Bigg Boss 17th January 2021 Written Episode Update: No elimination this weekend

Bigg Boss 17th January 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Weekend Ka Vaar
Salman welcomes everyone to the episode. He says this was a festive week in the country so let’s celebrate with the inmates.

Salman connects the call to the house and wishes them holi. Salman says Rubina, Sonali, Nikki and Rahul are nominated. We will have to see who Rakhi cursed to leave the show and not by the audience voting. Rakhi says I have prayed for Rubina to not leave as she is a close friend.

Salman tells the inmates that let’s have some performances. He asks Rakhi to start the dance. Rubina helps her in tying her saree. Rakhi starts her performance and dances on Maharashtra song. Rahul dances with her. Salman cheers for her. He asks Nikki if she can give her a fight? Nikki says I can’t dance like her. Eijaz dances with Nikki and all laugh. Salman teases Eijaz with Pavitra’s name. Eijaz says I accept her as she is. Salman laughs and mimics Eijaz proposing to Pavitra. All laugh. Salman asks Sonali to sing for Aly. Sonali sings tumse Mohabbat hogayi hai. Salman teases Aly that Jasmin is watching everything. Salman asks Rahul to sing. He sings jhoom barabar. They all cheer for him. Salman says Aly has taken Sonali’s sleep so let’s have a performance with them. Sonali says Aly is of Jasmin only, I pray for them to be a couple but I like him. Salman laughs and says she is sacrificing her love. Pyar meal plays, Sonali dances with Aly. Salman starts dancing too. Salman asks the importance of Lori, she says a new season starts so we pray for a blessing future.

Salman says we will play a game now. He says you have to come and throw popcorn in the fire while talking about your weakness which was used by other inmates.
Sonali: She says I was wrong to think Abhi-Rubina are nice people but they used my words. I had a different opinion about them outside but I was wrong.
Arshi: She says I thought Eijaz respects his relationships, he wants respect from me but he doesn’t respect me, I am weak with my relationships.
Eijaz: He says I overshare things and forgive people easily. They use it against me. Nikki has hurt my heart, she has changed. I shouldn’t forgive easily.
Aly: He says I have learned that people want to cross the limit with you. I don’t want to fight but then they say I am playing on the back foot so I will change that now.
Rahul: He says Abhi said that I ran away from the show because I was a coward, I won’t let it affect me.
Nikki: She says I get rude when I am fighting, they used me by poking me. I promise to myself that I won’t be rude but I will answer back. Nikki says Eijaz, Rakhi, Rubina, Abhi, Sonali took advantage of me by poking me.
Rubina: She says my biggest weakness that I have concern for people who are against me. They have taken advantage of it, I showed concern for Eijaz and Rahul’s health but they twisted so badly. It hurts me that I show concern for these people. I thought Sonali is a mother figure but she has only said hurtful things.
Abhi: He says my power was my patience but people taunt me about it. They take advantage of my patience, whoever will disrespect me and my wife will get an answer from me. Sonali doesn’t know that Rahul makes fun of her the most.
Rakhi: She says they call me fake, they are all true but I am fake in their eyes, my motto is that I am weak from my heart. I like Abhi and Rubina’s couple, I wish for my husband but I see my husband in Abhi. I don’t cross the limit but I will burn this fake tag and will come near Abhi more. Sorry, Rubina. I burn their jealousy now.
Salman ends the call.

In the House:
Rakhi asks Abhi to take pheras with her around the fire. He laughs and asks her to be careful with her saree.

