Bigg Boss 15th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Shardul gets eliminated


Bigg Boss 15th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kawali Night
Salman welcomes everyone to the show. He says Diwali is going on in the house. It’s time to talk. He connects the video call to the house. He sees them sitting in a kawali setting. He says this is good. He tells Jasmin that she is looking pretty. Salman asks Pavitra to smile. She smiles broadly. Jasmin says Eijaz will get these diamond teeth. Eijaz says we will not stay behind. Pavitra says we are not moving forward. Jasmin says their love is wild, they bark at each other. All laugh. Salman says to Rubina that your fans want to hear you say something. Rubina says Salman’s fans should save me from eliminations. She says save me as a diwali gift. Salman says nobody is giving a gift this year. Salman says let’s start kawali from Rahul. We will hear some good voices. They make two teams.

Shardul starts kawali as he is in Rahul’s team. Abhi, Aly, Nikki and Kavita are in his team. The other team is of Jaan which includes Eijaz, Pavitra, Rubina, and Jasmin. Rahul starts singing and calls Jaan a nalla (useless). Salman laughs at his sarcastic singing. Rahul calls Jaan a dog behind Nikki. Nikki calls him a dhol. Rahul calls him Nikki’s brother. Salman says now team Jaan will present. Jaan starts singing and Eijaz taunts others for crowding in the house. Jaan calls Rahul’s intentions on girls bad. Rahul’s team acts like sleeping. Rahul calls Jaan nalla again. Rahul then says poetry for Eijaz while Abhi mimics him. Rahul calls Eijaz weak, Salman says Pavitra is enjoying this. All laugh. Pavitra says it’s not like that. Eijaz says poetry for Kavita and says she ended her stint because of her cursing only. Jaan calls Kavita Eijaz’s favorite and sings for her. Eijaz hugs Jaan and kisses him. Rahul sings for Jasmin, he says Aly came to rescue her but she is nothing without Aly. She got scared of little pushing and then kept saying sorry. She is a crying machine. Jasmin dances to their taunts. Jaan sings for Nikki, he says her confidence has been broken as she is not seen anymore. She hides everything in her ****. Jasmin says she kisses Jaan but stops him. Jaan says Nikki is a double flip. Salman laughs. Nikki dances to his singing. Rahul sings for Rubina, he says she is house’s tai and fights Bigg Boss only. Rubina sings that I am a prick in your eyes. Jaan sings for Abhi. Rubina goes and sits in his lap. Jaan sings that he is nothing in front of his wife. Nobody can understand him. Eijaz shows the certificate that Rahul signed.
Salman cheers for them and says both the teams were great. I am very fortunate to see all this. All laugh. Salman says their singing career is booming now. Salman asks them to take their seats now.

Salman says both the teams were good. He asks Rahul if he got the answer to his proposal? Rahul says I didn’t get my answer. Salman says she is in Thailand with her boyfriend. Rahul says please don’t say that. Salman says no one goes to Thailand with their boyfriends. All laugh. Salman says she has sent a message but we can send her in the house? Salman asks Rahul to go into the storeroom. Rahul runs and goes into the storeroom. Aly says did she unfollow him? All laugh. Rahul brings the gulab jamon bowl and says I thought she must have sent the message. Salman says there is no message that has come from her. Rahul says she didn’t go to Thailand? Salman says I was joking.

