Bigg Boss 31st October 2020 Written Episode Update: Salman calls out Rahul for using nepotism word

Bigg Boss 31st October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Weekend Ka Vaar
Salman comes on the stage and welcomes everyone. He says this week was crazy, some new people have settled and the scene flipped in this week. Red-zone people are green-zone while green-zone people are in the red-zone. Kavita and Eijaz looked best friends but it’s not there anymore. He says people become puppets of others in the house. We gave them a task and see what happened.

In the House:
Abhi reads the task in which there will be a puppet master Rubina while there will be two of her puppets. All inmates have to mutually decide who are her puppets in the house. They will sit in the puppet play setup present there.

Nikki says Abhi is Rubina’s puppet. Abhi says I don’t listen to anyone, I can never be a puppet. Pavitra says I won’t call Abhi a puppet but they have a relationship where the wife can influence her husband. I won’t call him a puppet, I think Nishant is her puppet. Nishant says why? Pavitra says I have always seen you agreeing to everything Rubina says. Nishant says I do what I want, I completely disagree with you.
Eijaz says I think closest to Rubina is Abhi, I will take Nishant’s name. Nishant says obviously you will, you are a fraud. Eijaz says Nishant works on the borrowed agenda, he has to jump in everything that doesn’t concern. Naina says everyone is playing individually here. Eijaz says you have to take two names. Nishant says she has the right to not take a name. Kavita says it’s easy to take Abhi’s name. They stick to each other as husband and wife. Abhi is not her puppet, they have different personalities. Rubina says I think Jaan and Rahul are my puppets. Whenever I raise a voice against Rahul, he gives a reaction in the way that I want. I invest emotional support to Jaan and influence him. Jaan says you asked me to not talk to Nikki but I am still talking to her, you can’t influence me. Rubina says you are such an easy puppet that anyone can influence you. Jaan says nobody thinks that. Jaan says Abhi tried to influence me in the task. Rahul says Rubina is boring and says illogical things. He takes Abhi’s name because he always has to enter her arguments. He takes Jasmin’s name as they defend each other’s arguments. Jasmin says he says illogical things. Jaan gives Abhi’s name because Abhi always stands for her. Jasmin says it’s her support system, he is not her puppet. Rahul says so Jaan is Nikki’s support system. Jaan says Nishant is Rubina’s puppet. He always says things what Rubina says. Nishant says Jaan is lying, he wanted Rubina to become the captain. Abhi says Jaan is the most gullible person here, I don’t make enough parathas in a day as much as Jaan changes his side in a day. all laugh. I have predicted what will happen with Jaan, he is a nice person but he is stuck. I don’t agree with Rubina’s point that Rahul is her puppet, he is a criminally minded person. Abhi says Eijaz is Rubina’s puppet as he gives the reaction without any logic. Shardul says I agree with Rubina, I have seen Rahul and Jaan not taking my bag and they did what Rubina predicted. Shardul says what Rubina predicted was the reaction. Rahul didn’t take my bag. Eijaz says there is no mutual decision here.

On the Stage:
Salman says people take the decision with mutual understanding but this house never agrees on anything. Salman connects the call to the house. He asks the inmates if they had any pain this week? All laugh. Salman asks who is nominated? Kavita, Rubina, Jasmin and Nishant are nominated. He says Jasmin did great this week, all laugh. Salman says threatening is not allowed in this house and especially a guy can’t threaten a girl. Jasmin says nobody can threaten anyone. Salman says we will come to that but can you cry one time? You cried so painfully that people were crying and couldn’t see much. Salman says Kavita was the captain and now in the red-zone while Eijaz is the captain now. Who is changing the scene here? Salman asks Eijaz why does he look sad? You are the captain now. Nikki says he takes too much tension that people will break rules. He wakes up at 5 AM so he can keep an eye. Eijaz says I like to follow the rules and make others follow it too.
Salman says Bigg Boss gave you a task about Rubina’s puppets but there was no decision taken. We know for sure who are her puppets but we want to see what you think. You tell me who is her puppets in two minutes? They all do the voting. Abhi says Jaan and Rahul, Kavita says Jaan and Eijaz. Rahul gets 5 votes, Eijaz gets 4 votes. Salman asks how many votes for Abhi? He gets 5 votes. Salman says so you people think Jaan, Rahul, Eijaz and Abhi are her puppets but we know for sure. He says Nishant and Jasmin are Rubina’s puppets. Pavitra laughs and says I knew it. Salman asks Pavitra why she is so happy? Pavitra says I took Nishant’s name but he argued with me that he is not. I see him dancing to Rubina’s tunes. He gets influenced by her. Salman says to Jasmin what she has to say? Jasmin says I don’t think I am her puppet, I have arguments with her too. Rubina says I cheer her on and we have the same ideologies that’s why it might look like Jasmin is my puppet. Salman says you people are playing your own game but we can see for sure what is happening. Nishant says I discuss with Rubina and I listen to her when she is right. Salman says it depends when you follow her decisions without rational thinking, you are getting influenced. You both are following her orders. Salman asks Rahul that he wanted to take Jasmin’s name? Rahul says they are Sita-Gita, it’s a comedy movie. I feel like they are representative of each other. When Jasmin cursed at me then Rubina it was not right but it was justified. Abhi says Rahul said that Nikki cursed the situation and not Jasmin so what’s his stance? Rahul says Rubina was justifying Jasmin cursing at me. Rubina says he is misquoting me and I was not talking to you at that time. Rahul says they both rescue each other. They are each other’s puppets.