On the Stage:
Hardik and Sargun come on the stage. Salman says Sargun you follow Bigg Boss? She says from the first season. Hardik promotes his song. Sargun says I know Rakhi and Rubina from before. Salman connects the call to the house. Sargun tells Aly that I love you, I was sad when Jasmin left. Hardik says I got emotional for Aly. Rakhi says Sargun lives in my building. Sargun says Rakhi is such a sweet person, she is always taking care of us. Sargun asks Eijaz to not be sad, Eijaz says I hope Ravi is doing well too (Sargun’s husband Ravi Dubey). Hardik sings for the inmates, Rahul joins him and sings too.
Sargun tells the inmates that we will play a game where you have to tell who has done fraud with you, you will make them eat spicy laddos.
Nikki: She says Rahul did fraud with me, I took him as a friend. He was very important to me but he talks behind my back and provoked Sonali to fight with me. Nikki makes him eat the laddo.
Arshi: She says I am a fraud myself. All laugh. Arshi says I will make Rubina eat it. Rubina says why? She has no reason. Arshi says now I remember, she hid the camera in the task and blamed me for hiding it. She did fraud with me. I thought she wouldn’t do such an act. Rubina throws away the laddo and says I didn’t do any fraud. Arshi says don’t disrespect food. Rubina says don’t be a drama queen. Salman tells Rubina that this is unsporting.
Eijaz: He says I thought Rakhi wouldn’t take advantage of someone’s respect, she changed completely when she became a captain. She started targeting me. Rakhi says I will eat the laddo from you happily. She eats it.
Aly: He says I don’t want to fight with her but she always pokes me. I like her but she keeps frauding me. He makes her eat.
Rubina: She says Arshi said that she respects me but she has to target me for some reason, she started making issues with me for no reason. She doesn’t let people trust her, she is a big fraud.
Rahul: He says Nikki called me a friend but she is always negative around me, she backbites about me with others.
Abhi: He says if you trust someone then they can be frauds. I want to call Eijaz as he was my friend and he never tried to clear it with me. He makes him eat the laddo.
Sonali: She says I thought Rubina is a good person but she is always provoking others. Rubina didn’t diffuse the fight and did fraud with me. Rubina says I was telling you that Nikki a young girl like her daughter. Sonali says I had different expectations from you. You have provoked Nikki against me. Rubina eats the laddo.
Rakhi: She says I want to call Abhi as he cheated me. I have my unconditional love for him but he broke my heart by giving the tag to Arshi. I trust him so he shouldn’t break it. Rubina says I am with Rakhi on this. She makes him eat it.

Salman tells Rubina and Nikki got the frauds’ tag. Salman ends the call.

On the Stage:
Sargun plays a song and promotes a show on Colors. They leave the stage.

In the House:
Rubina tells Abhi that Arshi had no reason to call me for that fraud tag. Rakhi says she will target the best person in the house. Rubina says she doesn’t do anything in the house. Nikki tells Rubina that you didn’t need to throw the laddo, it would look bad on you. Rubina says she should have at least given a good reason.
Arshi says Rubina spit the laddo like an egoistic person.

On the Stage:
Salman welcomes the singer Tulsi Kumar. She promotes her song Tanhayi. Salman says it’s a good song

Salman connects the call to the house. He says it’s time for the caller of the week.

The caller of the Week:
The caller says I am Preeti and my question is from Abhi. She asks Abhi that you had an argument with Eijaz when he was fighting with Rubina. Why you got angry on Eijaz? We didn’t understand his gesture. Abhi says Rubina was worried about their diets but then Eijaz charged at Rubina and touched her hand which is violating her personal space, he says that he has a problem with touch and he is aggressive so I didn’t like it. Salman asks Rubina if she felt uncomfortable with his touch? Rubina says it was disrespectful to me, we don’t cross that limit so he didn’t need to clap on my hand. The caller says Rubina can fight her own battles, Abhi didn’t to jump in that. Preeti ends the call. Eijaz says I never threatened Jasmin, I had a personal fight with her but we ended it positively, as for Rubina she is always controlling us, she was saying that we will end the food like animals in a day. Abhi was against Rubina too, it’s our choice how we want to eat and how much we want to eat. She acts like that we are inferior and she is smarter than us. I was not disrespectful to her and I didn’t touch her in a bad way, she was showing me her hand like she was done with me and I am inferior to her, I didn’t like it. Salman says Eijaz is right, he smiled and left from there. You pointed your hand like you were done with him. Eijaz says when Abhi told me to not touch her then I accepted it. Rubina says I was taken a back when he touched my hand. Eijaz says she was joking about my illness. Salman says Abhi’s reaction was over the board. Abhi says he didn’t need to cross the personal space. Salman says nobody is disrespecting Rubina, she can fight her battles. Aly says Eijaz’s clap on her hand was normal. Rahul says Rubina was so close to my face in the shark task so what’s the big deal with Eijaz touching her hand? Salman says Rubina crosses the personal space in fights with others. If you are worried about personal space then don’t cross other’s personal space. Salman tells Rubina that when you show the hand to others, it means that you are shooing them and it’s disrespectful but Eijaz tried to diffuse it and lighten it.

