Bigg Boss 20th December 2020 Written Episode Update: Kash gets eliminated

Bigg Boss 20th December 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Elimination Day
Salman welcomes everyone to the show. Salman says we asked them to not misbehave with each other but it was opposite of what happened yesterday, let’s see.

In the house:
Aly tells Nikki that he was not making fun of her, she lied to Salman. Nikki says I saw you lausghing at me, Aly says I was not laughing at you, I was supporting you.

Rakhi says sorry to Nikki and says I love you.
Aly tells Nikki that you are playing now but nobody would listen to you. Rahul V tells Aly that she won’t change her nature. Aly says I won’t spare her now, all were laughing at her.
Arshi tells Eijaz that I won’t stay here, they disrespect me so much. Eijaz says they are trying to make you understand.
Aly tells Mannu that Nikki is a liar. Nikki says you can’t change the truth by shouting. Your footage is out and Salman talked about it because you were lying. Mannu tells Nikki that you told me that I make fun of you. Nikki tells Aly that you can keep shouting but it can’t change the fact. Aly tells her don’t say rubbish, you called Rahul a dog. Nikki says you have nothing to talk about. Aly says he is my friend and we all know you, now Rubina and Abhi are your friends? You are just scared of me, you are a fraud, you are jealous as your mothers are here, these women are your mother. Nikki says you look weak now. You can keep shouting. Aly says you have hurt me so shut up. Nikki says you laughed at me, I didn’t expect this from you. Aly says I was not laughing at you, they both charge at each other. Mannu holds Nikki back. She pushes him away. Aly says you should be ashamed to say all this. Abhi grabs Aly and controls him. Aly says she is lying, I didn’t laugh at you. Nikki charges at him and says you were insulting me.

Aly tells Rubina that she is lying, I helped her in the task. Rqubina says she has a soft corner for you.
Arshi tells Nikki to shut up, what do you want? Nikki says they have insulted you and you are the worst person in the house. Arshi says I am running the show, think about yourself. Nikki says you are a foolish person, you are the worst person in the house. Arshi says talk to my as*. Nikki says I will kick your a*s. You deserve much more. Arshi says you are a ******. Eijaz tells Nikki don’t blame my friendship. Nikki cries and says you show right on me but you were laughing when I was insulted. Eijaz says I don’t want to talk to you as then we will fight.

On the Stage:
Salman connects the call to the house. He says we will play a task. He asks them to bring a wax. Salman says we will call someone and ask Questions to the inmates, if they say yes then you will be waxed. He says the first person to wax will be Rakhi. The first one will be Rahul M.
Rahul M: Salman asks Rakhi if Rahul has come to enjoy the house? She says yes. She waxes his hand and he cries. Salman asks Mannu if he pretends to not know anything? He says yes and Rakhi waxes his leg. He cries. Salman asks Arshi if he is scared of the women in house? She says yes and Rahul gets waxed. Salman asks Aly if Rahul likes Nikki more than Rakhi? He says yes. Eijaz: Jasmin will wax his hair. She says this will be a real pain. Salman asks Mannu if Eijaz should be respected more? He says yes. jasmin waxes him and he cries. Salman asks Aly if Eijaz plays victim card? He says yes and Jasmin waxes him again. Salman asks Arshi if Eijaz is intelligent? Arshi says no he is not as he trusts people easily. Salman says you are favoring him and they all agree that Eijaz is intelligent so Jasmin waxes him again. He cries. Salman asks Rahul V if Eijaz is a double faced person? He says yes so Eijaz gets waxed again. Salman asks Rubina if he will win the season? Rubina says no so Salman says this is her personal problem so I will ask the inmates, they agree that it’s Eijaz so he gets waxed again.
Mannu: Kash will wax him. Salman asks Jasmin if Mannu wants to be nice to everyone? She says yes so Kash waxes him. Salman asks if he needs a group to play? Jasmin says yes so he gets waxed. Salman asks if he was unsuccessful as a captan? Rubina says yes so Mannu gets waxed. Salman asks Aly if Mannu is a big talker? He says yes. Kash waxes him.
Aly: Nikki will wax him. Aly says she had a fight with me so I will not be spared. Salman asks Jasmin if Aly loves her? She laughs and says yes. Nikki waxes his hand and he cries in pain. She says sorry. Salman asks Eijaz if Aly tries to be oversmart? He says yes so Aly gets waxed. Salman asks Rahul V if Aly gives a wrong suggestion to Jasmin? He says yes. Salman says you are his friend. Nikki waxes him again. Aly cries. Salman asks if Aly tries to be nice to everyone? She says yes. Salman asks Rakhi if Aly will say yes to Jasmin’s proposal? She says yes. jasmin waxes Aly’s hand.

