Bigg Boss 4th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Jasmin’s boyfriend Aly Goni makes a big entry

Bigg Boss 4th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 33
8 AM
The inmates wake up to the song bas itna sa khuwab hai.

8:45 AM
Nikki tells Pavitra that I felt bad when you told Jaan that why I am bothering about you. Pavitra says I just told him to not bother about Eijaz saying things. Pavitra says I told him to not worry about me and be nice with Eijaz.

9:15 AM
Nikki comes to Rahul and asks him to talk to her. Rahul says I will take time to come back from that shock. Nikki says so should I come to you daily? Rahul says I called you a friend. Nikki says you wanted us both to get nominated? Rahul says you want to be saved and not worry about friendship? Nikki says you don’t miss me? Rahul says no, I get angry when I see you. Nikki says then I will not come here. Rahul says I cried because I couldn’t believe what happened. Nikki says I feel bad as you are not talking to me. I want to talk to you, things will happen in this house, you will go against me too but I don’t want to separate and end the friendship. Rahul says when my heart is not into it then I can’t try, I am slow in healing for sure.

9:30 AM
Eijaz tells Abhi that I dislocated my right shoulder in 2001. Jasmin says you were fighting? Eijaz says I had a fight sequence in a film. Jasmin says I remember you as a great hero of TV, why you don’t talk about your glory years and just talk about injuries? Eijaz says I have overcome those injuries.

Naina tells Rubina that Eijaz is trying to be in good books of Abhi.

Jasmin tells Eijaz that people remember you as a star but all you talk about is injuries, you keep playing a game and the audience understands everything. People have seen you as a star and they get disappointed when they see you like this. Eijaz says you see me as a famous character Kavya from Kavyanjali show but I am like this in real life.

10 AM
Pavitra is brooming the floor. Eijaz asks if she needs any help? She says no. Jaan comes to help Pavitra but she says I will do it alone. Eijaz says I didn’t tell her to do it alone, she is doing it on her own. Eijaz tries to help Pavitra but she ignores him. She cleans his captain’s room.

10:30 AM
Eijaz asks Abhi to wash his breakfast dishes. Nikki says all are washing it. Pavitra murmurs he has to confirm from everyone as a dictator. Eijaz says I am doing my work so don’t blabber about me, if you have a problem then be a captain. Pavitra says you became a captain because of me, don’t disrespect my favor on you. Eijaz says don’t shout at me, I am not scared of you. Pavitra says then don’t talk to me. Eijaz says I don’t want to talk to you, I hear you murmur things under your breath. Pavitra says you are a chameleon.
Rahul asks Rubina why Eijaz talks like this? In a goon-like tone?
Eijaz tells Pavitra that don’t threaten me here, these would work in your town or society. Why are you calling me a chameleon? They both shout at each other. Eijaz come closer and shouts at her that I am like this, take me out if you can. Pavitra gets angry and pushes him. Eijaz says you have pushed me. Pavitra pushes him again and screams. Jaan pulls her back. Pavitra shouts that he became a captain because me, I gave my 100% commitment to him, I didn’t change my words. I fought with Jaan and Nikki to make him a captain. Jasmin asks Eijaz to calm down. Eijaz says she has raised her hand on me. Pavitra says this is his reality, he doesn’t play fair, he just wants to be in the good books of everyone. Jasmin hugs her and says calm down, don’t get angry. Eijaz comes to Pavitra and shouts at her. Nikki stands in front of Eijaz. Jaan asks Eijaz to stop it. Rubina watches everything while eating her fruits and enjoying it. Jasmin asks Eijaz to not provoke her. Pavitra says I will not spare him, I wanted to make you the captain, I fought with everyone to make him the captain, you were disloyal, you cheated me. Eijaz shouts that then throw me out of the house. Jasmin shouts at Pavitra to not get provoked, he is doing this deliberately. Eijaz shouts at her to remain silent. Pavitra shouts to get silent. Pavitra goes in the smoking room. Jasmin asks Eijaz to calm down. Eijaz says I didn’t come here to get beaten. Pavitra says he can’t repay favors. He is ungrateful. Eijaz asks her to throw him out if she has guts. Pavitra says get lost, you are nothing. Pavitra charges at him and says you are a *****. Jasmin pulls Pavitra back and asks her to calm down. Pavitra throws tea at Eijaz. Eijaz charges at her. Jaan asks him to not raise a hand. Eijaz says I didn’t raise a hand. Pavitra says if I wanted to raise hand on you then your fingers wouldn’t be intact, you got this captaincy in charity, you should have some shame. Eijaz says I am not taking your charity. You are a *****. Pavitra says he is just gutter. Eijaz throws away his arm cast.

