Bigg Boss 1st November 2020 Written Episode Update: Ejaz and Pavitra go on a dat

Bigg Boss 1st November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Weekend Ka Vaar
Salman comes on stage and welcomes everyone. Salman says we see the episodes whole episodes and ask questions on the weekend. This time Kavita, Rubina, Nishant, and Jasmin are nominated. You can vote to save them. Salman says let’s go in. He says you all look so good. Salman wears red glasses and says when you wear them you see Naina. You were so talkative when you came here, but now you have become invisible like Bigg boss. She says I laugh here and sing with everyone. Salman says we have two singers here as well they sing but they participate as well. This is Bigg Boss not a singing show. You should be seen.

Salman asks Jasmin what is Nauras? She says something that has 9 tastes. Everyone laughs. Ejaz says something that has too many emotions. Salman says experience speaking. HE says Naina gets something from the store. She brings sashes. First is prem ras (love emotion). He says who would you like to give this to Nikki? Nikki says I would give this to Jaan. I don’t know our friendship yet but I love him. She says it in Marathi. Jaan says I couldn’t get it. Salman says learn a bit of Marathi. Salman asks Nikki, this is Hindi show. For people who don’t know Marathi, it feels like you are speaking against them. If Naina spoke in Bengali, would you not like it right? She says you’re right sorry sir. Nikki makes Jaan wear it. Salman says say it in Bengali. He says love you in Bengali.

Salman says now Ejaz’s turn. Come.. He looks at his pants and says what is this? He says yes it’s small. Everyone laughs. Salman says the next emotion is laugh. Who makes you laugh? He says Nikki. Because she says oh shitt and does cute things. He makes Nikki wear it. Salman says next is Kavita. The next emotion is sympathy. She says Ejaz. Salman says why? Kavita says I feel like if you take something way too seriously you get obsessed. His obsession with the show is negative for him as well. Give him one trophy right now because he would be too hurt if he doesn’t win. Salman says so you’re in a way praising him. She says yes.

Salman says Abhi, next emotion is anger. Who makes you angry? Abhi says Rahul. He acts childish. It’s irritating to me, so I get angry sometimes. Salman says Pavitra, the next emotion is disgust. Who disgusts you? She thinks. Pavitra says somethings happen that disgust me, Kavita. Kavita says it’s okay. You see people how you are yourself. It’s fine. Salman says Jaan next emotion is peace. Who ruins your peace? He says I am confused. Salman says you have been confused since the beginning. Jaan says I will give it to Rubina. She investigates a lot and that ruins my peace. Salman says Rahul, who makes you jealous? He says I think Pavitra will go way too far in this show so I will give this to her. Salman says Shardul, who makes you feel scared? He says Kavita. Some days ago if someone spoke to me loudly I broke my self-confidence. But when we fought, I got my self-respect back. Next is Rubina. He says the emotion is shock? She says Pavitra. I thought she’s strong but then I found out it fluctuates and she is unexpected to trust. Salman says congrats to people who got 2 sashes. You are waking up emotions in people and in return, you’re being seen.

Salman says Jasmin, Nishant, Rubine, and Kavita are nominated. Voting lines are opened. You can appeal votes for yourself. Ejaz who do you think has their time over? He says Nishant. Because rest three are strong contenders. Jasmin has her own voice. Rubina has a personality too. I don’t get it but people find her interesting. Kavita is a senior and she’s entertaining. Nishant looks weak. He doesn’t have a distinct personality. It feels like he’s still in the audition. Salman asks Abhi. He says Jasmin is natural, Rubina has a strong personality as well. Kavita is a senior person but Nishant didn’t get the opportunity to show that he can do something. So he looks in danger. Salman says time and vots will tell. Salman says keep your sashes aside It’s 4th week, we are inviting someone who started sinigng when she was 4. She did shows with me when she was 14. This is Sunidhi Chauhan.