Salman tells the inmates that you people keep talking about the footage. I will call two inmates and you have to tell whose footage will go. First pair is Jasmin-Abhi.
Kash: She says Jasmin is entertaining.
Arshi: Abhi is entertaining for me.
Rakhi: She says Jasmin is entertaining with Aly as I see their romance but I don’t see abhi romancing with Rubina at all.
Nikki: She says Abhi is boring.
Rubina: She says Jasmin is more entertaining for the show.
Rahul V: He says Abhi is boring.
Rahul M: He says Abhi is my friend but boring. He should smile more.
Aly: He says Abhi is a nice man but not for this show. Salman says don’t you think Abhi is more entertaining? you spend more time with him. Aly laughs.
Eijaz: He says Abhi is boring from show’s perspective.
Mannu: He says Jasmin talks to everyone but Abhi is boring for the show.

Salman says Abhi has won this task. Abhi says I am organic in my approach, I don’t jump in topics. Salman says you have to part of it.

The Caller of the Week:
Salman talks to the caller Sonu. He talks to Rubina and says do you trust Jasmin as you did before? Rubina says I don’t trust a lot now as Aly made her understand to be my friend but I take her as my friend and don’t back-stab her. Sonu tells Aly that you are doing good and you will get a valentine gift soon, all laugh. Salman ends the call.
Jasmin tells Rubina that I keep trying to be your friend but you keep saying things. You don’t clear things with me. Rubina says I have genuine concern for you, I still care about you.
Aly tells Rahul V that I asked Jasmin to be with them fully or not. Rahul V says it’s good that Rubina talked about it today. Jasmin tells Rubina that you kept saying that you are my real friend. Rahul V says yes she did say it. Rubina says I care for Jasmin but I don’t trust her. Rahul V says but you are her friend? Rubina says yes but I don’t trust her. Abhi asks Rubina to talk to Jasmin and not let Rahul V jump in the conversation. Jasmin tells Rubina that I have friendship with Abhi but you don’t trust me then we don’t need to be friends. Rubina says that is fine with me, Jasmin says I will stop trying and you don’t need to shout. Rubina says this is my pitch, you can move away if you want to. Jasmin says you don’t need to dominate me. Rubina says I am not shouting, you need to shut yourself. Jasmin says you can keep shouting. Rubina says I am not. Jasmin says you are not stable. Rubina says this is my pitch, we are artists. Jasmin says this is not fiction. Rubina says you keep demonizing people. She leaves. Abhi asks Jasmin to have a conversation with her. Jasmin says I don’t like when she shouts. Rubina says she uses people like crutches. Jasmin says I think you have reached till here because of Abhi. Rubina says you don’t need to say all that. Jasmin says then why did you say that I use people as crutches? Rubina says you become a villian or a baby as per your convience. I tried to protect you but you don’t need it. Jasmin says I don’t need it. Rubina says you have lied so much in the tasks, you will see it later.

