Bigg Boss 13 5th December 2019 Written Episode Update: Paras shockingly leaves the house

Bigg Boss 13 5th December 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 67
6:15 PM
Buzzer plays, all inmates run to take the bags. Arti has Bagga’s bag, Sana has Mahira’s bag. Mahira has Himanshi’s bag. Bhau has Arhaan’s bag. Madhu has Bhau’s bag. Rashami has Madhu’s bag. Shefali Zari has Sana’s bag. Bagga has Arti’s bag. Himanshi has Rashami’s bag. Arhaan has Shefali Zari’s bag. Paras asks them to get in the train. Mahira tells Sana that they are taking our bags now. Paras says Sana has Mahira’s bag and Mahira has Sana’s bag. Sid asks Mahira to go on the train and let Sana remain outside. They all enter the train except Shefali Zari who has Sana’s bag. Asim taunts them. Buzzer plays, all get down except Mahira who has Himanshi’s bag. Paras crosses out Sana and Himanshi’s name from the captaincy.

7 PM
Sana says now their team will go against each other. This will be fun. Arti is going to be eliminated.
Asim asks Himanshi if he did right by getting eliminated? She says yes, I am shocked to see how Sid is behaving. Asim says he is like that only.
Sana jokes that Bhau will become ill in the morning.
Paras talks to Sid and says I did the mistake earlier but I won’t now.

7:45 PM
Buzzer plays, all rush to get the bags. Arhaan snatches the bag from Mahira. Arhaan has Rashami’s bag. Rashami has Bhau’s bag. Madhu has Shefali Zari’s bag. Bagga has Arti’s bag. Shefali Zari has Mahira’s bag. Mahira has Madhu’s bag. Arti has Bagga’s bag. Train starts, they all get inside except Shefali Zari who has Mahira’s bag. Asim asks Sid to have tea, you must be weak. Sid says oh poor boy, you must be hurt. Buzzer plays, all get down except Mahira. Paras crosses Madhu and Shefali Zari’s name from the board. Bhau asks Paras what he is doing? Mahira is out and not Shefali Zari. Paras says don’t tell me, I am the judge. Sid and Mahira laugh. Bhau says give us the reason. Paras says I am not in the mood to give a reason. Arhaan asks if he is a king? Paras says get lost from here. Arhaan says you are a*****, you keep changing your side. You have no dignity. Sid tells Bhau that you are changing sides seeing power. Bigg Boss asks Paras who was eliminated in this round and why? Paras says Shefali Zari is out because she did not get inside the train, the rule book says that the last person has to get on the train too. I read the rules and she did not get inside that’s why I have eliminated her. Shefali says so I did not take the train to eliminate Mahira. Arhaan says this is cheating. Bagga asks Paras to read that it says ‘anyone who doesn’t take the train or gets on in the last’ will be able to eliminate the person whose bag they have so Shefali Zari was right. Arhaan shouts at Paras that who is he? You are talking about rules now?

Paras reads the instructions that the judge has to see who is getting on the train in the last but Shefali didn’t get on the train. Arhaan says Bigg Boss this is cheating. Vishal says Paras has gone mad. Bhau says this is wrong and double-faced. Rashami asks Arhaan to not say the wrong words. Arhaan says he is cheating so you can’t say bad words. Arhaan says they are not taking action against them, I am not doing any task here. Rashami asks him to calm down. Paras tells Bhau that I will choose the winner. Shefali Zari says you have cheated. Paras says you cheated to make Himanshi the captain. Shefali says so you are accepting that you are cheating also? Bhau says Paras has shown his colors. Bigg Boss says the judge has already given the decision so that is final.

9 PM
Vishal tells Bhau that keep Bagga’s bag, even if you are out of the task, we will make the captain from our team only.
Himanshi asks Paras to not mimic Shefali Zari. Zari says he can mimic me, it’s fine.

9:30 PM
Sana is crying. Asim wipes her tears and asks what happened? Sana says don’t tell anyone but Paras will leave tomorrow, he might go out for a week or two, I love him. Asim says really? Sana says I don’t say it. Asim says aww, he has a girlfriend. Sana says don’t tell anyone. Asim says he won’t go, I think he will come back, I won’t tell anyone.

