Bigg Boss 16th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Kavita, Nikki, Jaan, Rubina, Eijaz and Jasmin are nominated


Bigg Boss 16th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Nomination Special
Day 44
8 AM
The inmates wake up to the song happy diwali. Rubina hugs Abhi in the kitchen. Jasmin hugs Kavita. Jasmin goes and hugs Eijaz as well.

12:30 PM
Pavitra tells Nikki that Eijaz plays his game, he gave rocket tag to Aly and called me a flipping girl? Nikki says he made it seem like we are nothing for him, he gives priority to new people and we are nothing for him. He plays it safe, he wants to be in the good books of everyone. Pavitra says but he goes against me in the task, it hurts every time. He made me eat in the misunderstanding task. Nikki says he doesn’t take a stand for friends in the task, maybe he is fake as Kavita said. Pavitra says he is trying to play on my name but he doesn’t know that I have seen many Eijaz Khan in my life.

Kavita tells Rahul that Eijaz has made his group. She says Jasmin, Abhi, Aly, Rubina are in a group. Aly says I don’t have any group, I sit with them but I am not in their group. Kavita says I have no group here. Aly says you are trying to make a group but you won’t, you are scared of the elimination. I am standing with Jasmin only. Kavita says you only talk rubbish and shout. Aly says I can blast you easily. Kavita says you are ill-mannered and curse all the time. Aly says who are you? You curse too. Kavita says you are just cheap. Aly says you can’t respect others, you just have Eijaz to talk about.
Pavitra says good, beat each other. Nikki says let’s see their fight. They run to watch.
Aly tells Jasmin that Kavita is saying I have a group with Rubina. Kavita says you talk about all cheap things, you are a goon. Aly says you are seen because of Eijaz only. He is sorted but you are playing on his shoulder only. You keep running to him. Kavita says then go and make a group, I am playing alone. You are scared of me. Aly says you are blasted. Kavita says you are a goon. Aly says you are a cheap woman. Aly mimics Kavita showing attitude. Kavita says you want to give this content? Aly says you are just acting. Kavita asks him to do something other than being a goon. Aly says she is a madwoman. Pavitra says she was saying that she didn’t come here to shout?
Kavita tells Jasmin that I was talking about who are friends here and he is saying all this on that? He is so ill-mannered. Aly says I am not scared of you, I am a goon. Jasmin asks him to calm down but he shouts shut up, don’t tell me anything.
Jaan tells Kavita that you are just acting. Kavita says at least I am doing something. Jaan says you are just misbehaving with everyone. Kavita says get lost and run to your teacher Eijaz, get lost. Jaan says what are you saying? You want to be seen that’s why you are sitting with Nikki? Nikki says he is just jealous. Kavita says go to your guru Eijaz and rub his feet. Jaan says she is just acting all the time. Kavita says they are scared of me. Pavitra laughs at that.

1 PM
Kavita tells Nikki that Aly is no lion, he is just a blabbering mess. He knows everything and he knows where to be sweet. Nikki says he sweetly convinced me. Kavita says he said that you trapped you with sweet talk when he wanted to be a captain.
Jasmin asks Aly to respect her, she is elder than you. Aly says she is calling me a goon, she is in a character, she just wants to blast and act like a policewoman. She is switching her character.
Kavita tells Nikki that I am saying that people are friends then what’s so bad about it? If there is a group then what’s the big deal? You got so mad and got to a cheap level? It shows your character. That’s why I say they don’t even deserve to stay outside my house.

2 PM
Jasmin asks Kavita if she is fine? Kavita says Aly can fight with me but he didn’t need to use that kind of language with me. you people have a group and I said it generally. He went off on me and stooped so low, I won’t talk to him in life now. Jasmin says he won’t talk also. Kavita says there was no reason so behave like that.
Nikki tells Aly that Kavita is blasting on everyone, she is good from heart. Aly says monkeys have a nice heart too.

6:45 PM
Kavita gets emotional and tells Rubina that when I went out, I thought that maybe I didn’t make connections in the house, I didn’t show myself but I was wrong. All are selfish here. Rubina says they are competitive. Kavita says no, they are ready to do anything to be seen. Rahul says then don’t curse them, you are not forced to curse. You have come here to show yourself. Kavita says if people don’t understand me then I won’t. This house made me selfish and I will not be good with anyone now. It has shown me that I am no good. Rahul says these people in the house can’t define your character. Kavita says people here are making me go crazy. Rubina says don’t punish yourself.

