Bigg Boss 13 8th November 2019 Written Episode Update: Siddharth and Rashami have a classic heated argument

Bigg Boss 13 8th November 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 40
6:30 PM
Devoleena and Rashami tell the inmates that Bigg Boss ordered them to arrange a news show in the house when Bigg Boss didn’t give any such order. Tehseen starts the show and calls Sana to interview first. Tehseen asks Sana when Rashami and Devoleena left the house, how was the environment here? Sana says I felt a little bad for Rashami because they did touch up and everything and everyone thought that competition is gone and my team was happy. Tehseen says you were in team Sid? Then how did you leave that team and went to team Paras? Sana sings dost dost naa raha. Paras laughs. Sana says then I felt love. Tehseen asks who disturbed you? Sana says this Himanshi, I was shocked to see her. Tehseen says they were laughing on you? Sana says yes, I just wanted Sid to feel that I was alone but my old love Paras came so I went to my baby. Tehseen asks Sana what she thinks about Vikas? Sana says he has a problem with me. Vikas says now the problem will start. Himanshi looks down sadly. Tehseen asks if Himanshi felt happy to see you? Sana says she is from Punjab and my sister. Tehseen thanks her and calls Vikas next. Tehseen asks what you saw in this house? Vikas says all were in level in the start and they disturbance start, they all look animals more, Sana blamed Sid and I saw him pacifying her and then she asked to jump in the pool for her, Shefali and I jumped in the pool for her without thinking anything, you shouldn’t take fame to the head and be so egoistic that you don’t see real love of people, your name can be big today but tomorrow it can be in the trashcan but what remains is the love of people. All clap for Vikas. Sana nods. Vikas says we don’t know about your fight with Himanshi and she didn’t want to start that fight here but you started telling people about that issue. Himanshi cries, Arti wipes her tears. Vikas tells Sana that Sid was worried about you but you did so much bad that you wouldn’t be able to see his face outside. Tehseen says what advice you will give? Vikas says I talk for my nation, I curse a lot but I didn’t curse anyone in the house. Devoleena asks him to tell their nicknames. He gives funny names to each one of them. All laugh. Vikas says I am sorry if someone feels bad. All clap for Vikas. Sana stops Sid and hugs him but he leaves.

7 PM
Shefali tells Vikas that we are proud of you. Himanshi hugs him. Vikas says I was angry at Sana but I calmed down. Arti says Vikas was red in the face. Himanshi tells Vikas that I started crying because I don’t want to blast on her. Shefali says don’t cry. Vikas respectfully put her in the place. Himanshi says my mom used to cry and my brother couldn’t go to school. Vikas said it right that they should think before saying something that can destroy someone’s life.

Paras tells Vikas that you said it perfectly because you are experienced but she is young and doesn’t understand things. Vikas says I just don’t want to hurt people. Paras says she called Himanshi her sister but she was hurt because Sid left her when she needed him. Vikas says we were joking and Himanshi was sitting there but Sana left, Sid told me that she was like a kid to me but she ignored him like he was nothing. We didn’t hear any bad word from Himanshi’s mouth. Paras hugs him and says you are right.

8 PM
Paras tells Sana that Sid can make everyone look negative, Vikas doesn’t see much from his side. You just don’t say anything bad about Himanshi, just stand with people that are with you.

Rashami and Arhaan are in the gym. Devoleena says I should start the gym too. Rashami glares at her. Devoleena laughs and asks Arhaan what is his time of the gym? Rashami says what? Devoleena says I am talking to him, I want to make connections too, are you jealous? Rashami says why would I be jealous? Devoleena says aati kya khandala. Rashami says I am ready to go with you Devoleena. Arhaan says if we were in Lonavala, I would take Devoleena for a date. Devoleena laughs and says aww. Rashami says she has gone mad. Devoleena says I can see the smoke from her side. Rashami says you have to be more specific.

8:30 PM
Vikas tells Himanshi that Arti is a little hesitant, we are 5 people and I will stand with the truth, I am with you so be strong.

