Bigg Boss 16th December 2020 Written Episode Update: Rakhi becomes the first captaincy contender

Bigg Boss 16th December 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 74
3:45 PM
Rubina reads the task duck park where three winning inmates will become contenders for the captaincy. There will be 4 ducks in the park and the visitors will give them food. The inmates will become ducks from time to time and everyone will play against each other. The inmates who become ducks will get time to eat. The other inmates will decide who will become a feeder for the ducks, they have to decide on a feeder before the buzzer. The duck who has more food at the end of one batch will become a winner for that batch. Each batch will have 4 different ducks. The referee will decide the winner of the batch. The batch has to be smart to get food, feeders can be repeated in the task.

4 PM
Abhi tells Aly that we have to make sure two inmates from our group should be the ducks.
Aly tells Nikki that we can’t throw the duck suit.

Abhi tells Arshi to become a feeder for them. Arshi says then you have to promise to save me from the nominations. I can save you all the time.

Nikki tells Rahul that please help her if he becomes a referee.
Rakhi tells Kash that they will try to grab us.
Eijaz tells Arshi that we have to get the ducks. Arshi says I won’t let Mannu become the captain.

5 PM
Bigg Boss says Nikki, Kash, Rakhi and Arshi will be the ducks in the first batch and Rubina will be a referee. Kash tells Arshi that we shouldn’t let Nikki win. Aly tells the inmates that I can become a feeder for this batch as I don’t have a connection with these ducks. Mannu says you will make a mark for others.

Mannu tells Eijaz that we will follow Aly’s lead. Arshi tells Eijaz to talk to her once he is finished. Mannu asks Arshi to not insult him like this, Arshi says your respect is gone. Mannu says I am trying to ignore you. Nikki tells Jasmin that you can help me and I will help you and Aly. Jasmin says okay.
Mannu tells Arshi that if you comment on me again then I will tear your respect.

Arshi, Nikki, Kash and Rakhi wear the ducks. Nikki says to the camera that I am not part of this group, these women are cheap unlike me.

5 PM
Rubina asks the ducks to wear the suits and don’t take them off. Arshi says we are not crazy to take it out. Nikki says you can use your mind. Rakhi says I have no mind, how will I get food? Kash tells Rakhi to take this seriously, I am nominated. Rakhi says I will give you my food. Kash says don’t say it, they are listening. Rakhi says I will play for you, I am serious for you. Kash says block Nikki and gives food to me. Rakhi says I am with you. Arshi says don’t become physical with Nikki. Rubina reads the task. Arshi says she is a boring lady. Kash says don’t do it. Arshi says I am teasing her husband so let me talk. Kash says let the task happen. Arshi says I can talk to Rubina. Mannu tells Rakhi to play it fully. Rakhi says you are shouting but if I shout then you say that my mic man would die. Arshi says Rakhi has changed. Mannu says Rakhi is nice, she is not cheap and won’t become cheap. Arshi says people who talk are cheap. Mannu says you talk to most in the house, nobody is interested in you. Arshi asks him to do his work. Mannu says my work is to clean the house of filth, don’t tease me. Don’t stoop this low, I am not Vikas. Arshi says look at your words, you are not as innocent as you seem. I made you the captain.
Rubina tells Abhi that we have to decide on 3 contenders. Abhi says this pool doesn’t have our contender. Rubina says to make the contender who is weaker from this pool.
Nikki tells Mannu that fight them all. Nikki says they have decided to make Rakhi the captain and if I am not able to win then I will break their ducks.