On the Stage:
Salman welcomes a singer. Salman wishes her.
Salman connects the call to the house. He says one phone call brought hell in the house? Jasmin says she changes her pitch when she is talking to me. Rubina says she can move away if she has a problem with my pitch. Salman says you both can sort out between yourself. Jasmin says I will not talk to her.
Salman tells the inmates that before the task, you decide what should be the outcome so your efforts are just acting. In the jail task, Nikki and Rahul V were supporting Aly so Rahul V was shouting when Nikki got the key? Was it just acting? Rahul V says no it was not. Salman says Aly is a great man, he came here to support Jasmin and left the house for her. Then you cameback for Jasmin again, you have become the captain again to save Abhi now? You have changed the captaincy meaning, you are so great that you become the captain to save others. Salman asks Abhi why he wanted Aly to become the captain? Abhi says so he can save me. Salman says so you could become the captain to get immunity and could save Rubina also. You don’t need to beg others so why you don’t become the captain yourself? Abhi says I trust Aly. Salman says Eijaz and Mannu were playing as a team in the duck task. Mannu says yes, I wanted Eijaz to become the captain as he helped me. Salman says you didn’t plan in this task. He asks Eijaz why he was not desperate in the duck task? Eijaz says I had an argument with Rahul V. Salman says you people wanted Aly to save someone. He says Mannu and Abhi have got the least votes. Now Aly will save one and eliminate the other person. Aly gets tensed. Salman asks who are you sending home too? Aly says Abhi is my friend so Mannu will leave the house. Salman tells Mannu that do you understand why you shouldn’t take the captaincy task lightly? You people easily give the power to Aly. Mannu is not going anywhere.
Salman says to Rubina that you wanted Jasmin to win the captaincy task, why don’t you want to be the captain? Rubina says you have to beg others as a captain, there is no leadership in the captaincy. Mannu says she was alleging me that I was not the nice captain so she should set a benchmark herself. Salman says you keep taunting others but you don’t take the responsibility. Salman tells Aly that you have been tarminated from the captaincy right now and Rubina will become the captain. She will get all the privilages as a captain. Aly will not be a captain but he will remain immune as he won the task. Salman tells them Aly will not get any right to save anyone. Now we will see how Rubina divides the duties. All laugh.

Salman tells them that one will be eliminated today. Salman says Kash is eliminated. Kash hugs everyone. She wishes them and leaves. Rakhi is sad.

In the House:
Mannu tells Arshi that how did I give the captaincy to Aly easily? Arshi says I didn’t curse Vikas’s mother also, they are making me look like a villian. Mannu says you keep provoking Rubina. Arshi says how does Abhi gets saved every week? Mannu says because of Rubina’s fan-following. Eijaz says it looks like we didn’t put in efforts. Mannu says Aly’s group is bigger so he won the task.

At the night time, Nikki asks Abhi to scare Rakhi. Abhi puts pillow on the bed in her bed and hides somewhere else. Rakhi comes there and gets scared thinking someone is on her bed. Aly and Abhi scare her by walking like robots. Mannu and Rahul M laugh. Rubina asks them to do this entertainment in the morning. She asks Abhi to leave if he wants to disturb her. She throws his pillow. Arshi asks Abhi to come with her. Abhi lies in bed with Rubina but she pushes him out of bed.

Salman signs off from the episode.

PRECAP – Abhi nominates Arshi. Arshi nominates Abhi as he doesn’t deserve to be here.
Rahul V says I want to nominate Abhi. He tells Rubina that her tone is authoritative. You are authoritative towards Abhi also.
Vikas enters the show again. Arshi asks if he wants tea? He says no thank you.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Hope Rubina and jasmin patch up soon…jasmin is real only but y Rubina is doing like this???

