Bigg Boss 13 27th January 2020 Written Episode Update: Bigg Boss reveals Asim and Vishal’s plotting against Paras

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Bigg Boss 13 27th January 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 120
8 PM
Rashami tells Mahira that I had hidden a cup. Sid says that’s nothing new now, you should hide something big. Rashami says like a fridge or microwave? Sid says yes, these things are normal, we are used to you hiding food items. Rashami laughs. Sid says you can hide some lamps or creams. Rashami says I want to hide something bigger, you notice me too much.

10:15 PM
Sid asks Rashami what happened? Rashami walks and says you are running in my mind, you being nice to me and asking me ten times, have you forgotten that I am Rashami? You don’t like me so is this a game’s strategy? Sid says no, I am not that smart. You sit here. Rashami says no I need my space. Sid says you are already taking too much space, he laughs. Rashami tries to control her laugh and says I am thinking about other things too. Sid says you are going to beat me tonight? Rashami says I want to but I will not.

11 PM
Rashami asks Asim why he is in a bad mood? Asim says Sid keeps commenting on everything. Rashami says I asked him why he is being so nice to me. Asim says he keeps commenting on the tea to irritate me. Vishal says to keep a distance from Paras, try that.

Day 121
8 AM
The inmates wake up to the song saiyyan.

9:15 AM
Sana sits with Rashami and talks to the crows. Sid asks Rashami why she is not having tea? Rashami says you might have mixed something to end me. Sid says you know me so well that’s why we are together. Rashami laughs and says you are fooling yourself. Sid says we are together for 4 months, we are playing family here. Rashami says you are lucky to live with us. Sid says yes.

9:30 AM
Asim comes to Sid and says listen, we have a wall of anger between us, I just want to say sorry. I have a vibe of fighting with each other. We will talk calmly, it’s bothering us so let’s have a good time here. Sid says watch your words. Asim says this is bothering me, we have to control our anger. Sid says okay.

1:15 PM
Sid asks Sana what happened? Sana says I am hurt. Sid says you are running to others. Sana says you are with people who are saying filth about me, I am always with you. Sid says you pushed me so harshly. Sana says Shefali was attacking me because you asked her, she was no lion. Why you have so much problem with me? Sid says you were not in my team so I asked Arti to not add eggs in your basket. Sana says I always support you in the tasks, I cry for you. Sid says you say that you don’t care about me. Sana says I respect you. Sid says it’s not about the words but actions. Sana says I know about your concern too. Asim sings do dil mil rahe hain. Sid comes there and asks Asim to not sing about him. Asim says I was just singing, I was not trying to poke you.

Sid comes to Sana and says you said that I am sitting with people that are saying filth about you but you are sitting with the people that have fought with me so much. Sana says I don’t like Paras and Mahira’s vibe. You talk to Rashami as well. I am on your side. Sid says you are fighting against me, some people throw a bone and you run to them. Sana says you are using your pawns but it hurts me. Sid says you do what you want. Sana says I don’t want to be hurt and insulted. You said that you don’t want to talk to me so leave it then. He leaves.

5 PM
Asim asks Sana to tell her gameplan, you have so much variation. Rashami says Asim is a jerk. Rashami tells Sana that I heard Sid telling her that you Sid with us people like we are bad. Asim tells Sana that he is back to you because Shefali left. Sana says I know everything.

Paras comes to the bed. He says Arti you have the blue blanket? She says yes, I like it.

6 PM
Sid lies near Sana. He says you shock me every day. Sana says I care about you only, you concentrate on your game only. Sid says beat me in the game. Sana says no one is yours here, I will never trap you and never betrayed you in the game, you would have been with Shefali but she is out so you are here. Rashami, Asim and Vishal give me attention and time, I like it. Rashami holds my hand when I need it. You can talk to me other than about the game.