Sunidhi enters the stage. Everyone welcomes her. She says hi to everyone. Salman says all good with you? She says yes. Salman says glad to hear about your new song? Or should I talk about the tattoo a guy got made on his hairy arm when you were 15. She says I am surprised you remember. He says is this your first time at Bigg Boss? She says I am happy to be here. Salman says say something about your new song. She tells about her song. Salman says did you sing it in 25 seconds? She says no. Everyone laughs. He says I can’t sing like you. I am learning to sing. Sa.. He says ga.. He says no I am only at Sa at the moment. Jaan says I had a big crush on Sunidhi, I am her big fan. I had to tell her. I attended a lot of your concerts and tried to meet you. She says how sweet of you. I am so glad to see you. Salman says Tamboli? What did he say? Tell him you sing as well. She says I don’t sing. He says one line. Sunidhi says yes one line. Salman says you can Saiyan mere. Everyone laughs. Sunidhi says we have two singers here. Let’s do a competition.

Jaan sings with Sunidhi pass nahi. Rahul and Sunidhi sing bee intehaa. Sunidhi says I got something for the inmates. Who’s most excited to open gifts. Nikki says me.. Everyone says me.. Salman says Shardul. He raised two legs and two feet. Don’t raise more things Shardul. Everyone laughs. Sunidhi says Shardul bring stuff from the room. Shardul opens them. Salman says you will know who is this for. A gift says for the meanest person. Salman says give it to the meanest person. He gives it to Kavita. Kavita opens it. It has another layer to give it to the most irritating person. She gives it to Shardul. Kavita says he’s very annoying. Next layer says to give it to the person who says one thing to another person. He says Nishant and gives it to Nishant. Nishant reads the next layer, a person who can’t keep secrets. Nishant says of course Nikki. She has to tell everything to everyone. Nikki says yes I like it.

Nikki opens the next layer. It’s for the most loutish person. Everyone laughs. Salman says who should it be for? She gives it to Rahul. Nikki says last night, I was going out, he did tuch tuch to call me. Rahul says no. She says you did it. He’s very loutish. All girls know that. You did the same to Pavitra. Rahul says to the most useless person. Rahul says I would give it to Jaan. He doesn’t work at all. Sunidhi says don’t you work? Jaan says he doesn’t work himself. Sunidhi says who do you work for the most? Salman says for Nikki. Jaan says yes Nikki. Sunidhi says lucky Nikki. Jaan says next is for the most insecure person. Jaan says this is for the person who lost his mind when he became captain. I would give it to Ejaz. He doesn’t sleep in anxiety. Salman says Ejaz are you becoming tall? What’s up with your pants? He says I am not insecure, I am trying to do my duty. I don’t care if people have a problem. He opens the next layer. He says the biggest chamcha (spoon). He says there are five but let me choose the biggest one. Why is Nishan not looking at me? Ejaz says Nishant. He roams around like a spoon. I would give it to him with a spine. Salman says will it ever end. Nishant reads the next layer to someone who needs to wake up. Nishant says to Jaan. I want him to wake up to what’s in his heart. Jaan reads the next layer. Most selfish people. Ejaz laughs. Jaan says Ejaz knows. He gives it to Nikki. Nikki says you’re so bad. Yes, I am, no problem.

Nikki reads the person who should leave the house asap. She gives it to Abhi. Nikki says he’s so boring. He does what Rubina says and doesn’t do anything if Rubina doesn’t say. Abhi says I cook her parathas every day. She says we are not here for that. Abhi opens the layer but a clown comes out of it. Salman says Sunidhi take care. Thank you for coming here. Sunidhi says thank you for entertaining us all. We have so many beautiful faces here, I hope this smile stays on your face. Sir, there was a request before leaving if you don’t mind. Can I sing Dil dewana bin sajna ke? And can you do lip sync? Salman says I can only do lip sync. She sings. Salman does lip-sync. Salman hops and dances. Everyone claps for Sunidhi. Salman says thank you Sunidhi. She leaves.