Mahira says they are not captain material, I don’t become the captain like this. Paras says don’t say that.
Bagga tells Asim that he will make Mahira captain at any cost so do something about her bag. Asim says I will.

9:45 PM
Asim tells Himanshi that I am happy for you. Himanshi says you are my cute friend, what to do. Asim says reality is bitter for me, it’s from my side. Himanshi says it’s good if I leave so you will concentrate on the game more. Asim says I am concentrating on the game way more after you entered the house.
Sana is sitting with Paras. He asks her to show her face. Sana wipes her tears and looks away.

10 PM
Buzzer plays. Rashami has Arhaan’s bag. Arhaan has Rashami’s bag. They all stand in line. Train starts. They all get inside except Mahira and Bhau, they have each other’s bag. Mahira says I thought you would get inside. They both stand outside. Paras asks what decision should I make? Mahira whispers to him that I am ready to go. I want to see Bhau as captain. Shefali Zari whispers to Bhau that just put the foot on the train at last. Mahira tells Bhau that she is entering the train for him only, take care of me in the captaincy. Mahira gets inside. Bhau enters the train in the last. Paras asks Mahira to get out and go inside again. Rashami asks Paras if he has gone mad? Bhau entered the train in last. Buzzer plays, they all get down from the train. Paras eliminates Arhaan as Rashami was the last to leave the train and had Arhaan’s bag. Rashami says I was not last. Paras eliminates Bhau as he was out of the train when it was running. Bhau says I had touched my foot on it. Paras says you have to stand inside the train. Shefali Zari says this is so wrong, he is making his own rules. Bhau asks Mahira to talk to him that this is wrong. Mahira says let me talk to him. Paras tells Bhau that why did you not stand on the train? You went out after going inside. Mahira asks Paras to not do it. Paras says don’t teach me. I know what I am going.

Shefali Bagga takes Mahira’s bag and throws it on jail’s roof. She says to hell with it, now play and make Mahira captain, he wanted this task to be rejected.
Paras asks Mahira if she trusts him or not? Mahira says don’t do this, eliminate my name and put Bhau’s name back in the game. He says no. Arti tells Bagga that you don’t care about yourself but you have a problem with Mahira becoming the captain, you can’t change her destiny, play for yourself. Bagga says don’t you see that Paras is not logical. Arti says you play your own game, you are taking my bag or not? Bagga says yes.
Mahira asks Paras why he is doing this? Paras says don’t trap me in this foolishness, I don’t want to answer anything. I can lose and I will leave this house. Vishal asks why he is doing this? Paras says I want to go out of this show, let me do this. Shefali Zari says rule says that anyone remaining in the last can eliminate the bag but the judge is making it’s own rules. Rashami gets angry and breaks Arhaan, Asim, Shefali Zari’s crosses from the table. Paras says break all the crosses. Rashami kicks the crosses. Sid smirks seeing all this. Vishal says once a loser, always a loser. Arhaan tries to stop Rashami but Asim says let her be, she is doing right. Paras tries to put the crosses back but Rashami kicks them more and breaks it into pieces. Paras says break them all. Rashami says you wanted to get this task rejected then we are doing it now. Arhaan and Asim break the crosses too. Asim takes the bags. Arti tries to take the bag from Asim but her finger gets twisted. She screams and calls Sid. He asks what happened? Arti says this Asim twisted it. Sid says great Asim, now you are beating girls? Asim says she was snatching it from me. Sid says you were girls’ savor and now you are beating them? Your place in a girl’s feet only. Arti’s finger is twisted. Asim tells Arti that you snatched it from me and you got it twisted. Shefali Zari tends to Arti.

