Bigg Boss 13th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Eijaz’s beef against Pavitra grows


Bigg Boss 13th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 11
8 AM
The inmates wake up to the song gulaboo. Nikki hugs Jaan. Eijaz dances alone. Rubina and Gauhar dance together.

9 AM
Hina asks Eijaz if he solved the issues with his best friend. Eijaz says she is not my best friend Pavitra. Hina says maybe she is a little possessive about you. Eijaz says I am not a commodity. Hina says she does care and love you. Eijaz says you don’t love in 4 days. You nominate people you don’t like. Hina says she must have done a mistake. Eijaz says nomination is a big thing, she nominated for no reason. Hina says she deserves a chance.

9:30 AM
Gauhar says Eijaz is in shock. Pavitra says he has announced a war against me. Gauhar says after all the kisses you gave him yesterday? Pavitra says no, he said that he will become my friend after the game. Sid says so he will meet you after the show? Eijaz tells that they will hug now only when one of them leaves. All cheer. Hina sings dushman wala kaam kiya hai. Sid taunts that it’s nothing personal. Eijaz says I gave her a hug but she can keep it. Sid says she shit on you after that. Eijaz tells Pavitra that we won’t hug now. Pavitra says I will remember this. Eijaz says we will hug when one of them leaves.

10 AM
Pavitra tells Rubina that I am keeping Eijaz’s respect. He treated me badly for two days so he deserved that nomination but still, I am a dumb fool and I said sorry as I didn’t want him to go. He can nominate me every week. I won’t hug him even when I leave. Rubina says what’s hurting you? He didn’t reach you? Pavitra says I tried reaching for him a lot, we have a common friend. I have talked to Eijaz two times before. I never talked about the game with him. I thought that he was a nice person, I didn’t want to lose him last night. I don’t care about nominations.

10:30 AM
Jasmin asks Hina if they should have a mutual discussion? Hina says yes. Rahul says I didn’t get any item, I want 2 items. Hina says he should get 2 items. Abhi says I want 2 items. Jasmin says I gave you one item yesterday. Abhi says then I will take one item. Jasmin says I didn’t take any item yesterday. Rahul says you took on the weekend. She says I want 2 items. Nishant says I don’t want anything. Jasmin says Pavitra wants 2 items so we are sorted with 7 items.

11 AM
Nishant comes to Nikki and asks if he did something? Nikki says you want to be in the good books of everyone. Nishant says I agreed yesterday with Jasmin that I will not take anything today.

Hina tells Sid that they are fools. They shouldn’t have given anything to Jasmin today.

Shahzad comes from the washroom and says nobody asked me for the items. He tells Jaan that what kind of politics is this? I told you that I want 1 item so you should have told Jasmin. Jasmin tells Shahzad to not do any drama. I am giving back my item so you can take it. Shahzad asks Hina who is making the decision? Hina says you all decide together.

Nikki tells Nishant that why didn’t you fight today? Nishant says I promised to not ask for anything today. Jaan tells him no one cares here. Nikki says Jaan changes his side every day. Nikki says to Jaan that you are compromising. Jaan asks Nikki to shut up. You should talk to Nishant, why he is not taking today? Nikki says Nishant promised to not take anything today. Jaan says so I promised also.

Sid tells Hina that they have no points to give. They don’t think. Hina says Jasmin gave up 3 items yesterday for Salami and she wants 2 items today? They also agreed with her.

Shahzad tells Jaan that I asked you to keep one thing for me. Jaan says I told Jasmin. Jaan tells Shahzad that he is trying to fight with him. Shahzad says I just talked to you, you are angry because I nominated you. Jasmin tells Shahzad that we will work on our relationships.

12 PM
Jaan tells Nishant that I can’t change myself. If I am close to Nikki then that doesn’t mean she can cross the line. Nishant says I stop her when she crosses the line, she is very immature. Jaan says she doesn’t have heart.

