Bigg Boss 14th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Housemates’ family gifts make them emotional

Bigg Boss 14th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Weekend Special
The inmates have to give tags to each other.

Eijaz gives a rocket tag to Aly as he is picking up topics that others couldn’t. He gives a failed bomb to Kavita as she couldn’t do anything. He gives a safe bomb (chakri) to Pavitra. She laughs.
Kavita gives a rocket tag to Rahul. She gives a failed bomb tag to Eijaz as he just provokes others. She gives safe bomb tag to Jasmin as she makes friends with everyone to play her game.
Jasmin gives rocket tag to Eijaz as he is a smart player. She gives failed bomb tag to Pavitra as she is all talks but sticks back down when the time comes. She gives safe bomb tag to Jaan as he always wants to play safe.
Aly says I think Abhi is the rocket, he plays his tasks and doesn’t go cheap. He gives failed bomb tag to Nikki as she tries too hard. He gives safe bomb tag to Pavitra as she plays a balanced game.
Shardul says I think Rubina is a rocket. He gives failed bomb tag to Nikki. He gives safe bomb tag to Jaan.
Jaan gives rocket tag to Aly as he is powerful. Jaan gives failed bomb tag to Nikki, she takes bombshell tag very seriously. He gives safe bomb tag to Jasmin.
Pavitra gives safe bomb tag to Jasmin as she keeps a good equation with everyone. She gives failed bomb tag to Jaan as he keeps going back to Nikki. She gives the rocket tag to Eijaz as he is playing very nicely.
Rahul says I want to give safe bomb tag to Jasmin as she says things but so nicely that other person can’t react. He gives failed bomb tag to Shardul as he is not playing a good game. He gives rocket tag to Aly.
Nikki says Aly is a rocket, he came in the house and became a captain in one week only. I think Jasmin is the safe bomb, she keeps a good equation with everyone. She gives failed bomb tag to Eijaz as he says big things but doesn’t do anything.

Pavitra tells Eijaz that you don’t think I am a rocket? Eijaz says you felt bad? You are jealous? Pavitra says yes I felt bad, you can sit with them if you think they are rockets. Eijaz says you want to fight? You are playing a game? We are here for Bigg Boss only. Pavitra says yes I see it, don’t make me open my mouth.

On the Stage:
Salman comes on the stage and welcomes everyone. He says today is Diwali. Pavitra wanted to call herself a rocket but Jasmin called her a failed bomb. Most shocking was that Aly thinks Nikki is a failed bomb. He says inmates were fighting over bombs. Kavita thinks that Eijaz is in the house because of her only. He says Voot audience thinks Rubina and Jaan are the rockets. He says the scene is flipping in the house. I hope this diwali brings happiness to you all. Salman says the inmates enjoyed Diwali too. Let’s talk to them.

Salman connects the video call to the house. He says Jasmin is doing amazing stunts. Jasmin says what? Salman shows her Rohit’s photo and asks which show are you in? Are you still confused? You are not in Khatron Ke Khiladi. I want to show you something. He shows her the clip of how Jasmin said that she used to big stunts in KKK. How she kept bragging in the house also that she was amazing in KKK. How all are bored with her stories. Salman says is this KKK or BB? She says it’s Bigg Boss. Salman says you are doing KKK’s promotion here. Jasmin says I will not talk about Khatron at all now. I promise. All laugh.
Salman asks Aly to bring Abhi and Rubina out of their cages. He does. Salman says to them that this punishment was given to you, did you understand why? Abhi says even God doesn’t know that. I couldn’t understand. Salman says the task was about punishment and not waking up people. Salman says we send people to jail to give them punishment for their mistakes. He tells Abhi, Rubina and Jasmin why you thought that punishment should be given to people who could introspect their lives? Rubina says we interpreted it in the wrong way. Salman says Bigg Boss clearly said that people who deserve punishment should go to jail. Abhi says I still don’t understand. Salman says oh my God. Abhi says we all agreed to put Jaan in jail, why all were not sent to jail and me only? If I was wrong then they all were wrong too. Salman says it’s about punishment and not giving them to think about their lives. He says you people are monitors of this school, you give suggestions to others and shocking thing is that all others take your suggestions and follow them. You three didn’t understand the task. Eijaz says I told them that this jail is about giving punishments. I didn’t understand his reasoning. Salman says Abhi shouldn’t have sugar-coated the words, you could have clearly said that Eijaz should have been punishment. Kavita says people didn’t like my rude words but the scene was repeated yesterday. People are copying me so much and he said that don’t enter my *****. Eijaz says I didn’t repeat your words, you don’t have to curse right now. Salman asks him to let Kavita talk. Kavita says I was not talking to Eijaz, I was talking to Jaan and he was not doing his duty. Salman says Kavita talked back to Eijaz too. Salman says Abhi, Rubina and Jasmin were sugar-coating the words, you could have clearly said that you want to punish them. Abhi says I clearly said that Eijaz needs to calm down. I also said that Jaan should go so he can become humble. I have never cursed anyone here, I am not sugar-coating but I have a nice way of talking. I talk with respect even if I am telling someone to go to jail. Salman says you are not a teacher but a contestant here. You clearly tell them why you want to punish someone. Abhi says I will keep short and simple now. Salman says you were trying to be nice and that’s why we are bringing it up. Abhi says I apologize then.

