Bigg Boss 15: Karan Kundrra breaks down into tears while replying to Salman about the violence against Pratik

The past week in the Bigg Boss 15 house has been much talked about ever since Karan Kundrra pinned Pratik Sehajpal down. Jay Bhanushali’s attempt at saving the money but ultimately, bringing it down to zero had added to the attention towards the show where the netizens and fans are talking about it.

This Weekend Ka Vaar episode will witness Salman raising some important issues where he will talk about both these incidents. The latest promo of the episode saw Salman talking to Karan about his actions in the house while he also asks Pratik what he would have done it would have been Jay or Ieshaan.

Karan tries to explain his side to Salman but he sussh him down saying this wouldn’t have worked outside the house. Karan admits his mistakes and while saying that he is sorry about it he breaks down into tears. He says that he has told Pratik earlier also how he affects him and that he never expected that Pratik would try to spoil his game.

Apart from this Vishal Kotian will be seen talking about Jay and how he asked him to at least play the game and then not go inside the house if he wants so.

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