Bigg Boss 13 28th November 2019 Written Episode Update: Paras says some very mean things to Asim

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Bigg Boss 13 28th November 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 61
8 AM
Inmates wake up to the song Tareefan. They all dance.

9:30 AM
Mahira tells Sid that Asim blabbers too much when he does rationing. Asim says you are no one to tell him. Mahira says I am not talking to you. Asim says you used to hide things when you were rationing. Mahira says you fight over eggs and milk all the time. Asim says don’t talk about me if you want me to leave. People used to get tea when I was rationing. Paras says like you blessed us. Asim says you are a *****. Paras curses at him too. Mahira says we are not eating from someone’s father’s money. Sid says we can divide the milk supply for daily use.

2:45 PM
Paras reads the luxury budget task. There will be two teams. Team A will have Asim, Himanshi, Shefali, Rashami, Bhau and Vishal. Team B will have Paras, Mahira, Sid, Arti, Sana and Devoleena if she can participate. There are two boards in the garden. We will send the alphabets in the house. You have to collect them and write ‘LUXURY BUDGET’ on their boards and protect it too. Paras and Asim will be judges too.

3 PM
Rashami makes the parathas. Asim hugs Himanshi and says happy birthday. He says nobody would give you these many hugs. Himanshi says he is the same guy that I had issues with? Rashami says the guy is smart. Asim cuts the paratha in heart shape. Himanshi thanks him.

4 PM
Sid looks at the conveyor where the alphabets will come from. Paras is standing there too and says Asim is distracted with someone’s legs. Sid says Mahira is wearing the same shoes that she showed me in the first task. Mahira laughs. The first alphabet is sent. Asim takes it and fights with Paras. Sid tells Paras that we can take it from him. Sid grabs it from Asim. Vishal takes it from Sid. Paras tries to snatch it. Alphabet is thrown. Shefali takes it. Asim takes it and tries to break the alphabet. Paras pushes him away.

4:15 PM
Bhau asks Asim to come and play. Asim says they are fighting like crazies. Call Vishal, I am cooking here.

Asim tries to take the alphabet from Sid and break them. Sid says you are snatching like this so the task has ended. Asim says you started it. Sid says breaking the alphabets are difficult.
Asim tells Shefali to become the judge, I am not doing it.

4:45 PM
Sid calls Arti. Arti says no, I am doing the task. Sid asks her to move from the belt, Paras and I are handling the task. Arti says Paras is not playing. Sid says he is playing so don’t worry.

5 PM
Vishal tells Asim that Sid is in mood to play. More alphabets come so Sid and Vishal fight. Shefali takes a letter. Sid grabs it too. Paras snatches it from her. Shefali’s hand is hurt. Paras takes the letter away. Rashami says we will get hurt like this. Shefali says my hand is hurt. Asim says all are getting hurt. He asks Mahira to move away. Mahira shouts at him that I am not listening to you. Shefali is trying to take the letter from Sid. Arti tries to take it from Vishal. Asim asks Arti to leave it. Asim asks Shefali to move away from Sid too.

5:15 PM
Paras asks Shefali why was she hurting his hand? You were pinching me. Sana says this is not allowed. Shefali says you are a ****. Paras says you are a horse. Sana asks Shefali to not go personal. Paras says this shows your standard. Shefali says you said that I am not getting work so that was not personal? Sana says she is a fool. Shefali says I was not talking to you. Paras says she was pinching and hurting me. Shefali says you were using force too, you pushed me too. Paras says if I push you then you would be thrown 10 feet away. You are playing a woman’s card. Shefali says what woman card? I am fighting like a man with you all. Shefali asks Asim to speak up for her as he asked her to pinch them. Asim says I asked you tickle them, you got hurt because you were fighting so why should I talk on your behalf? You back out so easily. Shefali says I am backing out? Asim says call Rashami, she will play. Asim says you can’t stand on your words so I can’t do anything.

6 PM
Himanshi tells Asim and Shefali that they have misunderstood. Shefali says you are a judge so you should take a stand when a man is blaming me. Asim says there is no man or woman here. Himanshi tells Shefali that your nails pinched him.

