Bigg Boss 14: Salman Khan to REVEAL to Nikki what Jaan said about her during the task

Bigg Boss 14 is entertaining us in every possible manner and in this Weekend Ka Vaar episode we are going to see some fireworks which we surely didn’t see coming. As per the latest promo, tonight’s episode might turn out to be quite dramatic as Salman Khan has some revelations to make which will make or break friendships. Khan is seen talking to Jaan Sanu and Nikki Tamboli about an incident from the captaincy task where he goes on to ask who do they think said ‘Main pagal hoon jo Nikki aur Rahul ko Captian banaunga?’

And as soon as Nikki hears this, she explodes. She gets very upset and starts hurling angry words on Jaan. She feels like he tries to be on both the sides, but Jaan also clarifies how he may have said that but he did what he wanted to do at the end. None the less, Nikki is irked and also seems to be hurt as she is seen walking off to the washroom and asks him not to talk to her while also calling him a ‘dhokebaaz’.

Check out the promo here:

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