Bigg Boss 30th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Eijaz becomes the first finalist with his dark secret reveal

Bigg Boss 30th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Race to Finale
Day 58
12:45 PM
Jasmin tells Aly that Kavita was not my friend but Rubina kept calling me her friend but then why she did it? Aly says you called her that she was not your friend. Jasmin says but she always called me her friend. Aly says you both were wrong. Jasmin says but she started it, she still is keeping the animosity. She was pretending to be your friend? Aly says we get angry with friends, it’s fine,

2 PM
Rubina tells Abhi to make veggies first and then make parathas. Abhi says I will make parathas and will do my workout. Rubina says you should make veggies gravy first. Abhi says I am doing my work and going out. Rubina says I am just telling you that they will take time to make veggies, you don’t have to make parathas right now. Abhi says it’s not my duty to give them warm parathas, I am not here to serve them all day.

Kavita tells Nikki that Aly’s truth came out. He said that he doesn’t talk about me but they said on the weekend that all he talks about is me, he doesn’t have any gameplan. Nikki says I agree.
Aly tells Abhi that Kavita thinks she is Sidharth Shukla. Jasmin says she doesn’t listen to anything against her. Abhi says Ronit couldn’t say much. Aly says he was a sweet man, he looked scared of Kavita.

2:30 PM
Nikki tells Jasmin that we should have been smarter in the captaincy task. Jasmin says you should have thought about the future. Eijaz says the captain could have got the immunity. He asks Nikki if she has shown leadership qualities? Nikki says Rahul doesn’t have any leadership qualities. I would have done my work as a captain. Jasmin tells Eijaz that she is a wall so don’t bang your head. Nikki says you are calling me a wall? You are a… let’s leave it. Jasmin says no, b*t*h about me.
Abhi tells Rubina that Nikki is discussing about leadership qualities now. Rubina says she is fake.

3 PM
Rubina asks Abhi if he has tea? He says yes, do you want it? Rubina says you can have it. Abhi says I made these parathas that you are eating right now. Rubina says these are stiff parathas. Abhi says seriously? Rubina says you have become a pain in the ass. Abhi asks her to behave. Rubina leaves from there.

4:30 PM
Nikki tells Kavita that Jasmin called me a wall as I don’t listen to her. She is a temple’s bell as everyone is ringing her. Kavita says she is stubborn. Nikki says she doesn’t have a mind. Kavita says she acted cute in the start but now she is too much ego, she doesn’t want to listen so I don’t care.

1 AM
Abhi is sitting in the bedroom. All are sleeping so he hints at Jasmin. She comes there so Abhi asks her to put this cushion near Nikki. Jasmin goes and puts it besides sleeping Nikki. Abhi thanks her. He ties a thread to the cushion and moves it. Nikki wakes up and says I got scared. Rubina asks Abhi to stop this foolish, we want to sleep. Abhi laughs at Nikki. Kavita asks Abhi to stop all this.

Day 59
8 AM
The inmates wake up to the song choli ke peeche. They all see ‘race to finale’ board in the living room. They all dance. Rubina says this is a reminder that finale is near.

9 AM
Nikki comes to Abhi and says you didn’t have to disturb me in the sleep, you can have fun in the day but please don’t disturb my sleep. Abhi says done so she leaves. Jasmin says she behaved like a good girl today. Aly says because Abhi didn’t answer her.

Nikki tells Rubina that your husband was disturbing everyone’s sleep but you keep ordering others around to sleep. Ask him to play with you at the night time, does he go to someone else’s house and throw a pillow at them? Rubina leaves fromk there.
Rubina tells Abhi that don’t become Jaan, you don’t have to joke with a girl who misbehaves with you. She was calling you a dirty man by throwing pillows at her. Don’t do this again, I won’t hear it again. Abhi says don’t tell me what not to do. Rubina says it’s not looking good for your personality. Abhi says I have heard so enough.

