Bigg Boss 21st February 2021 Written Episode Update: Rubina Dilak wins the show

Bigg Boss 21st February 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Grand Finale
Jasmin starts the show. She presents all ex-contestants and says yeh hum hain, yeh trophy and yeh humari powri ho rahi hai. Salman enters the stage and dances with Jasmin. Salman welcomes everyone to the show. He says the voting lines will open for a few minutes so keep focus to vote for your favorite contender.

Salman says this season was different because of the pandemic. It was the first time that the evicted contestants returned so many times. The clip shows Aly leaving and coming back, Rahul leaving and coming back, Nikki leaving and coming back, Kavita leaving and coming back, Vikas leaving, coming back, leaving, and then coming back. The clip ends. Salman says there were so many re-entries in this season. He says there were a lot of things breaking in the house as well. The clips show Devo breaking things around, Aly breaking things in the task. The clip ends. Devo looks down looking at the clip. Salman says there were a lot of mentions of the makers. The clip shows Rubina saying that makers are giving appreciation to Rakhi, Aly saying that they don’t stop anyone from blabbering. The clip shows Salman shouting at the inmates for blaming the creative team. The clip ends. Salman says there was a mention of content so much this season. The clip shows Rubina blaming everyone for content, how she kept telling Rakhi to make content, how Salman shouted at them on that. The clip ends. Salman says Shahzad is also present? Shahzad laughs. Salman says there was so much love in this season. The clip shows Jasmin and Aly’s romance, Sonali’s love for Aly, Jaan’s love for Nikki, Rubina’s love for Abhi, Pavitra-Eijaz’s love, Rahul’s love for Disha, Rakhi’s love for Abhi. The clip ends and Abhi claps. Salman says unfortunately Rakhi was pretending and Abhi really fell in love with her. Abhi laughs. Salman says Rakhi must be in your dreams? Abhi says no no.. Salman says you must dream about her saree. Abhi says my feeling is to just spare me. Salman says you are blushing. Rakhi’s brother Rakesh says their jodi is number one. Salman says we got to know many words this season, the big words so let’s see that. The clip shows Arshi saying words in Urdu, Nikki calling everyone nalla, Abhi calling Rahul a nalla, Rubina saying some big English words, Rubina saying that Abhi does rempenting on her. The clip ends.

Salman says our ex-contestants are here to see who will be a winner. He says Rubina’s family members are here, Aly sister and brother-in-law are here, Nikki’s mother and father are here, Rahul has Disha, his sister, his mother and his dad are here. Rakhi’s brother Rakesh is here.

Salman says we will get to know who will be a winner today. Let’s see how inmates are feeling in the house. In the house, Bigg Boss tells the inmates that 2020 has changed the world for us, it has changed the meaning of life for us but we dreamed to bring normality back in life. We brought Bigg Boss season 14 out which was a risky decision but you people made this house into a home. We thank you for coming here and entertaining the audience. You people brought entertainment for the audience, many inmates came and left but the ones who were loved the most by the audience are you 5 inmates so we congratulate you. Bigg Boss says this season was a successful season. Rubina thanks Bigg Boss. Bigg Boss says today is the end of this journey and the last piece to fall in place to find the winner of this season. You have done your work so don’t think about the trophy, it’s time to praise yourself.

Salman connects the call to the house. He congratulates the inmates and says you all deserve to be here. Salman says you can open the champagne now. Rahul opens it and says I am scared that I will get scolded by Salman. Salman shouts you can’t even open the bottle? Rahul says we don’t remember anymore. Salman says it’s just fruit champagne. They all share it. Salman jokes Nikki’s journey is ending.. Nikki says I came out a little bit later on. Salman says India has voted for the top 2 so all the best. Salman says it was a success that’s why there was an extension of one month. They all cheer. Salman says you people had nothing to do with it, Rahul you even ran away from the show. Salman asks Aly and Rahul to bring some items from the storeroom. They bring hampers from the storeroom which has sanitizers and perfumes. They thank Salman.

Salman tells the inmates that once Bigg Boss ends then Dance Deewane will start with Madhuri Dixit. He says let’s talk to her. He connects to her on the video call. Madhuri connects with him, he says you are looking pretty. Madhuri says you look nice as well Salman. Madhuri says you kept holding this time-slot, the similarity between both shows is that contestants come to make a place in the hearts of the audience. Madhuri says I appreciate the finalists’ hard work to reach here. Salman says then why don’t you present them? They will like it. Madhuri says I will do it my way.

Rubina’s Intro:
Madhuri presents Rubina Dilak, she says Rubina is a shown TV celebrity. Everyone thought that this show would be a cake-walk for her but it was not like that. The clip shows Rubina crying over her divorce, how she was rejected from day one. How she had to fight with the inmates for herself or for her inmates. But she made relationships in the house with her charm. Madhuri says she had the guts to present her pain to the world.

