Bigg Boss 28th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Eijaz and Pavitra ‘Ke Pyar Ko Kiya Naam Doon?’

Bigg Boss 28th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 25
7 PM
Jasmin shouts Rahul to not threaten her, she throws water at him, she says you are a *****. Rahul acts like throwing a water bottle at her. Abhi asks him to not hurt her, he says why did you threaten her? Do you want to injure her? Rahul says I warned her three times. Shardul tells Jasmin to not throw water at him again. Jasmin cries and says I never did bad with anyone here and he is threatening me now? Rahul says she can throw water at me? That is fine for a girl? Pavitra says she is wrong. Jasmin cries and says why there are bad people here? Rahul says like they are statues of goodness. Jasmin shouts that I am a statue of goodness. Rahul says you are a good actress. Pavitra asks Jasmin to calm down, I also asked Rubina to leave her bag as she would get hurt. Rubina says one woman told another woman as she cared for her. Rahul says if I told Jasmin that she will get hurt then I am threatening a woman? What are you saying? Rubina says Pavitra requested me, she didn’t threaten me. Rahul says I requested Jasmin as well. Shardul tells Rahul that you showed the bottle to her as if you were going to throw at her. Rahul asks him to not make this an issue. Jasmin says I will be scared to play against boys now? Rubina says never. Naina says Rahul pulled Jasmin with full force. Rahul says she acted like a *****, Nishant asks him to not curse. Rahul says she started cursing me before but nobody stopped her. You are selectively dumb Nishant. Nishant says I didn’t hear her curse at you. Shardul says I asked Jasmin to not curse at you. Naina tells Jasmin that he would apply force to get the bag from you, he did give you a chance. Pavitra says Jasmin is a strong person, it doesn’t suit her, she asks Rahul to not make this a personal issue. Kavita tells Jasmin that it’s not about boys and girls here. Jasmin says Eijaz applied force at me, we played in the game but I didn’t blame Eijaz at all but Rahul was threatening to injure me. Pavitra says what is woman vs. man in the task? Kavita tells Rahul that you didn’t threaten her, you played your game. Naina tells Rahul that you played your game well. Nishant tells Rahul that if you are innocent then you will remain innocent. Jasmin goes and cries.
Pavitra tells her team that it’s not written in the rulebook how we can take a bag. Abhi is powerful so we should attack him together to get the back.

Shardul tells Jasmin that you are taking this wrong, he was scaring you and you got scared. Jasmin says he wanted me to get hurt. Shardul says you can’t prove that, if this is an issue then make it a right issue, he will clearly say that it was his strategy as at the end of the day he didn’t hurt you. Jasmin says I was not wrong and I will stand by my words.

Rahul tells Nikki that we should make Nishant get tired. Jaan says we should focus on others first before Nishant. Pavitra says we will focus on others.

Jasmin tells Shardul that boys have more strength so they will threaten me in every game and ask me to leave the game. Shardul says you have put your point but don’t stretch it. Jasmin says those kinds of men are cheap and I spit on them. Nishant says but cursing him is wrong also. Jasmin says he gave me a reason.

Nikki tells Jaan that be smart about Nishant, he won’t put you on priority, he clearly said that he won’t select you if he gets any power so be smart.

Rubina tells Naina that Rahul was clearly threatening to hurt her. Naina says it’s a game and we will get hurt. Naina tells Jasmin that you are right but Rahul is right also, he was just telling you that you might get hurt. You can’t play alone in the game. Jasmin says I am not dragging you in this so let it be. Naina says I am just clarifying you as a referee.