5 PM
Bigg Boss tells the inmates that this is the finale week and there will be only 4 inmates in the finale. In this race, some inmates will reach the finale by audience votes and some by winning the tasks. We will get the first finalist after today’s task. Rubina has the immunity stone which can protect her from nomination and become a finalist but it’s a finale week so it won’t be that easy. We are giving a chance to all the inmates to snatch her immunity stone. He says we all have secrets that we want to hide, we don’t even tell them to our close people. In this task, you will share your deep, dark, and shocking secrets. If you tell about your deepest secret and win the audience’s hearts then you will become a finalist. Bigg Boss asks Rubina to start the task as she has the immunity stone. To keep the stone with her, she has to tell a secret which most people don’t know and it’s shocking. Then after the buzzer plays, another inmate will tell their secret. Then the inmates will decide if Rubina had a shocking secret or the other inmate’s secret was more shocking. This will repeat 5 times, only inmates will decide who will go to the theater and whose secret is more shocking. Aly was nominated but it’s a finale so he will be part of the task too. He asks Rubina to come to the confession room. Aly says I don’t have any secret so I am not going. Kavita says I am not going to.

Rubina: She comes into the confession room. Rubina says Abhi and I decided to do Bigg Boss because we gave each other time till November, we were about to get divorced and we didn’t want these 6 months to be spent apart. She cries and says I feel relief that we both came here together, spent the time together. She breakdowns. Bigg Boss tells her that this show is about your character and your truth. Today can easily say that you have understood the soul of this show, you are brave to confess this in front of everyone.
Rubina comes in the house and her secret is shown on TV.
Abhi hugs Rubina and says you don’t need to cry. Rubina cries in his arms.
Jasmin tells Aly that they were on holiday. Aly says I heard this before.
Rubina thanks Abhi for giving them another chance.
Abhi comes in the living area. Jasmin asks if it’s true? Abhi smiles and leaves. Aly says my secrets are shit in front of these. Kavita says mine too.
Rubina thanks Abhi for giving her a chance.
Jasmin says they were on a holiday before coming here. Aly says they might have not wanted to let people know. Kavita says they were happy in the videos. Aly says it’s a big statement. Kavita says why would they come in the Bigg Boss to give a second chance to their marriage? Eijas sighs.
Rubina tells Abhi that you are my strength here. Abhi says you are strong yourself. Rubina says you are my strength. Abhi says it will be flashed over the media.
Kavita says no one is real in this house. Kavita says I am talking about their showmance. It’s okay to get divorced if you are not happy with each other, there is nothing wrong with the divorce.

Abhi tells Rubina that I am thinking about my parents. Rubina says my parents knew so they will handle yours.

Aly tells Jasmin that if you think it’s not an issue only then talk about it. Jasmin says you love me no matter whatever my secret? It can be deep, dark or anything but you will love me? He says ofcourse.
Abhi tells Rubina that now they will taunt me on my personal life. Rubina says do they matter to you? He says no but still.
Rahul tells Kavita that it’s not against their self-respect now? She is ready to tell about falling marriage for a finale ticket? I don’t accept this.

Bigg Boss asks the inmates that someone will go in the theater now.

Abhi cries and says I feel bad. They all know now. I feel useless now. Rubina says you made it through, they will be more happy that we passed the dark times. Abhi cries. Rubina says everybody goes throw up and down. We will grow even strong from here. Abhi holds her hand. She wipes his tears and says I love you, you are my strength. He nods. She says you are my life. We made it. She kisses him. He caresses her face and nods.

6:30 PM
Rahul asks Eijaz to think before going inside. Eijaz is tensed but goes in the theater.
In the theater, Bigg Boss tells Eijaz that if you want to get immunity stone you have to tell a secret which your close people know. Eijaz cries and says my father doesn’t know this, I am worried for him. He says I am afraid of touch because I was molested in childhood, I forgot about it but 5 years back when I started therapy, this came up again. It was not my mistake so I am not ashamed. I am sorry dad for not sharing it with you till now. Bigg Boss tells him that some secrets are close to heart because of fear and shame, you have brought it up so you are courageous. We salute you for this. Eijaz says this show tests our limits, I am grateful that I got this chance and this is my biggest therapy. I should have come here before only, thank you very much.