Salman says let’s talk about the biggest issue of the house now. 10 inmates out of 11 are confused as to why they sacrificed in the nomination task? He says to Aly that you said you came in the house for Jasmin only, you both are best friends so we want to understand how you put Abhi above Jasmin’s emotions? Aly says Jasmin’s dollu was with her but her friends are Rubina and Abhi. She keeps saying that they were taking care of her. Salman says then why did you have to come to the house? She was not calling for you. She was not crying for you so why? If you are competing with your friend then will you let them win? Do you think it’s a family house and all will win together? It’s not possible for people to win together. You saved Abhi and what if he becomes a finalist against Jasmin and he wins the show? Or you think Abhi is not a competition and he will not get votes? Aly says not like that. I wouldn’t have sacrificed for Abhi at all, it was her item so I saved her brother. Salman says she is so big and still have a doll? Jasmin says I still keep my dolls with me, I can’t sleep without them. Salman says what? All laugh. Salman says was she screaming when he tore her? Jasmin says I have an emotional attachment with dollu, I didn’t like people here. I like Abhi and Rubina but I was feeling lost in the house. Salman says so Aly said he will sit with you so you don’t miss your dollu. Jasmin says he doesn’t spend time with me. Salman says Aly sacrificed such a big thing of Jasmin for Abhi? He says you all were trying to look like a bigger person. It’s good in life but it’s a competition so nominate others, don’t try to be a bigger person. Salman asks Abhi why he saved Kavita for my own information. Abhi says Kavita is my friend. Salman says look at Rubina first, I want to move ahead in the show with her. I need associations in the game, I don’t think anyone becomes smaller by saying sorry. Salman says why did you have to ask Rubina then? Rubina gave you the signal and then you agreed to save her. Abhi says I agree and it was my mistake. Salman says then it was not your decision but Rubina’s decision. Abhi says it was my decision but it was influenced. Salman says it looks like throughout the show.
Salman says I didn’t understand Rahul and Nikki’s sacrifice. How Rahul saved Nikki and Nikki saved Jaan. He says Nikki might be confused but Rahul proved me right that when we praise someone then they take the wrong path. Rahul says I was not using my mind, I used my heart. I can’t hate Nikki. You are right that it’s not good here to save others. Salman asks Eijaz if crowding happened in the task? Eijaz says everyone was trying to look good and I was shocked. Salman says I found it funny when I looked at Pavitra’s reactions. He enacts Pavitra’s acting. Pavitra and others laugh.

The Caller of the week:
Salman tells the inmates that it’s time for the caller of the week. The caller says I am Aisha and I want to talk to Eijaz. She asks Eijaz that you did naagin dance in the captaincy task and you were eliminated. So you said that rules are subject to interpretation. Then you don’t think your friends Jaan and Nikki didn’t understand that? They didn’t take your side but supported Aly. Eijaz says we didn’t know Aly wanted to be the captain at that time. Nikki voted against me but I knew that I broke the rules somewhere. Salman says if I was Eijaz and wanted to save Pavitra then I wouldn’t have done anything. All laugh. The call ends.