5:15 PM
The duck buzzer plays, Rubina brings the food. Aly asks them to not target Nikki. Rubina gives him food. Nikki is pushing Kash and blocking her. Aly throws food pieces at them. They all run to get food. Nikki takes off her duck suit and tries to break their suits. Kash says she is disqualified. Rubina asks them to stop it. Kash and Nikki fight with each other. Rubina tries to stop them. She asks them to collect their food. Aly asks Nikki to take the food. Kash fights with Nikki. Rubina says don’t do this, she tells Kash that you started this by blocking her. Kash grabs Nikki. Aly says this is not done, don’t break the ducks. Rakhi says Nikki is breaking our ducks. Rubina says I am disqualifying Kash as she is not letting Nikki play. Kash is still fighting with Nikki. Rubina tries to stop them. Kash says she is not wearing her suit so she is out. Nikki keeps breaking their suit. She breaks Rakhi’s suit also. Rubina says Kash blocked Nikki. You people are being filthy. Arshi shouts at her to be respectful. Rakhi says they broke my belt, they are *******. Aly laughs at her. Rubina says Kash is disqualified. Kash says our strategy was to block her, Arshi asks Rubina to get lost. Nikki breaks Kash’s duck. Aly gives food to Rakhi. Nikki says I won’t let her become the captain. She sits on Kash’s duck. Nikki calls Jasmin and asks her to use her pockets to get food. Kash grabs Nikki’s foot and cries. Rubina asks Kash to not hold her. Aly asks them to not fight. Arshi asks Rubina to look at Nikki. Rubina says it’s my duty so do your work. Arshi says you are the worst referee, you are biased. Rubina says you people are senseless. Rakhi cries for her duck. Rubina says Arshi is being filthy. Arshi asks her to get lost, you are total filth. Kash tells Rubina that Nikki has been attacking me, you are being biased. Nikki stands on Kash’s duck. Rubina asks Nikki to leave it. Nikki takes the food. Bigg Boss asks them to stop the task here. Arshi says Rubina is a cheap referee. Rubina says just shut up. Nikki says they all are filth. Kash says Nikki has kicked me in the stomach. Rubina says don’t do this drama Kash. Kash says she is still collecting food. Rubina asks Nikki to not collect the food. Aly tells Mannu that Nikki is wrong here. Arshi tells Rubina that Nikki took off her duck suit. Rubina says because you cornered her. Just shut up. Arshi says you are filthy. Rubina says just shut up and play the game, this is your strategy? Aly asks them to not fight with the referee.

5:30 PM
Bigg Boss tells them that they have to wear suits. He asks them to start the task again. They all wear the ducks. Kash says Nikki is cheating by putting food in her pants. Nikki says are you crazy? Kash says I am being respectful. She blocks her. Nikki says what are you doing? You are leaving this weekend. Kash says don’t focus on me. I am standing here. Rakhi asks Arshi to protect her food. Nikki is pushing Arshi but Kash blocks her. Nikki tries to attack Rakhi but Arshi and Kash stop her. Rakhi tells Rubina that they have broken my duck belts. Nikki takes off her duck suit. Kash says she is disqualified. Rubina grabs Nikki and asks her to wear the duck suit. Nikki pushes Rakhi and all laugh at Rakhi cursing her. Nikki takes off her duck suit again so Rubina makes her wear it again. Kash attacks Nikki but Nikki breaks Rakhi’s duck head. Rakhi shouts at her and says are you ****. Abhi and Aly can’t stop laughing at Rakhi. Rubina says they should have food in their pockets. Rakhi says my pockets are broken. Nikki says I know Kash will leave this weekend. Kash mimics her. Nikki tries to attack Rakhi, Rakhi shouts at her and says don’t take my face, you are a *******. Jasmin asks Rakhi to not curse. Nikki says Kash is a psycho. Kash grabs her duck. Nikki says don’t touch me. Rubina asks them to stay away. Kash pushes Nikki and falls down. Rubina asks them to leave each other. Nikki breaks Kash’s duck fully. Rubina says Nikki don’t do it. Arshi tells Nikki that I am trying not to be physical. Kash grabs Nikki. Nikki says she has bitten my hand. She shows the mark to Rubina. Kash says she has put a hand in my mouth. Get lost. Nikki says you are a psycho. You are a ******. Jasmin tells Nikki that she could have used the safety pins to join your pockets. Arshi says I don’t want to be a captain but I played my game. Rahul Vaidya says they played a good game. Rahul M says this is not a sportsman spriti. Kash says you haven’t played so you can’t comment, Nikki is your favorite so you are saying it. Rahul M says Rakhi is my favorite. Rahul V says to Nikki that Rakhi didn’t attack you. Nikki says they three attacked me. Arshi says I am sorry if I cursed anyone. Rakhi says I am sorry too. Rahul V says the task shows your personality so don’t say sorry. They all put food in their baskets. Kash says I want to put in Arshi’s basket. Nikki throws Arshi’s basket away. Nikki doesn’t have anyone food. Arshi and Rakhi kick their boxes. Rubina says this round was won by the person who played by the rules so Rakhi won this round. Rakhi is surprised. All cheer for her. Arshi claps and hugs her. Kash hugs her and tells Rubina that that’s good decision. Rakhi says sorry to Nikki. Nikki says it’s your character if you curse me. I didn’t curse anyone.

