nikki shouts at Rubina and makes her take some forks. She brings her to the bedroom. Rubina acts like a confused angel and mistakenly drops the forks but picks it and comes to the bedroom. Nikki throws her teddy and asks her to tear her teddy with a fork. Rubina says okay. Nikki says if you can’t tear it then rule will be broken. Rubina says I am trying. Nikki says to hell with your trying, tear it. Nikki says she is not tearing it, she is just acting. Aly tells Jasmin that she can’t act or pretend, he has to try fully. Jasmin says if she has to tear it then give her a scissor. Eijaz says she is breaking a rule. Jasmin says I know what I am doing. Aly says she can’t act. Jasmin says it said to not role-play. Rubina acts like tearing her teddy with a fork. Nikki asks Abhi to leave from the bedroom, you are nalla (useless). Abhi says I am going. He leaves. Eijaz says he took time in leaving. Jasmin says he is leaving. Nikki asks Abhi to leave the bedroom. Abhi says where should I go? Aly says he is breaking a rule. Nikki asks him to go to a gutter. Abhi says where? Jasmin says he is not saying no. Nikki shouts at Rubina that you have to tear it. She gives her chutney and asks her to throw on her head. Rubina says I can’t open it. Nikki says I will open it for you. She opens it and asks her to throw on her head. Rubina says what? Nikki says it should fall on your body. Rubina throws on her hand. Nikki says I asked you to throw it on your head, you are breaking a rule. Aly tells Jasmin that she said no three times, she is breaking a rule. Nikki shouts at Rubina to throw the chutney at her head, she is not listening to me. Rubina says you asked me to throw on my body. I did that. Aly says this is *****, now I know why people go crazy here. Nikki says Rubina is breaking my rules. She throws chutney on her teddy and kicks it. Rubina jerks her hand and the chutney falls on Nikki. Abhi laughs seeing it. Jaan says I am loving Rubina right now. Rubina says what should I do now? Nikki asks Rubina to run from the bedroom. Aly says she is not leaving Jasmin, you are being biased. Jasmin says she didn’t say no to anything you guys said. Aly says you are being biased, I can see that. Rubina leaves from there. Aly tells Nikki that Jasmin is being biased with Rubina, she is my best friend but I know she is favoring Rubina. Now we don’t have to be nice, become cheaper. Jasmin doesn’t answer them.

6:45 PM
Nikki tells Aly that we will ask Jaan to put his hand in the toilet. He will not do it.
Abhi tells Jaan that they will stoop more low now. They said no more decency now. Eijaz calls Jaan and asks him to become a dog. Jaan gets on his knees and barks like a dog. Eijaz asks him to follow him like a dog. Jaan follows him on his knees. He wags his tail also. Eijaz brings Jaan to the toilet and asks him to lick the toilet seat. Rubina says it’s not good for my health. Jasmin tells Eijaz that he will get ill, it’s not good for his health. Eijaz asks her to remain silent. Jasmin says it’s not good for health. Eijaz asks Jaan to put his hand in the toilet. Jaan puts his hand inside the toilet and flushes it. Eijaz asks him to wipe his hand with his shirt. Jaan says I don’t know how to take off my shirt. Eijaz says I will take it off now. Jaan says he can’t touch me, I won’t allow it. Jasmin counts it as a rule break. Pavitra asks Jaan to remain calm. Eijaz asks Jaan to wipe his hand on his shirt. Jaan does it. Eijaz asks him to wash his hands with soap. Jaan does it. Eijaz leaves from there. Jaan tries to control himself. Jasmin asks him to change his shirt. Pavitra tells him that you are a lion.

7 PM
Eijaz shouts at Pavitra that you will say you are ungrateful. Pavitra Punia is ungrateful. Pavitra says my name is Neha Punia. Eijaz says she is not following my rules. You have to repeat after me. You have no guts.
Abhi tells Shardul that Eijaz is very boring. Rubina takes Abhi aside. Abhi says why are you interrupting every time. The devils are breaking their rules as they are being disappointed.

