Bigg Boss 15 9th January 2022 Written Episode Update: Umar gets eliminated in a shocking way

Bigg Boss 15 9th January 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Weekend Ka Vaar
Salman welcomes everyone to the episode. He says all the inmates are trying to impress you now as we are at the end of the show. Let’s find out who was used and who was using who.

Salman connects the call to the house and asks if their eyes are open now? They all nod. Salman asks if Abhijeet’s eyes are open now? Rakhi says he is still in the bedroom. Salman asks who brags the most? They all say it’s Rakhi, she is a self-claimed doctor. Salman says we will talk about the use and throw. He says you have to tell who has used who to reach till here.
Pratik: He says I think Karan has used Tejasswi, I thought Tejasswi didn’t have logic.
Nishant: He says I think Karan has used Umar, now Rashami is using Umar, he is a nice person so he gets used a lot.
Shamita: She says I think Devo was used by Abhijeet, he was trying to make an angle with Devo but he was not successful but Devo has helped him a lot. Salman says I warned her to stay away from him but she didn’t listen.
Devo: She says Tejasswi is blindly in love with Karan and I don’t like the way he treats her.
Rakhi: She says Abhijeet was used a lot, they think he has golden eggs. He curses a lot but Devo keeps doing his work. Devo says you kept asking me to forgive him. Rakhi says Devo has used Abhijeet for her entertainment.
Karan: He says Rakhi was used since she became a VIP. They all used her to move ahead in the game. He says Devo has used her the most.
Tejasswi: She says Karan was used a lot by Umar when he needed him in the game but didn’t do anything in return for him.
Rashami: She says Umar was used by Karan, he always took a stand for Karan. He becomes expressive but he is honest. She says Tejasswi and Karan have used him. Then I used him also. Salman asks where were you in the last episode? Rashami says I was here but I am talking from the experience. Salman says don’t know what you are watching.
Umar: He says Devo was used by Tejasswi, she knew Rakhi had power so she used Devo to get that support. She never returned the favor to Devo. Tejasswi says wow.
Abhijeet: He says Devo used me in the show.

Salman says Tejasswi, Umar and Devo were used the most in the house. Karan used the people most in the house. Devo says I have never used anyone, I didn’t talk to Abhijeet much but I couldn’t ignore when he abused my mother. Rakhi was the one who asked me to make up with him. Salman ends the call.

In the House:
Devo tells Rakhi that you can’t justify saying I used Abhijeet when you kept asking me to make-up with him.

On the Stage:
Arbaaz Khan enters the stage. Arbaaz promotes a brand. Arbaaz leaves.

Salman says there are friends and family of the inmates so we have called some panel members. He welcomes them which includes:
Geeta: She says I am here for Nishant. She says he is representing us and he has self-confidence now, he has been doing great.
Divya: She says I am supporting Karan, I have a good friendship with him. She says I am also supporting Umar.
Vishal: He says I am here for Devo, she is 100% real.
Rahul: He says I am here to promote Rakhi.
Neha: She says I am here to promote Shamita.
Kashmira: She says I am here to support Tejasswi.
Debina: She says I am supporting Rashami. She says her thoughts are clear. She says I am supporting Pratik also. Salman asks if she will go into the house next time? She says I have personal reasons every time I get an offer.

