Bigg Boss 2nd November 2020 Written Episode Update: Double Eviction of Nishant and Kavita

Bigg Boss 2nd November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Double Eviction
Day 30
3 PM
Abhi tells Rubina that this game is about people throwing shit at you and smile while sailing away. Rubina says it doesn’t matter to me. Abhi says this game is about people shouting at you when you say one thing so out-smart others. Rubina says I take time to understand things. Abhi says now you know everyone.

3:15 PM
Jasmin sees Rahul coming and asks if he left his ego? He says I don’t have it. She says why do you think I reacted that way? Were we fighting before? He says no. Jasmin says if I over-reacted that because I wanted to put you down, I didn’t want to allege you, I was hurt and maybe I misunderstood you but you didn’t come to me and clarify that you didn’t intend to hurt me, you kept instigating me by calling me an actress. I am sorry if I misunderstood you but you might have unintentionally emotional hurt me. I accept that I perceived you wrongly, I had mental trauma because I thought you were putting me down with your strength, it was my mistake but you have hurt me unintentionally so you could have said sorry to me. Rahul says I didn’t realize what you had in mind, we don’t talk much to each other and you think I was unaffected but it was not the case. Jasmin says so you should have talked to me. Rahul says I take time to realize things, I say sorry from my heart so I take time like you took your time and saying sorry from your heart, if you think I have hurt you mentally or physically then I am sorry. I mean it, I wouldn’t have said sorry before otherwise, I would be lying but I am saying sorry. You are a nice girl, you are strong and opinionated. Sorry again, take care. He shakes hands with her and says let me know if I can do something for you. Jasmin says this was healing for me so thanks.

4:30 PM
Eijaz tells Pavitra that a monkey was trying to come inside so don’t eat here. Pavitra eats from a box and says I am hiding my food in a box. Eijaz says you are setting a wrong example, you look unreasonable. Pavitra says don’t interrupt me when I am eating. Eijaz says It is a rule. Pavitra says I am following my rules, I am not eating in a plate and there are no monkeys here. Eijaz says that’s not a point, you are eating so monkeys can be tempted. Pavitra says then they will be tempted by tea also. Eijaz says I have made the rule that you can’t eat in the garden. Pavitra says I am not following it, I am doing my tasks here and I am not being stubborn. Eijaz says I have given three duties to everyone but I gave you only dinner’s dishes only. I know you are helping others. Pavitra says there is no flexibility in duties here. Eijaz says I will do what I think is right, I take your suggestions. Pavitra says you can’t keep changing duties every day. Eijaz says I don’t have any expectations from you, you will do the dishes and you will clean the lounge. Pavitra says okay. Eijaz says why are you shouting at me? Pavitra says I talk like this only, my parents have never stopped me, why everyone has a problem with my loud voice? Eijaz says you don’t like this all the time? You are shouting at me right now. Pavitra says no more discussion, she leaves from there.

6:30 PM
Jasmin calls Eijaz. Kavita goes to him and says let’s not fight, I am sorry. Eijaz says you have to take a few things back. Jasmin says be soft towards each other. Kavita tells Eijaz that I got irritated, you know what was bothering me and you kept coming behind me. Eijaz says you can’t curse me. Kavita says I didn’t curse you, I said to not get in my a**. I didn’t curse at you. Eijaz says I don’t like it. Kavita says you are too egoistic, you just think about yourself. I was angry at that time. Eijaz says I was just asking you to respect me. Kavita says can you talk calmly? Eijaz says I am calm, I was doing my work. Kavita says you should work on your ego first, we are all guests and have to live with each other. I have love in my life. Eijaz says we will talk with respect to each other. Jasmin says a beautiful statement. Kavita says I don’t want to roam around with pumpkin face. Eijaz says my face is like that only. Kavita says then smile and make it a happy pumpkin, don’t take too much stress. You should enjoy your captaincy.

6:45 PM
Nishant asks Kavita if she sorted her issue with Eijaz? Kavita says I talked to him and I will be fine with him. I don’t know if he has any issues with me.