7:30 PM
The buzzer plays, all sit on their cycles with their bags. Naina asks red-zone inmates to play fair, don’t hurt them. I am not being biased here. Jaan says you are not biased. Nishant says they shouldn’t be forceful, they should talk to us and convince us to give up the bags. Jaan says then if you don’t give up, we will snatch it from you. The red-zone people attack the inmates. Pavitra comes to Eijaz but he says I want to be a captain and will be fair.
Nikki asks Shardul if you become a captain then you will save from the red-zone? Shardul says I will save Pavitra as she is my friend. Nikki says friendship is very important for me and I respect that. Pavitra says Shardul is new so he should take time and others deserve to be captains more as they have been cursed, beaten and have done everything in the house so I think others should get a chance. Nikki comes to Nishant and says the friendship is very important and I left Shardul as he will support Pavitra as his friend. Nishant says I just said that I will select the person more deserving from you 4. Nikki says I will not let you be the captain for now. Nishant says take me at the end of the task, if you think I should leave the task right now so take my bag. Nikki takes Nishant’s bag and he lets her. She thanks him for being cooperative. Pavitra asks Kavita to give her bag. Kavita gives up her bag. Nikki says Nishant doesn’t deserve to be captain right now as he couldn’t make others follow the rules. She puts his bag in the red-zone and Nishant is eliminated.

8 PM
Jasmin says Rahul brought knives in the buzzer task also, he wanted to put knives around the buzzer so anyone coming closer would get hurt, his mind is wicked. I asked him what he was doing so he said it’s his strategy to use knives to shoo away people from the buzzer but Gauhar stopped him. Nishant asks Rahul if he wanted to put knives around the buzzer? Rahul says yes I did bring knives with me and my logic was to protect the buzzer, anyone coming to attack the buzzer is on them. I did think about putting the knives but I didn’t do it, I just hid the knife so no one else could use them. Rubina says it’s his intentions that are bad. Jasmin says his personality is cheap. Rahul says keep giving your performance, you are an actress. Jasmin says you can’t even give that. Rahul says I am not an actor. Rahul says you cry, you curse and you b*t*h about me. Jasmin says you are nothing.

8:15 PM
Eijaz tells Jasmin that what Rahul should have said to you? I am not talking about his intentions but he was just telling you that you might get injured. Jasmin says it’s his intention, he will injure me. Rahul says you could have been injured before also. Jasmin says don’t save yourself now. Rahul says we are all seeing your respect and manners. Jasmin says he is so cheap, he wants girls to look weak by showing off his strength. Eijaz tells Jasmin that it will be cleared on weekend. Rahul says she is talking about respect but throwing water at me? If she was so hurt then how she is doing a conference there? She can call me ***** but I can’t curse her? I won’t because I am not like that.

8:30 PM
Abhi tells Eijaz that in the outside world, we can ignore criminals but it’s a house and he is dangerous. This guy needs to go, we should eliminate him. Rahul says I just thought about knives but harpic was used to Eijaz and that’s not *****. Naina tells Rahul to not defend this knife thing. Abhi tells Rahul that you agree you did wrong? Rahul says not at all. Abhi says you can’t even apply logic. Rahul says Eijaz could throw harpic at you and Bigg Boss stopped you but you are talking to him now? Abhi says I talk to people who have logic.

9 PM
Bigg Boss says the time for task has ended today. He asks Naina to put the remaining bags in the storeroom and Kavita will lock the red-zone.
Nikki tells Rahul that you played well but you shouldn’t have brought the knives out, even the thought was wrong. Rahul says don’t make it an issue, we have these kinds of thoughts a lot. Nikki says but doesn’t even think about it. She sits with him and Rahul looks down. He cries so she consoles him. She says you did nothing wrong. You didn’t hurt anyone. Rahul says I defend myself but these things hurt me. Nikki says they are just looking for a chance to make something an issue, relax now. Rahul says I can’t show my weak side. She caresses his hair and calms him. Rahul says if you leave from the red-zone then I will go crazy. Nikki says I will sit near the wall. Rahul says I don’t even talk to anyone other than you here, thank you for being here. Nikki says always. Rahul says if I was like someone else, I could have said sorry to Jasmin just to be fake. They can do anything and just say sorry. Nikki says how could she throw water at you? Rahul says she must have watched the tea clip from last seasons when Rashami threw it at Sid so she copied it as she is an actress.