12:30 PM
Jaan asks Nikki why she is controlling him? Nikki says you sit with me but you are not my friend, you are not involved with me. You talk to everyone. Jaan says I am with you, what else do you need? Jaan says a lot of people have asked me to not take advice from you but I don’t listen. Nikki says come and have sugar with me. Jaan says sit with me. He pulls her on his lap and says you shouldn’t taunt me in front of others. Nikki says I will joke but won’t taunt you. Nikki says okay. Nikki says sorry and hugs him.

1:45 PM
Shahzad tells Abhi that your two votes count. You should have voted from other side. Pavitra says we have to make a pact, we shouldn’t nominate each other in any case. Shahzad says Abhi, Rubina and Eijaz are at one side. Pavitra says I don’t care about Eijaz’s look-out. I am not going on Nikki’s side. I will choose sensible people.

Jaan tells Nishant that don’t take them lightly.

Shahzad tells Pavitra that we will grab some people from their side. Pavitra says we don’t have to write down, we have to trust each other to make a pact.

Rahul sits with Nikki, Jaan and Nishant. He says they are 5, they have formed a group and we are 4. Nikki says that doesn’t matter. Rahul says we will do our work.

2:45 PM
Nikki is in her SPA area. Jaan turns on the massage seat for her. He massages her back. Gauhar says I will come after Nikki. Nikki screams asks as Jaan massages her. Nikki says it’s so soothing. He massages her head. She says thank you Bigg Boss. He says thank me also. She says thank you Jaan. He laughs and massages her back. Nikki says if I have to give massage to Rubina and Shahzad then I won’t do it. I like to do things for my friends. Jaan says what about Eijaz? Nikki says never, I danced around Eijaz on the stage. He massages her ears. Nishant says a little bit below. Jaan grabs her neck. Nikki says don’t listen to him, he is new. Jaan says Nishant will tell us what Nikki and Jaan should do.

3:15 PM
Gauhar reads the instructions that yesterday’s nominations are done and canceled. We will have a new nomination task now. You can win and get saved. The task is ‘Mere angne me tumhara kia kaam’. Rubina, Abhi, Jasmin, Jaan and Shahzad will be one team. Team B will be Eijaz, Pavitra, Nishant and Rahul. There is farmland so both the teams have to make their farm more pretty and bigger than the other team. The winning team will be saved from the nominations and the losing team will be nominated. You will need soil, grass, plants and flowers for your farm. You can get it from the shops and the shop owners are Hina, Gauhar and Sid. The shops will open on BB’s orders, any fresher can go and try to convince the seniors to give them one item. The seniors will decide if they want to give away the items. Gauhar will have a soil shop. The grass shop will be owned by Si. Hina will have a flower shop. Team A will get white flowers and Team B will get pink flowers. Only 2 inmates at a time can protect their farm and other members can go to destroy others’ farms. Nikki will be the referee of the task. Nikki’s decision will be final. She can intervene at any point and time. At the end of the task, Nikki will decide which farm is pretty and big.

3:45 PM
Jaan tells Abhi that Nishant and Eijaz are ticklish.

Nikki asks Eijaz to guard your farm. Eijaz says I will go first.

Sid tells Jaan and others to have a strategy. You should plan your move.

Pavitra tells her team to get things from the shops in the first attempt then go and destroy other’s farm.

Rubina tells Jaan that we shouldn’t let other team win.

Eijaz tells Nikki that I am your friend and I want to win. Nikki says Jaan is my friend and he is in another team. Eijaz says you played your game and I respect you. Nikki says I respect you but I don’t like you. I will support the team who does hard-work. Eijaz says we will make our farm beautiful and then we will destroy their farm.

4 PM
Pavitra tells Eijaz that planning won’t work here. Eijaz says I wanted to do the task basic thing.

Hina tells Rubina to voice out whatever you want to do.

Eijaz tells Nishant to work hard. Nikki likes that thing.

Nikki tells Jasmin that first makes your farm. If you start destroying then you won’t get anything made.
Rubina tells Jasmin and Abhi that Jaan will tell our strategy to Nikki. Abhi says if Nikki plays unfairly then her problem. We will do our work.

4:30 PM
Pavitra tells Eijaz that we don’t have to act here. Do the nasty things if you have to but with strategy.