10 PM
Eijaz tells Nikki that you are my assistance, you will tell me in front of everyone what I want you to do. I will wash my clothes but you take my clothes in front of everyone and show them that you washed my clothes. If I remain the captain then I will allow you to go in the BB Mall and take whatever you want. He asks her to prove that you can something else other than Jaan here. Enjoy here and do my work. Nikki says yes, I will do it.

12 AM
Shardul and Rahul are washing dishes. Shardul says someone drank tea and didn’t wash their cups. I am not washing it. Pavitra says you can wash it when you are washing all the dishes. Eijaz says who drank green tea? Pavitra says Nikki. Shardul calls Nikki. Pavitra calls Nikki. Nikki says Naina drank green tea. Pavitra says how she got it? Jaan says Naina took it but I don’t know when. Pavitra says she can’t use luxury budget items. Nikki says he is lying also. Jaan says don’t do it, why are you getting angry?

12:30 AM
Nikki asks Jaan why he gave green tea to her? Jaan says I promise on my mother that I didn’t know when she took it. Naina says what’s the problem? Nikki says I am not talking to you, we all can get punished because we can’t share luxury budget items. I am telling Jaan that he can’t share luxury items as all will get punished. Naina says don’t keep talking about it, stop it. Nikki says I am talking to Jaan. Naina says get out. Nikki says you are not seen on TV so you get out. Naina says as if you have earned respect like this on TV. Eijaz asks them to stop it. We will talk about this in the morning.

12:45 AM
Shardul brings Naina to the washroom. Naina says I was having a headache and took green tea from Jaan. Nikki started talking about it and she just wants content.

Nikki tells Eijaz that there will be some action against this so you should punish them. Pavitra says Jaan gave it to her. Nikki says Jaan said that Naina took the green tea from him. Pavitra says it’s Jaan mistake that he didn’t stop her as she is new and doesn’t know the rules.

Day 31
8 AM
The inmates wake up to the song humma humma. They all dance and see a briefcase in the garden. Kavita says Bigg Boss is promoting a fake love story. Jasmin says there was no elimination from the red-zone till now. Kavita says don’t give them ideas.

10 AM
Nikki tells Eijaz that Jaan told me he didn’t give green tea to her but she is saying that he gave it to her. Eijaz says I will talk to them.

Jaan tells Nikki that I didn’t promise on my mother to lie to you. I didn’t give it to her. Nikki says but you didn’t stop her, you saw her taking the tea and it’s against the rules.

10:30 AM
Eijaz talks to Jaan and Naina. He asks what happened? Naina says I asked him where is green tea so he said he can’t give it to me but he told me that it’s in the drawer. He didn’t tell me that people can be punished if I use green tea. Jaan says I did tell you that I can’t give it to you. Eijaz says Jaan you told her that it’s in the drawer but said you can’t give it to her? You shouldn’t have told her the place. He says you earned it in a task. He tells Naina that don’t make your personality small by doing things like that. Naina says don’t say that. Eijaz says don’t repeat this mistake again. Naina says I didn’t know about this rule, I won’t repeat it. Eijaz asks Jaan to bring the green tea that he earned and everything else. Jaan brings everything and says I couldn’t find the honey. Eijaz tells Jaan that you can share your cigarettes but not the luxury items. He confiscates Naina’s cigarettes also. Naina tells Eijaz that I am talking to you. Eijaz says this is my decision and I am a captain, I don’t have to validate anything to you. Naina says my cigarettes are not a luxury budget item so you can’t take it from him. Eijaz says it’s my decision, he leaves. Naina tells Pavitra that tell him to not confiscate my cigarettes otherwise he will see my anger. How can he say that my personality is small? She says I will not make breakfast.
Pavitra tells Jaan that it’s not Naina’s fault, give her cigarettes back. Eijaz leaves from there.
Naina tells Eijaz that I am not cooking today. Eijaz asks her to not shout at him. Naina says I will shout as much as I want. Eijaz says you want me to get footage, stay away from my frame.

