Bigg Boss 15 20th January 2022 Written Episode Update: Nishant wins a finale week ticket

Bigg Boss 15 20th January 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 110
Tejasswi is crying, Karan tries to console her but she says leave me alone. Karan leaves.

Abhijeet says I can’t protect the balls when I don’t have a basket. Pratik says you are attacking others also.

Tejasswi tells Rashami that Devo is playing for Nishant, she is doing wrong with me. Karan tells Tejasswi to attack Nishant and then you can win. Tejasswi says I don’t want to attack him, it’s not my game to attack others. Rashami says think about yourself. Tejasswi says I am done, she cries so Rakhi asks her to not cry, why do you play the crying card every time? You can attack others. Tejasswi says I am not saying they are wrong when they attacked me. Rakhi says then don’t play the sympathy card. Pratik says it’s her choice if she doesn’t want to attack him. Nishant says I will protect myself so play your game. Tejasswi says I don’t want to. Nishant tells Devo that I will make sure to have more balls than them. Rajiv asks Rakhi to stop saying she is playing any card. Rakhi says she brought it up. Rajiv says if she doesn’t want to attack others then let her be. Pratik says Rakhi is just joking. Tejasswi says it’s not funny.

5:30 PM
The last round of the task starts, Rajiv sits on Rakhi as she becomes a horse. He breaks a pinata. Nishant and Teejasswi collect balls. Rashami attacks Abhijeet and gives the balls to Tejasswi. Rajiv attacks Abhijeet also. Abhijeet says he can’t attack me. Rajiv says I can. Devo tries to get the balls for Nishant but Abhijeet tries to stop her. Devo bites him, he says she can’t do that. This is wrong. Tejasswi says he cut my basket so she bit him. Abhijeet says I will attack her. Rakhi asks him to shut up. Pratik says she was just joking. Abhijeet laughs and asks Devo why did you bite me? Rashami says Abhijeet is cute. Devo goes and gargles her mouth after biting Abhijeet. She says how can I do this to myself?

5:45 PM
Bigg Boss says the task has ended. Pratik will announce who has the most number of balls. Pratik counts Tejasswi’s balls first. He counts for Nishant and he has the most number of balls. He won the task.

6 PM
Bigg Boss tells the inmates that Rajiv came into the house with some powers. Rajiv will decide if Nishant should get the ticket to the finale or not. Or he can downgrade the existing VIPs and give their place to Nishant. Rajiv says they are all deserving so Nishant should get the ticket and I won’t downgrade anyone else. Bigg Boss says Nishant has the ticket to finale now. Everyone hugs Nishant. Nishant says finally. Rashami says you deserve it. Nishant thanks everyone for supporting him. Nishant hugs Abhijeet also.

7:15 PM
Tejasswi tells Rashami that you and Devo are weird. Rashami says we are both different people, she doesn’t want to earn my trust. Tejasswi says Abhijeet attacked me because Devo asked him to. She has hatred in her heart for me.

8 PM
Rakhi tells Abhijeet that you like Devo right? Abhijeet says I don’t. Rakhi says you are crazy about her, she didn’t even talk to your wife, she likes you too. Abhijeet laughs.

11:15 PM
Nishant tells Pratik that I don’t want to talk to anyone. Pratik says let’s go and sit with Rakhi. Nishant says I don’t want to, you all talk about yourself only. I don’t have anything to talk about. I am bored when I am not connecting with others. I am irritated because you people think everything is about you only. Pratik says why are you so angry these days? Nishant says I talk to people about the show only.

11:30 PM
Tejasswi tells Karan that Pratik has made a deal with Abhijeet so he can help them with the tasks. They don’t like him but they do his work so they can take favors from him in the tasks. Karan says they can do anything for the game. Tejasswi says this show is performing in the tasks. I am genuinely liking Rashami as she is honest and plays her game. Devo played against me today.

