Bigg Boss 18th December 2020 Written Episode Update: Aly becomes the new captain

Bigg Boss 18th December 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 76
5 PM
Aly asks Mannu to play for him because Rahul V is hurt. Mannu says done, I will play for you.

5:15 PM
Jasmin reads the task for the captaincy. Rakhi, Aly and Jasmin will be locked in jail separately. They have to get the captaincy medal but they have to open 4 gates to get it. The other inmates will try to get the key of the locks. When the gong plays, the inmate that goes in the red box first will get the key and choose which contender should move closer to the medal. Abhi will be the referee of the game. The person who gets 4 keys from the inmates will become the winner and the captain.

5:30 PM
Nikki tells Jasmin that I will play for Aly. Jasmin asks Rahul M to play for them.

Aly asks Eijaz to play for him. Eijaz says I will play for Rakhi as she will immune me.

Jasmin tells Abhi that we will try to get maximum votes for Aly to make him the captain.

Aly tells Mannu that you should play for me. Mannu says my foot is hurting. Eijaz says let me talk. Aly says you know we won’t get immunity this week. Mannu is not supporting me so it’s fine.
Rakhi asks Mannu to play for her. He says let me think.
Rakhi asks Rubina to think about her. Rubina says Aly and Jasmin are my friends.

5:45 PM
The buzzer plays and they all run to the red box. Abhi says you have to enter the box first. Eijaz tells Aly that I want to win. Aly says you are not in danger in this nomination. Nikki argues with Arshi. Nikki says Salman will insult you on the weekend. Rakhi asks Arshi to concentrate on the task. Rakhi says I will massage everyone if I become the captain. The buzzer plays and they all run to the red line. Abhi says Nikki entered first. Mannu tells them they all are coming inside. Nikki says I want to open Aly’s jail as he was a good captain before and make others work by being nice to them. Rahul V says she was the most difficult one in his captaincy. Nikki says I said sorry to him also. Arshi says it was a cheap sorry. Aly says be respectful to me Arshi. Arshi says I love you.

6 PM
Aly tells Mannu that you did good drama, you could have told me straight, you said that you would play for me and now your foot is hurt? I didn’t need anyone if Rahul was fine. Mannu says I am not lying. Aly says you were telling Rahul M that you want Rakhi to win. Rahul V says you promised Aly but then you are playing for Rakhi? Arshi says both are important to me. Rahul M says he said he would support Rakhi. Mannu says I talked to Rakhi and Eijaz told me that you would give immunity to someone else. Aly says you didn’t have to promise me, you told me that you would support me. Mannu says I never promised Rakhi before. Arshi says he should have clearly told Aly. Mannu says I will clear it later.
The buzzer plays and they all run inside. Abhi says the first one to enter the red box is Kash. Arshi says I was the first. Kash thanks him and says I want to open Rakhi’s lock as she is new here. She would be a good captain. Nikki says I will go to the washroom. Rakhi hugs Kash.
Mannu tells Aly that I gave you the word, I just wanted Rahul M to tell me if he is supporting Rakhi. Eijaz says if we save Aly then Abhi will be saved. Mannu says then we will be in danger more. Eijaz says we are not your priority.

The gong plays and they all run. Abhi says Rahul V entered first. Rahul says I will open the jail for Aly as he is my friend. Aly hugs and thanks to him. Jasmin thanks, Rahul.

6:30 PM
Aly says my new friends would have told me that they would support Rakhi, she is my jaan. They didn’t need to lie to me. Rahul says Rakhi is our friend so it’s okay. Arshi says I can play for Aly, I can change my sides. Jasmin says I will get Aly’s kisses to you. Rakhi says I will get Salman’s kisses for Arshi. Arshi says the referee is biased. Rubina says all are biased against you. The gong plays, they all run to get inside. Abhi asks them to stop. Rahul says he has seen it again. Abhi says Nikki was the first one to enter the box. Rahul says he is not seeing clearly. He says this is Bullshit. Nikki says I want to open Aly’s lock. Jasmin thanks her. Arshi says Abhi is making his own rules.