Nikki tells Eijaz that everyone talks behind your back except me. Eijaz says I like to fight alone.

Jaan tells Pavitra that Naina is crazy, I told her that she can’t take the green tea. Naina says you are a liar, you didn’t tell me that we will get punished. You are blo*dy ****. Jaan says you are a blo*dy liar too. You never told me that it’s against the rules. Get lost. Jaan says you won’t get your smokes back now. Naina says you can eat my cigarettes. You all are captain’s tail but keep talking behind his back. Jasmin tells Naina that stealing is not bad but getting caught it bad. Pavitra laughs and says don’t teach this to kids. Jasmin says everyone steals but be smart about it. Naina says I took the green tea after asking Jaan.
Abhi asks Eijaz who will make parathas now? Naina is not working. Eijaz says I don’t care. Abhi says you are a captain so you have to solve it by force or something else.

Nikki makes a shake for Eijaz and says we all are hungry as Naina is not making food. You should punish her. Eijaz says you can convince Jaan to give her cigarettes back to her.
Naina tells Rahul that they planned all this against me. Eijaz had this idea to hide my cigarettes. He planned to hide it. It’s his personality.
Nikki comes to Eijaz and says Naina is b*t*hing about you. We do need food. Eijaz says we will see what can be done. Abhi asks Eijaz to do something, don’t get too egoistic. Eijaz says it’s my decision. Pavitra says you have to talk to Naina as we all will suffer, she can’t stop doing her duty because of her mistake. Eijaz says you all tell me what I should do? Pavitra says we are all waiting for food. Eijaz says that person got her punishment, she should know that food is her duty. Abhi says it’s the captain’s duty to get food made. Eijaz says then remove me from the captaincy.

Rahul tells Naina that we all are suffering because of you and Eijaz’s issue. Naina says I will make food but I am disgusted by Eijaz.
Nikki tells Eijaz that this is not right, when I stopped food then you were giving me suggestions to not let people be hungry. Eijaz asks Naina to to make food. Naina says I want cigarettes back. Nikki tells Eijaz that we all are hungry. Rahul tells Eijaz that this all can be finished if you give her cigarettes back. Eijaz says I have asked Jaan to give her packet back. I didn’t stop him. Jaan says Eijaz asked me to not give it to her. Eijaz says like you gave her green tea then you can give her cigarettes. Jaan says I don’t want to give it back. Rahul says but it’s not your packet. Pavitra asks Jaan to stop this. Jaan says I want Naina to ask me for the packets. Jasmin says who says that the captain can punish anyone? Only Bigg Boss can punish anyone. Rahul says we want food Eijaz, he asks Eijaz to sort this.

10:30 AM
Rahul tells Naina that if you want to get against Eijaz then take him one on one but we all are suffering right now. Naina says I will make food except for Jaan and Eijaz. Pavitra and Nikki thank her.
Jaan asks Rahul that it’s solved now. Jaan tells Eijaz that I will not give cigarettes back to her unless she asks for it. Eijaz says this is checkmate. Nikki says I told Jaan to not give the packet to her. She tells Jaan that if she talks sweetly to you then don’t move away from your stand. Nikki says even if she begs you, don’t give her the packet. Eijaz says I woke up at 5 AM to plan all this.

11 AM
Jasmin asks Naina why she made food? Naina says I didn’t make food for Jaan and Eijaz. I finished flour so they will have to make it themselves. Rubina says best.

11:45 AM
Nikki tells Eijaz that I don’t want the dress, I want something else. I will get one item only. Jaan asks Eijaz I want some items too. Eijaz says then make a deal with me. I can give some items as a reward. Abhi says I am doing three duties. Eijaz says I am making Nikki to my personal tasks. He tells Abhi that I didn’t get parathas today. Abhi says you were fighting with her as a captain. Eijaz tells him that she kept everyone hungry for her cigarettes. Nikki says I want coffee. Jaan says I want coffee too. Eijaz says she has a right to get her item first. Jaan says you could have given me work too.