6:30 PM
Bigg Boss tells the inmates that Paras and Vishal’s punishment of serving others is going to end now. This punishment was to make sure that the tasks are not rejected again. Same way you people are breaking the rules and don’t listen to us. It’s important to stop this act too. Let’s see it. He plays the clip of Rashami, Asim and Vishal discussing about nominations. Asim tells Vishal that we should target Arti and Paras, they will be eliminated. Vishal says don’t give attention to Paras at all as then he will not have anything left to say. Rashami tells Asim that I don’t like Mahira misbehaving with me. Asim says there is no use in trapping Arti. The clip ends. Asim and Sana laugh seeing it. Paras tells Vishal that you people are too confident, this is zero planning. Asim says then why are you worried? Mahira says they are so confident. Paras praise Vishal so much and you do this? Vishal says I was talking Asim, what’s wrong about that? Asim says we were not talking about any footage. Paras says I can get footage without even talking to you 4. Sana says you are nothing Paras, you are the biggest fighter here. Arti says all do it here, it was Paras who said to not give content to Arti. Asim is playing a game. Mahira says we all talk behind the back but I didn’t like Vishal saying all that. Vishal says I just asked Asim to not talk to Paras as he instigates Sid. Asim says Paras said to Vishal that he made Asim and Sid fight. Paras says because I called you a follower and you started fighting with Sid after that? I don’t want to talk to you both. He tells Vishal that your thinking is out now. Asim says I am sorry Bigg Boss. Paras says now I will win this show. Bigg Boss tells the inmates that you people discuss about nominations, we are not taking any action but this shouldn’t happen again as then it will be dangerous about it. Paras says I will break them apart. Vishal says sorry to the Bigg Boss. Sana asks Asim to not be scared, everybody is watching the reality. Paras tells Vishal to listen to him. Asim keeps adding in other’s topics so I don’t need any footage, don’t talk to me now. Sana says we shouldn’t judge others. Sana tells Paras that we are loyal to others unlike you, you are so fake. Sana claps and says God bless you. Mahira says to Paras to ignore her. She takes him aside. Vishal comes to Paras. Paras asks him to get lost, I don’t need to talk to you.
Arti says Asim knows everyone. Sana says we all do it.
Mahira tells Paras that you don’t need to fight, you enjoy here so do that.

7 PM
Asim says I was talking about the game. Arti says I expect from Rashami and Sid, they are my friends. I am proud of Rashami leaving from there. Mahira says she said that I misbehave with her. I never do that. Rashami says you don’t know the context. Paras says to Arti that Rashami was saying that Vishal won’t be in the top 5. Rashami says you don’t know how I said it. Paras says you have a small mentality, you hide the tea even. Rashami says we all need tea here. I didn’t steal it, we were able to use it later. Mahira says but you could have told us. Rashami says Paras makes the tea and it’s always an issue. Mahira says we always get tea on time so don’t say that. Paras says she has such small thinking. Paras says Rashami is not making food on time. Rashami says who are you to tell me that? I am not talking to you, who are you to question me? Paras says I can question about your duty. Rashami asks him to get lost and do his work.
Sana goes and lies in the bed with Sid.
Rashami asks Paras what’s his problem? I don’t have any issue with you, don’t tell me about my work.
Sana tells Sid that you should have moved my pawn in that task. Sid says we will talk later.

Sana tells Sid that I am being shy of you. Sid says because you have other boys now. Sana says don’t say that, talk to me. You called to make me sleep here? Talk to me. She hugs him and says I thought we will never talk again.

7:30 PM
Rashami sees the massaging chair in the elite club and cries. Vishal shows it to Arti. Asim goes there and says thank you. Asim brings Sid and asks him to check. Sana says they have their own fridge with fruits inside. Rashami says now Sid won’t be on his bed. Sid asks you want my bed? Rashami says no you are happy with your happiness.

7:45 PM
Bigg Boss tells the inmates that it’s time for the nominations. He asks Asim and Sid if they want to use their immunity? Asim says no, not this time. Sid says no. Bigg Boss asks Paras to read the task. Paras reads that we will call you in a dome. You will have to count the seconds and when you think 17 minutes have finished then you press the buzzer and come out. The 4 inmates whose idea is worse about the 17 minutes will lose and will be nominated. The other inmates will try to distract the inmate in the dome so they can lose the track of time. You all have to make sure to be attentive about time.

Paras tells Mahira to count on her fingers.
Sana hugs Sid and kisses his cheek. Sid looks on. Sana says this can’t be done, I want everyone to be nominated.

