Bigg Boss 15 28th October 2021 Written Episode Update: A rift between Karan-Tejasswi

Bigg Boss 15 28th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 26
12:30 AM
Karan tells the inmates that we need to talk about groceries. We are eating without any control. Shamita says you people are partying at night by cooking food. Tejasswi says Nishant has been looking after ration. I won’t take the ration duty. Shamita says Simba doesn’t want to take that duty. Pratik says we have to make a system but how will we stop people? Tejasswi says if I stop someone then you question me that I am not letting people eat. Pratik says why would you stop people who are hungry? Afsana says can we go to sleep now? It’s night time so stop shouting. Shamita asks everyone to go to the garden and let her sleep. They all go to the garden area. Miesha says we make food on time but then people start cooking without any schedule and we have to wash dishes all the time. Tejasswi says if someone is cooking for himself or herself then they have to wash their own dishes. Shamita says we are sick and tired of washing spoons and plates. Be a little responsible.

2 AM
Miesha tells Ishaan that we had something very intense at the start, it was pure between us but it’s not pure anymore. You keep saying that you don’t care about your family approving me but it doesn’t seem like that. Ishaan says I am stressed about my image these days, you are important to me that’s why I am taking a stand for you. Miesha says you are sounding wrong right now, I am not asking you to be lovey-dovey with me all the time. We can’t drag our relationship if it’s not working. Ishaan says you can take your call, do what’s best for you. I don’t want people to see me sad, I don’t want Pratik to see me down, we are all here for a purpose. Miesha asks if he will treat her well? Don’t do anything that’s affecting you. She says do you care about people saying things. Ishaan says I have so many doubts.

Day 27
8 AM
The inmates wake up to the song lucky to lucky me. They all dance. Vishal tells the camera that we all want to be the captain but there will be only one lucky person. Tejasswi mimics him.

9 AM
Pratik tells everyone that each inmate will get 250ml milk per day. Nobody can take more than that. Tejasswi says you used to say to give everyone what they want but now you are going to be a captain so we will get 250ml per person? Pratik says I just said that if someone is hungry then give them food. Akasa says everyone will get 4 rotis per person. If someone doesn’t eat on time then they have to protect their rotis. Pratik says I will do rationing now. Akasa says you can’t take care of everything. Pratik says I will handle everything. Vishal says Akasa is acting like Pratik’s wife. Tejasswi says they are couple goals. Miesha tells Karan that we are acting like 12-year-old kids. I can’t keep protecting my rotis. Pratik says if you are not eating your roti then announce that you are leaving your roti and nobody should eat it. Miesha says we are not fools here. Umar says this is nonsense. Afsana says this is all happening because of Simba. Simba is sleeping in a corner. Akasa tells Pratik that we can use milk as we have been using it till now. Pratik says no, we need to change things. Umar says I don’t like people counting my milk intake. Akasa says don’t taunt us. Tejasswi is taunting us also. Tejasswi says I am telling a fact as I have never counted people’s rotis. When I was being strict about rationing then Pratik used to say that I don’t let people eat but now he is doing the same thing. Pratik says I am not keeping people hungry.

1:15 PM
Tejasswi is getting ready and asks Karan what hairstyle she should do? Karan gives her advice on a hairstyle. Akasa starts singing raatan lambiyan. Karan laughs at her and leaves. Tejasswi asks where did he go? Akasa teases her.

1:30 PM
Rajiv sits with Ishaan and says what you said yesterday hurt me. You said your image is destroyed because I am your friend? Ishaan says it’s not like that, I don’t give the right to people to say all that. Rajiv says don’t listen to people. Ishaan says you keep bragging that you helped me in life. Rajiv says I was angry with you. If you care about self-respect then why would you say you don’t care about being portrayed as vulgar? Ishaan says we will see that outside.