The buzzer plays. Hina laughs at Sid that he is selling grass now. At least he got some work after the lockdown. Sid laughs. Hina tells Nikki that only one person can come to buy at a time. Nikki says I am making this rule that anyone can come to buy. Gauhar says Nikki can decide what rules should be. Sid says she is a regulator. Gauhar says no, the referee can take decisions. Sid says they changed things by the 14th season. Gauhar says I don’t think so.
BB says Gauhar’s shop is open. Eijaz comes and begs for the soil. Abhi says we want to soil. Eijaz says our village is dying. We will give you perfume. He gives her perfume and gets some soil from Gauhar.
Gauhar tells Jasmin to become a guy and Abhi will become a guy. They will do a duet dance. Jasmin dances with Abhi. Gauhar says this is poor dancing. She gives one soil piece. Rahul says give me a chance to become a girl.
Jaan protects his soil piece but Nishant gets it from him. Shahzad grabs him and Nishant says this is cheating. Eijaz fights with Abhi. Pavitra asks Shahzad to not touch her. She protects her soil pieces.
Gauhar asks Abhi to do 30 push-ups. He starts doing it.
Pavitra is protecting her soil from Jasmin.
Gauhar asks Rahul to do 10 laps in the swimming pool. Jasmin says I can’t swim but I am ready. Gauhar says I want 50 squats. Jasmin starts doing it.

Abhi tickles Nishant but Nishant says this is not allowed. Nikki asks Abhi to not do it. Abhi tries to snatch the soil. Eijaz asks Nishant to not let it go. Nishant is blocking Abhi. Eijaz asks Pavitra to into hiding. Abhi goes and hides the soil pieces in the house. Nikki says this is not allowed. Nishant says he is a thief.

4:45 PM
Jasmin brings watermelon juice for Gauhar. Gauhar gives her one soil piece. Eijaz tries to snatch it from her. Shahzad tries to protect Jasmin. Jasmin says I am not leaving it. Rubina asks Jasmin to not leave it. Gauhar says this is wrong. Nikki you should stop them. This is not fair. Nikki says Jasmin can leave it if she is getting hurt. Nikki asks Eijaz and Shahzad to not fight. Bigg Boss says this task is not about fighting ring but making a beautiful farm. Jasmin says these men are cheap for attacking a girl. Jasmin says our referee is not fair. Nikki says I stopped them. Jasmin says you had a stand but now you are not stopping them when they are unfair? Jasmin asks Shahzad to sit on the soil pieces.
Gauhar makes Rahul do sit-ups and give one piece to him. Rahul goes to hide it. Jasmin tries to protect her soil pieces and goes to attacked Pavitra who is hiding behind a frame on the wall. Nishant attacks her but they are breaking the frame on the wall. Hina asks Jasmin to not get hurt. Bigg Boss asks Pavitra, Jasmin and Nishant to come out from hiding inside the frame. Bigg Boss says we are stopping this task for a moment. Jaan hides the soil under his shirt.
Gauhar says four guys were attacking a girl. Abhi says they pushed Jasmin. Only one can attack a person but they all attacked Jasmin. Gauhar says to Abhi that your whole team attacked them too. You were wrong too. Jasmin asks Abhi to not waste our energy. Eijaz says they shouldn’t send girls then. Jasmin says you couldn’t get anything from the girl, I didn’t let it go. Pavitra tells Eijaz to not attack girls.

5 PM
Abhi says four guys were attacking a girl and nobody said anything. Jasmin says Nikki said that it was right. Eijaz says you all were attacking too. Eijaz moves behind Jaan. Jaan asks him to stop it. Eijaz says I am keeping my hands to myself. Jaan says I can easily push you. Eijaz says come and try. Shahzad comes and shouts at Eijaz. He moves closer to Eijaz. Eijaz says try to scare me. Shahzad says why were you scaring him? Jaan says look at Eijaz’s body. He is a toothpick.
Pavitra tells Eijaz that don’t attack them in gangs. Eijaz says I said sorry.

Sid tells Jasmin that put in your force but don’t get injured. Keep it in mind that you shouldn’t get hurt but what you did was very s*xy.