Paras and Asim have a fistfight and Asim loses.
Himanshi tells Rashami that Asim’s behavior is not good, Shefali was fighting and didn’t give up, he was not taking a stand as a judge. He asked me to leave too as I would take Shefali’s side.

7 PM
Buzzer plays. All run to get the letters. Sid and Paras take most of the letters and push Asim away. Sid gets hurt. Sana says leave him alone. Bhau asks her to leave. He tries to take the letters from him. Asim says you pushed others so hard that you got hurt. Sid says you are hitting my chest and saying that I hurt others? We are playing so people will get hurt. Paras, Mahira and Sana try to protect Sid and the letters. Rashami, Asim and Rashami try to take the letters. They get physical so Bigg Boss asks them to stop the task here only. Sana asks Bhau to not poke her. Rashami says you were going for the letters too. Sana says stop it Rashami, don’t talk too much. Rashami asks her to get lost. Sana says he was pushing me away. Rashami says no one is here to push others. Bhau asks Sana to stop it. Mahira asks him to not come between two girls.

Mahira asks Sana to tell him to not touch you. Rashami says he didn’t touch anyone. Sana says you are saying the wrong thing. Rashami says all are pushing each other. Sid says why is Rashami shouting? She doesn’t have a topic to talk about. Rashami asks Bhau to tell that Sana was pushing Bhau. Rashami says to Sid that Bhau was not pushing Sana, she came to him. Sid asks Sana and Bhau to stop it.

Himanshi tells Bhau that Mahira was saying to Sana that tell Bhau to not touch him which meant like you were touching her in the wrong way. Mahira says I didn’t say it that way, I just asked her to let Bhau know that Sana doesn’t like poking with his finger. Sid tells Bhau that Sana already cleared, I was there too and told everyone that you didn’t do anything wrong so why keep talking about it? Rashami says we were just clarifying.

7:15 PM
Himanshi asks Asim that if you felt Shefali did something wrong then talk to her. Asim says she said yesterday that she stood for me for 6 hours and then I voted for Sid. Asim says Sid would have become the captain anyway that’s why I took his name but I might be wrong and I will say sorry to her if you want. Himanshi says to leave it.

7:30 PM
Bigg Boss tells the team that the task has ended, which has more letters? Paras says our team has more letters. Bigg Boss says so Paras’ team wins and they will get the luxury budget items, The losing team can’t have those and Sid will make sure of that. Mahira, Paras, and others jump around to take the luxury budget items. Asim says enjoy the chips. He leaves.
Asim says to Rashami that our team showed that effort only. Rashami says we did our best but they are pushing and beating. Asim says Bhau could have been more serious and they cheated a lot. Paras brings the items in the house and says Asim says you can’t even imagine what we have got. Arti says we have pasta, coffee, rajma and so much more. Sid tells Asim that there was no cheating. Asim says you took the letters after the task was rejected. Sid says we had 4 letters when you had one letter only. Sid says you will make the chicken. Asim says no, this is a punishment, I will show you how it is made now.

8 PM
Asim tells sorry to Shefali and says I said those things as a team member, I was hurt so I asked you to tickle them and then you said that I asked you pinch them. Arti comes there too. Asim says you made me look bad in front of them. Shefali says you said that I am changing my statements which I felt bad about. Asim says I am saying sorry.

8:15 PM
Bhau tells Himanshi that I don’t like Asim getting closer to you physically, you are like a sister to me. I don’t like it so keep it in the limit. My brother is sitting and watching this and he won’t say anything. Himanshi says I have asked him to remain in the limit. Shefali and Asim come there. Shefali pulls her for a hug. Three of them hug each other. Asim kisses Himanshi’s forehead and cheek. Bhau leaves. Himanshi laughs at him making kissing sounds. Shefali says Bigg Boss sends the cake, please.

11:30 PM
Himanshi tells Asim that they left the chilies on the platform. Asim says you don’t have to clean it at night as we cook lunch and Mahira cooks dinner so she has to clean it.