Salman says you will make the person eat this gulab jamon which you think has some misunderstanding. Jasmin makes Rubina eat the gulab jamon. Jasmin says Rubina has a superiority complex, she thinks she is above everyone else and all are cheaper than her. She thinks she is playing a well-behaved game but she pokes others as well. Rubina says I asked her two days ago.
Nikki makes Eijaz eat the gulab jamon as he thinks all are targeting him in the house. They might not understand him but they are not targeting you. They really like you. Eijaz eats it. Nikki says take it positively. Salman says it was positive.
Rahul makes Eijaz eat the gulab jamon as he thinks only he has the trigger points, he plays the victim card and has some arrogance. He thinks the whole world is behind him.
Aly makes Jasmin eat it as she thinks all are nice to her, all are sweet to her but she needs to understand the game. She just thinks about the tasks but she has to realize who is good for her.
Eijaz says Pavitra thinks I am playing a game with her. It’s her misunderstanding. He makes her eat gulab jamon and says happy diwali. Pavitra says awww..
Pavitra makes Nikki eat the gulab jamon as she thinks all are trusting her but they don’t.
Jaan makes Nikki eat gulab jamon as she thinks she is making new friends and they will support her. She has a misunderstanding that all are her friends. Nikki says Rubina and Abhi are not my friends. I am clear who I like and I don’t. Salman asks Jaan to take the names. Jaan says I will tell after some time. Salman says it’s the right time. Nikki says he is jealous of Aly. Salman says I think it’s Aly. Jaan says I think she is making an alliance with Kavita. Abhi says he is lying.
Kavita makes Pavitra eat the gulab jamon as he thinks she is the only one. We are nothing in life, we should all work at all times. She thinks she is above everyone.
Rubina says I never knew I have sophistication issue. I called you a friend. Rubina says I took you as a friend, you didn’t have to bring it up here. Jasmin says I am sorry if you think I was wrong. Rubina says you have hurt me by saying this. I talked to you in person. Rubina makes Nikki eat the gulab jamon as she thinks she will attract people by shouting. We are seeing a good side of yours and people will love you for what you are. Salman asks Jasmin if she will change the building now? Rubina says because I have a superiority complex. Jasmin says you don’t have to feel bad. I am saying the truth. Salman ends the call.

On the stage, Salman says Jasmin and Rubina are not so good with each other.

In the House:
Jasmin tells Aly that I can’t put my point of view? Aly says you guys should talk about it. I don’t know why she is feeling bad. You can’t always keep praising her. Jasmin says but I was saying the truth.
Nikki tells Rahul that we come closer and then move away.

Rubina tells Abhi that I talked to Jasmin and I asked her if she thinks that? She could have talked to me. Abhi says her opinion could be wrong but she has to win the game. Since Aly has come she is clear about her game. She is just trying to be different. It was out of nowhere but she did it to look different.

On the Stage:
Salman welcomes Harsh and Surbhi. They wish her diwali. Surbhi says you didn’t celebrate any occasion this year so I wish you everything. A kid Donald Dumb jokes with Salman. Salman thanks them. They go in the house.

Salman says let’s connect to the housemates first. Salman connects the call and asks Rahul if everyone has some quality which makes their personality? Rahul says yes. Salman says there is a task that will talk about qualities. You have to give percentages to qualities as per the person. First are Eijaz and Jasmin.

Jasmin-Eijaz: They give percentages to their traits. Jasmin says he has 50% victory energy, he is prepared for his game. I think he is fake also, he is too much prepared. 12% he is an empty pan as he talks too much. 7% he is a victim as we have all seen bad times but we don’t talk about it, Eijaz always keeps talking about his bad times. 1% he is a lover these days. Eijaz says I have a loud voice but I am not a victim, I show my personality and I don’t hide anything. I talk about my challenges to inspire others. I am not gaining sympathy. Salman asks Eijaz what are Jasmin’s traits. Eijaz says she is 50% fake as she tries to be too cute. Salman says any actor can’t be that consistent. It’s her personality. Whatever I have heard about Jasmin, she is like this. Eijaz says 20% she twists things around for her gain. Jasmin says not at all. Eijaz says she is boring as well, she is cute but we get bored. 7% confident as she talks sensibly. 1% smart as she is playing Aly’s game. Aly says I don’t interfere in her game. Eijaz says she doesn’t understand the tasks. Jasmin says I work and go home, I am not a smart person. I am a simple person, I don’t talk in others’s matters to make allies. I can be boring as I have mood swings, I can’t act all the time. I am hard-working and intelligent, I don’t fool anyone.

Rubina-Rahul: They give percentages to each other. Rahul says 50% superiority complex as she always talks like that. 35% I, me, myself as she always thinks she is right. 12% she is boring. 7% she is entertaining, she was very entertaining in the angel-devil task. She took out a grudge against me when Jasmin blamed me. Rubina says I have self-confidence, I don’t have any superiority complex. I was standing up for Jasmin, I was not against you but I was worried for Jasmin. Rubina gives 50% over-confident. She gives 1% as clean hearted. 7% illiterate as he curses for no reason. 12% is a showoff. He is rude. He is always taking time in getting ready for the task. He is arrogant. Rahul says I am clean hearted for sure, I curse normally but I don’t curse at her or any other girl. I don’t think I am over-confident, I am the best. I am a relaxed person so I might get late sometime. I don’t think I am arrogant, I have gained everything in life with hard work.