Salman says to the inmates that I will call the villain of the house on a chair now. We usually ask the inmates about it but from what we saw this week, it’s clear that you people will want Rahul to sit there. Rahul sits on the villain chair. Salman asks Rahul what his father does? Rahul says my father is an engineer. Salman asks about his first cycle, he says my nani got it for me. Rahul says my parents paid the fees for my singing. Salman says who worked hard in the singing classes? Rahul says my parents paid my fees but I used to travel 14 hours a day with my mother to take the class. Salman says you talked about nepotism in the house so what your parents did was nepotism or love? Rahul says it was not nepotism. Salman says your parents would do it for you because they love you. Salman asks Jaan who is more famous in singing right now between them both? Jaan says Rahul is famous. Salman says but Rahul has no backing in the industry. If it was about nepotism then Jaan must have been a bigger singer. He tells Rahul that if you have a kid in the future then you will work for them right? You will give them resources to learn things but if they become a singer then will they be a singer because of you or because of their talent? Will it be nepotism or love? If my father does something for me then it’s nepotism? If I have a kid then I won’t spend on my kid but on someone else’s kid? Is it possible? Rahul says no. Salman asks Rahul if he likes Sanjay Dutt? Rahul says yes. Salman says his father made a movie for him but it failed, still, Sanjay Dutt is still a star. People get launched in this industry on a talent basis. Salman says I didn’t know what nepotism is, it is that you push your own personality to get work but if someone likes someone’s work and gives them a chance so what’s wrong with that? People have launched star’s kids in the industry and those kids failed because the audience didn’t like to watch those kids. Salman says SRK and Akshay had no back in the industry but they made the name with their hard work. The person who has talent will work and the person who doesn’t have talent will only waste the money from their parents. I want to know if anyone can force their kids on anyone in this industry? I asked my father if he can recommend me to some directors but my father said that if they see something in me then will sign me themselves, he didn’t want to embarrass himself. So I worked hard and made a name for myself as my audience liked me. Salman tells Rahul that you want Ambani to give his wealth to Tata’s son? All laugh. Salman tells Rahul that no one comes here because of who their parents are, they come here on their own talent. Jaan wipes his tears. Salman says as Rubina and Abhi came here because of their talent. Jaan thanks Salman. Salman asks Rahul to not bring up this topic here. I think people have said worse in the house than what Rahul had said. If people didn’t like nepotism then what about Rubina’s comment that Nikki was no educated? Then Kavita telling Pavitra that she wouldn’t keep her outside her house too. Then someone commented on the upbringing of others. You people don’t have to say all this. Pavitra says they get silent when their friends are saying those stuff. They like to hear all those words from their friends but if the opposite team member says something then it’s wrong? Salman asks Nikki if she noticed biasedness? Nikki says yes, I cursed which was wrong but Jasmin can curse? Jasmin says if someone is doing something cheap then I will curse him. Pavitra says Rahul was not wrong at that time. Jasmin says you wanted Rahul’s support at that time so it was convenient to say he was not wrong but if he says something to you then he is doing character assassination. Pavitra says you are sitting with Nishant who attacked Abhi with sprays. Nikki says they talk about parents and all. Nishant says Rahul can bring out knives in the task but nobody would say anything. Salman asks Kavita if she can see things with clarity? She says no, I am trying to understand things, there is too much loudness. I was the captain and I follow the rules to the T, I couldn’t bear rules being broken. I was not ordering anyone. Salman says we are asking what you see in the house in general. Salman asks Shardul. Shardul says there are two warning neighbors, there are two groups who are always looking for reasons to fight, they take everything as a conspiracy. They are not ready to listen to anything we say.