5:15 PM
Bigg Boss says to the inmates that you all have to try to make the farm beautiful. You can try to destroy other’s farm but that’s not the main task. You have to first make your farm. We will open Gauhar’s farm again.

5:30 PM
Jasmin tells Jaan that we will grab each other to protect our things.

Pavitra tells Rahul to not lose his humanity for this task only.

Nishant tells Jasmin to not hide the soil pieces. Jasmin says this is protection, not hiding.
Pavitra says to Rahul that we can’t argue with the seniors. We are fighting against another team, not against girls or boys. Pavitra tells Eijaz that you can’t be harsh. Eijaz says I won’t do anything wrong against a girl.

Jasmin tells Nikki that she was partial. Jasmin tells Nikki that you were not fair and Bigg Boss had to intervene as you were not doing your job. Nikki says the task stopped because of you. Pavitra says Nikki was not partial in anything this whole week. Nikki says I didn’t stop Jasmin when she went to her farm with two other people already there. Abhi says you didn’t stop the other team also. Abhi says but they didn’t listen to you, you have the authority to stop the game. Sid says Nikki if you think they are going very wrong, you can stop the game for time being.

Buzzer plays again and the game starts. Gauhar asks Abhi to go and wear Rubina’s clothes.
Pavitra asks Nishant to protect her. Shahzad is pulling on Nishant’s arm and attacks Pavitra also. Nikki asks Shahzad to move back. Nishant sits in front of Pavitra. Shahzad steals one soil piece and runs away.
Gauhar asks Eijaz to go and wear Pavitra’s outfit without his jeans. He goes to do it.
Abhi wears Rubina’s dress. Gauhar says you will wear it for 15 minutes. He says okay.

Nishant and Shahzad are blocking each other. Nishant says Nikki he is attacking me. Jasmin and Jaan are hugging each other to protect their items. Rahul tries to get it from them. Pavitra shouts at Rahul to not attack Jasmin. Nikki asks Rahul to move back. Pavitra asks Rahul to come to her. Nishant says we will make our farm first. Jaan is hiding the soil in his shirt.
Gauhar tells Rubina that make a red nose as she pony bumps so she will look cute.
Eijaz shows off his soil pieces. Jasmin says Pavitra is on the farm too. There can’t be two people there. Gauhar says Nishant is there too. Sid tells Nikki that in the rule-book there can be two people to protect and one person who can attack others. Hina says let her be, it’s her game with the freshers.

Hina talks to the fan Akshit in the confession room. He says you are a big celeb and do you think that scene will change now? Hina says I don’t know if I am a celeb but for me to come to the 14th season after 11th was an opportunity. I am honored to be here. I hope you all are liking it. The scene will change, you just see what happens. We have a lot of powers.

6:15 PM
Bigg Boss says it’s time for Sid’s shop to open.
Eijaz and Jasmin to ask for grass. Sid says go and put down your soil first.
Nishant is blocking Abhi. Rubina says we have to put soil down to get grass.
Rahul is blocking Abhi but Abhi pushes him away. Rahul says this is not allowed. Abhi attacks Rahul and they both fall down. Nikki asks Abhi what he is doing?
Pavitra tells Jasmin that we won’t get anything done. We have to make the farm. I am giving you a guarantee that my team won’t attack. She pulls Rahul back. Both the teams put soil down.
Sid gives grass pieces to both the teams.

6:30 PM
Eijaz asks for grass. Rahul comes and dances like a woman in front of Sid. Sid says I am not that kind of a man. Rahul says but I am that kind of a man. Gauhar asks Sid to give it to him. Sid says go and put soil down. Rahul says we are putting down. He pleads with him so Sid gives grass to him.

Gauhar asks Jasmin to make eyebrows like a man. Jaan asks Gauhar if he can do anything for her? Eijaz asks Gauhar to give him something to do. Gauhar says go and put on red lipstick. She asks Jaan to jump 15 times in the pool. He starts doing it. Jasmin makes eyebrows like a man. She gets a soil piece. Jaan gets one soil piece but Rubina requests for one more so Jaan gets it. Eijaz applies red lipstick. Gauhar gives him a soil piece. Gauhar asks Jaan to get clean-shaved and he will get 5 items. He goes and cleans his shave. Gauhar gives him 4 pieces in the end.