7 PM
Nikki tells Kavita that Aly talked about fighting with you soon and he did today. Kavita says he prepped to fight with me. He was always saying that he wanted to fight with me. I didn’t say anything wrong today but he went off on me as he was planning to get a chance. I won’t give him a chance now, I will ignore him now.

10:15 PM
Pavitra tells Eijaz that why you think I am a chakri bomb? Eijaz says I was not insulting you, I will not take your name now. Pavitra says it is what it is. Eijaz says you think I am playing with your feelings? Pavitra says I have no feelings for you. Eijaz says really? Pavitra says you are a player and I am the biggest fool. Eijaz says you think I am using you for this game? Pavitra says I see through people. Eijaz says what do you see in me? Pavitra says a gamer. Eijaz says so you think what we had these last days was a game? Pavitra says it was a connection but we are just friends now. I don’t let anyone use me as per their convenience. Eijaz says you really think that I am using you? You can forget everything. You are just misunderstanding me.

10:45 PM
Nikki gives some chocolate to Kavita. Kavita says I never thought I will bond with you. I never thought you would such a good heart.

Pavitra tells Jaan that Nikki has found your replacement in Kavita. Nikki will nominate us now. Jaan says Nikki has flipped so easily. Pavitra says she is confused, she doesn’t know what she is doing. Jaan says she has made detachment very easy for me.

Day 45
8:30 AM
Jaan shows Eijaz the washroom drawers. He shows him wasted products and says I will throw them away. Jaan says I want to clean the drawers. Eijaz says I am using it so let it be.

Jasmin asks Abhi why Eijaz is calm these days? Abhi says if somebody is feeling bad about his life then it’s on us to make him fine. Jasmin says I feel bad when I see someone sad.

Rahul tells Nikki that Eijaz’s ego gets hurt when Jaan talks back.

9 AM
Nikki tells Kavita that Eijaz was asking me if Kavita was right to say all that to him. Kavita says he keeps talking about me, don’t talk about Eijaz and Pavitra to me. I don’t want to talk about them. He can chant my name all he wants. Nikki says I swear on my mom that I took Aly throwing water on me lightly. I didn’t talk about it to anyone. Kavita says you are so strong and you react then why didn’t you react? Nikki says I feel dirty when I look at his face. Kavita says I won’t tell you where you should speak, you are here to play your game.

9:15 AM
Rubina tells Abhi to help her in the kitchen. She says you are being lazy. Abhi says I have worked more than you. Jasmin says Abhi and I have worked the most. Rubina has cribbed about work more but didn’t work. Rubina says I just tell them to do their work properly. Jasmin says we don’t have training in work. Rubina says then listen to me. Jasmin says don’t crib about others working, we are working as much as we can.

10:15 AM
Rubina tells Abhi that when did I crib for work? Aly asked me if I was fine so I said I was fine. Jasmin also mentioned that she discussed about my superiority complex with Rahul and Aly? When I asked Jasmin then she said that she was just making fun of me. She was joking because others were? Abhi says so people joke after signing a paper?

12:30 PM
Jaan talks to Eijaz and says people shit om themselves here. He tells Eijaz that there was a useless captain before. Eijaz says you are calling me useless? Eijaz tells Jaan that if you don’t understand then don’t talk. Jaan says why are so final? Pavitra says Jaan gives him back. Eijaz asks Pavitra what does she want? He tells Jaan to not make fun of me.

Jaan tells Aly that Kavita is worst than before. Aly says she is fake and it’s totally see-through, she is fighting with anyone. I am ready to get cursed by Salman but I am not going to spare her. She doesn’t want respect so I am not going to give her that. Jaan says all are fake here, she is made in China. Aly says that suits her.

3:15 PM
Rahul tells Nikki that I will be relaxed in the nominations. Nikki says you have a good heart. I will talk from the heart as well. I think we should take on people who we can’t understand. I thought people I knew were my friends but they are not. We both know each other but we are not friends. I have saved people that was not standing for me. Rahul kisses her forehead and says I know what you think about me but I won’t say. I know you like me from your heart. Nikki says I know you have a soft corner for me, you are there for me. Rahul says I don’t have to sit with you all the time to respect or be there for you.

5:15 PM
Bigg Boss tells the inmates that it’s time for the nominations. He says some were famous before and some not but by now, you all have become a famous face. Usually, 3-4 inmates get nominated but at the end of the 6th week, there will be six people to get nominated. This task is going to be different because you all will not get a chance to be a part of this task. Only some people will become a part of it. Aly is safe from the nominations and he will get a chance to be the first in this task. He asks Aly to come to the theater.