Salman says one inmate must be happy to see Rahul sitting there. Salman tells Jasmin that you have done many shows, what does threatening mean in shows? I will suck your blood, I will cut you in half… things like that. Salman says what was the latest threat you heard? Jasmin says Rahul said that he will injure me. Salman says he just said that you might get hurt. Jasmin says it was his intent to make me hurt. Salman says Rahul’s two fingers are injured. Jasmin says he applied force on me to injure me. Salman says was it a warning, request, or a threat? Jasmin says his eyes were scary, his intent was clear. He applied force and I fell down once. Salman says Rahul tried to make you listen that you might get hurt. How can it be a threat? Rahul says Abhi was shouting at me. Salman asks Abhi if he was at Rahul’s place what he will do? Abhi says I can’t be at his place. Jasmin says his intent was to hurt me. Salman says who decided that? He didn’t hurt you. Jasmin says because the strap broke and I was saved. Salman says you were fighting for the bag and you could have gotten hurt. If there was an MMA fighter against Rahul and told him to leave or else he will get hurt so it wouldn’t have been a threat. Jasmin says I could his intent. Salman tells Jasmin that your feeling was a wrong feeling, we all saw how Rahul said many times to leave the bag. Rahul says I just asked her to leave the bag as she will get injured but she expected me to play dollhouses with her. Jasmin says he knew he was wrong and didn’t even say sorry. Rahul says she is egoistic. Salman tells Jasmin that you are asking Rahul to say sorry to you? I am making you hear something. He asks her Abhi to hear this properly. He shows the clip of Rahul requesting Jasmin to leave the bag, he kept pleading with her to leave the bag, please. Rahul says I said please to her 8 times. Abhi couldn’t hear that? Salman asks Abhi what he thinks? Abhi says if a kid comes home and says that someone scared her, gets depressed then I will ask her what her problem is and try to fix the problem. Salman says so you hear one-sided things only? Abhi says what is right is right. Salman says what you think right now? Abhi says I didn’t hear this conversation before. Jasmin says what I saw in his eyes, what about that? Pavitra says she was talking about childhood trauma, we all have our traumas but we can’t live here thinking all are animals here. Abhi says Jasmin didn’t react this way when Eijaz fought her in the task. Salman says Jasmin alleged Eijaz also for coming too close to her. Salman asks Jasmin what she saw in his eyes? Rahul was not even looking in her eyes much. Jasmin doesn’t answer. Abhi says people shout at each other, Pavitra shouted at Rahul for calling me her crush but all thought it was not a big deal but it was a big deal for Pavitra, the same way it was a big deal for Jasmin. Pavitra says that’s a separate matter. Salman says you have heard what Rahul said to her so you think Rahul threatened or cursed her in any way? Said anything bad? Abhi shakes his head. Salman says then is it right to cry so much on that? The reaction was an after-thought. Jasmin says I went to him after the task only. Salman tells Jasmin that you think I am saying something wrong here? You are going wrong here and I want to tell you that. Outside the house, everyone is making fun of you making this an issue. You cursed him and threw water at him on what grounds? Jasmin says I was angry. Salman says so Nikki cursed your anger too. Jasmin says Nikki cursed at me without any reason. Salman says so you cursed Rahul without any reason and threw water at him without any reason, it’s not good. Jasmin nods. Salman says your puppet master spurred you on, she said that Rahul deserves cursing and supported you in throwing water. Rubina even said that a girl can warn her but if a guy does it then it’s threatening. Rubina says can I say something now? Salman says please go ahead. Rubina says we have done tasks with Rahul in the house, we have seen him going crazy. He has accepted his crazy side in the tasks. If Jasmin wanted to create a drama then she could have cried on anything in a day but she was crying for 3 days and she was triggered. She might have been triggered because of her traumas. Salman says Rubina you are going somewhere else, we are talking about your instigation. You asked her to throw water at him. Salman says you heard how Rahul requested Jasmin so you still support Jasmin? You were there beside her. Rubina says yes, I was holding her bag but he was putting in so much strength. Rubina says that the task was about talking and convincing and not forcing others. They could have talked to me to give up the bag. Rahul was pulling the bad with so much force that it was hurting us. They can go to any extent to win the task. Salman says you will go all out in the task