11 AM
Pavitra tells Jaan and Nikki that he wants to copy Sidharth. He thinks he can become Sid but Sid was not ungrateful. Eijaz is just fake.

Jasmin talks to Eijaz and says she talked about making you the captain and you being ungrateful, this is the circle here. You can’t keep asking people to make you the captain and then them asking for a repay. Eijaz says I didn’t want to save one of my friends out of four and I really wanted to save you, I wanted to take your name. If someone has a problem with me saving you then they can take my captaincy and become a captain. When she was acting out, I didn’t curse her. Pavitra comes there and says who cursed who? Who raised a hand? Eijaz says you pushed my shoulder and it hurt. Pavitra says you deserve that. Eijaz says I don’t want to give you content. Pavitra says you are not real, you are just here for content. I am not dancing with you here for content, you are just a copy. Get lost. Eijaz says very well. Eijaz tells Jasmin that I am sorry if I hurt anyone, don’t touch me. I don’t like it if anyone touches me, I have a childhood issue so don’t touch me at any cost. Pavitra says if you tell me again to beat you then I won’t spare you, you can have the guts to fight back. If you wish to get beaten then tell me. Nikki asks Pavitra to not get provoked. Pavitra says I didn’t curse anyone here. Jasmin says you didn’t curse him, calm down. Eijaz says yeah keep lying. Pavitra says I am not here to be played. Eijaz says everyone is watching.

11:15 AM
Jasmin tells Pavitra that I will do your work but doesn’t get provoked, don’t get physical again, don’t curse. Pavitra says I stood by him when Jaan and Nikki didn’t want to make him the captain. I gave him my words that I will make him the captain. Jasmin says I know you are hurt that he saved me. Pavitra says I was not hurt when he saved you, I was hurt by the reason. I made him so much food and he saved you for a halwa? Jasmin says why to keep expectations from him? Pavitra says I didn’t have any expectations from him, I just wanted respect from him. You take care of Abhi and he calls you that you take care of him as his mother but then he goes behind your back and cheats you.
Eijaz tells Nikki that she is saying to tear my **** and I should remain silent? She pushed me and threw tea at me also. Nikki says those words are normal in a fight.

11:45 AM
Jasmin jokes with Pavitra that this is drama, you people will change when the task comes on. Pavitra throws a mug at her and laughs.
Eijaz slaps himself and says I shouldn’t think like this.
Pavitra says he is always thinking about content, he doesn’t have heart. Jasmin says his heart doesn’t understand. Abhi says his heart has content in it too.

