Bigg Boss 15 26th October 2021 Written Episode Update: Ishaan and Rajiv’s heated argument

Bigg Boss 15 26th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 25
8 AM
The inmates wake up to the song taddad taddad. They all dance and hug each other.

9 AM
Umar says Afsana doesn’t wake up, today is Karva chauth and she is not fasting for her fiance. Afsana says I am sleepy. Jay says she doesn’t care about fasting at all.

9:45 AM
Karan tells Tejasswi that my mom is 6-7 years younger than my father. I like to have an age gap with my partner. Tejasswi says you like elder girls? Karan says I liked elder girls so they would take care of me, I dated elder girls except for Kritika but now I like younger women. Now I want to take care of the person so I want a younger girl. Tejasswi says you are talking about marriage? Karan says I want kids now, I want to get married but I need to have feelings first. Tejasswi says when you talked to me last night, I got very serious. Karan says I was watching you when you were talking to Akasa. Tejasswi says she asked me if I like you so I got scared. Karan says why? Tejasswi says because I have no feelings for you at all, I don’t have a crush on you or anything. Karan says Nishant told me that Tejasswi doesn’t need anybody. Tejasswi says you need me. Karan says yes, I am using you for my sanity. Tejasswi says I know you are and you have been clear about it.

11:15 AM
Karan talks to Ishaan and Tejasswi. Karan says if Miesha is angry with you then get her to fight with others so she won’t focus on you. I will fight with her so you are spared from her. Ishaan laughs. Tejasswi says that’s your type of girl? Karan says everyone keeps guessing my type. Pratik thinks Shamita is my type. Tejasswi says Shamita does look like your ex-girlfriend. Karan says Shamita does have traits like my ex. Tejasswi says what if you start liking Shamita? Karan says I have a bro-code, she loves Raqesh a lot. Tejasswi says is she your type though? Shamita is your type.

11:30 AM
Jay tells Nishannt that I have asked Afsana to pretend that she is fasting. You can hide and eat but we will keep lying that you are fasting. He says I have told her that Bigg Boss won’t show her eating shots. Nishant says she is going to pretend that she is fasting? Jay says yes, she will eat the whole day but she thinks they will cut those shots. Nishant laughs.

1 PM
Rajiv sees Ishaan-Miesha together. He says you both fight and then makeup so fast. Ishaan says yesterday was our major fight. Rajiv says why? Ishaan says you matter to me a lot Rajiv. Rajiv says you are not being yourself with me.

Vishal tells Karan that Rajiv is saying weird stuff. Karan says he is not saying anything to us. Simba says I thought a hot girl would come. Jay says if I can’t have anything then you people shouldn’t get any girl. Jay asks Vishal why is Ishaan-Rajiv fighting?

Ishaan tells Rajiv that your attitude with me was weird. Rajiv says you didn’t talk to me. Ishaan says I don’t care what others are thinking about me, what my family thinks about me because I know I am right. Rajiv says we are not friends anymore, don’t talk to me like this. We are just contestants from now on. Miesha goes from there. Rajiv tells Ishaan that I am feeling hurt. Karan teases Miesha that her competition (Rajiv) is here. Rajiv argues with Ishaan and says you made me look like I am making Miesha cry. He tells Ishaan that you didn’t spend time with me, you are always with Miesha. I am your friend but you can’t spend 5 minutes with me? You just spend time with Miesha all the time. Vishal tells Simba that Rajiv is riling everyone up. Ishaan tells Shamita that I told you Rajiv is my best friend right? Shamita says both Miesha and Rajiv are angry at Ishaan for not giving them time. Ishaan says this is funny. Rajiv says you are not treating me as a friend or a family so don’t call me that anymore. Karan laughs at their fight.

1:30 PM
Karan asks Rajiv if he can ask something personal? Rajiv says we are good friends. Karan says I understand everything. Rajiv says Ishaan calls me his best friend but he is meeting me after 2 years, when I entered the house, he didn’t spend time with me at all. All he cares about is his girlfriend. I have a lot of friends so I don’t care. Miesha hears all that. Rajiv tells Karan to not comment on that, just understand. Karan says you will get stuck in this mess. Don’t do it, control it as then people will start commenting. Rajiv says okay.

