Bigg Boss 15 24th November 2021 Written Episode Update: Simba gets eliminated from the show


Bigg Boss 15 24th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 53
8 AM
The inmates wake up to the song I will be alright. They all dance. Neha hugs Shamita and dances. Vishal says my closest friend is Tejasswi, he hugs her and says I will start my new day with my friend.

8:45 AM
Shamita tells Neha that I felt bad when you told Rajiv that he is doing all this for TRP. Neha says I just felt he is picking fights for no reason. Shamita says you told him in front of everyone. Neha says Rajiv is confusing me, if he has a problem with me then he can talk to me directly.

9:30 AM
Rajiv tells Umar that Neha didn’t talk to me at all after last night. I am not brainless, I am a businessman so I know what I can do and what I can’t. Umar says Neha is like Miesha, she wanted to be cordial with all boys and have one special boy. Rajiv says I am very hurt by Neha’s behavior.

10 AM
Neha asks Rajiv if he is angry with her? Rajiv says yes, you said I am doing all this for TRP. Neha says I was saying this to everyone, I was with you this whole week and I supported you. Rajiv says I felt bad about your behavior. Neha says you are spending time with Umar now so I am a bad person? I just felt that you want to stand up for yourself all of a sudden which doesn’t look natural. Rajiv says Pratik has been irritating me, I kept ignoring him but he was acting like I am his slave so I blasted at him yesterday.

11 AM
Tejasswi tells Vishal that the top 5 have 3 OTT members. Vishal says this show is becoming all about OTT. It looks like we are not doing good. Umar says all BB15 members are leaving one by one but OTT members are still here. Vishal says they become one when it comes to fights. Karan says they were never called out for that. Tejasswi says they have a unity that can’t be broken. Karan says they fight with each other but then they become one when it comes to others. Neha fought with Pratik but she still said she would take Pratik’s side always.

11:15 AM
Neha tells Karan that Pratik has a clean heart so he says things without a filter. Umar says what he said to Rajiv was wrong. Neha says Rajiv talks to everyone so they all blame Pratik. Karan says but Pratik should think before speaking. Karan says Rajiv has to stand up for himself. Neha says I agree. We also asked Pratik to stop joking if Rajiv doesn’t like that.

11:30 AM
Neha tells Rajiv that you are talking to Umar about me? You have a problem with me then tell me clearly. Umar says Rajiv didn’t like your TRP comment. Neha says I don’t like Rajiv talking about me with Umar. Rajiv doesn’t know who his friends are. Rajiv says I felt bad about your comment because you are close to me. Nishant tells Rajiv that you react when you felt bad but Neha can’t react to you? Rajiv says don’t talk about my reactions. Nishant says if Neha has an issue with you then talk to her and clarify. Rajiv says don’t give me speeches. Nishant says you are no less, don’t give me lectures. I am mature enough to follow my words.

12:15 PM
Rajiv tells Karan that I talked to Neha today morning but she is being provoked by others. Umar says Neha commented that Rajiv is provoking others. I didn’t like it. Umar tells Neha that I never crossed the line with Rajiv as Pratik does it. Pratik says I said sorry to him unlike you. Neha tells Umar to hear her out, he could have talked to me. Umar says if Rajiv shared something with me then what’s wrong? Pratik says Umar is insecure about his friendships. This is a *****. Umar pushes him away and says how dare you to curse me? They both charge at each other. Umar attacks him. Karan pulls Umar back and says don’t hit him. Pratik says I didn’t curse you. I was talking generally. Umar says you called me *****, Pratik says I was not cursing at you. Shamita tells Pratik that if Jay curses in a fight then you take it personally but if you are cursing then it’s a general word. Pratik says I am sorry if he felt I cursed him but he can’t push me. Umar says you are cursing me because you are a coward. Umar says you are a ****. Pratik says what did you call me? Umar pushes him away. Pratik says don’t push me. They both push each other. Pratik asks him to stop using his hands. Karan asks Umar to calm down.

12:30 PM
Pratik says Umar cursed me too. Umar says I never cursed at you.

1:30 PM
Nishant tells Pratik that you have made a mark by talking about things that are important but you are reacting to every small thing. Why are you giving attention to Umar? He doesn’t have a stand so he is attacking you. He knows you will react to him.

Vishal tells Umar that you got too aggressive, you have to control yourself. Umar says I was wrong today. Vishal says Pratik is scared of you but he keeps irritating you to the point that you lose it. Umar says it’s his pattern.

Nishant tells Pratik that they don’t like being in the bottom 6. They are just doing all this to get a rise out of you. Just don’t react to them.

Tejasswi tells Vishal that Nishant can flip on anyone for the game. He is not loyal to anyone.

