Bigg Boss 15 17th October 2021 Written Episode Update: No Elimination this Week

Bigg Boss 15 17th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Weekend Ka Vaar
Salman welcomes everyone to the show. He connects the call to the house and says Ishaan-Umar will go in Sultani ring. He asks them to tell why they are better than the other. Umar says Ishaan doesn’t understand the game, he just follows others. His love connection with Miesha was fake, it was his game strategy. Ishaan says Umar can manipulate others, he judges other people’s relationships. Umar told Miesha that he will make a love connection with her. Umar says never. Miesha says on the first day, I was talking to Umar and he just hinted at it but he never talked about making a strategy. Ishaan says no Miesha, you told me about it. Umar says I never talked about making a strategy. Salman asks the inmates to vote. Umar wins the first round. Ishaan and Umar start their physical fight. Ishaan throws him down and wins 1 point. They start again and Umar wins the 2nd round. Ishaan wins the 3rd round and wins the physical fight. Salman ends the call.

On the Stage:
Salman welcomes Bappi Da to the show. Bappi says I am happy to be here. Salman says I love his songs. Salman says let’s call his grandson. He comes on the stage and starts rapping. Bappi praises him. Salman does hookstep with him. Salman asks if he composed the song? He says no, I didn’t. I have sung the song. Salman connects the call to the house and introduces Bappi and his grandson. All inmates cheer for them. His grandson says my mom is a big Bigg Boss fan. Afsana says I like wearing gold like Bappi, I love him so much. The inmates have prepared a performance for Bappi. They all dance on koi yahan nache nache. They all end the performance together. Salman says Bappi has given so many hits. Salman thanks him for coming, he hugs his son and they both leave.

Salman says there is a radio show going on in the house, let’s watch it.

In the House:
Shamita starts the radio show for the inmates. She says we will have fun together and some guests will be here tonight. Shamita calls Vishal to co-host the show. They start it. Shamita says the first topic is emotional torture. Vishal says let’s ask the celebrity guest. Vishal acts like a celebrity. He says Karan does emotional torture on Nishant, Pratik does it on Nishant also, Nishant has become a tennis ball. Nishant says Karan is my brother, only I can understand him in the house. I have given the last warning to not make me a tennis ball. For Pratik, I allow him as he is a good person from the heart. Vishal says let’s have a performance. Karan, Pratik and Nishant dance on emotional atyachaar. Karan picks up Nishant and dances with him. Nishant dances with them. All cheer for them.
Shamita says the second topic is about boring others. Vishal mimics another celebrity. He says inmates run away when they see Donal coming to them, why does Donal bore others? Donal says I try my best to not do it. Vishal says you are boring people even now. Let’s play the music. He plays abhi mujh me kahin. Donal beautifully dances on the song. All cheer for her. Afsana hugs her.
Shamita says the next topic is what kind of drunk is he? Vishal says there are two people who look like they are on dr*gs. Vishal says Simba and Umar do it. Simba says we are drunk on love. All laugh. Shamita plays the song kaunsa naasha. Afsana dances with them as it’s her song. Umar picks Afsana up and dances with her. All laugh.
Shamita says the next topic is sharara sharara. Who is the inmate who is making everyone go crazy with her flirting? Vishal says she has not even left Bigg Boss. I am falling in love with her. Tejasswi laughs. She says I love my baby Bigg Boss. Vishal says I am crazy about her while she is crazy about Bigg Boss. Sharara Sharara song plays. Tejasswi and Akasa start dancing on the song. All cheer for them, All cheer for her. Vishal says I love her. Tejasswi laughs.
Shamita says let’s talk about who is the villain of the house? Vishal says Afsana acts like a goon. Afsana says I promise to win hearts and not be a goon anymore. Afsana dances on goli maar. All laugh at her dancing. Vishal says this is the Afsana I like.
Shamita says the last topic is about a weird romance in the house. Vishal says if we want to show them then it should be after 12 AM only, it can’t be shown on Prime Time. Ishaan says I have worked hard to be here, I never thought about getting love here. You all have got Bigg Boss house but I have also got Miesha. Miesha blushes. Ishaan sits on his knees and says I have a connection with you, I have never felt it with anyone. I want to ask if you will be mine? Miesha hugs him and says I love you, I really do. All cheer for them. Vishal says let’s play a song for them. Ishq wala love plays and they both romantically dance on it. Miesha hugs him tightly and says I love you. Ishaan says finally. He kisses her forehead. Shamita and Vishal sign off from the radio show. All clap for them.