Salman says to Nikki that if you had supported Eijaz then would you have gained the majority? Nikki says I don’t think so, even Jaan voted against Eijaz. Salman says so you wouldn’t stand with your friend? Nikki says but he broke the rule. Salman says only two people were out of the task because of breaking rules and all others left the task due to majority votes. Aly says Bigg Boss said that we could vote out on the basis of the majority. Eijaz says they conveniently threw me out of the task because of rules but then did majority voting. Jasmin says no one else broke the rule then. Salman says but no was dancing, Aly was standing and talking for the maximum time. Eijaz was out of the task because of groupism and not rule-breaking. Salman asks Eijaz to do naagin dance. Eijaz does naagin dance. Salman says it’s difficult. Abhi says I danced like Nikki. I didn’t dance at my wedding as much as I did in this task. Salman asks Pavitra to do her step. Aly says in the same place. Pavitra says I can’t dance like this. Salman asks Kavita to show her steps on his song. Kavita shows her steps. Salman says one group decided that Aly should be the captain and the other group didn’t put up a fight. He says Kavita left the task easily, why? Kavita says because I saw they had already created a majority so I didn’t want to fight or scream. Salman says it’s not about screaming, you could have put your point of view. Salman says you didn’t put your point when they talked about Rahul laughing. You were standing with Rahul at that time but you didn’t speak at that time. Kavita says Eijaz or Pavitra are not my friends. I don’t want to get involved in his matters. I knew Rahul was laughing at Eijaz but I didn’t want to take a stand for Eijaz. Salman says so you knew that Rahul was lying to Eijaz but you can’t stand him so you didn’t speak up. You knew it was wrong so you should have taken a stand for yourself. He ends the call. Eijaz asks Rahul what was the truth? Pavitra says I asked you if you laughed on Eijaz or not. Rahul says when Eijaz was breaking the frame then I was not laughing. Pavitra tells Kavita to not talk to them now. You don’t have to talk about it when we are not friends. Rahul sings so Pavitra that you just sing and insult others. Kavita says I will support Rahul’s lie in front of you all. Pavitra says this is who you are, I feel sorry for you Kavita.
Kavita tells Rahul that they were acting like a drama serial for a photo frame so it’s okay if you laughed.

Abhi tells Pavitra that Rahul laughed, Shardul pointed it out but Rahul lied to you. I kept looking at Kavita to speak up but she didn’t. Pavitra says I asked Rahul and he lied on my face. Rahul comes there and says Salman talked about your over-reacting. Pavitra says you are gone now. Rahul says I am not scared of your threats.
Pavitra says a crime is happening and no one spoke up against Rahul? All are idiots here.
Kavita tells Nikki and others that I like Rahul, I like his strategies so I supported him. Nikki says it’s your choice if you want to take Rahul’s side against the truth.
Pavitra tells Jaan that Rahul could have clarified to me the next day.
Kavita tells Nikki that why would I take Eijaz and Pavitra’s side when I find their relationship fake. They were fighting and suddenly Farah said they look good together so now they are a couple? I don’t buy it.

Nikki tells Eijaz that don’t feel bad, I know you don’t have parents with you. Eijaz says people think that I gain sympathy. Nikki asks him to not cry. Eijaz says I don’t care what they think. Nikki asks him to be strong. Eijaz says I am but I feel bad. Nikki asks him to leave it. Eijaz says Pavitra looks like my mother.

On the Stage:
Salman says we all get gifts on Diwali so these inmates got the gifts from their families yesterday but some people were unlucky. Let’s see it.

In the House:
Jasmin reads the task that they are are in a house, away from their families so we are giving you a chance to get gifts from their families. We are giving you a task and Aly will be an important part. There are three levels. In the level one, Aly will pocket two balls on the pool table and will eliminate two inmates from the task. Aly will give a reason and eliminate the inmates in three different rounds. Aly will get gifts from his family too. Abhi and Rubina won’t be part of the task.

Aly tells the inmates that I am not against anyone here. Eijaz asks him to take him out, I don’t want others to cry. Jasmin says I already have got the gift in you so throw me out. Aly says sorry and eliminates Jasmin and Eijaz. Aly hugs Jasmin. All others get their family gifts. In the next round, Aly eliminates Shardul and Kavita so Rahul gets teh gift. He gets emotonal seeing the clothes from his parents. He cries and says I know you are alone this time but I promise to enjoy with you the next time with me. Aly hugs him. Jaan gets a gift from his uncle, he cries so Aly hugs him. Jaan tells Rahul that I will come to your house for Diwali. Nikki gets clothes from her family, she cries and says I am not with my family for three years and I miss them. Pavitra cries after getting her gift. She says me and my mom have different choices. She said that she will send me clothes and I said don’t as I don’t like her choice but now I know her value. Nikki hus her.
In the next round, Aly has to eliminate two more. Rahul says I want that photo frame that I can see there. Pavitra cries and says we take parents for-granted. Jaan says I want a photo too. Aly says don’t take it personal. He tells sorry to Jaan and takes out his ball. He takes Nikki’s name as he think she is strong. Rahul gets his family photo. He thanks Aly. Pavitra says I am sorry mom and dad, I took you for-granted. Pavitra hugs Jasmin and Eijaz. Aly brings his gift and sees a shirt and a pillow with his niece/nephew photos. He breakdowns and cries. Jasmin hugs him. Aly thanks Bigg Boss.