Salman tells the panelists to let’s talk to the inmates. Salman connects the call to the house. He says some panelists are here. The panelists are shown, all inmates are excited. Nishant says I am so happy to see Geeta Ma’am, she says we are very proud of you. Neha tells Shamita that don’t go on a vacation without me. Neha says I have unfollowed Nishant. Neha tells Shamita that we all love you, she asks Rakhi to not hate on her. Rahul tells Rakhi that I have done the setting, you will get all the votes. Rakhi says I don’t trust you, people are not burning my statues? Rahul says I beat your husband and now he is doing your pooja. Kashmira says Rahul is always here to make her lose. All laugh. Salman asks the panelists to tell him if Pratik, Devo and Nishant had to get a ticket to finale week then who should they replace?
Kashmira: She says I will replace Karan with Pratik. We will not tolerate the way he talks to Tejasswi, he keeps misbehaving with her, he should support her. The way he talks to her doesn’t look like love. She tells Tejasswi why have you changed? The love has changed you completely, this is Bigg Boss house so wake up. The man keeps insulting you and you are showing your image like this? Divya says Tejasswi is a strong woman, if she doesn’t like it then she should leave him. Divya says I know Karan for many years and he has always treated men and women equally. Kashmira says he is insulting a girl openly and you are defending him? Vishal says Tejasswi is a grown-up, she can answer him back. Kashmira says Tejasswi needs to wake up, Karan is playing his game. Neha says if Tejasswi has an issue then she can break up with him. Kashmira asks Tejasswi to not be blind in the love. Divya says you both should be together. Tejasswi says I will do what I want to, I am focused on the game and I think I can handle my relationship. Karan is extremely short-tempered but he apologizes to me, I have allowed him to talk to me like that which is wrong but he has been my biggest support. I have always played individually. Salman tells Karan that see how she is taking the right stand at the right time.
Divya: She tells Karan that you need to set your priorities right. She says I would replace Shamita. Shamita asks how are you? Divya says I am good, how are you sister? Neha says she is still the same. Divya says Nishant deserves the ticket to the finale. Divya tells Tejasswi that I like you but if you don’t like him then leave him. Tejasswi says I like him. Salman asks why Shamita doesn’t deserve it? Divya says I think her attitude is still the same. Shamita says I don’t need to. Neha says look who is talking about the attitude. Divya says Neha is too hyped-up, she needs help. Shamita says she doesn’t need your help. Nishant cheers. Divya says Shamita keeps trying to control others but it won’t work. Shamita says you are boring. Divya says you never win. Shamita says at least I am in the house, you were not even asked to enter the main show. Divya says this attitude is not helping you, you are done. Shamita says I don’t even know your surname. Salman says tells Divya that Shamita and Nishant are here till the finale week so we should applaud them. Divya says I just think Nishant deserves to be in the finale week.
Neha: She says Abhijeet doesn’t deserve to be in the finale week, he has shown his manners. Abhijeet says I don’t care. Salman asks if he can show the clipping of you cursing their mothers? Shut up. Neha says Abhijeet needs to clear his filthy mind. Abhijeet says my women will not spare you, they will turn your head bald. Umar asks him to calm down. Neha says let me speak. Divya says he has no pattern. Neha says if you say you will hit girls with slippers then I will not spare you. Neha tells Abhijeet if Devo says no to you then it means no. She says I want Pratik to replace Abhijeet, I know it was his dream to be a finalist. Pratik smiles. Salman says he is blushing.
Vishal: He says I will replace Abhijeet and want to see Devo in the finale week. He doesn’t have to put in the effort in the house. He tells Devo that I know you are a nice person but how come you keep forgiving him? What’s wrong with you? I am mad at you. You are doing wrong. Salman says he is right. Vishal says I would have stopped talking to him after the first time he went wrong. I can’t tolerate people misbehaving with me, he asks Devo to take a stand. He says I love you Devo.
Debina: She says I don’t know Pratik personally but I love his Devdas look. He always looks good and he has always been seen. She asks him to not be too passive in the game. She says I want Abhijeet to replace Pratik. She says people find Abhijeet funny but he knows his game, he is very smart so when he says things wrong then don’t discount it as a joke. Devo is at a mistake for forgiving him, you are coming out completely wrong. Kashmira says Karan is also wrong in the house. Debina says if I had another choice then I would replace with Karan and put Nishant in the finale. Divya says why Karan? Debina says Karan was good initially but then he became a lover boy which was fine but then his girlfriend was doing good so he started playing his game. Divya says Tejasswi doesn’t need him. Karan says it’s not easy to be inside the house. Debina says you keep bringing your girlfriend down. Divya says he is playing for himself. Kashmira says Tejasswi always takes a stand for him but he doesn’t. Divya says it’s her choice.
Geeta: She says I will only leave Rakhi in the finale week list and take all other names off. She says Rakhi is the only one entertaining. She says Nishant is dedicated to the game but people don’t find him good enough. He has played the best game, they call you a snake but they come to you for counseling. You have been calm and loving in the house. You will always be a close person to me. Vishal says Nishant played for Pratik better than for himself. You have all the qualities. Geeta says Nishant is playing well. Geeta says Karan keeps selling his sad story, even in the first week Karan was plotting to eliminate Nishant because he knows he is a strong player. Geeta says Nishant is a good friend but you are here to play the game.
Rahul: He says I would replace Karan as he was rockstar but he has gone down in the game.