On the Stage:
Salman connects the call to the house. He says I saw your radio show, Vishal even mimicked me. Show it to me now. All laugh. Vishal mimics him funnily. Salman tells Tejasswi that her song was released and it’s doing good. Now you can tell everyone in the house that they are here because of your song. Tejasswi says I feel every song is played in the morning for me. Tejasswi says they played baby ko bass pasand hai and I thought it was played for me. Salman says that’s a fact. Tejasswi says yes? Salman says the fact is not one song was played for her, all laugh. Salman asks Karan and Pratik why they torture Nishant emotionally? Pratik says I think Nishant does emotional torture on me more. Salman asks Pratik to keep this tempo as we don’t understand when you talk fast. Pratik says I am emotionally connected with Nishant. Nishant says he doesn’t leave me alone, he even follows me to the washroom. This Karan keeps using me as a ball. All laugh. Salman says we have seen Afsana falling down a lot, just don’t fall down more. Just be happy now. She says yes. Salman says Shamita didn’t know Afsana sang that naasha song. Afsana knows you are in the industry for 25 years but you don’t know it’s her song? Shamita laughs and says don’t let her start again. Salman asks Afsana to teach singing to Shamita. Shamita says I can’t.. Afsana sings her song kaunsa naasha while Shamita tries to follow her. Afsana tries to teach her singing but Shamita can’t sing soulfully. All clap for them. Salman says Shamita did well but don’t ever sing again. Shamita laughs.
Salman asks Ishaan why did he fall to his knees? Ishaan says I wanted to make it official, she said I love you. Salman asks Miesha if she expected this? Miesha says I know, he keeps confessing his love to me. So I wanted to confess it today. Salman says what if Ishaan gets eliminated today? Ishaan says Miesha is stressed. Salman says can I do something? Miesha says just say that he is safe. Salman says he proposed you so he is not safe anymore. All laugh.

Salman asks the inmates whose battery is already drained in the house? Let’s play a task. Salman says you have to use a battery prop, he asks them to tie it on their heads. They do. He says you have to give a reason for telling whose battery is down.
Donal: She says Simba is giving his 100% but he doesn’t look like he wants to win. His battery is draining.
Karan: He says I feel Vidhi’s battery is down for some days.
Vidhi: She says I think Simba’s battery is draining, he can do much better.
Afsana: She says Akasa’s battery is draining because she doesn’t have anything extraordinary. I wanted to choose Vidhi. Vidhi says you can. Afsana hugs Akasa and takes out Vidhi’s battery, she says Vidhi is following others.
Nishant: He says Ishaan’s battery is draining, he has been so physical that I think he doesn’t have strength left. He should use some mind.
Pratik: He says I feel like Karan is getting stuck in things and then he gets frustrated. His battery is draining.
Akasa: She says Donal’s battery is draining, I tried connecting with her but I don’t understand her. She has a personality but she is not showing it. Donal says I am trying to connect with everyone. Salman says Akasa is right, Donal’s battery is draining.
Shamita: She says I think Donal’s battery is draining, she keeps grudges inside and that drains her battery. Donal says I always remember the good side of the person.
Vishal: He says Donal talks too much which is draining her battery.
Tejasswi: She says Donal’s battery is draining, I feel like she is lost.
Jay: He says I think Afsana’s battery is draining because the way she is doing things will drain her completely.
Miesha: She says I think Donal’s battery is draining, she doesn’t even work in the house. Donal says my hand was injured.
Ishaan: He says Donal’s battery is draining as I don’t understand her at all. She is confused.
Umar: He says Simba’s battery is draining, in the task Simba said mean things to me. Others are manipulating him and he doesn’t understand it. Simba says Umar was abusing me in the task, he started cursing me.
Simba: He says I think Donal’s battery is draining. She makes us sleep when she talks.

Salman says 7 people think Donal’s battery is low. Salman says there are 2 inmates who needs to charge their batteries more than Donal. Donal’s battery is low but there are 2 others also. He ends the call.

On the Stage:
Salman welcomes Bhuvan comedian to the stage. Salman asks about his online show. Bhuvan says I am doing 10 characters in the show. Salman asks if he watches Bigg Boss? Bhuvan says yes but I watch it on mute so I can create scenarios. The clip of Karan and Afsana plays while Bhuvan does a funny voice-over. Another clip shows Nishant and Vishal talking while Bhuvan does a voice-over. Salman wishes him luck and Bhuvan leaves.

Salman connects the call to the house. He asks Simba who did he want to nominate that day? Simba says I love everyone here, I went ahead with Afsana’s decision but I regretted it later on. Salman tells the inmates that I will send a person in the ‘thought process’ room. Vishal, Shamita, Karan, Simba and Jay will go there.