Aly’s Intro:
Madhuri says we will remember him for his friendship and bravery. The clip shows his friendships in the house. How he came into the house for Jasmin, Aly became best friends with Rahul, Rubina’s brother. Aly had to fight his anger issues. How he loved in the house, made friends in the house. Madhuri says if Aly wins today then it will prove that the world is with the one who is with everyone.

Rahul’s Intro:
Madhuri says Rahul took the decision to enter the show and bring his personality out. The clip shows Rahul proposing Disha in the house. How he had constant fights with Rubina. How he broke down and decided to leave the show in the middle but he came back to complete his journey. How the inmates kept calling him a coward for running away but he fought everyone and made his place in the house. Madhuri says if Rahul wins today then it will be a victory of a warrior.

Rakhi’s Intro:
Madhuri introduces Rakhi. She says Rakhi isn’t just a name, she is an example. A spirited entertainer. She can’t let you go when she’s in front of you. Rakhi is the gamechanger. Rakhi’s journey is shown. How she became Julie. Aly fought with Rakhi. Arishi fought with Rakhi. Rubina said if she doesn’t respect my husband, I will face you. Rakhi said he will be husband at your home, where he’s just a contestant for us. Rakhi said I will knock you down. Rakhi goes with her own flor. Rakhi fought with Aly, Jasmine, Nikki and Arshi. Rahul said you and your cheap audience. Rakhi danced around the house. Madhuri says if Rakhi wins today, entertainment would win.

Nikki’s Intro:
Madhuri introduces Nikki. Madhuri says no one heard of this name before and now no one is unaware of her. She had no idea so would be this popular in just the first 2 weeks. Rubina said she spoke and she proved herself. Rahul called her a star. She became the first confirmed contestant and first finale contestant. She heard her heart and did what she wanted. Nikki said I am like this in my real life as well. Jasmine called her mean. Nikki said I came here on my own. Devolina said if someone spoke to me like this outside, I would slap and break her face. Nikki cried. She celebrated inside the house. She consoled Rahul. Nikki said I had to prove myself and show myself strong. I came here on my own. I am happy with my journey. Madhuri says if Nikki wins today, every person who goes as per their will win.

Madhuri says I will want the best finalist to win. Salman thanks Madhuri and says she made everyone look good but ask us what we had to on weekend episodes. All inmates laugh. Salman says what are you thinking? Rakhi says my BP is high, my mind is going miles per minute. Rahul says my learning from here is that your words can hurt people so we should be careful of that. Salman asks Rubina what she got from BB? Rubina says it was a self-discovery, I expected to reach here. Salman says we have ex-contestants here. He shows them to the inmates. Rubina and Nikki scream seeing their families. Salman asks the ex-contestants who shouldn’t be here? Eijaz says they all deserve to be here, I am proud of them. Salman tells Jasmin that Sonali is here too, did you meet her? Jasmin laughs. Aly asks if he is enjoying this? Aly laughs and says my sister is there too. Salman says your sister knows everything, Aly laughs.

Salman says one inmate made sure to keep the attention to her, she proved that she is an entertainment package. He says presenting Rakhi Sawant.

Rakhi’s Performance:
Rakhi dances on Pardesia. She then dances like Julie and does a scary dance. She laughs evilly. Rakhi then dances to Sandani song while sitting on the bull. Rakhi dances on dekhta hai toh kiya. All clap for her. Salman tells Rakhi that she was outstanding. He says I have seen such an entertaining performance after a long-time. Salman says Rakhi has the oldest relationship with this house, he says you were in season 1 and you are the only challenger to become a finalist this season. Salman says to Rakhi that you kept talking about your husband Ritesh, it became suspense for everyone. You missed him a lot, you were even entertaining this last week. Salman says Ritesh is here.. Rakhi is shocked? Ritesh Deshmukh enters the house and everyone laughs. Ritesh says why am I here? Rakhi laughs and says my husband’s name is Ritesh but he is not the one. Salman says your husband is married, he is married and he has kids too. Rakhi says my Ritesh has a belly but it’s fine. She touches his feet but Ritesh Deshmukh says you are my sister. Rakhi laughs. Ritesh hugs Rakhi and says your husband is not here but I am here. Ritesh says I will ask the questions from the inmates. He asks Nikki why she didn’t give makeup to Rakhi? Rakhi doesn’t need it. Nikki says that’s why I didn’t give her that. Ritesh says Rahul is Rakhi’s half-husband so what does he do for her? Rahul says I did what I could for her, she even sleeps on my side. Rakhi says don’t say that. Rahul says Disha is here so… All laugh. Disha laughs. Ritesh says I have come here for a case. All look on. He says let’s go to the theater room.

