Bigg Boss 13 9th October 2019 Written Episode Update: Arti starts a fight with Koena

Bigg Boss 13 9th October 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 10
6 PM
Shehnaaz is angry at Paras for not defending her. Paras says you didn’t come to me when I was smiling at you, Shefali is provoking you. Shefali says why would I provoke her? You play your game, you could have influenced Dalljiet. Mahira asks Shefali to not argue with Paras, you act nice in front of him and backbite him then. Paras tells Abu that I thought Dalljiet would play fair and not take out Shehnaaz. Shehnaaz says you always put me second. Paras says you hurt my heart. Shefali says I was just taking her side. Shehnaaz takes her away.

7 PM
Bigg Boss tells inmates that the task’s time for today has ended. They all leave.

Shehnaaz tells Asim that he hurt my heart.
Paras asks Shefali to not make her angry. Shefali says it’s between her and you. Paras comes there and tells Shehnaaz that I didn’t take Mahira’s name as I wanted to save you. Dalljiet says I didn’t have a discussion with Paras. Shehnaaz says you broke my heart again, you are my man and I should know that you would take me but you don’t. Paras says you don’t listen to me, now get lost, I won’t come to you.
Abu tells Siddharth D that its Shehnaaz and Paras’s game, no girl would bare what Paras does by not choosing her.

Shehnaaz tells Abu that I want loyalty in life, I want a man that’s mine and is loyal, I don’t get it that’s why I am not loyal. I could have continued with Paras but he does this all the time, he would pacify me but I was crying yesterday and he didn’t console me.

10 PM
Arti tells Siddharth S that why did you have a fight with Rashami? You should be less angry. Siddharth S says I was angry over rotis. Arti says no it was not about that. Siddharth S says Rashami told Shehnaaz that I would become angry. Arti says you can’t go that rude, I really value you but you have to control your anger.

12 AM
Arti tells Paras that Shehnaaz is hurt with you, I told her that you are playing a game. Paras says if I go behind Shehnaaz too much then all boys will go against me as they all are on Shehnaaz’s side. Arti says I don’t know, you should tell her. Paras says she wouldn’t be able to sleep if I tell her. Arti laughs.

Arti tells Shehnaaz that Paras told me he can’t take your side too much, you are entertaining and would be saved but he can’t be too much on your side as then all will go against him. Shehnaaz says he is behind me all the time but not when I need it, he always chooses Mahira, I have talked a lot but now I will play my game.

7:30 AM
Koena says these guys think they are Gods when they nominate us, all boys are playing in a group here, I don’t have to impress any guy or fake a relationship to get some favors.

Day 11
8 AM
Inmates wake up to song tumhi ho bandhu. They all dance and enjoy it.

9 AM
Siddharth D tells Shefali that you are out now so I would choose Rashami. Shefali says then give it to me first, I want to break Mahira’s pot.

Paras tells Mahira that if I am giving importance to someone then I know that person will understand me, I thought Shehnaaz would know that if I am befriending girls then its because it’s needed here, she makes friends here but I can’t. I broke the expectation that I will always go behind her. Paras says I think you might become a queen. He says if I get a chance then I will catch yours.

Shehnaaz whispers to Siddharth S that I am fine with Arti and Devoleena becoming queens so we have to eliminate Rashami and Mahira.

11:30 AM
Koena talks to Paras and says if I remain in the task till last then I will take the decision. Paras says if I am getting the key then I am bringing you out first. Koena says bring me out for smoking and will break two pots.

Arti asks Paras why are you teaching Koena? She is not separate. Paras says I am trapping her so they will start fighting with her. Arti says I am going to do it, I am not telling you so you can start playing a game. Paras says I tell you my game but you can’t. Arti says I am fair with you. Paras says I want Koena to do it. I am not guarding her, you can’t start the fire so let Koena do it.

12:30 PM
Arti tells Shehnaaz that I will break Koena’s pot, all are scared of her and they all respect her, I respect her too but I don’t like that she wants to patch up before nominations only.

Shehnaaz tells Siddharth S that I will do anything you want but bring me out of the cage, I won’t get peace till I have that revenge, I want to break the pots right now but I might have a romance that fake Tiger Sheroff (Asim) later on.

1 PM
Bell rings, Siddharth S gets the key and brings out Shehnaaz. She takes Mahira’s pot and says I don’t like fake people especially with my connection. Mahira says you brought it from your house? Shehnaaz says get lost from my life. Mahira says talk to my hand. Shehnaaz says now you will feel the fire, the one who couldn’t save his love interest will not be yours. Mahira says you had love in 10 days. Shehnaaz says if I play the game then I am wrong? Paras says Shefali look she is playing the game too. Shefali says you started the game so she is playing too. Paras says now she will go to Asim. Mahira says now we will make you jealous. Shehnaaz says you got the footage now? Paras says I didn’t want you both to take each other out. Shehnaaz says that’s why you gave the pot to Dalljiet? You have made me learn the game.

