Bigg Boss 15: Tejasswi Prakash calls Vishal Kotian’s humor “dirty”; says, “it can’t be shown on TV”

The latest episode of Bigg Boss 15 witnessed Tejasswi Prakash complaining about Vishal Kotian to Karan Kundrra and Jay Bhanushali on separate occasions. While talking in the washroom area, she told Karan, “Once, Vishal picked an apple and said ‘Teja I am taking this’ I was like we should save it because the others don’t have enough ration. He tried to make me a villain by making it look like I don’t want to share a luxury budget. Now all the 13 people are inside the house, I will share everything. I will make everyone have coffee, cheese roti, pizza. I will show him. His ego is hurt ever since you were ranked 1, I ranked 2 and he came 3rd.”

Later while talking to Jay Bhanushali, she said, “It was happening repeatedly that he will come and speak something and walk away. So I just told him, ‘Ye aap humesha aise pocket me haath daalke chale jaate ho.’ He comes back and tells me, ‘Do I tell everyone what you do the entire day for humor?’ I am very real. I don’t need any attention. Vishal’s humor is very dirty. The way he jokes, they can’t be shown on TV. He will keep touching me, say Teju baby. I don’t like it. Bahut gande joke marta hai especially for girls. He tells me that I am trying to gain attention in front of the camera. What does he do? I am very entertaining and I don’t bi**h about anyone.”

Jay agrees with her and adds, “I know, his jokes are very demeaning. Some of his words are very distasteful. When Karan and you became a thing, he was like ‘Yeh kaise couple ban gaye?'”


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