Money Bag Task:
Ritesh asks what’s the prize money? Aly says it’s 36 lacs now. Ritesh says there will be one winner only who will take that amount but all other finalists will go home empty-handed. He says Bigg Boss is giving you a chance to win 14 lacs that you guys lost. Ritesh says you can get this money if you think you won’t be a winner. He says we will give you 10 seconds and whoever presses the buzzer first will get this money. All look on. Rakhi says this is a big amount. He starts the countdown and Rakhi-Nikki press buzzer one by one. Salman laughs and says Rakhi was so fast. Rakhi says I pressed before Nikki. Rakhi says please rewind and check. Salman says they are checking. Salman says we replayed it and the result is that Rakhi pressed the buzzer first. Rakhi has won 14 lacs. Rakhi screams. Salman says Rakhi gets eliminated from this race now. Rakhi says it’s okay. Aly hugs Rakhi. Rakhi hugs Rubina and others. She takes the bag and leaves the house.

On the Stage:
Rakhi enters the stage with Ritesh. She dances with Salman. He tries to take the bag from her but she pulls back. Salman says Bigg Boss can’t stop his game. Ritesh says it was such a fast buzzer round. Salman congratulates Rakhi on getting 14 lacs. Salman gives his ‘being human’ bracelet to her. Salman asks who do you think will win today? Rakhi says Nikki won’t win but my gut feeling says that Rubina will win. Salman asks who would you be sad about winning today? Rakhi says Nikki because I am a senior so I will feel bad but I am happy to get this money as I will pay my mom’s bill. Salman asks if she thinks she shouldn’t have taken this bag? Rakhi says I wanted to trust the audience but Vindu told me that I won’t win and I should just take the bag. Salman says we want to tell you that your decision of taking this bag was the right decision. Your fans knew you would do this so you didn’t get the highest number of votes. Salman asks her to sit with the ex-contestants. Rakhi goes and meets them. Salman thanks Ritesh Deshmukh for coming. Ritesh says I watch this show for Salman, he promotes his new company. Ritesh leaves the show.

Salman says Rakhi is out of the show after getting the money bag. He connects the call to the 4 finalists. Salman says we have seen people becoming friends outside the house so what happens in Bigg Boss remains in Bigg Boss. We gave you a chance yesterday where you could tell what you regretted the most in the house and see what you said.

Rubina’s Regret: Rubina says one thing that I regret in the house is throwing water at Rakhi. If I could go back then I would have ignored Rakhi’s behavior.

Rahul’s Regret: He says I regret commenting on Jaan and calling him a nepotism kid, I didn’t know that he was not with his father.

Aly’s Regret: He says I don’t remember doing anything wrong, I just answered back people who hurt me.

Nikki’s Regret: She says I became arrogant at some points, I used bad words for Eijaz. I shouldn’t have been rude to Eijaz. I was rude to Jaan as well and didn’t give him importance when he was in the house. I didn’t respect people much, I was harsh so I want to change that.

Salman tells the inmates that this show has given you a chance to leave grudges behind and you all must be feeling light now. Salman says now I will take a name who will get eliminated. Nikki says I think I might go now. Salman says anything can happen. He says the one getting eliminated right now is ALY GONI. All inmates are stunned. Nikki says what nonsense. Salman says congrats to the top 3. Rahul hugs Aly and says we will meet soon outside. Aly wishes them luck and leaves the house. Nikki breakdowns and says this is unbelievable. Rahul asks if she is happy or sad? Rubina says it’s a mixed feeling. She consoles Nikki. Nikki says everyone thought so little of me, they all said so much to me and see where I am, God is with me. You can’t understand what is happening to me. Rubina says we will celebrate this. Nikki says everyone said so much worse for me, all inmates used to call me useless, I remember the faces of everyone now. Rubina says right now you have to be grateful and not vengeful, no other feeling.

On the Stage:
Aly enters the stage. Salman says did you think that? Aly says I was prepared for this. Salman gives him a bracelet. Aly thanks him. Salman asks who are you supporting? Aly says I want Rahul to win as his growth was amazing. Salman asks who doesn’t deserve to be in the top 3? He says I think Nikki doesn’t deserve it. Aly goes to the ex-inmates. Jasmin hugs him.