    1. Because rubina thinks she can never be wrong. She never wants to accept her mistakes and that’s her biggest problem

  2. Honestly rubina is so annoying even to look at. She argued for no reason and was saying and using hurtful words and statements to jasmin who was at least explaining rubinas faults but didnt raise her voice. Rubina speaks so fast and attacks others but when it comes to other contestants shouting and yelling she says the house has become very bad and dirty recently. In the duck task too she was so irritating and did call arshi the 5th duck but lied. She is not stupid but her interest in the big boss is only activated during tasks. Abhi knows she is wrong and very bossy but will never admit it. I did think that vikas might return, and he will as shown in the next days clip. Dont understand how the channel shows the next days clip when isnt each episode is shown on the day itself?? And now vikas returns so this is really something to ponder!! Was their fight real or scripted…hey bhagwan!!

    1. Why you Eijaz fans are soo jealous of Rubina? Let me Update you about the recent happenings.
      ROAR LIKE RUBINA trended on Twitter with 3 million tweets straight for 2 days! Highest ever for any BB14 contestant. Rubina ain’t a drama queen like Jasmean.
      Rubina is emotional but she keeps hiding her emotions under her anger.
      Even Sallu didn’t lend any support to Jas in her fight with Rubi.
      And about the Clips that surface before the TV telecast…Did you know on “Voot select” we can watch live bigg boss full day.
      As for Arshi Vikas fight, Arshi cleared it during WKW that first the fight was scripted, then after the violence in one task, the fight became real!
      Adha adhura gyaan lekr mat aaya kro🙏

    2. Actually rubina’s main problem is she thinks she is always right and she even argues to prove herself right which is very wrong. She should learn to accept her mistakes but unfortunately she never accepts. She has a dominating and I am always right nature and for this she can even lose bb trophy. But she didn’t call arshi a duck. I have seen the episode she said it in a fun way to rakhi and not arshi. One more thing before this duck fiasco arshi called her a ghatiya aurat so I don’t know how can she say that rubina started targeting her. She is one pathetic liar and a pathetic contestant. I have never seen such a negative lady like arshi in my life. But yes you are right that rubina is surely dominating and thinks she is always right

    3. Why are you jealousy of Rubina , she didn’t say anything bad to Jasmine , she tolerated Jasmine who is a back stabber and one more thing hear carefully Rubina’s word she doesn’t insult anyone she doesn’t curse , she explains everything well and clearly unlike that jealousy back stabber #jasmean #ROARLIKERUBINA

    4. OK I am jealous of rubina why?? Just because I found her wrong. Everyone will not praise your favourites because everyone has a different pov. So please try to respect everyone’s pov

  3. Truth is this only that abhinav nd rubina se expectations toh bohot thi but they didn’t stood up nd u shouldn’t be mad after them that yes they deserve to be here nd should blindly support them knowing that they don’t do anything..for what trend is running is rubina getting targeted when she got targeted we supported her when eijaz was accused by kariba we supported him when nikki called abhi nalla nallla we supported him also when Rahul spoke against nepotism we were with him also but this season koi bhi jeete non deserving hi lgega.

  4. Rubina never wants to accept her mistake. She thinks she is miss right. For this reason I don’t want her to be the winner. I want aly to win this show

    1. What mistake did she make she can’t accept what’s wrong with you guys , #jealousyaly , now I know that alys fans are also jealousy as f**k

    2. Listen dear who are you. Who gave you the right to call me jealous. How dare you talk to me like that?? Behave yourself. Get some life and learn to respect everyone’s opinion. Everyone will not always praise your favourite each person has a different pov

    3. I really love Rubina I think that she is very opinated and a true example of women empowerment in case of jasmin and her fight I feel jasmin never liked Rubina but Rubina showed true affections towards her but she always backstabbed her and tried to show her inferior by saying superiority complex it was only jasmin who started playing dirty with her and Rubina is just reacting it is the reaction for her action. I didn’t want change anybody pov as everybody has their perspective but this is what I feel about Rubina.

