Bigg Boss 15 7th October 2021 Written Episode Update: Shamita and Pratik’s fight break their group

Bigg Boss 15 7th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 6
8 AM
The inmates wake up to the song larki beautiful kar gayi chull. They all dance. Nishant dances with Tejasswi.

9 AM
Pratik tells Akasa that I tried talking to you but you ignored me. Akasa says I want attention, I told you that your ego can’t be bigger than your friendship. Pratik says I just talk to you and Karan. Akasa says you didn’t realize I wanted your attention, you felt your ego got hurt because I ignored you? Pratik says you keep doubting my intentions. Akasa says who told you that? Pratik says you don’t trust me right? Akasa cries and says I only spoke to you, I don’t know how to deal with people. Pratik says everyone thinks I am manipulating you. Akasa says let them feel that. Pratik says I have accepted you as a friend, I got angry yesterday because you denied me. Akasa says you only focus on me ignoring you once. Pratik says that’s the person I am.

9:30 AM
BigG enters the house. He puts the letter there. Afsana tries to scare him. All laugh. BigG leaves. Afsana reads the message that the doors open for opportunities but who can grab it? Let’s see. All cheer hearing that.

11 AM
Shamita comes out after showering. Vidhi says we don’t even have clothes to change. Karan tells Nishant that it’s been 4 days since we changed clothes, this is no humanity. My nose has hairs now. Nishant says you will get it soon. Karan says I am missing my slippers now.

1 PM
Vishal looks at the house and says soon we will be here. I will shine soon. They can’t stop me for long.

3:15 PM
Karan tells Jay that nothing happened, are we wasting time by running behind the map? We haven’t tried to get the map from them. They are comfortable so won’t give us the map. We have to do something, we have to make their lives difficult. We have left them alone. We will be scolded if we don’t try to get the map. We have to pressurize them to give up the map.

Pratik tells Nishant that the map is not safe in my sipper. I will hide it in my shoes. Nishant says they don’t have the brains to find it so don’t do anything. Pratik hides the map in his shoes.

Karan asks the boys to think so we can get the map.

4 PM
Karan tells Vishal that we have to use Pratik’s anger to get the map. We have to attack their weaknesses.

Nishant tells Shamita that they will try to scare us so we might crack.

Karan asks Ishaan to go in the house and just irritate Pratik a little bit. Ishaan enters the house so Pratik follows him. Shamita laughs at Pratik’s antics. Miesha tells Ishaan let’s go from here. Nishant says they are scanning the place. Shamita says they are trying to make us nervous.

4:15 PM
Vishwa Sundari asks Miesha to bring all jungle inmates there. Ishaan comes there so Pratik says he is like a spoon. Ishaan says you are a mosquito. Miesha says Pratik is running behind people. Pratik says Miesha is fake. Ishaan charges at Pratik but Miesha asks him to ignore Pratik. She asks Pratik to go away. Pratik says shut the f*ck up. Miesha says don’t talk to me like that Pratik. Ishaan asks Pratik to enter his shoes. Pratik says you are Miesha’s bodyguard?
Vishwa Sundari tells the jungle inmates that I don’t like seeing you all in old clothes. Don’t worry as I am here. Do you need clothes? They all say yes. Sundari says you people have lost your roadmap, the cave will open today so you all can take your clothes from there. All cheer. Vishwa Sundari says you people can take your clothes or choose 5 people who won’t get their clothes but instead the taking map. All jungle inmates say we can give up our clothes.

4:30 PM
The jungle people decide who won’t get their clothes. Vishal says I am ready to give up my bag. Karan says I will share my clothes with Vishal. Karan says we can share the clothes. Vidhi volunteers to give up her clothes. Jay tells Karan and others that we have to stop Pratik from getting that map again. Vishal tells Akasa that only 2 girls need to give up clothes. Tejasswi and Vidhi give up their clothes. Akasa says sorry to Vishal as she thought he was asking only 3 girls would get the clothes. Miesha says I am okay to give up my clothes. Tejasswi says then let Vidhi get her clothes, we will share with her. Miesha says I am fine.

5 PM
Afsana comes into the house and takes sugar. Shamita says you can’t break the rules like this. Karan takes the sugar from Afsana and puts it back. Shamita says she is breaking rules for no reason. Karan takes Afsana from there. Nishant says I am a little pissed. He goes to Jay and says it’s not our decision that you people are in the jungle, you all are coming in the house which is fine but Bigg Boss has made these rules. You people are taking food from inside so at least respect Bigg Boss. You people are in majority so we can’t stop you all. It’s an awkward position for us. Ishaan says we won’t break the rules. Karan tells Nishant that if they are breaking rules then stop them. Nishant says Bigg Boss made these rules. Karan says don’t teach me rules, Pratik broke the rules but we got nominated. You can protect your items but if I need anything from the house then I will take it, stop me if you can stop me. I am advising you to protect your house because we are going to come inside soon. All cheer for Karan.