9 PM
Rashami asks Arhaan why Shefali is showing attitude to me? Arhaan says she does it with everyone, she is not talking to anyone. Rashami says I am upset with you, how you thought that I would become friends with Sid? Arhaan says these fights became too big. Rashami says you know what happened, I don’t even want to see his face. Arhaan says when I entered the house, I saw that this matter is different. Rashami pushes him and says if I do this with you then what would you do? Arhaan says I would slap him. Rashami says I fought for myself, I was angry at you. Arhaan says I didn’t know about him pushing you like this in the house. Rashami says the worst things happened when we were outside. Arhaan says then slap him and leave with dignity.

Day 41
8 AM
Inmates wake up to a song angrezi weed de. They all dance.

9:15 AM
Devoleena interviews Rashami and says we want to know that what happened between you and Sid that didn’t end your fight with him? Arhaan says I won’t say anything. Rashami says I just want to say he is cheap, he is so fake that I was shocked that he can live like this, I was never an enemy of anyone but this is an actor that even if he was dying, I wouldn’t give him a glass of water. Devoleena says coming to you and Arhaan, are you guys just friends and can I make a connection with him? Rashami says we are just friends so you can make any connection that you want. Rashami says he is a good man too.

12 PM
Rashami tells Paras that Asim and Sid have a strong bond, Devo and I have a strong bond but you don’t give that vibe of loyalty. Paras says why? Rashami says we make others trust us but you don’t give that vibe. Paras says I have a bond with Mahira. Rashami says what if she leaves? Paras says you have Arhaan. Rashami says he is not with me. Paras says Arti’s game is changing so he is talking about her, I noticed that Arti has insecurity with Himanshi and Shefali as Sid and Asim are with them, she is a girl after all.

12:30 PM
Bigg Boss calls Asim in the confession room. He says you won as a team so ask your team and choose two people from your team to make a captain, even if Sid becomes a captain, he will remain nominated.

Arhaan asks Rashami did you talk to Arti? Rashami says I am not talking to her. Rashami says I wanted to talk to you but you didn’t listen to me. Arhaan says I am so sorry. Rashami says I have been trying to talk to you, now you will die to talk to me and I won’t. Arhaan says sorry, don’t glare at me, I get scared.

1 PM
Himanshi tells Asim that we are new so we need to become captains. Vikas tells Asim that you will be a different kind of captain, people won’t listen to you but they will listen to me. Asim asks Sid. Sid says these two girls are strong and did a lot in the task. Arti looks on. Asim says I am fine with Shefali and Himanshi’s name. Sid says we should fight for our immunity. He says Devoleena and Rashami are strong but they were eliminated too. Vikas says you want to become captain? Sid says I am not taking my name, these girls did a lot in the task.

1:30 PM
Arhaan tells Mahira that your face is looking nice today. Mahira dances like Kareen. Rashami dances with her and says I am jumping. She jumps from the chair but Arhaan catches her and says it’s good that she doesn’t have much height. Rashami says don’t go on my height, I have made my respect in this house, don’t bring outside matters here. Arhaan laughs.

2 PM
Asim asks Shefali and Himanshi to save him if they get the chance in the nominations. Shefali says you don’t have to say.
Arti tells Shefali that I won’t ask anyone to save me, I am not weak, I got more votes than Devo and Rashami. Asim got more votes than him too.

Asim tells Sid that these girls will remain on our side? Sid says we did what was right.

Arti says to Himanshi and Shefali that one of you will become the captain so she should save the other one, that would be fair. Vikas told me that I don’t know how to play the game but God is with me, I will play it alone, I don’t have to follow anyone. Sid saved me so I should have saved him but I saved Asim as he is not stronger than Sid.