Nora Fatehi’s Entry:
Salman says Nora entered season 9 as a normal girl but she has become a big name. He welcomes her on the stage. She dances to Saki song. She dances on garmi song. All clap for her. Salman welcomes her. Nora congratulates Rakhi for getting 14 lacs. Salman says let’s connect the call to the inmates. Nora congratulates the inmates and says I have many memories of this house. Salman says Rakhi and Aly are out of the house which is shocking. Salman says they had more contribution than Nikki. Aly and Rakhi contributed a lot to the show. Salman asks Nikki she won’t change till the end? Salman says Rubina was telling you to be very grateful, you don’t know why you are in the house and why Aly is out. It was said that Aly would win the show, Rakhi has contributed a lot to the show, she took the show to a new level. Rubina says absolutely. Salman says the example of gratefulness is Nora. Nora says I know how difficult it is to live in this house, I congratulate the 3 finalists. Nora says I have a magical lamp with me. She rubs the lamp and says the genie is Salman Khan. All laugh. Nora says Salman has to fulfill three wishes of mine. She says I want a handsome, dashing person to propose to me today. Salman asks Eijaz to come. Eijaz brings a rose and sits on his knees. He sings a song for Nora and gives her the rose. All clap. Nora says my second wish is to dance with an amazing dancer. Salman says let’s call Sonali Phogat. Nora does belly dance with Sonali on Mashallah song. Salman joins them. All clap for them. Salman says someone call Aly here. Aly laughs. Nora says my third wish is that Salman will do all my hook steps. Salman dances with her and dances on dilbar dilbar. Salman asks Aly to come and support me as you supported everyone this season, you never played for yourself. I kept telling him to listen to Jasmin but he didn’t care. Salman does saki hook step while Aly helps him. Salman hugs Aly. Salman tells Rahul to not eye Nora as Disha is here. Rahul laughs and says I am looking at you, sir. Salman does Garmi step with Nora on the floor and falls down the stairs. All laugh. Salman asks Rahul M to do the step, he does it. Salman thanks Nora for coming. She thanks him and leaves.

Dharmesh and Tushar’s Entry:
Salman welcomes Dharmesh and Tushar. Dharmesh says Tushar wants to dance with Sonali. Sonali dances on tip tip barsa song with Tushar. Sonali dances with choreographer Tushar Kalia from Dance Deewane. He gets surprised when Sonali falls in his arms. Salman dances with Sonali as well. All clap for them. Salman runs away from her but Sonali keeps dancing. She goes to Tushar and keeps dancing with him. Tushar says now Eijaz and Dharmesh will dance. They dance on ghungroo song. Salman dances with them. Eijaz hugs Dharmesh. Pavitra claps for him. Dharmesh welcomes Dance Deewane contestant Shohil on the stage. Salman hugs him. Shohil dances sultan song. All are shocked to see him dance. They all clap for him and give him a standing ovation. Salman says why parents give birth to kids like these. Salman says he is a boneless Shohil. Salman asks all the boys, fathers to come and dance with him. Salman dances on jalwa song with all fathers and boys on the stage. Salman wishes luck to Shohil. Tushar says we have another contestant of Dance Deewane from the third generation. The woman Jumna enters the stage and gets shy of seeing Salman. Salman sings for her. She asks for an autograph but Salman asks her to dance first. She dances on I love you. All clap for her. Salman gives her an autograph. Salman wishes her luck and she leaves the stage. Tushar and Dharmesh promote their show. They leave the stage.

Dharmindra’s Entry:
Salman welcomes Dharmindra on the stage. Salman dances with him. Dharmindra jokes about Salman. Tushar asks Dharmindra to promote their show. Tushar and Dharmesh leave. Dharmindra connects the call to the inmates. He introduces Rubina, Nikki and Rahul to him. Dharmindra says I become an actor to earn people’s love. Salman says there was a couple in this season who came to support to each other, they were friends but fell in love. Let’s see Jasmin and Aly’s performance.

Jasmin-Aly’s Performance:
Jasmin says he was my friend, don’t know how it turned to love. Aly romantically dances with Jasmin on Jab tak hain jaan song. They dance in Bigg Boss house pool on Zara Zara song. Aly lifts Jasmin and dances with her. All clap seeing their performance. Dharmindra praises them. Salman says Dharmindra will answer love questions. Jasmin says make Aly say something which will make sure that no girl can flirt with Aly from now on. Salman says how will Aly work on TV? Jasmin says just to clarify that Aly can’t flirt back with them. Dharmindra says if I am here then no one needs to flirt with Aly. Sonali says I have left Aly. Dharmindra says poetry for Sonali. Salman says Abhinav and Rubina were getting divorced but they fell in love again in the house. Give them marriage advice. Dharmindra says to love each other and be happy. Rubina thanks him. Salman says I have been a big fan of Dharm and I love Sholay so let’s do a scene. He calls Rakhi on the stage.
Salman re-enacts Sholay scene with Dharmindra. Rakhi dances like Basanti around them. She falls in Dharm’s feet. She dances on main nachungi. Salman acts like Gabbar. He thanks Rakhi. Salman says Rahul-Aly’s friendship was like Jay-Veeru, let’s see their performance.

Rahul-Aly’s Performance:
They dance on yeh dosti song. They ride a bike together. Rahul and Aly dance on mei khiladi. Nikki dances with them on ata maji satak. All clap for them. Salman asks if their friendship will continue outside also? Rahul says yes, for 400 years. Dharmindra wishes luck to the top 3. Dharmindra leaves the stage.