6:45 PM
Mannu says I don’t know who is standing up for whom. Rubina says I am standing for one person only. Rahul M asks Eijaz who is standing for? Eijaz says my stance is clear. The gong plays and they all run to enter the box. Abhi says Rahul V entered the box first. Rahul opens Aly’s lock. It’s the last lock and Aly wins the task. Jasmin says my diamond won. Aly hugs him. Rahul congratulates him. Kash tells Rakhi that Arshi didn’t play as she didn’t want to choose. Arshi says Abhi was biased towards Aly.

7 PM
Kash tells Rakhi that they are losers. Rakhi says I knew he wouldn’t be fair.

Mannu tells Rahul V that I didn’t commit anything to Rakhi. Eijaz and I decided to play for Aly. Rahul V says Eijaz supported Rakhi but you had to play alone, you got used by Eijaz. You got stuck because of the friendship. Eijaz asks him to leave it. Rahul V asks him to shut up. Eijaz says what is this? Eijaz tells him that I won’t respect you anymore. Rahul asks him to not touch his hand. Eijaz charges at him and says don’t involve me in things. He curses him. Rahul says you are a disturbed man. Eijaz shouts at him. Mannu asks him to calm down. Rahul V asks him what he can do? You can just curse. I can easily curse you but I don’t. Eijaz says you are a *****. He tells Mannu that why he is taking my name? Rahul V says Mannu got dragged because of Eijaz. Rakhi says Mannu didn’t do any deal with me. Rahul V says I was not talking to Eijaz. Eijaz says you took my name, why? Eijaz says I asked Rakhi that you wouldn’t give me immunity right? Aly tells Mannu that I came to ask Eijaz but he said he would support Rakhi because she would give me immunity then I got angry on him. Eijaz says we have saved Kash before and I could have asked Kash about the immunity. Rahul V says he is messed up. Eijaz says you are a ****. He pushes Rahul so he asks him to not touch me. Eijaz tells Kash that you owed me before then I would have asked you to give me immunity. Kash says I would have given immunity to Eijaz. Aly says but Rakhi would have given immunity to Kash and Arshi. Rakhi says I didn’t become the captain so this is useless. Aly says but you wouldn’t save Eijaz. Arshi asks Aly to give her some work. Aly says Eijaz is wrong at this time. Kash is lying too.

8 PM
Eijaz tells Rahul M that things can change here, I don’t want to curse people, I am not like this. He keeps misbehaving with me. Rahul M says you have to curse sometime, he keeps poking you. Eijaz says I was playing for Rakhi and it was clear. Rahul M tells Mannu that it was clear. Mannu says I didn’t understand Eijaz’s side. Eijaz says I promised Rakhi. Rahul M says Mannu you also talked to Rahul. Mannu says Aly asked me and I said that I will play for him. Eijaz says Rahul V tries to pick fights, I cursed him as he keeps doing it.

Rubina tells Abhi that Jasmin told Aly that she convinced Nikki today. Abhi says Aly has taken feedback to make Jasmin like the start of the show. Suddenly in the duck task Jasmin talked to you. Rubina says I involved her in the task, she is acting according to Aly’s feedback but how can I trust her now? She can change anytime. I am telling you to not trust her. She is making an alliance with Nikki too.

Rubina tells Aly that Nikki is changing, she was bullied in the game and I was siding with her. I don’t expect anything from her but I expect her to be clear if she is standing with me or not. She has to be honest with me. Aly says you are right.

Kash tells Eijaz that I don’t trust Mannu at all because I know I am his target because of Nikki. He is doing everything for Nikki and not playing his game. Eijaz says I can never be nice with Rahul V as he calls me mental so don’t take it there. He is trying his best to make people against me. People were against me in the dark secret task but I reached finale because of Aly only. He bragged about saving me in the finale and taunting me about my secret, I will break his face before leaving.

10:30 PM
Arshi goes in the pool. Rahul M says she is not leaving after this performance. Mannu tells Rahul M that her husband has ranaway. Nikki says if her personality is like this then it’s bad, she is crossing the line.