2:45 PM
Bigg Boss says to the inmates that Arti’s captaincy time ends now, he asks Asim to tell whom they have chosen for captaincy? Asim says it’s Himanshi and Shefali. Bigg Boss asks him to wear the mic. Rashami says it’s Himanshi and Shefali. Asim asks her to stop it, he is wearing the mic. Bigg Boss says we will do a task for them. He calls Paras in the confession room. Paras goes. Rashami asks Asim why he got aggressive? Asim says he didn’t ask you. Rashami says why you talk like you are angry at everyone? Asim says are you done? Rashami says I just said the names, this looks very small, you shouldn’t misbehave like this. Paras comes there and reads the task. He says for captaincy, all inmates will vote and will put a stamp of rejected on the person whom they don’t want to make captain. The one with fewer votes will win.

Task starts for voting:
– Mahira votes against Shefali and says Himanshi is more deserving.
– Rashami rejects Shefali and says I know her since before but we didn’t talk much.
– Tehseen rejects Shefali as she is nominated with him. Sid says what? Tehseen says why you have to talk between me and others? Bigg Boss says this is not a valid reason. Tehseen says Himanshi would be fairer.
– Arhaan rejects Shefali saying Himanshi would be more capable.
– Sana rejects Shefali and says you nominated me and I want to make Himanshi a captain as it will give me a chance to talk to her.
– Paras says I wanted to make Vikas the captain but I think Shefali will make good decisions so I reject Himanshi.
– Sid says I don’t care whoever becomes the captain but I know Shefali since before so I reject Himanshi.
– Kisari says I don’t talk to Himanshi much, he rejects her.
– Vikas says Shefali is strong to answer others, Himanshi won’t answer anyone. I don’t want her to cry so I reject her.
– Asim says I have good bonds with both but Shefali is stronger so I reject Himanshi.
– Devoleena says Himanshi is sorted so I reject Shefali.
– Arti rejects Himanshi because she is emotional and soft.

Bigg Boss says votes are a tie so we will give Arti the chance to decide who will become the captain. Arti says I choose Shefali. Shefali thanks her. Bigg Boss says Shefali becomes the new captain and she will use the captain’s room.

3:15 PM
Sid asks Tehseen what rubbish were you saying that I taunt you when you talk to others? Tehseen says talk calmly and don’t abuse. Sid says get lost *******. Tehseen says you are an elder and you curse so much. I am younger than you. Sid says I don’t know anything about you. Tehseen says I am not going to be bullied by you. Sid laughs and says I don’t want to fight with you. Tehseen says I was talking to you nicely, I was respecting you, talk to me nicely.

Rashami asks Asim what did I do? you misbehaved so much. Asim says sorry.

Sid and Tehseen glare at each other. Sid says will you smooch me now? Tehseen says I don’t do it with guys. Sid says your acts don’t show that. Tehseen says don’t do this bro, you are my friend. Sid says you are not my friend, I don’t care. Tehseen says I am standing here. Sid says I am going for a smoke, you keep standing here. Tehseen says run.. run..

Shefali thanks Arti. Arti says you are safe from nominations, Shefali thanks her and says thank you.

Asim tells Sid that I am happy with Shefali, they could have brought Himanshi on their side, she is softer. Sid says Tehseen is a joker, he wants to become a politician like this? Asim says I was loud with Rashami? Sid says you did become a little loud. Asim says I was running before that. Sid says this is the next level, there is no peace, Paras’s life is smooth right now.

4 PM
Shefali tells Sid that I will give other duties to Devo and Rashami. I will give a good duty to Mahira as well, I want to bring them out of their comfort zone. Sid says to keep my duty the same, I don’t want to change that.