5:30 PM
Shamita tells Vishal that Afsana is irritating. Vishal says she thinks all cornflakes and fruits come for her. We give her food but she just takes whatever she wants. We have to deal with her in a fun way.

Pratik is standing outside the cave. Karan says if you get hurt then don’t cry. Pratik says nobody can use violence. Karan says we will all stop you. Miesha is also blocking the cave and says if he does something then all boys can take Pratik on. Pratik says why do you need boys to defend you? Miesha says I am talking here, why are you not letting me talk when you are talking about equality? Ishaan says he is useless. Jay claps for Miesha. Pratik asks Jay to get lost.
Vishal tells Shamita and Nishant that Pratik is being irritating now.

5:45 PM
Shamita asks Jay if he had some issue with Pratik from before? Jay says no, I don’t like the way he talks to me. I never met him before the show. Shamita says you made an opinion after watching OTT? Jay says no, I didn’t like the way he was ordering me around here.

Karan takes the trashbag from the washroom area and tells Simba that we have to break Shamita down. If she breaks then we will get the map. Simba says done. Karan throws trashbags in the toilet.

Vishwa Sundari asks what’s their decision? Vishal says we are giving up 5 bags, he says Vishal, Sahil, Ishaan, Tejasswi and Miesha will give up their maps. Sundari says the lion buzzer will play and the cave will open so you can get the map from there.

6 PM
Simba, Sahil, Ishaan, Afsana and others are guarding the cave door. Pratik is blocking it too. Karan tells Nishant that if you try to go inside then you will be crushed. Nishant laughs. Pratik says someone is kicking me. Afsana touches Pratik’s body. He says you are like my sister. The lion buzzer plays. All girls grab Pratik while Simba and Ishaan go inside. They take the map from there. Afsana is blocking Pratik while Tejasswi is holding him. Simba hides the map in his pocket. Umar goes inside too. Ishaan takes the empty board while Simba runs away with the map in his pocket. All run behind them. Karan grabs Sahmita. Tejasswi is blocking Pratik. Afsana is grabbing Shamita. Karan hides Ishaan in the washroom. Pratik comes to Simba and tries to check his pocket but Simba stops him. Pratik tries to take their luggage. Vishal asks what do you need? They have already taken the map. Pratik says I won’t let anyone go inside. Umar and Vidhi are inside. Ishaan comes out of the washroom. Shamita tries to get the map from him. Karan asks Miesha, Akasa and Afsana to push her. Afsana grabs Shamita and pushes her away. Shamita tries to fight with Karan but he runs away. Karan has taken the key after locking the washroom.
Pratik is trying to enter the cave. Miesha asks him to go away. Pratik says shut up. I will do what I want. Miesha says do it, darling. Sahil and Miesha are blocking Pratik.

6:15 PM
Pratik is trying to take Jay’s luggage. Jay says don’t grab my bag. Pratik says you took my luggage too. Jay says I didn’t take your bag. Bigg Boss tells them to not use physical violence. Jay says this is my bag so leave it. Jay says I won’t leave him now. He corners Pratik. Bigg Boss asks Pratik and Jay to calm down, don’t use violence. Nishant asks Pratik to move away. Pratik moves away from Jay and says get lost. Jay sits on the bag and says get lost.

Pratik is trying to take another bag but Ishaan sits on it. Karan asks Pratik to not do it. Pratik keeps trying to get a bag. Vishal takes Pratik’s bag and says now I won’t give it to you. Ishaan asks Pratik to get lost. Pratik says don’t push me. Pratik blocks Ishaan.

Vishal hides Pratik’s bag in the washroom. Karan locks it.

Ishaan and Jay block Pratik as he is trying to snatch the bag. Bigg Boss says you people will get hurt, don’t use violence. Shamita asks Pratik what’s in the bag? Pratik says they can’t push me. Karan sits on the bag so Pratik can’t take it. Simba asks him to get lost. Ishaan asks Pratik to come and try to snatch the bag. You all can attack me together, he tells Ishaan that show your fake body somewhere else. Get lost now. Nishant takes Pratik away from there. Pratik says where is my bag? Nishant says Vishal took it. Vishal tells Pratik that I will give him a bag when he calms down.

6:30 PM
Pratik asks Vishal to give back his bag. Karan says it’s in the toilet. Pratik says I need to change my clothes. Karan says I won’t give it back, we want to irritate you now. He asks Pratik to calm down and give us time. Pratik says I am not touching anyone’s bag.

Shamita asks Nishant how did Karan get the key to the washroom? Nishant says we had the lock and the key.