5:45 PM
Mannu tells Rakhi that don’t curse, it’s not you. Rakhi says I got angry, you are right and I said sorry to her. Jasmin says just control your curse and don’t curse the person, just curse the air. Arshi says the referee was biased but I don’t have any issue with Rakhi. Rubina doesn’t deserve respect.
Nikki says Rakhi was cursing me and all guys were laughing at it. They all encouraged her. Arshi says Rubina is a filthy woman, I nicely told her that I respect her but she was insulting me.
Mannu hugs her. Nikki says only you were not laughing with Rakhi cursing. This is her real personality, she has no shame. She has cursed to badly. She is not sweet. Mannu says I will tell you when you are calm.
Rakhi tells Kash that if I get the power then I will save you.

6 PM
Eijaz asks Rubina how can you disqualify Kash? Rubina says if I was wrong then Bigg Boss would stop me. Mannu says she was saying that if you break the property then she would disqualify people. Rubina tells Rakhi to not hug those people as they are being nice to you because you are a contender. They will behead you when you don’t notice. Arshi says I respect you as a senior so don’t do this. I respect you. Rubina says nice joke. Arshi asks Abhi to tell his wife to not use those words for me. Abhi says talk to her and bear her. Arshi says I told her that I respect her but she keeps insulting me. Abhi says don’t do it. Aly says don’t bring Abhi in this, talk to Rubina. Arshi says I told her that don’t shout at me as then I will not respect her. She tells sorry to Abhi for involving him. Abhi says they all are threatening here.

6:15 PM
Kash tells Rahul V that it was a game and we all got hurt but I am not making an issue. Rakhi says Nikki is crying to everyone that we were bad to her. Rahul V says she can’t convince anyone. Kash says Mr. Jaan part 2 (Mannu) is telling her what to say on the weekend so she will look nice. Aly says don’t talk about Jaan like that. Mannu and Nikki are friends only. Nikki comes there and tells Mannu that Kash is calling you Jaan part 2. Mannu says I can call many things to Kash. She says do it.

6:30 PM
Mannu tells Rubina that Kash is calling me Jaan part 2 and then said that she is here to play and talk. I saved her and she is doing all this. She is so cheap. In my season, I had not left any girl who insulted me. I am trying to be patient here but if I start talking then they won’t have words left.

7 PM
Rakhi comes to Nikki and says I am sorry. Nikki says don’t talk to me. Rakhi says forgive me, I am sorry to curse at you. I can hold your feet. Nikki says don’t do it, please. Eijaz asks her to put the instruction file on the center table. Rakhi tells sorry to Nikki.

Nikki asks Eijaz if he is sitting with Kash and Arshi as they are alone? Eijaz says I sat with Kash since the start. What happened with Arshi yesterday was wrong and she is alone so I like to sit with her. Nikki says Kash called me crazy and you didn’t say anything to her. Eijaz says it was your fight with Kash. Nikki says but you stopped Mannu when he called Arshi crazy. Eijaz says because Mannu is my friend. He asks Nikki to stop it. Nikki says you are playing it safe with Kash and Arshi. Eijaz says Nikki has learned to make relationships. Mannu calls her and don’t fight. Nikki says he is changing sides. Eijaz says I won’t listen all this. Nikki says he will go to sit with Arshi as she is alone. Eijaz says I am alone too, don’t say all that. Nikki says he is coming back now. Mannu asks Eijaz to end it. Eijaz tells Nikki that I am your friend for 2 months and 2 weeks friendship with Kash. Nikki says you didn’t call out on Kash when she called me crazy. Eijaz laughs and says yes I did a mistake.