Colors Shows’ Performance:
The Colors family has a performance on the stage. The stars from shows like Choti Sardarni, Barrister Babu, Udaariyan, Bawra Dil, Namak Issk Ka, Shakti and Moulki come there. Sargun Mehta promotes the udaariyan. Udaariyan stars dance on raabta song. Baawra dil stars dance on ishqzaade. Choti Sardarni stars dance on bhoomro. Barrister Babu stars dance on piya bole. Namak Issk Ka stars dance on oh zaalima. Salman Khan joins them and dances on Salam-e-Ishq. Salman welcomes them to Bigg Boss. Salman hugs the girl from Choti Sardarni. He asks who is their favorite? Mehar says Rubina is my favorite as she was a strong woman in the house. Bondita says we will miss Salman babu the most. Salman thanks her and says she is like born on TV. Salman says I will be going away from Colors but this happy family of Colors brings me back. All laugh. Salman promotes Udaariyan and Bawra Dil. One actor gives the envelope which has 2 finalists’ names on it. Salman thanks them and they leave.

Salman says we will announce the selection process of season 15 contestants on Voot soon.

Salman connects the call to the house and says I will now announce the 3rd elimination of the day. He says the first finalist is Rubina and the second finalist of Bigg Boss 14 is Rahul Vaidya. All clap for him. Nikki and Rubina congratulate him. Salman says well-played Nikki Tamboli. NIKKI TAMBOLI gets eliminated. Salman says voting lines are opening for the last 10 minutes, you can vote for Rubina or Rahul quickly. Salman welcomes Nikki Tamboli. Salman asks who will win? Nikki says if Rubina wins then I will be very happy. Salman gives her a bracelet. Nikki thanks him. She goes and meets her family.

Salman connects the call to the house for the last time. Salman congratulates Rubina and Rahul. Salman asks what will they miss the most? Rubina says Bigg Boss’s voice. Rahul says I will miss spending the day here, we have so many memories here so I will miss everything. Some movers enter the house. Salman says they are there to lock the house. He asks Rubina and Rahul to come out of the house. The packers start packing the house. Salman says voting lines are still open, you can vote for Rahul or Rubina. Rubina and Rahul come into the garden. Bigg Boss tells Rubina and Rahul that 22 contestants entered this race to win the trophy but you are the top 2 finalists. You both had different opinions throughout the season but today you are standing together to fight for the trophy. Bigg Boss says your animosity increased day by day, you both put each other down but you don’t know the reason for this animosity. Rubina laughs at that. Rahul says I will go out and watch where we started fighting from. Bigg Boss says many things changed in the house but your relationship with each other didn’t change, you had mutual friends but you both couldn’t become friends. You must have had a valid reason to fight that is why the audience has made you stand together at this point. Bigg Boss says we wish you can leave your grudges here and become friends in the outside world. We wish you luck in your life ahead. Rubina and Rahul thank him. Bigg Boss tells them to turn off the lights of the house and come out of the house. Rahul says I love you Bigg Boss, I want to do a sajda before going. He does a sajda. Rubina looks at the house and thanks Bigg Boss. Rubina and Rahul turn off the lights of the house. The fireworks start and they leave the house after glancing at it for the last time. Rakhi cries looking at them.

Rahul-Rubina’s Performance:
Rahul and Rubina dance to the race song. They fight like arch-nemesis of each other.

Salman welcomes Rubina and Rahul on the stage. Salman congratulates them. He says one of you will be a winner today. Salman says I have a gift for you. Salman gifts them E-bikes from his collection. Salman says you might not have a car to go home so I have arranged this cycle. Rubina and Rahul laugh. Salman holds their hands. Nikki cheers for Rubina. Salman says the winner of Bigg Boss season 14 is.. he asks them to hug first. Rahul and Rubina hug. Salman says the winner of Bigg Boss season 14 is RUBINA DILAK. She screams and can’t believe it. She thanks Salman and hugs him. Salman hugs Rahul. Abhi hugs her family. Rubina hugs Rahul. Rubina runs to meet her family but Salman asks her to take the trophy first. Rubina thanks, everyone. Salman congratulates her and signs off from the show. Everyone congratulates her. Abhi hugs Rubina tightly.

Rubina Dilak wins the Season 14 of Bigg Boss

Update Credit to: Atiba

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    Sv, the kindest soul, most well mannered commentator here, you are an angel, love you
    Sarah, she is as sweet as a ladoo, but if someone disrespects rubina, she can be as spicy as a chilli
    Shruti, one of my favourite persons from here, she is peaceful, but if someone crosses the line she will teach them a tough lesson
    Ss, she had my back during our fight with ‘someone’, she is one fearless woman

    What a fun ride we had here. We fought, we bonded, we defended, i am going to miss you guys, you made my bb journey on telly upadates memorable. Love you❤
    Sseggai, harry, Anshika, Diana, amal, VVP, iran and everyone else, All the best to you guys. May you all have success and happiness in your lives

    1. Avni77

      Atiba, thank you for your well written updates

    2. A big salute to you too Avni. I loved the way how you used to counter argue other supporters in this forum. Your sense of humor and upfront attitude makes you best too☺️ Stay healthy and happy! I will miss you all! All the best wishes to you too!