too, if it was not about the strength then leave the bag, you can leave the task if you think it’s too much force. Nikki and Jaan agree. Salman says it Rahul was sitting on the cycle and someone more powerful would have snatched the bag from him. Jasmin put up a fight and then cried about threatening? She could have left her bag. You don’t need to get hurt because of this, this is not life and death. Rubina left her bag without any force. Rahul says Rubina didn’t tell this to Jasmin? Salman says Pavitra would have easily taken the bag from Jasmin too. Salman says Rubina thinks that Rahul will beat some girl on national TV? Rubina says he knew she had an injury already so he was threatening her. Rahul says she can’t answer anything in a simple yes or no. Salman asks Rubina to keep talking. Rubina says what I genuinely feel, I talk about it. Salman asks Nishant if it was a threat? Nishant says no. Eijaz says I asked Jasmin what Rahul should have said to her but she was talking about his intentions. She was crying and not sleeping so I went to Rahul and asked him to clear it with Jasmin and say sorry to Jaan. Rahul says I am not a blind horse. Salman tells Jasmin to not make this an issue, I would have told you if there was the intention in his eyes. I need to be fair and I need to take care of you, I don’t want you to be portrayed wrongly, you have a great future so you don’t want people to think you are a crazy person. Jasmin says I understand what you are saying, I just want to request that maybe I was wrong but now they will have a point to bully me for a week, I am genuinely disturbed and I want to get out of it so tell them to not harass me. She cries. Salman asks her to not put up a fight where there is no equal strength, just give up. Jasmin says then they will say that I don’t do the tasks. Salman says you are giving content but I don’t want you to look like a crazy person. Don’t stretch issues out of anything.
Salman says to Rahul that you are sitting here because some inmates think you have criminal intent as you wanted to use knives in a task. Rahul says there was a buzzer task in which we had to defend our buzzer, I had thought about putting knives around the buzzer so that anyone that tries to press it will not do it. I then took the knives inside the bedroom and hid it. Gauhar made me understand that we can’t do this, I am clear what can’t be done here. Salman says Abhi said that we don’t interact with criminals in real life but if there is a criminal in the house then he needs to go so Abhi thinks that we bring criminals in the show for content. Abhi says I got scared by his thoughts, Jaan said that he is a psychopathic person. Salman asks Rahul how many people have he stabbed? Rahul says Abhi is very illogical. Salman says I like Abhi, his knowledge is different. Rahul says Nishant attacked him but he doesn’t care as Nishant is not in the spotlight. Only aliens can understand Abhi. Salman says you both keep irritating each other. Salman asks Rahul to be careful of his words and his weapons. Abhi asked for a screwdriver also.
Salman says so we could have extended this task for 6 days. Salman asks Rubina what about violence? Rubina is silent. Rahul asks if she can say something in short? Rubina says they talk about rules but Eijaz got down from his cycle and was disqualified. Eijaz says I can’t understand her. Salman says Abhi can understand her. Rubina says Pavitra saw Abhi still having his bag and they attacked him. Pavitra says Bigg Boss clarified everything, Abhi fell from the cycle but still fighting for the bag. Abhi was fighting with me so you didn’t care about the woman there then? You were worried about a woman being violent with her husband? Rahul says Rubina’s personal Bigg Boss is going on here. Rubina says if I don’t understand anything then you vote me out and send me out of the house. Nikki says it’s not in our hands. It is so convenient to call yourself passionate when you are being violent. Eijaz says she wants to playhouses in the task. Salman asks Rubina why she was holding Jasmin’s bag? Was that not passion? Rahul says they are sisters. Salman says so your passion is a passion but their passion is violence? Rubina says they were being violent. Jaan says no they were helping each other. Salman says Bigg Boss did intervene when things go over-board. Jaan says she is always shouting violence. Pavitra says she didn’t care about a woman being hurt? Rubina says so you agree that there was violence? Pavitra says no, I was hurt in the task but it was not violence. Salman tells that if there is violence then Bigg Boss will stop you and send you out of the house. Salman ends the call.