Rakhi tells Kash that if I become the captain then I will save you. Kash says just don’t give up, don’t tell anyone that you will save me. Kash says you can give up to Eijaz. Rakhi says I will think about Arshi too. Eijaz says to Kash that there is one group here of Rubina. Rakhi says Rubina’s fight is because of her husband, if he leaves then she will go down. Eijaz says I thought she will become stronger if Abhi leaves. Kash says we have seen their conversations but we did. Rakhi says she is no. 1 serial bahu that’s why she is strong, people like her. Eijaz says she starts shouting on Kash for blocking Nikki but it’s a strategy so how can she stop Kash?

10:45 PM
Rakhi tells Aly that Nikki wanted to fight with me for the camera but I have guts and can break her easily. Jasmin says Arshi told you that? Rakhi says yes. Jasmin says Arshi was lying, Nikki said that she has a lot of guts but she won’t use her power because she can hurt anyone. Rakhi calls Arshi and says Nikki didn’t say that she wants to fight with me. Jasmin says I was sitting there and Nikki didn’t say anything like that, I am not Nikki’s friend. Arshi says you were not there and don’t become her spokesperson. Jasmin says I have told you what I wanted to. Rakhi says I will ask Nikki.

11 PM
Rahul V asks Aly that you nominated Eijaz and Arshi? I didn’t like his change. Rahul says he used to sing praises for Eijaz and then he flipped so easily. Aly says he was acting so hurt when Salman joked that Kash is out then Eijaz acted so shocked. Then he said that Jasmin doesn’t deserve to be here. He told Mannu also that Abhi and Rubina don’t deserve. Jasmin says he is always performing.

12:45 AM
Aly tells Rakhi and Arshi that I have heard that Nikki and Rahul Mahajan knew each other from before. Rakhi says Mannu is going crazy like Jaan because he is getting jealous of Nikki and Rahul M. Aly laughs. Rakhi says Nikki is pretending to be Rahul’s bestie to make Mannu jealous. Rakhi says I am jealous of Nikki snatching my 12 year old friendship with Rahul M. I am burning like Mannu. All end up laughing at Rakhi’s mimicking.

Day 75
8 AM
The inmates wake up to the song sahi bolta hai. They all dance.

8:45 PM
Rakhi asks Nikki if you said that you would fight with me? You are stale. Nikki says I don’t want to fight with you, you are a stale person, control your tongue. Rakhi says look at your face. Rakhi throws a chair at her and says you are a stale person. Rubina asks Rakhi to be respectful. Arshi says she is saying things too.

Rahul M tells Abhi that I snore so I told Rahul V that it’s my problem. Rahul M says I asked for the last bed so Nikki slept on the next bed.

Arshi tells Rakhi that you don’t need to hear Rubina telling you anything. Rakhi says Rubina was right, I shouldn’t comment on her face. Rakhi tells Nikki that I have become nice but I can easily take on Nikki, you have snatched my 12 year old friend Rahul M. Rakhi tells Aly that I normally asked Nikki but she walks weirdly.
Nikki tells Jasmin that Rakhi cursed me so much, it’s a mental torture.
Rakhi tells Arshi that we are seasoned inmates. Arshi says if someone doesn’t take my respect then I won’t spare them. Rakhi says Rubina is respectful, these husband and wife are nice. Arshi says husband is better.
Rahul M tells Nikki that I didn’t meet Rakhi much in last 12 years.

Rakhi tells Rahul M that I asked Nikki to clear things with me but she started misbehaving with me so much. Rahul M says we are friends. Rakhi asys nobody can snatch my friend fro me. Rahul M says I changed my bed beside Rakhi because of Rahul V.

Eijaz tells Mannu that I laughed at Rakhi cursing Nikki but it was wrong.

Rahul M tells Rakhi to not give people content, don’t become a puppet of others. Arshi says look who is talking.

Rahul M tells Nikki that you can nicely talk to people who are being nice to you.