    3. Avni

      You are so sweet! I will miss you a lot ❤ and you’re my partner in crime too! I will always remember your witty comeback and sarcasm. It always put a smile on my face 😊

  15. Avni77

    @sv commoners will be a part of bb 15. Will you still vote for me and alima, as you promised😜

    1. Yes yes..I think you two should really go and we will root for u on telly updates, twitter, insta about we prepare for your auditions in the meantime 🙂🙂🙂

    2. Oh yeah we will give our support 100% and shower you with all the love😀

    3. Avni77

      Ha ha😂 we will get scolded by sallu on every wkv. We will throw a bucket full of water on jasmin (yeah, i want her there😜)

    4. Trust me..jasmean and aly will be back next and sallu love them

    5. I’m sure about that😂

  16. One thing that pissed me was salmans cold attitude towards rubina even on the stage today..he didnt even let her talk for a second to say thank you to her fans..he is happy to dance wid sonali aunty and jasmean naagin..I remember in the wish task, rubina wished to dance wid him..still she was not given a shows how much he was opposed to Rubina being a winner..I dont think he wanted to share the stage wid her but rubinas fans trended her so much that the makers and sallu had to swallow their pride..that’s the power of us the common my dear Alima and Avni think about bb15❤❤

    1. Avni77

      I hope sallu is okay, i mean, his pride got hurt😜

    2. Avni77

      I will throw water on sallu, i don’t know what will alima do😂

    3. It seems so SV😀i was like he’ll fulfill her wish before the announcement but he turned me down😀anyways we are happy she got the trophy that’s all that matters

    4. SV you are too kind! I would probably get bashed by SK all the time! He wouldn’t like that I’m so vocal and opinionated.

  17. Rahul’s girlfriend Disha is really beautiful

  18. Siddharth shukla tatti

    Kavita deserves to be in the top 3. Everyone was great but she had a lot more potential to give to the show. They even brought back a person like Rahul so they should have at least brought back to Kavita. She was much more deserving and better person than Rahul

  19. Oh’my God, am so happy for my baby girl Nikki!! Thanks to her fans for shaming her enemies. We Naija are proud of you, well played.

  20. Finally😌Rubina won❤️❤️❤️ I was so worried😌 Congratulations Rubina👏👏👏❤️❤️❤️

  21. Where all the Rubina fans going to put their face because when Salman asked her to thank her fans she did not do so! At first she thanked her family but when Salman prompted her to look into the camera and thank her fans, she did not say a word! Shows how evil she is and she showed her true worth today. All you Rubina fans who bullied and trolled the fans of other contestants on this platform look so foolish and ridiculous now. She did not thank her fans as she did not win by votes because she was the fixed winner by colours. Thank God we no longer have to watch how boring she is and how dominating she is. Not forgetting her awful evil laugh. Shame on her. Both Rahul and Nikki contributed more to the show. Rakhi even contributed more.

    1. First of all what’s wrong with Rubina thanking her family first? Second of all there is a word when you are unable to say anything as you’re overwhelmed or shocked… that word is “speechless”. And just to be clear, Ruby did thank us when Salman Khan asked her to say something. If I’m not mistaken, Ruby shouted “thank you” at least 5 to 10 times! You know maybe you didn’t watch the episode where Rubina said that she is a fan of her fans and expressed genuine gratitude. It’s a shame really… she’s out there living her best life and you’re finding a way to belittle her. And as for her being dominating… well she certainly had power over majority of the votes 😃 And if you found her boring then that’s on you. Lastly, feel free to never watch Rubina Dilaik on your screen again. It will be highly appreciated 🤭

    2. Thank you for ths Alima dear well replied 😀👍🏻

    3. Avni77

      @alima lol, dear don’t you recognize this person? She is the one who has many names😂

    4. @Avni i knew it when i saw the name 🤣 i was just so amazed and shocked that they are still doing this!

    5. Avni77

      Hello ‘arthi’ how are your imaginary friends doing? Give my best regards to swati, preeti, lena, gopal, vinay, rulebreaker, kamala p, rahul, and yes, katrina😂 rubina supporters harassed others! Lol😂atleast they didn’t have to create fake id’s to support and praise themselves. For a change, be honest sometimes, it will do wonders


    7. Avni77

      Forget rubina, where is that person, who has many names, put her face after yesterdays big reveal!