10 PM
Jaan tells Pavitra that Eijaz will save you if he becomes the captain. Pavitra says he took my name but that’s not confirmed. Nikki says no, if he took your name then he will save you. Jaan says if I think about myself then I should save Rubina as she doesn’t have a good equation with Nikki, Rahul and Pavitra so she will save me. If there is an individuality coming in then we should pick our targets who will save us. Pavitra says who will save Nikki? Nikki says Eijaz and Shardul will save Pavitra. I can’t talk to Abhi as he is dull, I will try to convince Rubina or Kavita to save me. Pavitra says so we are playing individually now? Nikki says we have to save ourselves, Pavitra says then we shouldn’t discuss anything.

10:30 PM
Eijaz tells Jaan and Rahul that you people can play individually but you all should be one team. Nikki says we are clear. Eijaz says let me know whatever you decide. Nikki says Pavitra and I are clear to make you the captain. Eijaz says you think I am hungry for captaincy? Jaan says everyone is hungry here to save themselves. Eijaz says let me talk Jaan. Pavitra asks Eijaz to listen to her. Eijaz says let me talk to Jaan, I am not hungry for captaincy but I will be fair and will make fair decisions. If someone else becomes the captain then they will take out anger on you people. I will take Pavitra out first as she is not comfortable here, then I will save Nikki as she is a girl then I have a good connection with Jaan so Rahul will be last for me. Jaan says I have been nominated every week so I should think about myself. Pavitra tells Eijaz that you know me, you know how I think even if I don’t say things you know what’s going on in my mind. She says I am telling you that if you become the captain then please Jaan, I don’t want back-stabbing people around me. Jaan says you are pointing at me? Nikki says you are calling me that? Pavitra says I don’t owe anything to you Jaan. Pavitra asks Eijaz to save Jaan, he needs to save his ass. She tells Eijaz to save Jaan. Jaan says what are you saying? Pavitra says we took a decision together that we will make Eijaz the captain, we played the whole day and now you are asking to play individually? Pavitra tells Nikki that I have faith in you so I know you won’t change your words. Nikki thanks her.

12 AM
Pavitra tells Jaan that I wanted to lie beside Eijaz that day, I wanted warmth that day. Jaan says he is a very nice person. Pavitra says I had different thoughts about him before but I don’t know what to call this relationship anymore. It’s like ‘iss rishte ko kya naam doon’. I saw him eating cold food and I shouldn’t have cared but I asked him that I will warm the food for him, then I was like what am I doing? Jaan says you both got 5 days together, you took anger out on each other. You both accept each other just the way you are so this is love. Pavitra says I cried so much when he left from here.

Day 26
8 AM
The inmates wake up to the song ghungroo. They all wake up and dance. Nikki hugs Jaan. Eijaz dances in the garden.

9 AM
Nikki tells Pavitra that I don’t get the vibe from Shardul. Pavitra says he is my friend but other people are more deserving, I will support Eijaz. Nikki says then I will support Eijaz too.

Nishant tells Jaan that Eijaz’s priority is Pavitra and Nikki so take them out. Jaan says I will take out Eijaz from the game. Jaan tells Abhi that I want you or Rubina to become the captain. Rahul will try to get your bag today that’s why I didn’t interact with you yesterday as they would have doubted that I am on your side. I will protect your bag. Jaan tells Abhi that I don’t want Eijaz to become the captain as he has clearly said that he will support Pavitra and Nikki, why should I support him then? I am not going to stay silent.
Pavitra tells Nikki that I will take Kavita’s bag and you can take Shardul’s bag.

9:15 AM
Rubina is cutting fruits for herself. Kavita asks Rubina to cut fruits for her as well. Rubina says I am cutting the fruits but you can do your own work as I am going to do yoga now. Kavita says I have asked Bigg Boss so you will do my work. Rubina says we have read the captaincy rulebook, you can cut your fruits. I will feel bad. Kavita says so I can’t tell you what I want as a captain? Abhi says we are liable to do household work only. Kavita tells Rubina I thought you are smart so don’t make this an issue. Rubina says you should give me time to do my yoga. Kavita says I didn’t stop you but you are acting like Nikki right now, you are just stretching this topic. I just asked you to cut my fruits, I didn’t scold you. Rubina says don’t compare me with her, this is not my task. Kavita says you don’t want to cut fruits for me then say it. Rubina says I will not cut fruits for you if you are showing this attitude. Kavita says I don’t want fruits from you with this attitude of yours. You are so ill-mannered when you keep crying about Nikki’s manners.