12:30 AM
Shamita tells Pratik that I don’t like Nishant’s opinion, he is self-obsessed like he calls us. I am emotional for my friends, I have brought Nishant close to me but he is acting normal with people who back-stabbed him and then he is calling me fake and self-obsessed. Pratik says I can’t force you to make things normal with him. Shamita says we spent so many days together so he can’t say all that to me.

Day 111
8 AM
The inmates wake up to the song larki badi anjani.

Shamita tells Rajiv that I am hurt by Nishant’s attitude. I was silent till now but I won’t spare him now as he is calling me fake. His friends like Tejasswi and Karan are fake.

11:45 AM
Nishant tells Rajiv that my problem with Shamita is that Rakhi hurt her a lot but she didn’t pay her back when she could. If she wanted to downgrade Tejasswi then she should have been clear that she has a personal issue with her. Rajiv says why did you call her self-obsessed. Nishant says Shamita always thinks about herself, she is still not giving me space and thinking about herself only.

3:15 PM
Karan reads a task for Rashami, Tejasswi, Devo and Abhijeet. This is the last chance to win the ticket to the finale. In the task, they will decorate their mannequins and the other inmates will give them autographs if they like their mannequins. When the round starts, Rajiv will announce who 3 will get a chance to decorate their mannequins. They have to protect their mannequins also. Whoever wants to give them autographs will give it to them. Rajiv won’t be part of autographs, he can’t give chances to the same 2 people in back to back rounds.

3:30 PM
Tejasswi asks Pratik to support her. Pratik says I will support Devo only as it’s about my friendship with her. Rakhi tells Rashami that I will support you and Devo only. Shamita tells Pratik that I will support Rashami only.
Karan asks Nishant to help Tejasswi, he asks Rakhi to help her also. Nishant says I will support Tejasswi but I will see how the game goes.

Shamita tells Devo that I will support Rashami. Rajiv says I will support Rashami also.

4 PM
The first round starts, Rajiv chooses Tejasswi, Devo and Rashami. Nishant asks Pratik who is he supporting? Pratik says this is the last chance so I will support Devo, I can’t support Tejasswi. Nishant says I will support Tejasswi now.

Devo says I can’t decorate the mannequin myself as I am hurt. Shamita tries to help her but Bigg Boss says other inmates can’t help them. The first round ends. Nishant checks their mannequins, he says I like Tejasswi’s modern mannequin, he gives his autograph to her. Karan gives it to her also. Shamita gives her autograph to Rashami. Pratik gives his to Devo. Rakhi says I like Devo’s mannequin, she gives the autograph to her.

4:15 PM
Rakhi tells Pratik that we should support Devo, if she is not till the end then we will support Tejasswi. Tejasswi asks Rakhi to support her. She says I will if Devo is not part of the task. Pratik tells Rashami that I can’t support you. Nishant tells Pratik that if Tejasswi doesn’t win then I will support Devo as a second priority.

Karan tells Rajiv to support Tejasswi. Shamita asks Pratik to not get influenced by Nishant, he wants us to support Tejasswi. Rakhi tells Rashami that I have to support Tejasswi as Karan asked for a favor for the first time from me. Rashami says this is my last chance, please support me.

4:30 PM
Rajiv tells Rakhi that Devo was behind me when I was in the house. I am fine with Devo, Rashami and Tejasswi. I want to support Rashami and Tejasswi more than Devo as they are deserving. Rakhi says if not Devo then I will support Rashami. Tejasswi asks Rakhi to support her. She asks Rakhi to not listen to him, this is my last chance.

Rashami tells Rajiv that Rakhi will support Tejasswi as Devo asked her to.

Rakhi tells Pratik and Devo that Rajiv won’t give chances to Devo.

Rajiv tells Shamita that I talked to Nishant, he said that he is tired of talking to you. Shamita says he is not my friend anymore, I am done.

5 PM
Abhijeet tells Rashami that Rajiv said he would support Tejasswi only.

Rashami tells Shamita that Rakhi is flipping on me, she wants to support Tejasswi. Shamita says what? Rashami says Devo doesn’t want me to win if she can’t win.