Rahul comes to Sid and asks for some grass. Sid gives him the pieces.

6:45 PM
Rahul dances with his shoes on his head. Gauhar laughs at him. Eijaz says he is crazy. Gauhar gives one soil piece to him. She asks Shahzad to do something. Rahul dances in different dance styles and Gauhar laughs.

Rubina tries to steal from Nishant. Nishant says don’t do it right now. Rubina says I can if I want to. She tries to get away from him. Gauhar laughs and says Rubina is very cute. Rubina tries to play kabaddi with Nishant. Pavitra says I was calm till now but Rubina has started it again. Eijaz goes and attacks Abhi. Nishant shouts at him to not do it.
Jasmin asks for Sid to give her some grass. Sid says go and attack others.

Rahul writes ‘Gauhar is equal to love’. Gauhar gives him more soil and says you are doing very well.

7 PM
Rahul goes and begs Sid to give him some grass. Sid says no, I am not giving it to anyone. Jaan says what can I do to get it? Sid says go and steal from the other team.

Jaan tries to attack Nishant so Nishant asks Eijaz to attack the other team also. Pavitra asks Rahul to come and protect their items. Jaan tells Nishant that we won’t get grass if I don’t steal. Sid asked me to do it. Nishant says we will get flowers from Hina, understand the game. Rubina shouts to attack. Eijaz is attacking Rubina’s team. Nishant grabs Jaan so Jaan says I am leaving, don’t do anything. Nikki asks Jaan to come back. Rubina says destroy their farm. Nishant asks Eijaz to come back as Jaan is leaving. Jaan tells Nikki to not be partial.
Rubina tells Sid that I am bringing energy here. Sid gives more grass to Rahul. Rubina says you have to gift me for the energy. Sid says we can’t win the match because of cheer-leaders.
Jaan gets some pieces from Nishant’s team. Jaan destroys their farm. Shahzad claps for him. Nikki says Jaan is wrong. Pavitra says don’t come here. Eijaz jumps on Abhi’s farm and destroys it. Abhi he jumped the fence and didn’t come from the gate. Abhi says I am not playing. Shahzad says Abhi no. Rubina says they are scaredy cats. Hina hugs her and says she is adorable. Rahul goes and takes the pieces from Abhi’s team. Rahul asks Abhi to clean his face. Abhi laughs.
Nikki tells Jaan to get out of the fence as he is not doing anything. She asks Jaan to do his work. Jaan says I am doing my work. Nikki says you are doing nothing.

Bigg Boss says today’s time has ended. Leave everything at the same place, nobody should touch anything. Nikki should make sure. Jaan comes and hugs Pavitra.

8:30 PM
Jaan tells Nikki that Sid expects a lot from me. He said that I did well in the task. I want to impress him. Nikki says do everything for yourself. Jaan says I want to be influenced by one girl outside which is Nikki. He asks if she will on a date with him? Nikki says you are my brother. Jaan says don’t say that otherwise, I will break our friendship.

Gauhar tells Nikki that one team has more space than the other so you should consider that.

9:45 PM
Jaan says Nikki is doing a lot here. Nishant says she might consider you a brother but you can love her. Nikki says he is my brother. Jaan says not okay, I like her. Nikki says there is no chance between us. Rahul says to Jaan that you should leave this like thing. Nishant says Nikki is elder in mind than Jaan. Jaan says Nikki is immature. Jaan says to Nishant that you are calling me immature now? What did you say about Nikki in the morning? Nikki says what did he say? Jaan tells Nikki that Nishant said that Nikki is immature and needs to grow up. Nishant says I said that she is child-like. Jaan tells Nikki to listen to him and don’t hurt his feelings, he leaves.