Salman says let’s talk about elimination now. He asks Jasmin what she thinks. Jasmin says I think Rubina will be eliminated. But I think there should be no elimination as it’s diwali. Salman says not all can win the competition. Salman asks Aly. Aly says Rubina has a lot of fans so I think Shardul. Salman says Devoleena, Rashami had a lot of fan following but they were eliminated in 5 weeks only. People make their own fan following in the house. You people are taking eliminations lightly. You have to earn your fans. The margin between Shardul and Rubina’s votes is negligible. He says Shardul’s mother is ill and I hope she gets well soon, let us know if you need anything. He says I am proud of for coming here in this condition. He says Shardul has been eliminated. Shardul says you used to motivate me, thanks a lot. Salman says you were close to Rubina’s votes. He ends the call. Shardul sings channa meeriya for all. He says bye to everyone and leaves the house.

Rahul tells Rubina that you surprised me today. Rubina says this is my analysis to you, you think you are the best, we don’t talk much. Rahul says you talk to me all the time. I used to watch you with others too. Rubina says I don’t know you much.

In the House:
Harsh, Surbhi and the kid enter the house. Harsh jokes with them. Surbhi says I have brought a gif for Jaan. She gives him a stand as he can’t take a stand for himself. Harsh says Abhi thinks he can do all the tasks without any entertainment. Surbhi says Aly talks like a lion but he says sorry easily. Harsh says people have lost their jobs in 2020 but Jasmin was crying over a doll. All laugh. Surbhi says Rahul is doing well but I fell for you when you proposed Disha. Surbhi says Pavitra and Eijaz will end Covid with their hotness. Harsh says how can Rubina and Abhi be in love after marriage?
Harsh gives them a task to blow on the candles using paper on their heads. Kavita and Pavitra try first but Pavitra wins. Then Aly-Jaan play. Jaan wins the game.
Harsh says now there will be tasks for two teams. You have to fill the bucket. Teams are Rubina-Abhi, Jasmin-Aly. First Aly has to pull Abhi back but Abhi fills the bucket that Rubina is holding. Then Jasmin holds the bucket but Aly throws water on her. Jasmin runs behind him and throws water on him. Surbhi asks Eijaz to do naagin dance with her. Eijaz dances with her. Harsh, Surbhi leaves the house.

In the house, Rahul tells Pavitra that I don’t get along with Eijaz. I have a good equation with you but don’t feel bad if I am fighting with him.

Jasmin tells Rubina that I am sorry if I have hurt you. Rubina says I am hurt. Jasmin says my intention was not to hurt you, I was just telling you what I felt it. Rubina says I will never come and hug it out, I was standing in front of everyone. Jasmin says I can express what I feel in a task. Rubina says don’t say sorry then, own what you have said. Jasmin says I am sorry if I have hurt you. Rubina says it did hurt the wrong cords but don’t feel sorry if you own it.

Salman signs off from the show.

PRECAP – Kavita shouts at Aly to make a group with them, I am alone and I will fight alone. Aly says you are not doing anything, you are scared of others. Jaan says she is just playing a character. Kavita says I am better than you.
Kavita cries and tells Jasmin that I don’t deserve this show and nonsense. I haven’t seen such cheap people.
Bigg Boss tells the inmates that 6 inmates will be nominated today. Aly will get a special power today. Aly nominates Kavita, Rubina, Nikki. Rubina is stunned and says this is ridiculous.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. To hell with jasmine..jab koi rubina se kuc kehta hai tab jasmine kuc naii bolti..rahul k taano ka jawab dia rubina ne to jasmine bol ri ki rubina ko superiority complex i lost all respect for jasmine..use rubina tab tak hi cahiye thi jab tak vo khud akeli thi..ab ali aagya or acha v khel ra hai to jasmine attitude dikhane lagi rubina ko..go to hell jasmine..vaise v jasmine itna q urrr ri hai? She is nothing without ali now 🙄🙄

  2. Ali is another idiot..he always taunts jasmine that others (abhinav nd rubina) are not good for her..y dont he say it directly? Nd jasmine is not a kid..stop babysitting her 🙄

  3. Amal

    It was so random of Jasmine to say such things about Rubby, she’s so annoying and that Aly dude needs to say whatever he has to say about Abhi and Rubby to their face rather than instigating or putting ideas in that dumb ass Jasmine’s head. 🙄🙄🙄

