Bigg Boss 13 6th November 2019 Written Episode Update: Siddharth nominated for 2 weeks

Bigg Boss 13 6th November 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 38
6:30 PM
Inmates are trying to grab the boxes. Sid grabs Mahira’s box forcefully and pushes her away. She falls down and hurts her head. She screams in pain. Sana brings her aside. Paras asks if she is fine? Mahira says he threw me away. Sid says I didn’t even touch you. Mahira says I told you that if you do it again then I won’t spare you, you are gone from this house. Sid says sure, take me out of the house, I didn’t even touch you. Mahira says you are throwing girls around. Sid says get lost. Mahira says you get lost. Paras asks Mahira to calm down, he is a coward. Sid says you are a coward. Paras says if you have guts then push me away, you are useless. Mahira says this was not a mistake, I am not staying here. Sid says then bye. Mahira says you are no one to tell me. Paras says you are a coward. Sid says keep barking. Paras says let’s see who wins. Shefali says you people started cheating. Mahira says how can you say that? Sid teases Paras. Paras says you want to see my reality? I will keep barking. Shefali says Paras you shouldn’t talk about aggression. Sana says they called me a Stepney but I like to be Paras’s Stepney. Sid says wow.

6:45 PM
Sana tells Paras and her team that when I got out of the task, I saw everything, Bigg Boss you should show my real face.
Arti tells her team that I called her an entertainer but she said shut up then Sid tried to pacify her too.

Sid tells Vikas that I didn’t touch Mahira, I just snatched the bag from her.

Sana tells Arti that I just ignore people if I am not feeling well, I did it with Paras too, I was hurt. Himanshi cries. Vikas hugs her and what happened? Himanshi says I can’t do this, I remember people taunting my brother that his mother ranaway, I am watching everything here and it’s good that I came in this show.

Asim talks Arti and says we need Vikas so you might have to leave the task if we lose this point.

7 PM
Inmates start to throw things around to get the most items. Mahira pushes Shefali and asks her to not touch her. Shefali says you people are cheating. Mahira gets angry and shouts at her, she says you all are losers. Paras stops her and calms her. Mahira says I will kick you in the face. Sana throws boxes at Sid and Asim. Asim says you are not in the game. Mahira kicks the wall and says they are all dogs, you all are ****. Paras calms her and says don’t curse. Mahira says they are all losers. Asim says everything is fair in love and war. Mahira says Shefali don’t you dare touch me again, I will tear you all. Mahira screams and cries. Sid laughs. Arhaan hugs her and says calm down. Asim asks Sana to not throw boxes at them, we are not like you. Sana says I am different. Mahira says I can break their faces but this is not allowed. She tells Sid that if I met you outside then I would break your face, my mother is younger than you, you old man.
Mahira is angry. Paras asks her to calm down. Tehseen says violence is not allowed.
Himanshi asks Asim to not provoke them.
Kisari tells Paras that we won’t do tasks now, I will destroy them now. How is this man? All are against this man. Paras says now you can see. Tehseen says we are not going if he is pushing us. Paras says he was violent.

7:30 PM
Paras wipes Mahira’s tears. Mahira says they forced me to curse, this was too much. Paras says you didn’t do anything wrong. They do this all the time, he will show his standard, he is an oldie and an aunty.
Himanshi tells her team that Sana was distracting us, they got distracted and fell down.

Sana cries and says this is enough for me. Arhaan asks her to not cry. Kisari says this is not your first task. I want to go to the confession room, I have to go.

Shefali says Mahira was cursing me and saying to not touch her but she can fight anyone. Sid says she charges at you but no one can touch her.

8:45 PM
Paras tells Sid that we are mama’s boy so don’t taunt about mom again. Sid says what did I say? Paras says don’t comment on parents. Sid says I am sorry but I didn’t say anything like that. They argue with each other.