2 PM
Bigg Boss tells the inmates that it’s time to announce a new captain. Both the teams couldn’t win the task. There are a lot of inmates who keep guessing if they gave the content to the audience or not. So we will ask you to choose 2 inmates to become contenders for the captain. These inmates should be the ones who the audience would enjoy watching. They have to discuss it seriously and don’t make fun of it. Shamita tells the inmates that it was all sarcasm, we are doing something wrong. Ishaan says who is the one who keeps talking about content? Tejasswi says we don’t put the effort into the task. We should choose the inmates who think they are giving content. Nishant says we should choose the inmates who have a passion for the game. Vishal says I will fight like crazy to become a captain. Pratik says I want to be the captain but I want Rajiv to be a contender also. Umar gives his name and Vishal’s. Afsana gives her name and Nishant’s name. Umar says Nishant doesn’t want to be a captain. Simba says I want to take Vishal and Jay’s names. Tejasswi says I want to take Nishant and my name as it will be fun other than that I can choose Vishal-Jay. Akasa says I am unbiased and fair, I want to see Karan-Tejasswi fighting against each other. Vishal says I want to see Jay against me. Rajiv says I have suffered a lot in the task so I want to be a contender, I want to choose Pratik against me. Shamita says Vishal wants to prove himself that he is a good player, I want to see Vishal and Karan in the task. Miesha says I want to choose Vishal and Jay. Ishaan says I want to see Vishal-Jay in the task. Jay says I want to take my name and Vishal against me. Bigg Boss says we have given you time to discuss among each other and not give 2 names per person. Nishant says let me start. He says I want to give a chance to another inmate, I think Jay-Pratik gives most of the effort in the house. They are so responsible. Vishal says you are doing the same thing by taking 2 names. Vishal says we have to choose 2 inmates who we want to see a fight. Karan says as per Bigg Boss’ instructions, we need to choose 2 inmates who we want to see the fight. I saw Vishal’s passion and I want to go against him. We have to mutually decide on two names. Umar says why would we take someone’s else name? Pratik says if someone is not taking their own names then they should be out of the discussion. Ishaan says I don’t want to be a captain right now so what? Pratik says we can’t take a mutual decision. Shamita says let’s choose 4 people and then vote. Umar says I am giving my vote to Pratik. Afsana says listen to me. She says everyone wants to be a captain, I have seen you all being irresponsible. The captain has to work in the house also. Karan says the captain doesn’t have to work in the house. What extra work have you done till now? Don’t’ complain if you don’t go the extra mile in the house. Shamita says let’s start with Vishal, Jay, Karan and Pratik. Tejasswi says they won’t agree to vote. There is no point in voting if they are not going to back down. Shamita says let’s listen to them and maybe our decisions will change. Tejasswi tells Pratik that you have to accept votes. Pratik says I want to be the captain even if I don’t get votes. Shamita says we won’t move on from this and there will be no captain so let’s try to take a decision. Let’s choose 2 people and vote for them. Pratik says I won’t agree like this, I am putting effort so who are you to decide? I will become a captain in any case. Nishant tells Shamita that I don’t want Vishal as a captain. Jay says but Pratik is being stubborn, he is not accepting votes also. Pratik tells Rajiv that I don’t care about their votes, I want to be the captain in any case. Nishant asks everyone to sit down. He tells the inmates that we can’t mutually take a decision. One option is to not take a decision other option is to choose 2 people and let them fight in the task. Tejasswi says if you want others to bow down because Pratik is being stubborn then it won’t happen. Akasa tells Pratik that you will get votes from the majority so why are you not going for votes? Pratik says I won’t back down if I don’t get votes. Ishaan says if there is not a captain in the house then it will be a mess in the house. Tejasswi says but we can’t be scared of getting this task rejected and then vote for Pratik. Shamita says the people with the most votes are Vishal and Jay. Shamita calls Pratik there. Akasa asks Afsana who will she vote between Pratik, Jay, Karan and Vishal? She says I can’t tell. Tejasswi asks who is voting for Pratik? Pratik gets 6 votes. 10 people vote for Jay. Ishaan says they can’t vote for 2 people. Simba says I want to see them all as a captain. Ishaan says you have to choose one inmate to become a captain. Simba says I want to take my name only. Umar says who against you would be? He says Karan. Tejasswi asks how many votes for Karan? 4 people vote for him. Tejasswi says let’s vote for Vishal. Vishal gets 7 votes. Pratik says I don’t agree with this voting. Umar says just accept votes. Vishal says Pratik agreed to vote but if he doesn’t get majority votes then he will not accept it? Tejasswi asks Pratik if this task gets rejected then live with your guilt, you don’t care about others. Pratik says if they don’t care about me then I don’t care about them. Akasa says we care about you. Pratik tells Umar that no one is agreeing to vote. Umar says Karan, Jay and Vishal agreed to vote. Jay tells Tejasswi that Pratik is being selfish. Ishaan says he doesn’t realize that he is becoming a captain for the house but he doesn’t listen to us so why would we listen to him? Pratik says I won’t give up even if the task gets rejected. Tejasswi says Pratik wants to become a hero by being stubborn. I won’t let him have his way.