In the House:
Jasmin tells Rubina that don’t feel bad, they will say things. Rubina says they make things so convenient for their gain.

Jaan tells Eijaz that you answered them well. Pavitra says they were nominating Nishant and now he is in their group.

Rubina says we make strategies in the tasks but they just put in power and shout over the top. Jasmin says it’s their way of playing.

Eijaz says we will play school games now.

Rubina tells Abhi that I am done. Abhi says don’t get upset. Rubina says I am not talking about Salman but Pavitra, I was the one to tell her that she has dignity and respect for my husband but she flipped like this.

On the Stage:
Salman connects the call to the house. He says sometimes we think someone is my friend but the other person doesn’t think they are friends. Salman says it’s time for the caller of the week. Shardul is staring at Salman so Salman asks him to not stare at him this way, you look scary. Shardul says I was nervous to talk to you. Salman asks if he is fine? Get along with everyone. He connects to the caller.
The caller of the week Deepak says I want to ask Rubina something. Deepak says to Rubina that she makes big issues out of nothing. Rubina says I don’t do that, I raise a voice when I think it’s necessary. He asks if she thinks that they make captains for the show’s rating and content? Rubina says I didn’t say that. Salman says maybe we are wrong to hear all that. Deepak asks Rubina if she has a problem with Eijaz being the captain? She says I didn’t want him to be the captain as the red-zone inmates made him the captain after he was disqualified. Deepak says I am not satisfied with her answers. Rubina says Eijaz left the task and was not even keen on becoming the captain. Eijaz says I didn’t leave the task. Salman says to Rubina that you said the person who is getting more footage will win the task, you implied that Bigg Boss will favor the person who is bringing more TRPs. Rubina says I did say that but nothing to demean anyone. Salman says Deepak was asking about that only. Your answer was unsatisfactory. Deepak tells Rubina that you think the show wanted Eijaz to become the captain? Rubina says it was my thinking and I put my perspective. Do you want me to not do it? If you are telling me to not point to small things then I will not talk about small things. Deepak says I am satisfied now. Salman ends the call.

Salman tells Rubina and Abhi that you get busy with rules and regulations so much that you don’t play the task. Stop blaming Bigg Boss, you are competing with the inmates and not with the show. You think Bigg Boss is biased towards people who are bringing ratings. It’s not like that.

Salman says to the inmates that sometimes people get very little time in the house and they leave early. He says one will be eliminated. He says she just came here and she has to leave now. Kavita gets up and says I had a good time. Salman asks her to come out of the house. Kavita starts leaving but he says voting lines are still open. Kavita pouts. Salman says you are in hurry to leave? They want you to leave fast too. All laugh. Salman says voting lines are still open till tomorrow. You can request for the votes. Nikki can appeal to one person. Nikki says I am liking to see Rubina more so people should vote for her. Jasmin appeals for votes. Kavita requests to get votes. Nishant appeals to his fans to give him votes. Rubina says I am a fan of my fans, I want to request them to vote for me so I can entertain them. Salman ends the call.

Salman signs off from the episode.
PRECAP – Kavita tells Eijaz that I used to cook for him as he was alone and scared but I was not his friend. Pavitra says this is cheap. Kavita says I respected him as a senior but he used me. Eijaz tells Kavita that she is destroying her respect on TV, she doesn’t know what she is blabbering about.
Shehnaz enters the house to meet the inmates. Shehnaz tells Salman that I wanted to hug you. She says I love you Salman sir.
Shehnaz asks Eijaz what names Pavitra have called you with love? He counts all the nicknames that she has given him. Pavitra says he has something in his heart for me.
Eijaz lifts Pavitra in his arms and they go on a private date.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. No one is intrested in ejaz pavitra or rahul nikki jodi..stop this forced chemistry ufffff

    1. Oh yes please.. Specially Pavitra.. She looks horrible on weekend after applying so much makeup.. And she keeps shouting the entire week for no reason.. Kaat doongi cheer doongi…

      This show is really biased.. Ejaz did jump off why is he not disqualified if Abhinav doesn’t even have the right to protect his bag after falling off.