6 PM
Paras tells Shefali that Sid used to chop the veggies with Devo and Rashami but it was not working out. Shefali says then Sid will clean the bedroom with Asim. Sid says okay. Devo says they have to clean it. Sid says they won’t do any makeup there, that’s not the place for it, they can’t throw tissues there. Shefali says they will do makeup there so you can work in the kitchen. Sid says I will chop and they can cook. Rashami says I am not comfortable with Shukla. Shukla says then you go home. Rashami says I didn’t talk to you. Shefali says Sid will clean the bedroom, girls don’t have a place to makeup so they will do it there but don’t throw the tissues there. Rashami says Sid has the habit of starting the fights. Sid says you start all that. Rashami says I am not talking to you, you are cheap and disgusting. Sid says to hell with you then, I am not here to make a relationship with you. Rashami says you have small thinking. Sid says I don’t care about your thinking. Rashami says you pointed at me and talked about standards, you cursed me. Sid says you started talking about thinking. Rashami says you talk so cheap. Vikas asks them to calm down. Sid says I know about your reality, I don’t talk behind others. Sid says I don’t care about you and I don’t talk about you, all you 12 people can go to the hell, I don’t have to follow anyone, I don’t care what you people do. You didn’t bring me here. Rashami says you stay in your limits, don’t tell me what to do. Sid says when I lose my limit then you will know. Arhaan says I promise on my mother that I will meet you outside. Sid says if you are a man then come outside, you can fight with girls here. Sid says come and meet me outside, what are you barking? I was not talking to you. Arhaan says talk like men, why are you getting hyper? Rashami says let’s decide the duties. Sid says Arhaan says rubbish like his friend Rashami. Arhaan says call me anywhere you want outside. Paras says this Sid is nothing. Sid says to Paras that your finger was broken and still, you are barking? Paras says my finger is fine. Shefali says give me time. She divides the duties. Devo says all have two duties except Sid and Asim. Asim says I am cleaning the garden too. Sid says people had one duty earlier too. Shefali says Sid was ready to do the chopping. Devo tells Sid that it’s your habit to act like this that no one wants to share the duty with you.

9:15 PM
Arti asks Sid why he is angry with her? I didn’t break your trust or anything. Sid says you said things that were pointless so I used to ask her to stay silent, when I asked you to remain silent, you didn’t listen to me as then you didn’t need me anymore, you went to Devo when she came back. Arti says I was talking about Sana with Devo. Sid says when I cut off Sana then you went to her and Paras’ team, I don’t feel comfortable with that.

PRECAP- Salman tells Sana that relations can be as they want in the house but you both feel for each other. Sana you are really sad.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Just finish watching today’s episode and I had to come here on write down
    Why is Arti So proud that Rashmi got less votes than her. See what I mean it BB is very unpredictable, reason to say is.. When SID was nominated for an incident happen during the task, which might happen with anyone! But Mahira literally went to HIT him there was no punishment given. And since the day Rashmi and Devo was evicted there was no news Conformation of where they were in secret room, or behind the walls of BB house or in Camera room like none. So it might be that they just evicted Rashmi and Devo to see the reaction and it was a game plan of BB.
    And yes among all of them there is one genuine friend ship in the house, and that’s between Paras And Mahira no offense they both are there for each other and with each other they even stand for and with each other.
    Having said that, bring Rashmi and Devoleena is actually good, I don’t about Devoleena but Rashmi is strong and deserve to stand for the top 5.

  2. Oh god today episode was irritated I have to quit watching this show because of rashmi mahira paras and sadly for sana now it’s over going on. Since rashmi came back she thinks she is queen of victroia. We are dying to see her on the screen.sorry I m not interested. Unnecessarily she poking n targeting sidharth shukla. Always she started first she went on sid family then he replied back. That arhan khan ( kirla) deliberately wants to poke his nose on every devoleena is doing also over. It’s showing how badly she wants to have connection with that kirla. Sidharth has anger issue but he is kind hearted person like Salman Khan.rashmi is jealous with his popularity she is frustrated why he getting lot of votes than she deliberately wants to put sid n asim on bad book. Asim didn’t shout at rashmi he simply said I will announce again because it’s his duty not rashmi. Unnecessarily screaming n fighting because he is sid friend. Remember in delivery task when by mistake aarti picked the call she shouted at aarti it’s my duty ok. Salman Khan should take sana class now it cannot be tolerate. The way bahu took class of sana n show her real face that just superb.sana going on different track. She doesn’t know when to talk n how to react. She is just spoiling her own image on national tv.