They are all in the thought process room. Salman says I will ask them questions and the inmates have to agree or disagree. He asks them questions one by one.
Salman asks Vishal if Jay has a superiority complex? He says no. All agree with him. Salman asks Vishal if Afsana creates issues for no reason? The majority disagrees with him. Salman asks Vishal if Tejasswi is the most entertaining female inmate of the house? He says yes. The majority agrees with him. Salman asks Vishal if Karan uses people for the game? Vishal says yes but the majority doesn’t agree so the water shower goes on him.
Salman asks Shamita if Jay can be trusted? She says he is. The majority disagrees with her. Pratik-Nishant don’t agree. The shower goes on her while all laugh. Salman asks if Tejasswi argues for no reason? Shamita says no. They all say she does just so Shamita would be showered. Shamita screams. Salman asks if there is an affair going on between Pratik and Nishant? Shamita laughs and says they are good friends. Pratik says I don’t agree with her. Pratik-Nishant say we have an affair. Shamita has showered again. Salman asks Shamita if she decided to make Vishal’s team win from the start? She says yes. Pratik says no, she is very fair. Nishant says shower her again. Shamita is showered again. She says yuck..
Salman asks Karan if Jay is destroying his image by cursing? He says yes. They all disagree so Karan is showered. Salman asks Karan if Donal has kitchen issues only? He says yes. They all disagree so he can be showered. Salman asks if Shamita is bossy? He says yes. They all say no. Pratik jokes Shamita is a generous woman. Karan gets showered again. Salman asks Karan if it’s impossible to make Afsana listen? Karan says I totally agree. They all agree with him. Salman asks if he did a mistake by trusting Vishal? Karan says no, it wasn’t my fault but Vishal’s loss. They all say he did a mistake so Karan is showered again.
Salman asks if Umar has made a place in the house? Simba says no. They all disagree so Simba is showered. Salman asks if love has made Ishaan useless? Simba says no. They all say Ishaan has become useless after love so Simba gets showered. Salman asks Simba if he is leader of the jungle? He says yes. They all jokingly agree. Salman asks if Donal makes better food than Tejasswi? Simba says no. They all say disagree with him. Salman asks if Akasa sings better than Afsana? Simba laughs and says just shower on me.
Salman asks Jay if Pratik is insecure about the jungle inmates? He says yes. They all disagree. He gets showered. Salman asks Jay if it matters for Vidhi to be here or not? Jay says it won’t matter. They all disagree. Jay gets showered again. Salman asks Jay if Ishaan-Miesha’s love is true? Jay says yes. They all disagree. Even Ishaan jokingly doesn’t agree. Jay gets showered again. Salman asks Jay if he thinks Umar doesn’t have brains? He says yes. They all disagree. Jay gets showered again. Salman asks him to change and ends the call

On the Stage:
Salman says 6 inmates are nominated today. We will know soon about who is getting eliminated. BigG comes there and hints that someone is coming. Farah Khan enters the stage. She hugs Salman and says I am so happy to be here. BigG leaves. Salman asks how is she feeling? Farah says it feels like coming home. This season is going full-on. Salman says if you become Bigg Boss then what will you do? Farah says I will send the housemates to the jungle once. I will send Shamita, Nishant and Pratik to the jungle for a day. Salman asks if true love can happen in the house? Farah says it was love on the first night. How fast can it happen? Salman says Ishaan went down on his knees and proposed Miesha. Farah says they will get married and have kids till the finale. Farah says Ishaan is playing a love-angle like Splitsvilla. Salman says you are going in the house? Farah says I will do a task and do elimination. She goes in the house.