8:15 PM
Bigg Boss says the task will start from Vishal. Vishal enters the dome and his time starts. He starts counting. Arti tries to distract him by clapping. He doesn’t give her attention.
Sana tells Sid that I used to count the minutes because I was not talking to you. I get angry when people talk to you or hug you. Sid says who hugs me? I don’t do it. Sana says I can’t see you like that. Sid says I never enter Paras and your fights. Sana says I don’t enter your and Rashami’s story. I have an attachment with you and I find Rashami cute. Sid says now you find her cute? You also say that she is fake and a liar. Sana says I tell her that. You know Shahbaz would kill the person who hurts me but people are fake here. You can show right on me and I will do anything for you.
Vishal presses the buzzer after a certain time. Asim tells him that he is very close.

8:30 PM
Bigg Boss calls Mahira next. Paras fits her in the dome. Asim comes there and tries to talk to her. Arti tries to distract her. Asim asks her to clap. Arti claps in front of her.
Vishal tells Sana that I counted all the seconds. Sana says I can’t do it.
Mahira presses the buzzer after a time.

9 PM
Arti says Paras and Mahira will be safe. Rashami says I have never done it. Asim asks her to count the 60s. Bigg Boss Paras next. He starts counting in the dome. Sana says I don’t have patient… Rashami says patience. Sana asks Vishal to give her some hints. Paras presses the buzzer. He comes out and hugs Mahira. Paras grabs her and says I want to kiss. Mahira runs away and says don’t touch me. Paras kisses her cheek. Mahira laughs.

9:30 PM
Sana is in the dome and tries to count. All make noise in front of her. Sid tries to talk to Rashami but she is trying to count. Sid asks her to talk. Rashami asks him to get lost. Sid laughs. Sana presses the buzzer after a certain time. Vishal says I tried to stop you. Sana says I was thinking about Gautam. Mahira laughs.

10 PM
Rashami sits in the dome and starts counting.
Sana tells Sid that I was so distracted.
Arti says I won’t distract Rashami and Sid as I expect from them. Paras tries to distract Rashami. Mahira says we want dinner tonight, Arhaan used to make good food. Rashami presses the buzzer.

10:30 P
Asim sits in the dome and starts counting. Mahira tries to distract him and asks him to give her some footage. Mahira says let’s color his hair. She brings the spray and touches his hair with the color. Asim presses the buzzer after a time.

10:45 PM
Arti starts counting in the dome. Vishal screams near her. Arti presses the buzzer.

11:30 PM
Sid enters the dome and starts counting. Mahira comes to irritate him but Paras stops her. Sid looks at Paras. Paras is counting for him and shakes his head. Sid laughs.
Arti says Mahira and Paras were good. Arti tells Vishal that Sid might want to lose this task so Sana can win. Sid comes out of the dome after a time. Paras says you counted well? You were slow. Sid says I don’t know.

11:45 PM
Bigg Boss tells the inmates that the time for the task has ended. He says the time count is as follows:
Vishal – 35 minutes
Mahira – 20 minutes
Paras – 20 minutes
Sana – 24 minutes
Rashami – 18 minutes
Arti – 13 minutes
Sid – 24 minutes
Asim – 17 minutes, 46 seconds

Bigg Boss 4 worst inmates were Arti, Sid, Sana, and Vishal so they are nominated. Asim says Vishal was sleeping. Asim says I am in the top 5 now.

1:15 AM
Sid tells Sana that I don’t like to talk about this, in that chess task, I heard to nominate 2 people. I wanted to go first with you but I saved Arti because I knew you would use your mind and I made a speech for you to move your pawn in the second turn, I couldn’t put Arti’s pawn back. I thought I would get two chances so I would bring your pawn forward in the second round. I didn’t want to say it but I did because it’s your birthday.

