Bigg Boss 14: Secret Dating lives of housemates get REVEALED!!


Bigg Boss 14 has finally become a place where dirty secrets are being revealed. Bigg Boss is a show which always makes the most noise when it comes to reality shows. Housemates become the centre of focus for a few months and everyone wants to know the deets they share about their personal lives.

While lounging around and having fun in the living area, Rubina Dilaik, Abhinav Shukla, Shehzad Deol, and Pavitra Punia discussed a few interesting details of their love lives outside the Bigg Boss house.

In a candid conversation with Pavitra Punia, Sehzad Deol said, “Mere vaise bhi kabhi nahi rahi. Ek baar mein ghuss  jaata hoon toh mein all in hoon. Total vaala. Mujhe doh baar hua, un dono ko mujhse nahi hua, paata nahi. Ek ko hua tha, 5 maheene ke liye, starting starting mein, tab mujhe realize nahi hua ke mujhe hai, Bada complicated tha.” To make matters more entertaining, Rubina Dilaik poked fun at her husband Abhinav about his dating history, to which he innocently replied saying “Mujhe toh ek hi baar hua. Woh toh ladkiyan bolti hain aisa, meine ho sakta hai uska fridge theek kar diya ho, gaadi theeke kar di ho, raaste mein gaadi kharab ho gayi, mere pass screwdrivers rehte hain”.

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On the other hand, Jasmin Bhasin reminisced about her childhood after the task of the week. In a heartfelt conversation with Eijaz Khan she reflected back on her childhood saying, “Bachpan mein main aise thi, ladaku, aggressive. Aaj woh side meri bohot saal baad  mere surface hui. Bachpan mein bohot ladku, zidi, zidi aisi ki, chahiye toh chahiye. When Eijaz asked her if she still the same, she stated with pride that she’s changed with age and that  “Personality change ho jati hai over the years, aap thode calm down ho jaate ho, bohot sari cheezen ho jaati hein. Aap bade ho jate ho, aur mere life mein toh, it all looks like I’m nice and cool but I’ve made my life beautiful with my own hands. “

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