Salman says Karan and Abhijeet have the most votes to be thrown out of the finale week. He asks Karan what he wants to say for Abhijeet? Karan says they have already said everything for him, I agree with everything that they said about Abhijeet. He says Kashmira said that I was disrespectful to Tejasswi but she might not have seen my journey, I got angry with Tejasswi but I love her a lot. I like her a lot. I do apologize for the way I talked but my love is way more intense. Salman says you just need to control your words in anger. Karan says yes. Salman tells Karan to take a stand when it’s needed. Salman says nobody can question Karan-Tejasswi’s relationship as it’s genuine. Divya says I like Umar’s game. Debina tells Rashami that you are playing and you look good with Umar. She tells Umar that if Rashami praised Pratik’s game then you shouldn’t have gotten angry at her. Rashami shouldn’t have said sorry to Umar. Kashmira says all girls are saying sorry in the house. Salman tells Divya that Umar got violent this week, do you think that was right? Divya says he was wrong but we all do mistakes. Salman says if a girl was violent with you then you wouldn’t have made an issue? Divya says I would have fought myself. Salman says you are saying you are okay with this? Divya says not at all but Umar has always said sorry and the inmates always forgive him. Salman says I keep warning Umar to not be violent. Umar says I tried to follow but I couldn’t. Geeta says I don’t know Umar but he is a doctor so I will never want to be treated by him because I am scared after seeing his aggression. He should be calm as a surgeon but he is aggressive by nature. Divya says he wouldn’t get angry with patients. Salman says he aggressively charges at people. Umar says when it’s about my profession then we forget all our aggression. Salman says Umar doesn’t want to listen. Geeta says you are seen on the show and people will know you as a doctor who was aggressive on the show. Umar says I will work on myself. Salman thanks the panelists for coming. All inmates say bye to them and leave.

In the House:
Abhijeet tells Rakhi that you shouldn’t have said those words to Neha. Abhijeet says she brought up the slipper incident. Rakhi says they can bring up old incidents. Abhijeet says so I answered her back, people will make her bald. Rakhi laughs.

On the Stage:
Salman connects the call to the house and says now I will talk. I will talk about Umar and tell him about the audience’s decision. I told Umar many times to not be violent but you never listened. The inmates were scared to play against you as you might injure them. This week, you threw Pratik on the ground. We gave the power to the audience to decide about you. You have been indifferent to the warning we gave you. We asked the audience if Umar should remain in the house even after the aggression he showed. We have the result now, the audience values the rules of this show. Salman says the audience has decided that Umar shouldn’t stay in the show which means UMAR IS GETTING ELIMINATED. Rashami cries. Salman says I wish you had listened to me. He ends the call. Rashami hugs Umar and cries. Rakhi hugs him also. Karan hugs him and says you should wait, I don’t think you are getting eliminated. Shamita says I don’t think you are going. Umar goes to the garden and says it’s okay. Umar hugs Pratik and says I am sorry. Umar hugs Abhijeet. He hugs Tejasswi and says take care. The door opens, Rashami cries for him. Devo hugs him. Karan starts crying, Umar hugs him and says it’s okay. Shamita hugs him also. Umar leaves the house. Rashami breakdowns so Shamita consoles her. Karan cries so Tejasswi hugs him. Karan says he was fighting for me till the end. He always supported me. Tejasswi says I know. She wipes his tears. Karan says he took care of me so much. Tejasswi says I am your bro also. Nishant consoles Rashami, Devo brings water for her. Shamita says it’s just one week. Rashami says he needed to be here more than me. She coughs so Devo tries to calm her down. Rakhi tells Pratik that this happens in Bigg Boss if we go wrong. Devo tries to calm Rashami down but Rashami goes hysteric. Karan tries to console her. Nishant tells Karan that I believe you have done good in the show. Karan says I have lost friends in my life. Shamita says Salman’s point was just to take a stand for your friends.

Tejasswi tells Nishant that my points were proven right today. Umar kept talking against me, I told Karan to be with me. Rakhi comes there and says we should eat Umar’s eggs. Nishant says I will eat his bread. Rakhi says okay.

Devo tells Rashami that it’s a circle for us. When your best friend leaves the show then I am here to console you. Rashami says you were my best friend. Devo says did you forget who your best friend was? Rashami says Rajiv? Devo says I am not talking about this season. Rashami says I am feeling bad for Umar. Devo says because this is about true feelings.