PRECAP- Devoleena enters the house as Rashami’s connection.
Himanshi is shown on TV. Himanshi says I am here as Asim’s connection. Asim is surprised and says my heart is coming out of my chest. Himanshi enters the house. Asim runs and hugs her. Himanshi ruffles his hair and says the world is going crazy for us. Asim says I missed you so much.
Asim sits on his knees and asks if she will marry him? Himanshi smiles. Asim shouts if she loves him? She says yes, I do. Asim hugs and kisses her cheek. Himanshi tells Asim that soon you will get everything in your life and maybe I am your ladylike.
Kashmira enters the house and hugs Arti. She tells Vishal are you in the show? She hugs Rashami and says Rashami is what she is even on the backs of people.
Mahira’s brother enters the house as her connection.
Vikas Gupta says I am here for Sid’s support. Sid runs and hugs Vikas. Vikas says I am here.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Finally, one of the biggest instigators is out of the house! But unfortunately, she is supposedly coming back this week to “help” Paras. I was really hoping that his girlfriend would come, since their relationship practically became a public joke and maybe she could clear some air… but I guess we will have to wait until after the show.
    I am looking forward to Himanshi and Asim, though I would have preferred Asim’s brother to come in the show… But BB knows that a lot of people want to see Himanshi and Asim together and to get the scoop.
    I don’t know why Vikas is coming back, that too for Sid. I feel like they should have gotten someone Sid is actually close too. Vikas already had his time. They were friends for like a week and a half in the show, makes no sense why they would give the “mastermind” to Sid. *Sarcasm*
    Again, there was no way that Vishal got more votes that Rashmi. That was a HUGE lie. I am sure that was only said so Rashmi can finally start doing something. She doesn’t do much, but she has SO much potential.
    A few more days for the finale, and I am so happy. Even though BB is the one show I look forward too every year, this season has just been so exhausting. Too many fights, too much ego, too many bullies, too much character assassination and so on. People are bashing others because they don’t support whom they like.
    Aarti has stayed out of a lot, which was good because I hated how she would jump into fights that didn’t even involve her. She did well this week, but I don’t think she has a strong fanbase. In my opinion, I think she has gotten this far because of her relationships. We have seen many “neutral” players who would always be evicted quick.
    This week is apparently full of twists, maybe some midweek evictions as there are only 3 weeks left.

    1. It looks like you know everything pari… probably we can stop watching B.B. show and watch for your space because you can tell like EVERYTHING

      1. Yeah that sounds good Kavitha! Thank you!

  2. I know that Shehnaaz went very far with alot of the stuff she has done, but one thing is that she has always supported him. Paras and Mahira, mainly Paras, has constantly talked bad about Shehnaaz. But Sid still keeps it cool with them, but expects Shehnaaz to not talk to anyone he’s not cool with? How does that even make sense. I think Sid is acting cool with Shehnaaz because their team lost a member. Now its:
    Sid, Paras, Aarti, and Mahira
    Asim, Shehnaaz, Rashmi, Vishaal
    It’s all even. Sid starts talking to Shehnaaz the moment Shefali leaves, that is super shady.

    Why does Mahira always have to butt into things? Lol it is annoying, but then again… she is not an “individual” player. And now she finally admit to back biting when the WHOLE time she said she never has. LOL she is definitely the biggest wanna be mature person. She never misbehaved with Rashmi? HA. And if anyone was to touch Mahira’s hair, or mess with any of her belongings, she would have flipped out. But she is always first to do things like that. Shows how “mature” she actually is.

    Seems like Vishal has a big chance leaving this week.

    1. Oh also, OFCOURSE BB shows the time Vishal and Asim talk, but not when Paras talked. Lol
      “But hum nahi karte” LOL MAHIRA IS FAKE
      Paras and Mahira are DISGUSTING. Fake and low lives. They talk the most shit about everyone.

    2. He does Not expect anything from sana

      Sid gave her the taste of her own thing So she feels hurt ?? What about sid ?? He said : Just coz I dont say does not mean he does not get hurt

      1. LOL actually HE is the one who just brought it up. He ALSO always gets mad when Shehnaaz talks to others. It’s not a one way trip my friend. And Shehnaaz gave him a taste, that he came to her right after Shefali left AND that there is no point of arguing over “teams”