Afsana calls Pratik a nalla. Pratik says I will break the toilet door if I don’t get my bag. Ishaan says go and break it, that’s all you do. Karan tells Pratik that he won’t give his bag. Karan tells Ishaan that I will give his bag once we get 5 bags back. If he breaks the toilet door then we will take all their mattresses.

7 PM
Pratik asks Karan to give them his bag. Karan says I won’t. Karan tells Shamita that Pratik has to stay in the house only then we will have to cease fire. Shamita asks Pratik to stay here for some time and don’t go to the jungle side. Shamita asks Karan when will he give his bag back? Karan says we have stayed without bags for 4 days so he can stay without his bag for some time. We still don’t have 5 bags. Shamita says you haven’t touched my stuff? Karan says we haven’t but if Pratik goes overboard then I can’t control anyone anymore. He leaves. Shamita asks Pratik to calm down, you were warned 3 times by Bigg Boss. Nishant tells Pratik that we will lose our bags also if you don’t stop. Pratik says it’s my stuff. Nishant says you will get your bag back if you calm down. All they are saying is to not go on their side. Pratik says they are threatening us.

Karan tells Vishal and Tejasswi that they are scared about their stuff. Vishal says Shamita and Nishant are fighting with Pratik because of his acts. Karan says we will bring Shamita on our side.

Nishant tells Pratik and Shamita that they took Pratik’s bag because they want to keep Pratik away from their side. If Pratik goes overboard then they will take our bags also. Pratik says they are threatening us and you both are being intimidated? Nishant says you are right but Pratik calm down. Shamita says Pratik is wrong, Bigg Boss tried to stop him for 3 times. Pratik says I stopped when Bigg Boss told me to. Shamita says we are part of the group so think about others. Pratik says we are individuals too. Shamita says we support you in your fight. Pratik says we all took the map. Shamita says no, you took the map and we supported you. She asks Nishant was it our fight or not? He says no, it wasn’t our fight. Pratik says we can’t accept what they demand of us. Shamita says they already have the map so calm down, you will get your bag back. Nishant asks Pratik to go and do what you want to do. Pratik says I am not doing anything. Pratik says I can go outside if I want. He leaves. Nishant tells Shamita that you can’t give them the map. Shamita says he is acting like a kid, don’t tell him he is right. Nishant says they didn’t touch my bag, if Pratik goes overboard then they will take our bags also. Shamita says he is selfish, he doesn’t think about us.

Pratik is trying to open the toilet door. Karan says you can’t break the lock. Pratik says I am trying to open it, I am not breaking it. Pratik says I want my luggage back. Karan says you can’t destroy the property, calm down now. He leaves from there.

Karan comes to Shamita and says Pratik is trying to break the door. Don’t tell me if things go overboard. Nishant says you can burn his stuff all I care. Shamita gives one piece of the map to Karan and says I will end this fight. Nishant shouts at Shamita and says this was my decision also, how can you give the map to them? Shamita says I was fighting for Pratik but he doesn’t listen to us, he doesn’t care about our stuff.
Pratik is trying to break the door. Vishal shows the map piece to him and says you were fighting for this only? You should play with your mind. He hugs him and asks him to calm down. Pratik says I know Shamita gave it to you.

Nishant tells Shamita we did all this in a group but you are behaving like Pratik now. Shamita says because he is not listening to us. Nishant says then screw you both, I will do what I want. You gave up the map without asking me. Shamita says I asked him if we are a group but he said we are individuals. Why should we support him when he is wrong? Nishant shouts that you had to ask me before giving up the map. He screams at Shamita why did you do worse than Pratik? Shamita tells Nishant you can’t scream at Pratik but you can scream at me? You were telling Pratik he was right but screaming at me? Karan comes there and tells them that Pratik has broken the toilet door so we will not stop now. Shamita says don’t touch my stuff, we have given you the map. Nishant shouts at Pratik that f*uk you both. Shamita shouts at Pratik why did you touch the toilet door? Pratik says why should I be scared of anyone? Shamita says you want to play alone? We will play individually now. Pratik says you be scared of them but I don’t care. Shamita says you are selfish. I am fed up of this sh*t.

7 PM
Karan tells Sahil that Pratik touched our toilet so I will mess up their washrooms. I want Shamita on our side. I wanted this to happen. We will let Shamita use our washroom.

Pratik comes to Shamita and says you played me. Shamita shouts at him to not be selfish. Nishant says you both are selfish. Pratik says I won’t be scared of them. They have my stuff. Shamita says they told me that they will take my stuff because you tried to break the toilet. I have been supporting you but you have been thinking about yourself only.

Vishal tells Bigg Boss that we have both the maps now. We have taken the map and their unity both.

