Bigg Boss 27th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Rahul’s unusual attitude puts everyone off in the house

Bigg Boss 27th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 24
7 PM
Kavita tells them to start working the dinner duty, I will work too when I am not the captain.

7:30 PM
Nishant tells Rahul that you didn’t have to bring nepotism here, you didn’t have any reason to nominate Jaan. Jaan says he is no guts. Rahul asks Nishant to talk to him alone. Jaan says he can just say rubbish. Rahul says Jaan is a lizard, Nikki laughs. Jaan says don’t give me a compliment like Nikki. Rahul asks him to become a man first, you are not that young, stop trying to be a girl. Nikki says what does that mean Rahul? He is a guy, don’t taunt him like there, there is nothing wrong with being a girl. Naina asks if girls are weak here? Nishant says what do you mean Rahul, how is acting like a girl? Rahul says there is nothing wrong with being a girl, he acts like a girl. Nikki comes to Jaan. Jaan says I love you a lot but don’t defend him, how can he call me a girl? Nikki says I stopped him. Jaan says this is wrong and you can’t support him. Nikki says I stopped him. Naina says if Rahul becomes a girl then he might be able to play nicely.
Rahul tells Shardul that when a guy behaves like a girl then it’s off. He should act like a guy if he is a guy. Shardul says if you are talking in humor then it’s fine but don’t attack him in that way, you have already said controversial things today. Rahul says have you heard about Jaan Sanu’s name before? Shardul says no. Rahul says so it’s nepotism. Shardul says I felt bad when you commented on that.
Jaan tells Nikki that if you want to keep him as a lover then don’t talk to me. Nikki says you nominated me also, I stopped him when he said wrong. Jaan says I don’t care if you are getting cozy with him, don’t play with two guys. Nikki says I didn’t even know you before.

7:45 PM
Bigg Boss calls Kavita in the confession room and says we have to sanitize the house. Ask all the inmates to come to the garden. Nobody can bring food to the garden because of the monkeys around. Red-zone people will stay in their garden.

Kavita comes to the kitchen and says cover all the food, we all have to go in the garden for sanitizing. No food can be taken in the garden. Shardul says red-zone people are asking for fruits. Kavita says no food item can be taken in the garden because of the monkeys around. Shardul says I understand your point but you have to talk to them. Kavita says talk to me with decency, don’t insult Bigg Boss’ order. Shardul says I am just joking with you. Kavita says don’t waste my time. Shardul says I am not insulting Bigg Boss. Kavita asks him to give water to the red-zone inmates. Shardul says I am giving it to them. Kavita says you don’t listen to me, you don’t understand anything. She asks him to go out, he says we have to stay in the garden? Kavita says you say so much rubbish that you don’t understand that we have to sanitize the house. She asks Rubina to cover the food and come out.

Abhi and Nishant are in the pool with Naina. Shardul tells them that you won’t get food in the garden as per Bigg Boss’s order.

8 PM
Kavita tells Shardul that you have wasted my time, don’t talk to me now. Shardul says you could have told me that you were not free. Kavita says get lost. Shardul says you were preaching about respect and now talking to me like this? Kavita says you can misbehave with me, I want people to see how much you can misbehave with me but don’t misbehave with Bigg Boss. Shardul says I didn’t insult Bigg Boss. Kavita pushes him from the door. He says don’t push me. Jasmin takes Shardul from there and says let Kavita calm down. Shardul says she said that she won’t talk to a person like me. What kind of person I am? I am not insulting Bigg Boss here. Jasmin says talk to her when you both calm down. Shardul says I didn’t raise my voice, I like her and I didn’t misbehave with her but she started taunting me. She can’t talk to me like that. I won’t let anyone run over me.

8:30 PM
Jasmin tells Kavita that when you get angry you become very crass and rude. Kavita says I try to control my anger, I am not rude every time. I was not angry on Shardul, I am prepared to be cursed here but I am in this show because I respect Bigg Boss. I am asking everyone to come out of the house as it’s Bigg Boss’s order but Shardul was joking around and not listening to me so I will be rude. I can’t control my rudeness. Shardul hears it and says she can’t judge people. Kavita tells Jasmin that Shardul says cheap things, he said in front of Salman that Naina sat in his lap so Naina shut him there.