Salman says we heard two words a lot in lockdown, essentials, and non-essentials. Medical stores, essentials, cinema sadly, essentials. Medicine essential, alcohol non-essential initially. You have to decide the same for two people. Ejaz and Kavita. Consider all factors and tell who is essential and who is non-essential. You have to put a cross on the face of the person who is non-essential. He asks them to stand at the table. Abhi is first. Abhi says we saw a lot Ejaz’s shades. He has an obsession with tasks. As a friend, I asked him to reduce his aggression. But he never listened. So to me, he’s non-essentials. Kavita is new but strongly opinionated. He puts a cross on Ejaz’s face. Jasmin is next. Jasmin says essential is something that is important. Salman says really? Everyone laughs. Salman says you told us something we didn’t know. Everyone laughs. Jasmin says Kavita is essential because she listens and gives good advice but Ejaz has created a barrier but he doesn’t talk anymore. So he’s non-essential to me. Salman asks Naina. She says for me I want Ejaz here. I gave him the benefit of doubt. People talk about him and bully him for no reason. He has many shades to show. I need to show him to show myself as well. She puts a cross on Kavita. Nishant is next. Nishant says I thought Ejaz is very mature but now I realized he changes his idealogy and opinion with time. Kavita was open and honest. Kavita is essential for dealing with a man like Ejaz. Salman says your pants are at the same level. Everyone laughs. Salman outs cross on her.

Salman asks Nikki. Nikki says Ejaz is a tough competitor. He is entertaining and loyal. Kavita is very fake. She changes her team. And she had no contribution towards the task. She’s boring. He puts a cross on her face. Rubina comes. Rubina says self-respect is very important for me. She puts it on Ejaz’s face. Jaan is next. Jaan says Kavita is non-essential. Kavita says because I took care of you when you were not well? He says no. He says I am ever grateful. You were the first person who took care of me. But speaking from the game point of view, I didn’t like her saying to red zone people I want to be with you people, and green zone people are boring. Then she got to them. Kavita says I came in, I was confused. But since then I have been with them only. I considered you people sweet. This is a life lesson to not consider people’s friend if someone says. Jaan says Kavita is non-essential to me. Rahul comes. Rahul says Ejaz is essential. He has temper issues but that can be overlooked. He is doing well as a captain. When Kavita came she looked Dabang but it boiled down. She did the opposite of what she preached so she’s non-essential. Pavitra says I see the fighting spirit in Ejaz. He’s essential to be. Kavita is strong, respect for her. But she shouldn’t be with some people, so she’s non-essential. Shardul says Kavita is essential for me to be seen but I don’t think she’s essential for the show. She came and said I am against physical aggression but when that happened she stayed silent for her benefit. People who try to bring others down, shouldn’t be essential. So Kavita is non-essential for me.

Salman says 6 people think Kavita is non-essential and for think Ejaz is non-essential. Do you want to say anything? She says I have nothing to say. They picked one line. I was mad when the rule was broken. Ejaz says I was hit with an elbow. Kavita says let us speak. Kavita says I don’t regret speaking that line. I hugged Pavitra later and told her I was so angry. I didn’t mean it. As a woman to woman, I had a conversation with her. I told her I am in red zone and you’re going inside the house. Ejaz is unpredictable. Play your game and don’t fall for it. Pavitra says it was not required. She says they picked one line and got mad after it. I came to Mumbai in 2002, I met Ejaz thrice since then. I met you sir more than him. You have given me advice. I never said you’re my friend though as much as I would like. But you’re not my friend. I did a show for 5 days with him for 5 days. He came to my set for once after that and said he’s my fan. I never knew him. I don’t know how was he and his nature. I have never shared a meal with him ever. But he said should I give your name? So as a good human, I said sure. It was my good will. I am taking this life lesson. It’s my mistake if a random actor says I am his friend, I will say out loud no we only worked together. In lockdown, he told me Kavita I am alone. Can you make chicken for me? I have no food cooked. My husband asked me why am I doing this? I said I would do this for a senior industry artist. I kept his respect and I helped it. It was my mistake. I am being insulted because of that. Ejaz says I apologized already. She says I never said sir you’re my friend just because I met. Pavitra says too personal. Ejaz says I have also slpet on railway stations to live. I never took your name or Sohail bhai’s to be casted in this movie. Why would I take her name? She hit me with her elbow. I am the captain. I won’t ask her how would I do things. She kept abusing. Kavita says I never abused. Ejaz says what did you say? Kavita says he is a crazy man. He can never be my friend. I don’t know how he deals in his equations outside. Ejaz says it was my mistake I considered you my friend. I never used you to come.