Aly comes into the theater. The inmates watch him on TV. Bigg Boss tells Aly that you have to 6 empty frames. You have to take inmates’ photos and put them in the frame who you want to nominate this week. Aly puts Kavita’s photo first, he says I want to nominate her first, her reason was useless to fight with me. He nominates Nikki as she is behaving too cozy with Kavita, she is ignoring us and b*t*hing with her. Nikki says if I talk to her then it’s bad? You are dancing to someone else’s tunes. Aly nominates Jaan as he keeps going back to Nikki. He should realize what he is doing. Aly nominates Abhi. Nikki says he is nominating a rocket too? Aly says he is always getting saved from the nominations, he is a tough competition for me. He nominates Eijaz as I think he is lost, he doesn’t have the same energy. I think his attachment to Pavitra is making him lose focus. Kavita said so much to him but he didn’t say anything back to her. Aly thinks about the last name, he says I am confused. He nominates Rubina, he says I can’t nominate Rahul, Jasmin or Pavitra so I don’t have a choice. Bigg Boss asks him who should get a chance to save someone except them and nominate someone else in their place? Aly says I want to call Abhi here. Bigg Boss tells Abhi that you will come to the theater soon, people can convince you to save them.

5:30 PM
Nikki tells Kavita that Aly is trusting Jaan’s words? I didn’t expect it from Aly. Kavita says he is not smart.
Eijaz tells Aly that I was liking to be with Pavitra, I don’t want to validate Kavita. I feel pity for her. Aly says she is making others angry. Eijaz says she was telling Salman that she gave me food like I was hungry. She is insecure and nothing can be done about her so I don’t want to give her time. Aly says but she says cheap words.
Pavitra tells Abhi that I will never nominate you, it’s my word. Abhi says you broke your promise before also. Abhi says I want you with me in the game. Pavitra says I will keep the promise from my side. Abhi says done.

5:45 PM
Eijaz comes to Pavitra and says why do you fight with me? What did I do? I feel bad when you fight with me. Pavitra says you keep changing your side. He hugs her from behind, she laughs. Eijaz says I got nominated because of you. Pavitra says we are friends. Eijaz hugs her and says I got nominated because of you so I will nominate you. Pavitra eyes him so he says I am joking. Rubina says I am not watching anything.
Nikki tells Aly that we have a good equation. Aly tells Nikki that you were ignoring me. I was like why you were acting like this. Nikki says have you heard me b*t*hing about you? Aly says when I came to you, you used to stop talking. Nikki says you are listening to Jaan? I never b*t*hed about you. You are getting influenced by Jaan? Jaan says you can talk to me directly, I can see everything clearly now. You have helped me a lot by doing cheapness. Nikki says you are kissing me when I am stopping you but I am cheap? Jaan says you kissed me back, you change your attitude when the nominations come near. Nikki says you run behind people to save you, don’t tell me anything.

6 PM
Eijaz asks Jasmin if she was serious that you will block my chance now? Jasmin says you said that I don’t respect you so I said I won’t give you a chance to get any content through me. I thought you were a competitor but you are a loser. Eijaz says excellent. Jasmin says this is the truth. Eijaz says very cute. Jasmin says not fake at least. Eijaz says you think I have studied the show? Jasmin says you have made a flowchart to play here. Eijaz says you are just ignorant. Jasmin says I don’t care about what you think. Eijaz says you can’t even understand the jail task. Jasmin says you wanted to look nice and sad this week to get attention. Eijaz says yes I wanted to sympathy.
Kavita tells Nikki that if Abhi nominates Jasmin then the game will change.

6 PM
Bigg Boss brings Abhi in the theater and tells him to save one inmate instead of him and nominate someone from the safe inmates. Abhi says I want to save Rubina and nominate Rahul in her place as we don’t have a bond. Jasmin and Pavitra are closer to me. Bigg Boss asks him who should get a chance to be a part of the nominations? He says Jasmin.

6:30 PM
Rahul asks Jasmin to save him. Jasmin says someone else will nominate me. Rahul says I am your friend after Rubina and Aly.
kavita tells Abhi that Jasmin and Rubina are friends but Jasmin has hurt her. Abhi says my equation with Jasmin is different, I have a good relationship with her.
Pavitra asks Jasmin that if possible then try to save me, I never want to fight you or go against you. We have cleared everything with each other, it’s your decision.

Kavita tells Nikki that Jasmin’s attitude has changed after Aly has come. She is arrogant now.

Abhi tells Jasmin that you know someone else goes after you so think.