Jasmin reads the rule that an angel won’t say no to anything they say. She says Pavitra didn’t say no to anything you said. She is acting like an angel. Aly asks Jasmin to not ignore him, I am talking to you. Jasmin says sorry, I was talking to Eijaz. Aly says I am here too, listen to me. She didn’t follow Eijaz’s order. She didn’t fulfill it, you are being biased. My best friend is biased too. I will not spare anyone, there is groupism here. I will be biased with everyone except Jasmin. Eijaz says they are like this only. Eijaz asks Pavitra to leave. She smiles and leaves.

7:15 PM
Aly calls Jasmin and says tell sorry to Rubina for tearing her teddy. I just told Nikki to threaten her but she made her tear it. Let them take out their anger and remain here.

Nikki makes a paste of sugar. She says you have to eat this. Abhi says okay. Nikki makes him eat but he moves away so Jasmin counts it as a rule break. Nikki makes Rubina eat sugar and Rubina throws it at Nikki’s face. She coughs and falls down into fits. Pavitra asks what happened? Are you fine? Abhi runs and brings water for her. Nikki asks Abhi to keep standing. Rubina is choking and runs to get water. She ats hysteric and throws things around. Nikki asks her to stand on her place. Rubina huffs. Nikki says she threw water so it will be fun on weekend now. Nikki asks Abhi to stay at his place, we saw your standard. Eijaz says Rubina was screaming to get water, she can’t scream. Nikki brings oil and a trimmer. She asks Rubina to not cough anymore. She says I am sorry but I have to do it. She asks Rubina to not say anything. Rubina says okay. Nikki says I asked Abhi to stay at his place but he is moving. Rubina starts sneezing as Nikki asked her to not cough.

7:30 PM
Aly tells Nikki and Eijaz that Jasmin is not there so go and smile at them. Tease them.
Eijaz comes to Jaan and says doggy is smiling, what your name puppy? Nikki says his name is poop/tatti. Jaan keeps smiling. Eijaz teases him.
Eijaz comes to the washroom and sees Abhi not there, he says he must be in the toilet. Jasmin comes there so they leave.
Eijaz comes to Jaan and smiles at him. He says I am breaking the rules but Jasmin didn’t see me. Jaan says then come to me. He says you are a ****. He says you are so coward. Don’t touch me again otherwise *****. Rahul asks him to not curse. Jaan says Jasmin is not here.

Aly says sorry to Abhi for destroying Rubina’s teddy. Abhi says this will happen in tasks here.

Eijaz calls Jaan to Jasmin. He says you were calling me a coward? Jaan says what? me? I am an angel. Eijaz says take off your pants. Jaan says what? Eijaz says he is not listening to me. Jasmin counts it as a rule break.

7:45 PM
Abhi brings Rubina’s torn teddy, he says this is Nikki’s proof of work now. He puts it on the wall and says this proof will show Nikki’s personality.
Rubina tells Jaan that they know your weakness which is your ego. They are playing with you, don’t let them. Jasmin says your team can do efforts too to make them break rules. Rubina says what can we do? Jasmin says I can’t tell you that. You will lose like this.
Pavitra comes to the bedroom. Eijaz asks her to stay away. She touches his face so he says don’t touch me. Eijaz says she is not listening to me. Jasmin says you didn’t call her. Eijaz says she can’t break the rules. Pavitra smiles and cups his face. Abhi says they are getting frustrated.
Eijaz is throwing things around. Jasmin says this is property destruction. Eijaz says I just threw some pillows. Pavitra tells Eijaz that you are acting like an animal, you should be more human-like. Jaan says Eijaz is acting.

8 PM
Eijaz says I don’t want anyone to touch my shoulder. Jasmin says if you think you are injured then you can leave the task. Eijaz says don’t make fun of my injury. Jasmin says I am sorry if you thought that, I will tell them to not touch your shoulder.
Rubina comes there so Jasmin tells her to not touch Eijaz’s shoulder. Don’t use harsh words. Rubina says I made me something with love. Eijaz says we won’t eat. Nikki says we can do anything. Rubina brings the food to Eijaz so he throws it away and growls. Rubina says he destroyed the carpet. Eijaz leaves. Jasmin says he can do that. Nikki says we can do anything. Eijaz throws food at her. Rubina says I am doing my task, he can’t do this. Eijaz says she still doesn’t understand the task. Rubina says I will clean his drawer. She takes his coffee and says I will make coffee for you. Nikki pushes her and takes the coffee from her. Nikki takes her makeup box and says we can do anything. Rubina tries to make Eijaz but he growls at her. He eats it but throws it. Rubina says he ate it. Eijaz says I threw it away. Eijaz breaks the bowl. Nikki asks Eijaz to not break things, anyone can get hurt. You shouldn’t break Bigg Boss property. Eijaz says don’t fight me, it was a mistake. Nikki says you accept mistakes like this? You are cheap.