Salman says now listen, when he came to the house you say people you have known. He was not getting any support. He felt yeah my friend is coming. Someone he knew. What’s the big deal. She says I also validated and supported him in the first three days. I was there for him. But he got on my nerves. I didn’t get any equation with anyone else because of him. Ejaz says then you should have. Pavitra says this is way too personal. If I had to take names, I would have taken bhai’s name. Shardul says this is not about Ejaz only. Kavita spoke personally about everyone. Ejaz wasn’t my friend. I didn’t like him when I came in but I heard Kavita doing the same. She shut the door in my face. She is a big actress I was her fan. But I felt bad for Ejaz. When someone goes through depression and problem and he told you shouldn’t take it out in public. You can’t take advantage of his weak point. Ejaz says say more now Kavita. Salman says Kavita, Ejaz shared something personal with you and you spoke it on national TV. Pavitra says exactly a personal thing. Kavita says I didn’t share anything. Salman says we all suffered in lockdown. Kavita says we were all lonely in lockdown. I spoke about Rubina only. What was that behavior it was insecure that she put me in the red zone and she didn’t promote Abhi’s story? Salman says you’re fighting with each other and other people put crosses on your face. Kavita says he has made an army. Pavitra says you speak like that that’s why we should. Shardul says you have no right to disrespect other people if you’re a big actress. Salman says keep fighting. I will come later. Everyone says sorry sir.

Nikki says to Ejaz stay strong. He says there are more people suffering. This is other people’s mental problems. Jasmin says I learned not to take anything personal here. Ejaz says it doesn’t affect me. I am way too strong for this. Jasmin says yes you are. Pavitra says it was so cheap. If someone asked for help you shouldn’t say it out in public. Ejaz says I don’t need anyone. I will show everyone. Kavita says he’s disturbed. Look at his behavior. Jasmin says to Ejaz I have been through the same. Don’t get triggered. Ejaz says this isn’t personal? I never spoke about other people. She says you spoke about yourself. He says I don’t care. She gives him. Ejaz says I don’t care. Ejaz says there are real people in my life. They hear real things, don’t make them up. This is small mentality. They can never never be anyone’s friends.

Rubina says I didn’t know about the movie. Kavita says I said that because I care for you. I don’t want our equation to be ruined. Shardul says everyone is insulted by her. She has insulted everyone. She will do the same. Ejaz says I could use so many actors to get here. Not here. She is insulting her own self on the TV. Shardul says I saw physical aggression. If a guy can’t hit, a girl can’t hit either. Ejaz hits Abhi and says this is how she hit me. Abhi says why are you hitting me? He says I was just showing you. He says her language is so bad. You will all get it who thinks she’s essential. You will suffer. You deserve this. Shardul says to Jasmin, if someone is suffering you shouldn’t be doing this. Jasmin says don’t show your weakness. Ejaz says I will build more houses for my family. I am doing my work even now.

Salman gets back to the house. He says since you’re all here, do something and be shown some way that you’re invited here every year. We will invite someone who was last year here and she was seen all the time. Shahnaz Gill, aka Sana is coming to meet you. Shahnaz says hi sir, how are you? Salman says good. She says you didn’t match clothes with me? He says sorry couldn’t. Shahnaz says it’s okay. She says I wanted to hug you sir, but couldn’t. We can feel. Salman says sure you can. She hugs air and says I love you. Salman says what did you do in these months? She says I used to sleep and make videos. You launched brands, I promoted brands. That’s all. Salman says are you watching this season? She says yes. Salman says how are they all looking? She says they have distinct personalities. I like two people, Pavitra and Ejaz. Together. Clap for them. Salman says which inmate would have been your enemy? She says no I won’t have enemies. I used to live with love. But if I had to, it would be Nishant. He can do a lot more. Play your game. Salman says and friend? She says Ejaz. Ejaz says thank you. Salman says nominate who? she says, everyone. So I win the trophy. I learned in a year not to be emotional. If I come in, Ejaz you won’t win I will win. Ejaz says we will see. Salman says we will make use of your experience. You do tasks with them. Take over.