Rahul tells Aly that I think his secret will be dark.

7 PM
Bigg Boss asks Rubina to read her secret to the inmates. Rubina reads that she was getting divorced from Abhi so they gave each other a chance by coming to this show. Bigg Boss asks Eijaz to read his secret. Eijaz says I was molested in childhood that’s why I have an issue with the touch. Bigg Boss asks the inmates to decide whose secret is bigger. Eijaz cries and goes away. Kavita goes behind him and says can I give you a hug? She hugs him as he cries. Kavita cries too. Eijaz says it’s okay. He leaves from there. Kavita says you are stronger than that. It’s fine, it’s not your fault.

7:15 PM
Rahul says I think Eijaz’s secret has hurt me a lot. Nikki says both are shocking and sad but Eijaz’s secret have touched my heart. Kavita says Eijaz’s secret have hurt me a lot because we have felt it, it damages our personalities. Aly says I have seen it happen with my eyes. Jasmin says Eijaz’s secret have affected me more because I can relate to it. Abhi says this will make Eijaz stronger, I will agree with the majority. Rubina says Eijaz have won a battle, you have told such a big thing on TV, you absolutely this immunity stone. Aly says we agree on Eijaz’s name. Eijaz thanks everyone. Bigg Boss says Eijaz has the immunity stone now.

7:30 PM
Kavita tells Rubina that I really mean that you remain a couple. You want that right? Rubina says November was decided date for the divorce, we crossed that.

Rahul tells Aly that I felt bad for Abhi and Rubina’s parents. I feel like crying for them. He asks Nikki to think about her dad, he won’t have anyone. Nikki sees him crying and says what happened to you? She hugs him as he cries. Kavita says this is a heavy feeling. Rahul cries and says I am feeling bad for the parents.
Rubina tells Abhi that it’s so brave of Eijaz.
Kavita tells Nikki that I want Eijaz to heal from this. I pray for him to heal. I don’t want to go in there, they have more passion than me maybe. Nikki says maybe his passion is seen more.

7:45 PM
Abhi comes in the theater. He says I am telling a secret which nobody knows. My first film was a flop and I had high hopes from that movie because I came from a small town. It was a phase which I tried to ignore and I lost 2 years in which I didn’t get any work, I became bankrupt. Bigg Boss tells him that we breakdown from defeats but we move on. You have shared this which is brave of you. Abhi thanks him and says I don’t cry usually. He wipes his tears.

Jasmin tells Rahul that I love you, I am sorry if I have hurt you. She hugs him. He says it’s okay, love you. Jasmin comes to Eijaz and asks if she can touch him? Eijaz says it’s not finished yet, I haven’t been evicted. Jasmin says I know but I am sorry if I have hurt you, I used to have fun with you only but I never misbehaved with you. I am sorry.

8 PM
Rubina holds Abhi’s hand and kisses it. Bigg Boss asks Abhi to read his secret. Abhi says I was in a depression after my first movie was flopped. Kavita says I used to get bullied in my hostel, I used to cry all night and my family didn’t understand that. I became so guarded after that people are scared of me. I know what depression is but I want to stick to Eijaz. Jasmin says Abhi I respect you but I will stay with Eijaz. Aly takes Eijaz’s name. Nikki takes Eijaz’s name too as he is still struggling. Rubina tells sorry to Abhi and says how come I didn’t know this? Rahul says Eijaz’s secret is heavy. He says hats off to you Abhi. Rahul says these 6 months were out divorce months, we have fought and became strong here. Bigg Boss says as the inmates decided, Eijaz still has the immunity stone. Jasmin says I will go next. Abhi tells Rubina that it was my battle. Rubina says but I didn’t find out and kept blaming you for so many reasons.