9 PM
Bigg Boss calls everyone in the living room. Sana says I am not going. Paras says come. Mahira says it’s my request. Sana says please let me be. They all gather in the lounge. Arti asks Sana to come there. Sana says I am in my bed. Arti says respect Bigg Boss. Sana says I am not respected here, you can punish me. Arti says this show made you a star, Salman praises you because of this show, you should respect this show, you will clean the dishes. She says okay. Sana cries. Arti says Bigg Boss she is not coming. Bigg Boss asks Sana to come into the living room. She says I won’t. Bigg Boss tells inmates that you all needed to gather items from the other team but you can’t hurt others in your energy and this is what Sid did, the way Sid showed anger was wrong and as a punishment, we nominate Sid for next two weeks. Sana is nominated for a week for not listening to us. Today’s time of the task has ended. Mahira says thank you Bigg Boss, I was not doing drama.
Sana is crying. Arhaan asks her to not cry. Paras hugs Mahira.

9:15 PM
Kisari tells Sid that I thought you had soft corner, you don’t listen to others. Sid says I didn’t respect you? Kisari says your fake smile is not welcoming, you are like my elder brother. Sid says I didn’t say anything to you. Kisari says I am just talking to you, we earn with our deeds. Sid says so let me be. Kisari says people are watching, our paths are different but be happy. Sid says don’t worry about my happiness. Kisari says you act like women.

9:30 PM
Sid asks Bigg Boss what extra did I do in anger? I didn’t go out of my limit, I did everything right, Sana was throwing the boxes in our faces.

9:45 PM
Sana is in a confession room. Bigg Boss asks why she acted like that? Sana cries and says I have a problem, I said sorry to Himanshi but I feel wrong, I have a problem with Sid, he is my friend but he is talking to her and not me, if I became her friend then he could have called her but he cheated me, I feel bad. Bigg Boss says Sid was always with you. Sana says I can’t do this anymore, I want to quit this show, I am disturbed, something happened with me. Bigg Boss says these are small things. Sana says I am an attention seeker. Sana says I just want to talk to her, I want her to become my friend, I will talk to Sid, he is my true friend, I am sorry for hurting you, I didn’t disrespect you, you are my family so I was just miffed. Bigg Boss says all the best.

10 PM
Sana comes to Arti and says I am sorry. Arti says sit and talk. Sana sits beside and says I am happy now, I love you. Shefali says Arti loves you a lot. Arti says I was hurt. Sana says when I used to go to Rashami, Sid had an issue, you know I love him. Arti says Sid said he trusts you a lot. Shefali says you shouldn’t have hurt him like that.

1 AM
Arti tells Sana that he loves you a lot, he is very hurt, go and talk to him. Sana says I will go and kiss him. Arti says go, do it. Sid is sleeping. Arti silently goes near him and touches his hand. He scared and wakes up. Sid asks are you hurt? Sana says I am sorry. She sits on his bed. He asks what happened? Arti laughs. She says nothing and goes to her bed.

Day 39
8 AM
Inmates wake up to a song meinu takde. They all dance together.

10:30 AM
Arti asks Vikas to wake up, he says just 2 minutes more. Mahira says we have to plan for the game so wake up. Vikas says I have already planned. Vikas wakes up. Sana says you can sleep in the washroom. Vikas says I am fine now. Sid is sleeping. Arti says he has a fever. Mahira says I can sleep too. Arti says he is ill, you just target him, I can’t torture him as he is ill. Mahira says you just do favoritism. Arti says you are just behind one person.

11 AM
Paras is looking around for the flour and says it’s gone, did Bigg Boss take it away. Sana says we can’t do rationing right.
Vikas asks Asim that you should have thought about the flour. Tehseen says you people should have managed. Asim says you get lost, nobody asked you. Tehseen jokes and argues with him. Tehseen jokes that you just need makeup. Asim says what happened to you? I didn’t know you had this power. Tehseen acts like a puppy and says you are behind girls only.