On the Stage:
Salman says a lot of shocking things will happen this week so don’t miss it. He signs off from the episode.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. I really hate the way they keep bringing umar’s profession again nd again,u can’t compare his aggression like this with his way of treatment…both are completely different from each other….f**k off bb

    1. Varshni

      You r right Mahi! I read ur comments on yesterday ‘s post and u r damn right

  2. Good Riddance, this is Bigg boss 15 and not a Wrestling match to pin people down. Umar is by far the most violent and most manipulative contestant of all Bigg Boss seasons. He used to criticize Late Siddharth Shukla and say statements like “Violence should not be tolerated, evict Siddharth #SupportAsimRiaz” and all that Jazz and he even called Siddharth a filthy human being. So what is Umar now, he is 10000 times more violent than Siddharth and Asim. He is not even loyal to his so called friends. Absolutely good riddance. His fake love angle with Rashmi was anyways not going to work as Rashmi isn’t Spinless Himanshi. His brother Asim even now insults Shehnaaz. “Tera Bhai” haan AA gaya Bahar tera Bhai.

    1. atleast shukla didn’t get evicted coz he had connections unlike umar who didn’t have..everyone gets aggressive in tasks. r u comparing shukla with umar, his strenght in in no match with shukla, nd about the post which asim put he already cleared that it was not for sana, a man who did’nt return to bb nd didn’t keep contact with almost everyone from that season will do this after2 yrs,,,why???? he always stood for kk otherwise he would’ve left kk after media conference only, even kk was also doing violence, he didn’t get evicted. he didn’t create any love angle with rashmi its always the way promos r cut, say this about tejran also thewir trp is absed on the so called tejran only. talking about manipulation is wjhat nishant does teja does. devoleena does and even rakhi does. bohot jaldi pratik bhi aaeyga, jb umar ki value nhi hai toh pratik ki toh bilkul bhi nhi hogi

    2. Atleast Siddharth didn’t pin people down always and he supported his friends unlike Umar. Both these brothers have a cheap language. We know how Asim used to say to Siddharth ” Tu Marega” and now after his death he didn’t spare Shehnaaz. People are not fools. When Simba pushed Umar in the pool, he was nominated and very soon get was eliminated. How do you think Umar got eliminated now? For his voilent acts. And many people from Sidnaaz fandom voted to remove Umar. His bother Asim should have thought once before insulting a girl and then trying to cover it up and yet saying”Stop trying to Gain Sympathy”. Janta hai sab jaanti hai

    3. Why ard you people always talking about Asim insulting Shehnaaz,even if he does and so?is shehnaaz God that people will not insult her?who is she?mtswwww,you keep comparing other people with sid,whi is sidharth,is he not a normal person,i don’t know what is wrong with yoh mentality

    4. The way Shamita responded to Divya, it’s just awesome.

    5. Rashami broke his friendship with teja and karan and she is also the reason for his stress because he put her as his priority so definitely their stars are the worst because she would bring him down. I just hope he doesn’t connect with her outside.

    6. Show this year has been crap big boss gone to new lows only got rid of umar on Saturday so salman can get better ratings. Salman is the biggest bully in the show because of his status others are scared to confront him so he says whatever he wants without fear, Big boss creates tasks in order to create mayhem and confrontation then sits back and tells people not to argue. Absolute joke complete failure this year for the makers of the show they should also look at the other contestants behaviours, I’m not a fan of umar but Pratima every time there’s an argument his in the thick of it but obviously big boss blind to that

    7. Go watch season 13 again . Siddharth used violence to react many times and it’s on camera but makers supported him fully ..where was salman kahan n makers when simba pushed Umar in the pool.


    1. people will call it jealosy or insecurity but the truth teja is insecure that’s why she’s always questioning kk about shamita though i don’t like shammo but she is not smart enough to influence kk, when teja couldn’t do it how will shamita do it whereas in case of teja, pratik, nishant, even vishal are gamers nd they could’ve used teja agaisnt kk, she herself what she got after favoring debo nd rakhi then she should’nt question kk over his priorities as he might not say everything but he knows everything and you r not sensible enough to know his point of view, he has done such shows and knows how things happen that’s why he hasn’t changed himself based on wkw. otherwise people like you or shamita get disheartend very easily


  4. Sakeenah

    Oh God someone please shut this Teja up she is so annoying…. What point was proven when did Umar talk behind your back????? Gurl he has said it many times in front of u that he don’t like u so please just shut up.