10:30 PM
Vishal says to Sid that you were physical with Asim and it was violent. Sid says he is in the feet of girls. Arti says he was pulling the bag from me. Sid says who pulled it from you? Asim says Sid go and sit back, you look weak. Sid asks Asim to sit in the feet. Himanshi asks Sid to talk about Arti’s finger, why he is bringing feet and all that? Why are you dragging me in this? Sid goes near her and says I am not talking about you. Asim asks him to not come near. Himanshi says don’t talk about girls. Sid says watch yourself first, I see you pushing others too. Himanshi says that’s my call, you don’t look nice talking about respect. Asim tells Sid to not hurt the girls, I know you are a gutter person. Bagga asks Arti why she is holding her bag? Arti says Asim was taking my bag. Asim says I was taking the bag from the shelf but Arti pulled it from me. Arti says we were both pulling the bag. Sid says he was pulling it from Arti. Bagga says she was pulling too. Sid says you have a mind after a month? Don’t worry about people here, I am not interested. Asim says Sid is a gutter. Himanshi says he is talking about people sitting in feet and all that, he is cheap. Asim says he says cheap things, you are sitting with *****. Rashami asks Asim to not say anything like him. Sid says oh God I don’t have Asim’s respect as I needed it in my life.

11 PM
Sid calls Asim a toyboy. Asim says are laughing. Asim says you are a gutter. Bhau takes Himanshi and says let’s talk to him. He brings her to Sid and says why you are talking about feet? Sid says if you think that I am talking about her then she must be sitting in the feet. Bhau says don’t talk bad. Sid says I didn’t say anything bad. Bhau says this Sid is so cheap. Sid says it shows your loyalty too. I called Asim a toyboy of a girl. Asim tells Sid to not Rashami, what you have done with Mahira here, I feel like outside you must have ***** 3-4 girls. Mahira says Asim you didn’t take a stand for me when it happened before.

Bhau tells Sana that Sid is talking about Asim sitting in Himanshi’s feet and all that. Vishal tells Sid that he is wrong. Asim tells Sid that I am bearing you here, you are a lost man in life. Sid says you have won life? Great. He laughs. Vishal tells Sid that I will tear you in pieces, you always want to fight. You talk about changing sides but now suddenly you are with Arti because you want to fight over ego.
Bhau shouts that he always attack girls and thinks that he will get away, all girls should raise their voice. Sid says you are their brother? Bhau says when you go out of here then call me and I will show you what a man I am.
Paras tells Mahira that they are all jumping over Sid. Let’s not get into that.

11:30 PM
Bigg Boss tells the inmates that the aggression shown in the task was unacceptable. The way Rashami, Arhaan, Asim and Bagga broke the things and threw them away made the task impossible to continue so we are rejecting the task. There will be no captain this week. The way Asim pulled the bag from Arti was not appropriate. And the way Sid used physical strength against Asim was wrong so as punishment he is nominated for the next two weeks. Asim says ouch. Paras laughs. Mahira says the task was rejected because of things broken. Paras says there will be no captain now.
Sana tells Sid that he took Rashami, Asim and Arhaan’s name but you should be careful. Sid says Salman will take my class now. Sana says you pushed him once. Sid says two times. Paras says why did you push? Sid says I am not even powerful, I am tired, I was going away and he was shouting in my ear so I pushed him away. Paras tells Sid that I did all the messed up things in the task but they are all targeting you because you get hyper. Arhaan was going near my face but I keep my control.

12:15 AM
Bigg Boss tells the inmates that Paras’ finger needs treatment for which he needs to go out of the house for some days. He is nominated too but we can’t expect the people to vote for him when he is not in the house so his name has been pulled out of the nominations and now Asim, Himanshi, Rashami and Shefali Zari are nominated. He asks Paras to come to the confession room. Paras says I have a surgery. Sana asks why? He says it’s a big problem. I will meet after a break. He hugs Mahira. He hugs Arhaan. Sana cries. Arti asks what happened? Sana goes with her and hugs her. Sana weeps.
Paras hugs Mahira and says don’t cry, be strong. Mahira cries.
Rashami hugs Paras. Paras hugs Arhaan. Paras hugs Shefali Zari. He comes to Sana and hugs her. Sana says I love you. Sid hugs Mahira. Paras kisses Mahira’s cheek. Vishal hugs him. Paras asks them to play well, I am coming back soon. He goes into the confession room. Vishal hugs Mahira as she cries. She says he doesn’t fight with me. Vishal says I won’t fight with you.
Arti tells Sid that Sana confessed that she loves Paras. Sana cries.

12:45 AM
Himanshi tells Asim that every girl respects you in this house, you have something special, you don’t have to get aggressive, you don’t say anything wrong to a girl, leave from there. Asim laughs. Himanshi says they say I don’t praise you as a friend.