12:30 PM
Rubina says nobody was eliminated after Shahzad so one will be going for sure. Nishant says I just have regret for not doing a physical task before leaving. Rubina says I will leave today as winning. I can’t be diplomatic. Nishant says Jaan, Pavitra and Nikki are acting nice to me as they think that I am leaving today. I don’t want to butter them to stay here. Rubina says I don’t go anywhere to win the show, I want to earn respect and hearts.

1:15 PM
Nikki tells Pavitra that I asked for coffee from Eijaz so he said that it’s not a luxury budget item. I took a dress from there. Pavitra says why he is giving it to you? Nikki says I am doing his work so he can give me some items from the BB Mall. Pavitra laughs and says he made that rule himself?

2 PM
Abhi tells Naina that they were just having fun today, you did well by not stretching that matter. Naina says they pre-planned all that. Abhi says even Nikki shouting at Eijaz was a drama.
Nikki tells Eijaz and Jaan that cigarettes will come again but you shouldn’t share your luxury budget items. Eijaz says I know what I am doing.
Abhi tells Naina that they gang-up on people but soon they will be fighting among themselves.
Eijaz tells Nikki that I am getting irritated by this captaincy.

3:45 PM
Abhi tells Pavitra that I want to know what’s inside the bag? Pavitra says it can be a ticket to the finale. Abhi says if I get it then I can sit here and eat food? Pavitra laughs.

4 PM
Pavitra tells Eijaz that you are giving clothes to Nikki? Eijaz says she is doing all my work so she is getting a reward. Pavitra says you could have asked me, I would have done your work. Eijaz says you should have asked for it. Pavitra says I asked you to give me more duties. Eijaz says but then you left in anger. Pavitra says you know I am not a fool. Eijaz says that’s why we work nicely and not work nicely.

4:30 PM
Pavitra is giving a massage to Rahul. Jaan says this is a twist. Eijaz is eyeing them. Jaan says Eijaz is jealous. Eijaz says I massage my shoulders myself. Pavitra says Jaan is there for you. Rahul says it feels good. Eijaz calls Pavitra to him but she keeps massaging Rahul’s shoulder so Eijaz goes to Pavitra and picks her up in his arms. Nikki and Jaan cheer. Pavitra says don’t throw me. Eijaz puts Pavitra down on a chair near him.

6:30 PM
Bigg Boss tells the inmates that the briefcase is about who will be evicted from the red-zone. He says the inmates do think about how they are doing on TV and who would be eliminated from the nominations. They all nod. Bigg Boss says the green-zone inmates will decide the fate of red-zone inmates along with the audience. We will ask you who is less interesting and might not have been liked by the audience. Who should go home today? He says Kavita is new here so this decision should not be dependent on how much time one spent here. This decision should be about who would be interesting to watch in the coming days on this show. Your decision is important because as per your votes, one inmate will be eliminated at the moment. The voters are still voting till tonight and if their decision matches with your decision then one inmate will be eliminated. If your decision does not match with the audience’s decision then there will be two eliminations today. All are shocked. This decision will be your individual decision. No one will talk to anyone in any sign or any word to one another. He calls Pavitra in the confession room.

Pavitra: Bigg Boss who people will not want to see ahead? She takes Nishant’s name and says I think all three girls are strong in their own zones.
Rahul: He takes Nishant’s name as he is not interesting.
Nikki: She takes Nishant’s name as he doesn’t have a mind, just power. He is not entertaining, all three are entertaining.
Abhi: He takes Nishant’s name as he is silent and doesn’t have much to talk about. He is not interesting here.
Jaan: He takes Nishant’s name as he thinks Nishant looks lost here.
Shardul: He takes Nishant’s name as he is not interesting.
Naina: She takes Kavita’s name as she was not right to show her friendship like this. I don’t think the audience would have liked it.
Eijaz: He takes Nishant’s name as he is stuck in a circle, he doesn’t show his personality.