The next round starts, Rajiv chooses Rashami, Tejasswi and Abhijeet. They decorate their mannequins. All laugh at Abhijeet’s mannequin. Rajiv says he is funny, he took his mannequin’s clothes and covers it with tree leaves.
Nishant tells Pratik that who can you support other than Devo? Pratik says my priority is Devo.

5:15 PM
The round ends, Karan gives his autograph to Tejasswi. Nishant gives it to her also. Shamita gives her autograph to Rashami. Abhijeet says they are all pig for playing in groups. Devo says don’t say all that. Abhijeet says Rajiv is plotting all this. I know you want Tejasswi to win. Rashami says her friends are supporting her. Rakhi says he can’t call us pigs. Rakhi asks Abhijeet where is his mannequin’s clothes? Pratik says you can’t question him. Rakhi says let me do my task. Karan tells Rakhi that Rashami can’t win this task so you should support Tejasswi as she is against Devo. Rakhi gives her autograph to Tejasswi.

5:30 PM
Rakhi tells Devo that the competition will be between you and Tejasswi only.

Rajiv tells Pratik that don’t tell me how I can play the task. The audience will decide who is winning the task.

Karan tells Shamita that the competition will be between Tejasswi and Devo. Shamita says no one is support Rashami so I am supporting her for now. Karan says just don’t support Devo. Shamita says I don’t think it will come to that.

Rajiv tells Pratik that you are playing diplomatically. Don’t question me.

5:45 PM
Rakhi tells Rashami that Karan thinks you won’t be part of the competition. Rashami says why did you give the autograph to Tejasswi? They are not helping me so they won’t help you later on.

Karan tells Rajiv that if you keep Devo out for one more round then Tejasswi will win. Rakhi comes to Karan and says Rashami is saying that you won’t support me later on. Karan says you know me for 12 years, I am promising you that Tejasswi will support you later on.

Rakhi tells Rajiv and Rashami that I will support Devo in this round and then I will support Rashami in the next round. Abhijeet says they are all planning and plotting.

Shamita asks Rajiv to use his mind and keep his friendship aside, just do the right thing. Rajiv says I will.

Karan tells Rakhi that I want Tejasswi to win as if Devo wins then she will keep Pratik and Shamita as her priority but we will keep you as a priority to protect you.

Rashami asks Rakhi to not flip on me this time. Devo asks Rakhi to just support her. Rashami says you are still listening to her? Do your own thing at least now.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Agr iss bar tejaswi nhi jitati tff to bb 3 se 4 rask aur rkhwate,bhle hi rashmi,devo nd abhijeet ko mil jata phle ticket fir b tejaswi k liye last tk le jate…biased show nd makers…tejaswi iss season ki aarti nhi lg rhi jo bb13 me bina kisi capability k hi top 6 me phuch gyi thi??nhiii yrr bechari aarti clean to thi tejaswi ki tarah lusty nhi thi

    1. Kuch logon ke pass super successful stars ke baare me b*t*hing karne ke alawa aur koi kaam nahi hota, how sad😂

    2. Get a life girl😂😂…no matter how much i b*t*h or jealous abt any star,i can’t reach to their standard then why would i be jealous with them,m just stating the fact whatever i see

  2. Tired of this ticket to finale, last 2 weeks atleast let the audience decide whom to keep whom not. May be Umar was getting more votes then those whom BB & salman wants in the number 2, 3 place so they evicted him

  3. This is injustice to rashmi.
    She completed her task of 19 hours standing on the pole but the housemates just nominated her and she lost the ticket now nobody in the house cares that what wrong they did with her.
    The day when umar left the show she tried to support everyone who asked for her help but now nobody is helping her.
    Biased show 🙁

    1. i agree this Rashmi should think, if ever she had supported other rather than teja, karan who never stood by them he would have won the ticket…still she supported teja in every task jst for karan… even karan is selfish he know how n from where he can gain support for him n teja.. he wants teja and himself even he is playing bcoz when it was between him teja n rakhi… teja was least bothered for karan she just wanted her to b in the finale. this is all of teja n karan plans… but still people favour karan and teja as andhe voters. let any win except this both..