Salman tells the inmates that it’s time for the nominations. Do we want to ask who should leave the house to end negativity in the house? You have to spray water on them. The nominees stand in a line.
Aly: He says I want Nikki to leave as she misbehaves a lot with her elders. He lightly sprays on her.
Abhi: He says I think Rahul makes fun of others but he gets angry when others make fun of him. He sprays on him.
Rakhi: She says I tried to become friends with Nikki but she doesn’t let me talk at all. Nikki says you enter other’s conversations. You are jealous of me. Rakhi sprays on her.
Eijaz: He says Nikki misbehaves every day, I hope that she changes as this industry is small. He sprays water on her.
Arshi: She says Nikki is shameless, she has crossed all the limits with her rudeness, I felt bad when she misbehaved with Sonali. She is filthy, she sprays on her.
Sonali: She says I want Nikki to leave because she has crossed all limits of disrespect.
Rahul: He says when I share things with you then you use them against me later on. It hurts that you are negative towards your friends too.
Nikki: She says I don’t want to see Sonali in the house, she is always threatening about her men, she is showing fake love as she doesn’t have anything.
Rubina: She says we shouldn’t change ourselves to be in the show. You don’t have to curse just to be in the show. She sprays on Sonali.

Salman says the majority of the inmates think Nikki should leave. He tells Nikki that if 2-3 people tell you that you are rude then you can ignore them. But if many people are saying that you are rude then there must be a problem, this will be a trouble for you in life. Always respect people irrespective of their age. If you think you can charge on them by misbehaving then you are wrong. If you get saved today then work on it, you can change this over-night, start entertaining and stop misbehaving. Nikki wipes her tears. Rubina consoles her.

Salman tells the inmates that no one is getting eliminated today but these nominations will carry on for this week. You four are still in the danger-zone. Salman tells the inmates that you people got punished for taking the game lightly, so there will be troubles now. You will even have to earn your food now. Be prepared for a difficult week. The celebrations are over now. He ends the call.

In the House:
Rakhi congratulates Nikki. Nikki says she wanted me to leave the house and now congratulating me, she is so fake. Rubina hugs her. Arshi tells Sonali to not give attention to Rubina. Aly tells Nikki that you are not a rude person, be fun and people will like to talk to you. He hugs her. She says I will be fun.

Sonali tells Rakhi that those people hijacked you this week because you were a captain. Aly tells Rakhi that you are entertaining but you cross the limit. I didn’t make an issue of that bungalow line but you should understand that it’s bad for your image. Rakhi says I am sorry.

Arshi says Sonali came into the house like a dabang lady but she will leave while flaunting her saree. Aly says she can slap me and leave the house. Sonali says I can’t slap you. Eijaz tells Sonali to not overdo it. Arshi says let her enjoy the shamelessness. Aly laughs. Sonali asks Arshi to not say those words. I don’t like this. Arshi says you are charging at me again. Sonali says don’t disrespect me all the time. Eijaz asks Sonali to calmly tell her to not joke like this, if she keeps doing it then tell her off.
We are making fun of each other here. Sonali says she is calling me shameless again and again.

At the night time, Arshi hugs Sonali. Sonali says don’t do it with me, I don’t like it when you do it in front of Nikki. Arshi says she is nice too. Sonali says she uses those words in fights then. Arshi says you can forgive her a young girl, Sonali says she will keep disrespecting me. Arshi says you try forgiving her and then see.

Salman signs off from the episode.

PRECAP – Some workers come into the house and take every ration item. The inmates cry and say they took everything.
Bigg Boss shows the journeys of Eijaz. Bigg Boss says Eijaz came in the house as the first contestant and spent 106 days here. But now he will have to leave the house. All inmates are stunned. Arshi cries and says no. Eijaz is emotional too. Devoleena enters the house. All are surprised.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Avni77

    The house is over crowded. Voting has become a joke. Eviction is a joke. Seems like bigg boss people have no idea what to do with the show! I think they should not stretch this show anymore. This is getting boring.

    1. You are right. It become a joke
      I think they want to put ruby or abi out at any cost because of favouritism

    2. I totally agree. I’m at a point where I want to stop watching. Wake me up when it becomes something worth watching. Peace!