3 PM
All inmates are in the bedroom and the curtain raise in the bedroom. They see a phone inside and get excited. Pavitra says I will talk to my brother. Jasmin hears Tera Hona Laga hoon. She starts dancing. All are dancing with her. Another curtain raise from the bedroom wall and Jasmin sees Aly on the other side. She smiles seeing him. Pavitra says welcome. Jasmin cries seeing him. They smile at each other through the glass. Abhi asks Jasmin to use a phone. Bigg Boss says friendship is very strong and we understand each other’s pain. Friends come to help each other out. That’s what happened with Aly, he came here to help his friend Jasmin who looks lost here. He is here to become her strength. He has entered the house for her. Jasmin cries and thanks Bigg Boss. Aly weeps too. Bigg Boss welcomes Aly Goni as a new contestant. Bigg Boss says he took this decision in haste so he will remain quarantined in this glass room. You can talk to him only through the intercom phone. He says whatever decisions Jasmin takes in this house from now on, she will take all her decisions after consulting Aly only. Jasmin thanks him. Aly says everything will be fine. Jasmin says this world is not for me but everything will be fine now.

3:15 PM
Jasmin talks to Aly on the phone. Jasmin says you couldn’t see me crying here? Aly says I told you to not cry here. We didn’t watch your crying episodes. I talked to your mom and she was so happy that I am coming here. Jasmin says I talked to Rahul and cleared it. Aly says you went over-board, people know you are not like this but you are playing so nicely, people are loving you. You went off with Rahul but I am here to bring you back on the path. You know when we are together on any show, we are something else. Jasmin says all couples are a lie here except Rubina and Abhi. Aly says we come to each other in real life too. We will not guide you wrongly but don’t interfere when I am having an argument. Jasmin says I won’t but don’t curse, don’t bring parents. Aly says I can curse but I will try. You know I can curse. Jasmin says swear on me that you will try to not curse, they will pin to bring out your devil side. Aly says I will tell you everything. I know what I have seen you. Pavitra comes there so Aly tells Jasmin that I have worked with Pavitra and I know she is not fake, she is like this only. Pavitra says I got hurt. Aly says why? I know Eijaz is a very nice guy but Pavitra you are not like this. Jasmin comes to Shardul and dances. She says my hero is here. Naina and Shardul hug her. Shardul tells Jasmin how will I flirt with you? Jasmin says he saw I couldn’t stay here alone.
Aly tells Pavitra that I don’t want to fight with you, Shardul and Naina are my friends too. Pavitra says I don’t want to fight with yo too. Aly says I know you are a *** so why do you back away from people saying bad about you? Don’t lose your fights.

4 PM
Aly tells Jasmin that Rahul was not rude, he did everything in the task but I know what triggered you. Jasmin says you know why I became the puppet, you know why I got triggered. Aly says we will make a pact, I will become your puppet now. Jasmin laughs.

Eijaz tells Abhi that Aly must have watched everything.

Aly asks Jasmin that Eijaz saved you for a halwa? He is a smart player, he won’t save you for a halwa but I am happy for you but I am feeling bad for Pavitra. Eijaz is smart to not save her. Pavitra comes there. Does Aly tell Jasmin that imagine if I don’t save you and someone else? Jasmin says Eijaz is faking is an attraction to her. Pavitra says I was not faking it but I know Eijaz was.

6 PM
Jasmin tells Aly that you can share a bed with Shardul, Naina or Eijaz. You can also share the bed with Nikki. Aly says I will do healthy flirting with him. Nikki blushes and says let him come out. Aly says what about Jaan? Nikki says I will throw him out if I can. Aly laughs.

6:15 PM
Eijaz calls Aly and says I have an attachment with Pavitra but I have no feelings for her. If I saved Pavitra and not Jaan or Nikki then they would have felt bad, I didn’t want to choose from my friends. And Jasmin worked on making ghee for a month, she made such good halwa and when I asked her if she wanted anything from BB Mall, she said that no she doesn’t want anything in return. Taht touched my heart and I saved her. Aly says why didn’t you explain all this to Eijaz? Eijaz says she is giving me attitude, I did make my decision as a captain. I felt bad when she threw tea at me today, she pushed my shoulder. She cursed at me. Jasmin was telling me to remain silent but Pavitra was cursing at me. It’s about women’s power. Aly says women’s power and women’s card is ****.