9:30 AM
Jaan asks Nikki to not bring confusion here, we have to do dishes together. Nikki says I am not sitting with you and washing dishes. You can do your own work. Nikki sits with Rahul in front of Jaan. She applies a band-aid on his hand.
Rubina tells Jasmin that the captain has to her own work.
Jaan tells Pavitra that we decided that Nikki and I will wash the dishes together but she is saying no now. Nikki says I don’t want to wash the dishes, I will mop the floor. Pavitra asks Rahul if he can help Jaan? Jaan says I don’t want to sit with Rahul so I will do myself.

Rubina tells Jasmin that Kavita is being a dictator instead of a leader.

10:30 AM
Eijaz asks Nikki if he should dye his beard? Nikki says you should ask Pavitra, she has feelings for you. Eijaz says we are both emotional, I have been alone for 3 years. I don’t want this curse on me. Nikki says Pavitra is emotionally attached to you, she will be more attached now to you. Eijaz says I will clarify to her that I have nothing for her, I don’t have feelings for her. I don’t want to hurt her. Nikki says we want you to become the captain.

2:30 PM
Pavitra tells Eijaz that I made something for you. Eijaz says give it. Nikki and Jaan tease Pavitra as she has made heart-shaped paratha for him. Eijaz says don’t touch it. He takes it and eats the paratha. Jaan says he is eating the heart. Eijaz says I will eat it with sugar so there shouldn’t be any poison from that naagin. Pavitra smiles. Eijaz says Pavitra should come here. Jaan says he is missing you Pavitra. Pavitra says me too. Eijaz says I colored my hair today. Jaan says because Pavitra will come out of the red-zone today? You want to welcome her with your hair black and all sleek? Nikki laughs at them. Pavitra blushes.

2:45 PM
Bigg Boss says to the inmates that today’s time of task has started. ‘the world tour’ will start again, all rules are the same but during the task, now red-zone inmates have to put two bags instead of one in a single round in the red-zone.

3 PM
Pavitra tells Kavita that I have a complaint with you, when we had an argument you said that you wouldn’t even keep people like me outside your house. Kavita says it was for Shardul, I am sorry for getting angry with you. I was just angry that you have been here longer than me and couldn’t follow the rules. I have an army-person like mind so I go crazy when rules are broken, I was not going personal against you. Pavitra says I didn’t feel bad about the argument but just that statement was wrong. Kavita says I was not putting you down, I didn’t mean it. I don’t put other girls down. Pavitra says I respect you a lot. Kavita says it’s not my nature. They hug each other.

3:15 PM
Pavitra says Rahul and Jaan will go first. Jaan says I will take out Eijaz’s bag today. Nikki says I won’t support you, she leaves. Jaan says to Pavitra that Abhi will save you too. Pavitra says I don’t care who will bring me out of here, I have just promised Eijaz so I won’t change my words. Jaan says I am a second preference for Rubina, Abhi, and Shardul. Pavitra says what is important for you? Jaan says I want to leave from here.

3:30 PM
Rahul tells Jaan that you can openly say what your strategy is. Jaan says if I am not the priority for anyone so why should I take out Eijaz’s bag? Nobody will save me first but I want to put a fight for myself. Rahul says take a decision. Jaan says give me an advice. Nikki says friendship is important here. You will get more chances.

Jaan calls Bigg Boss in the confession room. Bigg Boss says you know we bring people here from every class and creed without any biasedness that’s why we strictly condemn any words said for any community. You said some words 2 days ago which have hurt Marathi people a lot. We condemn it fully and we want you to apologize. Jaan says to the camera that it was not my intention to hurt marathi people, I want to say sorry from my heart. I said some words that shouldn’t have been said. I will not repeat this again.