  4. Just give the freaking ticket to Tejasswi as that’s the reason why so many ticket to finale contests are being held.



  6. I don’t mind who wins to contest, as long it TEJASWI DOES NOT WIN !!!! She has only reached this far because of using Karan, who goes round to everyone asking to help her.

    1. I agree with this statement 100%

  7. Teja or Karan win the show if it based on voting otherwise Shamitha wins. Mark my words.

    I prefer Karan to win. We all see how this worst BB15 show unfolds next 10 days.

  8. Varshni

    If it based on voting then shamita will only win! Only colors are hell bent in making their fake bahu win!
    Sending u more love and positivity shamita ❤️❤️❤️

    1. Listen I know that they are biased towards Teja, but it’s the same for Shamita also. Whether you agree with it or not, they’re biased towards both Shamita and Tejasswi.

  9. Jayanti

    As far as biased ness is concerned it is the makers decision. And TTF was won by Teja thrice and the only person to have had won this 3 times. First Time yes it was because of Umar but he already had told her so many times about and Teja agreed to that. She also said that she will return that favour to him but she didn’t get any chance after that. She has given 💯 in every task, esp in the sack task where she was the clear winner. Unfair Sanchalak led to no decision. And if Teja is colors bahu then so is Shamita the sister of host’s friend. Teja always has played her tasks well. She never needed someone to play for her. And this time She won TTF Fair and Square. No body can now say about the biased ness. Nishant won TTF because Teja did not cut his basket. She never has been unfair.
    Also, Congratulations Teja….My Love you won TTF. So happy for you. May you lift that trophy as well.

  10. Agree Teja has always played a fair n clean game. She has played in more tasks than cunning Shams who genuinely has major issues with Teja becos she knows Teja is way smarter, stronge,brave n beautiful too.
    Teja deserves so much TTF cause she has played against male n female contestants and some really challenging tasks too. Unlike other contestants were giving simple tasks n some played against Teja like physically strong Pratik n he won TTF.. As for aunty Shams, Nishant finally exposed her truth so now she cannot accept… big lady crying like a child n playing sympathy card by Pratik n Rajiv. Shams is speaks the most in English but got away from punishment bcos she is reigning captain. Even in the task shams didn’t play fair. instead took devo name n then apologizing to her. How can one compare a young, brilliant woman Teja to Shams who lived more years n will definitely have more experience. Teja is the youngest female in BB. Yet she is so strong and brave. Hats of to u our brave warrior… My family n I in South Africa are supporting you Tejran. No contestant is innocent, fake free or perfect in BB..We love how u play a clean and fair game, Teja. We hope u win TTF

  11. I too agree with Kamlesh.. Karan n Teja are playing for each other n they are making friends so that they can favor them with so called buttering up act or like a cry / emotional baby. Nobody can understand their behavior . Teja is so sharp and manipulative with her talks early he held on to Vishal initially she was targeting him as he keeps on touching me which i dont like but he never told him directly, just to gain sympathy, then she target pratik on the same. i dont like karan and teja they have come here to play couple card its a game and not Whoever wins but i dont wont this duos to win …. if they win than surely its pre planned on BB and scripted. Else why BB keeps on favoring Teja.. when she speaks she doesnt wont anybody to talk and makes it as if she is correct.. U just need people to play for you so you can win BB.

  12. I agree with Sheryl and Kamlesh.. i have been watching BB right from the start the only deserving contestant in my view is either RAkhi… because of her the TRP have gone up and Pratik one man army lot of bullying, fights have taken place and everyone have targetted him except Devo bcos everyone knows he is strong contender.. i truly feel he is well deserving and true no faces at all…

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