8 PM
Bigg Boss tells the inmates to gather in the garden. Bigg boss says bottom 6 will stand on the stairs and top 5 will sit on other stairs. Tejasswi says I feel one inmate will be eliminated tonight. Nishant says I don’t know, I don’t think too much about it. Tejasswi says I know. They all wish each other luck. All inmates come to the garden. Bigg Boss asks the bottom 6 to hold their lanterns while standing on the stairs. Tejasswi is scared and keeps praying. Pratik says this is scary. Nishant hugs Neha. They all take their places. Bigg Boss tells the inmates that we have crossed half mark for this season. The relationships in this house are important. We will test these relationships now. We talked about cleaning the house. He says Rajiv, Neha, Vishal, Umar, Jay and Simba are in the bottom 6. The top 5 will choose one inmate that they want to save from the bottom 6. The top 5 will give a life jacket to one inmate and give a reason for saving them. The buzzer will play after every round. The bottom 6 member who is not safe at the end of the task will be eliminated from the house directly. The top 5 inmates will get one chance each. Whoever they want to save or not is the top 5’s personal choice only. There won’t be a need for a mutual decision.

1st Buzzer: Nishant takes the first chance and gives the jacket to Jay. He says I want to save him, he is my close friend and I did a mistake by not saving him but still, he trusted me. He is a strong personality so he deserves to be in the show. I trust him to do good in the show. Jay says you ran away to save me, this shows your love. Thank you.

8:15 PM
Shamita tells Jay that Pratik should choose Neha as I want to save Rajiv. I should save my brother. Tejasswi asks Karan if I can save Vishal? Karan says don’t ask me that, it’s fine. Tejasswi says I wanted to help Shamita by saving Vishal.

8:30 PM
Shamita tells Pratik that you should save Neha as I have to save Rajiv. Pratik says I want to save Simba also. Shamita says I have to save Rajiv so I am not forcing you at all. Pratik says Shamita should go first.
Karan tells Tejasswi that Shamita can save Neha and Rajiv by asking Pratik to help her. Tejasswi says she can’t use her mind like that.
Nishant tells Pratik that if you have a bond with Simba then save him, it’s Shamita choice to save her friend or brother. Tejasswi asks Shamita to take her chance and not rely on Pratik.

8:45 PM
2nd Buzzer: Shamita takes the life jacket and saves Rajiv. He hugs her and says thank you. Shamita says he is my brother and he is doing good on the show. He is the life of this house. Rajiv thanks her. Neha looks on.

9 PM
Shamita tells Karan that Pratik will do as Nishant says. Rajiv says this is not about how much you give the show. Shamita says Neha deserves more to be in the show. Karan says I also think so, nothing against Simba.
Nishant tells Pratik that it was Shamita’s choice. Pratik says it’s not her fault, Rajiv is her brother. Nishant says but we have to save our friend.
Karan tells Shamita that Nishant is pressurizing Pratik to save Simba.
Shamita talks to Pratik and says you play from the heart, you are not like Nishant. Pratik says I want to save Neha but.. he cries. Shamita says I have nothing against Simba. Pratik says it’s not that, it’s not your fault but I just feel bad for them. Shamita consoles him and says it’s happening because of me. Pratik says it’s okay.

3rd Buzzer: Tejasswi takes thee life jacket and saves Vishal. She says he is my friend and he gives a lot to the show. Vishal thanks her and hugs her.

9:30 PM
Shamita tells Neha that don’t worry at all, I know what I have done.
Simba tells Nishant that he felt something would happen today. I feel you are my closest friend here. You are always on my priority. Nishant says you have made relationships.

9:45 PM
4th Buzzer: Karan gives a life jacket to Umar and says he is my friend. I want him to forgive me. Umar hugs and thanks him. Tejasswi says they both are romantic. Rajiv hugs Umar. Umar hugs Simba and says let’s forget all our fights.

Karan tells Tejasswi that Nishant is fooling Pratik. Tejasswi says Pratik will save Neha only.

Shamita tells Neha that Nishant chose Jay but I am fine. Shamita says why are you doubting Pratik? We should be clear about Nishant, he is trying to save Simba against you.

10 PM
5th Buzzer: Pratik takes the life jacket and sees a coffin coming out. Pratik says I have been lonely in this house but Simba always took my side. I feel bad that I have to let him go now. I feel bad that Neha had to leave OTT and I felt responsible for some reason. He saves Neha and says sorry to Simba. Nishant and Pratik hug Simba. Shamita hugs Pratik.

Bigg Boss tells Simba that the inmates think you don’t deserve to be in the show so you are getting eliminated right now. Simba hugs everyone. He lies in the coffin and says I love you all. The coffin is taken out of the house. Neha hugs Shamita and cries.

10:15 PM
Neha holds Pratik’s hand and says don’t be guilty about my OTT journey now.
Nishant is silently crying and cooking. Umar says Simba did make relationships. Everybody liked Simba. Vishal says only 5 people are left from the jungle. Tejasswi says we have to make Jay our priority now. Umar says Nishant saved Jay so he won’t be on our side now.