Salman welcomes back everyone. He says love people, but when it becomes a problem and obsession, it becomes a problem. Omkar’s obsession with Mayura’s beauty is becoming a problem for her. Watch Pinjara Khubsoorti Ka. Shahnaz says I have done love games a lot in this house as well. Pavitra is doing that one-sided as well. My favorite couple in this house is Pavitra and Ejaz, sit there. You look so good. How many times Pavitra has hugged you? More than 5 or less than 5? Ejaz says more than 13. Shahnaz laughs. She says counting. Shahnaz says how many nicknames has she called you with me? Ejaz says Khan Sahab, Zile Ilahi, Chintu k papa. Shahnaz asks Pavitra how many times have you fought with Ejaz? She says more than 5. Shahnaz says be with him emotionally. You can support him. Ejaz says who will handle her emotions? Shahnaz says I remember that heart-shaped roti. Shahnaz says what’s the color of his eyes? Pavitra says black. Ejaz says dark brown. She says it’s the same. Shahnaz says do you mind when someone calls him Cheecha? She says Nikki calls him that I find it cute. Ejaz says she made me food when I was in the red zone. She’s very emotional, she tries to act strongly with her pitch. But she’s made of wax inside her. She becomes center of the house. When I told her what I am going through, she understood and supported me with maturity. Pavitra says and I still the same. Shahnaz says you should take a risk again. Pavitra says he’s very emotional and stubborn himself. In a cute way. He’s very supportive. He helps me. Ejaz says even after fights. Pavitra says he’s like a kid who needs love and emotions and pampering. If you know him by heart he’s amazing. There’s something in his heart that he doesn’t say. Shahnaz says get married already. Everyone laughs. Shahnaz asks what would you change about each other? Pavitra says the stern face. So his smile comes out. She asks Ejaz. Ejaz says nothing. I like her how she is. Shahnaz says fire of love. Get back to your seats.

Shahnaz asks Rahul and Jaan to guess who will share call related to them. Rahul says Nikki. She calls three of them. Shahnaz says who are you closer to Nikki? She says Jaan. Shahnaz says I will ask them questions about you. She asks their favorite color. Nikki says no one knows. Rahul says black, Jaan says pink. Nikki says golden. Rahul says it takes time to ask them. Shahnaz says you’re playing well. Shahnaz asks which side does she sleep on? Jaan says right, Rahul says left. Nikki says left. Jaan says my right. Jaan says I am disappointed in myself. Shahnaz asks the color of her eyes. Jaan writes black, Rahul writes brown. The Black is correct. Shahnaz asks when is her birthday? Jaan is closer. Shahnaz asks what does Nikki like wearing from her ex? Ejaz says everyone knows. Everyone writes boxer shorts. Shahnaz asks what quality does she want in her BF? Nikki writes height, loyalty, and beard. Shahnaz says no points for this one. Shahnaz asks how long does she take to shower? Shahnaz says write one Jaan. Nikki says 5 minutes max. Jaan wrote 5. Shahnaz says do you go after her in the washroom too? He laughs. Nikki says Jaan won. Shahnaz says I have to choose the favorite couple. It’s Ejaz and Pavitra. The hashtag for you would be.. Ejaz says Pavijaz. Nishnat says he has planned already. He says no I just thought. Shahnaz says I want to give you both time together. So I am sending you on a date. Say what’s in your heart. Salman says Shahnaz says you did so well. They all enjoyed with you. Shahnaz leaves.

Salman says let’s come to this week’s nominations. Kavita, Rubina, Nishant and Jasmin. The person whose journey is ending in this house is.. Kavita, Rubina, Nishant adn Jasmin. The name is.. I will tell the name tomorrow. Tomorrow 100% one of you won’t be at home. See you all next week.