The buzzer plays and all inmate remaining in the task sit on their cycles. Rahul and Jaan come out first. Jaan tells Eijaz to not take anything personally, it’s just a task for him. Jaan tells Pavitra that I might leave this time so I have to play for myself now. Pavitra says we don’t know who will change their mind so you don’t know.

3:45 PM
Nishant tells Jaan that Eijaz wants you out of the house. Jaan says it’s about me in the end then I will take him out. Nishant says Abhi will keep you as a second option but Eijaz is not keeping you in options at all.

The red-zone inmates Jaan and Rahul come out to take the bags. Rahul asks Kavita who will you save if you are the captain? Kavita says I don’t want to promise you at this moment as my feelings might change so I won’t crack a deal, if you want to take my bag then try, please.
Jaan asks Eijaz who are his options? He says Pavitra and Nikki, you think you will be eliminated? Jaan says hear my heartbeat. Eijaz says you don’t trust yourself that you won’t be eliminated? You can take my bag, I won’t even fight with you. Jaan says don’t do this. Eijaz says I will be fair with people if I become the captain. Jaan says but I am not on your options list, you will save Pavitra and Nikki. Eijaz says I think Pavitra and I will be able to control the house better if she is out. You will fight with Rubina and Jasmin? We need a girl in the house to control them. Jaan says I will fight with them. I will be loyal to the person who will save me. Eijaz says I think I am right. Jaan says I don’t care who becomes the captain, I am thinking about saving myself. I want to make someone win who will save me. Eijaz says then take my bag. Jaan says let me think.
Rahul asks Kavita to protect her bag. He holds her bag. Rahul tries to snatch Kavita’s bag and says please leave it, you will fall down. Kavita doesn’t give up her bag and snatches it back. She says I will fight for my bag, if it’s about strength then I will try my best. Rahul asks her to be careful and leaves her bag. Kavita says I saved my bag.
Jaan asks Rubina that I am not your first preference? Rubina says I am very clear that I am not biased, I think Pavitra had to bear a lot there so she deserves to come out, I would have done the same for you. You are my second option for sure.
Rahul asks Abhi to do a deal with him. Abhi says if I become the captain then I will take out two people from there if you cooperate with me then the first name is you on my list. Rahul says what’s the second name? Abhi says I can’t tell. Rahul says you might felt bad about my words but I believe that I used to feel irritation with you but not anymore. I don’t get along with your wife at all. I will think about your offer. Abhi says you can take someone else’s bag then it’s done and dusted. Rahul says I will not take the offer like this.
Jaan asks Kavita if Pavitra is her first choice? Kavita says you can take my bag, I didn’t decide any name to favor on. Jaan says if you become the captain then what’s in it for me? Kavita says you are acting like a cheap casting agent who will tell me that he will give me a role if he gets some pleasure in return. Jaan says I am telling you clearly that if I make you the captain then will you save me from the red-zone? Kavita says I won’t make promises to you that I will break, I don’t want to cheat you so I will not do a fake deal with you.
Rahul tells Rubina that I don’t like it when you bring the old matter up again and again. I know the thought of using knives was wrong but if you want to keep bringing it up then fine, you talk about my upbringing which is subjective. Rubina says you shouldn’t force people to make someone a captain.