11:30 AM
Asim tells Arti that we were eating 2 rotis each. Sana and Mahira joke about Asim.

12:30 PM
Vikas jokes with Tehseen. Himanshi says you can cut others with love. Vikas says don’t end my career. Sid asks Tehseen to let it be, just joke and mimic. Vikas calls Asim and says Tehseen will mimic you in front of you. Asim laughs. Vikas says he acted you in a funny way and I didn’t feel good. Tehseen and Vikas mimic Asim. They all laugh. Sid says once more.

12:45 PM
Sana tells Kisari that I will not have the captain’s photo. Kisari says you should talk to everyone. Sana says we don’t know whose heart is what. I didn’t say a bad word for Sid.

3 PM
Inmates start the task again. They all rush to get the items. Asim throws the boxes for Vikas. They all start working in their stations. Asim tries to steal from Paras’ team but he says we won’t let you. Sana says we are the danger. Asim argues with Paras. Paras asks Sid why he is glaring at him? Sid says you are a stud, you are a national hero. Paras says international. Sid says people think wrong about themselves. Paras says this is not a war. Sid says you are a Ravan. Paras says you eat almonds. Sid says Rashami kept them all with her.

PRECAP- Paras asks Sid to come in his limits. Sid says you train me.
Vikas tells Sana that Himanshi cried because of you, don’t act too much. Sana says I am just talking.
Rashami and Devoleena re-enter the house again. Sid looks on and says to Asim that their group is stronger. Rashami tells her team that Sid is not happy to see us.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Today I have noticed different sana she got out of control in task n the way she threw boxes n sack on asim,shefali n sid face if they get hurt if something happened to their face n eyes. It ‘ll complicated her jounrney in the show but sidharth calmly said to sana aur maaro because he understood she did that in frustration. When sana was in sidharth shukla group but when she went to other group n talked with them just think how bad he felt because rashmi mahira n paras are his rival n now just himanshi came sana got insecured n jealous. After next day she started behaving very weird. Why bigg boss you called back devoleena I am ok with rashmi but again everyone just targeting asim n sid without any reason.who thought that aarti is jealous when sana talk to sidharth. They haven’t noticed whenever they both have misunderstanding only that person come between them n mend their relationship.she is pure Angel n soft hearted person I liked her. We love you a lot sidharth asim n aarti n for sana please don’t spoil your game. Sana behaving like wheel who can turn everywhere. From first day sidharth warned her paras only sweet with you when he needs you. When sana was crying paras was busy hugging her mahira no one came to calm n console her the way sidharth n aarti did that. If you remember guys those movements when they all jump on sana bed n sana said take more people.sana is confused n with negative people that is why she is behaving wired n looking confused personality. Please Salman sir realised sana her mistake n don’t hurt sidharth. Asim also said nothing to sana. Aarti always forgives sana.

    1. i v become a fan of aarti

    2. its sana’s wish whom to talk irrespective what sid or everyone thinks
      sid disrespects both sana and arti
      when arti said to asim about how sid talk about shadow and other things she feels bad and sid is wrong
      sid fans still blindly support him even after he pushes mahira and paras
      even bb gave punishment but you guys still support him
      and arti didn’t confront sid strongly about his words towards her

  2. Mahira show show it’s ok.mahira abuses it’s also ok coz she is a girl .all were aggressive why only Sid is punished not Mahira for so much abuses??! To everyone??!!big boss favoring a undeserving contestant all the time.and now most unserved devo is coming again for nothing!!its ridiculous!!!Sid is happy or not it’s his nature why rashmi just come n shoe attitude yes now male rashmi is her partner to target Sid .very bad.Salute to Sid who is survive in big boss with so many targets .keep it up SidAnd Sana .now himanshi starts her drama of no reason just forget r footage coz she knows when some one cry big boss show her on tv.fake ,I don’t like her even !!