    8. Avni77

      @alima not ‘they’, she, use a singular pronoun😂 did you see devo’s tweet? I think we should sent these persons a carton of burnol cream. i’m generous like that, you see😜

    9. Nope i blocked Devo and Jasmean on twitter 😅😅 i can’t stand them one bit

    10. I never follow them😀

    11. Avni77

      @alima jasmin’s face yesterday😂 salman was giving her so much attention, he even told aly ‘you should have listened to jasmin’, and still cutie was unhappy and frustrated😂

    12. Oh my goodness gracious..I missed so much of I am innocently thinking bb is over😭😭😭I think we can continue bb14 until colors starts 15th season..its nonstop fun express..Alima, Avni, Sarah you girls need your own show where u call celebrities/online bullies/hackers and roast them endlessly..I dont think you wont have any trouble finding guests for your show..we already have a few geniuses on this platform😜😜😜oh and then there are long lost jealous sister duo- devo and jasmean

    13. We would need you to come to the show as well SV! Who else would calm us down and comfort us. You would be the Abhinav to our Rubina 😊

    14. ikr! Miss Bhasin is so full of herself it’s so visible 🤣 you know i didn’t even watch her performance with Aly!

    15. Awww that’s so sweet..Ruby is a sweetheart and her family is amazing❤❤❤

    16. Aww adorable fam🥰 you’re a darling Avni thanks you’ve made my day😍

    17. Avni77

      @sv lol sv, i would love to do that. Roast like avni n alima😆

    18. Avni77

      @alima ha ha yes yes, otherwise we would throw water on everyone😂

  22. I am sure from here on like Gauhar Hina Sidarth, Jasmin will be the regular visitor of Bigg boss. Bigg Boss and Salman are obsessed with her.

  23. I am sure from here on like Gauhar Hina Sidarth, Jasmin will be the regular visitor of Bigg boss. Bigg Boss and Salman are obsessed with her.

  24. Today is my last day commenting on BB 14 so i’ve got lot 2 put down.I wuz so anxious 2 know d winner and at last d time 2 announce d winner came ‘nd it wuz Rubina Dilaik though nt a fan of her nevertheless i’m happy dat she won.But being a Rahul v fan ,it also made me happy dat he wuz d first runner up even if he couldn’t b d winner,he sure made a name 4 himself so much KUDOS to him ‘nd i’ll 4eva keep loving u bro.Wat can i say about Aly coz i’m also his fan he was just 2 good and not a goon as pple described him even though he wuz second eliminated 4rm top 5 at least he reached d grand finale.About Nikki,i liked at first after her appearance in bigg boss bt she became so rude dat she couldn’t stop controlling her mouth and cursed some contestants which made me dislike her bt it’s gud she acknowledged her mistakes .Now Rakhi she wuz fun in d house and added vibes even 2 BB bt most of d times crossed her limits i kind of don’t lyk her coz she misbehaves not withsanding dat she wuz d 1st 2 b eliminated 2day bt she went home with 14 lacs .She is lucky.D contestants were looking so glamorous in deir outfits with Rubina acing d stage wit her gudluks,i won’t also 4get her dance per4mance with luvly Rahul,it’s just so breath taking.Rahul and Aly rocked it with deir suit dey were just so fab ‘nd i really admire deir friendship.Aly suitwas glimmery .Nikki and Rakhi were also dressed well.D contestants dance per4mance wuz WOW……….Hats off to Aly and Jasmine 4 deir per4mance lykwise Rakhi she nailed it.So far,so gud dis is d 1st tym i’d watch BB grand premiere and also grand finale dough i started watching BB 4rm its season 13.Less i 4get i’d also luv 2 appreciate Salman coz of his hardwork’nd indebtedness 2 BB,it ain’t easy bt Salman put a lot of effort so well done Sir.Before leaving i won’t ignore d pple who’ve made it easy 4 we,BB commentators who wouldn’t have d tym 2 watch BB and wuld just go on internet 2 read BB on dis platform and dat’s all thanks 2 ATIBA.I can’t just xpress my gratitude bt i’m so thankful 2 u 4 making it a success 4 us readers,it’s nt easy writing update everyday bt bcoz of d luv u had 4 us and BB at large.Thanks 4 making us 2 connect wit pple even dough we couldn’t see each oda bt d luv wuz just dere.I really appreciate.Lastly,we wouldn’t have made dis plat4m without d pple here itself who take it upon demselves 2 comment.We sometyms had verbal fights coz of d contestants of ‘r choice bt it wuz fun also .Everyday i wuz always reading d comments,sometyms i’d comment and oda tyms wouldn’t bt read oda pple comment.U guyz ‘re all luvly pple .Dis’re d lyks of Sarah,Sv,Archie,VVP,Shruti,Gargie ‘nd so many oda pple whom i may not remmber bt i luv u all and i will also keep 1 very person in mind whom bcoz of her i joined dis plat4m’nd dat’s Katrina.Just by her comments alone, i perceive dat she’s cool evenin reality.Eventhough,she left dis plat4m 4 a long period of tym,it wuz so happy 2 see her back in dis group few dayz back.I’ll miss u .Before i sign off ,it made me alwayz happy dat some Nigerians ‘re on dis plat4m coz i’m also 4rm Nigeria,i thought i’d b d only nigerian bt no we ‘re everywhere just lyk MTN.LOVE YOU ALL8-)8-)