8:45 PM
Jasmin comes in the theater room. She says I haven’t told this secret to anyone. It was the biggest mistake of my life. I had severe acnes in childhood, it left ugly scars so when I went to the auditions, I used to get rejected easily. I had 8-10 rejections daily, it broke me at some point. I lost hope that I won’t be able to do much but one day I decided that if I am not able to do anything in life so what’s there to live? I took medicines and tried to do suicide, I was so lost but then I got lucky and got saved. I realized it was the biggest mistake and till we are alive, we can fight. The result is that today I have everything in life. Bigg Boss says rejection is difficult but you have proved that life deserves a chance and we should keep trying. You are brave and you are very successful now. We praise you for this. Jasmin thanks him and cries.

Jasmin comes in the living room. Aly hugs her as she cries. Bigg Boss asks Jasmin to read secret. Jasmin says I faced many rejections that I tried to do suicide and it was the biggest mistake of my life. All look down hearing that. Aly says I still think Eijaz should get it. Rahul says Jasmin has set a big example but Eijaz’s secrets affects me more so he should get the stone. Kavita takes Eijaz name and blesses Jasmin. Nikki tells Jasmin that I relate when we think everything is finished, I had this in my mind also, I want to take Jasmin’s name. Abhi says I can’t compare so I will go with the majority. Rahul says the majority is with Eijaz.

9 PM
Eijaz blesses Jasmin. Jasmin hugs Aly. Kavita says I am proud of you, I am sorry for hurting you, I never meant to do that. Jasmin says I was genuinely concerned for you. Aly leaves from there and tells Rahul that they will be breaking heads tomorrow again.

Kavita asks Nikki if her secret will be shocking? She says yes.

9:30 PM
Nikki is in the theater room. She says when I was 19 years old, I started my career as a model and a casting director made me meet a person. There were girls there but I got selected. I got a call from the director and I went to take the amount. I took the amount from them and was going home but someone kidnapped me and asked me to give all the money to them. I was very scared, I gave them everything and they left me. I went my parent’s house and told them.
Aly says I hope Nikki doesn’t do something foolish. Jasmin says she is smart. Aly says she can do anything for the show.
Nikki says the crime branch investigated that they kidnapped me for money only. Bigg Boss tells Nikki that we praise you telling us the secret.

10 PM
Nikki reads her secret that she was kidnapped in 19 years by the casting director. All are sad to hear that. Aly says Eijaz’s secret is bigger. I offered him a massage once but he smiled and said that he had a problem with touch, now I can relate. Jasmin says Eijaz’s secret is heavier. Kavita says I massaged Eijaz’s hair when I came here, he allowed me to touch him, I am just telling everyone. She says my eyes opened just now so I will vote for Nikki. Aly says Sandeep said to not touch him so it’s a big thing. Abhi takes Eijaz’s name. Nikki says honestly my vote is with Eijaz, I was kidnapped but they never touched me, I can understand Eijaz’s situation because he was touched. Rahul says the majority agrees with Eijaz’s name. Nikki asks him to smile now. Kavita asks him to not sulk now. Eijaz says I will share the details if you want to, he angrily leaves from there.

10:15 PM
Rubina comes to Eijaz and says I understand that you are fighting with yourself but you have won it. I know it’s not about the immunity stone. Aly asks Eijaz to end it. Rubina leaves. Eijaz says I trusted her. Aly says she can shit anywhere she wants to.
Kavita tells Nikki that Eijaz came on my birthday but he was hugging everyone and he was totally fine. Nikki says as a friend, I want to tell you to go and share your secret. She says no.

Eijaz says if I let someone touch me then it’s because of trust. Jasmin says I understand from where you are coming, I have the same trauma. I know how to mentally prepare for myself. Eijaz says I won’t be stressed about it now.