Rubina says to Pavitra that he ate what I made.

Nikki shouts that if my clothes are destroyed in this task then I won’t spare anyone. Jasmin says don’t destroy Bigg Boss property. Rubina says I made the food with love for him. Jasmin says I am leaving for now. She leaves. Eijaz says she thought I will eat? Jaan tells Eijaz to come to him, you were touching me? He touches his face. Jaan says you called me a dog? He caresses his face and says you are a *****. Eijaz says don’t touch me. Jaan says I will. He pushes him. Abhi says this is violence. Jaan keeps touching his face. Eijaz says you are *******. Eijaz grabs his hand and says don’t touch me. Abhi says he is being violent. Jaan asks Eijaz to bring some personality. They both shout at each other. Eijaz says you are a *****. Jaan says you are just a ****. Aly asks Jaan to not curse him like this. Jaan says you don’t know what he is calling me. He was calling me a doggy. Eijaz says Aly asked me to do it, I was doing my task, Jaan says I am not abusing. Aly says fight but doesn’t abuse. Jaan asks Aly if he asked him to curse at me? Aly says no. Jaan says he called me *****, he called my mom a *****. Did you ask him to curse at me? Pavitra shouts at Jaan that he is doing his task, he is a demon. He can curse at you in a task. Jaan says he can’t curse me. Nikki takes Jaan from there. Jaan comes to Eijaz and says don’t call me Bhai from now on, you called me a *****. I will call you that from now on, if I am a chu***, then you are a bigger chuti***. I will not respect you anymore. Eijaz says I was doing my task. Nikki takes Jaan from there.

8:15 PM
Jaan hugs Jasmin and cries. Jasmin consoles him and says it’s about your strength. Jaan says I took him as my big brother. He said that the referee is not here so he called me a doggy, *****, and whatnot. How can he call me a brother and then say all this? He is so cheap, he says he loves me and Pavitra but then do all this? He made me do all that but what he said has hurt me.

8:30 PM
Bigg Boss asks Jasmin who performed this better. Jasmin says angels performed very well but technically the devil team made them break more rules so team devil won. Jasmin tells them that the way team angels played was commendable. Abhi says Nikki kept calling me nalla and whatnot. Eijaz tells Pavitra that I did everything in my task. Pavitra says I am not ungrateful, I am honest and true. Eijaz says I am like this only and I don’t care. Abhi says they won with their cheap antics. Bigg Boss congratulates the devil team, he asks them to take their luxury budget to hamper. Jasmin can use the hamper with them. Jasmin cries and says to Rubina that for me, you guys are winners. Rubina says I know, you are in a tough spot. I saw your voice stuttering and I know what you are feeling. Jasmin tells Nikki that you had to be devil so it’s fine, it was your task.

8:45 PM
Nikki brings a luxury hamper from the storeroom and can’t stop screaming.
Jasmin tells Aly that Eijaz had to hear a lot from Jaan. Rubina comes there so Aly says sorry to her, he says I feel bad about your teddy. She says done and dusted. Abhi hugs Jasmin. Jaan tells Aly that he made his animal wake up today. Jasmin tells Nikki that she wants coffee.

9 PM
Abhi tells Pavitra that nobody should touch my personal items. I am nice but not that nice. Pavitra says he didn’t do anything. Abhi asks Eijaz to not sit on his bed. I have emotional attachments too with things. Nikki says you took my coffee too. Aly says chill and relax.

Jaan tells Shardul that I won’t go back to Eijaz, he is not my brother anymore.