2:15 PM
Ishaan comes to Rajiv and says I don’t want to mess our bond. I know you are angry so calm down first. Rajiv says Miesha is having fun seeing us fight like this. Ishaan says you keep taunting me and Miesha. You told Jay that Mahi is classy, you were taunting me and Miesha right? Rajiv says your show is just about Miesha only, if she cared about you then she would ask us to patch up but she is just having fun.

3 PM
Ishaan asks Rajiv to talk to him. He says this is going on a different tangent, it’s going on my character. Everyone is teasing Miesha that you are competition to her (Ishaan having a relationship with Rajiv also). They are questioning our characters. Rajiv says I am just telling you as a friend. Ishaan says they have made fun of me already, we are on national TV. Rajiv says we were joking, it’s fine. Ishaan says I can’t take this sh*t. I don’t want these people to make fun of me like this.

3:15 PM
Jay tells Afsana that Bigg Boss has cut the camera so you can eat now. Afsana says really? She starts eating, Jay asks her to drink fast as they will turn on the camera again. Afsana eats fast thinking the cameras will be back on her again. Pratik says Afsana is fasting. Jay says you can break your fast if you want. Afsana says no, I am fasting till the evening.

3:30 PM
Karan reads the captaincy task which will have two teams. Team A will have Tejasswi, Pratik, Nishant, Miesha, Rajiv and Simba. Team B will have Vishal, Jay, Afsana, Akasa, Umar and Ishaan. Team B will stand in the big alphabets in the garden area and team A will try to make them come out of the alphabets. They will send 2 players at a time. Team A will try to make them lose their positions. Team B will take their places in the alphabet and if they leave the alphabet then you are out of the task. It’s on them till when they want to stay in the alphabet. Karan and Shamita will be referees of the task but they can’t make their own rules.

3:45 PM
Shamita hides her items so others can’t use them. Nishant talks to his team. Miesha says just do what we can bear tomorrow.

4 PM
The buzzer plays and the task starts. Team B takes their places in the alphabet. Tejasswi and Miesha try to pull Umar out of the alphabet. Nishant brings the dustbin there and tells Afsana to move away otherwise he will throw eggs on her. Pratik makes her smell trash. Afsana says I am fasting. I will make you eat poop when it’s my time. Nishant says you can get up if you can’t bear it.

4:15 PM
Miesha does Ishaan’s leg waxing. Rajiv helps Miesha in waxing his legs. Ishaan takes off his shirt. Rajiv says this is my first task so leave now. Miesha gives a kiss on Ishaan’s cheek.

Nishant tells Tejasswi that we can use spices. Simba says our heart is weak.

Miesha and Rajiv are attacking Ishaan. They put ice in his pants. Miesha says these are all for the fake promises you did to me. Simba throws powder on Umar, he laughs. Miesha keeps running her hands on Umar to tease him. She applies lipstick on Umar, all laugh. Karan says he must be missing Donal. Miesha does his makeover as a joker.
Nishant tells Pratik that they will do all this with us tomorrow so let’s do it. Rajiv says we have to up our game otherwise they will not move away. Simba says we can use green chili paste. Nishant makes a chili paste and gives smoke to Jay, he coughs. Rajiv mistakenly drops the pan and it breaks.

4:30 PM
Tejasswi says I don’t like hair on Umar. Miesha waxes his chest and he screams. Umar says these girls are heartless. Miesha laughs. Tejasswi does his underarms waxing. Rajiv tells Tejasswi that Afsana’s voice is important to her so use chilies against her. Pratik is irritating Afsana. Nishant is tickling her. Simba starts playing the task when at a time there can be 2 people allowed in the game only. Karan says we will disqualify Simba. Tejasswi says how? We were not playing against the rules. Pratik and Simba were playing but I was just standing there, I was not doing anything. Rajiv brings chilies near Afsana but she throws away the pan.