Aly comes to his room and says happy birthday baba, I miss you all. He thanks them for the best gift. I miss my nephews/nieces a lot.

Nikki tells Pavitra that Eijaz gave up for us today. She tells Eijaz that you are the nicest here.
Aly hugs Jasmin and gives her a diamond bracelet. She says our deal is done right? He laughs. Aly makes her wear the bracelet and says diamonds are less.

Pavitra caresses Eijaz’s face and hugs him. She asks him to kiss her cheek, he says no but the kisses her cheek nicely. She says one more, he kisses her again and wipes his tears.

On the Stage:
Salman says Jasmin got bracelet from Aly and Eijaz got love from Pavitra. He sees music playing and sees Sudha Chandran entering the stage. She wishes diwali. Sudha says people are sacrificing so much in the house, is this Bigg Boss only? Salman laughs. Sudha says I have come here to destroy their happiness. Surbhi Jyoti comes there and says I won’t let you do it. She says goodness always win over evil. I have come here to spread love. Salman says why? All laugh. Salman says we have brought goodness and evil together today. Surbhi says I want to call a partner with me. She calls Mahima Makwana. Sudha thinks I will not spare them. Mahima says goodness always win. Sudha says I will call my co-vamp Monalisa. Salman says we will play a game with you now. He plays a statement game with them. He asks if they have given attitude to their co-stars? They all agree and eat gulab jamon. Salman dances with them. He sends them in the house.

In the House:
Surbhi and Mahima enter the house. They stand in the glass box and wish everyone diwali. Sudha and Mona enter the house and fight with Surbhi. Sudha says we have come here to take your happiness away. Sudha waves at Rubina and asks which team she will choose? goodness or evil side? Rubina says I kiss evil but I will choose the good side. Sudha says you can easily become a vamp. Rubina laughs. Only Rubina and Abhi are not dressed for diwali as they were in jail.

Sudha gives the task to Eijaz and Kavita first. They have to make a pyramid from the plastic glasses and have to throw balls at other’s pyramids. The one with the bigger pyramid will win. Mona says Eijaz you might get your sister’s message. Surbhi says Kavita you have to fight as you might get a gift from your husband. Eijaz and Kavita make their pyramids. Eijaz throws balls at Kavita’s pyramids. Kavita makes her pyramid but Eijaz keeps breaking it. They give them a countdown and end the task. Surbhi says Eijaz won the task. She says you have a special message. Eijaz sees his sister on the video. His sister says all are watching you and we are very proud. Be strong and smile more. Kavita sees the trailer of her husband’s message but can’t get the full message as she lost.

The guests say next are Rahul and Nikki. They have to move around the stick in round circles and then dance. Nikki and Rahul run in circles with their heads on the stick. They then try to dance. Nikki jumps around while Rahul dances in his zone. Sudha says Nikki was bang on. They all make Nikki win the task. Nikki thanks them. Rubina brings the gift for Nikki and it’s blanket. Surbhi says your mom has sent it, she misses you a lot. Nikki thanks them. Mona says Rahul lost but I have his lady-love’s message. We have Disha’s message. We are vamps but it’s about love. Rahul tries to get it but Mona tears the envelope. She says I am a vamp so you can’t trust us. Rahul says please don’t do this. Sudha says we are vamps after all.

Sudha says next is Rubina and Kavita in a dance competition. Rubina and Kavita dance on maya maya. They both seductively dance. Rubina dances in her own zone. All cheer for them. Sudha says I knew Rubina can be a vamp. Mona says they were both excellent. Surbhi asks who is a perfect bahu in this house? Pavitra says I am. Nikki says I am the vamp. Jasmin says I don’t agree, I think Pavitra is a vamp. The guests say we have to leave now. They say bye and leave.

Salman signs off from the show.