In the house:
Farah connects to the inmates through a video call. Farah says we will do a task in which you have to tell about your value. Who is the most valued for the show and who is the least valued.
The inmates start the task. Shamita tells the inmates that I do contribute a lot, I think I should be on the number 1 position. 6 people agree with her. Nishant says I take care of the house, I have strong opinions, I am the most valuable in the house. He gets 10 votes. Akasa tells Pratik to have shame for not voting for Nishant. Pratik says I think I am number 1. Vishal says I don’t use physical power, I use my mind and I am a complete package. 8 people vote for him. Karan says I will win hearts and break hearts every day, I learn and grow every day. 10 people vote for him. Simba says I don’t believe in ranking, I don’t do anything fake. You all are number 1 for me. 8 people vote for him. Afsana says it was my dream to be here. 6 people vote for her.
Farah Khan enters the house and stands in the glass. They all greet her. Farah says this season is my favorite. I will start the task. She asks them to take positions. They all run to get first place. Farah says I will do the ranking now. Farah’s ranking:
1st – Karan Kundra (she says you are playing well, you have all the qualities to win)
2nd – Tejasswi (Farah says she is entertaining, she doesn’t cry much, it was unexpected for me)
3rd – Vishal (Farah says Shamita doesn’t need Vishal’s support, you are Bigg Boss veteran but Vishal is leading right now)
4th – Shamita (Farah says you are playing well but don’t be a queen)
5th – Pratik (Farah says I wanted Jay to be on this position but he needs to wake up)
6th – Jay (She says you need to up your game)
7th – Nishant (Farah says Nishant is not playing as well as he played on OTT, Nishant says I will cope up)
8th – Miesha (Farah says if Ishaan leaves then you need to think how you will survive)
9th – Ishaan (Farah asks him to start playing for himself)
10th – Afsana (Farah says I am scared of her, do you think I am an oldie also? Afsana says I love you so much. Farah says do you want to be Dolly Bindra of the show? Afsana says no)
11th – Umar (Farah says I know you have potential but I think you are following Asim only. We want to see Umar)
12h – Simba (Farah says he is very cute, I love you. You all were fighting but Simba was busy eating which we loved)
13h – Akasa (Farah says we just see you with Pratik but do something on your own)
14th – Donal (Farah asks her to pick up her game)
15th – Vidhi (Farah says she is acting like Jay’s shadow only)

Farah says 6 people are nominated. Vishal, Ishaan, Donal, Akasa, Afsana, and Vidhi. Farah says Ishaan is getting eliminated. Miesha starts crying. Farah says so much love in the first week only? Miesha says I beg of you to not take him. Farah says okay, don’t cry. Miesha cries and hugs Ishaan. Farah says no one is getting eliminated today because of Dusera. Farah says Pratik gets angry on cursing, he would faint on my set. Farah starts dancing on Desi Girl. They all dance with her. Farah leaves the house.

In the House:
Afsana tells Donal that you took the side of people but they are all selfish. Donal says Vishal cheated me but I know Karan is a good person. Afsana says I was ill but Karan called me and said he would take care of me in the show which he does.
Vidhi tells Umar that you are different than Asim. Umar says I don’t know why she said I am playing like Asim.
Karan tells Nishant and Pratik that you have more strength now as people are entering the house. You have a chance to shine now. These people are not trusting me anymore in the jungle. Karan asks Pratik to pick up his game. Pratik says I need to talk calmly.

Nishant jokes with Miesha and says it was your fantasy to be proposed on the TV? Mesha says yes, I like cheesy things. I hope he remains the same outside the house also. Nishant says I am your friend so I am telling you to not be fooled. Miesha says don’t break my heart, I like him. Nishant says he seems like a sweet boy but don’t forget why you are here.
Ishaan tells Jay that I am trying my best but I think I am unable to win Miesha’s trust. Jay says how? Ishaan says Miesha was sleeping, I went to her and tried talking to her. I asked her to not sleep with lenses on but she just walked away. I don’t want to look like a fool. I can’t keep running behind her. It’s making me think if I am doing the right thing? Jay says give her some time, all those things said today might have affected her.

On the stage, Salman says no one got eliminated this week.

In the House:
Day 16
11:15 PM
Pratik tells Tejasswi that you don’t like the jungle inmates stealing items from the kitchen but you were the one who stole items from us before. Shamita tells Karan that you people stole all our butter.
Tejasswi comes to Vidhi and says you can’t steal all their butter. This is not right. Pratik says they can steal it. Nishant says don’t say that, they can ask us but they shouldn’t steal it. Tejasswi brings some butter from Vidhi.

11:30 PM
Shamita tells the jungle inmates that we have 7 people in the house so don’t steal items from the kitchen. You can take it but leave some items for us to eat. Vishal tells Jay that we should follow the rules.

12:30 PM
Ishaan is washing the dishes and tells Donal that you leave your food in the plate and puts it in the sink. Donal says I never leave my food in the sink. It was a mistake. Tejasswi sees Donal talking to Ishaan and mimics her. Jay says Simba is still doing what he has been doing. Nishant says he is sleeping but with passion.

1 PM
Miesha tells Ishaan that my world revolves around you, you are my priority so I can’t be away from you. I don’t care if I leave the show but I can’t keep my distance from you, you are stuck with me. I just want to be with you all the time. Ishaan says we are together. Miesha says I tried giving you space but I can’t.