    4. I am Sorry I was just
      posting my comment and it by mistake got send as a reply to your comment.

    5. I have no problem with your pov. You said your pov without insulting me so I don’t have any problem. I respect your pov

  5. My dear friend simran..there is no jealousy here. We r not big boss contestants to get jealous. And i didnt take eijaz name. We simply pen down our opinion and one should have the decency to respect others comments and views too. I dont know what voot boot is coz i dont live in india. You say rubina is not a drama queen but my friend u are forgetting that she is an actress afterall and it was very obvious she was playing an act in the duck task and other tasks. She definitely has an ego prob and is high maintainence for sure perhaps she has been praised of her beauty many times in life. On the other hand look at rakhee…she wears a hair extention did plastic surgery all over but yet she seems sweet in many ways. But not rubina, sorry. End of the day they are all actressess and can put an act some days too just for the show…no one is real and all r playing their roles. So whoever wants to support any contestant they are free to do so.

    1. Rubina is beautiful inside out and Rakhi herself said that Rubina is a deserving winner as she’s soft.
      Even then I respect your views, so should you. I agree every perspective is not same but it’s also about how much you know the person outside bigg boss.
      Otherwise you are welcome to criticise Rubi here, it won’t harm her or change the reality any way😊
      Peace Out

    2. You are right everyone has their own point of views and everyone should respect it

  6. The problem is that if a woman is strongly opinionated, she is termed dominating, authoritative and arrogant. All sort if vices is accorded to that woman. I am not a fan of any contestant, but I strongly admire Rubina. You say she finds it hard to accepts her mistake, but I am confused as to which mistake. Her fight with Jasmin? From my point of view it seems Jasmin is full on jealous of Rubina, and I am in awe of how she tolerated her till Aly came, poor her. At every turn, she is bent on proving Rubina’s non existent superiority complex. Oh, how much I hate that word “superiority complex”. To me ” superior complex” is a defense mechanism used by people with extreme inferiority complex. Which I strongly believe Jasmin is suffering from and needs to get treated. Jealously is a vice which all human has of course, but hers is to another level, I personally feel in her quest to pull rubina down she wants to destroy rubina’s relationship with her husband whether knowingly or unknowingly.

  7. The problem is that if a woman is strongly opinionated, she is termed dominating, authoritative and arrogant. All sort if vices is accorded to that woman. I am not a fan of any contestant, but I strongly admire Rubina. You say she finds it hard to accepts her mistake, but I am confused as to which mistake. Her fight with Jasmin? From my point of view it seems Jasmin is full on jealous of Rubina, and I am in awe of how she tolerated her till Aly came, poor her. At every turn, she is bent on proving Rubina’s non existent superiority complex. Oh, how much I hate that word “superiority complex”. To me ” superior complex” is a defense mechanism used by people with extreme inferiority complex. Which I strongly believe Jasmin is suffering from and needs to get treated. Jealously is a vice which all human has of course, but hers is to another level, I personally feel in her quest to pull rubina down she wants to destroy rubina’s relationship with her husband whether knowingly or unknowingly.
    Obviously every human has flaws, Rubina has hers, but her flaw is not in being strong and opinionated, that is the best thing about her. Anyone who considers such opinionated woman as arrogant, dominating needs to check him or herself, and ask themselves this question ” what do I want from a woman?” Your answer will probably be a submissive woman and that defines the type of person you are.

    Plus Nikki is another woman I strongly admire for her independence, dermination.

    1. If anyone is calling rubina dominating here then it’s not always because she is a woman. Everyone has their pov. It’s not wrong to love rubina and it’s not wrong to hate her because everyone has a different pov. Please understand this everyone will never like your favourites. Example aly is my favourite but I know many people hates him so should I call them wrong no they are not wrong. They have their own opinion and are allowed to have different opinions

  8. This is for everyone stop targeting the other fan group just because they hate your favourites. If you disagree with their opinion then give reasons to justify your points but don’t target other fan groups. We all are different people with different pov so it’s not necessary that all people should support our favourites. If nation would only have one favourite then there will be no bigg boss. Bigg boss is meant for different types of contestants and different types of people with different pov vote for the contestants whom they like. So please keep this in mind before disrespecting someone for their pov

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