  4. Yaar look at this Jasmin… Rubina always supported her no matter what, like a true friend would do. But Jasmin is behaving so weirdly with her since Aly came. Jasmin has no personality of her own at this point and is following Aly blindly. Ab Jaan or Jasmin k beech mein kya farq hai? Jaan Nikki k peeche ghoomta hai aur uske wajah sy dikhta hai…. and Jasmin Aly k peeche ghoomti hai aur uske wajah sy ab dikhti hai… At this point, I feel Nikki is much better than Jasmin because she at least says it to a person’s face if she doesn’t like them or has some problem with them…. But Rubina asked Jasmin earlier if she thinks she has a superiority complex but Jasmin avoided it… Jasmin was just waiting for a moment where she could gain 2 min footage through targeting Rubina. Matlab jab Rubina ny poocha, saaf saaf bata deti… sabke saamne yeh sab karne ki kya zaroorat… or upar sy itni masoom ban rahi yeh keh k maine apna point rakha ab mein woh b nahi rakh sakti… Isne sirf baaki ghar walon k saath safe play karna hai isliye Rubina ko target kiya… Rubina iski wajah sy nominate ho ghi, iski wajah sy captaincy task sy phele nikli (Jasmin could have warned Rubina to get up during from the ground while dancing but she didn’t), and she even said k Rubina jayege aaj… Jasmin jaise fake dost sy toh aacha hai Nikki jaise enemy ho… I used to love and adore Jasmin but she lost all respect today…

  5. Aww do hell with yourself jasmine Rubina is your friend but you are a backstabber

  6. I have always never liked Jasmine from the time her with sid mocked Rashmi…
    It’s good her true colors are coming out.

  7. I am literally shocked from all aspects! I always never liked people who are extra cute because I feel they are fake to the core! For once I agree with Ejiaz, he sees right through Jasmin. Wow what a betrayal Jasmin gave to Rubina! What a Divali gift! Best hai….jasmin se better toh nikki hai, at least she says what she is and voice it out! Jasmin is selfish to the core as since Aly came she realised she doesn’t need Rubina and Aly and so she’ll just throw her away like doodh mein se makhi! Wow she is so cheap from the heart! Jasmin has lost all the respect from me! She can’t say she didn’t have a chance to tell this to Rubina! She did but she chose to do this for some extra footage and drama! Wowww what a cheap person you are Jasmin! I hope your PR team convey to you how cheap your tactic for drama was! Bad luck to you!

  8. I liked Eizaz analysis of Jashmin. Rubina really gave right answer to Jashmin for her sorry. Point of view and backstabbing la difference Jashmin conveniently ignore kar gayi. We saw this trait of her last season too. She came as a guest but didn’t only choose sides but b*t*hed too. Jashmin was not doing much on her own, still she is not doing it. But now she is a real puppet and making fool of herself.
    Jashmin told they don’t talk about their past to gain sympathy so what was that childhood trauma that haunted her for some 3 episodes, double faced

  9. Jashmin looks like mujhe host, Aly sabko khus karna hai to Rubina k against khelo. Dimag Ghar par chor kar aao and Rubina ne baki batao ja bura nai Mana to ishe harkat k baad bhi sorry bol dungi. Katrina Kaif na bol diya, suggestions seriously maan liya ladki ne.
    Aur wo kya tha thoda difference tha vote mein, heard him saying ki wo right direction dikhane kly aata hai. most accurate sentence would be selective motivation and demotivation.
    But if one girl pricks these eyes, she must be better than them

  10. Jasmine is not putting on an act anymore. So happy for her…must have been such an ordeal to be jealous of someone and pretend to like her. She should have learnt something from Sidharth Shukla, her good friend. He was loyal to those who stood by him and never ever betrayed them. And that’s one of the reasons he was/is so popular!

  11. This jasmine is soo irritating! Nikki is far more better than her atleast she never backstabbing her freinds whatever it is she tells directly on their faces don’t b*t*h about them…and way stronger than her too…..aly like what the hell!! Nominated Robina, who saved him from nominations, nikki se toh uska sab clear ho gya tha toh kyon bhai,,., jaan is sooo irritating,,, pavitra and eijaaz are being fake,, its clearly seen now,,,Rahul is playing safe! I am in favor of nikki and Robina only!! Rest are stupid, idiots, fake and backstabbing!

  12. I was voting Jasmin in every nomination but after this I will vote only for Rubina. Rubina you can win this show 🤩🤩

    1. It will be nice to see her winning it whilst fighting on her own! Coz we’ve seen clearly how everyone has been against her owning to the bb trend! I can’t vote being outside of india so please vote for Rubina ❤️

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