In the house

Nikki says well deserving couple. Ejaz says boring bombs. Kavita says I don’t care about people like them. Bigg Boss asks Ejaz and Pavitra to come out. Ejaz picks Pavitra and takes her to the hall. There’s a buggy decorated. Pavitra and Ejaz get on it. Ejaz pours in tea for them. Pavitra says what’s up with you? He says why are you not looking at me? He makes her eat samosa. Ejaz says would we go out on a date if we met outside? She says I don’t know. Ejaz says we would have a connection. He says you gave me 3 ratings in the looks. Pavitra says did you mind? He says why won’t I mind? Giving it to someone else. She says why do you want more? She says I want everything. Pavitra cleans his face. Ejaz says is there a feeling? She says attachment. He says I so want to sleep in your lap. But then I think we will fight. I will feel really bad. I don’t want to keep any expectations. When you walk past and don’t look at me. I think about it. She says same here. He says I am not expecting anything.

Jasmin says Ejaz used to hate Nikki. Kavita says I don’t hate them. Ejaz says there are new people. She says I saw all the girls, I like one a bit but then I want more options. He says why are you underrating yourself.

Kavita says why are you not showing how I pampered Ejaz. Nishant says you said he’s like a child and he only needs love. Kavita says they never showed anything. They never showed my good side and only fight. Only my scolding Shardul. I want to go home. I won’t do anything. They have shown a really bad side of me. It’s better to go home.

Ejaz puts his head on Pavitra’s shoulder. She says you left red zone. He says I felt so bad. I had to leave you there. I promised I will get you out. You’re a part of me. She hugs him. They dance on kuch naa kaho. Kavita says make Nikki win the task. Make Nikki, Ejaz and Pavitra go in the finals. That would take your show class apart.

Salman says at 10 voting lines would be closed. You have written their fates. Tomorrow, one of them will be eliminated. Good bye and take care of your parents from Corona.

Episode ends.

Precap – Bigg Boss says not one but two people will leave this house today. Green zone people will also vote and decide along with the audience. Rahul says they are doing nothing so I will.. Nikki says that a person fights on irrelevant things. Ejaz says I had a fight with one of them so I think..

Update Credit to: Atiba

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    1. govt job is not something a govt servant owns, but he owns the money that he made through his tenure. What Salman meant was the govt servant could provide the means , tuition through his money to his son. in the same way, the bollywood celebrities provide their kin with chance, by honing their skills, getting them in best acting schools, producing movie with their own money. now, its upto the audience to decide, to make those kids star or struggler. difference is “a chance” or “position itself”

    2. So basically BB is singing school or gift by daddy

    3. Dear Hope,
      just a small bit for Jaan Sanu being something if not a big star below FYI….

      horger Chaabi from the film Roktomukhi Neela
      Jaan Kumar Sanu’s songs include Shorger Chaabi from the film Roktomukhi Neela. Jaan made his debut as a singer with this Bengali film. The film was directed by Debraj Sinha and featured Sabyasachi Chakrabarty, Deepankar De, June Malia, Dolon Roy and Bhaskar Bandyopadhyay in the lead roles.

      Dear Hammurabi,
      Thanks for your response on Nepotism issue.

      Just to clarify, I am not a supporter of any of the contestants so far, still could not find anybody as interesting yet.

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    1. hey , id like to know how you said ejaz is wrong , when kavita was the captain she was on full on dictator mode and she herself said that she will make everyone follow the rules. That was exactly what Ejaz was doing when he was the captain, making sure that the housemates followed rules . how is that wrong ? So basically Kavita wanted a free pass because she got Ejaz out of the red zone ?? ejaz shud have told big boss that since kavita got him out of the red zone she can sleep and ignore the duties , right? she was yelling at shardul and pavitra for being in the smoking room when she was the captain but wen ejaz was enforcing the rules then she went berserk and abused him and hit him?? excuse me wat sort of behaviour is that ?? and thn she went on a rant about not being his friend . why would anyone in their right mind choose her over nikki ? she went on a full b*t*hing mode speaking about his personal life ? the woman is downright cheap , speaking about someone’s personal life, abusing them and b*t*hing about them to other housemates FOR NO FAULT OTHER THAN MAKING SURE HOUSEMATES FOLLOWED RULES is cheap to the core . and if you saw the episode as soon as salman steps out while ejaz was shaken and trying to pull himself together , kavita was busy applying makeup !!! shardul and naina are individuals who came with kavita and they even have a bonding with ejaz and they can see how wrong she is going.