  3. Sana and sid toh same time par bhar aye hain wow it’s amazing

    1. Souryabrata Mohapatra

      Haan yaar… DESTINY…

  4. I guess this week Vishal will be out as arti still has some support

  5. We watch tv for entertainment not to take any stress or shit from these type of reality show. How disgusting bigg boss makers n Salman khan playing with true emotions instead clearing difference between sid n sana they are creating mess for them by giving stupid task n sending those guests n old contestants who are enemy of their bond. We really love to see sid n sana together because sid n sana both love each other but feeling hesitate to confess their feeling. Sid think maybe sana will not want committment n sana think maybe sid is very intelligent if she seriously tell him n maybe he will say no. Both scaring for rejection but they should speak up now because everybody in the house are jealous n insecure of their bond. This is the first season that all housemates are so cruel disgusting n cheap. They have no mercy n humanity in their heart many time sana told everyone that she is missing sid n want to do patch but nobody listen gave wrong advice then she herself try to convince sid. Sid should also understand that they both are in a game show in previous season nobody play with team that much n involve deeply as sid is doing. Both should give preference to each other the way paras n mahira doing they are cheap too to save their bonding they created rift between true bond n what bigg makers is doing if you want to bring back old contestants again n again then why evict them. They irritating us why should we waste our time n money for this mess. Now all snakes kashmeera himanshu devoleena n again shefali jariwala coming to bigg boss for staying why doing this to sid n sana if you want to break their bond then why got so much trp on their name tilte sidnaaz. You all know sidharth nature n sana again will do mistake because she is talkative person n she doesn’t know how to speak when to speak n react. This is mentally torture for them i think nobody would ever participate in this type of bias show who make your life hell. They are already have misunderstanding n hurt don’t play with their emotions. That is their life they will decide what they want nobody should interefer n give speach that they are good or not good together. Everyone to win the show they just want to break sidnaaz are you serious why they don’t after paras n mahira bond. Play a game like human being not like wild animal don’t stoop so low.

    1. Souryabrata Mohapatra

      Sid can speak to Rashmi & Mahira… who used to fight…
      Sana can NOT speak to Paras & Asim (latest)… Why?
      It’s good to forget grudges, forgive and move on…
      And this WWE player Sid says- Sana, why you spoke to my enemies…
      PS. Contestants keep minor dislikes for each other outside Bigg Boss’s door. Enemy isn’t the right word to say in social media.

    2. No its not fault of salmaan or anyone its just that other members are feeling their ears wrong way salmaan had said about this to sid before also ki sana comes in anyone’s talk and also in last wkw he said he wants ki sidnaaz ka patchup hojaye even he is not liking to see them broken

  6. You may have 100 reasons to support or oppose a housemate, but the reasons you are giving should atleast be loyal to yourself first.
    We all are watching the show and should judge them basing on what they have shown here only. If you are bringing the baggage with you while watching the show like famous, celebrity, unknown, upcoming, handsome, glamourous, whatever may be the outside factors . They should be avoided at some point and look them as an individual first.

    Having a strong fan base is always a plus point, but you all know about nepotism. If you are worth only, will remain high or else time decides what you are.
    Same with unknown too. You have sympathy and humane on your side till a point but then, have to prove yourself later.
    And most importantly gaining loyal fan base is the achievement of your performance, maintaining it is your lifetime race.

  7. People are forgetting the fact that, we are in 2020 generation. Not in 2000’s.(Everything is viral in this days be it bad or good, connectivity is very high – 2020 and its not the same in 2000’s where we believe what they show blindly)
    How come a show be biased even after this much negative publicity and outrage going on in audience ?
    What is the response of the evicted contestants ? Are they opposing or agreeing that it’s biased ?
    Every promo still going on in the same pattern ? Who is getting benefitted by this ? Contestant or makers ? Don’t you think of any mind games being played ?
    Contestant gets huge positive promotion and apparently same level negative publicity too. Think logically, don’t go in the rumours.
    Everything has a limit, they can’t fool a whole nation. Stop spreading rumours and defaming personally.

  8. whose excited for himanshi and asim

    1. Souryabrata Mohapatra

      their chemistry lacks flavor.

    2. Me💃💃 yaaaay I’m so happy

  9. Souryabrata Mohapatra

    Oh! I see! Now it’s evident…
    Sid is bothered because Sana speaks to other men.
    First Paras, then Gautam- Kartik, and now Asim.
    He doesn’t want to be second. Technically he wants her to talk to him only.
    But due to self-esteem, he never let others realize this.
    Sana accepts him the way he’s.
    If he could express his wants clearly, what he expects from Sana, there’ll be no conflicts.
    How ruthless & possessive!

    1. Who’s your fav ? Are you supporting anybody in this season or just showing your dislike here on HM’s ?
      Are you following bigg boss from years ? Means many seasons ? If yes means Which is the best season so far & whose ur all time fav ?

      1. Souryabrata Mohapatra

        The public opinion includes likes and dislikes.
        I liked BB11 then.
        I like Sana this season.
        I don’t dislike Sid & Asim.