Day 68
8 AM
Inmates wake up to a song dhoom. Vishal dances with Mahira and Rashami.

9:45 AM
Vishal says Sana’s voice went missing yesterday. Sana says Paras told me that he was leaving. Vishal says you were crying for him. You have Sid and Paras with you and there Asim was consoling her. Arhaan says she might flip to Arhaan and Vishal soon. Sana laughs. Arhaan says there was a video of Sana and Asim. He says Sana is cute.

10:30 AM
Sana tells Sid that Arhaan was telling me that people find me cute and I shouldn’t fight with anyone. They like Asim and you so you can flip like Gautam. Sid says my journey would be difficult now as I am against everyone, I don’t care. Sana says they are wrong, only thing is that you push him, you give attention to Asim, you have made him bigger, you talk rubbish so it makes him bigger and you look smaller, you fight over small things, he doesn’t fight for a valid point. Asim thinks that the lulle puche he has gathered will give him strength, Vishal and Arhaan don’t know anything but they will flip because of Asim’s behavior.

11:00 AM
Asim says that Sid’s captaincy was the worst. Himanshi says the house was cleanist in my captaincy. Asim says yes, only 6 people were working and keeping it clean. Arhaan says now we have loyalty. Asim says don’t talk to Vishal about Mahira and others, we will not entertain Mahira and Vishal. Rashami says don’t have a discussion about Paras at all.

11:30 AM
Arhaan tells Asim that Paras made such a big issue because I took an extra roti yesterday, You know you could have changed the game when Sid pushed you on the bed. You say in the camera that he is pushing me.

3:15 PM
Himanshi tells Asim that Arhaan says baseless things. Himanshi tells Asim that Rashami is pushing Arhaan forward. Arhaan needs a base for his game. Shefali Zari says if you do something bad then Arhaan’s game will become strong. Himanshi says never do something that Arhaan and Rashami want and they make you do it. Shefali says they have come to become close to us. Asim says we are calling them too. Himanshi says we have to create a layer between them and us. Asim says I have a layer. Shefali Zari says if Arhaan is out then Rashami will be lost again. Himanshi says Rashami is taking revenge on Sid using you, we are not a group. Don’t say that we are a group. I will make sure that if Arhaan comes to you then I will jump in.

4 PM
Asim tells Arhaan that if I am fighting with anyone in the house then you won’t jump in. Rashami can because of Sana, we can’t corner Sid with so many people. Even if there is physical violence even then don’t enter my fight and I will never enter your fight.

12:30 AM
Asim, Shefali Zari and Himanshi are in the bed. Asim says you people are thinking about our group breaking because of the elimination. Himanshi says you are worried that this might be the last time we are together. Shefali Zari says you both are very special to me. Himanshi says we met each other like three musketeers. Shefali and Himanshi get emotional and cry. Asim wipes his eyes silently.

PRECAP- Asim thanks Himanshi for coming in his life, your vibe is such that I would be running around you only, I have fallen in love with you. I have never felt this feeling before. Himanshi says they will call you a majnu (Romeo), Asim says love is not about fear. Himanshi says I will be there for you, thank you for being with me always, I will always love you. Asim says that is what I wanted. Himanshi hugs him.
Bhau is sleeping. Sana says to wake him up. Mahira says play the alarm. Bhau tells Sana that you will decide who will sleep or not? You don’t want respect? Sana says I don’t need your respect. Bhau says don’t act like Rakhi. Mahira says he should be punished that will shiver his soul.
In the luxury budget task, Sid asks Asim. Asim says I am alone. Sana says I will save him. Sid says no, you can’t fight with Arhaan and Vishal, they are tall. Sana gets angry and leaves. Arhaan and Asim fight in the task. Vishal throws things around. Sana and Shefali Zari gets physical. Sana says she slapped me. Shefali says I didn’t, you pushed me.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Paras is not going for any treatment… Liar BIGBOSS… His Ex GF has filed fraud case against him.. So he is being taken into custody.. He might come after getting bail..