    If one person continuously accusing you without any reason n fighting with you for small things you will react on that n cut yourself from that person. Here everyone torturing single man so just think how he will feel it’s natural he will give it back to them. He is fighting like tiger. Housemates are forcing him to do so. But sometimes he react in funny way n laugh that is his way.

  4. Inko season end karna chahiye and Sid ko winner announce kardo….koi topic nai milta Chalo Sid ko pakar lo……this season is all about Shukla ji…..I personally feel ki shefali and himanshi bhi game khel Rai hai par silently……4 ki dosti mein dono ladkiyo ko hta ke khud spot lay liya….control Kar Rai hai….Rashmi has too much negativity yaar….jab bhi muh kholti hai toh galat hi bolti hai……that’s too much…..really feel bad for Sid……Sana ke saath iski happy side dekhne ko milti hai….jab se differences aaye hai no funny side only gussa gussa…….hope sab theek hojaye……

  5. Hello people!
    Where are the oldies but goldies of the last few years of BB tellyupdates ? Won’t you guys start commenting again and get ourselves into the khattimeethi tiffs just like the last year ?
    I miss all of the commentators who used to comment and I miss the groups we used to have…
    Come back, people.
    Even Diwali is over this year.

    P.S. – Not following the season this year. So, won’t fight with you @XYZ ?
    @Hope, I know you’re there. Come up with all your beautifully logical points.
    @Airplanes, after one year – a late realization I have – I don’t like Romil anymore. Romil is not a gentleman a woman will like to marry.
    Still, my ❤ for KV.

    1. good to see you back Arohi… hardly find the old team mates… best wishes from RjR

    2. Wohi toh hain yaar 🙁
      Good to u see too ❤

    3. @aaro ,
      waqt ki ho dhoop ya tezz ho andhiyaan ;
      kuch kadmo ke nishan kabhi nahi khote ;
      jinhe yaad karke muskura de ye aakhein ;
      woh log durr hokar bhi durr nahi hote …..
      so nice to see old buddy back 10 months and 9 days ….ufff par koi na der aaye durust aaye
      the moment you get this message i will feel happy for us for sure
      koi na show has ended and what romil did after that was his choice # funnier thing is that dipika and romil are working together isn’t it ….
      this season is too also full of masala entertainment and one man army so far now if you get time do come and enjoy as our coffee is to pending hahaah
      kv as always going good and your fanship for him is nicer to see :))-
      indeed this season @airplanes is analysing the cards of the show via satellite navigation :))-
      good to see u back its always nicer to old buddies humming around till next time i wish i found u here again ….
      life is meant to be full of adventure and close friends !!!!!
      signing off @ airplanes # hey atiba loved your updates as always take care # duaon mein yadd rakhna …..

  6. Feel sad for Sid…Rashmi is back with lot of negativity….talking rubbish about Sid…..jab bhi bolti hai toh garbage hi nikalta hai….all have 1 topic Sid Sid…….kuch nayi baat kro…..Sid disturbed lag raha don’t know why?….jab se friendship mein distance aaya arti aur Sana ke saath Jada hi gusse hoya hai……ab toh Sid ki funny side bhi ni dekhne komile gyi….shefali and himanshi too are player….both took the spot of arti and Sana……himanshi dignity se khel Rai but fake lag raha …samajh ni aaraha kuch only cries to prove she was rite….and to make other wrong……….good luck to Shukla ji

  7. It is a one man show lol. SHUKLA SHOW.

  8. Amal

    Why is Sid so mad? ???? Rashmi got on under his skin and this Arti needs to leave cos she’s flip flopping and being so needy towards Sid.

  9. Rashmi ko nikaalo yaar. she is a fake.. playing gal card all the time

    1. Can some one point out when shukla spoke well. Be it any one Mahira or Aarti….he is pathetic. Leave that he did not speak well with Kisari lal ji. Only comfortable with Shefali as they had past relationship. I dont know how can a person be so mad….like a janani…like an aunty….saasu maa types….just fight be it task or not a task. Cant speak softly. No doint he had so much broken relations. Please dont compare salman and him. Salman respect women while talking….