1:15 AM
Tejasswi asks Nishant if he doesn’t sit with Neha anymore? Nishant says we stay away from those people now. Tejasswi says you people fight but then you all come back together. Nishant says I will talk to Karan once this show is over, I never said anything bad for Karan but he takes the game seriously. I can’t do games this much. I have equations with a lot of people.

1:30 AM
Nishant tells Pratik that Neha and Jay didn’t make bonds in the house. Pratik says it’s all in the audience hand now.

Karan tells Tejasswi that you were talking to Nishant when you should be spending time with me. Tejasswi says I talking to him only. Karan says you are sorting your relationships. Tejasswi hugs him.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Varshni

    Shamitaaa ❤️❤️❤️

  2. The presence of Rakhi and Afsane was more entertaining
    Shamita Shetty advises others like a teacher and thinks she is superior to others and others are not smart.
    tejaswi also has an unbearable presence and tries to make it easy by laughing at her and karan mistakes.

  3. Prateek and Nishant are living in their la la land. Someone tell Nishant that Rajiv has more fans than him. Umar, Prateek and karan are top 3. Karan has larger fandom so he is in top.

  4. Varshni

    Wow neha is safe ❤️❤️❤️ I love shamita Neha and Pratik a lot ❤️❤️❤️

  5. Can someone please tell me what those asterisks words are? I mean the curse pratik said to umar

  6. So Simba was put in the coffin for eviction!!! Big boss please think of a better way rather than putting live people in the coffins!!! It is sad because coffins r meant for dead bodies. I bet Simba was scared.

    1. Coffins are used in KKK for stunts… so nothing wrong in that…they have used it as promp

    2. I did not like it too. Big Boss please come up with something better. No living being needs to be in a coffin before their time. It made me sad not because its Simba, I say the same for for anyone who is on the show. You have always treated people well Big Boss.

  7. Malayalam Babe

    What a stupid idea! A coffin? At this time with so many lives lost around the world they had to come up with placing someone in a coffin! This is too much nonsense. I’m sorry to know that Simba is out of the show. I haven’t seen this episode and I don’t think I want to watch anymore. Simba if you’re reading this, please know that your fans love you. This was not the show for you. It’s not that you’re not a good contestant. This show is for those who make fools of themselves. They shout and fight for any stupid thing. You were above that, much classier than them. You spoke when needed to and intervened at the right times. Do you think in any ordinary situations people thrown together will fight over silly things? This show is ridiculous as ever! They have already planned it. It’s obvious that Shamita will win. She won’t be making a fool of herself on TV by coming in second place. She’s the only one who calls Salman by his name while the others refer to him as bhai or Sir. She’s bossy and arrogant. Teja and Karan are given too much prominence with the silly romance. The press conference was boring with too many questions thrown only at Teja and Karan. The best part of the press conference was when the female reporter questioned Teja about playing the woman card. Then Teja spoke up to her like how could she bring that up being a woman. Why not? It was obvious she was using the woman card. She likes to twist things around. She and the conniving Karan deserve each other. The only reason they’re giving her all that attention is most likely it’s because she’s getting good publicity for the movie Rohit Shetty made with her. I can’t think of any other good reason. She thinks she’s above the rest. Again I’m sorry to know that Simba is out of the show and taken out in a coffin. That’s in such bad taste. Can you imagine how his parents must be feeling! This is too much. This is horrible. Just nonsense. I’m so upset!

  8. Someone throw this neha and pratik out of the show yrr,they are too much irritating….yesterday i supported KK for his possessive behavior but he is getting too much…first vishal but now even nishant???

  9. WOW this is so fair, like their just eliminating everyone on their own, WHAT about us, our voting goes to vain, and then they bring stupid wildcards, I can already predict the trp
    Simba was one of my fav contestant and the most genuine, this is unfair

    1. but rakhi is good

    2. Seriously this might be the only season where there is no meaning for voting lines

  10. Jo log bol rahe h karan and teja relationship is fake and that he is very possessive and insecure and all and all , please watch the live feed , or follow some pages on insta who share all videos from lf , if u wanna know what actually is going on in the house do it, if u just want to judge people on 1% of what the whole matter was , then keep judging toddles . It’s not u guys’ fault either , u r watching what bb is showing in the episode , they just trying to make the wrong impression of them .for example , u saw teja crying but u didn’t saw teja went to Nishant to make him eat , because she was feeling guilty that someone is hungry because of her , unknown of the fact that Nishant have called her food poison

  11. I feel bad for Simba and his fans , it was not right

  12. All those crying nd feeling bad for simba’s elimination nd saying tht only simba has winner qualities nd only he should’ve won this….like seriously???haven’t u guyz watched the previous seasons of BB???okay he is a good nd sweet guy nd i also like him,but he isn’t made for this type of show …bcoz he doesn’t gives much content,he doesn’t only needs to fight or shout to give content,but he wasn’t going more then show’s perspective

  13. I don’t know why shamita is so controlling . Even afsana said that . Shamita also needs to be eliminated …

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