1 AM
Arshi comes to Mannu and asks why he is listening to Nikki? Mannu says I was enjoying my task. Don’t worry there is no love, people don’t fall in love in the reality shows. Arshi says you are right. Mannu says she is a nice girl but you don’t get along, she gets rude but she is nice. Arshi says maybe she is doing for the show.

Day 77
8 AM
The inmates wake up to the song tip tip barsa pani. They all dance.

9:15 AM
Nikki tells Mannu that you should have stopped Rakhi when she cursed me. Mannu says I was not prepared. Nikki says you are waiting for the worst to happen? This was the worst, you are my friend but you don’t take stand for me. Mannu says you need to understand my side also.

9:30 AM
Mannu tells Rahul M that Nikki is sad about the curses. He tells Arshi that she is very hurt. Arshi says we called her ******. Mannu says Rakhi has said too much to her.

9:45 AM
Arshi tells Rakhi that Mannu is saying that Salman will take Rakhi’s class because of the curses. Nikki is crying that she wants to leave. Rakhi says all have cursed here, she deserves to be cursed. Arshi says she is cheap, I don’t want to give her attention.

10 AM
Rakhi asks Mannu if he is saying that Salman will take my class? Arshi says you have said that Nikki has been hurt and crying. Mannu says I didn’t say all that. He tells Rakhi that I promise on my mother that I didn’t say that. Nikki says Rakhi accepted cursing me as she said sorry. Rakhi says everyone curses here. Mannu tells Rakhi that Arshi wants us to fight once. Rakhi says she is my friend. Mannu says then why she is lying to you? Rakhi says Nikki can cry and leave the show. Nikki says I am not weak like you, I don’t curse. She asks Mannu to not talk to them. Arshi says she will give content. Rakhi says she takes men in the corner, she perfumes them and lure them to the corner. You smell so much Nikki. Nikki says you smell so much. Mannu tells Rakhi that Arshi was talking about you messing the toilet. Arshi says when Nikki comes out of the washroom then it’s messed. Rakhi says she sits with men in the corner. Mannu asks her to not say that. Nikki says why are you jealous? You are insecure, what work have you done in 15 years? We all know what kind of work you have done. Rakhi says you take men in the corner. Nikki asks Mannu to not remain silent. She says you all are cheap.

10:15 AM
Mannu tells Abhi that I asked Arshi to not curse Nikki but then she told Rakhi that we are making a case for the weekend show. Rakhi is saying so many bad things because Arshi has provoked her.
Rakhi asks Arshi to go there and see what they are talking about.
Abhi tells Mannu that families are watching the show, we can’t stoop this low. Nikki says we all know what kind of work Rakhi has done. Kash says don’t say all that. Mannu says I can’t sit with Rakhi and Arshi. They are so cheap. I want to meet their families and ask them if they support all this. Rakhi comes there and says Janu I love you. She says Nikki wants kisses like I got to become famous, she just wants to copy me. She keeps looking for men to take them to the corner. Arshi laughs. Mannu says I won’t eat their cooked food.
Aly tells Rakhi and Arshi that everyone is going against you, don’t do this. Arshi says she has said so much bad. Aly says talk to Nikki clearly.

Nikki cries and says they curse so badly, this is their reality.

10:30 AM
Rakhi tells Mannu to not brain-wash Abhi and Rubina against me. Don’t take Nikki’s side. Mannu shouts who are you to tell me? What is your standard? I don’t need to brain-wash anyone. You are just filthy. Nikki says we are respectful. Rakhi says I am enough for you both. She asks Nikki to take Mannu aside. Nikki says you are a cheap woman.
Nikki tells Rakhi that everyone has taken her respect. Rakhi says what are you saying? Rakhi says you are shit. Mannu tells her that her mind didn’t grow from childhood. Rakhi says right. Rubina says the house’s environment has gone cheap. It’s torture. Nikki says they have made it cheap. Rakhi says you keep kissing guys so it’s you who is making it cheap. Rubina says there is no need to have such cheap fights. Nikki says they keep commenting on my clothes. Abhi says you can go in a corner and talk about these cheap things. I don’t want to hear it. Nikki says nobody wants to.

Arshi says she always blames Rakhi after going to the toilet.