    2. Yes agreed

  10. Reshmi has a problem because shukla knows about her past thats why she always picking on him. It’s a fish market of a show. Congulations salman for hosting such a crap show. Hope the money you getting is worth it. Worst celebreties chosen scrapped the bottom of the barrel here.

  11. Siddharth is a maniac and rashmi is a liar & irritating, congratulation bigg boss your “strongest” contestants with biggest fanclubs are unlikable as f*ck…I would rather watch last year dud season then watching these two crapping on each other for 40 minutes and rest sana trying to be funny, seriously agar rashmi ko itni nafrat hai sid se that “mar bhi raha hoga to dekhon nahi palat kar” then why she was being so sweet to him in first week?her behavior towards him was more than cordial this only proves that she’s either exaggerating the”issue”(which conveniently none of them evr share)or she was acting & she’s a good actor since she fooled many people into believing that her & sid were friends

    Tehseen poonawala yahan apni izzat ki waat lagane aya hai, nobody will take him seriously in his work space if he kept behaving the way he is

    1. This season bigg boss is disgusting to watch.

  12. Omg. I hate this girls(rashmi, Devo, mahira. In 3no ko show se baher nekalow. Yaar koi muje please bataye. Sid be kab rashmi ke bare mein bat ke hai. Jab se show start howa hai. Main ne kabi bi nahi deka bat karte Howe. Rashmi kud us ke peche hai. Jab woh wapas aye toh sid ne ignore kiya. Jise hamesha se karta ta. But yeh bat rashmi ko hazam nabi Howe. Kud paras logo se pucha ke ke sid ka kya ta mere Jane ke bad.omg. I just hate her. Aur sana ko asa sid ke saath karte Howe bhot sad feel hota hai. Woh bhot ghalat kar rahe hai sid ke saath. Sab ghar wale sid ke peche hai. But it’s good for him. Coz in ka asa karna hi sid ko jeetwaye ga show. I vote for him always

  13. Ye shukla or rashmi kyu paka rae hain kya hua tha ya to bata dein ya phir bahar jakar ladein mujhe laga tha rashmi will come with a fresh game plan but her record is still stuck on shukla and what he did outside the house like ya to poora expose karey akhir hoa kya tha ya phir gharke muddon pe lade and that 6ft ka sokhaa va amitabh bacchan aur agaya hai cheap sa love angle dene with debo & rashmi

  14. Himanshi’s getting close to all the wrong people but then again there aren’t any good people in that house this year, she should stick with asim and asim should get away from shukla asap shukla is ruining his game as well. bigg boss should fake evict sid and put him in secret room so we could see different dynamics without him as we get to see different dynamics of other team when rashmi & devo were evicted.

  15. Siddhartg is a complete nutjob but i haven’t seen him lie as of yet but rashmi has lied many times so considering this I won’t believe in her backstory about siddharth if she tells it?

  16. I don’t like anyone till now.. everytime fight fight..Noone want to sort out.

  17. Why sid must behave like that? Why he need to be that arrogant and agressive? Rashmi just dont comfortable with him. So why make a scene and pick a fight with her? Is it necessary? If sid become the winner this season I wont watch bigg boss ever again. Look how arrogant he is when saying he can stand alone without other HMs as the connection theme being cancelled. Duh! Irritating! Rashmi please do give him a lesson but dont use bad words again next please we support you rashmi

  18. Aarti ko itna chatne ka kya h sid ko

  19. its arti’s wish whom she talks with
    if you don’t talk with them doesn’t mean everyone in your group also not talk to them
    they have every right to speak and they didn’t even take arti’s consideration in next captain
    its give and take so when sid rudely speaks with other housemates they were also doing same thing and if others nicely talking phir bhi sid rudely jawab dete hain lekin asim and his team se itna nicely bolte ho tho usi way se other group se hi baath karte tho itna jhagada nahi hote