Kavita tells Nikki that I am going. Nikki says that’s good.

10:30 PM
Kavita comes into the theater room and says I get angry when I remember that incident. I didn’t want to come here but I want to share this, not for the immunity but for the girls. When I was 11 years old, I was weak in mathematics so they hired an old teacher for me. One day, my parents were not home and the teacher was teaching me in the house. He talked dirty with me and he tried to rape me. I started screaming before he could go on, I threatened to tell my parents but he said my mother trusted him more. He left the house. I told my mom and she thought I was doing the drama because I didn’t want to study mathematics. After that, I failed mathematics every year. I started hating old men after that. This incident has damaged me so much and I had lost faith in old men but I have healed myself. I just want to say that parents should understand their kids’ problems and trust them. Bigg Boss says we praise you for your bravery and you will inspire many people today. Kavita thanks him.

10:45 PM
Nikki tells Eijaz that I know you are feeling bad but let it go now. Eijaz says the way you said that I should be happy about the immunity stone. Nikki says I am really sorry, please don’t take me wrongly. Eijaz says it’s okay.

Rubina tells Abhi that people are commenting on other’s secrets. Abhi says if you are sharing your secret then people will comment on it. You have shared the secret so all will be talking about it.
Eijaz tells Aly that I am done with Kavita. She is not apologetic about her actions with me. I don’t want to see her face again in life.

11 PM
Eijaz tells Rubina that Kavita hit me under the belt again, I don’t respect her. I want her to stay away from me.
Kavita reads her secret that her teacher tried to molest her and her family didn’t trust her. Nikki says what happened with you Kavita was wrong and your mom didn’t even trust you. I want you to get the stone because you don’t show it. Jasmin says they both were molested, I want to give it to Kavita. Aly says Eijaz had many traumas in life, his mother left him too so my vote is with him. Abhi says I still feel Eijaz is affected. Rubina says Eijaz took the initiative today, he was brave so I vote for him. Rahul says it’s very difficult to live a life without a mother. I can’t know that because I have my parents but I can feel Eijaz’s pain. Jasmin says I agree with you Rahul. Aly says the majority is voting for Eijaz. Bigg Boss says Eijaz will keep the immunity stone. He says we praise you for your bravery, you all have made us a friend by sharing a secret. Bigg Boss Eijaz has won the task and he becomes the first finalist. All clap for him. Eijaz cries and thanks him. Bigg Boss says all others are nominated. All congratulate Eijaz. Eijaz hugs Aly and cries.

11:45 PM
Abhi comes to Jasmin and says you wanted to talk to me? Jasmin says there is nothing against you. Rubina made it a big issue, my relationship with you changed, I understand that I can’t b*t*h about your wife to you. I know she is important to you. Abhi says I can’t change your opinion. I think it’s about ego between you both. Jasmin says I don’t want to talk to Rubina now. Aly tells Abhi that I said the same thing to Jasmin, they should talk. Jasmin says when I talk to her, she will throw everything at me, she is very clever. Abhi says she is not clever, I am telling you this.

Eijaz tells Rahul that when you talk about your parents, I don’t know how to react.

12:30 AM
Rubina kisses Abhi. Eijaz tells sorry to Rubina for taking her stone, I will make up for it, she leaves. Eijaz tells Abhi that my behavior changed with her because her birthday is on 26th August and my birthday is on 28th August, I think we are perfectionists. Abhi laughs.

PRECAP – Nikki says to Aly you’re so mean. You always act mean.
Kavita says to Jasmin when Aly gets married will be hiding his shoes or will you just sit in corner? Jasmine says not your problem.
Rubina says you’re very clever. Rubina says you’re such a liar. Jasmin says you misbehave with your husband. Don’t you think he minds? Jasmin says he loves you a lot. Kavita says you would bring this personal issue just because you want to go ahead in the game Rubina?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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