Rahul V asks Arshi why Mannu was taking Nikki’s side? Rakhi says because she is taking him in the corner. Arshi says we are enough alone.
Aly tells them to use words that can be telecasted on TV. Mannu says you are right but she is in a different form. Aly says everyone has an issue with your fights. Rakhi tells Rahul V that people have issues with our fights. Aly says I am just saying to use nice words. Arshi says if anyone has an issue then he or she can leave. Rakhi tells Mannu that you are her puppet now. Mannu says you will be out of here soon. Rakhi says we used to take corners and brain-wash people. Aly tells Rakhi to not use bad words. Rakhi says she called me useless and I didn’t do any work in 15 years and she knows what kind of work I have done in 15 years. Kash asks Nikki to not use those words. Rakhi says I spit on her face. Nikki asks her to get lost. Rakhi says you are filth. Nikki says we all know what you are. You have stooped so low. Rakhi says get lost.

11 AM
Rahul V says everyone is blasting in this house. Abhi says everyone has freedom of speech. Mannu says to Rakhi that you are behind Nikki and you keep bringing me in your issue. You keep saying that I have a love affair with you. He says Arshi is also speaking on Rakhi’s behalf. Rakhi says I didn’t take your name. Rahul V says if Rakhi sees an affair then she can say it. Rakhi says I see it. Mannu tells her to look in the mirror and anyone can be scared of her laugh. Rakhi laughs in front of him. Rahul V tells Rakhi that if you think you are wrong then you can say sorry when you want to but they don’t need to threaten you with the weekend episode. They have done it with me also. Rakhi says everyone has cursed here. Nikki keeps threatening me. Rahul V says you did say sorry to her. Rakhi says I said sorry to her so nicely. Aly says I saw it myself. Rahul V says then it should have been over.

12:45 PM
Arshi tells Mannu that you are not normal. Mannu says you are making me fight with everyone. Arshi says be normal now. Mannu says you have done ***** with me. Arshi laughs and says that’s fun. He doesn’t like it when it’s on him but it’s karma.

1 AM
Arshi tells Rakhi that Rubina was talking about the house’s environment. Rakhi says like they have brought stars here, they can’t teach us as we are seasoned. Arshi says I like Jasmin as she says it on the face and clears things. Rakhi says yes I like her.

4:45 PM
Rubina reads the instructions but Arshi keeps interrupting her. Rubina asks her to shut up. Arshi says I will keep doing what I want to. Rubina says then I will not read the task. Arshi says I will leave then. Rubina says I want her to say sorry. Arshi says my foot. Rubina says if she blabbers then I won’t read. Arshi says don’t expect respect from me now. Rubina says please obey Bigg Boss. Rubina reads the ‘Prom Night’ dance task. There will be three couples who will have a dance-off. They will perform on the dance floor and make sure their dance is the best. There will be 4 rounds and they have to dance on the tiles but the tiles will be removed after each round and they have to dance on the smaller tiles. The couples will be Rakhi-Rahul M, Nikki-Mannu, Jasmin-Aly and Rubina-Rahul V will be the referee. They will announce the winner on the chemistry and balance on the tile.

Arshi asks Abhi if Rubina is like this only? Arshi says you keep irritating her, you can be funny. Arshi says she fights with me. Abhi says you have threatened her so much. Arshi says it was funny, you should convince her to not fight with me, I don’t like to insult her.

5:45 PM
Abhi tells Rubina to not take Arshi’s seriously. Rubina says I won’t let her rip my respect. Abhi says she is a prank, don’t get angry and give her attention. Don’t talk with her, be stern but don’t get affected. Rubina says I won’t accept her bullshit. Rubina says if she does it 2-3 times then it’s fine but she keeps poking me so I will give her 2-3 doses in a day so she knows that I am not here to listen all day.

