Bigg Boss 13 4th October 2019 Written Episode Update

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Bigg Boss 13 4th October 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 6
8 AM
Inmates wake up to song teri unchi shaan hai maula. They all dance and enjoy together.

8:30 AM
Abu tells Rashami that logic was perfect. Rashami says Shefali gave when it was about the team. Abu says she wants to be a queen in the winning team. Devoleena says she is going crazy as she is nominated.

9:45 AM
Shefali tells Siddharth D that Devoleena is calling me selfish but she wanted to be a queen too so she is selfish too. She was playing too. I told my choice but I am wrong, I will do teamwork where I have to.

10 AM
Arti tells Dalljiet that doesn’t corner Shefali, we will be in her place. Dalljiet says no. Arti says her attitude is bad but don’t corner her.

Siddharth S tells Asim that he is not making an omelet. Asim

says I will make mine. Rashami says he wants to eat an omelet too so make for him too. Asim says okay. Siddharth S says Rashami people are giving also here. Rashami says jerk I have left you a lot, you don’t appreciate me. Siddharth S I didn’t taunt you. Rashami says I work a lot but you don’t appreciate me, I don’t find flowers on the table like you. Siddharth S says if you are done then I am going. Rashami says you tease me, I am a fool. Siddharth S says in which mirror you are looking at? Rashami says I realized later that you want to work in the kitchen.

Dalljiet tells Shefali that you worked nice in the task but you didn’t make Arti leave the seat, Devoleena made us win. Shefali says I got that verbal task so it is not my fault. Shehnaaz asks Shefali to not show too much attitude as she will be alone then. Shefali says if they were not choosing my name then I would choose Mahira’s name but they don’t listen to me.

Shehnaaz comes to Siddharth S and says Siddharth D touches me at night, I want to change my partner. Abu says what? Shehnaaz says I am ignoring him but he doesn’t stop, she makes Siddharth D listen to it in the washroom. Siddarth D comes there and asks what? Shehnaaz says Bigg Boss has found a piece here. All laugh.

Abu tells Arti that Shehnaaz is joking about Siddharth D touching her inappropriately. Arti says she shouldn’t joke about the character of someone. Devoleena says Siddharth D should give her a shut-up call.

Shehnaaz is massaging Siddharth S’s head. Siddharth S tells Asim that if he cuts Paras’ scene with Shehnaaz then he will be a king. Asim says I am looking for someone else who needs love from time to time.

Dalljiet asks Koena about her relationship. Koena says I have been single for 6 years, my relationship was bad, he was from Turkey, it was very good in start but then I saw his obsessive side, he used to come to India in 8 hours just because he was jealous, I had temper issues but he had more than me. He asked me to come to Turkey and he will burn her passport in a joke but then I realized it could be true. She says then I was bitter for 3-4 years after him.

1:45 PM
Shehnaaz tells Arti that I think I fall in love in Bigg Boss but there will be no loyalty. Arti says I told him that I don’t Paras because he is here for the game. Shehnaaz says we easily fall, I fall in love so easily. Arti says we are looking for it that’s why we find it easily.

2 PM
Siddharth D is dancing in the rain. Shefali is enjoying it there too. Siddharth D dances around her on tip tip barsa pani. Asim, Mahira, and Rashami laugh seeing them. Mahira jokes that Shefali thinks the rain happened for her only.

Arti tells inmates that I did many big shows but then I did Waaris and it was a hit show, they called me so talented but after that I didn’t get any work, I was in depression, I used to cry all night, I had a good proposal, boy was nice too but they found out that I was depressed and they canceled everything, why? Can’t people be sad? Then I realized that people are going away from me, I thought about the pain of my family then biggest thing that brought me about depression was that my mom was a cancer patient but she gave me birth, she died for me so I had to do something with my life.

3:30 PM
Mahira tells Shehnaaz that I like one type of people. Paras is my friend, I sit with him but you lie with him then I don’t have an issue, if you are jealous over him then you can take him. Shehnaaz says I have a problem with you both but he is not mine right now when he is then he will do what I tell him. Mahira says don’t me those challenges. Shehnaaz says Mahira you are my friend too. Mahira says I don’t want to be here. Shehnaaz says he is not my boyfriend so take him. Mahira says don’t even use boyfriend word, keep him. Shehnaaz says you have a problem then go. Mahira says you think I have a problem with you? go from here. Shehnaaz says you have nothing to show. Mahira says I am not cross any line, I have a class, you are shameless. Shehnaaz says you wear shameless clothes. Arti asks Shehnaaz to not taunt clothes, all wear them.

Mahira tells Devoleena that Shehnaaz gets angry if I talk to Paras, he is my friend too. Devoleena says she says anything she wants. Mahira says she doesn’t like it when people give me attention. We are giving her too much attention.
Shehnaaz tells Paras that you are not a hero, you can go with her. I am not cheap here. She cries. Paras says don’t cry. Shehnaaz says you choose between me and her. Paras says I am choosing you, I am saying this in front of all. Shehnaaz says then you shouldn’t be seen with her anywhere.

