Bigg Boss 14: Rubina and Abhinav’s Karwa Chauth celebration look absolutely adorable!!

Bigg Boss 14  house not only welcomes the fights, it become the home of love too. When the festivals start, the housemates and Bigg Boss celebrate it in full swing. The festive season started with garba and now Karwa chauth has come. And this year we have a married couple in the house and they will be celebrating the festival in the house. Abhinav Shukla and Rubina Dilaik got married in 2018 and RUbina will be fasting for a health and long life of Abhinav this year.

The tradition of karwa chauth has been going on since years and is a mini-celebration for all the married women. The latest promo of Bigg Boss shows that Abhinav starts the day by asking if she will only eat at night. And Ruby says ‘anything for you love’. ‘ The two are also overwhelmed as they celebrate the festival in the Bigg Boss house, something neither of them would have thought of! And trust us, it looks so adorable to watch them together.

Check out the promo here:

What do you think? It’s not only us who is gushing ove their love, the housemates too are overwhelmed to see their love.

  1. Alister La Frenais

    What is this custom called Karwa Chauth. From the many Indian programs that I have watched, the wife abstains from eating or drinking all day so that her husband is blessed with a long life. Now I have come across a lot of bull crap in my life time but this takes the biscuit. Just for one moment let us say the husband divorces his wife, what happens then. Also has the Indian women told Covid-19 that their husband cannot die because they have celebrated Karwa Chauth. No wonder India is steeped in superstition and medieval time warp. Does the wife still commit suttee or sati when her husband dies.

    1. As for Karwa Chauth it’s just a belief & it absolutely depends on the women if she choose to keep the fast or not(lyk atleast in my area)…Nowadays husbands also keep fast for their wives to wish for their long lives…Well it’s just a wish for their long life & it’s a gesture to show that their(partners’) lives matter to them the most..& Ya everybody knows that it’s not gonna be a’s a form of prayer they believe..We still pray to God even if our prayer is not answered(if u r a theist maybe u would get it)
      I m not trying to justify it & honestly neither I m in favour of it…So I don’t keep the fast…Simple….I oppose it too when we hv our “ladies tym” but it all rounds upto that it’s juss a prayer they wish to do….
      But that doesn’t allow me to call someone’s prayers a bull crap…
      As for Sati it doesn’t exist now(very rare)…’s a social evil & everybody accepts that….Additionally it’s already mentioned as crime long way back by the Indian Judiciary & has punishment varying from fine to life imprisonment(even death) for someone directly or indirectly supporting something like that….
      Some ppl consider Indians as superstitious but let me tell u that for a country having such deep rooted traditions, varying culture and most importantly the emotional attachment they feel with their religion it’s tough to remove any social evil…Still we hv managed to eliminate so many of them…well that’s what is a progressive way…
      India has such a huge population with so many diverse population….It is definitely gonna take tym…
      In many cities like Mumbai I can assure that any superstition(as a whole)hardly exists…& I can name a hell lot of similar cities I hv been to..Evn villages r at such a progressive tracks in many areas…I don’t find it ryt to judge a country of the ‘many’ incidents that come from ‘few’ places by completely ignoring modernized areas & their progress….Or saying their customs as bull crap..We can oppose them..put our views strongly…help ppl think over our POV..But our mind should be open enough to understand the other’s POV…That’s the actual way we can make world a better place to live in (& not by simply criticizing)
      Nothing against u..I understood ur perception & juss wish that u consider mine’s too…
      I agree India has got many evils..Being a woman,for me the biggest is partriarchy..But the fact that we accept that it’s wrong & r strongly working to make way for feminism all over the country indicates how progressive we r..I am a working woman, I work in nyt shifts too without the slightest fear, here in Mumbai(not now due to pandemic), My family & husband r so open minded..We all r theist but what we believe more is in humanity..& I can assure that open minded ppl r in millions in India(to different extents ofcourse)..but sadly even some thousands of criminal minded ppl r enough to tarnish the image of the whole country…
      A proud Indian

    2. Oh!! I didn’t realised how long I hv written it juss in the flow of emotions🤐🤐

  2. Alister La Frenais

    Riya, India has a space program, but not enough toilets. People are still answering the call of nature in open spaces. Added to this India has a thriving economy, yet 60% of Indians are living just above the poverty threshold. There are very well funded religious gurus that live very comfortable lives, but the poor are still duped into donating money and gold to the many temples to garner favours from God, and this is encouraged by the many charlatans posing as messengers of God. Take for example that woman, who is a self acclaimed Godwoman. She has a fleet of expensive cars, not bad for someone who has not done a single day’s work. Now do not start me on the caste system that has plagued India.

    1. @alister ….every coin has 2 sides , no one or no place is perfect..To whichever region u belong is there not any flaw???..I agree everyone has right to voice their opinion …but
      U cant degrade us just like that …

      A simple irony
      U are an user on tellyupdates shows u like INDIAN serials and ffs ..u read this post abt karva chauth shows somewhere u like reading abt us ..if not why in the first place u opened the article , no one forced u to ..right ??

      A proud Indian

  3. Alister La Frenais

    Ritika, yes there are two sides to every coin, but sweeping the injustice and medieval practices under the carpet does not cure the ills of your nation. You say you are a proud Indian, good for you, but what have you done to equalise the gap between the haves and the have nots. Why is there so much corruption in India of the 2020. When will the caste system be scrapped. When will the people shout out with a single voice, enough is enough and ensure that every Indian can become a proud Indian. You claim that all is well, with the exceptions of certain regions. Okay, can you answer the following, why do so many Indians emigrate to other western countries, where they then become NRI. Not many ever return to their country of origin, in fact they have the nerve to say that they would not return because India is over crowded and it is unhygienic/dirty. Yet you lecture me on the freedom of my choice, surely if I wish to watch an Indian sitcom or soap and express my points of view on this telly update site this comes under the banner of democracy, freedom of choice which I believe India is still a democracy.
    Finally simply saying that one is a proud Indian counts for nothing. A proud Indian is someone like Gandhi, Nehru and Dr BR Ambedkar, just to name a few.

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