6:30 PM
All couples stand on the dance floor. They have their shoes tied to each other. Rahul V and Rubina start the task. The three couples dance on larki kar gayi chull. Nikki dances with Mannu. Jasmin and Aly dance closely. Rakhi and Rahul M dance funnily. All clap for them. After the round, they take one tile from their grounds. The second round starts and they all dance. Rahul M dances with his belly, all laugh. All clap for them. They take more tiles. Rahul M says Rakhi is dancing with me after 14 years. The romantic song sanson ko sanso mein. Aly-Jasmin romantically dance. Nikki dances with Mannu closely. Rakhi and Rahul M dance funnily. Arshi dances with Kash. Rahul V says the rules were broken by Mannu-Nikki so they are out. Rakhi tells Rahul M that I will jump on you so handle me. He says do it in the end. The fourth round starts, they dance on saree ke fall sa. They all dance. Rahul V talks to Rubina and says we have to check their chemistry. Aly takes off his shirt and dances with Jasmin. Rahul M takes off his shirt. Rakhi hugs him and dances. Rakhi jumps on him and he holds her. The round ends. All clap for them. Rahul V says hats off to Rahul M.

6:30 PM
Rahul V says unfortunately Jasmin broke the rules in the last round. Rakhi and Rahul M were the most entertaining. The winner is Rakhi-Rahul. All cheer for them. Rahul V says Mannu is not a natural dancer so Nikki was over-shadowing him. Their chemistry is increasing. It’s a new couple in the house. Rahul and Rubina give the best couple tag to Rakhi-Rahul M.

6:45 PM
Jasmin tells Rubina that we have to forget what Arsh is doing when we are reading the task. You don’t have to be rude at that time. You were looking like you were being rude because Bigg Boss asked you to read the task. Rubina says she was creating the problem. Jasmin says you have to forget at that time, you have to accept sometimes that you can be wrong. Rubina says I asked Arshi to stop it but she didn’t. Jasmin says it doesn’t look right for you. Don’t give her the chance to make issues. Rubina says I am owning it, my duty was to read the task and she was creating problems. Jasmin says don’t give her a chance at that point. Rubina says that’s my way of shutting her up. Jasmin says you are giving her chances. Abhi asks why are you getting aggressive Jasmin? Jasmin says Rubina raised her voice. Abhi says Rubina’s way of dealing with things is different. Jasmin says Rubina showed her superiority complex today. Rubina says I had to shut her down and I own it. Jasmin says then don’t ask me where you have that complex. She leaves. Rubina says to Abhi that she thinks I was rude? Everyone thinks that. Nikki says you should have made Arshi say sorry to you, you were totally right. It was perfect when you didn’t read the task till she shut up.

12:45 AM
Eijaz tells Mannu that Salman told me to not talk in cheap language so if Salman tells you to not talk cheaply then listen to it. Arshi says I have not used bad words till now, I will fight with everyone.
Rubina tells Nikki that you are sitting with them again? You continue with Arshi’s group.
Nikki tells Rahul M that Mannu wants to play from both sides. Mannu comes there and asks what happened? Rahul M says you are changing sides? Nikki ignores him. Mannu says she doesn’t want me to talk to other group? This girl doesn’t have humanity at all. Nikki says let me sleep. Mannu tries to talk to her but she asks him to leave. Mannu leaves.

PRECAP – Salman tells Arshi that you taunted Vikas’s mom if someone talked about my mother like this I would have done the same thing. Arshi says I didn’t use any bad words against his mother. Rubina says she tells my husband that if his love rises up for me. Arshi asks her to shut up. Salman tells her to not misbehave in front of him. Arshi says I am leaving this show. Salman says nobody has right to go on their parents. You can find some other show.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Arshi eats like a horse 😖😖😖

  2. पहले निक्की ये सब करती थी पवित्र के साथ तब इसे कुछ नहीं लगा और आज रखी ने ये सब कर दिया तो रोने बैठ गई. But whatever it is Rakhi is so entertaining. I love rakhi.

  3. This is what is called what goes around comes around.. peopleq call it karma Nikki Tamboli.. i guess now you understand how others would have felt when you behaved like that.. you deserve this only!

  4. Why is Nikki so possessive about Manu? U talk to whoever u want so why not him. He is not your relative so shut your filthy mouth. All r there as contestants. Rahul v charges at Ejaz for no apparent reason n talks nonsense as though he is perfect. Rubina definitely has superior complex n can’t stand her at all. She is a mentally messed up because she thinks she is forever right. She is in tolerable.

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