6:45 PM
Bigg Boss says all green-zone inmates have given names. As per the votes, the person who got 7 votes out of 8 is Nishant so he will be eliminated right now. Nishant says thank you. He hugs Kavita. All are stunned. Bigg Boss asks Eijaz to open the red-zone lock. Nishant hugs Rubina. Jasmin is sad. Nishant comes out of the red-zone and says freedom. He hugs Abhi, Shardul, Naina, Nikki, Pavitra and Jaan. He hugs Rahul and wishes them luck. He leaves the house. Jaan is sad. Nikki says he left in just two seconds. Jaan cries so Nikki consoles him. Jasmin says don’t feel guilty, friends fight all the time. He is very nice, he always wanted good for you, he wanted to save you. His first priority was to save you but don’t feel guilty.

Bigg Boss says you have given your decision and Nishant has been eliminated but voting is still going on. We have to see what the audience decides and if it matches your decision. If your decision does not match with the audience then another inmate will be eliminated.
Jaan cries and tells Nikki that he was my friend. Nikki says talk to him outside and clear things. Shardul hugs him. Jaan says I didn’t stand with him. He didn’t even say bye to me.
Kavita says to Rubina that why he is crying now? Rubina says 7 people voted him out of 8 so they all voted him out and now acting as they care. Jasmin says most probably Abhi didn’t vote against Nishant.
Jasmin cries so Shardul consoles her and says this will happen here.
Eijaz tells Jaan that Nishant was boring, he was acting, he was trying to pick on other’s fights. Nikki says he couldn’t express himself.

7:45 PM
Nikki brings Eijaz’s clothes and says I have washed everything you gave me. He asks about his boxers. She says I washed those too. She leaves. Pavitra asks Eijaz if he made her wash his boxers? He made a girl wash his boxers? Eijaz says people know me and still doubt my intentions.

10 PM
Eijaz tells Jaan that you have a focus on the game. Jaan says you are being nice to everyone, I am doing everything for you but you are not giving me rewards. Eijaz says you got the chances but still not capitalizing it. Jaan says you want me to fake fights with you? You are rewarding people who talk behind your back.

Nikki asks Jaan to come and eat but he doesn’t. Eijaz says I was talking to him to make him understand that he needs to pick up his game. Jaan asks him to shut it, I don’t want to hear it more.

11 PM
Bigg Boss tells the inmates that Nishant left the house as per your votes but the audience was voting. Voting has stopped now and we will know if your thinking and audience thinking match or not? We will know if there will be another eviction or not. The briefcase comes down in the garden. Bigg Boss asks Eijaz to open it and tell us the game. Eijaz opens the box and says the name written here is Kavita. All are stunned. Bigg Boss says the least voted inmate is Kavita which means the inmates’ decision did not match with the audience voting. He asks Kavita to leave now. Kavita hugs Jasmin and Rubina. Abhi hugs her. Kavita says bye to everyone and leaves the house. Eijaz goes to her but she leaves the house. All are stunned. Jaan hugs Eijaz. Abhi says the audience is God. Bigg Boss says eliminations are done so Rubina and Jasmin will move back to the main house from the red-zone. Rubina thanks the audience. Jasmin thanks her fans. I will learn from my mistakes, I need your support so always vote for me.

11:15 PM
Eijaz hugs Pavitra and says I feel angry, why did I think she was my friend? I thought she will meet me before going but she didn’t. I don’t need friends anymore. I wanted to talk to her. I just wanted a simple apology from her for saying that I was scared in life. I will not make friends anymore.
Eijaz tells Shardul that I have learned my lessons here. I feel bad now. I didn’t even deserve her bye? Shardul says I felt bad by her leaving. Eijaz says I do feel guilty as I put her in the red-zone.
Abhi hugs Rubina and asks if she is fine? Jasmin says aww, may you both always stay together.

12:45 AM
Abhi tells Rubina that they have made a gang. Eijaz, Nikki, Jaan and Pavitra are part of the group. Pavitra acts like she is playing independently. Rubina says they were crying after Nishant left? Abhi says Kavita brought him out of the red-zone and he made Kavita leave the house.