PRECAP – Salman calls comedy cast and laughs at their jokes. The kid mimics Donald Trump as Donald Dumb.
Jaan sings in a diwali qawali. All taunt each other in the qawali.
Jasmin says I feel like Eijaz fakes a lot, he wants to win so much that he loses his cool. Eijaz says I think she fakes her cuteness. Rahul says Rubina takes out a grudge on Jasmin’s shoulder. Rubina says I don’t agree.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Salman and his lame ‘reasons’! He keeps on targeting rubina and abhinav because they hurt his puny male ego, shameful!

  2. Amal

    Awwww Salman is still hurt hurt ☹️ πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ don’t be mad Cos Rubby stood up for herself and husband πŸ™„

  3. Y the hell salman always yells at people for ejaz?? Y will kavita interfere if she dont want to?? Just to prove ejaz right πŸ™„ pavitra ki overacting dekh ke koi v has dega..or rahul jhut bola acha kiya warna ejaz baat ka batangar bana deta

  4. Salman and Big Boss needs to stop backing Eijaz. Sick and tired of seeing everyone defending his actions.

  5. Shaheera Khan

    i like the what rahul said it at the end .

  6. Not following this season much as didn’t follow last one.
    BB now a days works overtime to baby sit Jashmin, Eizaz and to some extent Jaan.
    Abhi getting influenced by Rubina is wrong but they send Aly to teach Jashmin. Playing as couple is wrong when you are real couple. Forced couple is right.
    Eizaz needs love but why… He must then go to splittsvilla as I heard that is a show meant for fake love couples.
    I would praise Abhi as he conveyed his message. If he is wrong people who followed him are wrong. Bacha to hai nai koi.
    Pavitra or other people when they do anything for others and then count that means they are trying to be nice and are fake. Why they are not in jail.
    In rest of seasons Diwali ko dand khatam ho jata tha. But ishe baar Rubina hai and all know why she is paying this price. Grow up man.

  7. Eizaz broke rule… Diwal la sahara nai lena tha to zameen ka bhi na. But Salman ko Rubina ka dance aur Eizaz ka dance compare Karo toh salman will say kya dance kiya Eizaz ne. I am not pointing Eizaz but host here

  8. Nikki,pavitra,eijaaz,jaan are very fake.i love the rest especially Kavita kaushik.

  9. bigg boss and salman are the biggest vamps and dokebaaz for two reasons… first, abhi and rubina didnt get to celebrate navrathri(dussera) and they were locked in bedroom while others wore new clothes and enjoyed.. same is repeating for diwali, as they are not getting to wear new clothes/gift and are locked in jail..shame on you bigg boss..if they have to be punished, he could have atleast allowed them to enjoy the festivals with others for few hours atleast..second, salman asked kavita to put her point through during the eijaaz fight even when she didnt want to involve her self in the issue.. salman should have put his point through during the bollywood drug and sushant singh death issue.. he chose to keep silent and didnt put his point though; how can he exect others to put their point through.. he should live by being an example to others instead of telling others what they should have done.. so disappointed in him…

  10. Salman Khan thinks he gav a good justification for rubina and abhinav punishment seriously how low can he stoop …task nai samjhe to nai samjhe ,directly bola indirectly bola whatevr why do these thing matters so much,nai samjhe sugar coat kiya to punishment ye kya logic h…seriously man idiot man is giving explanation felt like punching him hard i cant take such thing he(salman) must himself b knowing hw bakwas his explanation is
    log show dekhte h to kuch b dikhana hai this tym bb is being very unfair to rubinav ..i m bored..some contract had been made surely otherwise person like rubina wont take all these shit..hating bb this time more tha sid in last season🀬😑😠

  11. Guys kya koi mujhe batayega ki pehle kabhi bigg boss mein kisi contestant ne ye reason ‘taki vo accha hoke nikle’ diya hai?? If they have given then rubinav are at fault but still there is a partiality. As far as I remember in season 12 kv,sree and neha were sent to jail and nominated for one week because they took their own names for punishment. This time jaan did the same thing but he was not punished why?? Because it is partiality bb likes to target rubinav and jasmine. And I don’t get it why was rubina being so weak for one week there was nothing to be weak. All of them do mistakes and get scolded and sometimes targeted a lot but that doesn’t mean you will become so weak. Today finally she is back but I just hope she doesn’t repeat the woman card mistake of 4th week because that was her pathetic mistake. But bigg boss is surely very biased. It is looking like ejaz has signed a contract. I am liking aly a lot and he is playing a fabulous game. So guys please give the answer of my above question then I will understand whether it’s a total targeting someone without any reason or not

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