  25. Rashami Desai, Hina Khan, Srishty Rode, Bipasha Basu, Shilpa Shetty, Nia Sharma, Krystle Dsouza, Kamya Punjabi etc all saw potential in Rubina and wanted her to win! We love to see iconic, dignified and talented women supporting another iconic, dignified and talented woman! And then there’s Devoleena… yeah she um still believes Rubina did not deserve to win. Apparently, Rubina is arrogant and backbites about others. But for her, Rakhi Sawant was a devi. Tho it’s cool! Ruby winning the trophy is already a slap on her face.

  26. Oh no… i remembered Rubina wanted to dance with Salman Khan as her last wish before leaving the show 😔 I’m so upset they didn’t do that for her. But SK was more than fine to dance with Sonpagli and Jasmean!! It just went to show that he didn’t want to be on stage with our sherni. Rubina Dilaik so much respect and admiration for you ❤

    1. I just saw one of Rubinas interviews..she is so humble and so glad that I supported her..I’m proud of my choice and I wish her all the best..Alima sallu’s attitude shows he is an alpha male chauvinist..I’m glad he never least one woman got saved who might have suffered being his wife

  27. Congratulations to all the Rubina fans for her win. Congrats to all the RKV fans for him becoming first runner up. Congrats to all Nikki fans for supporting her and making her place in top 3. I am proud that I supported Rubina. The way she thanked her fans afer her win really made my day. So all the haters out there she won because of her fans support who did a lot for her. And she appreciated that as well. Infact all her family members have appreciated all the fans. She is a perfect example of women empowerment and her win shows the potential of her real organic fans. Let’s celebrate her victory and leave all the hatred behind! Final time signing off from this season.

    1. Avni77

      Bye ss❤

  28. At last the most deserving contestant Sherni Rubina won BB 14….She underwent too much of pain, harassments etc right from day one from the bullies inside as well as from the host, inspite of all odds against her she came out with flying colors and wins the show…. Hats off to you Rubina….. Wish you and aby a happy family life & successful career too….

    Also happy that Nikki finished in top 3 well deserved one too… She was wrongly portrayed as the most badtameez person even though there were much worst than her in the house. after all she was honest and never pretend to show herself as good one, and admitted her mistakes openly and that is indeed a better quality than few hypocrite’s.. the viewers never let her down and i am happy for you Nikki. You are too young, but with bit of change in attitude and charm you can have a wonderful career too…. 🙂

    Wish all other contestants wonderful future too…. On the whole this season was not the best of season compared to the earlier ones, as it had dull moments and makers desperately tried their best to pep up the show by bringing old contestants yet it was not enough…. However Sherini Rubi, Abhi, Nikki and others did their best to make it watchable…. kudos to you all for that…

    It is time say good bye for time being to our fellow commentators who made it enjoyable to come here in this forum daily… particularly Avni77, SV, Alima, SS, Sarah, Lena, Iran & Kate and many others.. you guys were really great.. may miss your comments..:) hope to meet you all in the next season… Until then continue to enjoy everything you do in your lives, and be happy and stay safe… GOD bless you all… Cheers… 🙂

    1. Avni77

      All the best to you RJR😍 you were always our sherni’s true supporter

    2. @Avni77 thanks a lot… may miss your comments…. have fun, take care, stay safe… 🙂

    3. I will also miss your comments RjR. All the best to you too. May God Bless you always!

    4. Oh thanks SS, we think alike team members who stood strongly and supported our favorite Rubina till the end and we are happy now.

      Let us hope and meet in the next season… until then stay strong, safe n’ happy at all times… Cheers 🙂

    5. Thank you RjR will meet next season hopefully best of luck

    6. merci from dear friends
      In Big Boss 15, I’m waiting to be here again
      I love Indian friends 😍

    7. Bye RjR until we meet again in BB15..much love and blessings to each one of us..we are a solid team which stood united and came out victorious both in bb and on this platform..I’m definitely gonna miss you pls all of you come back in season 15 and we will again go on a rollercoaster together…we will see if we will be rooting for the same person in next season or not..that’s worth the wait🤗🤗🤗

  29. I think some of Rubina’s fans also voted to Nikki to kick out Ally from the top 3 race. Because of Jasmine and off course Salman. Well done 👍

    1. You may be right… Jas-MEAN and Sallu would be fuming inside though… 🙂

  30. Atiba

    Thank you everyone for reading and enjoying the updates. Your kind words mean a lot to me and your comments make my day 🙂 Hope to see you all next season

    1. Atiba
      I really wouldn’t have gotten much meaning from Big Boss without your updates
      Good luck

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