4 PM
Jaan asks Abhi if he will put him above Pavitra? Abhi asks him to take Eijaz’s bag and he will put him on the priority list above Pavitra.
Rahul comes to Shardul. Shardul says don’t be physical with me.
Jaan tells Eijaz that I don’t want to stay in the red-zone. Eijaz says if you get the option between yourself and Pavitra then you will choose yourself? Jaan says yes, I am putting myself on priority. Eijaz says then take my bag. Jaan says don’t do this Eijaz Bhai. Eijaz says I am not stopping you, you can take my bag. Jaan says don’t do this bhai. Jaan takes Eijaz’s bag. Nikki asks Jaan to not do it. Jaan tells Eijaz that Abhi told me if I take your bag then he will save me, am I wrong to save myself? Eijaz says there are casualties with decisions, you do what you think is right for you. If you think this will help you then take my bag, I am firm on my words so I won’t do any cheap deal with you. Jaan leaves his bag.
Shardul tells Rahul that everybody should get a chance to become the captain. Rahul tells Rubina that I will take your bag now. She gives up her bag easily.
Jaan tells Kavita that I want to take your bag. Kavita says I won’t give it so you will have to fight.
Rahul tells Pavitra that I don’t like her so I am doing this. He puts Rubina’s bag inside red-zone. Naina says we need another bag inside. Jaan is trying to snatch the bag from Kavita but she applies pressure and falls down. Naina helps her. Jaan says you went off the cycle so give me the bag now. Kavita gives up her bag. Jaan puts her bag inside.

4:30 PM
Jaan cries and tells Pavitra that I can’t cheat Eijaz like this. Eijaz tells Jaan that captains will change every week, don’t worry about. Trust yourself, you are going to stay in the house.
Nishant tells Abhi taht Jaan is very weak. I told him that Abhi will save you but still he didn’t take Eijaz’s bag. Abhi says I would have supported Jaan but now I will support Pavitra only.

Nikki says I want do what I want. Nikki goes and takes Abhi’s bag when the buzzer haven’t played. Naina says it’s not allowed Nikki. Abhi laughs. Naina asks Nikki to give the bag back. Nikki says I will put the bag back if Bigg Boss asks me. Abhi laughs. Naina says this is foul, she should be disqualified. Nikki tells Abhi that he should have protected his bag. Abhi asks Nikki to use her mind. Nikki says I will give up the bag if Bigg Boss asks me.
Shardul tells Pavitra that everyone should get the chance so I will fight for my bag.

Bigg Boss asks Nikki to put the bag down, you can’t take the bag inbetween two buzzer. Abhi laughs at Nikki and says you should use your mind.

5 PM
Pavitra tells Abhi that I want to give a chance to Eijaz as we left this house together and he is in be bad books of people so I want to give a chance to him to prove himself that people are wrong about him. Abhi says Jaan asked me many times but I told him that you are my priority. Eijaz can change his side anytime he wants to. You are my first priority. Pavitra says I just want to give him a chance to be in the good books of others.

5:30 PM
Abhi tells Rubina that if Eijaz becomes the captain then he will put you in the red-zone. He said that girls have difficulty there but I know he will make Rubina go there. Nishant says we respect Eijaz but he is always biased.

Eijaz tells Nikki that I want captaincy to remain in our group. I want Kavita, you, and others from our team to be the next captains.

Abhi tells Rubina and Nishant that we can talk to Rahul as Eijaz will save Pavitra only. Shardul says I don’t want to go against Pavitra. Jasmin says just talk to Rahul only.

Rahul asks Nikki to let him go in the next round. Nikki says I want to show my new dress, I want to go out. Rahul says please let me go next.

Abhi tells Shardul that I will become a pawn for Rahul, I will tell him that I will give up my bag to him if he lets you become the captain then you should tell Rahul that if you become the captain then you will save Rahul but then you will have to back-track on your words. Nishant asks Shardul to lie to Rahul that you will save him. Shardul says let me think. Jasmin says Abhi is thinking very smartly now.

6 PM
The next round starts and the remaining inmates sit on their cycles. Pavitra and Rahul go out of the red-zone. Rahul and Pavitra try to snatch the bag from Abhi but he protects it. Pavitra holds his neck while Rahul tries to take the bag. Abhi falls down so Rahul says sorry and asks him to leave the back. Pavitra says he got down from the cycle also. Abhi doesn’t give up his bag. Pavitra is trying to force on him but he keeps a grip on the bag. Rubina says this is violence. Two people are attacking him. Pavitra shouts that he is not dying, we are just holding him.