11:45 PM
Asim calls Sid and says Mahira didn’t clean the platform when she cooked. Himanshi says I cleaned it in the afternoon. Asim says I am washing the dishes but they will clean it when they eat late. Sid says yes. Mahira tells Himanshi that I cleaned the slab when I cooked. Himanshi says I cleaned in the afternoon which was my duty. Mahira says don’t show attitude. Asim says she is just telling that the slab is ugly. Mahira says she is making faces at me. Asim says you have become negative. Himanshi says I am just letting you know. Asim asks Sid to call for the soap bar. Sid says you can call for it. Asim says then why you are the captain? Sid says you can just say in the mic for the soap bar, I am listening to you all the time, do you want me to open my pants for you? Asim says to leave it, I will call for it.

12 AM
Vishal takes the soap bar from Asim to wash his hands. Asim laughs and says Sid got mad for this bar only. Sid says I just asked you to call for it yourself. Asim says I don’t have the energy to fight over a soap bar if you want to fight then find some valid reason. Sid says you think I am finding a reason to fight with you? You are so stupid. You look stupid at this point, I didn’t say anything stupid.
Himanshi tells Shefali that Mahira was so rude to me. Shefali says don’t talk to her, talk to the captain. Himanshi says we talked to him first.
Asim tells Sid that I just asked you a request for the soap bar as I was washing the dishes. Sid says I did sin to become a captain? Vishal asks them to leave it. Asim says I just asked you. Paras asks Asim why he needs the bar when there is liquid soap? Asim tells Sid that I just asked you as your words would be heard more. Himanshi tells Shefali that Asim is alone as Sid is hanging around with all other people and they are jumping in his conversations. Asim tells Sid that it’s a long day so let’s leave it. Paras says you were fighting all day Asim. Asim says I am not talking to you. Paras says you are looking like cow dung, chikne lunde. Asim says you are shit. Paras says you are burnt and a poop. Asim argues with him and says we don’t even spit on people like you. Paras says you have no standard. Paras says you keep a 150rs perfume, you have no class. Paras says you are wearing old clothes and telling me about my standard?
Himanshi says Paras is so cheap.
Mahira tries to take Paras away but he says I am talking. Mahira asks Paras to stop it. Asim and Paras curse each other out. Paras tells Asim that I became your father in 2012 when you came here and you were nothing, you knew Paras only. Asim says you have no level. Mahira asks Asim to leave. She asks Paras to not say all that. Please. Mahira pushes Asim away. Asim says don’t push. Vishal tries to take Asim away. Paras asks Asim who are you? no one knows you. Asim says I am a big man. Vishal asks Paras to calm down.

12:30 PM
Asim tells Paras that you talk about my perfume cost?
Sana tells Mahira that Paras shouldn’t have gone personal.
Paras tells Asim that you have no level. Mahira tries to stop Paras. Sid tells Mahira that Paras shouldn’t have said all that but he won’t listen so leave it. Asim asks Paras how big is his house? Paras says big as BB house. Sid says what are you guys talking about? Leave it. Shefali asks Asim to leave it. Sana tells Asim to leave it, don’t talk about wealth and all that. Asim says I have normal perfume and clothes but still the best looking guy. I don’t have 20K perfume as Paras said.
Mahira tells Sana that this is very cheap. Paras shouldn’t have said it.
Asim says to Paras that you allege girls and call Shefali the names. You are a man? Sana asks Paras to say sorry to Asim for going personal but Paras stops her. Asim tells Paras that you got a flat but you used to stay at my place. Paras says I will show you what I have when we are outside.

Asim tells Paras that you might have earned a flat and a car in your life but you are a curse to yourself. You can piss on your items, you can’t even respect a girl, you even cursed my mother, you are lucky that you didn’t say that to me outside the house. You are invisible to me. You are a gutter worm for me. You talk about my perfume? Look at yourself. You might be rich but you are wearing a night suit since morning. Asim tells Paras that till I am here, we will have this fight daily now.

1 AM
Sid calls Paras and says don’t go there with Asim. Mahira says let’s go inside if Paras is calm. Sid asks Mahira to let us calm him, talk to him tomorrow. Sid tells Paras that he doesn’t talk about personal things. Paras says he is talking about my standard and all that, I can’t hear that.