PRECAP – Eijaz and Rahul dance seductively together with their shirts off to please Hina. She laughs at their antics. Other boys dance too.
Shahzad tells Abhi to destroy their farm. Shahzad attacks other’s farm so Nikki curses him. Shahzad shouts at her to not curse him, he says this is your reality, you are a ******. Nikki shouts at Jasmin and curses her because of breaking the rules. Jasmin shouts at her and cries as Nikki is cursing at them. Later Shahzad and Nishant have a fight between the task.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. I haven’t watched the full episode but I am damn sure that Rubina’s team is going to lose. Because the task is so partial and biased. The items are being given by the so called seniors and the regulator is Nikki the great . How is Rubina’s team even going to win . I don’t even feel like reading further. Bigboss was popular because how unpredictable the tasks were. Like seriously till it ended, no one had any idea who is going to win. Contestants cheated or found a loophole, whatever it was, it hooked us to our screens. The major flaw with this task is, even a genuine loophole would be declared as wrong or unethical by Nikki or so called seniors if someone they don’t like would be winning. In previous season atleast the participants would fight with the regulator. But in this task, the so called seniors ( especially siddharth) will say “we are seniors, we will decide” lol . What is this senior or fresher thing. Even college seniors don’t ragg nowadays xD.

  2. The WKV scolding by Salman brought a 360° change in their personalities. Wth happened to Eijaz? Wasn’t he the one who was going on a rant about “humanity”? So what happened to it now? I get it, its a task but, but he himself had earlier pointed out quite a few people for being aggressive even in the previous tasks. And here he is telling Nikki that he’s her “friend” so that she supports his team.
    And can these women ever stop playing their “women” card on this show? Boys cant get aggressive with girls in tasks, whereas they themselves can do anything. Jasmin was attacked by 4 people at a time which was wrong, but why to stress on the fact that “4 men” attacked her? She herself says that and then goes on to even tell Eijaz that being a “guy” also he failed to snatch from a “girl”.
    Pavitra is good as she is. There’s no need for her to strike a relationship with any of the guys on the show, be it Rahul or Eijaz. Going the “Splitsvilla” way is not going to do any good.
    Finally, the seniors have started giving space to the contestants. Thats a relief.

  3. Rubina was too good 😂..she is too cute 😍 and good entertainer.with out harming anyone vo task ko nibha rahi thi full on josh ke saath. Too good to see her

  4. Winner of bigg boss 14- Sid and whomever he supports

    There we go ladies and gentleman

  5. The real colors of BB 14 contestants are at last coming out through the task, thanks to BB and seniors for letting them to battle it out between themselves. At times it was funny, it was brutal, it had all ingredients which the show makers wanted.
    As usual SID haters will find fault with every thing he does, and they keep finding fault with Nikki too, bec she gained the support of seniors…. Just bec she gained the support of seniors, and chosen as confirmed contestant, some unreasonable critics calling BB biased, seniors biased, salman biased and the channel is biased… if you feel so better keep away from watching the show rather than keep b*t*hing about it….
    In task every one of the contestants did their best, the fighting spirt of Jasmine and pavithra is commendable.
    Just bec of some sick minded people hates SID, he will not become unpopular but it is other way around that he is becoming more popular than before…. he is trying to help every one and appreciate the deserving and also trying to correct whoever he finds them wrong. After all he successfully survived 140 days in the previous season as loan warrior and knows every trick of BB and deserved to comment and guide too, and his inputs are more valuable so as Gauhar & Hina’s.

    Let the sick minded keep whining and crying, we love you SID and other seniors too. We look forward to the BB 14 contestants to give their best in coming days… Cheers…

  6. Jasmin is crying for the 500 th time in just 1 and a half week. 😂😂😂😂😂😂 For Gods sake. Why did she ever comw here just to cry.

  7. Wow precap(Sarcastic way)…. sid island was a vulgar porn Part 1.. And now its boys turn, Vulgar porn Part 2.. Everyone should make their kids to watch these tasks.. Pollute their minds and increase the thirst for s*x and increase the rape percentage in India.. very nice(sarcastic)…This show is definitely family programme..everyone should tae their kids to sunny leone and other b and c grade movies.. well done bigg boss

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