    1. that’s arhaan i think?…imo paras has been sent out to save him from eviction he was the least votes gainer last week and they want himanshi to be eliminated, bone damage surgery is done immediately while it has been 4 weeks already from the fracture they’re making fool of everyone…everything this season has been a big joke of makers they’ve been trying to sell controlled storylines as “reality tv”

    2. Yeah yeah thts Armaan.. Realised alter bt didn’t get any option to edit/delete prev comment… ?

    3. really? good .. naa aaye toh achha

  2. Frankly speaking I hate when Sid and Asim fight…I hate when Sid says so much but I feel like crying when Asim also speaks up… watching him spending nice time with someone..or consoling anyone is very heart wrenching ????♥️♥️♥️♥️he looked like a sweet little girl with hairband consoling another little fat girl???Asim and sana became kiddos at that time….her love is one-sided or I should say she’s also pretending like the way jasleen pretended last season…it’s ok if they don’t want to be friends but atleast I don’t want shuklaji and Asim to fight…Sid used to call him younger bro so what made him go against Asim that he’s calling names to him which once paras used to do…ND he took Shuklaji’s name for highest trp prior to anyone… should realise who’s more wrong
    Ex winner Vindu Dara Singh is also siding with Sid ???????if u r his fan also then also atleast u can say he’s wrong ?????
    Be a human ND take a stand????

    1. This is completely me.. I too feel really sad when Asim n sid fights.. They both were my favorite since start but now I cant really understand how could I love someone like sid. Both are wrong but sid is definetly more responsible, he somehow makes me hate him sometimes.. I wish Asim to win this show for the sake of humanity and justice. A bully i.e sid cant be an Ideal for sure.

    2. Yes…first time it’s not bahu but a damaad of colors tv who’s getting favoritism…but Aaj mzaa aayega…they both r in one team

  3. It’s already Thursday, why public can’t vote for or against Paras who has been nominated for 2 weeks by now. Simply, BB is saving him. Paras sanchalan can’t be questioned now…he was not only regulating task but instructing player (Mahira) clearly showing biasness. Why would other players bear it. Liked what Rashmi did today. …there is punishment for breaking things but not for violence. There is no point in wasting time in a biased task. But for sure Rashmi will be scolded. Shukla has special respect for women…..hahaha. BB is picnic spot for everyone this season.

    1. Ab voting lines open hai..they closed them cuz paras ko save krna tha

  4. asim was character assassinated today by shukli, that whole “toyboy”(boytoy) comment was disgusting as [email protected], yesterday his father was abused and he was told that he is “gutter ki paidaish” by shukla with other sweet sweet profanities but you know what people have been pointing out?asim’s reaction 🙂 apparently he “provokes” too much but same people forget to see that he “provokes” after getting physically assaulted without any reason after being verbally abused BUT NO both are at fault amiright :)…I guess bigg boss biasd approach in moulding an episode and whole show has been working its magic and people are buying it

  5. aarti ne kya drama kiya hai aaj there was no haathapai as bigg boss said.. it was clear as day in the episode she hurt herself and asim wasn’t even in 3 foot distance from her when she started to cry in pain, she even changed her statement when asked if asim had done it. i don’t know if it was intentional or not from aartis side but the way bigg boss presented it completely wrong shows they were trying to make it a matter for wkw to take focus off from what sid has done yesterday…

  6. has anyone noticed how bigg boss cut the scene inbetween whenever asim or anyone against siddharth shukla tries to give their justification?today mahira asked asim why he didn’t stand up for her when he knew sid had injured her and he was about to give his side but they immediately cut off the scene, they wanted to frame him as hypocritical by focusing on mahira’s question but didn’t show his answer. They’ve been doing same thing to rashmi they shows her loud reactions but never focused on what sid said..

    1. #BiggBossIsFake

  7. Bigg boss always blaming everyone but team sid

  8. sharmila dey

    This is the worst season of biggboss & has been extended. Its disgusting to watch that good for nothing Shukla in tge house. He never does any work & just lies down all the while or he is fighting & screeming. He is actually lalita pawar & Shashikala of the house. They were much better than him. Shows his upbringing….no offence to his parents. They also must be ashamed of this 40yr old abusive man tobe their son. Salman is also biased towards him. Loosing respect even for him for supporting an abusive arrogant good for nothing psycho. Wouldn’t callshukla a man…he is mentally sick & all the other contestants r at threat by staying with him in the same house. He should be sent to an asylum for good.