    1. Teja always want Umar to support her as if he came to the show just for her,is his choice to choose who he wants to support.

  5. Just feel good Umar left this disgusting show. otherwise bb and Salman was going to damage his name..

    1. Sakeenah

      💯 correct.

  6. Umar evicted nice what why rashmi reacting like someone die. Are bhai boy friend and husband bhi bahar rahte hai manybtime. Deserving what deserving geeta maam said right I too will avoid any aggressive doctor like him. He have no patience dnt know how he is doctor. Divya u spoiled ur image, I never liked u and u prooved me right

    1. will he grow wild while trating someone, yes of course surely you will get out of bed nd throw water bucket on him then he would do that. whenver you go to any doctor then definitely check his bg if he is also like umar riaz or send him to bb to see if he will also behave like him nd then decide if you want to have operation done by him or not

    2. Jab bimaar paroge to Umar hi ma’am ayga

    3. Though i hate rashmi,but i feel she cried bcoz she knew he deserved to be there more than so many other contestents nd also tht inspite of showing voilence many times KK was not evicted but umar got

  7. Varshni

    1. Oh please this is just a TV show! The makers and Salman – you guys aren’t doctors! For god sake stop dragging his profession! I am a doctor and it takes freaking 5 and an half years to study mbbs and 3 years for pg and other 3 years for super speciality and u easily claimed him as aggressive doc ? This shows your standards!

    2.The way Divya talks it’s irritating she is tej 2.0! After OTT she was like I wanted to connect to shamita I asked for her number etc etc etc but now she is spitting venom 🤣🤣🤣 this shows her real personality

    3.Though I am a shamita fan I really feel bad for Umar! He deserves to be in finale with shams and Nishant! It’s 💔

    4.Why r everyone blaming kk ? Okay let’s assume kk is a toxic bf where the hell is tej ‘s mind ? She is just sticking to him means that’s her fault both r involved but why everyone are bashing kk ? Just because he is a guy ?

    5.IDK why makers are hell bent in making fake and w*tch personality as winners ? Be it divya or tej ?Now a days there is no place for real players in BB! I just want to see shamita , Nishant and Umar in finale! Now that Umar isn’t here I want other two to be as Top 2 but yes the makers have already decided to give that trophy to the fake and idiotic colors bahu

  8. Wow kya ye umar ki galati h ki umar actor na hoke doctor hai respect all doctors who all the hell geeta and salman to question his profession wo doctor ke alava bhi ek insan hai or kon kehta akele umar ne hi aggression dikhaya hai or bhi log hai you blinded people always and everytime they target umran:[email protected] hated bb 15

  9. teja showed why she is amnipulative, after umar’s eviction she’s the most happiest one nd rightfully so but I trust kk he can’t be tamed teja you r getting influenced nd think that u ryt i believe she’s MAYA OF BEYADH ND EVERYONE IS PORTRAYING KK AS ARJUN

    1. Varshni

      Heya atleast maya was somewhat good! Don’t compare her with this toxic tej please an humble request! And u r right kk can’t be tamed by anyone! These makers r creating a false narrative with tej the mahan and others are at mistake

  10. I used to love big boss but after umars eviction I’m not going to watch BB anymore because this show is becaming a very biased show. Big boss himself is so biased during tasks. Big boss makes money through us, the More we watch the more money they make but they don’t give a shit to our opinion. Big boss is saying that janta decided that Umar should be evicted but where is the proof. It’s all bullshit

    1. Totally agreed… Don’t watch ever again bb no other season of bb.

    2. Trp gira do guys bb15 ki.. Koi mt dekho public voting k bd bi evict kr dia. Public supports umar than why? Wake up audience. Itne bde bde gyaan Or pubilc k sath hi game not fair isse phle log voilent hue, rakhi unfair hui tb kch ni kaha bigg boss ne. Sab voilent hue h sbko nikal do srf umar hi Q?

  11. Todays episode is shittiest of all BB seasons, very well deserving contestant is eliminated due to makers votes and not audience votes. Nice slipper shot to Divya, that’s what a classy lady like Shams strikes elegantly to cheapsters. This Divya is TEJA 2.0 version and all had seen her cheapness in Splitsvilla and OTT. Umar good that he got eliminated otherwise 2-3 more WKW shit he would have taken and got more damaged. Go on handover trophy to vicious TEJA as audience already knows this as pre decided plot.
    BB14 Rubina won with real audience support even though she was colors beti/bahu but this time TEJA the item girl winning with colors crew support.