        I only want people to understand- Aggression, stubborn attitude and ruthless behavior are not the right way to victory. It should be discouraged. I hope people unfollow Sid and Asim after BB13. If either of them wins, a wrong social message will spread. It seems people and media are supporting and arguing about WWE players.

        Shilpa Shinde & Sana are my favorites.
        I wish I could see Sana in the Kapil Sharma Show soon.

  10. Souryabrata Mohapatra

    Sana & Sid back in business- result- Sid jumps form aggressive to comic mode yet again…
    I’m a bit worried about Kashmira Shah… She’s capable to change the game.

  11. Artifromiran

    shefali please .. oh god please

  12. It’s, all fake. Asim is doing it for footage and so is she. Bb13 is nearing the finale so showing a love angle will bump the trps. We all say love you. Two different things to say I love you and to be in love. Asim is playing with emotions and so is himmashi.. Not true at all all part of gameplan.

  13. Paras and Mahira need to leave. Idiots.

  14. How many if you think these last days gonna effect the fans voting ? Will there be any changes in deciding whom to vote for trophy ? Since everyone is having a favourite fixed in their mind, expecting less impact but great entertainment.

  15. That was not fair how Asim & Vishal’s nomination discussion got exposed. But i’m happy that Asim just laughed it off as if it wasnt a big matter. Sana was right in telling that its not a big deal as everyone does it. But there are 2 great people who believe they do not discuss nominations at all & dont do any kind of planning.

    Arti becoming happy that Rashmi left that conversation just because she is a friend was pathetic, since she herself never stood up or did anything for Rashmi. She did all this for Sid. But she EXPECTS from both. Wow.

    Sid has started talking to Sana as Shefali has left. He wants to bring her back on his side as he wants to be in the clear majority.

    There are only 3 weeks left and i dont want anymore fights between Asim & Sid. Their fights are really toxic to watch.
    Many people are telling that why always Asim tells sorry if he doesn’t think he’s wrong. Its because he just wants to end the fight. I’m happy that always he’s the first to end the fight even when he’s not the first to start.

    I’m happy that Devo is back to support Rashmi. Excited to see her. Also happy to see Vikas as he was my favourite in his season. If he is coming, we can be assured that none of the tasks would get rejected !
    It seems Shefali is also back. God i really didnt want to see her again.
    Earlier when Himanshi was there in the house, she looked real and sweet. But now god knows why she is seeming fake to me. I wish instead of her, Umar came from Asim’s side.

    1. I also loved the cute banter between Rashmi & Sid. I’m glad they are finally over their big fight & their past relationship.

      Paras and Mahira both of them have really lost it and constantly fighting with Rashmi for no reason. Maybe the fright of getting nominated has made them really mad.
      I really wanted Mahira to get nominated because after Shefali, she is the most irritating contestant whom i’ve been waiting to see outside the house since a very long time.
      Paras should understand that Mahira has brought quite a halt to his game. Earlier when he used to be touted as the smartest player, now he just seems good for nothing. He should get away from Mahira to improve his game. Right now, Arti is appearing far better than Paras in view of the game.
      This week maybe Vishal will leave. And i think he should leave because he has nothing much to offer anymore and also he seems very confused.

  16. SKA

    Exactly! Sid and his chamchas had many discussions about nomination but nothing was exposed. Why when Asim, V and Rashmi discussed and it was exposed?? To make them look bad and get less votes?? To create fights?

    Come on BB…if this is your MO, just give it to SS since he is clearly your blue-eyed boy. Most of the guests who come into the house are his supporters. They come, encourage him and then he feels he is definitely the DON in the house. He continues to poke “silently”, instigate his followers, eat and eat and do nothing in the house. Yet his followers don’t dare confront him but start to attack others. They are afraid cos they know him..its his way or NO WAY!

    This show is clearly bias and the winner has been fixed.

    Thank GOD Shefali the fire starter is please GOD make either Mahira or Paras out. It will definitely help reduce noise pollution and toxity!

    Just go with the flow people. Expect the expected.

  17. Today asim won nomination task by counting near to 17:00. If at sid in his place, people would have told Bigg boss is biased.



  18. The flipper is trying to get back to Sid for some reasons as the finale is not far. She gets lost with words when communicating n she acts like a kid with a false pretence. Wonder if Asim will stick to his words as regards his fights with Sid. Vishal should not b in a group n play solo like Aarti does.

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