9 PM
Shardul tells Jasmin that she was pushing me from the door so what’s respect in that? It’s her ego that was hurt. She asked me to follow the orders and when I didn’t so she started getting rude with me. She is the captain but she can’t misbehave like this. It’s not her house, she is just a captain. Kavita laughs and tells Eijaz that I am enjoying this. Put allegations on me. Jasmin asks Shardul to not stretch it. Shardul says she brought Naina’s argument because she wants me to look like a bad guy. Kavita hears it and says I am enjoying it, I will use this for my advantage now.

9:15 PM
Jaan is standing in a corner. Nikki talks to him in Marathi. Jaan says don’t talk to me in Marathi, it makes me irritated. Nikki hugs him from behind and says don’t be angry. Jaan says he said such a cheap thing, he is a cheapster. Rahul says Kumar Sanu’s son is saying all this? It doesn’t suit you. Jaan shouts at him to not go on his father. Don’t keep bringing him here. Talk to me but don’t talk about my father, you ****. Rahul says it doesn’t suit Kumar’s son. Jaan pushes him so Rahul asks him to not touch him. Pavitra shouts at them to not touch each other. I am going crazy here. She throws her mic and leaves. Kavita asks Nikki to make Pavitra calm. Nikki comes to Pavitra and consoles her. She massages her neck and says we have to control Rahul, he is raising a hand. Pavitra asks Jaan who raised the hand first? Nikki says Rahul. Jaan says if he talks about my father again then I will not follow any rule and nobody can save him now. He goes to the washroom. Nikki asks Jaan to listen to him.
Pavitra comes to Rahul and says don’t try to be violent here. Rahul says I don’t get physically violent. Rahul says I was going on my way, they have the footage. Eijaz comes to Pavitra and hugs her through the wall. She cries. Eijaz says you are stronger than this, they are going to die soon so stay away, just keep eating and don’t think about them.

9:30 PM
Eijaz asks Jaan if he raised his hand? Jaan says I just pushed him as he was charging at me. If he goes to my father again then I will not spare him. Eijaz says you will not raise your hand, you will keep your hands behind your back, he is doing it purposely. Jasmin says you have to be strong Jaan. Jaan says he is so cheap, I know how many messages he used to send to girls, he is a desperate person. I know how he looks at the girls. Rahul comes there and asks Nikki if she is making tea? She says later on. Jaan says he is a roadster. Eijaz says you will not raise your hand on him. Nikki says he didn’t raise your hand on him. Jaan says everyone knows how I came here, my parents were separated when I was in my mother’s womb, he is talking about nepotism when my father didn’t even raise me? He was luring at my friends, he is so cheap.

9:45 PM
Nikki comes to Rahul and says as a friend I want to suggest that don’t bring his father’s name up. When he was little, his parents were separated. Rahul says I sympathize with him for that. Nikki says he didn’t use his dad’s money, he was not raised by his dad so don’t bring him here. Rahul says it’s my call if I want to bring this thing up, I won’t say sorry. He says sorry to Nikki if he hurt him when he got closer to Jaan. Nikki says I was hurt when you discussed all that with him so say sorry to me. Rahul says I will say sorry to you when I want to.
Jaan tells Eijaz that my father is a legend, I am in this show not because I am Kumar Sanu’s son but because I am Rita’s son.
Rubina says Rahul is so cheap that he is bringing father’s name here. Abhi says he knows this topic will hurt Jaan so he is provoking him. Jasmin says Rahul won’t be calm anymore, he is getting a reaction from Jaan. He was called Nikki’s sidekick so he is showing that he is playing alone.

12:30 AM
Nikki tells Pavitra that she calls Eijaz like he is her husband. Jaan says you both are like a couple married for years. Pavitra says we feel connected because we have seen nominations, fights, and everything together in this house. We have done everything together in this house so there is an attachment. Yesterday night, I couldn’t sleep and I wanted to sleep beside Eijaz to hug him because somehow my soul knew that he would leave the red-zone today. Our souls are connected and I know he feels connected but he won’t accept.