3:30 PM
Jay tells Nishant that I have no issues with Vishal, Jay and Karan being the captains as we are from the jungle. We waited for this day, we want to prove ourselves. Karan says Pratik is just trying to prove himself. Nishant says you people also get the task rejected, you can’t shut down his opinion. Jay says it’s not an opinion but being stubborn. Karan says why are you taking Pratik’s side? Nishant says it’s his problem if he is not agreeing with others. Vishal says we all got nominated because of him before and now he is doing all this again. He broke the washroom door but still didn’t accept his mistake. Don’t justify his acts all the time. Nishant says I am not justifying him, if I wanted to then I would have taken Pratik’s side in the last task but I played fairly. Vishal says when you are unfair then we will see it. Karan says if Pratik doesn’t want to play the task then we won’t play also. Nishant says I didn’t like your perception Karan. Karan says we all can see you supporting him, it’s my opinion about you. We made Shamita and Nishant the captain so why should we make Pratik the captain? How is it fair that Pratik becomes the captain?

Tejasswi tells Pratik that you are making yourself look bad with all this. Pratik says I don’t care. Nishant says they are blaming me for plotting all this. They are bragging that they made Shamita and me the captain first. We have worked hard to become captains also. Pratik says I won’t agree to a mutual decision.

Vishal says is this game about OTT members becoming captains first? Karan says Nishant is always supporting Pratik, they think they have played in OTT so they have a right to become captains? Shamita says did you make me the captain to control me? Why do you keep bringing up OTT? Karan says we made you the captain happily so it’s not about you.
Nishant asks Pratik to back down, let them become the captain. Pratik says I won’t agree.
Karan tells Tejasswi that we chose Shamita happily but the fair chance is that someone from us become the captain. Tejasswi says we made Shamita and Nishant the captains because we didn’t have a choice.
Akasa asks Simba why did he change his vote? Simba says I will take my name first. Pratik says that’s his right.
Nishant tells Jay that it’s not my fault if Pratik is being stubborn, I am ready for voting. My problem is when things are not going Karan’s way then he brings old things up. He keeps bragging that he made us the captain. Karan asks Nishant to answer him. Nishant shouts that Pratik is not my baby, I can’t make him decide anything. Pratik says I am taking a stand for myself. Ishaan says but we have to find a solution sensibly. You are just thinking about yourself, let’s think about the team also. Pratik says we can’t win the trophy as a team. Tejasswi says you are not going to win the trophy like this.

4 PM
Tejasswi tells Pratik if you are being a team player then you are weak? Pratik says to do the maths. Vishal says we are positive and you are being negative. Karan says we all can see Pratik destroying the tasks. Tejasswi says don’t say anything. Karan says I don’t care, all others put Simba in the nominations and not open their eyes. They (Nishant-Pratik) plot everything together. They keep protecting these three. Nishant leaves from there.

Pratik tells Shamita that this captaincy is important for me. Shamita says but you can’t force people to vote for you.
Nishant tells Miesha that they can’t taunt me for making me a captain. I am not eating someone’s food here.
Tejasswi tells Karan to not discuss about nominations and don’t talk about Simba when he doesn’t care for himself. Karan says I just wanted to tell you that Nishant-Pratik are not invincible.

4:45 PM
Umar tells Jay that Karan will never nominate Nishant as he is his friend so why is Karan taunting us for nominating Simba?

Simba tells Tejasswi that I think Pratik is right for taking a stand for himself. I am not scared about getting punished. Tejasswi says Karan was taking a stand for yourself so you should have spoken up. Simba says I don’t feel the need to talk.

Nishant tells Karan that you taunted me in front of everyone. Karan says we can talk alone.

Shamita tells Jay that Nishant is trying not to support Pratik in everything as they are good friends. Jay says I know but we can let Pratik think he can always be stubborn and we will listen to him all the time.

Nishant tells Pratik that I will take a stand for you but you will get many more chances. Let’s just choose 2 people this time. Pratik says I am requesting you to take a stand for myself.

5:15 PM
Bigg Boss asks the inmates to tell about their mutual decision. Who have they chosen? Shamita says Pratik and Simba are not agreeing with a mutual decision. Bigg Boss asks them to look at the garden. They all see the setup there. Bigg Boss says we have completed the setup but you people didn’t make a decision so this task has been rejected even before starting. There will be no captain this week. Ishaan says this is so bad. Jay says we are useless people. Pratik says you could have agreed with me. Tejasswi says they have spent money to prepare this setup. Pratik says you people can blame me all you want. He says you people didn’t take a mutual decision. Ishaan says this is very sad. Jay says they all will be laughing in a bit with Pratik. Umar says Karan always goes to Nishant after the task so he wouldn’t look like an idiot? Karan says we will show him in the nominations.
Akasa tells Pratik that I am sorry to Bigg Boss for getting the task rejected but I have a firm stand and I can’t back down. Akasa shouts at him a little bit. Pratik says don’t shout. Akasa says you shout at me all the time.