6:30 PM
Pavitra reads the captaincy task. She reads that the garden has been changed to a solar system. All inmates will become a planet and run around the orbits. The inmate who stays on the solar system till the end will become a captain. But there are some asteroids which can be used by red-zone inmates. All green-zone inmates will run in a circle and will try to throw one inmate out of the solar system before meteor noise plays. Once the meteor buzzer plays then red-zone inmates will become eligible to take out inmate out of the task. The red-zone inmates will use asteroid to throw at one inmate that they want to take out. Jasmin will take all the decision after discussing it with Aly. Eijaz will not play as his shoulder is not fine so someone from the red-zone will represent him except Rahul. Eijaz says I choose Shardul to represent me.

7 PM
Aly calls Jasmin and tells her to talk to Shardul, he will protect and in front of will be Abhi.

Nikki tells Pavitra that we should take them out. Jaan tells Pavitra that we will go to the red-zone so we want our captain. Nikki tells Pavitra that someone from us should be the captain.

Jasmin asks Shardul to play from their team. Shardul says let me play fairly, I don’t want to be unfair. I will put in my efforts as much I as can.

Jaan asks Nikki to attack Abhi. We will throw him out by pushing then we will attack Jasmin and Shardul. I am going to go crazy today.

Aly calls Pavitra and tells her to let them take out Abhi as we will need a strong person to protect you. Take out others and then play among yourselves.

Jaan tells Rahul that Aly is planning to take us all out, try to eliminate Abhi.

7:15 PM
Pavitra asks Shardul if he will play from Eijaz’s side? Shardul says I will give my 100% to this task. Pavitra says but it’s not your task, you are representing him. Shardul says I want to give my 100%. Pavitra says remember this now.

Jaan tells Nikki that I feel bad for Eijaz but he can’t remain the captain. Pavitra comes there and says we all want to become the captain. Should we play this game with our minds? Nikki says but we have to take them out first (Abhi’s team). Pavitra says I want to take out Shardul first, Jaan says Abhi has to get eliminated otherwise he will flip the scene. He will nominate us. Nikki says we can take out Shardul first and then Abhi.

Shardul tells Abhi that I didn’t want to become a representative of someone but I am now so I will play my game. I can play my tasks, everyone knows where my alliance is. I don’t want to prove to anyone, everyone should know who I am standing with. Jasmin says so you will play for yourself? Fine.

7:30 PM
The buzzer plays and all sit on their solar systems. Eijaz shouts at Shardul to not leave.
Rubina asks Rahul who he wants to throw out first? He says Jaan and Nikki. Naina says I want to take out Nikki. Rubina says we have the veto power if they don’t take out anyone first. Rahul says we all want to throw Nikki and Jaan out. Give me a chance so eliminate Nikki out. If Naina is going first then she will throw Jaan out. She says no, I want to eliminate Eijaz first. Rahul says okay, it’s fine if you want him out first.

Aly is watching the task from his TV. Jaan says I am scared. Eijaz says you are scared from day one. Naina is the referee. The meteor buzzer plays. Bigg Boss says you all have to keep walking. Rahul says these are duffer planets that can’t even move. Shardul falls down on orbit. Jasmin asks Shardul to get down. Eijaz says they are going to threatening you. Pavitra asks Shardul to get down. Eijaz asks Shardul to show his guts. Pavitra and Jasmin try to push him out of orbit. Eijaz cheers for Shardul. Pavitra asks Shardul to leave the task. Jaan pushes Abhi and he falls down. Jaan says Abhi is out of the task. Nikki falls down too as Naina hits her with the meteor. Pavitra says I touched Shardul’s foot on the floor first. Naina says Nikki fell down first. She is out of the task. Eijaz tells Shardul that I love you for putting in efforts. Naina says Nikki fell down first and is out of the task.

7:45 PM
Jasmin tells Abhi that I want to be the captain first. Abhi says you promise to bring Rubina out of the red-zone. She says I promise to bring her out. Abhi says then I will support you and eliminate Pavitra.