Day 25
8 AM
The inmates wake up to the song America.

8:45 AM
Rahul asks Nikki if she has seen a lizard eating insect? Her tongue is always out licking. I don’t want to give any importance to Jaan but he keeps provoking me.

Eijaz tells Pavitra that Rahul is wrong, if he talks about Jaan’s father again then I will come inside and beat him. Pavitra says I talked to Rahul to not talk about this, he is very irritating, I am just keeping my cool. Eijaz says keep calm, you will get a chance daily.

9:30 AM
Jaan is storing his eggs. He asks Nikki to help to open the cupboard. Nikki says do you work on your own. Jaan says don’t cry so much. Nikki says then don’t talk to me. Jaan says there should be humanity also. Rahul hugs Nikki and asks her to calm down. Nikki says I told him that I will not talk to him anymore, why is he ordering me around to open cupboards for him. I know he likes me but I feel nothing for him, how do I prove it but I don’t want him to go. Jaan comes there and says you had different opinions about Rahul also 4 days before. Don’t make me open my mouth and tell him the truth. Nikki asks him to get lost. Jaan says she is best friends with Rahul now? Kavita says she is missing Eijaz. You don’t have his s*x-appeal Jaan.

10 AM
Nikki tells Rahul that Jaan’s friends were saying that I am not bad from the heart so they want me to change, what changes they want from me? Should I change my nature? Rahul says they want you to play house-house. Everyone is preaching something here. Nikki says Jasmin was telling Jaan that he had a better upbringing than you. Rahul says Jasmin curses so much so it shows her upbringing too.

Eijaz comes to the inmates and asks them to at least close the bottle caps in the washroom, if you are getting things for free then don’t spoil things here.

Nishant tells Rubina that we are nog getting anything for free here, how could Eijaz say that we are getting things for free here? We can afford all this in life also.

Nishant comes to Eijaz and says that don’t say cheap things like we are spoiling free things here, we are not here for free things. It was below the belt. Eijaz says did I point at you? Don’t tell me what not to say. Nishant says these things were here for us so it’s not free. Eijaz says I will say what I want to. Nishant says we are not here for free items. Don’t say these comments as it’s cheap. Eijaz says I know it’s a bad comment that’s why I said it. Nishant says you can’t generalize and comment on every one. Eijaz says I know what I said, that person will not do this again. Don’t take this on your own self. I listened to you so let me work now. Nishant leaves.

11 AM
Eijaz tells Kavita that I have cleaned the bathroom and I played treasure hunt to find bottle caps. They don’t value things that they get things for free.

Abhi says to Rubina that open bottles irritate me too, Eijaz is doing good work.

Kavita says to Eijaz that don’t brag about your work. Those girls cleaned this bathroom as well, they are not as strong as you but you have a camera here so you are in the frame so don’t brag to them. Eijaz says in my house, I used to talk like this with my dad also. I used to tell him what I did in the house. Kavita says grow up, you don’t have to prove to anyone that you are working here.
Rubina says he wants to show-off to the camera.

1 PM (Captaincy Task)
Rubina reads the task about the captaincy. The inmates have a chance to get the captaincy while Kavita has a chance to retain her captaincy. The inmates will not do the task but red-zone inmates will do the task on their behalf. The task is ‘BB monument’s tour’. All housemates will go on a world tour with their bags and try to get the captaincy. The red-zone inmates will try to grab the bags from the housemates, the housemates who is able to save their bag from the red-zone inmate will become the captain. The bags which are taken by the red-zone inmates will be eliminated from the task. The housemates should try to talk to red-zone inmates to support them. The captaincy is important so all have a chance to use their mind and make a captain which they want to. The first inmate to lose will become the referee of the task. Rahul laughs and says I love you Bigg Boss. This is our day. Nikki says every dog has a day.

Nikki tells Pavitra that I want to go first. Jaan says let’s decide who should be the captain? Pavitra says Eijaz. Jaan, Rahul and Nikki agree on Eijaz’s name.

Rubina tells Kavita that the red-zone inmates will try to make Eijaz the new captain so you should work hard.

Pavitra tells Nikki to not take out Kavita’s bag first as she is going to become the referee. Rahul says let’s attack Naina and Jasmin first.