2 PM
Mahira says to Dalljiet that I can’t be friends with the girl that has so much filth in her mind. Shehnaaz says she gets jealous. Dalljiet says you want her to be your friend and Paras’s friend too but now you don’t. Mahira says you are jealous, I like what you are showing Shehnaaz. Shehnaaz says you are a fool. Mahira says handle yourself, you have come from Punjab. Shehnaaz says don’t talk about Punjab. Mahira says we have given hits in Punjab too, stop saying rubbish. Shehnaaz says you are overconfident. Paras asks Mahira to calm down and don’t react to her.

2:15 PM
Rashami asks Shehnaaz that if you are not jealous then why you are doing this?
Dalljiet tells Mahira that you are making Paras and Shehnaaz’s love story only, don’t give them attention.

2:30 PM
Bell rings. Rashami says I have no guard here. Koena asks Siddharth D if he is asking Asim to not take her name? Siddharth D says you had fights yesterday too. Koena says Siddharth D said sorry to me. Arti says you took a stand for girls and then you went back on your words because you didn’t want to be nominated. Koena says I don’t beg the boys to save me unlike you. Arti says I didn’t beg anyone, Siddharth S is my friend and I asked him to not nominate me, who are you to say that I begged anyone? Shehnaaz asks Koena to not say that.

2:45 PM
Mahira tells Paras that I am not going to be their second lead. Paras says our game is ending. Mahira says I want to break Rashami’s pot.

3 PM
Rashami tells Arti that you are misjudging me. I called you but you didn’t come. Arti tells Rashami that she is playing her game. Rashami says go then.

3:15 PM
Siddharth S gets the key and brings Shehnaaz out. Koena says they are so fair. Shehnaaz takes Rashami’s pot and says she had a fight with Siddharth and I was just helping Siddharth but Rashami got angry. Rashami looks on and says you threw it in so much anger.

Paras asks Shehnaaz why you fight with her? Don’t fight with her. Shehnaaz says I don’t have a problem with her. Paras says listen to me, fight with me but don’t fight with Mahira, don’t listen to Arti. Shehnaaz says you play your game, we will make a connection outside. Paras says this is not a game, I am telling you to not fight with Mahira.

Koena tells Mahira that they won’t let me out because I will take Arti out. Rashami says I am seeing how fair they are. When I start playing then I will break all the pots. Siddharth S says that Rashami won’t touch and do anything but talk like a captain.
Arti tells Paras that she was talking about suing Siddharth D and now she is fine with him? I don’t understand Koena.
Rashami says to Mahira that I thought Arti was my friend but she just tells others. Mahira says she is not trustworthy. Rashami says I know, she is very sharp, I am elder, I know things but I can’t say here. She says Arti has attachment but things are not like that.

4:30 PM
Bell rings and Siddharth D gets the key. He comes inside and sits on knees in front of Shefali, he says I fell for a girl but I will give to key someone else. He gives the key to Rashami and brings her out. Shefali says he told me before only. Rashami says I trusted Arti a lot but she broke my trust so I am breaking her pot. Arti says it’s okay.

Rashami tells Shehnaaz that I am hurt with Arti, I know her for years but I feel like she is very close to Siddharth S and she has problems with Devoleena and I am close to her. I have taken a stand for Siddharth S too, I know he is just talk and talk.

6:15 PM
Bell rings, all boys run to get the key. Abu pushes everyone and gets the key. All hoot. Abu brings Devoleena out and says come to my queen. She takes Dalljiet’s pot and says Dalljiet is very soft and doesn’t take the stand where it’s needed. She throws her pot but Dalljiet smiles. Bigg Boss says only Devoleelan’s pot is remaining so she becomes the queen of the house and she is safe from nominations next time, she will not work in the house and she will make sure everyone is working. She will also get the queen’s bathroom. Arti hugs Devoleena and says you deserved it.

All check Devoleena’s clean and good bathroom.

Shehnaaz talks to Siddharth S and he asks about Rashami. Shehnaaz says I was ignoring her but she said that Siddharth is wrong and talks about standards. Siddharth says I was talking about her voice pitch going above standard. Shehnaaz says she said you are just talk and talk.

PRECAP- Arti shouts at Koena that she is behind Paras to call her since last night, you are not that fair as you seem. Koena says I didn’t play any game. Girls then give black rings to guys on the report card. Paras fights with Arti over Shehnaaz. Paras says to hell with Shehnaaz.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Here while playing the game they should be smart too if paras’s and shenahz’s relation is apair made by God then no matter how they fight they will end up together

  2. Sana is so annoying. I just couldn’t stand her. So much show off

  3. Almost everyone is jealous of Kooena.
    The only members left with dignity are Koena, Mahira and Rashmi.

  4. I think sana is very entertaining… it’s her the way she behaves it’s not abnormal at all.. If a girl flirts with a boy or her friends are boys then people say she is characterless… And people who are very classy… atleast seems to be classy… are boring ..the people who like them are not watching the show… Only reading the episode

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