2 AM
Nikki tells Jaan that I will stand with you but you have to move-on. You are my friend so I will take a stand for you always.
Pavitra tells Jasmin that I felt bad for Jaan when he was crying for Nishant but a half-hour later he was singing happily. Jasmin says I don’t understand Jaan, I thought he was sad when Nishant left but I think he is just childish. Pavitra says Jaan is just a fool, I am telling you that Jaan is surviving in this house because of Nikki only, he can’t do anything without, you mark my words.

PRECAP – Bigg Boss says Eijaz can save one person from the nominations. Eijaz says I will save Jasmin. All are shocked.
Pavitra tells Nikki that this shows his reality, I knew he was playing a game. She cries and says I made food for him, I did so much and he did this? I will not spare him now.
Nikki and Rahul go for a task. They have to get oxygen. Rahul tells Nikki that we will have to snatch from each other. Rahul and Nikki fight. Nikki says I am always scared that I will lose. Rahul says you’re making it disgusting. He cries and says I don’t want to play with her. Rahul says she is playing dirty. Naina says to Nikki to keep girls’ respect at least. Keep your mother’s respect at least. Nikki says that shows your mentality. Rahul says you showed your reality. Nikki says I don’t care.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Jaan is the most fake person actually 🙄 nikki nikki karta hai or har baar nikki ke against khelta tha..or ab nishant..its fine he nominated nishant but thn y he was crying nd all..he came in this house just to cry..

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    1. Shraddha Kamal

      Ya… Rahul is Sid… Chi 🤢.. You know i Don’t like sid at all.. But sid jo bhi tha ek trend toh bande ne set ki thi but Rahul chi… Sid is greatest for me then… Rahul ka game bhi uthna nahi jithna sid ka tha… One liners accje hai rahul ka but Sid Asim sana innka one liners were bestest… Fuddu sa hai un logo ko muqable… So please Don’t compare that rahul guy with Sid Shukla and lastly Jaan bohoth baara fake and faalto insaan hai… Chiiiiiii Rahul se bhi gaanda 🤮🤮🤮

  4. I think next person who will get eliminated is jaan only…I can’t see his real face at all…

  5. 2 ppl who are most interesting:pavitra and Jaan. Jaan is actually playing the real game, era banke peda Wala… Next is captain saheb… Sob story, ppl betrayed him all throughout life…and then pavitra…woman who told ki Kavita ko khana khilane ki baat nai Lani chahiye thi.. hum to aise hi logon ko khila dete hai…and she is talking about food now…wo bhi sayad uskely jiskly she has feelings

  6. if the game goes fair its gonna be jaan only to be evicted,,,,,,,…..

    1. True.. But BB is trying to save him. Thats why this last min changeover task was planned.


    I like the way abhinav told

    “Janta Janartan hai bhai”

  8. Jayasuriyadheva

    I really loved the tone how abhinav said

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  9. Ye alag baat hai ki captain ko BB nai puchenge ushe baar ki BB mall se reward dene ka haak kish ne diya but the fact is Eizaz is conveniently emotional, touchy, power driven, rule maker, beaker and conveniently dumb at times. He over reacts and his actions to me seems like kuch alag karna hai to kuch bhi karunga. When ppl expect Pavitra ko favor karna hai to Jashmin ko karunga.. nikki ko to rahul ko karunga. Looks like He believes in complexity as he is himself one

  10. Someone asked why I think Eizaz was not 100 percent right either. I did answer that on 1st Nov update. Maybe ppl won’t agree but that’s my perception. You can’t say you are friends with someone by just accepting favor. It is 2 way process. However food comment was not justified but that is what anger does.

  11. Ejaaz is a lad that is making a fool out of himself. Don’t have a disliking against him, nor have a liking for him. Keeping the irrelevant aside, Jasmin is surely someone to look forward to. A decent lady, playing the game with keeping her emotions intact (apart from a few times).

  12. Yeah yesterday Jasmin alone was good, Nishant really sad he was planned and removed for not being bb material.

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