Nishant says to Abhi that the aim is to get a fair captain which is either Kavita or Naina as they both are neutral in the house. Abhi says but how to take out Eijaz? Nishant says it’s not in our hands.

Eijaz tells Nikki and Rahul that this task is about talking and compromising. Nikki hugs Rahul. Rahul says God listened to us today. Jaan looks at them hugging.

Nishant tells Kavita to convince Eijaz that you should remain the captain then he will ask red-zone inmates to take him out. Eijaz comes there so Kavita stops talking.

Nikki says only some people can use mind here. Don’t trust anyone. Jaan says she always say foolish things.

Naina asks Eijaz if he wants to be captain. He ignores them. Kavita says you can come and discuss it with us. Eijaz says you people stopped talking when I came there. Jasmin tells Eijaz that you create barriers against others. Eijaz says I don’t care about your opinions. Jasmin says I don’t need your speeches. Eijaz says I don’t want to give a speech to you, talk to me with respect, I am not saying anything to you.

Pavitra says we should play like a team, don’t say non-sense. Jaan says Nikki started it, Nikki says I was not talking to you, I have no interest in you Jaan. Jaan says I can see your interest, don’t make me open my mouth as it will destroy your image. Pavitra asks Nikki to not bother Jaan more. Nikki says he comes to me, I don’t go to him.

Eijaz tells Kavita that I am completely fine with you being the captain but I also want to be the captain. Kavita says I want you to become the captain, all should get the chance to become the captain. Eijaz says I don’t want that. Kavita says I have become the captain because of luck or by fluke so I want to respect this captaincy and try to save it. I will play in this task.

Naina tells Nikki that you should talk to me so we can have trust. You don’t talk to me but I have initiated.

6 PM
Rubina tells Kavita that we will understand in the first tour about their target. Kavita says no, they will fool us on the first tour. The buzzer plays all their places on the cycles and buggies. Nikki and Pavitra come to take their bags. Kavita tells Nikki that I compliment you daily, I will compliment you so much if you leave my bag. Nikki says really? Kavita says just trust me. Pavitra asks Nishant why he wants to be the captain? Nishant says so I can support you when the time comes. Pavitra comes to Kavita and asks why she wants to be the captain? Kavita says as a sister I consoled you when you were down. Nikki tells Naina that I don’t like you to follow a crowd. Naina says but I have been in the house for one day only.
Jasmin tells Pavitra that I don’t want to be the referee, I trusted you that day so please.

Nikki is trying to get the bag from Naina. She pulls her and Naina gets down from her cycle. Nikki says I am sorry Naina, I want to be your friend but I don’t want you to be the captain right now. She eliminates Naina first.
Pavitra is trying to take the bag from Rubina and says don’t let me be forceful, I don’t want to hurt you. Rubina says everything is fair in love and war. Rubina says you can’t break the buggy. Pavitra pulls Rubina’s bag and takes it to her side. Nikki says I want Naina to be the referee, she should learn to use her mind. Naina says don’t say this rubbish to me, you had bad intentions, you will see my strong side now. Nikki says get lost. Naina shouts at her to talk with respect, I can’t expect respect from a girl like you, get lost. Nikki says you just play in a crowd. Nikki puts Naina’s bag in the red-zone and she becomes the referee.

6:15 PM
Nishant tells Naina that you can make anyone the captain. If someone is forcing the bag out of someone’s hands then stop them, ask them to not use force. Keep them trapped.

Nikki asks Rahul if he will attack Jasmin? Rahul says yes. Jaan says I will take Kavita’s bag but we will take out Jasmin.

Naina asks Jasmin that keep holding on to each other against them.

6:30 PM
Rahul asks Nishant if you become the captain then what? Nishant says the rules won’t break now and I will support the deserving from you 4 when the time comes. Rahul says not on the basis of friendship? Jaan says you won’t support me? I am not your friend? Nikki asks Jaan to use his brain, Nishant is not on his side.

Jasmin tells Pavitra that if you protect me against your team then I will support you in my captaincy. Pavitra says I will think about it.

Pavitra tells Rahul that Jasmin asked me to support her so I said I will try to protect her bag. It’s on you if you throw her bag inside. Rahul says okay.