Shefali tells Asim to not listen to Paras, he is arrogant, you are the only guy to tell him off that he doesn’t respect girls, I am proud of you. Himanshi and Shefali hug him. Asim laughs and says Paras has 20K perfume too so Himanshi’s price tag is off.
Mahira tells Paras that you broke my heart today. Paras says you are saying this and you call me a friend? You are a ****. Mahira says you are cursing again? Paras says don’t talk to me right now. You will tell me what I should say or not? Sid asks Mahira to not talk to him. Paras leaves. Mahira says he is cursing a lot. Mahira says you are misbehaving too much. Sid asks Mahira to not talk to him right now.

2 AM
Mahira tells Paras that he was provoking you to say all that. Paras says you are taking me wrong. Mahira says you start saying rubbish things, you called me a curse too. Paras says if you think I cursed you then don’t talk to me. Mahira says I am noticing that you are going overboard. Paras says you have become irritating now. Mahira says what else you think? Paras says don’t talk to me if you can’t talk nicely.

2:30 AM
Himanshi tells Shefali that Bhau keeps talking about me and Asim’s closeness, I don’t like it. Shefali says to tell him to relax as Asim is your friend. Himanshi says I will talk to him, he said that my fiance is his brother, I don’t know if he will come or not. Shefali says he is old fashioned type.

PRECAP- Sid lovingly tells Rashami that there is no girl like you. Rashami smiles and says this much love, why? Sid says at least someone is looking at you. Rashami says with this much love? Sid winks at her. They share an eyelock.
Bigg Boss asks who should be sent to jail? Arti, Shefali and Sid take Paras’ name. Sid says Paras took the things to a new level when there was no need. Paras gets angry and leaves.
Sana tells Sid that Paras took the stand for him and he took his name. Sid says I can’t take one person’s name only when Paras was involved too.
Bhau steals the milk from Sid’s room. Sid catches him and says you want to show that you are a thief? Bhau says I was joking. Arti says if Bhau doesn’t get punished then no one will be punished. Sid says no one is asking you anything, stay in your limits. You are roaming and saying the wrong things to people. Arti says you won’t tell me what to say to anyone.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Doesn’t himanshi knows that whatever she’s saying about her engagement is fake and the news is on fire….whom is she telling all this…u r in bb house and anything can’t be manipulated for much….

  2. Ab toh paras ki watt lagegi. Na public vote karegi aur na gharwale suport krnge aur salman gand marega vo alag.

    1. really most irritating fellow -paras and mahira both should be shown the exit door

  3. Paras was wrong today….loved the small moment of Asim and Sana….hope Paras get evicted evil mind……. tomorrow’s promo again showing Rashmi and Sid is too much…..I am not against Sid but sometime I feel he is just playing with emotions whether it’s arti or Sana……God knows I was rite they both will be friends definately ……scripted show… seriously…

  4. Why does Sid always bark like a dog at Rashmi? I think this is why she doesnt get along with him due to this attitude. Even aarti cant handle him and neither Shefali.
    Paras is acting like a dog

  5. Good morning Sid haters n’ Sid supporters,
    Yesterday i missed you and your comments too…. watched the show back to back… Good to see Sid takes his rightful place as Captain of the house… definitely Asim is not happy and he may make Sid task as Captain tough… he is so cunningly smart create issues out of no issues and then pave way for fightts, where paras going over board and defintely deserved to punished in Jail…..
    This girl Himanshi is the biggest fake personality, is mother of all reasons of fight… using Asim cunningly all time and twisting and talking… She will go any level to become a winner…. Bhau chose the wrong person to advice and thinking that she is an angel but devil…. Mahira doesnot know what to talk and when to talk… another stupid character….
    Would love too see Sid-Rash together all the time… it would be very cute and nice… there will plenty of fights in store…. let us wait n’ watch and have fun too…
    Come on my dear friends, register your comments….let us have health debate and funny fights… πŸ™‚

    1. How do you know that Himanshi is fake or devil.. i mean just check yourself then blame and defame others.. u have no right to call someone devil or stupid as atleast world know them.. who the hell know you??