Rahul tells Nikki that Naina could throw an asteroid and take you out after the meteor played. So you are out of the task.

Jasmin tells Pavitra that we should attack Jaan first.

Jaan tells Pavitra that we should play together. Pavitra says I want to be the captain. Jaan says first we should play together.

Rahul tells Rubina that Eijaz keeps one alliance every week. Rahul says people change their styles just before the nominations.

Jasmin tells Aly that I don’t want to be in the bad books by becoming a captain. Pavitra and Abhi have agreed to save me from nominations if they become the captain so I am fine with them being the captain.

8 PM
Rubina tells Nikki to stay away from the solar system, you are out of the task now. Abhi fights Jaan and pushes him out of the task. Rubina says Jaan is out of the task. Eijaz says oh wow. Jaan says you are not becoming a captain, you double-faced person. Eijaz says you used to take advice from me daily. Abhi tells Jaan that I paid you back. Bigg Boss says this round has ended as one inmate is already out. He asks Rubina to go back to the red-zone. Nikki says she doesn’t know anything.

Jaan tells Pavitra that I was staying in front of you to protect you but you made me leave the task. Pavitra says we were clear that we will play alone.

Aly asks Abhi if Pavitra becomes the captain then will she bring Rubina out of there? Abhi says I doubt, she changed her words in the last task and made Eijaz the captain. Aly says then who will go? Abhi says first Shardul and then Pavitra. Aly tells Jasmin to make Abhi the captain, you won’t eliminate Pavitra. Let Abhi do it.

Rahul tells Rubina that if Shardul is out of the task then he will want to go out in the round.

Abhi tells Pavitra that I will distract Shardul and you take him out. Pavitra says let’s stay till the end and then fight for ourselves, make me the captain. Abhi says you changed your words before too? Pavitra says I will not push you people. We will attack Shardul now. Abhi says done.

Naina tells Abhi that you should take out Pavitra as if you take Shardul then he will support Pavitra. Rubina says we can bring him to our side so he doesn’t think to support Pavitra. Rahul says he will support her anyway. Naina says Rahul is out.

Abhi tells Pavitra that let’s play the way we play. Pavitra says you both want to throw me out then I won’t mind. Jasmin says you will put up a fight. Pavitra says I am playing alone.

8:30 PM
The buzzer plays and all stand on the solar system. Rahul comes out and says I am fair. The meteor sound plays and Shardul tries to protect. Pavitra asks Abhi to let her. Jasmin and Pavitra attack Shardul and throw him out. Rahul says Shardul has been eliminated so Eijaz is out of this task.

8:45 PM
Rahul tells Pavitra that don’t bring Rubina as she will take me out. Rahul says you could have talked to me before. Pavitra says I am sure she will protect Abhi, I don’t want to push Abhi from the task. Rahul says they are clear to make Jasmin or Abhi to make the captain. Naina and Rubina are sorted on that. Pavitra says so I have to push Abhi out of the task?

Jasmin asks Aly if she shouldn’t become the captain? Should I wait? Aly says if you become the captain then who will you send? She says Eijaz, Nikki and Jaan. Aly says I want Pavitra here so let Rubina come out and throw Pavitra out. Jasmin says we will play and if I become the captain then we will see.

Rubina tells Rahul that you shouldn’t talk to Pavitra. She knows our strategy. Rahul says I am not on her side, I didn’t tell her that I will come out and save her. She is my friend and she called me so I had to go there.

Pavitra tells Jasmin that red-zone inmates want you and Abhi to become the captain so I will play my game now. Jasmin says I never lied to you. Pavitra says I want to play for myself now so I will play against you. Abhi says okay.