Nikki tells Jaan that you see Nishant’s real side? He will not support you. Jaan says you must be so happy now. Nikki says I felt bad when he nominated you, I will not spare him now.

The buzzer plays so all inmates take their seats on the buggies. Rahul comes to Kavita but she says that I don’t have any issue with you so don’t take it. Rahul goes from there. Jaan asks Eijaz what he contributes to the house? Eijaz says I bring hotness in the house. Jaan comes to Shardul and asks what does he have in his bag? Shardul says it’s important. Nishant tells Rahul that I am fair and I say everything in front of the faces. Rahul says you made a deal with Rubina and didn’t tell us. You should give your bag to me. Jasmin tells Jaan that I will support you if I become the captain, you can block if someone takes my bag. Jaan says I can’t go against my team. Rahul takes Eijaz’s bag from him and says I like it. Jaan says to Nishant that I gave up my captaincy for him but now he will consider the deserving one and not his friend? Nishant says talk to me, I am fair and I will save the person who is fair among you 4. If they are contributing more in the game then I will bring them out. Pavitra says I know friendship more than Nishant. Nishant says I want deserving one to come out of the red-zone if I become the captain. Jaan comes to Kavita and takes her bag.
Rahul grabs Jasmin’s bag and asks her to leave her bag. He says you will get hurt. Jasmin says I won’t leave it. Rahul says you have an injury so leave it. He pulls her hard and Jasmin falls from the buggy. Rubina says this is wrong. Naina asks Rahul to not be violent. Rahul asks Jasmin to leave her bag. Jasmin says I am not scared of you. Rahul says don’t threaten me. Rubina holds on to Jasmin tightly but Rahul grabs the bag and tears the bag’s strap. Rahul throws Jasmin’s bag inside the red-zone. Jasmin shouts that this is Rahul Vaidya? He is a man who threatens women? He is cheap. The round ends. Jasmin gets angry and tells Rahul that you threatened me with your strength? I spit on you. Naina tells Rahul that you didn’t put her strap in the red-zone and the round ended. Rahul says you can’t come in-between.

Jasmin tells the camera that he is threatening me with physical strength? He was threatening me to leave the task as he will injure me, I am not scared of a guy.
Rahul says to the camera that she is an actress so performing well but I asked her to leave the bag so I was well within my limits.

Jasmin says he was threatening me. Abhi says he is like that. Jasmin cries that he was threatening me with his physical strength? I am not scared of any man. He is so cheap. She huffs and says how can they learn to threaten girls with physical strength? This is so wrong. Bigg Boss tells Naina that you are this task’s referee so you won’t take part in the task and you will not make your own rules. They have put the bag without the belt so it’s counted as a bag.

Jasmin throws a fit and shouts that how can men show their physical strength.

Jaan tells Rahul that you did well, you were not wrong with Jasmin.

Jasmin cries and says Rahul is so cheap, he was threatening me. He could have pulled the bag from me but why did he threaten me? Rahul says I didn’t threaten you. Jasmin goes and throws water at him, she shouts how dare you to threaten me. Rahul threatens to throw water at her too. Shardul asks Rahul to stay within his limits. Rahul says she threw water first.

Episode ends.
PRECAP – Kavita asks Rubina to cut fruits for her as she the captain. Rubina says I will not do it. Kavita says I don’t want to argue with you.
Rubina says Kavita acts like a dictator.
Rahul is attacking inmates in the task. He asks Pavitra to support him in getting the bag from Abhi. Abhi falls on the floor as Pavitra and Rahul attack him. Rubina says they are violent against him. Pavitra shouts that a man is pulling then it’s not violence? My upbringing is not wrong.
Pavitra tells Jaan that I don’t know what to name this relationship. Jaan says you understand him and he understands you. Nikki tells Eijaz that she is attached to you, she keeps talking about you all the time. You will be attached to her more outside the house.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. I think Rahul must stay in limits.jasmin is right absolutely… Kindly everyone support her and vote her… She is emotional type and I think Rahul must not be so horrible to her …it is very disgusting of Rahul’s character

  2. This rahul really needs a bashing from salman..he is so damn irritating..always looking for fights..nd people who are saying he is playing alone nd it properly he has his group..