  2. Yeah i agree with u Avni.BB says there is eviction and again postpones it.Can’t say what is all this and coming back 2 d contestants,i hope nikki learnt her lesson and it’s up 2 her if she ‘ll stop being rude or not and today not only nikki bt also rubina got the most fraud tag.I just read tomorrow’s precap ‘nd i can’t just believe dat ejiaz is going out of bigg boss and i saw devoleena’s name,hope it isn’t wat i am thinking?

  3. BB is now boring bullshit..they need to stop stretching it I felt everyone was targeting nikki..yes she can be rude but based on this week incidents..arshisonali were even ruder and constantly poking to another level..I guess the gang decided to corner nikki cuz she is friendly toward rubiabhi now..and this jamoora rahul is desperately seeking footage from ruby and abhi..when abhi picked eijaz for frabi tag, rahul got so irked that why not me..dude you are not important to them and you wont get anymore footage there..I like abhi and Ruby’s approach towards loser rahul that ignore him..rubina beautifully analyzed sonali in the water spray task..this lady has no more dignity..on one hand she says I give my blessings to aly jasmean like an elderly aunty and on the other hand expressing her romantic feelings for aly..wake up aunty..think a out your daughter and family..don’t make them a laughingstock in society just so u can survive few more days in this game..maintain your self respect and dignity..

    1. SV, it seems as though you’ve had enough of the Fish Market. I can’t say I blame you. It’s getting monotonous.

  4. Havent watched 17th jan episode yet. But whats going on in bb??? Eijaz going out could mean he will be in secret room or perhaps he needs a shake up by bb team. Devoleena entering is perhaps a substitue for vikas. Mannu has completely disappeared. Eijaz and mannu will surely come back. Maybe these 3 are in secret room but this time bb wont show them there. Rubina is 100% a drama queen..her croc tears and the sad expression looked so fake…didnt her fans notice it?? If they didnt just reminding them that all r actors so they can act an emotional moment which is very easy for them. Husband wife can discuss with each other at night under the blanket what has to be done and how to behave with each other to get sympathy from public. So dont fall into their trap bcoz nothing is impossible. I thought salman will let inmates know on wkw that it was nikki who tore sonalis nametag and photo but he didnt…thats salmans strategy!! Will watch 17th epi later and comment.

    1. Eijaz is shooting for a movie..prior commitment..I hope Manu vikas dont come needs to end..dont need devoleena either to be a proxy for someone..there r already more than enough ppl in bb house…as for Ruby abhi strategizing under the covers, they all do it at night..many of them r seen whispering at night on each others beds so it’s not fair to single out rubyabhi just cuz they r a of crocodile u said they r all actors so that means the times rakhi, arshi, eijaz, Ali, rahul cry..all r fake..then I’ll agree..

    2. Chalk one down for the people who are not looking at Rudeina through rose colored glasses. Rosh sees the actress for what she is. An actress. Croc tears. Manipulative. Calculating.

      Salman should have pointed out that Nikkiwikki was the one who tore the pictures and Rudeina deliberately made a stink about it. The way she talked to Arshi to take Sonasty away cause it was interfering with her Zen and giving her a headache! Oh, please!. And people can’t see through her, I can’t believe it. I dislike her so much. There, I didn’t mince words. I said it as clear as ever. Peace!

    3. @Katrina you remind me of Nikki Tamboli! Because people can hate you or love you, but they can’t ignore you

    4. But Rudeina suits you more..sometimes I find a exact replica of Nikki Tamboli in you..

    5. Hey Rosh, I just left you a note on yesterday’s update. Thanks for the nice words. Peace!

    6. I really agree with you and katrina .I thought they’d expose nikki on weekend ka vaar cos i belief that’s the day secrets are uncovered bt bigg boss is not doing this maybe they’re keeping nikki for TRP’s or….and coming to RubinAv i dislike them and at one time or the other they keep backstabbing people.Rubina is very fake can’t 4get d croc.tears she shed after jasmine’s xit.she is not even backing up rahul. I’ll just stop here odawyz i will comment further

  5. Rude+ arrogant+superiority complex+bossy =rudina
    Hatsoff to Abhinav for tolerating Rubina,nikki clearly saw rubinas fans outside and being nice to her.
    People are thinking she has herown opinion and standing for herself no she s just arrogant and bossy,the way she laughed at aarshi was pathetic.that shows how bully she s.