9 PM
The buzzer plays and all remaining stand on the solar system. Rubina comes out. The meteor buzzer plays, Jaan tries to distract Abhi so Rubina asks them to stay away. She asks Nikki to remain away. Abhi asks Rubina to enjoy it. Pavitra pushes Abhi and he falls down. Rubina says Nikki distracted Abhi, I don’t accept it. Rubina says Nikki was giving hints to Pavitra, she influenced the task, Nikki is not part of the task. Pavitra says I pushed him. Abhi tries to push Pavitra but she says don’t do it. Rubina says Nikki distracted Abhi and I don’t accept it. Pavitra says I pushed Abhi and he fell down, Nikki didn’t touch Abhi. Nikki says Rubina can’t change the rules, I didn’t touch Abhi. Pavitra says I pushed him and he got down. Rubina asks Pavitra to not lie, she tried to influence the task. Jaan shouts at Rubina that you can’t make your own rules. Rubina shouts at him that it’s my decision, Nikki distracted him. Jaan says you are being unfair, you are making your own rules. Abhi asks Jaan to stay away from Rubina, don’t go near her. Jaan says I am not going near her, she came close to me. Nikki says she came to Rubina. Pavitra says Rubina is making her own rules. Abhi says Nikki and Jaan distracted everyone in the game. Pavitra says but I took you out so why do I care if they were distracting. Rubina says I am not talking to you Pavitra. Bigg Boss asks Rubina if this round is going on or someone is out of the task? Rubina says this round is still going on as the eliminated inmates distracted everyone. Abhi and Pavitra glare at each other on the solar panel. They start moving. Abhi pushes Pavitra but slips and falls down from the orbit. Nikki says God is watching. Rubina says Abhi is out of this task now. Pavitra asks Nikki to not create distractions. Rubina tells Abhi to not trust Pavitra. She will always do this, she will cheat you every time.
PRECAP – Jasmin tells Pavitra that I will save you if I become the captain.
Rubina tells Abhi that why Pavitra didn’t push Jasmin and you only? Abhi says so you are saying Jasmin made a pact with Pavitra to take me out of the task? That I shouldn’t even trust Jasmin here? Rubina says you should focus on yourself.
Pavitra and Jasmin go in the last round of the captaincy task. They both try to attack each other. Naina says the winner is …
Pavitra tells Aly that when you call me a friend then I expect something from you also. Jasmin says why are you telling him all this? Pavitra says he is my friend too, if you are jealous that I can’t talk to him then it’s your problem. Jasmin says non-sense. Pavitra angrily leaves from there.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Candiva007

    OMG this show is so good yet it stresses me out. Too much screaming, if they did this on the American or Canadian Big Brother show they’d be kicked out. All the little tricks that Nikki plays she would get caught and be kicked out. I don’t even know who Nikki is? I’ve never seen her on any shows. I really hope Jasmine doesn’t screw Abhi and Rubina now that Aly is there. I think my BP went up watching Pavitra get all upset. Girl, ignore the bad people.

    1. agreed

  2. Aly !!! Don’t separate Abhinav, Rubina & Jasmin. They are very good together . Others are not trust worthy but they are very loyal to each other from day one😿😿😿 If Aly separate them then I will get angry on him 😠😠😠

  3. Abhinav I love you so muchhhhhhhhhhhhh

  4. What ever some haters may say yet we like Nikki, Pavi, Rahul and Jasmin…. Aby will be enjoyable after the exit of Rubina the negative influence….

    dump like Shardul & Naina add no flavours to this show…. the Devil’s army lead by crooked n’ ever complaining Rubina pain to watch… waiting to see her exit soon, but BB may keep her for long as this show requires such negative characters too…. Ejaz is a mystery man acting so weird at all times may not last long….

    Aly may create more troubles in the coming days to prove his worth…. This season is not so great compared to last year’s which had wonderful contestants, and good mix of all flavours….

    Coming days may decide whether this season will be a success or flop…. πŸ™‚

    1. Rubina can be annoying at times but she is definitely not negative

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