  12. I want to which audience decided to eliminate Umar out. Is that audience name Salman Khan, however wrong he is or hate Umar, no person with heart will eliminate him out at last week unless they are afraid that he is a threat to their favourite contestant. Last 3 weeks they are trying to save Devo from elimination. Really felt bad for Karan as Umar is only his real friend. Umran broke.

  13. Silent Reader

    1) Umar’s elimination was definitely unfair. Just because he’s not a face from the industry, makers were trying to get rid of him. The votes from audience were in favour of keeping him.
    2) So happy to see Divya. Love the way she gave it back to Shamita and Neha. They really have some audacity asking her why she isn’t here. Shamita has already come three times yet never won, Divya came once and defeated all of them. And what to even say about Neha, she ripped her reputation to shreds when she was in ott and unfortunately for her, it didn’t clear her image in 15 as well. Neha literally begged the audience to make her trend to come in bb15. They are so jealous of Divya.
    3) If Umar is not called back, I hope KK wins.

    1. Ha ha ha lol it’s nice joke dear, Shamita literally gave slipper shot to Divya. Winning OTT is nothing compared to playing in main game and coming to finals. Even after winning OTT, few audience know Divya and SHAMITA SHETTY is known by majority of ppl all over India. Looks like Divya is jealous of Shams. Shamita have seen these kind of cheapsters a lot in her life and we too seen her in Splitsvilla, Ace and OTT (targeted girl bullshit). So cut the crap and move on cry baby.

    2. Silent Reader

      It looks like you can’t see past your strawberry world bubble. Shamita’s career ended after that sharara sharara and honestly, I’ve never even heard of her. Divya has been working in the industry much shorter than Shamita and still has done more work than her. What is it about Shamita that Divya would be jealous of? She defeated her before, she can defeat her again. She need not come to a show with people that she already defeated before Yall don’t consider ott because your fav didn’t win, ott is as much a part of bigg boss. In fact, ott was far more successful than bb15. Funny you say how mere audience knows Divya when they both have almost equal followers on ig. And whatevr reputation Shamita has, is solely due to her sister Shilpa.
      Divya has won 2 reality shows, became the runner up of one, won several beauty pageants, done web series, music videos, cameos in films too. She choreographed IPL, worked as body double for Katrina Kaif, and choreographed several famous artists. She has struggled and made a name for herself unlike Shamita who has a golden spoon in her mouth. There is no reason for Divya to be jealous of Divya, Shamita has only reached so far because of bb support. All she does is crib about her shoulder and scream.

    3. Silent Reader

      D has a fashion line and dance academy too. There is literally nothing that Shamita has done compared to this. Need I send you the articles about famous celebs and their flop siblings? Cause Shamita didn’t get work for 5-6 years straight if you look at her chart.

    4. Varshni

      But sorry Silent reader we never knew who Divya was before she entered into BB because I am a Tamilian I don’t watch Hindi shows but I know shamita from 15 years because I have watched all of her movies and I love her songs and everything and shamita owns an interior designing company and it’s clearly evident how Dibbi so jealous of shamita 🤣🤣🤣 I don’t know how u couldn’t sense that and blabber rubbish but when compared to Dibbi anyday shamita is thousand times better! She is gaining love and play in a dignified manner and not like Dibbi who gained sympathy votes 🤣🤣🤣

    5. I saw shamita first in Bigg boss too. And however Divya won it at first try and shamita couldn’t even if she tried 2-3 times. So there’s no need to compare Divya and shamita.

  14. The truth
    1. Umar is out bse of aggression No one to blame
    He’s A doctor yes, when you enter reality show/ or be on the media for whatever reason U need to think about your freedom, personality, your secrets, habits, professions etc
    so don’t blame BB or SK or anyone Anything come with a price u gain/loose
    He needs to control his temper /aggression under any circumstances whether at work or at socially life.
    2. Rakhi best entertainer, yes👏 , from the 1st Wk she earn VIP star ⭐️ she was free from stress of elimination or doing task, she was there to support anyone who feel it and plot things against, Most of time she was unfair. Let’s see her now if she can entertain or cry
    Hope BB gonna change the game for her now.
    3. Rashimi cry like she lose boyfriend, he’s just a friend, she reach that position by her own hard work she suffer 19 hrs alone, I agree friends are there to support @other at the end of the day only one can take the trophy 🏆. She can stop acting
    3. K Kundra he’s free to play without worrying about his friend (umar) judging him about who is supporting.
    come on KK now is your time to shine, don’t cry he helped u lots u were there4 him too. ( don’t forget ur Laddu ❤️she’s there 4 u too)
    The rest r doing well 👍🏽