    1. Well said,disgusting Shukla??????

    2. Sharmila if so much problem dnt watch it dear

    3. sharmila dey

      I hate to watch it but its helpful to know what type of people r there among us in the society. Helps to identify the behaviour of mentally sick people & chamchas in our surroundings.

    4. Well shukla aint a chamcha ur watching the wrong show sharmila lol asim was a chamcha now arhaan is a chamcha also if u have ten ppl against u cz ur not a chamcha n have ur own opinion dnt mke u a bad person u hate shukla because he speaks out what do i want him to do go and lick rashmi n arhaans feet n say yes boss to asim is that what u want!

    5. sharmila dey

      I never said shukla is a chamcha…paras & mahira r

    6. No but he can talk with respect instead of yelling!! He has a really loud voice and it’s annoying. I used to like him but for some reasons he isn’t the same without Asim.
      He called Asim a younger brother but didn’t mean it. That’s not how you treat a younger brother if you think he’s wrong. Unless of course he was treated that way. I think it’s about time they get rid of Aarti and Mahira. They both really don’t do much.

    7. well said sharmila

  9. It’s clear they are trying to save paras as he had least votes last week…. paras was not shocked when he was nominated I think he already knew he will b saved that’s y he was saying ki Siddharth has planned well the nominations…So they are just trying to break asim’s group… It’s obvious… Himanshi may leave…. Felt good on seeing Asim and Siddharth together in a task… I hope it turns out to be positive for both… Sana seriously in love? God knows but yes she does have a soft corner… Aarti is stupid she doesn’t know she was saved from nomination for some other day… Now she is like Siddharth and paras ki jai ho…. She flips too much… According to her convenience… Always said main Sahi or sath khadi hongi but yesterday when Shefali bagga pointed out unfair sanchalan by paras she was like let him do anything…. Madhurima as a wild card is waste… She’s nowhere to be seen … N I hate that ladki ke sath aise Nahi vaise Nahi Karo… Girls are strong enough to handle the situations… And I really don’t understand why anyone( boy or gal) who wants to abuse or disrespect a guy they say aurton wali harkat mat Kar …. Blouse petticoat pehen lo etc etc…. I mean really? Is being a lady is gaali for these guys n gals? Rashmi Vishal bhau everyone I don’t understand these ppl.. one more thing it’s the 13th season n I have never seen contestants ranting and fighting so much for food n all .. seriously they are like loot lo Jo bhi hai …. Pathetic …. So now let’s see what happens in wkw

  10. Good morning Sid haters n’ Sid supporters,
    OMG! Haters starts the day daily b*t*hing bad about Sid, and it becomes so routine that Sid gives them some bites and reasons daily to b*t*h about… i am wondering how these saint like people would have behaved if a gang of people circle around them and keep b*t*hing about them, and the chief abuser like asim keep saying filthiest things all the time calling Sid cheap, gutter and all filthiest comment and keep provoking them all times, will they stand up and salute such characters. ????!!!!
    Any man like Sid would have behaved violently and retaliated with saying things & pushings too… why they hell he is being labeled as women abuser etc.. how cheap / mean for a guy like asim flirting with enganged girl and doing things with a married woman… is this kind of culture we would like to see in BB and his supporters wanted to promote through BB and then keep saying that Sid is abuser etc…. if so, this is what called hypocrisy of highest standard.
    Rashmi is the most cunning lady who uses men around her and instigating them to indulge in wrong things and then pretend to be sweet person, how cheap her tactics are…. hate the fake queen…

    what i like in Sid is in spite of the group onslaught on him at all times with teasing, harassment and abuses he stand like rock solid man … Sid you are indeed Sher Sid who never shy to tame the group of hynass around you… go for it man you have our support and this season is yours… let the hypocrites keep complaining that the show is biased etc etc… they are good in keep saying that… but we Sid supporters are with you at all times.. 🙂

    1. why do you get in that position first??(people circling and b*t*hing about)
      pushing isn’t allowed then why he can do it??
      i think if you are in asim place you would punch sid
      in real life nobody would want to be close to him if he behaves like that
      provoking is good if sid did that and if others do it then it is problem

    2. and i really like the way sid played in first week but after that i didn’t like his game
      everybody lost their plot nobody playing good
      everyone trying to bring another down
      even bb nominated him but sid fans will not accept wrong like sid their ego also big maybe

    3. agar shukla wrong bhi hote unka fans ko aur bb, salman ko sahi hi hain
      itna blind followers
      isilye aaj disha jaise cases mein bhi accused ko sahi kahne wale bhi hain jisko sahi aur galat mein farakh nahi padega

    4. I don’t judge Sid , I judge whole house…try to understand who’s more wrong and less wrong. I supported Sid also saying Asim is provoking him…which is irritating…just bcoz it’s allowed doesn’t mean it’s right…so we r not anyone’s hater or supporter we put frwd our opinion….