    Lots of people are doing wrong in doesn’t mean that Rubina s not arrogant.

    1. Pooja, right on! See everyone, I was not wrong. Pooja also sums it up nicely. Peace!

  6. Alima, darling! You make me smile. In one of my posts I said I hope Nikki wins. I still do and who knows, perhaps my prediction will be right on the money. If not Nikki it will be Abhi Baby. Peace!

    1. @Katrina i normally get really irritated when people bash Rubina. But when you do it, it’s quite amusing. I’m sure you have your reasons to dislike her. And don’t worry i won’t persuade you to like her as well. We are all entitled to our own opinions. Sometimes people will agree and sometimes they wont. However, she personally has been my favourite after Pavitra. But since Pavitra left, i had a liking towards Rubina more. And you see i dont mind Abhinav winning but he doesn’t seem deserving to me. But that is just my opinion. He is a decent guy but i see either Rubina or Rahul taking the trophy!I also thought Eijaz was a deserving winner but sadly he had to leave the show.

    2. Kat,
      Pls dont leave..if u done with BB dont watch it..I only read updates in weekdays and watch wkw if I dont have much time..just comment here wont be fun without u

  7. So they were targeting Nikki today. Well deserved, although it would have been better to go after the Frick and Fran. There are many crazies in the house, including Rudewoman and Abhiman. They’re experts at undercover work and it shows. Oh, well. I’m getting rather bored of saying the same things. I dislike Rubina. I dislike Abhi. I dislike Nikki. I dislike Arshi. I dislike Sonasty. And I’m sure you’re tired of hearing me say all this. I’m going to watch another show which will be gentler and softer on my ears and psyche. Anyone care to join me on Shakti? I used to watch when the lovely Rubina was on and then I stopped. I started a couple of months ago because of the cute couple Virat and Heer. So come on over and meet me on Telly Updates se we can discuss the show. I’m sure we can watch and critique with a lot of gusto. Besides, I have a lot of questions which I’m sure you’re going to have the answers to. Hope, SV, SS, Alima, Carlos, Pooja, Rosh, Favor, From Iran, Avni, Lena and Rahul, come join me. Even you! You can call me names, I won’t mind. I won’t hit back either. Are you game? Let me know. Stay well. Be careful and please wear a mask! It’s very important. Take care. Peace!

    1. @Katrina i have never watched Shakti!

    2. @Katrina
      I dont agree with you yet I enjoy reading your comments! I dont watch any Indian shows except BB..but I’m watching web series these days..Tandav, Sacred Games, Aashram etc..let me knw if u saw any of these..they r good..I’m totally if anyone like we can do a book club or sumthing..I am an avid reader🙂🙂

    3. Avni77

      Hey, book club is an awesome idea❤

    4. @SV I am up for the Book Club ❤️

    5. I seriously give a nod for this and i luv u Kat just by reading ur comments and i also agree wit d person who says dat u’re an entertainer infact i started commenting just bcoz i was always reading ur comments though i can not see u all faces i believe every 1 is cute. I also watch Shakti bt not right nw coz our subscription has xpired

    6. Hey Katrina, I have never watched Shakti nor interested to watch it. But yes I do like watching Barrister babu sometimes. It depends on the episode. My choices are quite varied. I do like watching series like The Scam 1992, Hostages, Criminal Injustice Part 2 along with some light tales like Gullak. Finished the second season this weekend. I did watch Tribhanga also. Nice tale and real scenario of woman in this society. I do respect everyone else’s choices. I also don’t watch BB but I just read daily updates. So why not, you also continue doing this and keep expressing your view points.

    7. @SS
      I’m watching the ones u mentioned as well..I find web series more intersection than both tv dramas and movies..and everyone who said yes for book club..let’s decide on a platform where we wana meet/chat and decide on a book!! It will be fun..

    8. @Katrina… I would have loved to watch Sakti along with you and discuss on Tellyupdate. But I don’t have time and patience for daily soap. Even I just read Atiba’s comment here and few video here and there. But I watch few web series on extended weekends. Few being: Scam, Patal lok and criminal justice being latest one for me. @SV, I will also try to watch series you watched.

    9. Hey @Katrina. I read you are leaving. That’s sad. Every year from BB11, I used to read and comment here. I am forgeting few names….but they all were interesting. I think SV has been there for long, I mean for multiple seasons.