  20. Though some hypocrites and haters doesn’t like Sid for no valid reasons… He is true one man warrior and most reliable friend, he never let his friends down for footage or for benefits. His brotherly relationship with Asim is so cute which reminds me of that of Sree n’ dipika last season… so warm and genuine… He never backbites and talk so cheap like Paras, Rash n’ team…. but to his dismay most of the opposite group including his own ex-team members are badmouthing about him all the time is so unfortunate…. Imagine one person against 9+ members…. even a saint will loose temper but afterall Sid is human too… i read some stupid comments from few in this forum, expressing their dislike on Sid with no valid reasons hope they are the desperate fan’s of Team Paras n’ Rashmi… i had a good impression about Rashmi earlier but this show revealed how bad she is and how comfortable she is with such a negative, ill minded hypocrites… obviously bad may choose bad only, so no surprise Rashmi chooses paras n’ team… Sid can’t talk to them normally bec they character assasinate him all the time, and expect him to return pleasantries and when they try talk to him nicely for camera… obviously no one will do that, and Sid will never try to be friendly with them till the end…..if anyone does it, it is called pure hypocrisy… in the new comers Vikas is really a nice guy, and so is Himanshi, Shefali… Arhaan is a sick minded guy and no surprise that Rashmi loves such guys only… Sana is going down badly needs to realise that she may loose her fan base if she keeps acting in this manner…. waiting to see Mahira kicked out of show soon… Dear Sid n’ Asim keep going and be strong… one of you going to be winner this season… and we support you guys… 🙂

  21. Completely agree with u @Cute

  22. All r just cornering Shukla..they r not understanding that they can’t becomes hero by fighting with Shukla and Asim….in fact they r making him look like a hero…guy is nice but his negativity is too much too ignore..they can’t find any other topic than this…Shukla…always they r talking about him…it’s such a bore to hear k my one name in bb house…and that’s why he’s the most dominant contestant this season…no one talks other than him…why ganging up against him only…they all r against each other….Dynamics need to be changed…and Shukla is getting undue advantage of everything….his constant temper issues r Making him look like god in someone’s eyes and a villain in others eyes….?????????????

  23. All people in the house are after Sidharth because they believe he deserves to win than them .Sid need to be strong it’s not easy that why now days he is so angry it’s natural to behave like that .I support Sid and I believe if you watched the show from beginning you will always support him.


    I don’t remember the season but there was one season when everyone was against Gautam Gullati. At that time, Bigg Boss & Salman Khan has played a vital role for his win. They advised him to be calm down & not to be entered on the situation that other players demands to do by him. After that, he played a good game & win the season. This time also, every one is just behind Shukla, I think on today’s episode, Salman Khan will give a good lesson to everyone.

    1. He was heavily favored and karishma tanna was deliberately made a villaun to raise his stature…it’s the same old only difference is shukla doesn’t know when to shut up and control himself so the old narratives that bigg boss always use are half working with him, he’s being cornered but it’s not fully on invalid grounds he IS aggressive but the cornering party isn’t nice either

    2. Hey, I felt the same dude…I was thinking the same…

  25. Please don’t bring more wild card we are already having headache. Visual will also target sidharth shukla because he is mad and psycho person.i left watching Bach baliye because his bad attitude. Visual can take part in next season with his rival madhurima who is his rival. Dont spoil the game. It’s already mess going on and also not happy with these new wild card only bahu is good who showed real mirror to all contestants. Please don’t mentally torture sidharth n asim it looks so bad. I hate rashmi desai from my heart so arrogant and over act in anything. Fake woman and so much jealous. She pretend to be sweet but she is ugly from inside.

  26. Nimesh Bafna

    Shukla is the winner. All hearts.
    Paras provokes all women’s against Sid and Sid has never said anything behind Paras back. Paras is afarid to play the game on his own and needs women support. Sid is playing it all well.Asim has also come out strong and he is a decent guy. Like and Asim Jodi. Bhai has added much needed humor to the show.

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