      Pavitra is even more irritating than Ejaz, Rahul, Jaan Nikki, Rubina all combined.. Atleast they are doing something to entertain to watch..

      Salman is only slamming Rubina all the time. Targeting her. Biggest puppet is Jaan no one saying anything to him.

      Pavitra was all about Seniors in first two week.. Too much of Sanskari.. Bado ki izzat bado ki baat OMG as if the trio was some Dada dadi and she cursed Gauhar so much in the end why did Salman not question her.

      She was seen bossing Nikki in first week for not being a good postmaster and then Bossying Rahul, Ejaz and jn yesterday’s episode Nishant..

      And then going and complaining Ejaz about ppl not picking up her clothes.. And the mother of all the logic died when she used women card.. Ek aurat ke kapde pade hain usko utha nahi sakte… Uff…people of India.. Main haath jod kar sabhi se in sabhi ke aurat honey ki maafi mangti hoon.. Aurat aurat.. Aurat.. Please big boss either send all men or the women out of the house so that they could fight on something sensible…

      Men in this season are either lost or too irritating to watch.. Women are all too bechari to play the women card all the time but can shout with their lungs out…

      And what to talk about Nikki.. Uff…such a self obsessed soul.. Calling every one dholki but she herself gets ludkofy idhar se udhar… Shardul was so bang on about her kauuve jaisi awaaz.. She is the puppet master I think manipulating Rahul and Jaan all the time.

      And no one is talking about how insecure she got when Naina entered because she is more beautiful than her.. Naina even mentioned she tried to talk to her but Nikki didn’t reciprocate infact she was the first to be attacked by Nikki. She wants attention all the time. When Salman said she wasn’t visible enough last time, she started doing drama from the next day teasing and fighting with Jaan for footage

      And vice verca when Pavitra and Ejaz got the badge of most viewed they think it is because of their so called love angle
      Where in last week All we saw was their too stretched fight for three days straight because big boss had nothing else to show.

      Uff.. Please l, I can still jhelofy Nikki but koi please is Pavitra ko bahar pheko.. The so called Gundi of the house

  2. The weekend ka waar is one sided. Pavitra played woman card and violence card and nikki gang too talks about education,proffesion and said some worst things about rubina and abhi as a couple and nikki abuses a lot and pavitra she abused gauhar khan like anything without any reason and they are justified in this?? Rahul talked about jasmine’s clothes and when jasmine abused him he also abused her back. I am not telling that jasmine and rubina are right infact they deserve such scoldings for their woman card and nautanki but so does the other group. Ek to contestants acche nai hai upar se one sided weekend ka waar. Pathetic season. Bigg boss is biased towards rubina group but I can’t digest even them. This rubina knows how to see others mistakes but she can’t see her mistakes and that’s what makes her look a negative person. I just hope after such a waar they mend their ways. I am not feeling pity for rubina group at all maybe they are not puppets but they are looking like puppets all of them deserve this bashing but so do the other group. And jaan is a use and throw puppet,nikki pavitra and rahul are big hypocrites. My point is no one is good all are bad so salman should bash everybody not just one group

  3. I just feel good because I haven’t paid so much attention to big boss this season.
    they really gave me a very bad impression last season…

    1. This season is the worst season ever. Last season we could support some contestants but this season it’s impossible. All contestants are horrible and the show format is also horrible. Pathetic season

  4. Nepotism ko kya ghumaya hai.. property can be inherited not talent. Rahul and Jaan was compared that itself shows nepotism. Do loag jinhone equal kaam kiya hi nai.,sab aane wale ne koi kaam kiya hai, success level can differ but Jaan ne kya kiya hai. He should have entered as a common man. Ushe ke papa ke love k basis par show me entry thode doge. Jashmin was wrong. But curse ki baat pavitra vs gauhar me nai uthi. Why not nikki puppet, fake couple being raised. Overthinking ka tag hai, overacting ka tag kyun nai…eizaz. sanchalak ke best hone par bhi task ka outcome badla gaya. Scene Palatna is ok but should have some basis. Basically jo bhi Rubina k grp me aayega will be bashed. 2 ki bali Jaan kly chadhi. 3rd is Nishant. Hum kishi k ghar jatea hai to ushke baat ko kat te nai but that doesn’t mean ki wo insaan right hi hai so is BB house. Looks like Bahar k mudea par jabardasti unko utha kar kuch log apni safayi de rahe. Jab pavitra khan saheb kly bolti hai Kavita ko to wo support karna. Rubina bole to playing in pair. Bhai forced couple to nai. You called them in show as couple, wo hai ek dusre ka support kyun change karea khud ko. Mat lo phir