9:45 AM
Aly tells Jasmin that I am not liking your company so you should play your game and I will play my game. Jasmin says I have a company with everyone. Aly says you are playing a nice game but play. Jasmin says I am sitting with everyone. Aly says don’t fight for people who are not with you. Jasmin says I don’t fight with others for no reason. Aly says if you support girls who are doubled faced then I won’t support you. Nikki told me once that she will fight with you so I shouldn’t have any connection with you. Kash tells Jasmin that Nikki was targeting and getting physical with us. Kash leaves. Aly tells Jasmin that Arshi, Kash and Rakhi like you but you are taking Nikki’s side who has cursed you so much. You can’t fight with three people for Nikki. Rahul V asks them to not fight as they will say that Aly is overshadowing Jasmin. Aly is trying to tell you that it’s not worth to fight for Nikki. Jasmin says I understood.

Mannu tells Rahul V that when I told Eijaz that we would lose the window task to Vikas’ team but he played with so much power to show the audience how good of a performer he is. I had already decided that Vikas’ team will win.

11:45 AM
Arshi asks Kash where is Mannu? Nikki is there and hears it. Kash says Mannu was kicked. Nikki leaves from there. Arshi says Mannu fell in love in 2 days? Kash says he wants to make a loverboy image.
Nikki tells Mannu that they were talking that I kicked you for falling in love.

12:30 PM
Arshi asks where is Mannu? She sings kutta, kamina. Rakhi says I see a ghost here. Nikki is sitting there in black clothes. Rakhi says I see some black heart woman. She says someone is trying to pull me. Arshi laughs and says I didn’t hear Nikki’s voice. Nikki says I want to vomit, I don’t want to make you listen to my voice. Rakhi says her content is done for today, she wants to look like Ashwariya Rai. Rakhi falls down beside Nikki.

3 PM
Rubina tells Aly that you want to be the captain? I will protect you and give you my food, you just have to save Abhi so I will support you in the captaincy. He says okay.

Rakhi comes to the duck pond and says they were beaten so much yesterday. Rahul V says one duck has lost an eye.

PRECAP – Arshi is in the pool so Rubina jokes that there are 5 ducks in the pool. Arshi says you are body shaming me? I will not spare you now.
Rahul V asks Eijaz to mind his own business. Eijaz says your mind is non-sense. Rahul V and Eijaz fight in the game. Rahul V tells him to show his manliness to men. You are cheap and you are crazy. Eijaz says you ran away from the show so it shows who is the real man. Get away from me. You are a scaredy cat.
Rahul M is a duck and runs away from others. Arshi asks him to do something, you can dance. He tries to run away from Rubina. All laugh at their antics. Mannu says this is what happens when mistakes are born. All laugh.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  3. Siddharth shukla gandu

    Ghatiya unfair sanchalak

  4. Honestly rubina shld never become referee bcoz in previous tasks she yelled at referees that they were unfair…but how unfair and wrong decision she made. Rakhee winning was not the point. It was clearly said duck suit shld be worn and that duck would win who gets more food.. but nikki didnt have suit most of the time and that arshi and kash had more food. Rubina and rahul who is back for no reason, are two most annoying and mean people in the show…rest are fine but it seems big boss will declare rubina as the winner.

  5. Rubina is sooo unfair

  6. Rubina is nice player but y did she was unfair in this?? Rakhi is captain this week bcoz the news have come…love jasmin she must win…jasly friendship must not be broken…

  7. Nikki did not wear the duck most of the time yet the sanchalak kept quiet. Rubina is very annoying shouting at the top of her voice. Unfair sanchalak. Weekend ka bar she sits with an innocent face. She is a big show of. Rahul V, Ali, abhinav, Jasmin n rubina don’t like Ejaz n they all b*t*h about him. All r educated yet some of them make a mess in the toilet n in the house n nobody wants to tidy up. Big boss should not allow this kind of filth which is very unhealthy. Wonder what r they like in their own homes!!!. Wonder what they do all day in the house with free lodging. One time Salman had to do the tidying of the house. What a shame!!!

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