7 PM
Jasmin comes into the theater. She says I want to save Abhi, he has always been with me and has been loyal to me. She nominates Pavitra as she is playing a smart game, she is playing it safe. She should have the guts to play openly. Bigg Boss asks Jasmin who should get a chance to be a part of the nominations? She says Rahul.

Jasmin comes in the house and tells Rahul that I know you are not happy. Pavitra tells Jasmin that this is real me. Jasmin says you are playing it safe. Pavitra says why should I fight with anyone for no reason.
Rubina tells Abhi that if they ask Rahul then he will not callme. Jasmin has given the power to the wrong hands.

Rahul asks Nikki if he can trust her? Nikki says I will save you in the next round.

Abhi tells Rubina that we don’t know how many rounds will go on.

Pavitra comes to Rahul and says please save me. I gave my friendship to you, I don’t want to go in nominations. Rahul asks what’s her priority list? She says you, Abhi, Aly. Rahul says if I save you then whom you will save? Pavitra says I will save you. I promise you. Rahul says Nikki is promising the same thing. Pavitra says I don’t flip my sides like her. She said that I shouldn’t have wasted 10 clothes on you.

7:15 PM
Nikki asks Rahul what has he thought? Rahul says you told Pavitra that she shouldn’t have wasted her clothes on me? Nikki says yes, you both are not good friends so I didn’t understand why she saved you. Rahul says you said it after I saved you? I signed and gave up my career respect for you then you go and tell Pavitra that she shouldn’t have saved me? Nikki says I have given you a promise to save you if I get a chance.

8 PM
Rahul is in the theater and says I could celebrate my diwali because of one girl so I want to save Pavitra and nominate Rubina in her place. I don’t have a good equation with her. Bigg Boss asks him who should be the next? Rahul says I want to give this chance to Pavitra. Bigg Boss says this will be the last round. Pavitra goes and hugs Rahul. Aly tells Pavitra that I want the same end. Pavitra hugs Eijaz.

8:15 PM
Jasmin tells Aly that she will nominate me. She won’t nominate Aly and Rahul. Eijaz comes to Rahul and says good call. Aly says you were very good there.
Kavita says to Rubina that they are to make it interesting but they make it boring.

Pavitra tells Abhi that you know I am clear about saving you.

Kavita says to Rubina that this game is so obvious. Nikki says they can’t act and fake to get saved.

Pavitra tells Eijaz that I have promised someone to save them. You won’t feel bad? Eijaz says I am not playing a game with you. Pavitra says I will see that in the next activity. Eijaz says I will see you.

Kavita tells Rubina that Pavitra will nominate Abhi.

Jasmin tells Pavitra that I am not fake so try to give me a chance.

8:30 PM
Pavitra is in the theater. She says people earn my friendship. Rahul has saved me so I will save him. She saves Rahul. Pavitra says I don’t flip in the house, I will nominate Jasmin. Aly kisses Jasmin’s cheek. Jasmin laughs.

Bigg Boss says the nominations are done. The nominated inmates are Kavita, Nikki, Jaan, Rubina, Eijaz and Jasmin.

Pavitra goes and hugs Eijaz.

Kavita sings tera ghata. Jasmin says she will copy the songs too. Kavita says it’s your copyright? You have a goon here with you, you are raising him with you. I keep some goons with me. Aly says she is threatening me? She is made in China.

8:45 PM
Rubina tells Jasmin that I would have saved you if Rahul called me. Abhi says we didn’t know when the game will end. Jasmin says I didn’t think about taking your name. Rubina says what was your loss if you have taken my name? Jasmin says nothing, I just didn’t think about your name. I saved Abhi but didn’t call you next. Rubina says I would have saved myself and called someone who wouldn’t have nominated me. Jasmin says I don’t have that much mind otherwise I would have come last season only.

9 PM
Eijaz tells Pavitra that I don’t have anyone on my side in this game. Pavitra says I am with you. Eijaz says you or Rahul should be the captain. Pavitra says I will talk to Rahul and ask him to talk to you. Eijaz says I will talk to him. Pavitra says calm down, you know that you need the majority with you. We have to sensible.

Kavita tells Nikki that Jasmin was sleeping with a doll and now she is so smart and talking so bad? She was showing how cute she is in 30 years but now she is showing her real side. She is a fraud. She sees them sitting together and says they are still a group. I was not wrong.

10 PM
Nikki tells Rahul that I trust you and I want to your friend. I don’t care if you nominated me. Rahul says I didn’t nominate you, I didn’t save you. Nikki says I want to be your friend. She gets emotional and cries. Rahul hugs her and asks what happened? Nikki says I just trust you and I want to be your friend. I accept that I said it to Pavitra. I did wrong and I am sorry. I want to be a close friend. I don’t care if spend time together or not, I keep you on priority. I don’t trust Eijaz but I trust you. Rahul says really? Nikki says I would have nominated Pavitra and saved you. Rahul says give me a huggie. He hugs her.