5 PM
Tejasswi tells her team that I will tell Afsana that Vishal will become the captain if she plays from their side so she should just give up. Tejasswi goes to Afsana and says Vishal will become the captain if you play for him. Afsana says I don’t care. She asks her team if they will allow her to become the captain? They say sure. Afsana says I will be a good captain and if you don’t give me a chance then I will leave the task right now. Tejasswi keeps provoking her. Afsana asks her team if we win the task then who will you choose as a captain? Umar says we all deserve to be the captain. Rajiv tells Afsana to make them promise her they will make her the captain. Tejasswi tells Afsana if they are not making you a captain then why play with them? Afsana says I am going to win the show now.

6 PM
Tejasswi tells her team that we don’t have to taunt them about their humanity tomorrow, let them show tomorrow their real faces. Miesha is doing funny makeup of Ishaan. Nishant tells Karan that I will bear the extreme attack from them tomorrow. Ishaan asks Miesha to not do his makeup, she can do it with Umar. Miesha says don’t taunt me like this. Ishaan says come up with a plan, don’t do stupidity with me. Miesha angrily leaves.

Nishant is attacking Afsana by throwing powder on her.

6:15 PM
Nishant tells Vishal that people are not trusting you right now so you can leave this chance, let us become the captain this time and gain trust. Vishal says I have done everything in the game for myself, I would the same if I get a chance again. People change here all the time so I am not worried, I can’t please everyone here.
Miesha tells Pratik to ask Akasa to stay out of her relationship. I will not spare her. Pratik says she is just cute. Miesha says I don’t care.

6:30 PM
Bigg Boss tells the inmates that Team A was not able to move even one inmate of Team B from the alphabet, they have around 2 hours before the time ends for them.

Nishant tells Tejasswi that you can pretend to faint in front of Afsana so she will come out of the alphabet on impulse. Pratik makes Afsana eat and says I have asked them to cut the cameras. Afsana eats and then pretends to be fasting.

7:15 PM
Simba is attacking Afsana with powder. Nishant and Tejasswi go to her also. Tejasswi asks her to get up now. Afsana takes the powder bottle and throws it at them. Tejasswi starts coughing and tells Afsana to be careful. Nishant asks her to sit down. Karan rushes to her and asks if she is fine? Nishant says she is choking. He gives her water, Tejasswi keeps coughing. All rush to her. Karan lifts her in his arms and takes her to the medical room. Afsana says I just reacted on impulse. Jay says nobody is blaming you.
Karan is waiting for Bigg Boss to open the medical room. Tejasswi is in his arms and starts laughing. Karan says you were doing drama? Tejasswi nods. Miesha says they shouldn’t get to know that you were doing drama. Tejasswi asks Rajiv to go to them and pretend that I am still in a bad condition. Rajiv comes to the other team and says they are not opening the medical room door, she is choking so come and do something. Afsana asks Umar to not move from his place. Rajiv says she needs us, Umar should check on her as he is a doctor. Umar says Bigg Boss will take care of her. Pratik asks Rajiv to not do this with him, doctors take the oath so don’t put him in this fix. Jay says this is so wrong, Tejasswi can’t pretend to choke and then pressurize Umar to check on her when she knows he has taken an oath.
Tejasswi tells Rajiv that I didn’t do this acting for Umar, it’s Umar’s guilt as a doctor that he is not checking a patient. Rajiv says I just told Umar to check on you because I didn’t know you were lying about choking.

8 PM
Nishant tells Jay that Tejasswi was not acting for making Umar feel bad. We were just acting to make you people leave the places on impulse. Jay says but you can’t pressurize Umar about his oath. Nishant says don’t talk about morals when it was not about it at all. Jay says I just feel bad about Umar as he has taken an oath. Tejasswi says but he didn’t come and check on me. Jay says he was ready to leave his place to check on you as a doctor. Tejasswi says I didn’t target Umar at all. Nishant says don’t make an issue of something which was not true. Shamita asks Rajiv who asked you to call Umar to check on Tejasswi? Rajiv says Nishant and Tejasswi started all this. Umar tells Tejasswi that I felt guilty as I couldn’t check on you. Tejasswi says don’t feel guilty.