  6. Paras …u did wrong ….it’s not gud …paras overconfident ho gaya hai ….jo galat hai ….

    Salman plz don’t be parshal this time ….paras ki saho se class lagna …na girls ki respect …na ramjee sayi se bolney ki …
    And that b***** Mahira ko niklo yaar …bas bai bak Karti hai …Aaj to paras ne bhi bol diya usko….

    Sana ne bhi kai baar dhakka diya Asim ko …why …salman …punish these guys ….

    Poor Himanshi …aise seedhey log nai chalege yaha ….

  7. Asim shut Paras up GOOOOD!

  8. Mahira tries to add fuel to the fire, always…in tasks and in the house….why they shout and fight like kids😑

  9. Mahira tries to add fuel to the fire, always…in tasks and in the house….why they shout and fight like kids😑 san said Asim is fighting like bcha..let me tell u guys that this bcha is playing game more nicely than these two ladies(Sana and mahira)πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ’©πŸ’©πŸ’©

  10. Paras stooped too low today…he is hell irritating and misbehaving… I hope he gets bashing from Salman…the way he talked about Shefali n Asim, himanshi teasing and now with Asim….
    Honestly till date he didn’t have the guts to take panga as Sid was with that Sid has left his side and Sid won’t charge at him, paras has got guts to attack Asim…
    Mahira is a pain to ears…
    I know Sid Asim have issues to be sorted…I used to like their brother bond…but as a big bro as he says, Sid disappointed me…he could have stopped paras then and there…he chose not to…later telling him that you were wrong can have 2 possibilities…
    1. Sid wants him to stoop low and let Asim score this week..
    2. He completely doesn’t care about Asim and was concerned about paras image as he is his team mate…
    Anyways Asim scored this week by this fight…
    Asim is miffed with Sid coz he discussed the duties with paras team and then called asim.. he literally gave duties as paras said…I am sad to see him as a puppet of paras… that’s y Asim is picking silly issues in Sid captaincy..
    Sid is spoiling his game by being with paras, mahira…and Asim spoiling his by love angle with himanshi…

    1. @Jisha, enjoyed reading your comments as always… you are one of neutral commentator… but i tend to differ on one thing with you that on being little upset with Sid… remember the kind of taunting Asim did during the last weeks was too unbearable and he is continue to project himself as HE which he could avoid with Sid at least…

      It is not Sid who is going around to boss over Asim, but it is the other way around… So i am not at all pleased with Asim’s behaviour towards Sid… and also his over intimacy towards Himanshi which is not a good thing too…

      Keep up your comments Jisha πŸ™‚ … looking forward to the comments of Muskaan, Pradeep, Swetha and others too.. πŸ™‚

  11. Jade goody made Shilpa winner …and paras is going to do the same… every middle class person would have sensed the pain….

  12. While luxury budget paras wig came off and every one helped him…nice gesture…
    Shefali seems to be a strong contender out of all the women…

  13. It’s time Paras gets evicted for his misbehaving with women n using foul language . He is so cheap n disgusting with his behaviour. Mahira gives me a headache every time she opens her mouth n she too does not deserve to b in the house any more. Hope Salman takes their Vaat this week.

    1. It my wish paras gets evicted this time because if mahira out then he will play more dirty game n create problem between sid n sana which we dont want it happened. Please show maker for your trp don’t spoil sid n sana relationship. Sana is naive yeah sometimes dumb too. Only sid can handle sana n make her understand he is perfect for is aggressive n other one is funny what a combination first time in bigg boss history as a viewer we have seen it n loving it.

  14. Don’t usually comment but have to say Shefali is impressing me and I liked how Himanshi helped patch thinks up between Asim and Shefali, she said what she had to say left him to it and once he calmed down he apologised.
    Mahira and Paras come across as despicable people.
    Even though Sid can be unreasonable at times he did shut down a few arguments and even told Sana to back off

  15. Was. Not expecting from Sid to take paras name but he did it…and as always sana behaved stupid..I thought she’s playing smart but no she’s actually dumb only which I used to think…along with mahira… doesn’t she know she’s nominated this week…iss hate toh gyi yeh ldki😁😁😁

  16. I Must say Issi season mein Kya sanjog Mila hai sidharth ko Punjab ki Katrina kaif aur asim ko Punjab ki ashwariya rai mili aur dono ko passand bhi hai.

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