7:15 PM
Pratik says you people have destroyed our washroom so I will destroy your washroom. Karan says you can do it but all 3 of you will have repercussions. You tried to break our toilet so this was our answer. If you try to do something then all 3 of you will bear the burnt. Pratik says I don’t care about them. I respect you. Karan comes to Shamita and Nishant. He says if Pratik does something wrong with us then you 3 will be punished by us. We are tired of sleeping on the floors, don’t mess with us anymore. You people could have given us the map but you all started it.

7:30 PM
Shamita cries so Vishal consoles her. He says I am here for you, it’s just 6 days and it’s not worth your tears. Just relax. Shamita tries to calm herself down. Karan calls Vishal so he leaves.

Karan tells Vishal to stay away from Shamita. Vishal says I felt bad for her. Karan says I feel bad too but don’t console her, we are trying to break them apart.

7:45 PM
Vishal tells Jay that all three of them are fighting. Shamita was crying so Karan told me to not console her but I was trying to instigate Shamita more. Simba laughs and says he is cunning. Jay says he is doing it for the team. Vishal says I feel genuinely for her but I have to make her believe that she is alone.

8 PM
Vishal tells Shamita that we all have suffered a lot in the jungle. You are not responsible for it. Shamita says it’s all justified but I don’t understand why Nishant is telling Pratik that he is right, how can Pratik be right? I don’t know if Nishant is scared of Pratik or he is trying to keep Pratik on his side. Nishant got angry at me because I did a mistake but why didn’t he scream at Pratik? He is scared of Pratik. Karan calls Vishal and says I am opening the toilet door now. I just wanted to punish them. Vishal says fine. Vishal tells Shamita that Pratik could have just waited. Karan tells Shamita sorry for all this but Pratik was not listening. Shamita says I am not with Pratik, I don’t play it that way. I have realized Pratik won’t listen. I have been supporting him but I can’t support him anymore. Karan says if you 3 play together then we will attack you 3 together. Shamita says I am not playing with them anymore. Karan says if you mean it then we won’t attack you.

Jay tells Nishant that I won’t do anything here which I can’t bear. Jay tells Nishant that they have messed up your washroom by throwing trash around. Nishant asks who did it? Jay says I don’t know. Nishant says this shows their upbringing, the audience is watching it. Jay says one person will have to clean it. Nishant says I will do it.

8:15 PM
Nishant starts cleaning the washroom.
Jay calls Karan and says let’s help him. He is doing it alone. Nishant says it’s fine, you should have thought before doing it. Karan says we didn’t attack you. Jay and Karan start helping him in cleaning the washroom. Nishant says to Jay that you people can play but think about your hygiene, you are going to stay here. This shows their mentality.

9:45 PM
Karan tells Nishant that Pratik can’t change. Nishant says you can’t punish me for him. Karan says I wanted to hear it from you and Shamita. Nishant says what about Jay? Karan says Jay and Vishal can’t be trusted. Donal comes there so Karan jokes she can’t be seen in the house. Donal says tell me something nice. Karan says I can’t see your back so I can’t compliment. Donal says I have chosen the right clothes now. You are in the line. Karan says don’t say all that to me, you know my name right? I don’t stand in the line.

10:45 PM
Jay tells Karan that Sahil is talking to Pratik. Vishal makes fun of their accent. Karan says I wanted to break Shamita down but Vishal was not leaving her alone. Karan says Shamita and Nishant were fighting at top of their lungs but I went there and told them Pratik’s antics would make them punishable. Shamita got angry and was crying but Vishal was trying to console her. I was trying to stop him but he wouldn’t listen. Tejasswi laughs.

11 PM
Nishant tells Pratik what’s the reason for playing like this? Shamita and you are playing alone. They are all united but we are seen as a broken group. They know how you can get angry, they know how to make Shamita weak. We are stupids. Pratik says you can do what you think is right, I will do what I think is right. Nishant says we have to play, we don’t have another choice. Pratik says they can’t threaten me. Shamita could have broken things around but why did she break our code? Nishant says she’s not like us?

12:30 AM
Miesha asks Ishaan what kind of a girl you like? Ishaan says she should be pretty and she should love me from the heart. Miesha smiles at him. Ishaan says I can’t ask a girl out. Miesha says I like off-beat guys, the ones who can bear my tantrums. Ishaan says when you cried that day, I melted that day. Miesha says you are telling me you like me because I cried? Ishaan says I am different like that.
PRECAP – Karan tells his boys to irritate Pratik. All jungle inmates keep following Pratik around. Pratik gets angry and breaks the toilet door. Vidhi is taking a shower inside. She comes outside and says how could you break the lock when I was taking a shower inside? Pratik says so what? I didn’t have bad intentions. Tejasswi says a girl wouldn’t feel safe if you do that. Pratik says I didn’t know it was her inside. Karan shouts so what? how could break the lock when someone is inside?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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