10:15 PM
Pavitra tells Eijaz that Aly is changing the game, I won’t be your follower. I am your friend but not your follower. You say that you will save Aly when the time comes so why should I follow you? I won’t follow you for you to save Aly in the end. Aly should have called me first in the theater but he wanted to be in the good books of Abhi. He can’t fool me like this.

1 AM
Jaan tells Pavitra that I think Kavita or I might get eliminated. Pavitra says if not you then? He says might be Nikki or Rubina. He says Abhi talked to me and said that I must be doing something right that I am still here. I feel like there is a rift between Jasmin and Rubina. Pavitra says they keep trying to hide it for their respect. Jaan says they want Kavita in their team. Abhi knows that Aly and Jasmin will be stronger than Rubina-Abhi as Jasmin knows them and Aly has a presence of mind.

PRECAP – Kavita says these people don’t stop making eggs whole day. Eijaz shouts that I am done with you, we will make eggs as much as we want. He comes closer to her and shouts at her. She says your breath stinks. Kavita pushes him away and says don’t come near me. Eijaz says don’t touch me. Nikki pulls Kavita back. Eijaz tells the camera that nobody can touch me.
Rubina tells Jasmin that I want to be the captain. Rahul tells Nikki that I want to be the captain. Rahul tells Rubina that you are a useless queen in the task. Abhi says he is cheap. Rahul asks Rubina to keep her lawyer away.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Nikki is not that bad..she is selfish in tasks but deep down she is a sweetheart..i have started liking her..

    Jaan is a chamcha of ejaz nd sometimes of nikki

    Kavita..i dont know what to say..i think she should leave..

    Loved it when ali shouted at jasmine 🤣🤣🤣 she deserves it as she is a puppet of ali😏😏

    I think ali is very arrogant nd proudy 🙄

    1. I totally agree with u….. Nikki is sweet…. N jaan🤣🤣🤣

  2. Shaheera Khan

    yes surabhi i have started liking niky as well before i use to think she is another sana but yes she have very good heart .but i am sorry i dont like the arrogant peoples and the blasters as well one can only gossip and other have nothing to show just how to shout .

    1. Hahaha…nikki nd sana…no comparison…sana is not at all selfish nd cheap like nikki

  3. Rubina abhinav nikki nd rahul are the only sorted people in this house

  4. Lol jasmine is getting on my nerves..she has changed so much after Ali entered the house..jasmine is trying to play it cool but we can see that she no longer wants to be with Rubina n Rubina is actually hurt

    1. Yea you can see that Rubina is hurt :/

      I think Rubina should team up with Nikki coz at least she keeps her word and keeps her words!

    2. Sure she really has changed and doesn’t want rubina in her game neither in bigboss I was shocked when Salman asked between rubi n shardul who is to be evicted she choose rubi what a change in chatacter

  5. Y jasmine is taunting rubina so much? Yesterday she was apologizing na..she is flying too much🙄

  6. Precap me rahul is misbehaving with rubina

  7. I love the way Kavita fearlessly confront everyone. Go for it Kavita. We are with you

  8. Pavitra is so cringeworthy more than Eijaz and when it comes to their love triangle it becomes more cringeworthy

  9. So finally the contestants started playing a good game. But I just hope that jasmine and rubina again become friends. Aly is very aggressive he should control his temper. Jasmine is trying to act smart but she is actually a dumb and oversmart player. Maybe nikki and rahul have a good friendship. I hope jaan gets evicted this weekend. But I am scared there is chance of rubina getting evicted if she doesn’t open up and also she is a target of bb makers and salman

    1. Rubina is never getting eliminated. She is gonna win. Most people who watch bb are rubi fans and she is trending even twitter almost every day.

  10. Guys can anyone please tell me one thing in previous seasons did anyone gave this reason”taki ye sudhar jaye” for sending to kalkothri. I am talking about the episode where rubinav were punished. My question is didn’t any contestant gave the same reason which rubinav gave to nominate someone for jail??

    1. Yes in season 12 sreesanth , neha and karamvir were sent to jail with the same thought which Rubina , Abhinav and jasmine gave to nominate someone for jail.

  11. Sami Jagirdar

    Jasmine you always rock let people tell whatever they want but she is real. If u r thinking she is fake then f**k off. Haters 💪💪 Just get lost

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