8 PM
Rajiv tells Ishaan that you will know everything when you go outside. We are friends so no girl should come between us, you will have girls come and go but I am your friend, you should spend time with me. Ishaan says I like her, I do honestly. Rajiv says then why did you say so much to her? Ishaan says don’t say anything. It will bring trouble.

8:15 PM
Akasa teases Tejasswi and says I have started noticing things. I saw a vibe between you and him. Tejasswi says what? Who are you talking about? Akasa says you know who I am talking about. Tejasswi says there is nothing going on between him (Karan) and me. Tejasswi asks about her and Pratik. She says you both are sweet. Akasa says I will see outside the show about Pratik. Tejasswi says there will be nothing between me and Karan. Akasa says I know you both are friends but I see a vibe. Tejasswi says there is nothing from his side also, we have nothing going on between us. Akasa says you are so cute with Karan. Tejasswi says I am cute with everyone. Pratik comes there so Tejasswi says he holds my heart.

8:30 PM
Ishaan tells Miesha that Rajiv told me that we are looking vulgar on TV. Miesha says everyone is teasing me saying that my competition is here. Ishaan says this is all stupid. Miesha hugs him so he consoles her. Vishal says I want to play task like this too. Miesha tells Ishaan to come out of the alphabet, has his priorities changed since yesterday? Ishaan says yes, he laughs and hugs her. Miesha asks him to leave the task for her. Vishal tells Ishaan to tell Rajiv to not talk about all this on TV, if he is your friend then he should care about your reputation. Ishaan says I will ask him to shut up and if he doesn’t then I will not spare him.

8:45 PM
Karan jokes with Shamita that I have a lot of respect for you now. Afsana jokes that Rajiv won’t fit in the alphabet. Rajiv says don’t joke with me like this, if I start then you won’t be able to take it. Afsana says I was just joking. Rajiv leaves. Shamita tells Afsana to not call people fat. Afsana tells sorry to Rajiv. Rajiv says I am not crazy, don’t taunt me like this again.
Nishant asks Tejasswi if she wants to be a captain? Tejasswi says we can make Simba our captain. Pratik says I want to be the captain. Nishant says if they attack me tomorrow then I am fine but if they try to cut my hair then I will leave the task.

Bigg Boss tells the inmates that today’s time of the task has ended. All clap.

Rajiv gets emotional. Shamita says these taunts shouldn’t matter to you. Rajiv says I have a medical condition and then I am hearing all this. Shamita says people won’t be nice to you here, she hugs him as he cries. Karan comes there laughing. Rajiv says I took up the courage to be here. Afsana comes there and says I swear I was not taunting you at all, I am really sorry. She hugs him and says I thought you are funny like me. Shamita asks her to kiss him. Afsana says let’s end this here, she kisses Rajiv’s cheek. Rajiv says maybe I am very sensitive, I know you were not taunting me.

9:45 PM
Karan asks Tejasswi to not do drama like you did today, you shouldn’t have done choking acting. I was worried and even took you to the medical room but you didn’t tell me at all. Tejasswi says I am sorry, she hugs him. Karan says you can’t do that, I got scared. I didn’t care about the show or task when I saw you choking, I got so scared. Tejasswi hugs him and says I am sorry. Karan says be sensitive.

11:15 PM
Ishaan asks Jay what we will do tomorrow? We can use insects against Tejasswi. Jay says we can target Rajiv, he is using lenses so we can target him. Ishaan says Nishant and Pratik won’t move so we just have to target their weaklings like Tejasswi, Miesha and Rajiv. We just need to move one of their players to win the task.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  2. Karan put picked Teja up in his arms , she sat on his lap hiding in his jacket , I was like – niche utar 😡 , felt so jealous of her . I was shouting – dur reh karan se 🤣🤣🤣 , karan’s eyes were filled with spark when he talked to her 😍😍

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    Btw I’m corona positive hope you won’t be affected by me😀

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