Nishant tells Shamita that don’t get fooled by them. These people will go against you. Shamita says but Pratik can’t fight with people and then ask them to make him a captain.

6 PM
Karan asks Tejasswi why does she look miffed? Tejasswi says I will tell you later on.

Nishant tells Pratik that there were 6 people standing up for you but you made them against you. You can do what you think is right.

Shamita asks Simba why did he change his decision? Simba says no, I always said that I want to take my name. Jay says I don’t understand these people. Even if we would have convinced Pratik then Simba would have gone on his tangent.

6:30 PM
Karan tells Akasa that Tejasswi is making a fool of himself. She says that she despises Vishal but then she votes for him against me? I have trust issues. Akasa says I asked her and she told me that she is the same with you, Vishal and one other person. I teased her one time that Karan gives her attention so she said that Karan gives similar attention to Shamita. If you have a gut feeling about her then you are right. You do trust her? Akasa says yes. Karan says I gave her a lot of time, I shouldn’t have trusted her. Akasa says you are affected by her. Karan looks away and says just stop.

7 PM
Tejasswi talks to Karan and says you talked about Nishant-Pratik-Shamita being united and we should be united like them. But then you started talking to Nishant-Shamita after the task. You make sure your bond with them doesn’t break. I am not okay with that.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Pratik is doing extra!!

  2. Only Pratik Nishant Afsana worth watching.. Ieshaan Meisha are pakao. New guy with Afsana looks good but with others he looks negative. Karan slowly losing the plot. Jay is annoying. Akasa is simple but doesn’t have strong stand. Simba is logical and cutuepie. Umar has brains nd playing well but creatives chopping his scene. Tejaswini soon going to lost the plot completely, she is different from starting weeks. Vishal is dark horse. Shamita is classy but highly biased , I am not liking this.

    1. Fadila Sani Abubakar

      Jay is d best among the rest,lol❣️😍♥️💯jay

  3. I have said before Teja is not clear . Teja bas phasa rahi h karan ko , uske pasand usa love love life , girl type ye sb bate krke , uska dil khich rahi h , usko red flags de rahi h , or jb clear krne ki bari ati h toh madam ko koi feelings ni h uske liye , can’t we see how she behaves all flirty wih karan and now karan is as same as other for her . Of she wanted to support any one from their side then why not someone other than vishal , whom no one should trust specially karan should never trust him again , don’t she know what happened before and that karan won’t be able to trust vishal , but she wants karan to trust vishal , jb raat ko chikni chupdi bate krte wakt usne bataya tha ki he have trust issue , tb suna ni usne .

    1. And karan needs to put more and more efforts in the game too. He needs put his points in the table clearly . Why was umar supporting Pratik ??

  4. I seriously feel this all tejran is fake it’s becoming annoying….umar is finally reading who Karan really is

  5. I think KK should just forget about his feelings for teja and focus on his game plan…. I love them together, but that doesnt mean they should forget their real aim of coming to BB15….. lot of love from naija

  6. I like how simba and pratik took a stand for themselves, tey way simba explained teja was good

    1. He is the first contestant who made Teja fumble for words.

  7. I don’t find teja wrong taking stand for yourself doesn’t mean stop considering others he already got 2 chances to be the captain I like pratik but I can’t stand this..

  8. Taking stand is good but Pratik waited to see whether he will be top 2 to fight for captaincy .But once he realised he got only 5 or 6 votes and not fighting for captaincy then he decided to take stand which is wrong. He is keep on cancelling the tasks which is not good for the show. Also lost faith of 5 people who voted for him. Also he is not strong as Siddharth Shukla to go alone with Akasa like Siddharth has done his journey with Shehnaaz .
    Simba is cute but hopefully he voted out this week as he is not doing anything.

    1. Nah Simba won’t go. He got the highest votes as compared to Vishal and Akasa.

  9. Teja is very good. She clearly told KK in the end either go with me or flirt with Nishant and Samita. Nishant clearly favours Pratik and Jay. KK is completely lost his way after first 2 weeks. He wants to be nice with lot of people and which is almost impossible in the show. Nishant never let go Pratik and Karan wants that position. So KK needs to take stand choose his alliance and stick to that alliance. Umar also lost confidence with KK and seems jai.


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