    5. i clearly remember when shilpa provokes vikas salman ne kaha vikas se wo provoke karte hain tum usse kaisa react karte ho wo matter karega
      ab ye keh rahe hein provoke hi mat karo tho banda kya kare jo usse gali de rahe ho aur push kar rahe ho tho
      is season is biggest flop in terms of entertainment and tasks

  11. Paras understood that he is going out n taking a break in his BB journey and can return after he understood that people or fans voting doesn’t matter to him… their votes doesn’t matter to him this week…so he openly cheated coz whatever his image comes out by this episode airing will not affect he thought y not help mahira in captaincy task…he tried hard and tried to make her understand his pov..(trust me…I know how I am playing..n don’t teach me…I am doing this for good…)as he can’t clearly say it…
    BB played pathetically.. they waited till Thursday to get paras out on medical grounds and then open voting lines… instead they could have kept voting lines open and waited one more day to get him out on vote basis.. but no…how there would be chaos without paras n mahira… they have to keep them for the fights…paras got hurt long back..but surgery thing came up now..
    Sana have feelings for paras…she proved that time and again by showing her loyalty towards paras…I feel bad for her coz he treats her like a doormat… RIP Sidnaaz and BB creators idea of showing Sidnaaz affair and thereby getting trp.
    Arti did the same drama of paras finger thing…I am not saying she didn’t get hurt…but she was the one who came n pulled bags from Asim…n what is he supposed to do…madam please take the bags…I am ready to get defeated… and hand over her bags…
    Sid was a player… played mind games nicely…but he is destroying his game by aggressive behaviour and physical fights and rude behaviour…
    A potential player is loosing his game by his anger issues…
    Whatever Vishal said to Sid was truth…if he keep his anger aside n think on it.. it would change his game for better… I wish Sid could take rest for sometime and think on it calmly…
    Asim consoling Sana was a nice gesture and he kept her secret with himself…whereas arti made mother promise to Sana and then announced to everyone that she said I love you to paras…

  12. Please evict sana from bigg boss because Sid will affect we know he is strong but from inside he is hurt we can feel his pain. She doesn’t have right to hurt someone feelings. When paras will come back if he also trun against sid then he can use sana against him which will hurt sid more. Paras is cheap n cunning he will play with sana emotions. Sana shouldn’t have revealed her feelings because she also know if she would tell him before he could use against sidharth n that time as a person or friend she likes sid.

    1. That’s why asim wanted him to stay away from her and instead of listening to a person who showed him undisputed loyalty he chose to kick him out of…oh kick himself out of group and formed a new one with snakenaaz and her paras, by unnecessarily targeting asim he lost a true friend he could’ve but he chose shehnaaz who now not only betrayed him in the game but his emotions as well

  13. Sana cries for Paras n than backbites. I have lost interest watching Sid n Sana. Big boss is not fair this season n extension till Feb will mean more fights.

  14. The way rashmi got to know about the truth of arhan khan that he is cheating her.please it’s request from all sidnaaz fan just tell the sana truth about paras he is also playing game with her he considers sana as dumb, jhali type girl n he think sana can be easily fool by him. Sidharth has true feelings for her show both paras n sidharth clips to sana just evict her n put her in serect room. We waiting that day when both will confess love to each other. Asim ki game himanshi ki wajah se spoil hui hai okh sana sid ki bahut care krti hai aaj bhi bola asim ko usse mat fight or sid bimar hai. Asim ne sid ko fa.e ke liye use ki sana me nhi. Sana ko usko company positive lgi. Woh jhali or immature hai usko nhi pata true love kya hota hai. Jb pata chalebas late na no.

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