    2. In the same episode it was advised for Rubina Abhinav ki aap rule me ghus jatea ho but eizaz ka passion passion but baki karea to annoying. Had he followed the rule to captaincy ishko accept hi nai karni thi, he was disqualified. When he mentioned about his traumas time and again then he was courageous but Jashmin was told ki hum sab kishi trauma se gujre hain. Jashmin also did nautanki but aisa to nai ki pehli baar ho raha hai.
      Golden rule is if you don’t want ppl to talk about your weakness you yourself should refrain from telling your son stories to the world. Personal relationship detail to Rubina aur Abhinav k shadi ki bhi di gayi….but ppl were ok with it. If eizaz says he is strong to shake hone ki to koi baat hi nai. He himself has talked about his therapies in very beautiful way on other shows and in this show also. So just because such issues can give you that edge????
      Kavita was wrong but why to forget how eizaz reacted for whole week when pavitra nominated him. It is expectation, atleast you have to return favor.

    3. And he told that wo sirf promise kiya so rahul ko save kiya. Going by same logic Kavita’s expectation was not wrong. Khana ginana was wrong but when angry to baki season me logon ne kya nai kiya hai

    4. They will Target Rubina always since that will bring TRP’s to the show, I believe she is the most popular contestant on the show currently. she looks strong and the support from Abhi is everything she could have asked for. Wish them good luck in the show.

  8. What’s the nonsense koi bhi contestant weekend pe kyon nhi evict hota hai ??? Pichli Baar man sakte Hain Jaan ko bachane ke liye nhi hua… Lekin ab Kya problem hai ??

    1. This season is totally scripted. Can we like any contestant here no. Be it rubina group or nikki group all are equally horrible. I just have some hope from naina and shardul but I know they will be given a script and after that they will join the horrible contestants. And this season all evictions are also scripted. Pathetic,boring and scripted season

    2. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ true same thoughts

  9. Trash show .nikki is second mahira .jaan is charity.nikki is being focus on episodes mostly for nothing !!!.rahul is trying to be asim sometime ,sometime Sid but he is nothing .eijaz n pavitra give masala with fake love .all bakwaaaaaas.i don’t watch it at all .fitst time read review though

  10. You r right @Hope .This show is partial . They r taunting Rubina’s team which they deserved but Nikki ki team v koi doodh ki dhuli Nahi hai. Har hafte Rubina ko Sunna padta hai but Woh sub geedadh Nahi. Why???
    Aur puppet master ki baat kare toh Rubina ne kab Jasmin aur Nishant ko Kuch Kaha aur unhone maan liya but Nikki Jo pehle hafte se Jaan and Rahul ko apna puppet Bana rahi thi tab yeh kahathe ??? Jaan is biggest puppet in this season bas itna hi aur v bohot Kuch Kehna tha but dimag garam ho Gaya 🀯🀯🀯🀯🀯🀯🀯🀯😡😡😡😡😡😡

  11. This season lacks interest as the contestants are either over hyper or dump, lacking persona and charisma to attract viewers……

    Among the lot certain characters are painful to watch especially the hyper drama queen Rubina she thinks, talks and acts like a princess of fools paradise, talks bull shit all the time with so much arrogance as if she is the most valuable contestants of all time, pity how Abinav tolerate such a high headed woman in life…. She is not only ruins the show but spoils other contestants too with her negative influence….

    Hope Kavitha will be shown the door this week bec she is really pathetic and her behaviour towards Ijaz was so disgusting to watch….

    I liked the way Salman handled the WEW…. look forward to eviction to discard undeserved …. and add with some interesting contestants too… πŸ™‚

    1. So Nikki is the perfect contestant. Are you those paid PR people ???

  12. Nishant bechara will suffer, Jasmin will come back with Aly.Kavita if evicted will be surprising as she falls perfect for big boss in terms of loud voice, fights etc which BB wants from contestants. Good people can’t survive in Bb. Pavitra is worst contestant of all

  13. I think Kavita outbursts about Ejiaz is just a strategy to bring him into limelight, to win the trophy.

    1. I too think so

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