    1. I believed Salman explained about Nepotism very well and with excellent examples of SanJay Dutt and Himself and of course will you not help your child, it is their in every industry and sectoy then why only bollywood is being called out for this. at the end, your family can support you with opportunities and ultimately its your Talent and hard work that makes your successful in whatever you do.

      Losers will keep complaining and winners like Ayushman , Ranveer , John, Akshay , SRK, Nawaz , Pankaj Tripathy and many more will keep shining.

  5. The way Salman explained nepotism….omg. But i’m surprised he actually spoke quite calmly to Rahul without losing his cool. I was expecting that he would literally blast him. But I guess he had no choice considering the current anger amongst the public regarding this burning topic.
    “Ambani apne paise Tata ke bete ko dega?” What kind of logic is that? Its not about parents helping their kids, but it is about other people giving these starkids better opportunities as their parents are famous, and ignoring the more talented ordinary ones.
    I’m actually glad Salman gave a good shouting to Rubina and Jasmin. They deserved every bit of it. The way they used their women card was so pathetic. But I felt Salman was taking out his personal grudge with Rubina out in all this. He literally called her “puppet master”, didnt like it at all. And even Pavitra should have got the scolding. She was the one who first started this women’s card thing. I’m a woman, my clothes, I’m a woman, my crush, oh god done with this drama queen. She wants to start her 2nd stint of “splitsvilla” with Eijaz. She is worse than Nikki.
    And so disappointed with Kavita. I thought she’d be this strong woman inside, but we got something else only. I dont even understand what issue she has with Eijaz. The way she’s going on a rampage talking about how he doesn’t have any friends in the industry, how he lost a nice girl and how his career has gone downhill, this is all so personal. And she also has the audacity to say that she has many many friends in this industry. And now saying that she cooked for him when he was alone and scared??? So toxic.

    1. A very neutral opinion couldn’t agree with you more. Honestly speaking this season is horrible in all grounds and all contestants are horrible. And this show is totally looking one sided now and the group who is targeted you can’t even support them because they are also equally horrible

    2. @Essay Yes, thats the problem. Both the groups are worse. None of them is good. Don’t know whose fault is it, the contestants’ or this season’s format’s.

    3. Both things are at fault. As I said iss scene tabhi paltega jab iss show ka trp ghatega aur 0 ho jayega

  6. Abhinav, you are so awesome. I love you so much Abhinav ♡ ♥💕❤😘♡ ♥💕❤😘♡ ♥💕❤😘❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  7. I think Salman Khan is in a dilemma, he actually couldn’t understand the problem of the housemates, so he’s bashing rubina. Pavitra is the puppet master, jaan and Rahul are all puppets. I love abihnav, so gentle and calm.

  8. Abhinav is totally a gentleman,he doesn’t belong in this kachra show,he doesn’t know how to play here or act here,u need to shout for no reason +abuse+fake violence and such things which i don’t think he could do.. so he would be out anytime when he would go on nomination but if d show is about showing your real personality…he has a very positive vibes full of knowledge at the same time independent(knows cooking and all other stuffs of house plus how he has been raised is great and so similar to many of its easy to relate)😍

  9. I don’t understand why this season is looking so biased.Also we can’t even see one strong person to support as when we think they are the next day they do something illogical that I can’t connect.
    And what is the elimination power goes to the contestant than what is the use of us supporting and voting.
    I really feel this is the most biased season with undeserving contestants.

    1. Not only biased it is looking a totally scripted show. If evictions are planned according to scripts then why public voting is allowed. And the contestants better not talk about them all are horrible. Soon shardul and naina will also be given a script and they will join the horrible contestants because only these two are worth watching whereas all others be it rubina group or nikki group all are equally horrible. As I said scene tabhi paltega jab iss show ka trp ghatega aur 0 ho jayega. Pathetic and disgusting season ever

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