2:15 PM
Ishaan asks Karan to tell Donal to do her work. Donal comes there and says I was getting changed. Ishaan says you should handle the kitchen and leave me alone. Donal says you gave Vidhi’s message to me so I asked you to tell Vidhi to wait. Ishaan says we are all hungry so just start cooking. Donal says I am just cleaning up my clothes then I will start cooking. Karan asks Donal to just go then. Ishaan says we are all hungry so come and help others. Donal says I am just packing my clothes, your mind is working fast.
Jay tells Miesha that Ishaan gets irritated with Donal so they might fall in love. Miesha laughs.

2:30 PM
Donal asks Karan why can’t Miesha cook? It’s just veggies remaining. Miesha says we have to cook for a lot of people. Tejasswi tells Jay that they are fighting because they are taking it as a job, they don’t make it from the heart. Karan tells the inmates that when Donal is making food then Miesha won’t help. He asks Donal to make food on time as Miesha does. Tejasswi tells Jay that I used to cook there alone all three times, I don’t like fighting in the kitchen. You won’t have taste in the food if you fight this much while cooking.

6:30 PM
Vishal helps Ishaan to steal coffee and run. Ishaan takes the jar and runs away. Ishaan hides it in their kitchen. Simba says I love you Vishal bhai. Miesha says we will make it late at night.

11:30 PM
Karan tells Nishant that we have stolen your coffee so we will have fun tonight.

12 AM
Nishant tells Shamita that they stole coffee from the bedroom. Shamita says how? Umar must have done it. He takes all these items. Vishal says they must have taken it from the kitchen. Shamita says we can’t keep hiding food items.

12:15 AM
Nishant asks Tejasswi if Umar stole the coffee? Karan was bragging about stealing the coffee. Tejasswi says Vishal allowed them to take it. Vishal says I just told Umar to take it if he wants. Tejasswi says then why do we have to hide it if you keep giving it to them? Shamita tells Vishal that you can’t give them coffee like that. Nishant says we have to decide if we want to share food items or not? Pratik says I will clear it. Nishant says it’s not your personal decision. Pratik says if we are sharing food then it’s not wrong.
Karan tells his team that we have had peace since they have gone into the house.
Tejasswi tells her team that we can offer them all the food items and then we will be left without food. Pratik says one roti won’t make a difference. Vishal asks them to shut up. I am sorry for giving them coffee. I have a bonding with them so I have a soft corner but it will not happen in the future.

2:45 AM
The jungle inmates are making the map. Karan and Donal put the pieces together on the pathway. Karan says it’s perfect. They hide it.

UThe episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. I think umar’s and Pratik’s ranking is incorrect. I have soft corner for Simba so i feel his ranking is also bit low than what i expect . It should be higher than Ieshaan and Meisha … I loved the way Umar congratulated Karan . Karan is also very nice. Overall , in this season , i am falling for boys. They are playing better than girls … In girls , only Teju is good . I liked Afsana’s improvement after Salman Khan teachings … No one can match our beloved host .

    1. yeah i have a soft corner for simba, he shoul dhave mre then ishaan and miehsa


  3. Great episode,I loved it today.Here are my views:
    -Everyone is saying that Simba deserves a higher rank,I dont quite agree because as much as he is cute,he is not doing anything in the house other then eating.You can not win bigg boss by eating and looking cute.

    -Ieshaan and Miesha were so cute today.Although I don’t belive in such fast love,I hope they stay forever

    -Personally here is my ranking(Based on the 2 weeks I have seen everyone)

    1st:Karan(He is just playing a terrific game.He reminds me of Siddharth Shukla.The perfect amount of brains and brawns.)
    2nd:Tejaswi(She is really sweet and by far the most entertaining girl)
    3rd:Vishal(Mastermind and really sweet)
    4th:Jay(He needs to definalty contribute more but is doing great!)
    5th:Shamita(She is nice)
    6th:Pratik(He has a good stargety just need to control his anger)
    7th:Nishant(Very funny)
    8th:Ieshan(Putting a good effort in the game)
    9th:Miesha(Doing well needs to learn how to survive on her own)
    10th:Umar(Needs to stepup his game)
    11th:Simba(Need to step up his game)
    12th:Vidhi(Needs to bring her own personltiy)
    14th:Afsana(This woman has cursed Vishal and she no longer is valued as a person for me.If I was in the bigg boss house I would have not let her live in peace)

  4. We should uninstall voot, what they think , they will play with emotions , our efforts does not mean anything !! We will waste our time in voting and then they will cancle elimination . That’s not fair with us , if they don’t want to eliminate then they should not ask to vote

    1. Thats what I was thinking. You guys all vote there and when elimination is cancelled its like a slap on the face for voters. I’m in UK so only see the usual daily episodes.

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