    1. I agree with you

  15. Malayalam Babe

    First, it is very unfair for that aunty to bring up Umar’s profession. Who does she think she is? She is not an authority on this subject. Stick to dancing! Simba my beloved was very meek and quiet and he could not fit in and so he got eliminated. When Umar plays the game he is being scolded. I’m not particularly fond of Karan but after seeing Salman bashing him and going on and on and on, I actually felt sorry for him. Did you see Teja’s reaction when Umar left? Karan tried to explain how he felt about Umar leaving and that idiot was making it seem like a big joke. It’s all about her. I think she feels she’s the only important one there and for that reason I would not mind seeing Shamita overthrow her, as much as I don’t like Shamita. I think the stars for the evening were Pratik and Nishant and Rakhi. As for Bichukale, he must be thanking the stars and the moon and the rivers and the air and the hair on his head that he’s still there! Hopefully Pratik and Nishant will be able to get to the top. Those I don’t think deserve to be in the end are Shamita, Teja, Karan and Bichukale. And I wonder if the audience actually voted to eliminate Umar. I don’t believe this is true. Where’s the proof?

  16. Why do the participants respond positively to Salman’s arrogance?
    Why do they claim power but shrink in front of Salman?
    Can you friends in India react to injustice in this app?
    How do you protest?
    Is Bollywood a place to swim and save yourself from drowning, and sharks are waiting to eat you?
    Cinema is a disaster in Iran, so is it the same there?
    In Hollywood, too, the left rules.
    It is not worth it to submit to any oppression and slavery to stay in the film industry.

  17. Only someone who said I’m afraid to go to the rough doctor as a patient
    Well do not go
    We have very violent nurses here
    They do not spare any injustice to the patient
    Because they are human
    They get angry
    They get tired
    They are not God
    You have to criticize a host and programmer for being so rude and rude
    He has no respect for guests
    Can the host be rude but not the doctor who is not being treated?

  18. I don’t know why people are so comfortable with violence.. that Umar was warned several times by bb but still didn’t change which means it’s his personality, he even confirmed it. He said he is trying but can’t so why the worry. Stop defending a violent person

    1. Exactly!
      He’s Violet, rude and arrogant he’s angry 😤 man
      I wonder why Rashimi get along with him , may be she’s in love (with wrong man)
      The man who don’t appreciate woman even when she said sorry for praising someone who did good to her even if is small
      Sorry he needs to work of his angers

  19. Malayalam Babe

    I also don’t understand why people let Salman bash them and make them look like idiots for the world to see. They should have some pride. Teja was bashed royally, but that was part of the game. So was Shamita. She kept saying her shoulders hurt and she was dancing up a s*xy story. If she’s so famous, why allow yourself to be degraded before the world? BB probably makes Salman feel mighty important. Anyway, it is part of the show and the contestants would have known that is what they were getting into. It’s the nature of the beast, to make fun and criticize of people. The show is about encouraging people to bring out the worst in them. If not, they will be made fun of like Simba was. This is for all the loud, obnoxious people. The louder you are, the more you stand a chance of winning. They will give it to Shamita who doesn’t deserve it. Let’s see if most of us are correct.

  20. my only reason to watch this show was Umar his growth in show was commendable every week he got bashed and was not allowed to give his point but he never changes himself he was only person whom i felt is not faking anything he was just being himself if he doesn’t like something he say it on face without suger-coating and same things he discuss with others but what was teja doing she is constantly tried her best to make kk against umar by always b*t*hing about him dude umar played for ur bf he even took u to vip because of kk he was never selfish unlike u who always b*t*hes behind back and suger-coats ur statements u have no guts to say it on his face u make false narrative about ur bf and others and when it comes to game u never supported him but u wanted kk to ask umar to support u and when he is out instead of be with ur bf u are justifying ur statements sk made u mahanta kii devi and made kk and umar look bad but audience is not blind

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