Mahira tells Dalljiet that my family is not like that, I can’t flirt, you think I won’t guys but my mom has told me to not make a romantic scene in the house.

Arti comes to Shehnaaz and says Mahira’s mom asked her to not go for a love scene that’s why she got angry when you talked about a boyfriend. Shehnaaz says then why she is calling others shameless, she is like a naagin that’s why she took that role.

3 PM
Shehnaaz brings water for Siddharth D. Rashami says he is a big writer of industry. Siddharth D says you are being sarcastic. Devoleena says Rashami supported you. Siddharth D asks Devoleena to stay away from this. Devoleena says we took your side, you like when people call you cheap? Don’t talk like this to me. Rashami says there is no point to talk to you, you don’t understand others, you can’t earn respect like this, you keep blabbering for footage. Siddharth D says like you don’t do it, I am not here to lose my character to win, I didn’t cry overnight for a game. Devoleena asks Rashami to not give him attention. Siddharth D says people are here who don’t have work and taunt others.

Shehnaaz tells Siddarth D that they feel like they are celebrities. Siddarth D says they have done two shows and think they are celebrities. Shefali says their reality will come out. Shehnaaz says they are actors only.

3:15 PM
Mahira tells Paras that if friends are not important then you can stay away, I can move ahead in show easily. Paras says she won’t decide for our friendship. Mahira says whom you will choose between me and Shehnaaz? Paras says her but I would have saved you in the first nomination, assume that you make a connection with a guy then you will choose him or me? Mahira says take my words, if I choose you then I will choose you every time.

Koena tells Siddharth D to not taunt people about their work-life, you said others don’t work that’s why they are here so you are here on gunpoint? what comparison you have that Rashami doesn’t have work so she is here then why you are here? Siddharth D says that these three make a trio and attack others. Rashami says how you know we are a group? Siddharth D says you people act famous. Siddharth S says don’t talk about being famous, all are here because they are famous. Devoleena says you were bickering about Shefali and then went to her? You don’t have aside. Koena says look at yourself and you will deny this tomorrow. Rashami says you talk so much that it’s too much. Siddharth S says don’t talk about being famous or not. Abu tells Siddharth D that if a lady is alleging you then you have a choice to walk out, you shouldn’t misbehave with a girl, it doesn’t look good on you, better is you walk away.

4 PM
Rashami and Devoleena are waxing Siddharth S’s legs. He looks embarrassed. Rashami says you want waxy legs so let us do it. Rashami says we will only do till kneecaps. He says no do it till my upper thighs.

Siddharth D says in camera that they are making a group and attacking us, I am requesting you, they act good bahus in shows so think about acting.

Paras tells Shehnaaz that Mahira knows she is pretty and she thought she would make guys grow crazy here, she has got pampering all her life so she got insecure when Shehnaaz got attention here.

6 PM
Bigg Boss tells inmates that guys nominated girls first but now girls will make a report card of guys, girls will give a black ring to a guy they think should be nominated. This will be an ongoing activity and report card will be made on a board, then we will know which guy will be out of the house. The guy with most black rings will be nominated. He asks Mahira to start. Mahira says I think Abu changes side and doesn’t know what’s right and wrong, so she gives a ring to him. Shefali says Siddharth S loses control and uses language which is not nice, she gives a ring to him. Shehnaaz gives ring to Asim for giving up. Dalljiet says Abu was biased in the task and didn’t feel our pain. Arti says Asim didn’t try in task so ring for him. Koena says he talks rubbish and hit below the belt a lot of times, he is arrogant and doesn’t think what he is saying, he needs to show respect at least till I am here. Devoleena nominates Siddharth D as he lies and thinks we act like celebrities when all are celebrities here. Rashami nominates Asim for giving up on the task. Bigg Boss asks Abu to put his black ring on his name. Bigg Boss says the report card is done.

7:15 PM
Abu says I have got two names to target that is Dalljiet and Mahira. Shefali says Abu shouldn’t have biased, nobody listened to him. Abu says every day is different.

Shefali tells Shehnaaz that Dalljiet might leave. Paras says Devoleena is going if she goes then all will think she went because of you.

PRECAP- Salman tells Paras that if you burn 800 calories with kissing then nobodies needs to do cardio. Salman asks Mahira why she didn’t take her name as a queen? Girls have made a gang in house. Rashami’s game is to remain silent. Do all think Siddharth S’s most leadership qualities?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Paras….. he’s playing games!
    Mahira and Shehnaaz need to back away from him!!!

  2. I am happy Koena emerging strong.All Best Siddharth S, Koena and Rashmi.

  3. Like seriously..paras is the reason to fight…πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚shehnaaz toh pagal hai but what happened to mahira…I mean usse expect nhi tha
    Aaj hai weekend ka vaar…ab mzaaa aayegaπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘βœŠπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ

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