Eijaz tells Aly that I take jaan as my brother, I saved him two times but not anymore.

9:30 PM
Rahul wears a wig and acts like a girl. Shardul flirts with him and asks him to go and mouthwash. Shardul goes to do it. Naina laughs and says he likes you. Shardul gulps mouthwash and comes to Rahul. Rahul says stay away.

10 PM
Jasmin asks Jaan if he said **** to Eijaz, you cursed his sister? Jaan tells Eijaz I am sorry if I cursed your family. Eijaz says you have a mother but my mother is dead. You cursed my sister who doesn’t have anyone so say sorry to me properly. Jaan says I am genuinely saying sorry. Aly calls Jasmin and tells her to never lose your respect when you argue. I have to stop you where you going wrong. You have to respect Eijaz as he is your elder. He is very senior, you said that he pooped in the buzzer task. Don’t use those words, he is very senior. I am getting emotional because the way Jaan abused him made me angry. He is a senior person, he is not mental, he was doing his task. Always respect him as he is very senior, if you find him alone then tell him sorry for anything bad you said. Jasmin nods.

10:30 PM
Rubina reads the task in which inmates to give herbs related tags to each other. The 5 inmates will the tags to other inmates. Nikki, Jaan, Pavitra, Rubina and Eijaz will give taglines to others and ask them to use the herb as a solution. Jasmin and Aly will be the judges. The winner will get a hamper.

10:45 PM
Rubina says I want to give protection herb tagline to Abhi as he is understanding things more.
Pavitra says I want to give the “house’s dark spot” tagline to Eijaz as people call him mental and other things, I want him to remove those dark spots from his personalities. This is out of respect only. Eijaz thanks Pavitra and says if people call me mental then I am. If she thinks I should remove this spot then I will try. People should understand that they are celebrities so don’t use big words as the audience gets affected. People are fighting with mental issues so don’t use those words easily.

Jaan says I want to give the ‘coolness’ tagline to Rahul, he is cool. Nikki says he is your friend? Jaan says yes. Rahul says everything right but says one bad thing which is taken as a gutter. Rahul says I am a weird person, you called me your friend so I will take this tag. Jaan thanks him.
Nikki says I want to give germs tag to Jaan. He always has to talk about me everywhere, he is confused about his friends and enemies. You have no personality, you are like germs and nobody can understand you. All laugh. Jaan says I don’t agree with it. Nikki says this is a fact. I don’t talk about Nikki with anyone. Nikki says everyone knows. Jaan says I am talking to everyone in the house. Nikki says you are a germ.
Eijaz says I want to give a swollen tag to Rubina. She is that swollen pain which just brings bad breath. Rubina says I bring my fresh thinking and spread happiness.
Jasmin goes to talk to Aly about her tag. Aly asks her to take Pavitra’s name. She accepted her mistake.

11 PM
Jasmin says Aly and I think that we think Pavitra has given the most suitable tagline to Eijaz. We hope that Eijaz takes this advice and we see a new him. Pavitra thanks her and says I got honey. Jasmin gives the hamper.

11:15 PM
Jasmin tells Eijaz that I am sorry if I said something wrong. Eijaz says you shouldn’t say it for anyone. Jasmin says it was a joke that this is a mad-house. Eijaz says then don’t talk about what you don’t know. Jasmin says I didn’t know you are coming from therapy house. She hugs him and says I am sorry.

Pavitra is taking her to the hamper but Jaan stops her. He sees her hiding Eijaz’s photo and teases her.
Pavitra comes to Aly and thanks to him. She asks Eijaz to move.

11 AM
Eijaz hugs Jaan. Nikki asks Jaan to not cry. Jaan says I am sorry. Nikki says be strong. Eijaz says it’s okay, it happens in the task. Nikki says so sweet chicha (Eijaz).

The episode ends.

PRECAP – Salman says today will be a celebration day.
Aly and Jasmin dance together. Abhi and Rubina dance on Biwi No. 1. Abhi gives her a chaste kiss on lips. Rahul dances on I am the best. Nikki dances with Jaan. Pavitra dances with Eijaz. They stare at each other intensely.
Guests on stage so Salman dances on Garmi song with them.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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