PRECAP – Kavita shouts at Eijaz that she didn’t make any bond with anyone else because of him. Eijaz says what does that mean? They both shout at each other.
Bigg Boss says the scene will flip now, this will be the first night of trade from red-zone to green-zone. You people have to decide which inmate from the green-zone should be traded to the red-zone to bring current members to the red-zone back in the house.
Jaan tells Nishant that you didn’t even take my name to bring me from the red-zone. Nishant says I said I will protect my friend if he deserves it. Jaan says I gave up my captaincy to make you the captain and you are showing your colors. You deserve to be in the red-zone.
Nikki says I am more interesting than Kavita so I should be there and she should be in the red-zone. Rahul says I should be in the green-zone while Jasmin should be in the red-zone in my place. Jasmin says I will give back to you every time and I deserve to stay in the green-zone only.
Pavitra says I want Rubina in the red-zone.
Kavita tells everyone that Eijaz showed excitement to see me so he could use me, I am not even his friend, I am more friends with Abhi. Eijaz says I never used Kavita. Kavita says I did feel used.
Eijaz is hurt and tells Nikki that my intention was to never use Kavita, I am not sure who is my friend anymore, he cries so Nikki consoles him.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Amal

    Jaan, Eijaz, Nikki and Pavitra are so childish , specially that Jaan , I just can’t stand him Cos he’s keep begging on friendship 🥺 Nikki is like she’s been attention deprived her whole life and Eijaz and Pavitra are just trying to create something that’s not even there and will never be 🙄

    1. Hahahahaha you’re so right!!!

    2. very true…nikki is foolish..for no reason she shouts like a small baby….there is hardly any difference in age with others in the house…she knows she can win only by showing that she is a child and just shout and shout to gain attention and by falling on boys and show that she loves them…i dont know how Jaan can be so foolish that he does not understand this behaviors of hers…even if she claims love for him…she will never get married to him.

  2. This is going to go onn….and at last Rubina will win!!… will become biased as it happened in the last season……. I feel that jasmine overreact a lot….. pavitra and Nikki according to me deserves.?……

    1. its too early to predict a winner but surely Nikki and Pavitra do not deserve it looking at the journey so far but if they do up the game in coming weeks can be in top 5. Need more Wild Cards please 🙂

  3. why have they even kept the option of voting when the audience really cannot have a say….it is getting more and more unfair day by day…..saving jaan every damn time is just the limit….agreed that nepotism is not the right topic to be brought over here but u cant deny that right now he is the most confusd contestant for sure….he’s literally backstabbing every person who has supported him….

    agree that jasmin overreacted but it was more of an outburst…. she was the one performing the task so she would be able to know his intention better than all of us…. and as they said its all about intention….. rahul straightaway started snatching. he didint even talk….. how can one trust him when u already have an idea of his intentions…..

    and the last task was the limit . why are you asking the red zone inmates who they want to replace ….they have just had the taste of privilege to choose the captain….

  4. I am not more interested in this show Yaar😒😒😒 Jaan is very very much confused contestant . Woh na apni baaton pe khada rehta hai na he
    Kisko taraf se khelna hai ya individually khelna hai dono mein se Kuch Nahi Kar Raha. He is not right person for this show.He deserves to be thrown out of the show.
    Air Kisi week mein voting se elemination Kyu Nahi hota hai. Janata ko v ek chance dena caheye Hum itne v bebkoof Nahi hai ki show mein Koun kya Kar Raha hai samajh na sake…… pehle seniors ne phir voting se aur abb Shayad red zone wale decision lenge🤔🤔🤔
    Roz Roz wahi Nikki Ka melodrama, childish act,weird mentality aur harkate Dekh ke mein toh …….. irritate hogayi….. First two weeks she is like somewhat cute but itni irritating Nahi lagti thi jitni abb lagti hai🙄🙄🙄 and her so called friend Rahul…. I don’t want even talk about him….

    Moreover I am watching this show for Jasmin (others are also very good but she is my favourite)
    I don’t like them coz they are very irritating ( Tamboli, Rahul & Jaan )

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