    10. @Hope
      Yes I remember meeting u here in BB seasons..there were do many other ppl I didn’t see this time but I forgot their names..Rajjo is one of them..Aashram series is based on true story of ram rheem singh (fake babas in india) and Bobby Deol is the main antagonist…its really good..I’m waiting for the 3rd season..saif aly khan is in Tandav and Sacred Games..those r good too..I am also watching the ones u mentioned..after BB is done, I’m gona watch Tribanga..I just hope BB wraps up soon..

    11. Avni77

      Hi katrina. Are you leaving bb? I don’t agree with your opinions but it was nice having you here. I always find shakti’s story line just plain stupid. Heer and soumya didn’t know they were inters*x, i mean how is that even possible! Anyway, will miss your harsh judgment on rubina😂 good luck to you

    12. Better off u were always targeting rubi😏boring Katrina speak d truth as we all see

  8. Hi Kat, I watched some of Shakti and I will join you. I myself have questions. If you leave us here I will miss you. I love the way you write and reading what you write. You make us laugh. You are the entertainer.

  9. Lena, that’s so sweet of you. Thank you so much for the kind words. You also make me laugh when I think about your obsession with Kushal Tandon. I’ve been checking him up and every time I read about him, I think about you. See you on Shakti! Take care. Peace!

  10. Kat wait until BB is finished. We love to read what you write. You fight with others but you dont mean anything bad.

  11. Looks like katrina ji is leaving salman show to watch ranbir movie lol no pun intended lol

  12. Rowdy Vaidya and Ejaz are the most rude person in the house, all the time they use words like MC BC to fellow contestant, but Nikki was implied as rude. And why bash her this week just because she sided with Rubina, she has been worst before her exit and nothing was said then. Same thing goes with Rakhi she has used words like Karan Arjun (double meaning word) in front of Salman and he was laughing like anything, and this week it has become vulgar for him.

  13. According to some sources, Eijaz is coming back. He has a shoot to attend. You know the show is originally to last for 105 days but they elongated it. He might have made other plans after the show. But since they elongated it he couldn’t so he had to leave for some time and Devoleena to replace him. Note: Got this from a source. Thank you. Stay safe. Peace

  14. Poor Abhinav, last weekend he was bashed for supporting Rubina, this Saturday he was bashed for not supporting Rubina and Sunday bashed for supporting Rubina. Poor fellow he will be in some mental hospital after leaving BB.

    1. Exactly my thoughts

    2. Avni77

      Lol, so true😂

    3. So funny:):):)

    4. Hahahaha! Damn true!!

    5. They’re confusing the couples

  15. Avni77

    Eijaz and vikas will come back, so I’ve heard

    1. Vikas and Devoleena have entered BB. This season seems never ending and anyone is coming in and anyone is going out. A fancy circus to gain TRP!

  16. Avni77

    Everyone has outside information except rubinav. Not fair

    1. I think they don’t need outside information for their game. It will only look fake. So it’s better they are not fake and original till now.

    2. Exactly they only stood inside but others danced outside and targeting them inside. Even Salman supports outside gang . All are doing for favour nothing else. I wish the couple need to end the show because tthey don’t deserve bashing for unwanted. Others needs bashing for outside and coming back

  17. I still find arshi very irritating the way she keep laughing unnecessarily especially when people & recently arshi is becoming something else jumping on Ruby’s matter i don’t know if people noticed that any matter concerning Rubina she must say one or two things to say you can see clearly how she dislike Ruby. As for eijaz his leaving for a reason don’t know why people blame makers he signed for it probably not thinking he’ll come these far as for Nikki and Rakhi it’s evident that whoever sided Rubinav will be hate by the other contestants. Moreso Ali want to be in everyone’s good book bt ths prev week i find rakhi entertaining don’t knw why they said she’s lost. Sonali wants drama 😀

  18. And BB14 becomes what it is because of many outside informations and too much leave and come

    1. Avni77

      You are right. Makers did this to the show. They take audience for a fool

  19. Nikki has no manners at all n is very rude n she does nothing but pokes people. She knows what she is doing n she is not a baby at her age. Rubina is a panther n can’t b trusted because she is so calculative. Wonder if ever her conscious hurts when she lies so much n sheds crocodile tears!!! Abhi is aware of her behaviour but is scared of her!!!

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