    Pavitra nd ejaz chemistry is irritating

    1. Ejiaz needs a favour from pavitra, so he is trending carefully. It is high time pavitra knows that Ejiaz has no feelings for her.

  3. I think jaan must be eliminated soon…he is not worth for this show…jasmin always stood by his side but finally he supports Rahul even seeing his disgusting attitude towards jasmin ..he is really a confused one …can’t able to understand his reality…

  4. Why is Rahul confusing me so much? One day I agree with what he says and the next day I disagree with him. He should stop pointing at Jaan’s dad asap. It is not good at all. What happened with Jasmin, I know she got angry, but why bring up women’s card always?? Like literally always? Pavitra and Jasmin, both of them play women’s card. No one said anything to Jasmin, Rahul was just doing his task. Men are at an advantage in such physical tasks, but what can anyone really do about it? Jasmin said that Hina and Gauhar were her ideals…. ok.

    Kavita pushing Shardul was really uncalled for. If it would have been the other way round, the whole house would have been ablaze by now by “women’s rights”.
    Same with Rahul getting physical with Jaan and vice versa. Really wrong.

  5. Alister La Frenais

    What is the life span of this reality show? I am just praying that this show will reach its climax in a week or two. Indian television is becoming mundane and boring, like television has become in the UK.

  6. Amal

    Rahul is so weird πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  7. Rahul ki timing khrab hai..he doesn’t know when nd how to speak..but clearly I didn’t like Jasmin’s not that I’m supporting him..but he clearly asked her to leave her bag which she didn’t..then if if u want to fight Jasmin..don’t allege him..u had an option to leave..u wanted to fight nd asked him to snatch if he had guts, he snatched nd u couldn’t bear that he was successful nd u fell down which added fuel to fire..nd Rubina is taking stand for her hubby why she goes by this motto that first impression is the last impression.. she’s actually considering Rahul nd eijaz villains..they might be wrong but not as bad as she is considering them..these girls r disappointing me now.. equality means all genders should be equal.that doesn’t mean women should be superior nd men should be inferior..I want to support them but these girls r , I think trying to follow pavitra nd Nikki..Kavita nd Naina r yet to involve in game nd make it clear who r their friends nd foes

    1. Rubina’s hatred towards Rahul is purely on the fact that Rahul composed a song to make mockery of her relationship with her husband, although her anger is justified, I am also of the opinion that she should approach him to sought out their differences as Rahul is rather a straightforward person, and any anger towards such people is useless

      In respect to Ejiaz, I think Rubina is right in keeping her distance, as Ejiaz as shown times without number to hold grudges even in most insignificant things, an example is the fact that he brings up pavitra nominating him,every now and then, even though she apologized.Ejiaz should grow up

    2. Gulshan Ghawi

      The task is biased to the red zone team…there is no way you can be on a cycle and hold the bag when the person attacking you is holding his leg as anchor on the foot of the cycle and pulling the bag from you….its basic instinct that you will want to save yourself and let go…totally biased..not a fair task at all..n Rahul vaidya is as irritating as ejaz…the way he speaks sounds liberal but he is a s*xist…why target the weaker strength individual…he got scared of pulling down ejaz or abhinav or nishant but had no problem snatching from a girl…too obvious n why clarify later in front of the camera…earlier he was saying – don’t behave like a girl and then targeting a girl…blo*dy s*xist

  8. Yaar l thought to watch this show till end but now it’s getting more irritatingπŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’ Rahul,Nikki and HaanπŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„ jaldi bahaar nikalo inko

  9. I didn’t find any wrong in Rahul’s attitude…he is correct…he shouldn’t tolerate physical attack by Jasmine…she…Rubina.. is very overreacting… ofcourse Nikki is giving… entertainment wat show needed…unlike dat Jaan..boring fellow…Eijaz pavitra…too boring…

    1. I appreciate your comment that this time it’s not Rahul’s fault but ……. Jasmin is talking about intensions and she is also right at her place agar Rubina Jasmin ki pakadti Nahi toh Woh seedhe glass se takrati

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