  3. Is sana ka drama aadha episode kha gya ??why bigg boss why?I’m not saying to not give her screen time but please at least don’t torture the audience with obvious nautanki, it was puke worthy and she even pakoed the inmates as well seeing as none of them entertained her, and can she please stop trying to make himanshi the real culprit?maybe few can believe her but most people won’t we could easily search who started the drama who took it too far and who kept going when other side stopped after one reply & to be honest she herself is making audience take notice of the controversy if she don’t want to be exposed then she should drop it+++I don’t know who to support in this mahira/paras & sid shukla drama, obviously siddharth was overtly aggressive, arrogant and rude but paras and mahira aren’t innocent either, I have noticed them provoking him & asim, from last few episodes mahira has been passing snide remarks and laughing at asim/sid for no reason at all provoking them and she was stealing the sack today as well sid didn’t push her and it was part of the task but he should’ve apologized which was wrong and he deserved the punishment but there’s no denying none of these contestants have that hero-charm where you completely support them, today mahira got hurt but she has no sympathy from me and shukla will never get my support either they all are negative+++ rashmi & devo will enter tomorrow and I’m dreading that too they aren’t good either, again game/show will revolve around shukla and rashmi which honestly I don’t want to see, it’s stale and not enjoyable at all+++ tehseen poonawale flopped so hard omg and him trolling asim with those 3rd class statements was not expected from him

    1. sach mein yaar bahot naatak kar rai hai aaj kal

  4. I can watch 1 hour of sreesanth banging bigg boss door and repeating *mujje gaar jaaney hey* but I for the love of god can’t watch shehnaaz gill fake crying and overacting for attention ugh

  5. Siddharth shukla said one right thing while he was ranting in smoking room that is bigg boss should set some rules up if he doesn’t want anyone to get hurt in task, he gives task that can’t be done without violence , mahira was literally stealing one of asim’s team package and SS was trying to snatch it back from her. mahira fell and she got hurt but it wasn’t an intentional push whatsoever but since it’s SS who is exceptionally mannerless he could’ve explained his side like a normal person and shown concern for her as a human being but he instead laughed or mocked her and her being her she dragged the issue, not immediately (lol) but after it was looking like her team lost the task..(I don’t know if her foot was injured or not but the way she started walking normally just two seconds later after limping proved to me that sana isn’t the only drama queen in the house)

  6. I LIKE NONE OF THESE CONTESTANTS and negativity kya kam thee Jo ab rashmii or debolina ko wapis liae?

  7. Again Reshmi started the whole thing of targeting and talking only about Sid.Grow up girl.

  8. I can’t believe people actually think that paras is blameless?that he is innocent little bunny LOL LOL LOL sometimes please open voot and see his videos you’ll either find him making fun of asim ,misgendering him or gossiping about asim & shukla, don’t know about shukla but asim always seem so hyper in episode because he has been taking taunts personal jibes etc which weren’t shown on main epi his reactions are what are shown and this is the tactic BB has been using since many seasons to build favorable public opinion about contestants by hiding half the story. That chabra isn’t a decent guy and he’s the biggest s*xist in that house. And I haven’t forgotten that twisted game plan of mahira about shefali bagga to give her the innocence certificate besides she has been poking asim & shukla for many days, she got hurt and got justice for it but her abusing shefali jariwala was pathetic

  9. i hate SS, the way he talks to his own team shows how egoistic he is. He has no respect for who so ever. Even during weekend ka var, he keeps smiling sarcastically (looks just like a vamp of a drama). HATE HATE HATE him. Good he got the punishment. He totally deserve it.

    1. exactly like what dude he is so arrogant and big egoistical jerk
      kesari yadav said to him that jhooti hasi that conversation i really like kesari pov
      and he unnecessarily taunts mahira why can’t he cut the damn vegetable alone

  10. Yesterday sid fall really badly when paras was snatching bag from his hand, arti has a bandage under her eye you can see shefali getting hit by a bag really hard in yesterday’s episode today himanshi was getting hit while they all were stealing from each other station sana continuously hit asim with boxes khesari nail was broken yesterday, point is all of them got hurt and every time it was an accident (except for sana hitting asim)and mahira falling was an accident too only difference is mahira made an issue out of it cause sid was on the other end and they’ve war going on..

  11. Seeing how he is targetted IF there was any other guy in place of siddharth he would’ve become a hero by now,90 percent show watchers would be supporting him but he is too visibly arrogant, badtameez that he cancel all the sympathy/support he could get by it

  12. Sorry big boss 13,is turning out to be a circus show. Is salman so desparte to be part of this show salman u demand huge amount to present the show surely sometimes monetary demand is not above your dignity and status. From day one everyone has been after shukla a d now as soon as the new ones enter the hose they are doing the same. Paras maira sana should be made to leave the bb house. Maira just over does her drama even when nothing has happened. Wow Sanaa is showing what a b*t*h she is. She has flipped since himashi has entered because she knows her truth will come out and all the fake crying she is doing is laughable. Give paras a wooden spoon as he is a stirrer like maira shows their despartion to stay in the show. So this shows its all scripted and planned. Salman u still like San a after watching her now. Maira is dumb like Sana.

  13. No doubt Sidhart is aggressive and arrogant and everyone are taking advantage of that by their dramas. Sana is soooo fake now. she is no more entertainment. It is very obvious that paras team is targeting Asim specially Mahira. After last week Salman’s comment on her that public didn’t vote for her she started her drama. BB please take her out. Tahseen is the biggest disappointment of all. Nobody missed Rashmi and Devo et all. why BB why they are brought in 🙁

  14. Mahira is ANNOYING. I didnt even know who she was before this show lol.
    Siddarth has way too much temper, but he is straight up and def not fake. But he needs to chill out
    Shehnaaz is now desperate for attention. She is SO annoying and pathetic. Its making her look so bad. You want to cry? Go to the bathroom…stop doing it infront of the camera and screaming. Shes not even crying, its all fake. Bigg Boss favors her too much. She plays politics
    Dukhi atma and Devileena are back 🙁

  15. By not taking sides.
    Mahira is/was wrong, she even abused every single person of the oppt team.
    Sid is/was wrong to push,
    Every other person out there is THIS Season i REPEAT THIS SEASON in more worse than any other previous season.
    I think BB should mix up the team from both the groups inside the house, while giving a task, and if at all they say that, they will not perform the task, BB have all RIGHTS to punish every person.

    and YES where were Rashmi, and Devoleena all these days, show us that part.

  16. Sid is an absolute arrogant and bully. I wonder how could such a guy have so much of fan following, this is like encouraging his non-sense behavior.

  17. Yessssssss now I am going to watch again BB thanks #biggboss to bring rashmi back ?????????

  18. wow Sid was sick cause Rashmi wasnt in the house anymore and now that she is back wow you can see his face light up hehehehe cant wait

    Sana overrwacts she does too much of acting someone needs to put her in her place i hope Bua Vikas can dop that

  19. now i am going to watch Bigg Boss again yay so so happy Rashmi is back 🙂

    hopefully i like to see the love triangle between Rashmi Sid and Arhaan

  20. Siddharth is pure heart ,it’s natural for human being to act unwise sometimes because all contestants are after him is not an angel to ignore them Everytime .Paras and his time their game revolves around sid and Asim.We love you Sidharth Shukla we can see your special that why many people are after you

  21. Hope Rashmi behaves positive with SS. Paras n Mahira r shit stirrers. Aarti, SS n Asim deserve to b in the finale . The rest r not that interesting.

  22. I m very happy that reshmi came?..hope this time she’ll do better.. Love u reshmi u ‘ll win the show ?…i just hate Sana overacting Ki dukan ?please take her out

  23. the way sid behaves and talks so arrogantly even with his group
    hope he will eliminate soon

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